16 Obstacles of Success to Avoid

Obstacles of Success to Avoid

Here are the list of obstacles that block you from success which you have to be aware of and do everything you can to avoid them.

1. Procrastination

The number one obstacle that blocks you from success is procrastination. Those who procrastinate a lot never get to achieve success as time goes by – and worse, there is a cumulative effect. Here is how you can use procrastination to become more productive.

2. Ego

Ego leads to down fall. It blocks you from relating with those around you and building a network of support that can help you rise to the top. While confidence is paramount to success, it’s evil twin – ego – can stop you in your tracks.

3. No plan

‘He that fails to plan, plans to fail.’ If you don’t have a plan for where you are going, you’ll end up anywhere you find yourself. Like driving through a dusty road in the dark with no headlights, without a plan, it’s nearly impossible to arrive at your destination: success.

4. Fear of failure/success

It’s the fear of the possible outcome, either failure or success that make some people not have the courage to try out their dream at all. The first steps is to achieving success is recognizing fears so you can start to conquer them.

5. Life changes

Most people want success but they can’t withstand the change of lifestyle that comes with it. Be prepared to strip back, tighten your strings and get in fighting shape if you want to win the prize.

6. Doing too much alone

One Tree can’t make a forest. You will always need an helping hand to achieve huge success. The greatest book of all time stated that- One will chase one Thousand and Two will chase Ten Thousand.

7. Giving up vision for the promise of money

The love of money has made some people lose site of their vision and chase after illusions. Never let anything divert you from you vision and dreams, especially money. Conversely, doing something just for money will also yield a less than ideal result.

8. Financial security issues

The question is not whether you have a lot of money it’s whether you have enough. Many shy away from pursuing the big goals because they are not ‘stable enough yet.’ Don’t wait for the perfect time. The perfect time is always now.

9. Family responsibilities

Too much of family responsibilities have a way of blocking you from achieving success. It’s not a question of avoiding those responsibilities but prioritizing and sharing them in smart ways. Divide and Conquer!

10. Over commitment

To much of everything is bad. Therefore, do your best and leave the rest. Life is too short.

11. Lack of commitment

Something you are not committed to will lack your attention. And lack of attention will prevent you from achieving success. If don’t feel committed, you’ve chosen the wrong goal.

12. Lack of training

It is a general saying that what you don’t know is wiser than you. So, go get the training you need in other to develop your skills that will catapult you to destiny. In short: do the work.

13. Lack of persistence

Winner’s don’t quit and quitter don’t win. It’s only your persistence that will help you overcome all the obstacles you might encounter on your way to success.

14. Lack of priorities

Without a prioritized goal, you are just like someone walking with one leg up and the other leg down. This makes you unstable and block you from achieving success.

15. Lack of formalized goals

When your goal is not clearly stated and formally written, you will have problems in achieving it.

16. Lack of focus, being muddled

Focus is the golden key to unlock success. If you have focus, you will achieve success before you knows it.

These are the list of Obstacles that you have to avoid if you want to achieve success in anything you do. What are you waiting for?


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