10 Tricks To Break Down Dilemmas and Make Better Decisions


There is an old saying that hindsight is twenty-twenty. It is easy to look at decisions people make and talk about how good it was or how the decision could have been better. It is much harder to know before someone makes the decision whether it is the right one or not. People who make good decisions on a consistent basis are the ones that succeed in life and business. The people that make poor decisions are the ones that are always trying to fix the problems they created. Most people would rather be the ones that make good decisions. There are a few tricks that can help a person accomplish this. It is possible to learn how to make better choices.

Tackling a Problem

  • Trick 1–The first trick a person can use to make better decisions is consider how they look at the problems or dilemmas that they face. Many people try to take on a problem in its entirety. They want to solve all the issues surrounding the problem at one time. They make a decision that they think will fix everything, but it ends up failing because they overlook parts of the problem.

Instead of taking on a decision by looking at the big picture, it is often better to break that problem down into smaller parts. That allows the person to take better control of the decision and to correct mistakes faster. It also allows a person to use the tricks to a good decision over and over again.

The Rest of the Tricks

A person can use these tricks for any decision they choose to make in life. These tricks can help a person look at the dilemma they face in a different way than they usually do.

  • Trick 2 – Know the Goals – Before making any decision, a person needs to know what the goal of their decision is. They need to know why they are making the decision and what they hope to accomplish when they make the decision.
  • Trick 3 –What Would Someone Else Do – When a person looks at things through their own perspective, they miss out on many things. When making a decision, thinking about what a trusted advisor would do can provide a new perspective and make it easier to make the right decision. When a person chooses to follow motivational speakers advice to challenge themselves to do more with their life, they can learn how to make better decisions.
  • Trick 4 – Prepare for Adjustments – There are many decisions that people make that are not final. It is possible that changes can be made as the impact of the decision takes place to correct or enhance what is happening.
  • Trick 5 – Think about Others – Decisions can impact people other than the person making the decision. Some decisions will affect future generations. People refer to thinking about how a decision impacts future generations, as considering the “seventh generation.” Adding this to the decision-making process is vital to making many decisions.
  • Trick 6 – Consider the Consequences – Think about what will happen when you make a wrong decision. Many times, the consequences of a bad decision are not as bad as people imagine and would have been worse if no decision was made at all.
  • Trick 7 – What Would You Do When You were Younger or When You Are Older – People make different decisions at different points in their life. The motivation behind a decision changes as a person grows older. Taking time to think about a decision through the different parts of life can help a person gain the perspective they need.
  • Trick 8 – Think as Yourself as an Expert – There are times in everyone’s life when they are an expert at something. When making a decision, take the time to look at what you did when you are an expert and when you at the best at what you do and apply those principles to any decision.
  • Trick 9 – Follow Your Heart – This is advice that people have heard for years. When unsure about what to do, listen to what your heart tells you. People can make good decisions when they look at the facts. They can make decisions that make them much happier if they do it because the fully believe in it with their heart.

It may seem like trying to take all of these tricks into account will make it harder to make a decision. Many people are afraid that it will take too long to go through these steps and will make their decision before utilizing the tricks. That does not mean they will make a bad decision, but it does not give them the best chance at making the right decision.

The Final Trick

There is one more trick that is the most important trick to making a decision. It is a tool that many people ignore because it is the hardest thing to do. The other option besides using this trick is easy to do and many people choose not to use this trick.

  • Trick 10 – Make a Decision without Regrets – This sounds obvious, but it is something that people avoid. To make a good decision, a person must first make a decision. Making a decision gives a person a chance of either making a good decision or making a bad decision. If a person fails to make a decision, they lose the chance to make a good one. Once a person makes the decisions, they have to live with the choice they made. They can monitor the impact of the decision and make changes to correct any other problems that arise, but they have to live up to the fact that they made the choice to do something. Owning up to a decision, whether it is right or wrong, will make a person stronger. It will show others that they are not afraid to stand up for the things they believe in.

People face dilemmas and decisions every day. Many of the decisions people make are not a big deal. Some decisions are much more important. The key thing is to learn from every decision they make. People can learn from both the right decisions and the wrong decisions that they make. If they take the time to learn a few tricks and how to apply them to the decisions they face, they will make more good decisions than bad.


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