A Beginner’s Guide to Walking

A friend of mine recently complained that the quality of jeans had lately declined. “They have a tendency to shrink over time,” she said. “They fit tighter and it’s getting difficult to button them up.”

Do you have the same problem?

Deep inside you realize it’s not the jeans, your shape became curvier. And you also notice the shortness of breath you have after walking up just one flight of stairs. It’s obvious you need to exercise. Buying a gym membership isn’t a bad idea but how can you fit that into your already busy schedule? That would be tough.

Let’s be honest, you are just looking for an excuse, right? And I understand why. You pay your gym fees and feel obligated to go, and we generally don’t like obligations. You will likely miss a day or two once in a while, and then have a week-long gap because of that dreaded project deadline. Besides, if you are really out of shape, working out in the gym might be a bit intimidating to you. You might feel inferior to those confident, buff gym junkies, and soon will stop showing up. That will relieve the pressure and discomfort (which we human beings are always looking for, aren’t we?) but, at the same time, you will get frustrated and disappointed with yourself.

While all these problems can be figured out, there is a much easier way to start getting fit—good old WALKING. While working out, running or playing sports might not be for you, walking is a perfect exercise for everybody.

You already do it every day, don’t you? But the thing is you don’t do it enough. It’s recommended that people walk 10,000 steps a day. On average, Americans walk 4K-5K steps a day. And the usual route is the walk to the car, to the desk, to the grocery store (once or twice a week) back to the car and back to His Majesty, THE COUCH.

Walking daily is one of the easiest physical activities you can do to improve your health. You can literally do it right now. I CHALLENGE YOU TO GO FOR A SHORT WALK AFTER YOU FINISH READING THIS ARTICLE. If you decide to do it this very second, without reading to the end, I won’t get mad at you, I promise.

Walking doesn’t require preparation, special equipment, a budget or to be in a good health condition. It has a long list of incredible benefits:

It reduces stress. When you are irritated or upset, go for a walk. You will come back calm and refreshed. How does it work? Exercising, walking in our case, promotes production neurohormones that are associated with improved cognitive functions and elevated mood. Raising the heart rate reverses damage to the brain caused by potentially stressful situations.

Clear thinking. For many of us holding a 9-5 cubicle job, mornings are usually quite stressful. Walking during lunch, and in the evening, after a long, tiring day, can help you sort things out in your mind.

Walking can help ward off dementia. The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in our brain are crucial to memory formation and complex thinking, and their decline can be a predictor of Alzheimer’s disease. Interestingly enough, as researchers at the University of Pittsburgh discovered, these are the very areas responsive to physical exercise. The higher intensity of workouts correlate with growth of both the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex. This finding means that exercise can help us prevent a cognitive decline.

Emotional balance. If you want to relax and tune out of all the chatter, walking is the tool for doing that. Pay attention to the trees and flowers you see on your walk, the chirping of the birds and aromas in the air.

It tightens your muscles, including glutes that are in danger of being atrophied if you are a “desk jockey” (simple English: sitting on your butt too much).

It is less stressful on your joints and is perfect for beginners or people with arthritis or osteoporosis because it is a low-impact exercise. A workout is considered low-impact if at least one of your feet remains on the ground at all times. It strengthens your bones. Walking prevents osteoporosis. UCSF research shows that people who walk on a regular basis have healthier knees.

It reduces pain. My dad, who advocates taking long walks, has a knee problem. Every time he had pain, he would walk even more. It seemed counter-intuitive to me. You would want to be careful in those situations, right? Well, Australian researchers found that walking reduces pain in people with osteoarthritis.


1. It doesn’t require equipment. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. Don’t go crazy, though. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment.

2. It doesn’t require a specific location. You can walk ANYWHERE: in your neighborhood, in the woods, on the beach, in the city, you can continue the list. If you are on a business trip, not only can walking serve as a workout, but also as sightseeing.


For those of you who shamelessly consider walking a boring exercise, I advise that you pair it up with a few activities to enjoy additional benefits.

Listen to audiobooks while walking. http://www.openculture.com/freeaudiobooks is a great source. I personally would choose a physical book over any other version—there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands and flipping the pages—but, considering the often crazy pace of life and a lack of time, an audiobook is much better than no book. But don’t replace reading, deal?

Listen to podcasts. This is one of the best forms of education you can ever get, and it is one of my favorites. Download podcasts to your iPod and listen to them whenever you have time. I listen to podcasts when I drive or clean the house—it makes these chores, especially cleaning (hate it!), less depressing.

Learn a new language. Don’t we complain we have no time for that? You can learn dozen of new words and phrases during your walk. https://www.duolingo.com/.

Practice your photography. You can take lots of amazing pictures regardless of the location of your walk. You don’t need your bulky camera, a cell phone is enough, unless you are a professional photographer.


Well, going outside for a short walk is easy, right? But how to develop it into a habit? Your success will depend on a few things:

Start with a small goal. Walk 15 min a day. Too much? OK, do 10min. Too difficult? If you are completely out of shape, or obese (that’s fine, I still like you), walk 5min a day, but do it daily for a week. Double the time the following week. Difficult? Do small increments, nobody cares how slow you’ll increase your walking distance. You are not in a competition. No pressure. JUST DO IT.

Find a partner who will keep you accountable, encourage you to stick to your plan. It will actually be a mutual thing, you will support him/her as well, which, in my opinion, is a pleasant feeling. It might be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a PTA parent or someone from your church.

Change your route occasionally. If there is a park, a river, a pond or trail close to your house, alternate your route location to make walking more fun.

Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. Don’t go overboard or turn it into a week-long research to find the best one on the market to start walking. If you do that, you are just procrastinating. In the beginning, you can walk in your most comfortable shoes, and keep looking and shopping around for a better pair if you want to, but don’t put off your daily walk. Steve Kamb walks in Vibrams. They seem very comfortable and I am thinking of buying a pair for myself.

Challenge yourself to stick to your walking routine for 30 days. Mark each day in the calendar, or keep your daily log, or journal about it. Better yet, start a blog. Why not? Share your daily experiences, challenges, photos for that matter. There are lots of people who do that. You might get loyal readers and have a great opportunity to inspire others.

Join your local walking or hiking group. You can find it at: www.meetup.com. You will become a part of community of people who will encourage and help you. By doing so, you are going to kill more than two birds with one stone: you will exercise, meet new people and make new friends, and have lots of fun.

Reward yourself. Reward is a powerful strategy in developing a new habit. At the end of the week, when you successfully met your goal, treat yourself to something you like (junk food is not an option, there must be something else you like, think hard). Buy yourself a book; go to a movie or a spa.

Positive affirmations. The direct connection between mind and body has long since been proven and this subject is not arguable anymore. You must have heard this: “Change your thoughts; change your life.” When the mind thinks healthy thoughts, the body finds it easier to be healthy. Using positive affirmations is a powerful way of creating healthy habits:




Drink enough water. You have to drink water before and after your walk. In hot weather or when on a hike, drink it while you walk.

Warming up before walking is a must. Unfortunately, this step is often ignored. By warming up, which is exercising at a low intensity, you get your blood circulating, preparing your body for exercise. This will prevent injuries. Do easy movements, such as ankle circles, leg swings and pelvic loops for 5 minutes.


Add weighted ankle or wrist straps to make walking a little more challenging.

These weights securely strap around the ankles and provide more intensity and resistance. Ankle weights help with faster weight loss by burning 5 to 15 percent more calories than walking without weights.

There are several types of ankle weights with various poundage. The American Council on Exercise recommends that you limit the weight amounts to 3 lbs. If you have joint pain, check with your doctor before you begin using ankle weights.

Walking is a very simple, low impact exercise with endless benefits. Don’t spend days shopping for the best walking shoes, pedometer, methods to measure your progress and mapping out the route. JUST START. NOW. The rest you will figure out later.

Don’t forget to set your daily, weekly and monthly goals. For example:

Week 1 walk 10 min each day

Week 2 walk 15 min each day

Week 3 walk 25 min each day

Set your goals at any number you are comfortable with. The main goal is to MAKE WALKING A HABIT.

Anna Ayrapetyan 
 is a happy mother of two, a wife and a blogger who is passionate about healthy lifestyle. In her younger years, she overcame a serious digestive disorder by changing her diet and using natural treatments. Anna started her blog www.leanhappiness.com with a goal to help people achieve health by altering their eating habits, eliminating processed foods and cooking healthy, nutritious meals.


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  297. what normally happens to the levels of lactase produced throughout a persona?в„ўs lifetime?
    what happens if lactase is not available in the body?
    how do you take history exam to find our if someone is lactase deficient

    what makes lactase

  298. what secretes lactase
    what causes deficiency in lactase
    what makes lactase different from hemoglobin other than their function?

    what would most likely happen to a person who had a shortage of lactase?

  299. does lactase require a cofactor
    what does lactase do?
    what type of mutation is lactase persistence

    does hydrogen peroxide denature lactase

  300. where and approximately when did the lactase mutation begin
    is lactase a sugar molecule
    will adding lactase drops to milk extend expiration date

    what is lactase persistence? how might this mutation be beneficial? quizlet

  301. what type of diarrhea is a result of lactase deficiency?
    how to make lactase
    does lactase break down lactose

    does galactose inhibit lactase

  302. is lactase a lipid or protein
    can a body develop intolerance to lactase enzyme
    when did the lactase mutation begin,

    what type of cells produce lactase

  303. what wavelength is best for lactase and onpg
    does lactase break down in heat
    where to buy lactaid fast act lactase enzyme supplemen

    what cells produce intestinal lactase

  304. is lactase anabolic or catabolic
    is lactose an inhibitor of lactase
    should i take lactase enzyme’s

    where do lactase enzymes come from in a pill

  305. where can you find lactase
    which term best describes lactase?
    how does the body down regulate lactase lactose intolerance

    is the enzyme lactase a catalyst

  306. does coconut milk have lactase
    what organ produces maltase lactase and sucrase
    how to create lactase

    how many molecules are in lactase molecules

  307. how long does it take for lactase to work
    how does lactase powder work
    does lactase have an effect on fermentation

    how many lactase units do i need

  308. what is lactase persistence? how might this mutation be beneficial? quizlet
    how much lactase do you need for a gallon of milk
    how well conserved is lactase

    can a lactose intolerant person produce lactase later

  309. how to replenish lactase enzymes
    what is the maximum initial reaction rate for the lactase enzyme at ph 7?
    where is maltase, lactase, sucrase secreted from in the digestive system

    what change would you expect in milk that has been treated with a commercially available lactase?a?‹

  310. is lactase a lipid
    what type of diarrhea is a result of lactase deficiency?
    do vegans have less lactase

    can you take lactase after eating dairy

  311. can lactase taken in a supplement pull survive the acid confition found in the stomach?
    what is lactase persistence?
    what is the optimum temperature and ph for lactase

    what does the presence of glucose prove lactase

  312. what does lactase do
    what causes lactase persistence
    what does your data indicate about the optimum ph level for this lactase-catalyzed reaction?

    will lactase help with lactose intolerance

  313. how to build up lactase
    does lactase ferment lactose
    What is lactase intolerance What is lactase

    what is the substrate of lactase

  314. what is lactase threshold
    does whipping cream have lactase
    which of the statement is true about lactase enzyme

    does hydrogen peroxide denature lactase

  315. can i give my cat lactase
    how does the body down regulate lactase lactose intolerance
    what happens when lactose combines with lactase

    how long does lactase stay in your system

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  317. what are the common inhibitors of lactase
    how is lactase used to make lactose free milk quizlet
    where is lactase used in the body

    how does lack of lactase lead to lactose intolerance

  318. how did human get the lactase gene
    what organ produces maltase lactase and sucrase
    how does temperature affect lactase

    can you take lactase after eating dairy

  319. how long does “lactase” enzyme last hours
    how quickly does lactase break down milk sugar lactaid
    is lactase enzyme gluten free

    what macromolecule do lactase digest

  320. how many fcc in lactase enzyme 375 mg
    how is lactase persistence an example of human evolution
    how does the body produce lactase

    what organic molecule is lactase

  321. can lactase taken in a supplement pull survive the acid confition found in the stomach?
    what is the source of the lactase used in the production of lactose-free milk
    does water inhibit the lactase

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  325. what reaction does the enzyme lactase catalyze
    is lactase a carb
    how fast does lactase digest lactose

    Do different pH levels affect the breakdown of lactose by lactase?

  326. how to promote lactase production
    do i have to use lactase forever?
    where is lactase used

    how does the human body temperature effect lactase

  327. what is a good digestive enzyme that helps a person digest casein and lactase and other dairy foods
    what substrate does lactase act on
    are lactase and lactic acid the same thung

    is lactase enzyme safe during pregnancy

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  329. how will the rate of reaction be affected from lactase
    how quickly does lactase break down milk sugar how quickly does lactaid break down milk sugar
    can lactase intolerance cause stomach aches

    does yeast have lactase

  330. what lymphoma has lactase deficiency
    what is considered a defective amount of lactase
    is there lactase in heavy whipping cream

    does yeast have lactase

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  332. how do adults lose lactase enzymes
    at what ph does lactase react at
    does lactase catalyze the breakdown of any other disaccharide

    how to create lactase

  333. does heating up lactose free milk negate the effects of adding lactase
    is lactase enzyme safe
    what is the advantage of using onpg in measuring lactase activity compared to using lactose

    what type of protein is lactase

  334. how can you change the rate of lactase
    what are the similarities and differences between the lactase persistence mutations
    can you take lactase after eating dairy

    what do lactase pills do

  335. how does the body know lactase nonpersistance
    is there lactase in milk
    how lactase works

    where is lactase located in the human body

  336. Which of these is NOT a carbohydrate? Question 1 options: lactase glucose sucrose cellulose
    what compounds do we get from lactase
    what vegetables have lactase in them

    are enzymes proteins what is enzyme lactase

  337. what happens in the large intestine what does lactase do
    what is lactase denatured disease
    What does the enzyme lactase break lactose down into?

    how much lactase can i take

  338. how to make lactase
    what organ produces lactase
    does lactase break down capsaicin

    is lactose an inhibitor of lactase

  339. which lactase pill is most effective
    what does lactase do to milk
    can someone who is lactose intolerant become less intolerant what bacteria produce lactase

    does lactase cause gas

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  341. what happens in a shortage of lactase
    what is the substrate of lactase
    is lactase a collagen

    does lactase cause gas

  342. how does the enzyme lactase work
    what happens when lactose combines with lactase
    does lactase affect sucrose

    do humans still continue to create lactase past weaning

  343. is lactaid made from artificial lactase
    where is lactase located in the human body
    is lactase enzyme safe to take with birth control pills

    how do they make lactase pills

  344. is lactase enzyme safe during pregnancy
    What does the enzyme lactase break lactose down into
    how many lactase pills for a milkshake

    does yeast contain “lactase”

  345. what would most likely happen to a person who had a shortage of lactase?
    is lactase enzymes a nucleic acid
    where is lactase used

    can lactase break down any milk

  346. how do lactase supplements help people who are lactose intolerant?’
    is the lactase gene pleiotropic
    what makes lactase different from hemoglobin other than their function?

    what is the effect of lactase on milk

  347. is lactase acidic
    do any foods have lactase in them?
    does lactase require ca2+ and mg2+

    is lactase enzyme safe

  348. what is the source of the lactase used in the production of lactose-free milk
    where is lactase generally produced in the human body
    where is lactase at walmart

    what percent of lactase enzyme is found in lactaid

  349. what substrate does lactase act on
    what is lactase persistence defintion
    how many fcc in lactase enzyme 375 mg

    is lactase enzyme safe with birth control pills

  350. how do you think the lactase distribution arond the world demonstrates natural selection?
    does kefir contain lactase
    what is necessary to break down lactase

    Which of the following is a simple sugar? glucose sucrose lactose lactase

  351. what happens to the levels of lactase produced throughout a person’s lifetime
    can lactaid make you produce less lactase
    what make lactase dehydrgenase go up and down

    is lactase enzyme safe

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  353. in which region would you expect to find the greatest proportion of lactase persitant adults?
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    what breaks down lactose in people with lactase deficiency

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  355. which substrates can inhibit lactase enzyme
    what macromolecule is lactase
    what type of biomolecules are lactase enzymes

    does yeast have lactase

  356. in what regions of the world is lactase persistence most prevalent
    what type of mutation is responsible for lactase persistence
    how long does it take for lactase to break down lactose

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  360. is lactase a brush border enzyme
    what is the reactant for the lactase enzyme?
    did lactase activity depend upon the presence of a cofactor

    is the action of lactase anabolic or catabolic is the action of lactase anabolic

  361. what region of the world has the most lactase persistence
    pir quanto tempo pode guardar o comprimido de lactase?
    what would happen if there is to much lactase in the body

    how does lactase persistence related to human biocultural variation

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  363. how do they make lactase pills
    what chromosome lactase persistence gene found
    does breast milk have lactase enzyme

    can a lactose intolerant person produce lactase later

  364. is lactase a brush border enzyme
    where did a mutation conferring lactase persistance
    do lactase pills need a hechsher

    does lactase break down sucrose

  365. can lactase taken in a supplement pull survive the acidic condition found in the stomach?
    what happens in the large intestine what does lactase do
    are lactase and sugrose sugars

    where and approximately when did the lactase mutation begin leading to a gene for lactose tolerance

  366. does yeast have lactase
    can lactase enzyme double treat milk
    what is bile secreted into what does lactase do

    can i add lactase to milk

  367. what happens to someone with a shortage of lactase
    what is lactase denatured disease
    what are the products of lactase and lactose

    a?? What is lactase persistence, and how common is it in our population?

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  369. the enzyme lactase breaks the sugar lactose into which compound(s)?
    is lactase enzyme the same as lactose?
    can drinking lactaid make you produce less lactase

    where did lactase deficieny start

  370. how many mutations lead to lactase persistence
    how to make lactase
    does miralax contain lactase

    do people lose lactase from age

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    what is lactase used for

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  374. will lactase pill diffuse in milk
    What is lactase? A›What is lactase persistence?
    does heat affect lactase

    where is maltase sucrase and lactase in the gi tract

  375. how effective is lactase reddit
    what does it mean to be lactase persistent?
    does lactase break down in heat

    what is the optimal ph level for lactase enzyme activity

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  377. can lactase digest maltose
    how did human get the lactase gene
    is lactase broken down by stomach acid

    what is the relationship between lactose and lactase

  378. what type of protein is lactase
    does coconut milk have lactase
    which enzyme is optimal for yeast fermentation amylase, invertase, and lactase

    where is lactase produced in humans

  379. what type of protein is lactase?
    which lactase pill is most effective
    does lactase break down lactose

    1. why is measuring blood glucose levels an indicator of someonea?в„ўs lactase activity?

  380. does everyone have the lactase gene
    why could milk have provided strong favorable selection for lactase persistence?
    what is lactase threshold

    what is the inhibitor of lactase .edu

  381. what is the function of the enzyme lactase
    how much lactase for gram of lactose
    what region of the world has the most lactase persistence

    at what temperature did lactase work best and worst

  382. what is the optimal temperature for lactase function
    how long does “lactase” enzyme last hours
    are enzymes proteins what is enzyme lactase

    what are the common inhibitors of lactase

  383. is lactase endergonic or exergonic
    what is the main function of lactase?
    where and approximately when did the lactase mutation begin leading to a gene for lactose tolerance

    what is the advantage of using onpg in measuring lactase activity compared to using lactose

  384. does kefir contain lactase
    is beta galactosidase the same as lactase
    can you take lactase after eating dairy

    does butter have lactase

  385. what macromolecule is lactase
    do women lose lactase as they get older?
    when was lactase discovered

    how to use lactase pills

  386. what is the difference between lactose and lactase
    how lactase breaks down lactose
    what reaction does the enzyme lactase catalyze

    when was lactase discovered

  387. what is the relationship between lactose and lactase
    what is the ideal temperature for lactase
    what could be the evolutionary advantage to extending lactase expression through adulthood?

    which enzyme is optimal for yeast fermentation amylase, invertase, and lactase

  388. at what ph did lactase achieve maximum activity
    how to store lactase solution
    which lactobacillus strains increase d-lactase and so are not good for sibo?

    is lactase in small or large intestines

  389. what is lactase impersistence
    how is lactase enzyme supplement made
    which statement is true regarding the enzyme lactase?

    the enzyme lactase breaks lactose down into which compound(s)?

  390. how much lactase in one lactaid pill
    where does lactase work
    how long to wait to eat dairy after lactase enzyme

    what type of tests would be used to determin a persons lactase status

  391. what effect does lactase have on lactose
    how do lactase supplements help people who are lactose intolerant?’
    why could milk have provided strong favorable selection for lactase persistence?

    where is lactase in the body

  392. which statement is true regarding the enzyme lactase?
    does all of the pastoral populations that show lactase persistance have a mutation in the same gene.
    how much lactase for gram of lactose

    is lactase enzyme safe

  393. is the action of lactase anabolic or catabolic
    what does it mean to be lactase persistent
    how is lactase persistence caused

    what happens in the large intestine where is lactase used

  394. how to get lactase enzyme naturally
    what body system uses lactase
    Where are you highly likely to encounter a person with lactase persistence?

    can you take lactase enzyme with lactose free milk

  395. what happens in the large intestine where is lactase used
    is a condition in which one lacks lactase
    how fast can lactase work

    which enzyme is optimal for yeast fermentation amylase, invertase, and lactase

  396. what is lactase persistence
    does goats milk have lactase
    is the action of lactase anabolic

    what chromosome lactase persistence gene found

  397. can lactase pills cause diarrhea
    can lactaid make you produce less lactase
    can too much lactase cause headache

    do humans make lactase or e coli

  398. what do lactase pills do
    should lactase be capitalized
    where is lactase

    what organic molecule is lactase

  399. can lactase break down in heat
    does milk with lactase taste sweeter
    where are the enzymes maltase sucrase and lactase produced

    where does lactose hydrolysis occur for lactase-persistent individuals

  400. does temperature affect the presence of lactase
    how to use lactase
    does lactase work

    can i add lactase to milk

  401. What is lactase? What type of macromolecule is it?
    what should i do if i have lactase dificiencies
    how does lactase make glucose

    where is the enzyme lactase produced

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