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Why Waking up Early Is So Difficult

Do you drink coffee? Have you ever tried to stop?

Me neither. I like coffee.

But what about getting up early? Have you ever tried waking up early? How did it go?

That was a challenge for me. I used to dread getting up early – especially for work!

I mean 40 hours a week working in a job you don’t enjoy… who the heck wants to do that?

But nowadays I love getting up early. Yeah, you heard me… I absolutely love it.

It’s so much fun to be up before the sun rise. It feels like I have a head start over everyone else… like I have some sort of secret that nobody else knows about – and if you “get” what I’m going to share with you by the end of this article – you’ll know the secret too 😉

Would you like to hear it?

I’m sure you would. But first let me explain something important. There are two different ways you can get up in the morning.

Strategy #1: In my personal opinion, this is the more difficult of the two. It’s like pulling teeth, but you would be surprised how many people still use it. I used it for 28 years because I didn’t know any better because I thought that was how everybody woke up!

Here’s how it goes. As soon as you hear your alarm or start to wake, you either press snooze or turn off your alarm. Then after what seems like an eternity you get this negative feeling in your gut… similar to a feeling you may have had in before when you were late (or almost late) for work. As this feeling starts to intensify, you begin to make pictures of being late for work – and worse – your boss yelling at you. Then when the feeling is strong enough, you scare yourself awake and jump out of bed.

That’s how most people wake up. This strategy works well because it is a moving away from strategy. When you move away from negative feelings you are waking up with this strategy. That’s what motivates a lot of people to get out of bed – that negative vibe.

But there is a much better way. The second strategy is my preference and one I’ve been using for the past 5 some years without missing a beat. Would you like to know it?

I thought you would.

Strategy #2: The second way to get out of bed is to by using positive feelings to wake up. It’s also known as a moving toward strategy. I’ll sit in my bed for a few minutes when I first wake up and think of something positive that feelings good to me. As I sit with that positive feeling for a few minutes I get positive new memories and images floating in my mind.

Sometimes the experience seems so real that I forget that I’m in bed. As these experiences get richer and more compelling I usually thrown in something that I would like to accomplish for that day (as it already being accomplished).

I do this for 15 minutes every day… and when I do, I jump right out of bed because I feel great. And here’s the best part: because I’m influencing the part of my brain that is unconscious, that great feeling – that great vibe carries with me throughout the day. It’s probably one of the best (if not the best) way to get out of bed.

Much better than scaring yourself out of bed.

Use this strategy for at least a month every day and I guarantee it will be the best month you have. This is forward thinking at it’s best. You’re moving towards a future event that inspires you and that’s why it’s so much fun.

Which strategy do you use? Do you have fun waking up early? Why not?

Steve is the creator of Freedom Education: Manifesting Your Desires Download Steve’s 7 Secrets of Rapid Transformation.

40 Responses to Why Waking up Early Is So Difficult

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  3. Miles C says:

    Once you find a strategy you should maintain it 7 days a week, even days off

    If off, get up for a few minutes to maintain the habit, then go back to bed

    I find though I have what I call “daymares” in that I have nightmares I remember, if I attempt to go back to sleep, though if I am really exhausted, I go into RIM sleep

  4. M. A. Tohami says:

    I was eagerly waiting for you to say that we can wake up early full of energy and enthusiasm, only when we’re pursuing our passion.

    Find something you’re passionate about and give it all what you’ve got.

    Passion transforms lives like no other.

  5. The Vizier says:

    Hi Steve,

    I know what you mean by scaring yourself out of bed. When I was working at a job I didn’t like, that is what I had to do every morning. There was no good reason to wake up other than to go to work at something I disliked.

    Thankfully I don’t have to do that anymore nowadays. My preferred method of waking up is to have a burning purpose and desire. When you create meaning in your life and know what you are living for, you will wake up naturally without effort on your part. The simple reason is because you know why you must wake up and you want to do so.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

  6. Ramona says:

    Don’t get to sleep LATE!

    I’ve done this for YEARS. I am currently working from home, so I am the one with the schedule. I’d stay up till 3, 4 in the morning and wake up at noon. Tired and dizzy.

    For more than a month I’ve made it a habit to go to sleep at 12. Not later NO MATTER WHAT. I’ve set my alarm for 9 AM, since I don’t need to go to work, so I can wake up at a more “normal” hour. After 4-5 days my body started accepting the new schedule.

    I fall asleep in 2-3 minutes and wake up at 8. Naturally, with no alarms, no nothing. I then move a bit in the bed, look at the clock, just lying there. At 9 I get up, prepare my milk with cicoree (I don’t drink coffee AT ALL) and start reading emails, see what’s on my to do list etc.

    So, this is the main secret: go to bed at a decent hour and do this for some days. Your body will adjust rapidly. Now I wake up with no alarm anymore, I am super fresh and with excellent productivity.

  7. John Soares says:

    I’m usually asleep by 10 p.m. or sooner, and I naturally wake up at 5 a.m. feeling great. If I need it, I’ll doze for another 15 minutes or so.

    Getting up that early allows me to get a big start on the day. I often finish by lunch-time and then get outside for the afternoon.

    And before I get up I think about the fun and interesting things I’ll do that day. I also think about the coffee that will be ready a few minutes after I get up!

  8. Agreed, waking up is a pain for me sometimes. It’s funny though. I naturally wake up around 5:00am but I don’t get out of bed or anything till my alarm goes off an hour later.

    One thing I do that is nice is to get up early, get all my morning routine done, and then take a 10 minute nap until I need to leave the house. I feel rested and don’t have to worry about rushing out of the house.

  9. Well i use the first strategy and actually waking up late is making me lose alot of productivity in the day as well as positive energy. I will try the second one and wish me luck with it :)

    Thanks for sharing as always

  10. Dandy says:

    That’s a really great tip. I never thought of doing that. It starts the day of positive and it allows us to be gentle with ourselves. I can’t wait to wake up tomorow! Thanks!


  11. Hi Steve.

    I’d say Ramona hit the nail on the head here in the comments. Sleeping early makes waking up early a piece of cake. Most who have difficulty getting up early don’t focus enough on sleeping early, so that is their main area in need of improvement.

    Discipline for methods like this always starts right now, leading to being ready at night, leading to sleeping early, and the process is then smooth.

  12. Andrzej says:

    Hi Steve!
    My fav method is to put my mobile somewhere across the room so I have to get up to turn it off. Then I’m already on my feet and thinking about a nice cup of my coffee that calls me from the kitchen. And after that it’s all going well 😉

    And if first thing we hear in the morning is a radio, then it’s also good to set your alarm five minutes earlier instead of later. And why? I wrote about it on my blog lately.

  13. Rich Proctor says:

    I was home the last few weeks with an injury. While I was off I found myself quite naturally going to sleep earlier, and in turn, waking earlier. What I noticed was that I am at my best in the early morning. This was a surprise because I had always considered myself a night person. A profound discovery, to be sure.

    I devote my first hour of every day to improving myself 1%, through study, exercise, and anything else I can find to inspire myself. I call it my Hour Of Power and I love it. I wouldn’t start my day any other way. I get so much juice from this practice, that once this practice became a habit it literally inspires me to spring out of bed every day.

    Thanks for the great post.

  14. David says:

    There’s an old saying:

    “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

  15. Gene says:

    Two things:

    Several years ago, I read about a trick that works every time. It lets nature wake you up.

    Drink 2 glasses of water before you go to bed.

    You’ll wake up. Believe me.

    Tip #2: Wake up at the same time everyday but don’t go to bed until you are sleepy. It’s best to go right to sleep when you get in bed as opposed to laying around in bed trying to go to sleep when you are not tired. This works for me too.

  16. @ Vizier: your are welcome! Glad you’re using a fun strategy to get up in the morning 😉

    @ Bryce Christiansen I love naps… even a good 1 hour nap sometimes is extra special.

    @ Moutasem Al-awa; my pleasure… be persistent and you’ll appreciate the results… but make it fun!

    @ Dandy… I can’t wait to wake up either! Seriously, this the best thing since sliced bread…

  17. M. A. Tohami says:

    @ Vizier: I totally agree with you.

  18. The first strategy won’t work for me I work from home.

    As soon as I start waking up I think of the great day I’m about to have, I think of the great customers that I’m going to help, the lives I’m going to touch and they awesome things I will accomplish.

    Getting out of bed is easy because I have something to look forward to.

    My advice is if you dread going to work, getting out of bed will be hard. Find a reason WHY! They say when your WHY will make you cry it will get you through any situation.

  19. Krishna says:

    its feeling good idea, i m going to try the same………..i think it can make a change in my life.

    I was searching for some techniques for avoiding too much sleep. When my school days my parents was boosting me to wake up early, but now as an independent individual i m feeling i have to develop my self with my old memmories

  20. Nice post.
    Waking up early has its own benefits such as one can concentrate on a complex task and chances are that he may be able to solve or finish it in this sweet and calm morning hour.

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  21. José A. Pardo says:

    A year ago, I had to get up at 5am every day, so my strategy was putting a cup of coffee next to the clock, and drink it just when the alarm sounded. Rough but effective. :)

  22. willy says:

    the problem I see in this day and age is that it is so hard to find anything positive to think about. Seems we’re constantly being bombarded with negativity. I tried to search my brain for something good but there is so much crap out here that it took forever. BUT.. I did finally get throgh enough of it to see a picture of one of my sisters who is more kinder,unselfish and all in all the nicest person I know. Using her as an anchor I start to see others in my life who come close and make the world a better place to live.

  23. I’m writing this at 2:38 am. Getting up is a problem, because getting to sleep is a problem. And has been, very literally, since I was a baby.

    I honestly hate being a night owl, but I haven’t been able to shake it. Drove my parents and my sister nuts when I was a kid. Now it drives ME nuts — not to mention my husband.

    I’m willing to try this. I’ve tried everything else known to man.

  24. Stan says:

    What is interesting is that a lot of emotional problems such as (anxiety/depression/stress/mental fatigue) can all be lessened with the proper lifestyle changes and that lifestyle change is getting enough sleep, so simple yet so effective.

    I know from personal experience that when I wake up early enough that I can do my exercises, write in my journal and meditate before leaving the house to catch my bus, my day is much much better than when I rush out of the house because I am late.

    I guess starting your day off right is VERY important, more important than I thought. The problem is getting to sleep early, for me it feels like I am wasting some sort of opportunity if I go to sleep at 11pm for instance, have to work on that.

  25. Anonymous says:

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  26. guest says:

    you are awesome .. nothing more

  27. Guest says:

    I also have been a night owl my whole life… until I started getting allergy shots. I knew my allergies made me tired, but I had no idea how it affected getting to sleep and getting a good night’s rest. Now that my allergy shots have made me feel a hundred times better during the day, I have also noticed how much easier it is to fall asleep and feel rested when I wake up. It makes getting up earlier so much better. For me, it was never a lack of determination, it was a lack of health. 

  28. Guest says:

    I also have been a night owl my whole life… until I started getting allergy shots. I knew my allergies made me tired, but I had no idea how it affected getting to sleep and getting a good night’s rest. Now that my allergy shots have made me feel a hundred times better during the day, I have also noticed how much easier it is to fall asleep and feel rested when I wake up. It makes getting up earlier so much better. For me, it was never a lack of determination, it was a lack of health. 

  29. Matty Hunter says:

    pretty weird 

  30. Blake Hannaford says:

     Are you hating these DARK early mornings?   Would you like a more pleasant way to wake up in the Winter?    I started developing the “Morningsky Dawn Simulator” with my friend Bob Shives since that day a year or so ago when my alarm went off in the pitch dark for the first time of the fall season.  

    The whole story is at, and I urge you to check it out!    Please repost/share this so that it propagates far and wide.   

  31. Katgirl7 says:

    Wow, scaring yourself out of bed, thats exactly what I do … my heart beats so fast I feel like im going to die when I get up from being scared and worried, im still late all the time hahaha

  32. Megan Martinez says:

    I don’t really think that sleeping early causes an early wake up, I mean I had been trying it for so long and the longer I sleep the harder I wake up. Also I am not passionate about the things I am doing every day. I love waking up early too, but that is only during the weekend. Some times I feel the weekend is too short and rapid, so I wake up by counting how much more days do I have to finish to get some rest.
     I HATE the sound my alarm makes it kills me!!!! Every time I force my head off my pillow I feel like I wanna cry!!! And I hardly do that! The difference is that you wake up to head to work when I open my eyes for it,the day I won’t is my luck day! Up till when am I going to wake up at 4:00 am every single day???I wish my job starts at 8:00 am and I wish my bus did not pass by at 6:00 am . I have started hating the driver.
    I used both methods and non worked, honestly if you have a true solution for my case post it please before I completely crash down.

  33. Synthetic Turf Perth says:

    Now what if you don’t have a job? Well, like me, I’m already 23 yet I’m still not used to waking up early, neither do I have a job. Who would I imagine yelling at me while I’m torn between snoozing or turning off the alarm? Not that I’ve never gotten up early in my entire life. I already tried a couple of times, BUT not on succeeding days. In fact, I loved the feeling. I got to plan ahead to make my day productive. 

    My point is, it’s not about scaring yourself. It’s always been sleeping early. So long as you get enough rest and you doze off early at night, then you’ll sure wake up before sunrise the next day. 
    – Charles, Green Planet Grass (

  34. Val says:

    i go to bed at 10.30 and i have my alarm at 7.30am which never wakes me up. My body wakes up by itself at around 7.10am…. i feel like im tired every morning… its always been like this… since i was at school…im 36 now

  35. Scott Dallas says:

    Maybe I’m not normal but I can quickly fix my schedule if I need to. I don’t use an alarm, ever. I like 8 hours of sleep, so I just count the hours I need to sleep. If I want to be up at 4am, I go to sleep at 8pm. 5am, then 9pm. 6am, then 10pm, etc. If I lay in the dark long enough I will inevitably fall asleep, and if I keep doing it repeatedly my body gets used to it and it becomes easier to fall asleep and easier to wake up at my desired time.

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