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The Ten Habits of Passionate People

Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.  ~Confucius

Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.  ~Jim Ryun

When you find your passion, you’ll have a boost of motivation to get started and change your life.

However, this motivation won’t last if you don’t turn it into habits.

We are creatures of habits. Our human nature always looks for ways to create patterns and do things on autopilot.

Habits are what differentiate successful people from others.

The habits that you’ve developed in the LOST phase – where you used to wander aimlessly without a clear passion or purpose – won’t help you build a life of passion.

That’s why you need to develop a new set of habits to serve you in your newly passionate pursuit.

These are 10 habits of passionate people that you can start cultivating today:

1. Wake Up Early:

The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.  ~Thomas Jefferson

Passionate people are usually early risers. There is something magical in rising early, and preferably at dawn. This peaceful period before the rest of the world wake up can be the most productive period of your day.

When I started the habit of waking up early at 4:30 am everyday, I felt like I was not living before. The amount of progress, inner peace, and joy that I experienced all the day made me regret the years in which the sun always caught me in bed!

2. Read Vigorously

I find television to be very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book.  ~Groucho Marx

If you replace some TV time by reading a good book, you’ll be the most educated person among your friends and associates. And you’ll be a high achiever too.

My mentor Jim Cathcart changed his life after he listened to Earl Nightingale on the radio saying that if you studied a certain topic for one hour every day, you’ll become a national expert in 5 years!

There is an amazing quote attributed to Mark Twain that says, “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

If you don’t like reading, you can do with audio books. You’ve to find a way to READ, there are no workarounds.

3. Simplify

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  ~Hans Hofmann

Simplify everything is your work and life. Start by eliminating the unnecessary. Everything that has nothing to do with your passion and purpose should be eliminated. They shouldn’t occupy any space in your daily life, because they are just a waste of time, energy and money.

When you have less needs, and you learn to enjoy more with less, you’ll increase your financial independence too.

4. Slow Down

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.  ~Lily Tomlin

You can never embrace a life of passion in the middle of a busy, stressful, and chaotic environment.

You must find some quiet time for yourself. Slow down and listen to your inner voice. Slow down and evaluate your progress. Slow down and maintain your focus on what matters most.

If you could develop the habit of waking up early, you’ll find it easier to develop this habit. You can easily find time to breathe, reflect and meditate.

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.  ~John De Paola

5. Workout

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.  ~Plato

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.  ~Edward Stanley

Health care is very important. So many people follow their passion with great enthusiasm, but they put too much pressure on their body and ignore their overall health and well being. They think they are supposed to work really hard to fulfill their purpose and grow their passion.

These are good intentions, but you should be aware that if you don’t take care of your body, it will soon collapse and this will not serve your passion well.

Health care should be on top of your priorities to maintain a good, prosperous and passionate lifestyle.

One of the best books I’ve read on the topic of health and well-being is 8 Weeks To Optimum Health by Dr. Weil.

6. Practice Daily

The more I practice, the luckier I get.  ~Jerry Barber

It has been said that luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

You’ve to practice your passion daily. If you failed to do so, your passion will soon fade away and you’ll be drifted away from the right path by the busyness of life.

Talent can’t survive without or can’t compensate practice.

You don’t even need talent if you exert enough effort in practicing and sharpening your skills.

Practice and be always prepared, so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you are ready to seize it.

7. Network

We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.  ~Herman Melville

Surround yourself with passionate people. That’s the most important habit of all. It can accelerate your success like no other habit.

Connecting with passionate people forms the best support system for your passion. You’ll find the good advice, the necessary push, and the continuous encouragement.

What is the point of connecting with people who are still stuck in jobs they hate and not following their passion. What are your going to get from them except discouragement and trying hard to pull you down?

I believe the level you can reach in life is directly proportional to the level where the people you hang the most with exist.

It’s been said that your net-worth is determined by your network.

8. Keep a Gratitude Journal

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.  ~Robert Quillen

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.  ~Epictetus

Gratitude is the best attitude.  ~Author Unknown

This one habit does wonders. Be grateful for what you already have and at the same time aim for the better. Rest assured that when you’re clear about your purpose in life, you’ll recognize better opportunities much easier. Just be patient and grateful.

Remember, when gratitude grows up, more joy shows up.

I urge you to develop the habit of having a “Gratitude Journal”. Every night before you go to sleep, write down just one thing you’re grateful for in the day. Then expect miracles to happen!

My life purpose coaching clients experience amazing results in the first week of doing this exercise.

9. Be Prolific

Over 300 banks refused and the 303rd bank agreed to give Walt Disney a fund to build Disney Land.

Over 1000 restaurants refused and the 1010th restaurant agreed to use Colonel Sanders’s chicken recipe that changed the eating habits of the whole world with KFC.

It took him over a million images spanning 35 years, before Steve McCurry’s photo of Sharbat Gula (The Afgan Girl) was globally recognized and linked to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa.

134 publishers rejected Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Soul before it turns into a mega all-time bestseller.

Edison made 1,000 (or 10,000) unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

During his life time, Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting for a very small amount of money. Today, his over 800 known works bring in hundreds of millions.

Mozart died with little to his name. Today, his over 600 pieces of music are considered some of the best ever created!

Can you see a pattern here?

If you want to turn your passion into a worldwide sensation, you got to be prolific and never give up. Keep producing great work, and one may take the world by surprise and make you a globally recognized star.

Produce more work than anyone could think humanly possible. I consider this the secret habit of champions (or legends).

10.    Have a Blog

“Blogs are much more powerful than most realize. They’re a simple way to explore and share the thoughts and beliefs you’re excited about and for people to immediately see and provide feedback.” – Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend

A blog is a multimedia platform through which you can share your passion with the world in text, audio or video formats. People can come read, listen or watch you delivering your value. And if they like what you do, they will share it with their friends and the community will grow.

It is also a perfect way to practice and share your passion with the world on a daily basis. It ensures a constant strong bond between you and your passion.

These 10 habits will make a huge difference for you. They form a strong foundation to build and grow your passion. Like any habit, it takes time to develop and make them work. But once they are there, you’ll be on the fast track to achieve remarkable success.

Now my question to you is this: what habit has made the biggest difference for you?

Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and the creator of “The P.A.S. Technique: The World’s Easiest Way To Find Your Passion and Purpose In Life”. Visit his Transformational Motivation blog now to grab a free copy of his special report “4 Steps to a Life of Passion”.


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64 Responses to The Ten Habits of Passionate People

  1. Amal KHTIRA says:

    Hello Mohamed, I genuinely liked the article.

    I think all this habits are important in one’s life.  Personnaly, I especially appreciated #9.  Most people have dreams and many of them try to achieve them, but only few of them follow their dreams until the end. Instead of perseverating and overcoming obstacles, they just give up their dreams. So yes, we should be patient and not to expect an immediate result, and we must know that what matters is the journey, not the destination.

    Honestly, I think I’ve aquired many of these habits, except #1 and #6, both of them are related with health, which I think primordial, because without health, we won’t be able to achieve many of our dreams. but I’m still fighting to aquire them and I hope I will do it soon.

    Thanks again Mohamed.

  2. Catherine Anderson says:

    Absolutely loved this post. Thank you so much for sharing. Every single point had me nodding my head and smiling.


  3. Static says:

    Thank you for sharing the article. It is so simple yet hits right at the point. I personally think #6 and #9 can be life changing if practiced everyday as the article has mentioned. However, I also like the idea of simplifying everything in life. I am preparing for my license exam, the biggest and hardest exam so far. I believe simplifying will greatly help me achieve my goal to not only pass but also get a better grade. I am curious as to how and what exactly to simplify in my life. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. 

  4. Great article, I particularly like the elements of simplification, the gratitude journal and PRACTICING every day.

  5. Thank you Mr.Mohamed Tohami…… has been one of the best blogs I have ever read on this site…thanks again for all the advice really appreciated it!!! 😀

  6. Eimis says:

    What a great article definitely! Really simple and great ideas to improve your life.

  7. Marat says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article. These are very essential habits.

  8. Dwayne@TWC says:

    I can say that I follow about 6 of these tips religiously but I do need to work on some of the other ones better. I love to read and that is one of the ways I find my motivation to keep working hard at what I am aiming for.
    Great list, M.A.

  9. David Wilson says:

    Such a good post!

    For me waking up early has made the biggest difference. I workout in the morning, catch up with reading, and try to learn a new aspect of my job or a new skill. 

  10. meadowatdusk says:

    Wonderful read. Thanks for posting! Number 9 along with having a positive attitude are habits that are definitely essential and have made the biggest difference for me. The first one on this list is big challenge for me as I tend to stay up late. I think that one would depend on the person, since I have read that some people work better during the late hours of the night instead of early in the mornings. 

    Thanks again for posting, I’m going to share this with friends and bookmark this post to as a friendly reminder to myself. :)

  11. For me #8,  Gratitude has been the most instrumental in moving me forward into better experiences. When I am focused on what I am greatful for I am  better positioned to recieve more,  when I am focused on what I am resisting I am only positioning myself to block. Hence, missing opportunities!

  12. Elle says:

    Wow this is so well written! I can’t tell you how many vague “eat better, exercise” articles I have read. This gives well thought-out advice on how to live better! I’ve been a big fan of getting up early and have been using that time for playing the harp and reading- but I’m going to take that to the next level and start getting up at 5:30! Although that means an earlier bedtime… wish me luck! :) 

  13. Irene Ang says:

    i agree with most. except the blog. we tweet these days. tweets are faster and sometimes more relevant for the moment.
    i especially love no.9 and the one on reading. impacted my life and my biz most! thanks for the article:)

  14. MommyWriter2010 says:

    Fantastic article — thank you!  I, too, can’t believe how many “how to” articles I’ve read that boil down to either “eat better and exercise” or promote something impossibly complex and/or impractical. 

    A smile grew across my face as I read this list because I enjoy doing most of these things(note that I’m typing this at 3:25 a.m.) EXCEPT that I don’t have a wide network and I’m not as prolific (which could also be written as “persistent”) as I’d like to or should be.  I’m also with Static — specifically HOW does one simplify one’s life? And I’m not sure how a busy mom ever really “slows down” (seriously?) . . .  although I just picked up meditation and I love it!  Even 5 min’s a day helps (um — does that count?).  =)

    It’s funny this list mentioned having a blog. I have recently (seriously) considered starting a blog, but have a few roadblocks:  I’m fiercely protective of my privacy; I don’t have time to sit for hours, scouring other blogs, in order to “network”; and I love to write (I went so far as to organize a small writer’s group in my town), but have the wit and wisdom of a Q-tip.  *sigh*  Oh, well.

    Well, just when I was getting discouraged about the choice of articles PTB was posting, this one appeared in my inbox today. Wow!  Thanks, Mohamed, and thanks, PTB!  Jolly good show, my friends. 

  15. Oh no! Need to start on some of these. 1,5,7,8 in particular.
    Very useful read!

  16. TG says:

    Hi there all,

    Realy enjoyed this article!! Made me wanna wake up early every day from now on. For me, it’s the most inspiring, effective (and difficult) habit to mantain, because I can’t go to bed before 0:00 and my day starts already rushed at 5:00.

    But still, I’ll try to incorporate some other habits to my daily life. Thanks for the nice article!!

    Best Regards;

  17. euro trading says:

     It’s good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource.

  18. I can see that you are an expert in this area. I am
    starting a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.

  19. Prashant (Pacific) says:

     It is such a nice post i learned many thing form it . I liked the 9th point in which all great people’s follow their passion till the end of their life . It also shows that if u are truly passionate about any thing , you will get benefits of it ……….  

  20. ProlificTrail says:

    A Really good read………

  21. Hi Amal, 
    Active patience is the key. We need to prepare for the opportunity before it knocks our door. We shouldn’t wait for it to knock the door to start preparing.

  22. Thanks a lot Catherine. I’m glad you liked it.

  23. Hi Static,

    I’m glad you liked the post. You can check my simplicity blog at for tips on how to simplify your life. You can start by reading the post entitled: “If Simple Living Is A Game These Are The Rules.”

  24. Thanks. You picked up important points.

  25. Oh! I’m happy to know that. Thank you so much for the nice words.

  26. Thanks Eimis. I’m glad you like it.

  27. Most welcome Marat. I’m glad you found it useful.

  28. Awesome. Keep the passion up.

  29. Great habit and morning ritual David. Keep it up.

  30. Waking up early needs to be developed, like any habit, step by step. The result will be amazing. You’re going to love it.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  31. Well said Carol. Gratitude is magical.

  32. Playing the harp! what an interesting hobby! I wish you all the best. you can do it.

  33. Thanks Irene. Blogging can be turned into a business where you share your value with other people. Twitter is just a social media tool, and I don’t think you can build a business around it.

  34. WoW! 3:25 am … you’re breaking a record here :) If you want to consider blogging, you can check out the course by Corbett Barr called How To Start a Blog That Matters. I’ve been through it myself and I found it very useful.

    I’m glad this post renewed your trust in PTB. Erin does a great work here.

  35. Thanks Glori. Get the ball rolling 😉

  36. Thanks TG. Step by step everything can be done.

  37. Thanks. I’m glad you found this post useful.

  38. Great! Let me know if I can be of any help.

  39. YES! The reward of following your passion is beyond imagination.

  40. Thanks a lot. Appreciated

  41. nageshkr says:

    Great article! Malcolm Gladwell has given the example of The Beatles, for Items #6 and #9. Personally, I find No 1 is the most difficult to do!

  42. nageshkr says:

    Great article! Malcolm Gladwell has given the example of The Beatles, for Items #6 and #9. Personally, I find No 1 is the most difficult to do!

  43. How-To-Be-Happy-Again says:

    Great article.  I find that keeping a journal is the most difficult for me.  For some reason, I just don’t want to take the time to do that.  Not that I don’t count my blessings!  I’m certainly grateful for everything I have, and thank God everyday. =)
    Thanks for sharing all of your good points. (How To Be Happy Again)

  44. Sandrageordie says:

    The tyranny of the larks!  I don’t want to get up early, thanks.  There are 24 hours in a day, so it makes no difference whatsoever whether you get up at 4.30 or 7.30 or 10.30 in the morning – you still have to squeeze in x hours for sleep, x hours for work, x hours for reading, x hours for friendship, x hours for working on your goals etc.  If you gain 3 hours in the morning, you lose 3 hours in the evening as you have to go to bed earlier.  So long as you make the most of your hours it makes not one jot of difference what numbers on the clock are associated with them. 

  45. #1 is difficult, but it is doable. It’s worth the effort. 

  46. You can jot down one simple thing you’re grateful for everyday. This doesn’t take much time. The result is magical.

  47. If you’re as productive at night as you’re in the early morning, then you’re absolutely right. I just found that the early morning is the most productive and peaceful part of the day.

  48. Hitanjan86 says:

    10 habits are very important but for me practice daily and be prolific are the most important

  49. gis pundit says:

    #1 is completely overrated. My brain does not kick into gear until  mid-morning,  so getting up before dawn would be a total waste of valuable sleeping time.  I do my best work in the late afternoon and early evenings.  This ridiculous assumption that EARLY = BETTER has got to end.

  50. Philip says:

    love it

  51. Yaho_p says:

    The part about Mozart is incorrect! he was well known when he was alive.

  52. Mona says:

    Thank you. *smiles*

  53. Mona says:

    Thank you. *smiles*

  54. Tarakesh says:

    Very good one !!

  55. Guest says:

    The article is very nice, I like the gratitude part of all.

  56. bonz04 says:

    This is a good article. I really like # 1 .

  57. ICK says:

    I agree with him. Some of us are lunar creatures, just as powerful as the sun. It is not fair to make this assumption. I am a genious after twelve.

  58. Amir says:

    In french they say “l’avenir apartient a ce qui se leve tau”
    The future belongs to the ones who wake up early.
    I hate waking up early more then anyone on this planet but this is soo true. You can only feel the difference if you try it for a few days. This quote is centuries old

  59. Viktoria says:

    I have enjoyed this article. it is really magic to wake up early i felt this in my childhood. but now i have my work and nightshifts: one dayshift, next – nightshift, than day-off and again day-off. it is very difficult to organise and to understand when should i wake up, because if i wake up early before nightshift it means that i will not be able to work. would you be so kind to advice me something?

  60. restlessgemini says:

    While at a cure here in Germany, I was told by the psychologist that one should keep a gratitude diary, as well. Regrettably I do not write in it as often as I should……….which should be daily.

  61. ese says:

    Same here. I get into work mode late afternoons/evenings. It’s strange but true.

  62. saltaib says:

    Love #1! Believe me guys, I am a night owl. But the days I changed my habit to sleep early and wake up early were the happiest days in my life. I feel so proud of myself getting up early!

  63. Rajat says:

    Very well written Article.

    For me # 8: Keep a Gratitude Journal is the best Habit to develop and probably in bad times, reading it will make you contended as what all you have achieved.

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