Breaking Bad Habits

Tips for Breaking Bad Habits and Developing Good Habits

Most of life is habitual. You do the same things you did yesterday, the day before and every day for the last month. It’s estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40.

Habits, good or bad, make you who you are. The key is controlling them. If you know how to change your habits, then even a small effort can create big changes.

I’ve been using these techniques for years to re-engineer many aspects of my life. That includes overhauling my diet, exercising regularly, cutting out television, and bulking my e-mail and work routines. Little changes that, when put on autopilot, can result in an improved quality of life.

Here are some tips to get you started:

One Habit For 30 Days – Steve Pavlina, popularized the 30 Day Trial. You focus on one change for thirty days. After that time it has been sufficiently conditioned to become a habit. I’ve used this as the basis for most of my habit changes. It definitely works to sculpt the automatic programs that run in the background of your mind.

Use a Trigger – A trigger is a short ritual you perform before a habit. If you wanted to wake up earlier this might mean jumping out of bed as soon as you hear the sound of your alarm. If you wanted to stop smoking this could be snapping your fingers every time you feel the urge for a cigarette. A trigger helps condition a new pattern more consistently.

Replace Lost Needs – If you opened up your computer and started removing hardware, what would happen. Chances are your computer wouldn’t work. Similarly, you can’t just pull out habits without replacing the needs they fulfill. Giving up television might mean you need to find a new way to relax, socialize or get information.

One Habit at a Time – A month may seem like a long time to focus on only one change, but I’ve found trying to change more than a few habits at a time to be reckless. With just one habit change you can focus on making it really stick. Multitasking between three or four often means none become habits.

Balance Feedback – The difference between long-term change and giving up on day 31 is the balance of feedback. If your change creates more pain in your life than joy, it is going to be hard to stick to. Don’t go to the gym if you hate it. Find diets, exercise, financial plans and work routines that are fun to follow and support you.

“But” to Kill Bad Thoughts – A prominent habit-changing therapist once told me a great way to nuke bad thinking. Anytime you feel yourself thinking negatively about yourself, use the word “but” and point out positive aspects. “I’m lousy at this job – but – if I keep at it I can probably improve.”

Write it Down – Don’t leave commitments in your brain. Write them on paper. This does two things. First, it creates clarity by defining in specific terms what your change means. Second, it keeps you committed since it is easy to dismiss a thought, but harder to dismiss a promise printed in front of you.

30, 90, 365 – I’d like to say most habits go through a series of checkpoints in terms of conditioning. The first is at thirty days. Here it doesn’t require willpower to continue your change, but problems might offset it. At ninety days any change should be neutral where running the habit is no more difficult than not running it. At one year it is generally harder not to run the habit than to continue with it. Be patient and run habits through the three checkpoints to make them stick.

Get Leverage – Give a buddy a hundred bucks with the condition to return it to you only when you’ve completed thirty days without fail. Make a public commitment to everyone you know that you’re going to stick with it. Offer yourself a reward if you make it a month. Anything to give yourself that extra push.

Keep it Simple – Your change should involve one or two rules, not a dozen. Exercising once per day for at least thirty minutes is easier to follow than exercising Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays with yoga the first day and mountain biking the third day, except when it is raining in which case you will do… Simple rules create habits, complex rules create headaches.

Consistency is Key – The point of a habit is that it doesn’t require thought. Variety may be the spice of life, but it doesn’t create habits. Make sure your habit is as consistent as possible and is repeated every day for thirty days. This will ensure a new habit is drilled in, instead of multiple habits loosely conditioned.

Experiment – You can’t know whether a different habit will work until you try it. Mix around with key habits until you find ones that suit you. Don’t try to follow habits because you should, but because you’ve tested them and they work in your life.

Post Your Change Here – Pick a change you want to work on and post it right here in the comments. You’ll get the benefits of writing it down and making a public commitment. The best time to start is right now.

There is no better way to break bad habits than knowing you have the confidence to do so. Confidence is the key to a well lived life.



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  • practica

    Fantastic post!!
    Mu current habit I am trying to develop is regular blogging. What I’ve done is [as you suggest] gave up on television and switched to my laptop. But then email notifications killed me – so I turned it off. Now I am focused to invest my time in blogging research and content creation – 90 minutes each evening

    • ashiq

      watching tv and watching song subsitute with internet

    • Shannon

      I became friends with a leader of importance. Many disapprove of the friendship and it has caused many problems because of the position of this person. During our friendship I began making small phone calls and texts all that are completely innocent in charactor but have became a bad habit. I’ve tried to stop communicating but I slip back into it. A bad habit. I’m taking 30 days and not communicating or seing this person in hopes to break the bad habit. I hope this works!

    • Dorian Innes

      Congrats! Keeping it simple and consistency always worked best for me. Although, not all of these tips could apply to a serious habit, bordering on addiction. If I may shamelessly plug, I wrote a post about my friend kicking his drinking habit. It was pretty amazing what he did, and incredibly simple:

  • John Wesley


    Good luck with the blogging habit. It’s one that I’ve definitely been working on since I started this site and have made a lot of progress.

    Getting away from email and other interruptions is a big help. The good news is that the longer to do it, the easy and better your blogging becomes.

  • Alex

    Nice article and important topic. I recently wrote a similar article on my own blog called Get Off Autopilot and Change Poor
    Habits with Self-Remembering.

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  • Eugene

    Great post! I especially recommend the idea of telling someone about it. One of the things that forced me to finish writing my first book was telling a close friend my plans. He kept on asking how it was coming along and so I had no choice but to deliver!

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  • Eric Monse

    The thirty day part is definitely true. The first thirty days are the hardest.

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  • Jean Browman–Cheerful Monk

    It’s interesting, I used to use the list technique to keep me on track. Now my time management system is simple and automatic. I only have to write things down when my mind starts feeling cluttered. The trick for me is to simplify my life and focus on what’s truly important.

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  • ozzy20

    My habit that im going to break is to stop biting my fingernails.

    • Foemelon

      Me too. I’m getting braces so hopefully that will help.

    • Fab

      I had my fingertips cut recently and I went under surgery. Later when the hand specialist was checking them I noticed his bit fingernails. All of them were so short and ugly. It was disgusting. I didn’t care at that point who he was and what he was doing. I didn’t want him to see my hand. I changed my doctor to one who I thought has more respect for himself.

  • anonymous coward

    I’ve obsession disease and I want stop some bad habits that I have. I tried to took medicine but it doenst works and I can’t work or make sex because of the medicine and I need 24 hours of sleep each day. What I have is not so terrible, is like some litlle bad habits that I don’t like like. Cracking my fingers and my knee.
    What I need to do? Snap my fingers? I can’t believe that it will work :(

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  • Carson

    My habit is to get out of bed when my alarm goes off and cook myself a healthy breakfast!

    • beasdelle

      hello, if anyone can help, I have this habit of waking up and eating my breakfast then going back to bed for a few hours everyday, I’d really like to change this, but seem to find it very hard to condition myself when only half awake.. please help

      • Kevin

        Instead of going to sleep after eating, try doing something you like that can help you wake up completely.

      • chall

        Going outside and catching even a bit of fresh air and sunrise might help you snap out of groggy mode.

      • Pihu Agarwalsagii

        if  u  really wanna work on it .lock your bedroom and just take a walk or shower .it can help

      • Stevenmitchell84

        exercise before breakfast15 minute jog

      • Stevenmitchell84

        do you exercise in the morning before breakfast?i find jogging or exercise in the morning before breakfast really wakes me up and easier for my body to breakdown the food not making me so tired later

    • Kevin

      I have the same problem.  Except I hear the alarm, but roll over to turn it right off and continue sleeping.  I know how to avoid this but I have the bad habit of going to sleep late…

      • Katerynacandell

        You should move your alarm so you have to get out of bed to turn it off

        • Ozzywhitmore

          no put it were you cant hear it

      • Susan

         When hearing that alarm I remind myself — sometimes two or three times — that the worst part of waking up early is getting out of bed. Once I’m on my feet, it’s not as bad as I imagined it to be.

  • SurfsideRyan

    The habit I want to break is to stop biting my fingernails.
    It is an annoying habit I have had ever since I was a child, and now at 18 I am completely embarrassed by it, although I cannot stop it.

    • Fab

      You should be embarrassed by it as later in life someone may embarrass you. A friend of mine once recommended to another as a joke the following which later turned out to be one of the best advices he had heard. Don’t bite discretely! Don’t bite and do something else at the same time. Dedicate 10 minutes of your day and focus precisely on biting your nails. Or better, cut them short with a nail clipper until the fingers bleed. Collect the nails on a clean plate and take a good look at the nails you have clipped off. Take pictures, decorate it like a dessert or the way you enjoy a good meal. Now start putting the dead nails in your mouth one by one. Seriously, focus on this task and don’t turn your head away. See why you do what you do and what goes in your mind when you “unconsciously” bite your fingernails.

  • hoi

    I work as a web developer and end up reading way too many coding books. I want to get back into reading fiction books and stop thinking about work once I’m home.

  • Jay Andrew Allen

    Thanks for the tips. I haven’t tried using triggers before to establish new behaviors . I’m going to give that a shot to help me get my lazy rump out of bed in the am.

    But for your tip “Write It Down,” you suggest we write it on…paper? Really? Dude, how 1993 of you. :) There are better electronic places to put this kind of jotting. I use a private Blogger blog for my personal journal (not indexed by Google, unavailable except by invite). You can also use Google Notebook to tack down your commitments. If that’s too intricate, just put them in a text file on your hard drive.

    re: hoi – I used to be the same way about reading too much work material. I let my wife recommend some fiction she thought I might like, based on her reading and her knowledge of my personality. I also made a conscious decision to “interleave” my reading. For every nonfiction book I read, I compel myself to read one work of fiction before moving back to nonfiction again.

    I’m not perfect in this habit, but it’s helped me broaden my horizons significantly.

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  • Pholop

    I will stop biting my fingernails.

  • Gerbs

    I will study Japanese for one hour every morning for the next month.

    Thanks. =)

  • Billy

    I will leave home to school no later than 7:45 sharp and don’t skip class.

    • http://nexttimeonthemenu indra

      all over he world people sleep less. kent koeningger said he didn`t know the effect of the computers. he is one of the people who invent internet.
      I found out eating/drink/taking fresh honey from insects honey bees and melipona (singless honey bees )improves work performances during night time and sound sleeping the morning after.
      i found cheaper honey from the south adultered with cane sugar are very much likened by ants

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  • Martin

    For the next 30 days starting today, I will have sex every night. I’m hoping that by the 30th day I’m a fantasic lover. WaWa Wee Wah!!!!

    • SaDoReMe

      Lol, good luck with that. :L

    • SaDoReMe

      Lol, good luck with that. :L

    • Sz-Bell

      This post is not to get a new habit, its for leaving bad habit and replacing it with a good one… How’s that a….? Nevermind. :/

    • Jwhite8972

      I doubt it!!!!!!!

    • Jwhite8972

      I doubt it!!!!!!!

    • Abc

      Maybe try it with a partner

  • HelpLife

    Whoa nice post actually I want to stop smoking. Thanks for tips!

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  • hoi

    Thanks for the tip Jay Andrew Allen!

  • blegh

    i, too, want to stop biting my fingers and fingernails… I am 22 and sick of the embarresment of having banadaged and bloody finiger tips constantly

    • Franky

      hi,,,,I have tips for you but this I think can to help you,, 50 a fingger nails,,,,,,

    • Sz-Bell

      That’s nasty, isn’t it painful? O.O

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  • L

    I like the idea of telling someone about it, and sticking with it for 30 days. I told my boyfriend, and I’m going to stop drinking for 30 days. Day 1 is today. Awesome.

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  • Anne

    I have bad skin, and I cant seem to kick the habit of picking it and making it worse. I am going to stop today because it is ruining my life and I feel so frustrated because it is self inflicted.

    • liz

      with the skin, you just have to not touch it, make a habit of not touching your face for a month, that’s what i have been doing and the skin has improved.

      • Kevin

        Yup, your fingers hold loads of bacteria that end up on your face when you touch it.  That causes serious skin irritation that shouldn’t happen in the first place.

    • Wazupjill

      I do the exact same thing! It is really hard to stop and frustrating because I know it is bad when I do it, I just can’t stop! In a really weird way it is satisfying to pop a pimple. I still go to school and all my friends have like perfect skin( of course) so my skin stands out in a bad way. I hate it and wish I could just stop once and for all . I’ve tried posting multiple sticky notes on the mirrors of my house that say NO PICKING… Hopefully it will work!! Wish me luck…..;)

    • Wazupjill

      I do the exact same thing! It is really hard to stop and frustrating because I know it is bad when I do it, I just can’t stop! In a really weird way it is satisfying to pop a pimple. I still go to school and all my friends have like perfect skin( of course) so my skin stands out in a bad way. I hate it and wish I could just stop once and for all . I’ve tried posting multiple sticky notes on the mirrors of my house that say NO PICKING… Hopefully it will work!! Wish me luck…..;)

      • Anon

         good luck :)

      • Anon

         good luck :)

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  • will

    exercise 30 minutes a day and drop an old habit. 11/20/07

  • Roadmap to Riches

    This is great. Bad habits can kill success in any avenue. Thank you for posting this.


  • Leanne

    My habit to break is giving my finace no attitude and bullshit when he doesnt need it…any ideas to help with not having an attitude or telling him no, since i feel like its my way or no way…any ideas to help this all?

    • Kevin

      Love him and be humble and understanding.  Don’t speak over him and listen to what he is saying.  Also let him know how you feel and be honest but not exaggerated.  Also, keep your cool and watch your tone.

      All this is defined under the word love.

  • Miguel Perez

    Mi name is miguel…, I’m a 17 year old struggling in high school. Its my senior year and due to “bad habits” i ended up at a continuation school. I know for a fact it isn’t due to me bing incapable of learning a certain material because my sister had simpler classes and is able to pass wiht c’s or b’s. Anyways. I know what i should,could and would do. But i can’t seem to do it. I’ve tried and am still currently trying. I think what i need is just someone to keep pushing me and just keep motivating me. In short. Maybe just a friend and an insparation. Anyone is qualified i don’t discriminate. I see myself as a really bright kid with some bad mistakes. I never smoked or drank or partied and had sex. I really did want to be that straight A student. It just never happened. I think it takes a lot for me to be writing this. But i’m really at the poing where maybe i should stop talking and maybe start listening to more people. Not people with Unconditionable love and are kinda obliged to support me. But from people i dont know. People who have gone thru worse or better yet there willing to say so how you doing? Anyways…, Like i said anyone is welcome to write to me. Maybe I could even help some of you out. So I hope if you read this your willing to not make it a waste of time and write.
    you can email me at
    or you could send me a message on myspace.
    (no i’m not gay long story)
    I hope you all have a great day/evening/night.

    -Miguel A. Perez

    • Franky

      hi,,mybe you can to consentration with the homeowork,,,or,,,you can try something sport(fitnes),,swimming,,,watching with your firends…..sry my english not good…i from indonesia

    • Sandeep Ghosh

      hey miguel i also had the habit of watching porn ………..i stopped watching it about 9 months before and my suggestion to you is that just dont think about it ………………………..and keep the computer or laptop   away and dont even look at it

  • Joshua

    Dearest Nancy Schimelpfening,

    I know that you try very hard to help people break their bad habits. I have read a good amount of your work. I have my own that I am seeking to break…starting March 1st I’m going to be giving my day to day efforts on breaking my bad habits. I would love your help in getting people to participate in my journey. This will be very beneficial to all of the people in your system…I will be providing a lot of information and confidence to everyone. This is a great way for anyone with bad habits to have daily contact with the desire to fix their problems.
    This will be very uplifting yet very honest in my trials. I would love to put in and use any material and articles that you think would be very beneficial as well as any advice…I want to help anyone with a bad habit…ranging from the lowest to the highest of problems and issues. The website where this will all take place is

    Thank you so much,

    Joshua Thompson

  • Sariya

    I am going to stop using Splenda and eat three healthy meals per day. Peace of mind about my health is far more important that a sweet coffee!

    • Franky

      the health is very expensive….so be care

      • Kevin

        It is, but I rather be poor, healthy and joyous than rich, sick and sad.

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  • Anonymus

    I just read your post and it really helepd me one habit i’m trying to break os watching t.v. and i’m replacing it with scrapbooking. And the other I’m erasing is masturbating. I’m replacing it with reading. You really helped me.

  • Anonymus

    I just read your post and it really helepd me one habit i’m trying to break os watching t.v. and i’m replacing it with scrapbooking. And the other I’m erasing is masturbating. I’m replacing it with reading. You really helped me.
    signed anonymus

  • Miran

    I am changing my habit of getting up late in the mornings. I am starting it from today 09-03-2008. I am fully convinced that if I persist with it for 30 days this habit will stick. Pray for me. I have learn’t in life, by doing otherwise, that getting up early in the mornings is the best good habit one can have.

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  • Barto

    Great article. i have read this before but for some reason never gave it a shot. ok here goes …

    My first habit to break in 30 days would be to handle the things i dont favour at work first without exception.

  • http://Pickthebrain Ivanhoe

    Hi, well after reading this article I am willing to try this trial. In thinking about my bad habits I have realized that I have tried similar tactics in breaking them, however, I just did not have a goal. Now, that I have a goal I am hoping and wanting to try this 30 day trial;) It makes sense. So, I will for 30 days eliminate the porno sites and excercise every day instead.

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  • Aditya Pratama Ramadhan

    Hi I’m Aditya…actually I’m 13 years old. The problem is that I have a really powerful bad habit. The habit is to open porn things. Actually I tried a hundred times, but I can’t stand it. Each time I try to stop, my head would bi filled with thoughts. I just cant stop it….but I’m trying…TODAY!!!…thanks 4 the post…please help me…

    • Alia Sarastita

      Hi, well, about your bad habit,,,,the only way u can get rid of it is you just have to really thing about what you’re seeing, what i mean is, you really have think of the disadvantages that you would get by seeing or even watching porn things that is unnecessary. there isn’t any specific tips for this habit, i believe, the only thing that matter is the intention from yourself, but that’s only my opinion, some people might disagree. Maybe you could just concentrate on your study since you are only 13, there are soo much more things that lay ahead you, and something that you need to worry about (such as your exams)….

      Ps: sorry if my english isn’t good enough, since i’m only 13 and i come from a non-english-speaking country.

      Talk to you on facebook,
      Aliyyah Sarastita

  • Sonya

    Hi! My problem is that i’m always sucking my thumb which is causing ruin to my teeth but i cant help it i suck it when im asleep so i dont realise.

    • lazurm

      I find sucking my thumb to be a great benefit, especially as a sleep aid. As far as your teeth go, think of it as a mere accomodation, a way to allow your mouth to enjoy your habit more comfortably. I wouldn’t mind if my teeth moved even more than they have as a result of my thumb sucking. You may as well get the most out of a free, convenient, effective, legal relaxation aid and if that means your teeth move a bit, well, embrace it, it’s easier than fighting.

    • Stefra100

      @Sonya I do that to and I need help if u learn anything plz share with me:(

  • nnrao

    hi, I want to get up daily at 5.00 in the morning to study for my gmat .I am committed to do this for 30 days .I love the way you have explained .keep it up .

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  • diamond

    I am going to stop snooping and start trusting.

  • Tom

    I just came accross this post as I am focusing on changing my bad habits like diet and exercise, stress, and email checking.

    A few techniques I used from this are a habit per 30 days, writing it down, posting my progress on my blog. Anyway, I’m just starting, but it’s really having an impact! Thanks for the other tips as well.

  • luary

    I am giving up my morning sleep upto 8.00am. I am going to get up at 6.00am and stard meditating.

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  • Ashley

    Hello all. I’ve read this post and it is truly inspiring to me. I had bulimia and anorexia for 5 years and now struggle to fight the eating disorder. My habit that I am going to break with these techniques is snacking late at night and when I’m bored. I’ve gained just a couple of pounds, but know that if it gets too out of hand it will trigger my eating disorder to come back and I can’t have that because I almost died from the behavior. I will remain concious of my actions and have a backup plan set in place to follow instead of boredly or emotionally eating. Thanks guys!

  • farouk

    amazing!!! thank u!!

  • Robin

    I have been trying to break my habit of chewing on my hair for 6 months, but now that I have a boyfriend I’m going to push myself until I finally break it. Maybe now my hair will grow longer faster! XD

  • Robin

    Artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Sweet ‘n Low are actually worse for you than real sugar, because they are ARTIFICIAL. For this reason also, diet sodas are worse for you than regular sodas.

  • Pranav

    i have a very bad habit or u may call it a teenage addiction that i like watching porn….. i am ready to break this habit becoz i feel guilt for havin it in me………i slowly noticed that my attitude towards the opposite sex was changing due to that habit. I felt this was the worse thing in my life coz it has deteriorated my life as a student and as a honest Boy i have started feeling like that i am someone who has no control over himself.Due to this habit i cultivated other bad habits also like not tellin the truth to others for no strong reasons watching TV or doing computer when unnoticed like now……..I have lostt sincerity towards my studies …..these are my problems since i can’t tell this to anyone whom i know as my value in their eyes will fall downn i request u to help me out desperately…………..

    • Marie

      i want to start getting up earlier. even if i mean jumping out of bed. but aside from all of my other bad habits that i realy realy want to change i totaly get what ur u dont want to tell them or ask for help…my bad habbit is having sex w/myself. eversice i stoped seeing my boyfrind everyday(now everyother6 mths!!)ive fealt this nothingness inside me. I want it to stop…ive also gotten other habits from it…watching tv and just staring into space.or u know just bing on the computer when i realy should be doing something else.i just want to wake up,stand up and never do it again…EVER!

      • http://no jelle

        dear little boy wish you stop veiwing such thin you mentioned but they said never late than never so please make more mixing with people and practice telling the truth hope you change….

      • Ahs

        Hi there,,, i just read your commet. unfortnately i am going through the same problem :( .. . i guess u are out of this problem till now but i am still into it… i wrote u back just to ask if u can help me in getting rid of this practice,,. hope to get +ive reply from u ….THANX

      • Craig Acel

        I have similar issues. Have come to any answers as to how to correct this yet? I really need help.

    • Anonymous

      Hi my name is Abby I sorta had the same problem except I like to read about it bothers me so I tried to find books that I truly love to make up for the other books so I say try to find something to substitute for watching port. Like going for a walk or finding shows and movies that you can watch instead of porn use the 30 day idea for this and tell me it works.

      Sincerely Abby
      P. X Goodluck.

  • lesly Melat

    I really really would like to stop masturbating so much. I have been masturbating since 11 years old and I do this about 6 times a day, It has gotten to the point where my clitoris becomes inflamed and sore but I cannot stop.If anyone has tips for me,

  • Maria

    This will be a toughy for me… What’s better than putting off for today that you can do tomorrow, right?.. Wrong! I find myself falling even deeper into this. I faced a traumatic period in my life 2 and a half years ago and now I feel trapped like a rabbit in a car headlight whenever faced with the need of change or strong responsibility, it terrifies me to know that it is getting worse. I have to do something… please offer some suggestions for positive triggers.. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Joe

    I vow to break my bad habit for at least 183 days, starting today.

  • Matt

    I will follow through on my plans relating to the next three weeks.

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  • harry dick

    hi i have a bad habbit since i was 11 licken girls pussy till their red. please help me

  • harry dick

    my bad habbit is having anul sex all the time with girls im 13 and i already banged about 7 times i can stop please help me

    • youneedhelpson

      i really recommend you get some counculing or your basicly screwed. i really wouldnt want to be you cause mhy parents woulld go crazy. are you black cause only blaack people do those kinda things? kid your messed in the brain i feel bad for all the people u raped.

  • james


  • karthick

    Nice post.I
    am going to wake up early in the morning

  • Stephenie J

    I want to not lie for my habit. I just got out of a good relationship. I lost it because i lied. I want to make it a habit not to lie.

  • Claudia AKA The Breaking Habits Girl

    In my experience the easiest way to breaking habits is to release the old thought which is causing the bad habit to a productive thought.

    What worked for me was to hear the same message over and over, till my actuall thinking changed.

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  • Liebherr

    Good interpretation, but I think hardly could be apllied to life.

  • Derek – Founder of NüHabits Personal Change Network

    I agree with all your points, especially the last one about writing it down and making it public (albeit in an anonymous way). I also suggest getting a network of people committed to the same habits as you are.

    With this in mind, I recently started a new social network called NüHabits, where people can find other people who are working on the same habits – squashing bad ones and forming good ones. It’s free, and it can be one more tool in your arsenal against complacency!

  • Daniela Cane

    Nice tips. These is the very good sample on how to change people who are having a bad habit.

    Electronic Cigarettes

  • http://rediffmail Rezina

    I will stop being lazy and be active .

  • Luriza

    Day 2 of 30 minutes every day!

  • danny bagucci

    I need to break my internet addiction! Day one starts tomorrow!

  • Tony Rothwell

    Well, not related to this as such, cause I started this months ago, but I have gone for a challenge of a year without chocolate (New Years to New Years) and am still holding strong :D

    I’m gonna use the info on this page to reinforce my self-imposed ban and to pick up a good habit or two along the way! Thanks!

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  • shelshi

    i will get up early, 5am at the latest :)

  • ELS

    Great idea,

    After reading this I decided to cultimvate some good habits one by one and bring back my good habits I lost in the past.

  • http://fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff jjjjjjj


  • Hela

    my plan is to exercise every day for at least half an hour. 30 days:) keep ya fingers crossed:)

  • Hela

    lol and ill let u know how is it going;)

  • http://toutube jandi

    hahahahahah baliwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!kau lahayt

    panget nio

    baliw kau

    ako c jandi


  • wendy

    The habit I need to break is obsessing over my ex-boyfriend. I can look at his pictures online with his new wife and analyze every detail. I’m starting my 30 days today.

  • wendy

    Another bad habit? Visiting a very negative blog site. 30 days starting today!

  • wendy

    It’s not only the pictures, it’s stopping any bad habit related to him, such as reading his horoscope or any related b.s.

  • Sny

    I want to be a pure person. But I find myself masturbate time and again. It might sound ugly but I have to be honest with myself. Some may claim it is normal. But I have my own reasons. but the point is I want to be pure and healthy and guileless, both mentally and physically.
    Other than that I want to work hard and lead a simple and healthy life. So eating good and healthy food is also on my list. Both these things go together. I am confident that I can live a pure and selfless life, serving the poor, working hard, reading philosophy, having good friends..Wish me good luck :)

  • Sushmeeta Sriram

    Hi I am in 5 grade .
    I want to be a pure person. But I find myself masturbate time and again. It might sound ugly but I have to be honest with myself. Some may claim it is normal. But I have my own reasons. but the point is I want to be pure and healthy and guileless, both mentally and physically.
    Other than that I want to work hard and lead a simple and healthy life. So eating good and healthy food is also on my list. Both these things go together. I am confident that I can live a pure and selfless life, serving the poor, working hard, reading philosophy, having good friends..Wish me good luck

    • Guy Faux

      By now you are in 9th grade. I hope that you’ve realized by now that the appetites and drives of our species are there for evolutionary reasons. The bigger problem is that societies where masturbation is taboo also tend to treat women as livestock. Why is that?

  • wendy

    Alas, I must start my 30 days over again, but I have an excuse! A good one, actually, but I’m not going to let it deter me. THIRTY DAYS starts again today! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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  • Nozi

    Am waking up 5am tomorrow till death, thanks for the nic post…

  • mike

    i love this article. first things first. im going to focus on school and give up online gaming. its been ruling my life pretty much all the 15 years ive been breathing. 30 days, imma try my best. :)

  • A ZIA

    FROM NOW ONWARDS, at 8 pm on October 30,09 I will stop my “THE BAD HABIT (1)” & will quit for it till Novem 30, 09. Whenever I will get any alarm for it, i will snap my fingers & will replace it with 2 minute reading article & 2 minutes walk.

  • Mark Anderson Push

    Well Guys i Liked the idea but it needs a lot of commitiment to do.. I tried a lot to follow this tips but i get bored everytime i start !!
    I visited Egypt 3 months ago and attended a Human Resources Lecture in the German University in Cairo !!
    loool it was AMAZING !! really those people know how to think right!

  • sarah busby

    My bad habit that I need to break is eating while I am watching TV.

  • cmws

    I would like to break the habit of interrupting people when they talk. It seems like I’m rude, but I just get really excited to add to the conversation. I will stop interrupting people and trying to finish their sentences. I’m leaving undergraduate school and trying to move up in the world. It requires patience and for ppl to not feel I’m impeding their thoughts. I start tonight.

  • MGA

    I will stop overeating in order to make myself happier and healthier, and to prevent future damage. I’ll be back in 365 days to share my success and help motivate people.

  • MuhammadNaeem

    nice !
    I think such blogs can bring a rationality in man.
    Thanks to the blogger.


    Very good article on breaking habit. Many valuable principles are addressed. I believe accountability and support 24 hours a day is also very helpful.

  • Melanie

    I am going to stop buying a twix at lunch time at the cafeteria and chew a gum after lunch instead.

  • Sanej

    HI, I want to break my habit of losing my stuff , I am keep it losing , just want to break it !!!!

  • Rossio

    Thanks for the article.
    The habit I want to break is being overcritical and jugedmental.

  • Sweety

    I want to change my habit of procrastination…..till the last mintue…and end up doing things in haste…..i end up running all the time….

  • Muthukumar

    WOW!! Excellent!!.
    Dude.. fantastic article and good tips.. stressing the exact facts and pain areas to handle..

  • sophie

    i want to stop lying and to stop playing with my hair when i get nervous or bored.

    • Saraf Aakriti

      hmmm…. dats on yu…amke suea yu try yurslf nt to gv wring statements..nd if yu made a mistake..then go fo itz acceptance……

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  • Elizabeth Richardson

    I love the ideas and strategies in this article.

    Anthony Robbins also works from one deep level – that “every bad habit has a positive intent” and realizing what that intent really is can expand us to the point of being accepting and grateful for creating the habit instead of feeling bad or guilty about it (which are both immobilizing emotions).

    It is from this place of acceptance that people can move on almost effortlessly and naturally instead of having to work SO hard to instigate change.

    What do you think?

  • Kasey

    My bad habit is i am always worrying about my teeth!

  • tayyab

    i find the above suggestion too well and only by reading once i find a hope that i can change my boring life
    all these are logical and fully supported by latest research in the field of psychology

    i think these are good enough to read

    Tayyab Ur Rehman

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  • Federica

    New habit: to meditate every morning for 30`.
    I did it last week for 3 days, the first one was very good, the other 2 well…. NOT.
    Ok so here`s the commitment – As of tomorrow I will meditate every morning for 30` – for 30 days

  • Ali

    I am not regular in jogging. So from today i am going to start jogging regularly in the morning. It will fix my bad habbit of awaking up late in morning.

  • katrina

    I want to be on time with everything I do and be organized so I don’t fall behind in my work in school. I want to reach my full potential and being late is a big problem for me. I don’t wanna do it anymore

  • Evan

    Very nice. I think you left off a set of 0′s when you talked about how many bits of info our senses take in each second. 11,000,000 and I believe sixteen is how many reach consciousness on average.

  • vishal gaba

    well from the above article seeems u are a very experienced person
    ——isn’t it??
    well i’ll definetely apply ur suggestions :) bcuase some of them were among those which had come into my mind earlier own their own !!:)

  • vishal gaba

    :) I appreciate the work done very much :)
    n also the reply by the readers!!

  • vishal gaba

    keep it up!!

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  • Johnny Boy

    I want to change one word a month in my vocabulary, I feel like I continually use simple vocab and think about abstract thoughts due to my vocab, because I feel like it offends people. Now, I will work on expanding my simple vocab.

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  • michelle

    i will walk for 20 minutes each morning for the next 21 days.

  • Elena

    Oh well, after an hour of searching in the internet, I´ve come across to this lovely article… which I will upload my “I really wanna do this but leave it for tomorrow bla bla blaaaa” habit, and do ot for 30 days….
    Do a set of strech movements that it only takes 5 minutes

  • melisa

    I need to stop procastication, it is hurting br b/c I am onlt torturing myself. If anyone has any advise plz tell me

  • Marsha

    This person def. has some good advice on bad habits…..

  • tracie

    I want to kick my sugar habit. It’s gotten so bad that I was literally sick in bed for an entire weekend after a sugar binge. I wrote a message to myself on my arm to not eat sugar. It worked for two days and then I ate some fruit on the third day and had my super sugar binge on the fourth. I figured I would change the message to “Sugar makes you horribly sick.” That didn’t work either. Any suggestions on how I can combat it?

  • melisa

    tracie have you cheked with a doctor.
    You might be diabetic, be very carfull.
    More than a bad habit it could be a real medical issue.
    I recomend to go see a doc.
    Good luck !!!

  • prakash

    i am confident of becoming a succesul trader provided “i develop the habit of following the chart signals sincierly”

  • shrutii

    i have this bad habit thts been with me for the past 0 yrs or more of eating ice.and it’s gotten worse .i sit and et loads of ice everyday.after reading the article on how to change habits i ve tod everyone at home to help me overcome this habit.they r to stop me from going near the freezer,and i’m gona gt myself a couple of gums so tht whenever the urge to eat ice comes i can over come it by hewing gum:)

    • H

      I don’t remember what this is called, but always chewing on ice means that you have a serious Iron deficiency. I am in college and learned about this in my nutrition class. Go see your doctor because Iron is an extremely important mineral to have in your diet. :)

  • shrutii

    i have this bad habit thts been with me for the past 10 yrs or more of eating ice.and it’s gotten worse .i sit and et loads of ice everyday.after reading the article on how to change habits i ve tod everyone at home to help me overcome this habit.they r to stop me from going near the freezer,and i’m gona gt myself a couple of gums so tht whenever the urge to eat ice comes i can over come it by hewing gum:)

  • ruben9

    hello, i have a question about what you wrote ” It’s estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40.”

    can you explain how that has to do with habits?. i don’t really get it! please!


    WOW, This article is 3 years old and still great! So… writing it down in itself is a good habit that I want to cultivate… I come up with many ideas throughout my days and they just fade away leaving me empty… I need to write down, and then commit to what I have written down. THXS!I guess that I need to make sure that writing it down will give me the same pleasure as procrastination!!! So I will embelish my notebook I Guess!

  • Claire

    I absolutely want to break my bad habit of diving into sweets at the end of the day. It’s gotten to the point where it resembles binge eating. I want to get my diet right, and not have to think about it constantly! Losing a little weight in the pocess wouldn’t hurt either ;)

  • Kevin

    Thank you for your tips. I can not agree with more. I will change some of my bad habit, so as to improve my life quality. I am doing the business of oil painting now. My website is: I hope I can invest more time in this business and achieve more in this regard. So, I have to change my bad habit of wasting time.

  • Diane

    I want to change the fact that when I take a “vacation”, it seems to be a liscense to eat more than I usually do. Vacation should be no different that an ordinary day, week, month, or year. I should maintain control over my choices and portions, even though I am on vacation.

  • Diana

    i hope this helps..i will sleep early:D

  • sanjeev

    fantastic !
    I m indulged in playing cards of high stake everyday and smoking during the play. I restrict myself to only one play everyday and stop smoking during the play…

  • Rob

    Great article, i’m definitely going to give it a try. My habit is not trusting my girlfriend when she goes out and I think its due to the fact that I have too much time on my hands. So my new habit will be keeping myself busy with a hobby and not fixating on where or what she is doing all the time. I’m not too sure about what my hobby should be yet, but I will give it some thought.

    thanks again for this article!

  • Random Tortured Soul

    Going to try to stop pornographic activity, pray for me!

  • http://google EVE

    for the next 30 days i will not look at or read anything pornographic.

  • Teresa

    No eating in front of anything with a screen – i.e., computer or TV.

  • Cait

    I promise to work the next thirty days on my self-esteem issues. I will eat only one serving of any given meal and not beat myself up so consistently – I know that I am at a perfect weight and the negativity I feed myself is unwarranted and not alright.

  • Steve

    God is great, just landed this site when i needed to quit sex with self. I have tried stopping this 18 years habit many many many times but nothing doing. THIS TIME I WILL QUIT IT AND REPORT PROGRESS ON 4.08.2010. IF I DON’T, I WILL PAY US$ 65 TO MY LOCAL CHURCH

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  • hank

    Really good advice on breaking bad habits, we all have a few that we could do without.

  • Jubilee J.

    The Universe which includes everything is perfect. Everything in the universe benefits from its laws for survival. Since we are of the perfect universe, we are also perfect and benefit everything. We have a brain that believes our illusions as if they are real. We made it up that something could be wrong, bad, evil and ugly. By following the law of cause and effect, we have brought about the Sixth Extinction. When a specie uses up all the resources required to live, it dies. In ten years we will have decimated the remaining forests, a third of the oxygen in the air we breathe and 50% of the remaining species on earth. In 40 to 50 years the population will double to 13 billion. The only way to avoid the inevitable result, is to remove negative beliefs, concepts, thoughts, feelings and words from our vocabulary. Start by hearing every negative and change it to positive. Compliment everything, regardless of your past negative beliefs. Dr. Emotto did experiments with water that prove conclusively what happens when we use negative thoughts. Look this up and become aware of what we have caused.

  • Asad Kureshi

    Starting today i will stop feeding into my temptations of lust!

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  • kanchan

    i want to study at least 6 hours daily. i’ll start now.

  • essie

    I really want to focus on quit drinking, I don’t drink to drunkenness but I drink throughout the day. I will restrict myself to 2 glasses of red wine in the evening to relax. I will report back 30 days, and will keep posted of progress. I want to let go of this habit… I will give up some of my favorite jewlery…when I succeed I can get it back and by myself a new piece. Something to look forward to.

  • jenny

    i want to quit cigarettes and have wanted to for a long time now, ive only been smoking for 6 years but thats really what i want to do. im really worried about the withdrawal atleast from what ive heard of it. i dont even know how to get started. (

  • Sriram

    I want to stop seeing porn when ever i am alone with my computer.I have been really trying hard but tend to give in most of the time.But reading your article gave me confidence.

  • Eliza

    I have many bad habbits, Cracking every bone in my body, eating nail and the skin around them and thats just the start! I am focussing on my hands first as that should be the one where i see the most external results to try and motivate me to break the rest of them HOPEFULLY! So in 30 days you should be hearing from the new me typing with my new and improved nails. have you got any good habbits to replace them with? I dont want to try gum, icase that becomes another habbit. I have heard about chewing on toothpicks but that might look wierd :P Oh well I shall try snapping and see what happens

  • Suanne Dufilho

    Hay adminstrator , i w/ u web blog.

  • aamir

    Every habit can be change when you are keen in it

    My ALLAH has described it our HOly book Quran

    Must read it i m sure that this will benefit you

    Hapy life!

  • Oscar

    I am NOT a morning person. I try my best but it never works because I always want to stay in bed 5 more minutes. I will follow the guide lines in this post and make it a habit to wake up early everyday for the next 30 days. It is time I actually try it and see if I can do it. Thanks for all the good advice.

  • Andrew

    I will wake up at six in the morning on week days.

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  • http://supdawg bwahahaha

    well well well now we cant have that now can we tut tut tut

  • Resh

    From today I will be more committed to my studies and I will spend atleast 10 hours in studies

  • Brian

    SMOKING! I must quit. I have spent 25 years of my life indulging this bad habit. Im gonna snap my fingers every time i want a ciggarette.

  • meenu

    today from this moment i m taking commitment to contiue my work plans until my initution tells me that “yaar kya kaam kiya hai! you are the best”, i want to hear that sound from inside

  • jyothi

    i am so happy

  • http://google SONU SHARMA

    Hi i am too happy to get it all .Really it is too helpful for leaving our bad habits.

  • http://google SONU SHARMA

    Hi i am too happy to get it all .Really it is too helpful for leaving our bad habits.and i am getting the result also.

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  • perro hp

    que maricada

  • perro hp

    no mentiras calidoso

  • Cameron

    I will make it a habit to:
    1. Do what I know is right at ALL times (character)
    2. Do something nice for someone everyday
    3. Maintain positive thinking at all times
    4. Express my love everyday to a different family member (w/ a phone call, ect)
    5. Be a do-er, stick to commitments I set
    6. Read materials regarding success on a daily basis to produce new proactive thoughts
    7. Live in an attitude of gratitude, give thanks every morning upon waking

  • John

    True that most of life is habitual and unconscious mind does most of the choices we make. One more practice I had red about is writing down some rules, some kind of constitution and commitments.
    Also, you can create yourself some kind of punishment system for failing situations

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  • BusinessABC

    Thanks for sharing, this is a good tips for those who want to change their habits.

    The ABC of Business – Never Hire A Person Who Walks Slowly…

  • http://google chandu

    Iam not happy by this.

  • http://google chandu

    I’m not happy by this.

  • http://google chandu

    dont tell lies

  • atee

    I will break a bad habit of:
    - Eating after dinner
    - Overeating during the day & at night

  • crystal

    writing anything down, underlining, pens and paper, paper stores
    i will remember things or just listen, read less, only write very
    very very important things down

  • Patrick

    I think a reminder system is crucial, but whenever I expect a reminder to occur (for example an alarm at a specific time), I find it easy to ignore it. That was the motivation behind developing “Mind Jogger”, an iPhone app that sends reminders at random times throughout the day. Check it out here:

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  • Lady J.

    Write down my thoughts and follow through!

    • http://no Ramesh

      your thoughts is very very cool, what’s your next thoughts please give tha reply to my email id

  • 1st-Time Mommy

    I really like the way you addressed the more serious psychological aspects of not just breaking, but replacing bad habits with new behavior. I recently wrote a post (here: regarding my attempts to break bad habits so as not to be a negative influence on the kids in my life. I’ll be utilizing your tips to help me succeed in this endeavor.

  • Habitr

    I would suggest It is a new webservice for creating or breaking habits. If you have good intentions but lack organization a bit, than can really help you. It looks like a game in the beginning, but later you understand that it works. It helped me a lot.

  • prabhjot

    will get up early and go for jogging

  • Jazi

    I will study every evening and get A’s. I will do my BEST in everything I do. I will NOT waste time. I will NOT disobey my parents. I will cut down my time on Facebook. I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL ALL THE TIME!!

    • Alex

      Begin with not wasting time =) Then everything will piece together =)

    • David Breidenthal

      For me, it’s the hardest to cut off bad habits and replace them with good ones…I’ll do it anyway (since it’s a good experience)
      -get up at 9:00 at the most
      -brush my teeth 2 times a day
      -take a shower once a day
      Do not spend most of my time on the computer/iPod and watch what’s appropriate for my age

  • Amber

    Pretty obvious article. You give no inspiration- no real new ideas or any new information. It is the same one liners as always.

  • Amber

    If you are going to bother making a website- why not make it worthwhile? With something that is actually different and cutting edge or new- this is just common sense. No point in publishing this- It’s almost insulting to people’s intelligence.

    • Colmlonergan

      arn’t you luckyyour perfect

  • Linda

    I want to instill a habit to finish putting things away on a daily basis. It seems like I let things gather or pile up and then it is a big job that I’d rather put off. Right now, I have a pile, not a stack, of clean clothes or once worn clothes that are on top of my dresser.

    I will start with the habit of putting my clean clothes away in the proper drawer or hung up in the closet. I will check my status on this habit in 30 days. I will email myself this narrative and put a status check, weekly and at the end of every month.


  • J

    Yeah, I totally agree w/ amber, this article is quite generic. Boring ,redundent and unremarkable in every way.

  • jericcoJ

    1. I will start cutting my cigarettes this coming 7 days
    2. I will start my jogging program tomorrow
    3. eat less
    4. Be positive
    5. Be good person and husband

  • Lindsey

    1. I will not binge/purge for 1 week. Then move on to two weeks, and so forth.
    2. I will not drink for 1 week.

    I’ll supplement in place of these addictions, exercise, meditation/prayer,
    and time with friends/family.

    If anyone has support/advice or would be willing to help me be accountable, feel free
    to email me.
    Good luck to us all :o)

  • jackie

    I can’t stop smoking and I need help. My friend recommand this website and it really helps.

    It helps remind me what I need to do.

    Anyone have any suggestion?

  • http://yahoo zia

    it’s excellent. i am agreed.

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  • Robert

    I have a bad habit of leaving my room unorganized & messy because I’m always in a rush.

    MY CHANGE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS: To organize & tidy up 3 things (hanging up all my clothes, make my bed-if I haven’t already, put things back where they belong) 30 minutes before leaving the house.

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  • http://gmail sulatn mirza

    hello friends,
    i know very well all yhe principels dscrobe
    int his article but consistency is not
    heno hpw to achiva conmsikstency maina?

  • Lauren Murphy

    I will for the next 30 days keep my cell phone charged and my purse organized.

  • Anna

    i will spend more time studying instead of reading

  • Nekochan

    I want to break a bad habit I have been having for ages: touching my hair.
    I just started today. It is very tough for me as I am totally addicted to the feeling of the hair on my fingertips!

  • niner fan

    i will brake the habit of putting off

  • V

    When there is a will, there is a way

  • V

    There is a will there is a way

  • pr

    i will get up early.i ill study regularly from today.i ill go to cllge regularly.and most important i ill think positively.these r my commitments.i ill try ur tips and i hope it will work.

  • pr

    i ill get up early. i ill study regularly.i ill go to cllge regularly.wont wast time n most important thing i ill think positively.thanks i ill try ur tips.hope i ill succeed.

  • dp

    Its__ refreshing to read this article n feel ready too start right away. The tips r simple n fun to apply thank you. Its means a lot to my self esteem to not be lazy. I want to let go of the shame that I carry BC I don’t.pull my weight and I don’t want to make excuses anymore.

  • John


    I will try to avoid bad thoughts as much as i can. But the moment i see girls bad thoughts revolves in my brain. Any suggestions please??

  • ElleMae

    Amber, common sense is not common, most of us dont internalize half of what we read let alone what we experience. How unfortunate you feel the need to critique those around you,( dont think I read any articles by you latley) if you dont feel like the message gives you value then skip it. FYI, when you dismiss the fact that we are all at different levels of understanding you limit your own progress. We need each other its just part of living. Im sorry if I offend you, but i found your comments to be unnecessary and selfish.

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  • stepmy

    WILL QUIT SMOKING!!!!! I THINK I CAN…I THINK I CAN….chuga chuga ..choo ..choo

  • isaac

    I believe if we find a good partner to hold each other accountable and keep an eye on each other & try to find each others week spots or what it is that sets off the triger that causes us to fail or succeed. This could work miracles because we can’t see the picture when were in the frame. The other key is to ask ourselves and are partner the right questions. What holds us back? How we spend our time? Why we want to change? Focus & be thankful for what’s going good… who will suffer if we don’t change?

  • isaac

    I believe life is similar to pro sports. The more we train the better chance we have of winning & what does every pro sport have in common? A coach to push them to train as hard as they can and to watch exactly where the player could improve and what position the player would be best at. It seems like we try to play alone most of the time without a coach or a team. Thankyou to who ever created this site it is awsome. I bet you had a great coach or you are a great coach. I feel better already knowing I’m not alone on this journey to make the world a better place… feel free to comment and support the team.

  • kiran

    i will try to finish my smoking but i cant stop any sugessions pls help

    • Milton

      Stop smoking and never smoke it again. It’s too easy!

  • jan

    Good article! I agree it is common sense, but i am going to apply the steps and see how i go. I am going to work on not judging others. Every time i catch myself being critical and judgemental, i am going to tug at my right ear lobe, and replace my thoughts with positive ones! Wish me luck!!

  • Brent

    Any supporting information that can or may help someone with ridding themselves of a bad habit should be encouraged to share. Awareness is key, and I applaud this post!
    Amber I do not wish to offend you, but I must say that I feel your negative comments should have stayed as thoughts in your head!

  • Atticus

    i will stop smoking…i will start jogging…i will eat better and not late….i will stop taking on more obligations than i can handle (which leads to stressing out and wanting more smokes)

  • TONY

    When there is a will, there is a way

  • dani

    i am stop smoking for comming 7 days .

    i am reading bible and books daily

    i am listen positive cd”s daily \

    i am love all the people

    i am think good always

    by dani

    what you think that will happened

  • avinash thosar

    Good one very simple ! let me try and come back

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  • Audrey

    I will get up earlier every morning…5:45am !

  • Kanna

    I have just read the above…gonna try it…my aim is to quit smoking…Gonna try it for the nxt 30 days…see how it goes…advance thanks for the tips man. really appreciate it.

  • Hamza

    I want to develop a habit of leaving comments on personal development blogs so that I can get readers for my own blog.And by leaving this comment I’m starting this process and I commit myself to leave at least 10 comments on blogs everyday

  • jerome

    not to drink alcohol every weekend. instead, involve myself on outdoor activities or go to the gym or maybe go to church. (Awesome article!)

  • Jeffrey

    I want to be more time conscious and more dedicated towards developing my spiritual life.

    • Kevin

      My suggestion to you is to seek Christ with discipline.  Read the bible, fast and pray constantly to grow.

  • Sheerbliss Carrara

    This is a great post, really helpful. My habit is really embarrassing, I have been sucking my thumb since i was really young and now I am on my way. I have a stress ball for whenever I feel the need to suck my thumb, I am also keeping a diary with my progress. I am on my way, thank you! :)

  • Crissy

    Thanks for sharing this. I am working on a thirty day challenge with my partner to help with our relationship. My habit is to stop being so negative and nagging and focus on the positive. I am going to keep all negatives to myself and just be as positive as possible. 

    • Kevin

      That’s really great!  I once read, “your positive attitude makes it harder for people to act angry”.

  • Patrick

    I would like to stop getting angry and selfish when my gf can’t spend time with me because she has to do everything for her family while balancing school and work. I want to be a release of her stress and not a builder of it.

    • Kevin

      Man,  I have this same exact problem bro.  You know what?  I’ve found out that I have to give my girl space to do her own thing.  Then she will come to me when she is ready.  The best thing about that is when she comes to me, she is focused on me only because she got all the other things out of the way.  You see, sometimes I feel like I just want to leave it all just to be with her, but that isn’t smart.  I’m the one with the messed up priorities but she is the one who is doing the right thing trying to get things done.  She’s building a future while I’m focused on her only.  There are other things in life than just my girlfriend and me.  It’s not easy to deny myself and do what I have to do, but I do it because it’s the best and this shows her I love her and I respect what she is doing.  I too want to be a source or relief, a place to come and relax instead of a stress builder or something to avoid.

      Like the bible says:  There is a time for everything.  I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling like I really need to talk to someone I really love, Jesus is the one that can fill up my heart, not my girlfriend because she isn’t always around, and even though she was, the only one who can truly fill in that gap in my heart is Jesus Christ, not my girlfriend.

      I hope this helps you.

      • Starree33

        Amen to that! So true =)

  • Ilovekristensoegeng

    I Want to quit using oxycodone recreationally. It’s gonna be hard but I’m committed. More then ever before(3rd time trying). The bad outward the good so I don’t see the point of it. If anyone has any similar experiences please give me some feedback anything will help me at this point.

  • yona

    I’m going to stick to one having one piece of home baking per day. I know that it’s still not too healthy but it’s better than the two or more pieces I’ve been having recently. 

    • Kevin

      You mean cake?  Not all baked food is bad.

  • tjgirlHI

    i want to love myself more and make more meaningful relationships. 

  • bob


  • Rukmini Kopperi

    my habit is to get up early in the morning and do exercise

    • Zulqarnasir


  • Paulspnao

    As a nutritionist and author of the bestselling acne book Spotless
    – The Essential Guide to Getting Rid of Spots and Acne, I would completely
    agree with this comment. Using Chris Gibson’s suggestion of using Benzoyl
    peroxide is not the answer to acne. Spots appear for a reason. This reason can
    differ from person to person which is why some acne books work and some don’t.
    There are many different reasons for acne such as, acidic blood, lack of
    vitamins, food intolerances, yeast overgrowth, chronic constipation. We have
    included lots of information on our site to help everyone to understand acne
    better to enable them to get on with their life without worrying about their
    lip enhancement

  • Vanneshes

    My new habit is going to bed at 10 pm and waking up by 8:30 am everyday.  On day 4.  So far, so good.

  • Aurélie

    For my part, I want to improve my english during the next thirty days…I come from Belgium. Each morning, looking at series in english language and subtitles in english too…Perhaps reading books, I don’t know yet, but I have to do this for my self-estime…I hope you understand me^^ good luck for your own new habits ;)

  • Smartboy Back Kant

    Replacing watching tv with internet surfing about the surroundings including social, political and technological. reading g.k books regularly one hour . trying to be patient with everyone irrespectiive of relations and status. having confidence in myself and thinking positive everytime about myself. but i am scared that thinking positive about myself regularly changed me into over confident person. i want to b normal and simple. 
    hope ur ideas help me somewhere . but ur ideas are a inspiration to me.
     thank you.

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  • Pavan

    There appears  a hope of self-improvement after reading  this article.Thanks a lot.

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  • Pingback: Best Self Improvement Blog

  • Pingback: Best Self Improvement Blog

  • Starr

    I am committed to lose the chub, I use to be a size 3 now a size 8. For me being only 5/3 in height it’s not comfortable.  I am doing some form of exercise everyday for at least 60 mins. Starting today. More positive things to post- I just broke up with my boyfriend been with for 2 years. I realized he was just a bad habit!  He is a pot head Lied to me all the time he knew I didn’t want to be with him if he smoked pot all the time smoked cigarettes which I am allergic too & drank beer everyday it’s pathetic why was I with this loser seriously he treated me like dirt. I thought I could help him he would give me signs of hope then completely fail. I have given way to much of my time to him. I realized I need support to get away from this monstrosity of a bad habit. Feelings are rooted deep! I am braking away to a new story a new me a new dream. The old dream has to die it can not remain there is no trust no respect. My new dream is to focus on bettering myself helping others in need. Teaching, learning & finding a good man who will love me the way I deserve, I am a single mother with a 12 year old girl. For her sake as well I need to get into a healthy relationship & do all I can to show her I am worthy & she is worthy of a healthy relationship. All my life I been abused growing up my mom went from guy to guy one bad relationship after another it was awful being left in cars being hit and abandoned while she went out & partied I am not that way & I choose to break the chain! I want the best for my daughter. She is such a good girl,Straight A student She is involved in youth groups & has a good heart. She has a Dad that loves her was married for many years. We been divorced for 2 years now. Bad habits can be broke by forming good habits replacing the bad with good. I use to go to Taco tuesday every week I broke that habit by cooking healthy tacos at home & having one glass of wine instead of chips and margaritas super fattening. I am finding I like being social in other ways. I hate bars. I don’t like to be around stinky people who smoke or get drunk. Drunk people act stupid. I am finally getting strong moving on learning from my mistakes. & forming good habits I say out loud what I am grateful for each day also write it down so my heart is always in the right place. I am thankful & kind to others. My intentions are each day is to do something healthy for my body soul & spirit to maintain balance, peace & harmony within my entire being. Peace be with you all who read this-I encouarge you to break any bad habit that is keeping you from truly being happy & living your life to the fullest. Get rid of the ball & chain-the trash- it’s stinking up the place. Live to your fullest potential get what you really want & deserve! Happiness-Peace-True Love-Respect.
    thank you for reading. Oh I also broke the Habit of watching to much Tv not anymore! I love getting fresh air & taking a hike or a brisk walk around the lake! Try it! Be happy now not later live in the moment. The Present! 
     Let me know your thoughts…
     =) Thanks

  • Spoonera

    im 16 and i trying to stop sucking my finger

  • Way of Life

    I wanted to drink less alcohol, eat less candy, exercise more etc. etc. I made a chart much like Benjamin Franklin’s Virtue Chart ( However, great paper is and will be and app is so much better for logging and not at least analyzing.. SO… I made that app which is called “Way of Life” check it out (it’s free)

  • Starree33

    okay so I posted about all these bad habits I wanted to break one being my boyfriend whom I keep breaking up with then getting back together. I am not strong at all when it comes to him because I care so much about him & want to see him break his bad habits but he keeps going back to smoking cigarettes & drinking smoking pot just because he has a medical card does not mean he needs to smoke all the time. Well I went back to him to cuddle for comfort last night. Next morning he says why did you come over I never invited you in the first place. What are you doing today like get the fuck out! It was humiliating to say the least. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My entire body especially my heart was hurting. Seriously I need HELP! I need to stay super busy & get him out of my mind. I got to stop texting him. I just don’t know how to be strong? I am going through so much. Just learned I have to move don’t know where I am going I have one child single mother.

    • hlpr

      if he really loves you he would quit. If you’ve been together for 2 years and he hasn’t changed he doesn’t truly love you. Stop giving him more chances because you really deserve better.

  • aakriti mahajan

    well i want to make mah best friend the most awsmm person….i want him to get rid od all teh bad habits like smoking and ol….i want him to understand everyone nd respect….. but the cahllenge is al one me.. so can yu jst gv me sm tips taht wuld help me in improving him in 10 dyz…

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  • Alok Sinha12


  • yana

    I am going to stop procrastinating by not Web-surfing.

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  • Caraporu

    I am currently try to change my bad habit, disorganize. hopefully in 30 days I will make significant change.

  • Jt52978

    My habit is breathing in too hard. I know it sounds insane but it gets to the point of having a hard time to catch my breath. I am trying to kick the habit by breathing slower and to try to not give into the urge of breathing in deeper. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I have been to a doctor and it is not asthma related just stress . :)

  • nan

    hey someone please help me to get rid of having mastubration and watching porn movies on internet

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  • Kaiter

    I procrastinate my homework all of the time, and use the chores I’ve already procrastinated to procrastinate. It hurts my grades and my time, which could have been managed to leave more pleasure and less stress. I need to complete my homework on time!

  • Kcha238

    I’m breaking the habit of fear of taking actions! I have been putting off things for a while, ive had it, an it’s time for change.

    • Ileana

      In the morning write a list of all the things you need to do for that day and leave it by your bed side, then when you are getting into bed look at the list and do anything that you haven’t done yet. Hope it helps, sorry my response is so late.

  • Ja_funnybunny

    Thanks for the post!

    My challenge is to complete 2 15 minute chores everyday before bed. This a challenge for me since I work overtime and long distance. The last thing I want to do is clean up after anyone much less myself when I get home. I’m now on day 3, and I feel good.

  • Jeremy

    I will stop looking at porn and masturbating.

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  • Pgupta

    I want to exercise for 30 minutes every day and I must start my session no later than 7:30pm. 

  • Pratibha Bhsl

    I want to be very sincere,very hardworking..i want hard work to become my habit.i want to finish all my targets much before the deadline.i want to reduce weight and have the best figure..want to work very hard and fulfill every dream i hav ever dreamt of.. Thank you for this public commitment space!!

  • 70mindfreak70

    hi, im new at this but im at the end if i dont change at lease two or more habits i’ll lose
    a lot of my life for no reason….i’ll make it simple, i have a habit of looking for bad
    habits. when i change a bad habit it goes from one bad habit to a worse one. my self-
    esteam is highly low, i have never excepted, respected myself as me; a basic  identiy
    problem… 23 and don’t have courage. i’m always being stepped on for being to
    passive. when i change passive to agressive i go to far and end up never
    making any friends. i trust only two people in my life and the worse habit i’ve found is
    all wrapped up into one, when i change something myself or have help doing it,
    it chages what positivty i had to nagitivity without realizing it. but only up until
    yesterday ( november18, 2011 ) was i checked on most of my habits i have, it was
    either: “you change or im gone……” so i got to work surfing the internet and found a
    website i thought would help but ended up being in relation to the bible and im
    atheist and i would rather no one say: “you should read the bible” or “put you’re faith in
    “he” cause ultimately it won’t help me  as a result i found this site. ive seen how a
     lot of you have a bad habit or two and really i feel for every last one of you except
    the whole porn and masterbating thing lol. so as of today i know i need/want to
    change i’m going to start with the simplest habit i have and move up starting from:
    looking for the positive in myself as well as others, trying a little of everything
    without looking for the negativity in it, except reality as is and not invent crap inside
    my head ( excuse the language ) { psychosomatic } and the biggie for me believing
    in myself questioning what the right habit is before i create another one  ( good
    judgemnt on myself ). to: being less selfless i never think of myself its always others
    first. so as of november 18 11 i will try my hardest to try and figure me out,
    i should love who i am and not question why im this way when its my fault..thanks
    for the post and this website 30 days from today ill come back and give a progress as to how im doing

  • Htet Aung

    what habits do i want to quit?

    1st, smoking,

    2nd, staying up all night and sleeping all day, and thus being absent from my classes(i am a college student),

    3rd, overspending money,

    4th,running away from possible relationships(coz i am afraid i might get hurt again)

    5th, not studying enough :( , i was a top student and my grades are falling since i have developed my jet lag habit(i think it’s a sleep disorder)

  • Zack

    nah not helpful. :P post something to change of being a bad person

  • Whatever101

    I’m trying to stop picking at my arms, its gotten so bad that there are scars everywhere. Any tips on that???

  • Princesshudson

    I suck my middle finger, it sounds ridiculous but its just stuck. Not only is it ruining my teeth i have brittle, weak nails and they wont grow. I do it without me even noticing.  I need something that will completely take my mind of it.

  • Nraff14

    commitment 1: Study for my teaching exam for at least 3 hours a day. 
    Commitment 2: Exercise and stay on my meal plan until i get to my goal weight. Then i can eat the yummy foods in moderation. Do not take out my emotions on food. 

  • HabitSmasher

    We feel “balance feedback” is especially important! We’re building a free site to help people finish what they started, and it includes ways for site members to give/receive individual and group support. We are launching soon at  Check us out!

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  • Serenity

    My habit I’m working on (day 7) is not eating junk foods.  The truth is that I have never really liked the feeling such foods give my body but I have always (before) let the immediate pay off rule me.  Now I am focusing instead on school and on being more social.  Though right now I want to focus on just a little more sleep.  It’s early here!  

  • Neeraj217

    Fabulous n really a change centered post …………..
    I m addicted to something very bad, i can’t name it, but i m promising everybody that from today on wards i’ll never never repeat that thing in my life up to my last breath.

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  • Hhasan7

    I want to sleep less

  • Ama lshirin

    i amthinking if reading books 4ever is bad

  • Jadedheartazian

    I wish to stop wasting my time and focus on school work. To do this I have to stop thinking about games all the time

  • natural acne treatment

    Thanks for sharing this. Breaking a bad habit and avoiding them is tough. And because of that it results a bad reactions to our body and one of them is acne. There are tons of acne treatment there and one of them is natural acne treatment, it is safe and effective
    although we may not see results as fast as we want and expected but the
    main important is it is natural and safe.

  • Hadpao

    plz help me out from masturbating after watching porn

  • Ashley Anime

    This is a good site about habits but It mostly talks about devolping a habbit like knitting for example…I want to get rid of a bad habbit though, But still kinda heplfu

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  • SpongeBob

    I want to stop watching porn

  • Plumpkin_pie

    My habit is that I LOVE to twirl my hair! All my friends say I’m just breaking my hair, and I AM! So I’m going to start using these methods to see if I can get out of my bad habit.
    Thanks :D

  • Jjules168

    waking up at 5 am and exercising for 30 minutes a day

  • 90vinkohli

    i am going to quite nicotine….

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  • Lmembreno

    Hi guys,

    My bad habit is drinking,  I will give this a shot starting today… I hope this works.

  • D00

    I will exercise for 30 minutes to an hours every morning and read for at least an hour every day

  • guest

    I really enjoyed this article!  Great tips!

  • Arvind

    i will get up daily at 5;55hrs daily for next 30 days to get rid of my 30 years old habit to get up late…
    today is 14 dec. i ll keep it up to 15 jan and return my post here… to c weather it works..

  • wonderfulmorning

    great post,,,,
    trigger point is I think the best one,,,,because I always while trying to change a habit get stuck at a point when I am fighting with my own mind,,,,when one part of my mind tells me to continue in new habit but the other part makes me resort to the older way,,,,,,,,,
    I am now making a habit of getting up early at 6:00 am and sleeping late in night,,,,,
    i am going to use the trigger as you posted here,,,,I will jump from my bed as soon as the alarm bell rings,,,,,,,

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  • Misstizz

    picking my face

  • Yair Bugsy Fuzayilov

    Wonderful article. You have answered all the questions I had about habits and how to change them and the steps I needed to take in order to succeed in changing the bad habits to good ones. Thank you .

  • Yair Bugsy Fuzayilov

    Wonderful article. You have answered all the questions I had about habits and how to change them and the steps I needed to take in order to succeed in changing the bad habits to good ones. Thank you .

  • Huangzhiqiang888

    my bad habit is eat too fast, every when lunch or supper , i always eating finishing not more than three minutes. but i don’t know how to make a change. thinking……..ok, now i get it.  eating slowly and eating dish and rice separately,  swollow everything before crew it carefully. another bad habits is eating too much.  i should think how much i should eat before take the dishes.  and at the ending,  i should put out the remain food when i fill full, before i always eat over it just don’t want to waste…….haha, it’s funny, but i think maybe helpful to me.

  • Al5555peaceout

    I bit my nails really bad. I love using nail polish because i’m kind of a girly girl. Except for the fact that i bite the nail polish off. I have really long fingers so I’m guessing that my fingers stand out more because a lot of people have made fun of me because my fingers look dumb with my short nails. That’s what they told me. My mom and sister have gorgeous long nails and i want to too. Any tips??

  • Rubyjvq

    I want to get up earlier which will set a better tone for my day

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  • Yerin Yoon

    my habit is cracking my knuckles,, i should definitely try the 30 day trial (:

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  • Seth

    I’m gonna try the hundred dollar thing with my best friend. I’m in high school and need to start being consistent with homework. :p

  • Gues45

    I will stop wasting time on facebook and youtube!

  • guest

    My habit is I’ve picked and scrapped around my cuticles till they bleed for 6 years which made them completely scarred  as far back as the first bend in your finger.On my third day and have yet to see blood…third day is always the hardest they say.Every hour is a new record since I don’t realize when I do it till I feel a sting.How do you break a habit when you don’t realize your doing it?

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  • Jamie Harkin

    My bad habit is getting up after noon every day and staying up til 4am. 

  • Entreo

    I will stop biting my nails

  • runfast90

    I will stop eating junk food without sitting down and paying attention to it. Aka, no more fridge/pantry/candy bowl/kitchen munching….instead, I will pick up a book for 2 min until the urge dissipates. 

    Anyone have tips suggestions on this?

  • Shivamkr Ajooba

    if you want to be a great person the ihave very good example that try and and try again at last you will be get sucess .ther is aone other proverbs out of hunderd ninty are dishonest however our country is great >

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  • poppy

    I am trying to live a healthier  life style and trying to lose weight and keep it of, I have tried many times before to quit emotional eating but it is so hard just to make it through the first day. Starting Monday i will change my bad habit to one where it wont come back and haunt me in the future. I have decided that whenever i feel the need to emotionally eat i will chew on a sugar free piece of gum and i will keep reminding myself what i am doing this for in my head. I just hope that once i get past that first day it gets easier.  

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  • Guest

    My habit is to sleep on my back instead of my stomach, i have known that i should do it for a long time but can not seem to find it comfortable, but it will be good for my skin, back, heart and breathing, resulting in better quality sleep and more relaxing awakness. in 30 days i should be a much healthier happier person.

    • Anonymous

      I used to do this but starting putting pillows on both sides of me and comfortably sleep on my side with an arm and/or leg over the pillow.  I no longer sleep on my stomach even without the pillows.  I’m either on my back or sides.  Hope this helps.

  • CeCe

    I will stop eating every evening before I go to bed. (Really bad for you, but it’s a habit I can break).  :) I am going to try and use a filler in that slot for a while- like maybe gum!

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  • Moopthehoodle

    I WILL quit smoking. I think I’ll replace smoking with learning German language.

  • Treyvon Roberts

    Hey I appreciate that…This has helped me out and I thought I would share it with you:

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  • heavyweight

    start my thirty days today.I will be the person i suppose to be.Walk with me father.

  • Prashanttanwar25

    really good ,.,.,..improve my thinking against bad habits

  • Nicki

    Current bad habit: eating at night, need to stop doing this cause i feel awful in the morning and im trying to lose weight! & another habit i want to break is i want to wake up early to go to the gym before my day starts, instead of sleeping in! 

  • Arshadalvi06

    First you realize that who am I . Move with good company. Beacuse A man is known by the company he keeps. Control yourself. 

  • itz nt too late

    mahn this page really helped me…..i drink and smoke.nd stuff nd i guess my face iz screwed cause of it..nd i hardly hav time to do thinz sober… gonna stop diz shit…nd get a life..or a new….need sum help….if derz sum1 expiriencin thiz same thin plz reply… :) v can giv eachother our WORD…..nd letz see who keepz it up… :D

  • Sandeep Ipru

    Hi, I am A 27 yrs old guy working in a MNC.I am having a habit of workout in the morning.I started it with running for 10-15 mins running and then stretching exercises.Over the period of 4 years ,the workout and time both increased and now it has become an ADDICTION for me.I want to get rid of this addiction as I find it very difficult if i miss the workout even for a single day.Even if i workout for more than one hour and it is not very intense,I feel restless for the wholeday.Now if anybody could suggest me a solution for this problem as very much fed up with this habit of mine. 

  • Illestmotheralive

    My good habit I’d love to correct, is punctuality and that qoute: “Confidence is the key to a well lived life” will take full effect over the next 30!

  • ashok


  • Gabriel

    I will replace smoking weed with working out & making music.

  • Fridapriya

    Thanks for all the concrete advices that all make more or less sense to me =) I have one bad habit I do since Im small, today I remembered that I made a promisse to myself when I was a very, veruy little girl, it was something like this: well nobody cares about me, my mami and papi, bro behave with me like Im bad an d evil, so now I will do my best to live up to their expectations! and no one care for real if I eat a looot of sugare every day and make myself even sick! After a while I forgot my promise but it was still there inside of me rulling my life. So back to the point: my goal and promisse to myself its to live a healthy life free som overdosing sugar even Im not fat, this is for me, for my health, for my good conscience, for feeeling good, for forgiving and for live from love and not from fear and anger

  • Anny

    My new habit is to wake up when my alarmclock goes off and smile… why I’m deciding not to just wake up when my alarm goes off, but smile is to reinforce that getting up early is a good thing and not just neccessary.

  • Anny

    My new habit is to wake up when my alarmclock goes off and smile… why I’m deciding not to just wake up when my alarm goes off, but smile is to reinforce that getting up early is a good thing and not just neccessary.

  • Jackie4321

    A very fascinating post, well defined!
    In fact I’d like to comment if you know any cure on how to
    change the habit of not studying. I have to study a bunch of
    things to prepare for a very important test! I just feel like having
    free-time all day, that I start thinking I’ll study later – but then it’s
    already too late if you think you’ll study when it’s your bed time! If
    you or ANYBODY else in this post know a way to change this
    unpleasant habit, please reply, thank you.

  • Catinthehat

    I promise to stop spending time on the internet doing nothing – like watching shows on hulu or reading silly magazines. I am literally throwing away my time by doing this!

  • Catinthehat

    I promise to stop spending time on the internet doing nothing – like watching shows on hulu or reading silly magazines. I am literally throwing away my time by doing this!

  • Nwkf10

    The habit I’m trying to break is ripping off my split ends.

  • Agayathree

    Beautiful post. I am planning to  eat healthy food with lot of fruits and vegetables  so that i can shed the extra pounds I gained through  tasting savoury items. This will be my ultimate goal for another 30 days.  I am planning on being consistent with this goal.

  • Emily

    My change was simply to wake up at 5:30am each day and go to be early. I find that with this little change I always get things done early, thereby sleep early and sleep enough. Also life became much more organized and the general well-being of self improved. It’s not my 44th day, and it’s getting easier to maintain.

  • Hannah

    I have an awful habit of breaking the split ends off my hair. Its very distracting as i can be sat thete for half an hour just searching for split ends! It stops me me doing other things. And the other habit that has got worse recently is watching way too much tv! I think combining We are back now :) I’ll ring in the morning xxthe two also doesn’t help. Some of these points have really helped so I’m going to start trying to stop playing with my hair first. Thanks

  • Hannah

    I have an awful habit of breaking the split ends off my hair. Its very distracting as i can be sat thete for half an hour just searching for split ends! It stops me me doing other things. And the other habit that has got worse recently is watching way too much tv! I think combining We are back now :) I’ll ring in the morning xxthe two also doesn’t help. Some of these points have really helped so I’m going to start trying to stop playing with my hair first. Thanks


    Thanks to this site i was able to stop my habit of thinking i had habits … now i just do whatever the f*ck i want. 

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  • Nunya

    I like pie 

  • Nunya

    I like pie 

  • Fedupski

    hi i want to stop smokeing so i am going to try the 30 day, any advice or any wish me lucks are welcomed.
    I shell post how i am going.
    Cheers steve

  • Hhkiang

    I need to quit TV and go to bed before 12:00am every night. 

  • Hhkiang

    I need to quit TV and go to bed before 12:00am every night. 

  • Tim Richerd

    hello this website does not help at all.

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  • K

    The habit I want to break is going to sleep really late.

  • Nicole Walsh

    The habit that I want to break is lying.

  • Nicole Walsh

    The habit that I want to break is lying.

  • Dr.Greenthumb

    my habit was smokeing weed now i smoke cigars 

    • Anonymous

       you should go back to smoking weed.
      my grandfather died after a long struggle with throat cancer caused by cigars and the pipe (tobacco). he was unable to eat or drink normally after surgery and lost his will to live.
      cannabis has a few minor downsides, but it won’t kill you outright. I find it very relaxing after my days work is done.

  • Janglee

    I really have very many bad habits, womanizing, boozing, facebooking and the like. Let me start now  and I think the best will come my way!!!
    I really need to change and become responsible!!!!

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  • Margaret Louis

    It was so inspirational reading these comments/confessions for someone who quit drinking successfully 7 years ago. The best part about my story is it was with the help of a completely free life coaching site Venus Cow, so for anyone looking to break a bad habit for good, I highly recommend a look. Thanks Scott for engaging so many people and encouraging us all to continue facing our truth.

  • Margaret Louis

    It was so inspirational reading these comments/confessions for someone who quit drinking successfully 7 years ago. The best part about my story is it was with the help of a completely free life coaching site Venus Cow, so for anyone looking to break a bad habit for good, I highly recommend a look. Thanks Scott for engaging so many people and encouraging us all to continue facing our truth.

  • Doyouhack123

    i have a habit of dropping out.. after 2-3 months.. maybe half a year.. i dont last the full academic year without dropping out because of my attendance shortage

  • Ixlovexcats101

    My bad habit is that I have a problem with procrastination and it gets me in trouble with school. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maria Pedro Pinheiro

       me too.

  • RK

    TV watching is not bad habit if it does not cross 15 minutes in single sitting.
    The best way to come out of bad habits is: Always try to reach parents or
    spouse or kids as early as possible.
    Try to keep distance with the instruments that lead to bad habits. example:
    do not purchase more than cigerrette at a time. do not offer cigerettes to
    friends or any body. do not take cigerrettes from frients free of cost.
    do not share cigerrettes with friends.
    Sunday do not go to outside which may trigger your desire to smoke.

    Dringking, time pass, chitchatt with friends, going for tea break, all these lead to smoking. So try to escape from these.

    My doctor Dr, Premkumar, Chest Specialist Visakhaptnam told me to use OXIWEL capsules daily to reduce the damaage from smoking.

    Another Doctor Dr. Nistla Srinivas, Indus Hospitals , Visakhjapatnam told me to use URSOMAX to quit the toxicants stored in mybody due to alcohol consumption.

    IF YOU C O N T R O L bad habits up to 25 age, you will be happy for total life.


  • RT

    I want to stop scratching my skin, but I have no ideas what good habits I could choose to replace that one I really hate.

  • Amanawara

    1st of all i would like to leave drinking which m doing regularly since 3ree years followed by smoking which is not good for health at all. i probably think that i wont do these 2 things in life anymore. yes its commitment to site,public n myself. 
         i hope ll start a new life frm this day….i want a life which i respect n deserve,. 
    thanx all n site makers.

  • Grewal Puneet

    I’ll wake up early at 7am sharp for the first 30 days… and then hit 90… and hopefully 365 days..

  • Iceprice95

    i will not pop my knuckles for the duration of 30 days

  • Michael Allison

    Scott, as you list here, breaking bad habits and/or getting into good new habits, definitely requires time and consistency.

    An example of this is how my wife and I got into the habit of reading something very positive together each morning, prior to heading out the door, etc. We spend about 15 to 30 minutes doing this every morning.

    I would estimate that it took us about 30 days of consistently reading together each morning at 7:00am for that behavior to become a habit.

    The great thing about good habits such as this one is that if, for some reason beyond our control, we miss our morning reading together, we really miss it, even feel a bit guilty. It’s not difficult to get right back at it the very next day, because we miss it. 

  • Leo

    My new habit is to study every single day, either for a test or for fun. I am currently  ”fixing” my grades so i can get into a good university and i´ve  been struggling with this for quite some time. My new goal is to make studying a habit.

  • Hokage

    I want to break bad like wasting time and keep a good one such as engaging in arts…I’ll try to keep myself focused and avoid dwelling on the internet too much…

  • Mg Mycah

    I am. Inspired by this i will definetly use this!!!!!

  • Meli

    I want to meditate every day when I come home from work. Because I’m always really stressed and instead of eating or watching TV I’m looking for a new way to relax.

  • Slimfadey

    I stopped getting angry/yelling at my parents.

  • Healthy<3

    Eating less sugar. It turns out that eating little to no sugar will help with focus, energy, digestion, mood, anxiety, health, and others things. I have so many signs that sugar needs to leave my life, but sugar is everywhere. How the heck am I going to do this… Everyday, for the next week, I will not eat any extra sugar, like: ice cream, sugary drinks (unless real fruit), empty calorie type foods. I hope this goes well. One week at a time. Lots of veggies will help. My trigger: take a bite of fruit or a vegetable before I take a bite of the gross stuff. Maybe this will remind me that these taste better!

  • Guest

    I want to quit picking at my lips :( 

  • Anonymous

    I am 56 now and have had this bad habit since I was 14. I started pulling my hair during a traumatic argument my parents were having. This was the only time I remember them having an argument of this kind. My mother was throwing dishes. I was hiding in my closet on the floor with the door shut. I can’t seem to stop this habit.  My hair grows really well but looks so thin. Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this? Thanks for any help you can give……

  • Anonymous

    I am 56 now and have had this bad habit since I was 14. I started pulling my hair during a traumatic argument my parents were having. This was the only time I remember them having an argument of this kind. My mother was throwing dishes. I was hiding in my closet on the floor with the door shut. I can’t seem to stop this habit.  My hair grows really well but looks so thin. Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this? Thanks for any help you can give……

  • changes

    i commit to give up masturbation….i know its not what other people would post but this has been my biggest problem for about 7 years and i am not proud at all

  • Michael

    Two habits I want to break. One, have a regular sleep cycle. “early to bed, early to rise,…” Two, have a healthy diet.

    If I fix those two, other aspects of my life are likely to improve.


  • Abdeeq78

    Jav, thanks for your time to help people to break their bad habit. I have a bad habit of wasting my time on unnessesery sleeping. I have my own business no one tells me what time to open and close. I sleep somedays and open late it really makes me unhappy, but I repeat the same mistake over and over. please Email me your sencear suggestion on

  • Gassata Puntocom

    Hitting the gym, hydrating, going to bed early—all of these are great moves, unless you’re taking them too far. Here’s where you should draw the line…

  • Elysiajf

    Quit smoking

  • Lexi

    The habit I’m trying to develop is consistently doing my homework. I need good grades so for the next 30 days i will do all my homework with the maximum effort input. My trigger will be grabbing a pencil or a pen. Hope this works!

  • Patrick

    Great tips it is wonderful to see people commit to new habits. Very constructive technique to let the world see your commitment.  Much moral support to everyones  efforts. Read Lexi post stick to your new habit of doing well with your schoolwork.

  • R7G


  • Danielconnellmoore

    I have, well I say a bad habit but really it is a good thing. I find myself not to bothered about my finances, checking my account balance, my outgoings and incomings etc (after all money is not important when you really think about it, what is it, it’s some fancy decorated paper used to control and mainipulate societys. But unfortunetly in a monetary system (the system we are currently in) it demmands that money should take priority over everything else. When I think of money to better my life it makes me feel guilty and do not want to think like the elite (the top 1% that controls 40% of the world wealth). Watch the Zeightgeiests by the way, big, big eye openers.

  • thelatertheworse

    i want to make exercising a habit instead of lazying off

  • Vandra

    My Habit i am going to try to break is to stop pushing or bringing the pass up and throughing it in my husbands face i am going to try to speak my mind when something bothers me right away instead of waiting for an argument and listing 20 things. i hope you can help

  • Jeff Robinson

    Great post and you engaged many! I wrote a piece today that I hope you will all enjoy on the subject of habits: 
    Habits can make our lives richer, or make them miserable. They’re so powerful that, one way or another, most of us let them run our lives. The results of that ceding of control are usually unspectacular, sometimes wonderful, but often disastrous. In the disastrous category, the obvious villainous habits include using illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. For most people, however, it’s not these clearly dangerous habits they need to worry most about; it’s the unspectacular, seemingly benign. Most people have numerous such habits, some unique to those individuals and many they have in common with the wider population. Three of the habits most people share with others are worth looking at because changing them has the power to transform their lives. The three are the Internet Habit, the Good Excuses Habit and the Procrastination Habit. Many people have a fourth such habit – Persistent Lateness – which is so insidious and pervasive that I’ve written a separate blog about it; it’s called “Don’t Leave it Too Late to Start Being Early.” More here:

  • Jigi

    Hey great post, 

  • Jigi

    Hey great post, Life is short, but do not make it small by surrendering to bad habits. I have written similar article on my blog.

  • Sellingthemountains

    I want to stop playing spider solitaire.  Everytime I want to sit for a minute, I start playing solitaire and that turns into a couple of hours.  Keeps me from so very many other more productive activities

  • Beauty Roy

    I am going to eat moderately from today, i will eat less and healthy, i want to reduce my belly fat. I will stop overeating and eating sweets.

  • Justine

    I want to stop procrastinating on my studies. It’s gotten to a really bad point where I feel like I can’t make anymore promises and it’s ruining my life.

  • Lindaking111

    For a month I will eat 5 small meals, planned. No grazing, spoons. Write it down.

  • michaela

    I have a food addiction/ bad binging habits that I need to break. I am going to cut out most sugar and carbs, and eat more fruit, vegetables, grains etc. Basically I think I just need to eat at regular times, and not give into binge eating. I can honestly eat forever… I’m hungry right now! I just need the strength to not give into my cravings, because it makes me feel low and obsessive, and my clothes are starting not to fit :(. I used to be very thin and toned, and am now probably more normalish (I’m 5’9 and weigh 67 kgs) but it’s kinda out of proportion and makes me feel weird… yet whenever I’m eating or whatever I just don’t care. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

    • michaela

      It originally arose out of depression, but I’m no longer depressed, I guess just bored sometimes or something

  • Tomslaughter2004

    Reading the autobiography “Ben Franklin” and found the above tips and strategies consistent with Franklin’s own work well over 200 years ago. Funny how such rules work in both time periods. The key both authors point out is the need to make a conscious effort and avoid the sleep walking through life that seem so easy but so unfulfilling. 

  • Jordan_addo

    im trying to stop emotional eating and drinking at night

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  • Chelsea_Harrington

    I am committed to breaking my bad habit of scratching and picking my face. I’m a pretty healthy individual but I do suffer small break outs. The bad thing is I constantly touch, pick and scratch – turning the smallest blemish into a scab that I constantly pick at for months. No one knows of a my bad habit thanks to thick make-up that a touch up through out the day (since my scratching wears it off). This entry is my commitment to stop. I endeavour for the next 30 days to click my fingers every time I go to touch my face, and to apply hand cream to keep my hands occupied. I’m going to have some mighty soft hands in a month!!

  • weight watchers scale

    This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

  • Montrea

    My Commitment Is to Change, Decorate, & Clean my Closet & Not have to think about something negative happening just because I changed something around. I want to feel POSITIVE when I feel like I should clean my room up. I DON’T want to feel like a clutter bug anymore. In order for myself to do so, I will take out the negative thought before it even crosses my mind & say “BUT” & say something POSITIVE.

  • Andrew

    I want to walk away from porn. I don’t feel good about it, and I feel unfaithful to my partner now that I’m in a relationship. 

     These tips are so helpful. Practical suggestions like those presented here are new to me, and I’m thankful for them.

    warm regards,


  • TobyB

    Hey Scott, this is a great post. Changing one bad habit at a time is a great point. It’s so simple yet people hardly ever do this. They make a new years resolution which consists of a giant list of different things, and predictably – not much of it sticks. I love to read anything about re-programming the subconscious. If what Bruce Lipton says is true – about the the subconscious being responsible for 90% of our thoughts, then this just “has” to be something that we get control of. I notice that you mentioned the Trigger. I recognize this from an NLP book that I read by Paul McKenna.

  • Eacooper13

    I’m trying to stop biting my nails. I’ve been doing this since as long as I can remember and I really hope this works! Sounds very convincing!

  • Sabrenam41

    No more fry foods and sodas.

  • Lakshminsrinivas

    I will Stop Procarsination In my First Attempt

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  • How to break a habit

    For more tips on how to break a habit, visit:

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  • Ash

    I want to stop my habit of eating at night. For a while I have said I will stop eating after 7pm, but sometimes dinner doesn’t hit the table until 7, so then my “rule” is broken and my goal of not eating after dinner is out the window too. I tend to include too many sort of “sub-rules” to my Big Rule when trying to break this habit. Instead, now I am committing to not eating after dinner. Period. Let the habit breaking begin!

  • king william

    i have mastered the art of procastination. part of the reason for this is that i am very lazy..i use shortcuts to a lot of things. what is so funny is that im an athlete. tell me about football, rugby or sprints i shall jump to my feet. but i procastinate when it comes to school work, errands or anything that requires my attention. this has led to poor time management.
    i want to get a diary and start planning my day. can anyone help please… 

  • Daw82

    My current habit is eating late at night. When I wake up to feed my baby, I find myself grabbing a snack before going bk to sleep. 

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  • Joseph Kottow

    I know for myself I used to be in the habit of simply buying things on credit without even thinking. I’ve stopped that now and will only buy something if I have the money for it, if not I wait until I do.

  • Jennypenny

    Thank you for this opportunity. I have a bad habit I need to break and it’s been dogging me for years, and that’s my abuse of sweets. Cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, etc. I know many people can eat these items moderately, but I can’t, and I carry at least 30 extra pounds because of it. Sugar makes me short-tempered, fatigued, lazy-brained, depressed, and insecure. From this point on, my short-term goal is to go the next 30 days with no sweets.

    • Ileana

      Try hiding all the seets in your house in a place where you usually don’t go, then at the end of the week of you didnt eat any sweets you allow yourself to pick one sweet from where you hid them. Hope it helps!

  • Jennypenny

    Thank you for this opportunity. I have a bad habit I need to break and it’s been dogging me for years, and that’s my abuse of sweets. Cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, etc. I know many people can eat these items moderately, but I can’t, and I carry at least 30 extra pounds because of it. Sugar makes me short-tempered, fatigued, lazy-brained, depressed, and insecure. From this point on, my short-term goal is to go the next 30 days with no sweets.

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  • Shazz_ninvas

    I would like to develop the habit of talking less and listen more, my endless chatter gets me in trouble and i would like to stop this, it affects me as a sales person also because
     i turn into a conversationalist and it affects my sales, see how much i have said already?

  • aditya


  • Tetradka_5

    mine is to stop picking and scratching the skin my face ad neck! 30 days starting Today!

  • Ann Brearey

    I found useful inormation on this subject at, very enlightening information.

  • Jenjc2509

    I will only drink water

  • Tanisha Middleton

    i know i want to stop taking thins that don’t belong to me .

  • Ileana

    I have this bad habit of touching and twisting my hair. I also rub it against my mouth. I need help! Every time my dad sees me doing it he takes away my iPad which gets me really mad. I try putting my hair in ponytails but I have side bangs so I twist my side bangs and I always forget to put my hair in a ponytail.

  • RB

    I’m going to drink moderately on the weekends for thirty days. It is affecting my relationship and my actions aren’t worth the resulting disappointment and wasted days.

  • Angel

    I want to learn to speak calmly and thoughtfully…because i snapp at people and it hurt them…

  • Frustrated Fiddler

    I am currently trying to break my bad practice habits. I have played violin for twelve years and I have not managed to get myself in a practice room every day since I started. 5 days a week is a rare accomplishment. This bad habit is limiting my success, especially since my degree is teaching music. I cannot let bad practice habits let me fail in my life’s work. I have worked hard, but at this point my level of out put is not good enough.

  • A Janani


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  • Mayelo187

    My habit that I feel is turning me into a mindless drone is television. I wake up, turn on the tv, I come from work, I turn on the tv, I sit down to eat, I turn on the tv. I’ vs recently realized that it’s just a waste of time, there is a plethora of other things I could be doing, but what keeps me glued to the tv is that it is easy and effortless to enjoy. My goal is to reduce my tv time to 1 hour a day or only turn on the tv when my team is playing. In addition to reducing this habit, I plan to replace it with reading. It’s like tv but not mind numbing, if all goes well after 30 days I will further my efforts of giving up tv completely.

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  • dan

    i have a habit of focusing on blinking lol. sounds daft but im always conciously aware of it it drives me mad, do you reckon this will help it?

  • Stcarolinef

    Great article – written in a very positive and inspiring way.
    I am going to break a very well established habit of picking at food/eating in between meals and replace it with eating 3 healthy meals a day and 2 controlled snacks.
    Really looking forward to achieveing this!

  • Nini&Gizmoe

    My bad habit is a little more personal. I’m trying to stop masturbating… It’s very difficult for me but my boyfriend wants me to stop, he’s such a great guy and he knows what’s best. But I’m just having such a hard time.

  • Nini&Gizmoe

    My bad habit is a little more personal. I’m trying to stop masturbating… It’s very difficult for me but my boyfriend wants me to stop, he’s such a great guy and he knows what’s best. But I’m just having such a hard time.

  • Nini&Gizmoe

    My bad habit is a little more personal. I’m trying to stop masturbating… It’s very difficult for me but my boyfriend wants me to stop, he’s such a great guy and he knows what’s best. But I’m just having such a hard time.

  • badhabitbreaker

    My bad habit is non stop eating from the time I get from work until I go to bed. I’m going to limit my eating to one small meal (400 to 500 cal) at 7-7:30. Instead of snacking all night, I will garden, walk my dog, do crossword puzzles, read. If I watch TV, I’ll do puzzles while watching instead of eating. My trigger is prayer! I’ll need all the help I can. :-)

  • badhabitbreaker

    My bad habit is non stop eating from the time I get from work until I go to bed. I’m going to limit my eating to one small meal (400 to 500 cal) at 7-7:30. Instead of snacking all night, I will garden, walk my dog, do crossword puzzles, read. If I watch TV, I’ll do puzzles while watching instead of eating. My trigger is prayer! I’ll need all the help I can. :-)

  • karma

    I will reduce my daily tv watching to 4 hours for the next 30 days,
    replacing the remaining hours with my favorite music and dancing.

  • Roryan

    I am in the process of leaving open the bedroom door. To help air move through the house.

  • Gray

    my habit is watching porn and masturbating not all the times but often times. wanna change this kind of habit to a good one. help me what to do pls.  

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  • Zee 91

    hey there ,, thank you for the article .. i really wanna change my bad habit because it ruins my life .. i worry too much about the people i love and this is not healthy for my so i’ll try to relax and think positively

  • Younited416

    I smoke too much marijuana.  I have bad spending habits. I am constantly tardy and late. I want to develop stronger discipline over marijuana.  I want to develop better saving habits and more resourceful ways of spending. I want to become more punctual.

  • Anya

    I want to stop snacking on cookies and milk after everyone goes to bed. I had a second child 5 months ago  and I nurse him. As a result I am always very hungry. I keep using it as an excuse to munch cookies late at night. I’ve tried to break this habit but I feel like I have more energy the next day when I eat those cookies.I tried eating something else, but cookies just work better for some reason. Anyways, that’s the habit I really want to break.

  • Tjga

    I will walk 30 minute every day for 30 days. I will give my husband 100 dollars to hold as collateral and for my reward he will find a place to take me for fun.

  • guest

    im gonna try to get over a bad habit of mine so wish me lots of luck please!!!!!!! :)

  • EmmaBrown

    Thank you, Thank you!
    I would like to get out of the habit of talking behind a mean girls back at school. As it only causes trouble, but doing this is not simple. As this girls attuide and atictions are really frustrating and annoying to cope with. I can’t change everyone so I really need to shut my mouth about her, as everything she does will soon become even more  REALLY annoying.  This is hard, because most of my friends dislike her too and talk behind her back and it’s hard not to say my feelings too! I just want to get out of the habit and negative things about her and live my life…SO TOMORROW I’M STARTING THE 31 DAY CHALLENGE!

  • Jsonova25

    I trying to develop a hadbbit of being on time. Its seems I have been late to my whole life. If  I had anthing to do with it I would be late to my own funeral.

  • Shaikhsameerabbas

    I am reading it now , it is a good solution for me , my bad habbit is related with bad thoughts i’ll try this & see that does it works or not. Thankyou .

  • Yasmine Reyad

    Great post! The habit I want to grow the next 30 days then is to waking up 1hr earlier for work!

  • Yasmine Reyad

    Great post! The habit I want to grow the next 30 days then is to waking up 1hr earlier for work!

  • Tony Mansouri30

    Stop watching porn!

  • Morozov

    great post and I realy like yor site.
    For my good and bad habits I have bee using the android appliacation Habit!
    it helps me to monitor the progress of my habits change.

  • Yousef

    I’m developing an idea called #QuitBad to help QuitBad habits using peer pressure :-) … let me know what you think.  

  • Bryant Rooney

      want to stop biting my toe/fingernails after clipping them with nail clippers been doing this since i was 10yrs old. like to start now since that iam 42yrs old. 

  • Recoverist

    Hello. Nice article. I’m a recovering drug addict and I am trying to just see my thoughts as a bad habit, instead of something wrong with my brain that I can’t do anything about. I will stop resorting to self-centered, pitiful excuses for my thoughts and actions.

  • Recoverist

    I will stop resorting to self-centered, pitiful excuses for my thoughts and actions.

  • Csim124

    Here goes…walk on treadmill for 30 min a day…everyday

  • Jawed

    I have been consistently trying for years to make good use of my spare time but in vain. As i plan to prepare for competetive exams, i’m not able to devote time on study when i get back from job. I spend plenty of time reading newspaper and non-academic books. And i want ot get rid of this habit. Whenver i try to study my course books, it doesn’t last for long. It only happens for half an hour and returns back to my old habit.
    A great deal of valuable time has already passed living with this habbit. I’m at a stage where there is limited supply of time to accompolish my goal. At a very critical juncture, life have arrived.
    If i don’t get rid of my old habbits, it is unimaginable how miserable i would be in future.
    I have a very limited time in store to get there where i have been dreaming for. I know it’s achievable and possible. The big hudle is repeatetive pattern and old habits dominating my every aspect of life for ages.
    I have no option except to give up my old habit. And i will have to ! Without change in habbit i would be lying on death bed waiting for this to come to an end. Devastating! Can’t allow this to happen.

    Going for change and journey starts………

  • Mahak512

    ok…i think this would be a better way to commit myself to leave a habit..i have a bad habit which is ruining me from doing work at time..i m getting fustrated by this..i know i hav to leave ot..but from last 6 years i am just trying and trying…by writing,by doing commitments to my close ones dat i ll leave..but at the tym wen i do a particular thing…i dont realize…at that tym also..i say…to myself./this is wrong.i shud not do so..this is wasting my tym..i would have done many things in dat tym which i had wasted..but the result is zero….what to do..but i a person 500 bucks and promising urself dat if i ll repeat this bad habit..i ll myself honestly ll not take back that 500 rs..but to whom i can close ones are not lyk that..the will return..or they ll expend on me..but ll not retain it..and i hav a fear also..if i continued dat habit..i ll not be able to stand again in front of me..nd i ll leav d hop of leaving dat habit…and 500 rs ll also be gone..huffffffff…really frustrated by something…plz suggest…

  • Dan

    I have this weird habit of picking at my eyebrows and I want to break this habit so they can grow back and stay nice looking forever again. Thanks for the tips 

  • Maria93

    Great post, just what I needed to better myself. The habit I want to develop is having a healthy lifestyle, in other words just focus on my overall health. This means I will exercise everyday for at least 30 min and say goodbye to all junk food. I don´t know how many times I´ve tried this, but this time I will definitely make it! I am excited, I am ready to be the person I´ve always wanted to be and enjoy life. 

  • Moses M

    i commit myself so studying everyday from monday to saturday at the library for atleast 4 hours until i write my final exam.

  • Ria599

    I need to stop compulsive snacking at night. it has been a nervous habit for a long timr and its time for it to go!!!

  • Emigy

    I’m not sure if this would work on skin habits…?

  • Adam

    I WILL GO TO WORK 6 days a week, I will also stop thinking about the results, in stead think about the process. I will stop thing so much period and take action

  • Emily Lavoie

    I am horribly frustrated with my acne — and yet I know that the main cause of it is my constantly picking and fiddling with my skin. It’s gotten obsessive, and I’ve become ashamed. I am committing myself to NOT PICK at my skin for a month.

  • Craig Acel

    As a young boy I was introduced to self sex. It was the thing to do and especially trying new ways. Once I tried many I found several to be very satisfying, but the bad news was I decided that I wanted something new to take its place I found I wanted to try more enhightened pleasures. I did! But self sex seem to always seemed to start me down roads that would bring unhappiness. I have tried for over 40 years to stop. The longest stop was 90 days.
    I have good intentions of bring thi under control, but find tevonne good intention only lasts for about 3 weeks at a time. I feel very worthless and ashamed of my actions, and came to the conclusion that this is who I am. I have started down the road of self destruction, and just can not figure out how to bring this behavior under control.
    After reading the plan of changing a bad habit for a good came in answere to my prayers. This will be the day of the rest of my life. Thanks from reading other posts it seems as if I am the only one with this problem. Oh well I love the site and really plan on making the new habits work.

    • Craig Acel

      Craig maybe you should start with forgiving yourself

    • Ruyyenuf

      Craig, though not nearly as long as you, I have been dealing with a similar issue.  I hope that these last thirty days or so have been successful for you.  I promise you and those who read this message that I will kick my habit starting tonight.  I will buy a calander and check off each new day, using it as a visual reminder of my promise to all of you.  The journey starts today.  Stay strong Craig and remember to never give up.  Change is possible!

  • Brittany Lockhart

    i will start my 30 days today. this article really helped, thanks!

  • Dannie

    I will no longer procrastinate with school work.  I will start to work on assignments as soon as I get them and not wait until the day before or day of to do things.

  • Mschoen74

    I am currently taking a online college course, I still have a habit of studying for about 20 minutes then quitting…to fix this i am going to study for 2 hrs a day for 30 days, hopefully this becomes a habit, and i study for 2 hrs a day through out the rest of the time i am in college.

    thanks for the guidance.

  • Rhiannon Bishop

    Can someone plz give me help. I have a habit of talking to myself in my head. I try and stop but since i’ve been doing it for a long time it became a habit. It’s ruining my life and has been for a few years. People give me the weirdest looks and tease me about it, but i can’t help it. Anything I could try

    • Susan

       It’s called Monkey Brain.  Disobedient and chattery. Meditation and Yoga worked for me.  It teaches you how to reign in that naughty monkey. If you can’t find classes near you, there are lots of books and youtube videos. Good luck!

  • hopeful

    My bad habit is my bulimia. I worked through so many issues, and have come so far, but this one lingers. Today, I am done. Today I am promising to the world that I will make every effort to break this habit. I know that once I do, every aspect of my life will be improved. 

  • Love_always10

    I wanna quit taking pills.

  • Eddie Robins

    I will cuddle and kiss my wife every day.

  • Jared Pinney

    i am trying to break the habit of night eating syndrome; I WILL NOT EAT TONIGHT IF I WAKE UP IVE HAD PLENTY.

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  • T.S.G. R Rao

    Good Article habits are of 2 types Good and Bad. However habits differ from person to person but  result is same Good hahits always make feel proud and Bad habits stink your performance so, always develop good habits like being as a good son, husband , dad, friend , etc., develop helping nature definitely these things will boost your confidence

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  • Belilav00

    want to change negative thinking habit. but how can you change it if the hormones are out of whack. I have the will to change but the hormones are stronger than me.:(

  • Bdho98

    I want to create a habit of doing my homework when I have free time instead of wasting it on the internet all day. Finishing my homework will allow me to understand the concepts in my college classes in a higher degree than right now.

  • Graceadenac

    Get out of bed when my alarm goes off,and at least thirty minutes to the gym. 

  • Chandanmishra12

    i want  to reach my workplace earlier 15 minutes everyday,anyhow.

  • guest

    Smoking in all forms.  I’m realizing that my potential for relationships in being hindered by choices I’ve made.  Time to focus on healthy habits.  I think the 30 day rule and the endless rewards are worth the efforts.

  • Bsardie

    who knows how to stop binge eating? its killen me

  • Me :)

    I’m going to try and stop biting my fingernails.

  • Suzy

    Emotionally have been disturbed for a while and i came to a conclusion that i was not meant to love and possible die of loneliness…..i tried all i could to get my ex

    back but all to no avail
    Alot of people here have been writing good things here on TOPIX about professor Lucy
    initially i never belived and of the posts and testimonials cos have once fallen victim to a fake spellcaster but the real mind in me gave it a trial
    i contacted him and he said some prayers for me and that was the begining of the solutions to my problems
    in a nut shell,my ex who happened to be the mother of my child came back to me after 7 days of the prayers
    professor Lucy is simply the most powerful spell caster one can ever trust
    you can also contact him if you are having the same type of predicament,contact him via

  • Jenral

    I have a habit of eating what i want when i want so i will commit to the next 30 days of only eating at meal times and not any other time

  • A new beginning

    I will stop feeling sorry for myself and getting angry. Instead I will remind myself of all the positive things I have going for me.

  • Lucid in the sky…

    I will relieve stress by focusing on the actions I must perform to achieve my goals rather than cry or get angry that I don’t have what I want yet.

  • Jujufrawg168

    I want to stop acting like my parents. Is that too broad?
    They’re pretty set in their ways by now. They’ve always used discriminating comments in jokes and speak without thinking. I do it almost at the age of twenty.
    What to do.

  • JD

    The habit I want to break is procrastination. I will do it by allowing a 10 minute break only after I completed the whole task in front of me, not just a part of it, unless of course it is a long term assignment. 

  • calious

    i need to stop a masturbating . and i have tried and tried but i think what i did not have before was the confidence to stop it. but now i do

  • Rathore_Vandana

    I will wake up early in the morning every day sharp at 04:00am

  • Bizzybeesz

    to who a person was to who he became, it goes to show you plan to fail or fail to plain , if u dont now what your doing u dont now were your going to end up, i doesent matter how much you now, its what you do with it that counts,,,thats why u shoudnt lose site of hoo you are, instead of who you been,,, its realy easy to hurt the people the people u can and not seeing it at the time,,, or for a long time,,, dont let alchol be your best friend for to long,,,, there your egos friends not you true friends, dont spend to much time on your own either,,,, if you dont yousit you forget it, and the way u can give orders is to reseve them to,,, time to wake up and walk your talk, while your friends still talk to u,,, and to allways now that people do realy care, even when you dont think so,,, and dont be afraid to ask for help because everyone neads to from time to time ,,, and if your sad like me to now that it never to late, and be the person you realy are,,,,, were not the first nor the last, but if we dont change how are we going to now,, and pray your friends and family dont leave u be hind,,,, cheak up from the neak up time.

  • Vidit

    I want to change my bad habit that usually i waste lots of my time online even though i want to study hard and have a commitment that i won’t.
    I promise that i won’t repeat it again, work very very hard and will Top in my class and realise all my dreams in my Life.

    I know that i can and i know that I Will.

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  • Alex

    Amazing article! You just saved me a lot of headaches.

    I am going  to acquire the waking ability and wake-up every single day when my alarm goes on.

    Thank You!

  • siddharth

    its a great show of words to improve myself reading it i have now thought i would do the same to make my self better

  • Ronnie_jones91

    I will stop being explosive n argumentive .i will be patient and humble .by involving my self in positive reading and thinking.

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  • Andrey

    Hi there!!! I’m Going to learn english every day per month!!! Andrey from Moscow city))

  • Puklop

    Only allowed to watch tv or youtybe clips with family, friends or gf

  • Daniel_ca96

    Ive been trying to break my habits early before its too late and becomes a permanent problem in my life. Losing weight, focus in my school, and able to keep myself organized and up to task instead of procrastinating and not being responsible with my work.

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  • Nunkiemoten

    My bad habits i am committed to breaking is that of cursing , being mean && not as out going as i use to be. I also have major issue as in doing for those that dont do for me before i do for those that have. Being too kindhearted is my worst habit i must break. I would like to become more humble and outgoing (social)

  • Егор Овчаренко

    For me this app was helpful – it actually punished you each time you do your bad habit: HabitBreaker for iPhone. Get it here

  • Rainbow Terrier

    Day 4 today.  I am not binge eating at night.  No food after 7pm.  I have been cleaning the kitchen straight after tea then taking the dog for a walk.  Kitchen is out of bounds except for a cuppa. 

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  • Swensen123

    My habit is to only have 3 glasses wine a night for 30 days with no exceptions!

  • Pingback: Modifying My New Year’s Resolutions

  • Gertie

    My habit that I am going to break is eating unhealthy foods!

  • Arose

    i need to stop biting my nails

  • Austin

    I’m going to commit to the habit of exercising once per day, and eating only for the purpose of nutrition.

  • ashfarm

    I feel like I change a habit for a while (sometimes even a long while) and I revert back. Its irritating. 

  • oldtimefiddler

    I will lose 50 pounds by August!

  • Valeriecrockett

    My habit I want to break is being lazy when it comes to me. I do for everyone and have pleasure assisting others with their goals but I can’t complete my own goals.

  • Aliasup

    I want to stop masturbating and juggling so I can let my shoulders recover, and I want to stop websurfing so much.

  • Alyice Elster

    I am going to exercise for 30 minutes every day and eat healthy.

  • Lazymeanguy

    i want to go to bed at the same time every day, and wake up at the same time every day! 

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  • Sandra

    When I married my husband I was already pregnant and so I didn’t have a job. He had a really good job though so I was able to stay home and take care of our son when it was born. When we had our second child we moved to a bigger house, but then strange things started to happen. Things would fly off the walls and doors would slam at night. Our oldest son talked about seeing figures and hearing voices. We consulted a medium and they said the house was haunted. After living there about a year more with only minor occurrences we moved out. That was when the bad luck started to happen. Everything started to fail, with my husband’s job, our money and our luck in general. I went back to the same medium and they told me that a spirit had followed me and placed a curse upon me for disturbing it and not being respectful in the previous house. He tried to remove it but was unable. The misfortune kept going on and getting more severe as I tried to search out someone to break the curse. But when I found Dr.Azonto spell he finally did it. Things started turning around almost immediately after he cast the spell and have been great from there! This was really a miracle for us, thank you . spell from the bottom of my heart!
    Posted by. miss Sandra

  • pam

    I am going to break my sweet tooth.  No sweets & sugary foods except Sunday night.  Exercise for 30 minutes everyday.

  • Elizabeth81

    Hello i’m only 14 and i have been biting my fingernails for as long as i can remember, but reading these tips has given me the confidence to push myself to stop. I will not give up i am going to prove to myself, my friends and my family that i can break this habit.

  • finchick87

    my habit that i am going to break is to stop going to the pub alone and not be influenced by other people. instead, follow my gut feeling, because it is always right!

  • kapil

    i am in bad habit of masturbating and not doing the tasks what i should do to reach my goal plz hlp

  • tbur

    I want to walk the steps no less than 3 times a day.

    • tbur

      this is instead of sitting as much. If I walk the steps it will help me get moving (being sedate is a habit I developed after being laid up for over a year). Sitting so much is the habit I wish to break by developing the habit of movement- not just upper body movement.I fall easily and the stairs take more to use than just walking a flat plane.

  • Joseph

    i want to stop breaking my promises.
    i want to stop wasting my time.

  • Monica

    My “bad habit” is a little different. I keep talking to someone I know I shouldn’t be talking to and each time we talk I feel worse about myself just like I knew I would, but I can’t seem to stop; it really does feel like it’s just become a bad habit at this point. I’m afraid I’m going to hurt my partner if I keep talking to this other person. I’m going to try to follow these steps and each time I feel an “urge” I’m going to replace it with something else to do. Hope this works because I need this person out of my life for good.

  • pservant

    I’m going to stop picking at my skin and reward myself after a month by going solo swimming :)

  • AusAsh

    I am going to conquer my constant utilisation of the word “like”, limiting it to the appropriate usage only. And i will also ensure my 30 minute workout each day is squeezed into my busy schedule.

  • Ryan

    My habit is this stressful feeling in my stomach, what would you advice me on doing?

  • ToCoolToComeUpWith-a-Name

    i have 3 bad habits and i want to get rid of them. I stay up and watch tv instead of going to bed, I rip my nails, and I also lie,kid,and be sarcastic a lot so lots of times i will people truthful things and they ask me if i was lying and it makes me feel bad.

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  • NothinbutOptimism

    The bad habit I need to break today, which I AM! Is smoking marijuana. It’s a must this leaves my life for good.

  • lisbonlifestyle

    I have to get off the internet!

  • Being Shaik

    DEAR FRIENDS i have a very very bad habit of handjob pls help me i have tried so many times I leave it for maximum 1 or 2 weeks after every thing is just like before so please help me friends

  • Quit Tea

    It works for every bad habit, but this is exactly the substitution strategy for quitting smoking that a product like Quit Tea helps because it gets you through the craving. Eventually it helps recondition those triggers, instead of thinking of smoking, people will go think ‘I need to make a cup of Quit Tea.’

  • Aaron

    I’m going to break the habit of watching pornography.

  • dizzy wizzzy

    Assalam u alaikum.i am going to get rid of masturbrating from today inshaALLAH.after 15 days i will update my progress.

  • michelle

    I’m going to stop biting my cuticles and picking at my nose. I’ve got some kind of hand to face fixation that needs to stop!

  • Sophanith Ny

    I always sleepy while i’m reading book. How can I solve this problem? Please help me!

  • rishu

    my habit is i wanted to study

  • Linh Do

    My habit is to stop pulling and picking my hair. Start at Dec 10, 2013.

  • Mike Cavaliere

    Question: what are your thoughts on using reminders/apps as triggers?

    I’m experimenting with apps like this:

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  • Yôùcêf Ñjblãcĸ

    thanks for post ^^

    Would it not be nice if you could avoid bad habits instead of having to quit them after starting? No one will avoid all bad habits. There are just too many to stay away from them a ……..

    source :

  • Nancy Jones Townsend

    Dear Friends,
    My name is Nancy. I am a 49 year old single woman. i have 3 kids at home. 1 is 20 and the other 2 are 16 yr old twin girls. The habit i am trying to break is, How I communicate with people. Everyone says all I ever do is fuss and complain. I don’t agree but I know I do it a lot. I desoerately want to be a upbeat, positive and Happy person. I am so blessed with so many things. Please help me, My self esteem is at an all time low.

    Thank you, Nancy T

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  • Aslam

    i have bad habit !! called masturbation >>> so how i get rid of this habit !!! i can’t handle this >>> i am leaving this for a week or two but after a week or two the evil give me a finger !! and i do it again >>> i am very sad plzzz help me what i do !!!!????!!!


    My habit is to stop procrastinating and start to lose weight. I need to stop making excuses and just go on a walk or the gym. I think I will start tomorrow !

  • Rae

    Hi. I am going to give up caffeine for 30 days. I’ve done it before but it the habit’s back. The caffeine makes me feel sick and high which I immediately regret but it tempts me nonetheless. Next it will be sugar..again something I can give up for a period and then GI back to and overdo it with.

  • antonia

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  • bernille

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  • Macy

    My habit is to stop complaining about any situation or anyone both in my head and verbally.

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  • Lizzy desler

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  • Crystal Morgan

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  • Emiliano Babarah

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  • Frank Silver

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  • Barrie/The Life Passion Coach

    These are excellent science-backed strategies for breaking bad habits. One tool I teach my habit students is to set up an If/Then plan for their bad habit. If they know they will encounter a trigger to their habit, then they prepare in advance. For example, “If I crave a cigarette after dinner, then I’ll chew gum instead” or “If I want to buy junk food at the grocery store, then I’ll buy my favorite fruits instead.” It gives an immediate alternative when a bad habit craving strikes. I teach many more habit skills in my habit program:

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