Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis: What it is and How to Avoid it

Has this ever happened to you?

You come out of a deep sleep. Something’s wrong. You can see and hear, but you can’t move! No matter how hard you try, you can’t budge. It’s like you’re paralyzed.

And it gets worse.

You get the impression that there is someone in the room with you. You can’t see or hear him, but somehow you know he (it?) is there. He’s not nice. He means you harm. You instinctively try to draw a deep breath, but you can’t. It feels like there’s some sort of weight on your chest, like you can’t breathe. You start to panic. Will this ever stop?

As suddenly as it began, it’s over. You can move. You turn on a light and survey your bedroom. You see nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of place. You take a few minutes to calm down and then try to get some sleep…

If something like this has happened to you, you probably experienced Sleep Paralysis.

A lot of people experience sleep paralysis. If you experience it, it does not automatically mean that there is anything ‘wrong’ with you.

What Happened?

Your body couldn’t move because your body often can’t move when you’re asleep. In REM sleep, for example, many of your voluntary muscles are atonal (the muscles have no tone). Sleep researchers think that REM atonia happens so that people don’t act out their dreams. In essence, sleep paralysis occurs when your mind and your body don’t wake up at the same time.


Sleep paralysis is “normally harmless,” but that doesn’t mean it’s the greatest experience in the world. In fact, many people who experience sleep paralysis report being terrified. My research on sleep paralysis, conducted with Al Cheyne and Steve Rueffer, repeatedly found that many sleep paralysis experiencers were deeply disturbed and scared by what they felt and saw.

The Sensed Presence

The sensed presence certainly doesn’t make the experience any more enjoyable. A lot of people who experience sleep paralysis feel as if some evil person or entity is in the room. When I researched sleep paralysis with Al Cheyne and Steve Rueffer, we concluded that people sensed a presence because of a sort of short circuit in the brain. It looks like the part of your brain that ‘lights up’ when a threat is detected becomes active even though no threat is detected. So, you have the feeling that someone/something means you harm when, in fact, nothing is there at all.

Difficulty Breathing

Being unable to breathe is probably tied to the paralysis. You have anti-gravity muscles that help you breathe. When you’re in REM, your anti-gravity muscles are sluggish. You really can breathe, of course. It just feels like you can’t. Believing that you can’t breathe only adds to the terror.

Seeing Things

Some people hallucinate during sleep paralysis. They see all sorts of strange things. The hallucinations are happening because part of your brain is still in a dream state. Instead of seeing those weird and wacky images in your dreams, you’re seeing them in the room with you.

If you’ve experienced sleep paralysis, you might be worried. Please don’t worry. Remember that it is common and, as far as anyone knows, a sleep paralysis experience does not mean that there is anything medically or psychologically wrong with you.

How to Stop/Avoid Sleep Paralysis

That’s all well and good, of course, but how can you avoid and/or stop sleep paralysis experiences? There are a few things you can do:

  1. Avoid irregular sleep patterns and get plenty of sleep. People who are sleep deprived or who have unusual sleep patterns (like shift-workers) can have disturbed REM sleep. Because sleep paralysis is a ‘malfunction’ of REM, disturbed REM sleep probably makes people vulnerable to sleep paralysis.
  2. Don’t sleep on your back. Data that Al Cheyne, Steve Rueffer, and I collected indicate that people who sleep on their back experience sleep paralysis more often. Of course, maybe people who sleep on their back are the kind of people who experience sleep paralysis. But, might as well give it a shot.
  3. I’ve also seen it suggested that you should try to move your facial muscles.
  4. Someone else touching you might bring you out of it, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The number one thing to remember is that there is nothing truly wrong. If you find yourself experiencing sleep paralysis, you might try relaxing and taking in the experience. Remind yourself that sleep paralysis is nothing more than a ‘waking dream.’ You’ll be truly awake soon enough.

Ian Newby-Clark is Professor of Psychology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He studies habits and methods for changing them. You can read more about his findings at his blog, My Bad Habits.

749 Responses to Sleep Paralysis: What it is and How to Avoid it

  1. Jeton says:

    Ah, thanks for explaining this.
    My mother has this problem very often and as you said:
    “Someone else touching you might bring you out of it, but this has yet to be confirmed.”
    This is actually true, whenever i touch her or move her, she comes our of the Sleep Paralysis.

    The funny thing is that usually after she wakes up she goes on saying: Tonight ‘he’ was here. 😉

    Incredible how the brain works.

  2. Craig Harper says:

    I think sleep is one is the most underrated aspects of our health and well being.

    The only two things we can’t live without for any length of time are water and sleep. Okay, maybe oxygen, but I don’t think getting adequate O2 will be a problem for you or me any time soon. Can we survive without food for a few weeks? Yep (and some of us should). What if we smoke and drink daily for a month, will that kill us? Nup (not suggesting we do though). What if we don’t exercise for a year, will that kill us? Nup, probably not (not suggesting that either). Waddabout not sleeping for a week or two? Yep, that’ll kill yer.

  3. Gideon says:

    It is a most unpleasant experience. I’ve had it a number of fimes and “unpleasant” really barely just touches how horrifying an experience it is.

    I had researched this on my own, once I realized what was wrong with me, so this isn’t all that new to me – but I appreciate you getting the awareness up! When I tell people i had sleep paralysis they look at me like I’m crazy!

  4. Yeah, it is quite a horrible experience. What helped me was learning to deal with anxiety. Keeping a journal as well as publishing a very personal book have really helped. My advice for would definitely be to have more emotional outlets because they clearly make a difference.

  5. Brad Isaac says:

    Yes, this is a fascinating phenomenon. It is called “Hagging” in some cultures because the majority of the people who see the threatening presence say it is an old woman (witch).

    It is also not confined to Western civ. It has been talked and written about for centuries.

  6. Peter says:

    Yes, I have experienced this (not for awhile though). And yes, it was terrifying.

    Interesting article – thanks for the tips on how to avoid it.

  7. Wow–that’s crazy.

    I’ve never experienced that. And by the way it sounds, I hope I never do.

    Thanks for the great read this morning.

  8. John says:

    I’ve definitely experienced Sleep Paralysis several times, and it’s interesting to hear the scientific explanation behind it.

    Most of the time I wonder if I’m even awake yet! Glad to know that it isn’t harmful as well.

  9. Glen says:

    Sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations are two of the four telltale signs of narcolepsy — but not everyone who experiences sleep paralysis is narcoleptic. The other two signs are excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle control at moments of sharp emotional response). I know this from personal experience.

    At times the hallucinations accompanying sleep paralysis are sex-related. I believe this promoted ancient beliefs in the succubus and incubus, along with ghostly hauntings and, in more recent history, so-called alien abductions. An argument can be made that some accusations of incest, when there is no evidence confirming the allegations, might also stem from these phenomena. They seem so real to the person experiencing them that they become “the truth.”

    Other times, the hallucination takes on a different form. I’ve heard the doorbell ring — in places where there is no doorbell. And I’ve heard of an incident in which a sufferer received a phone call from his boss telling him to come in later in the day than usual — only to discover there was no such call from the boss!

    Good information on sleep paralysis. Not enough people know about it; but every reader is one more who is enlightened.

  10. Dave says:

    Anything in your research about hearing a high pitched, extremely loud sound (like – in your head) when coming out of sleep paralysis?

    Just curious . This plagued me in college, probably from stress and an odd sleeping schedule. The loud, ramping up sound was pretty consistent.

  11. Ken says:

    Science tries to explain everything but they can’t. Everyday we have new discoveries that proves the “old” scientific theory is wrong.

    You’ll be amazed how many people have sleep paralysis and other weird things happening to them but no one wants to talk about it because they don’t want to sound crazy.

    go to youtube and check out:
    Astral Travel: Albert Taylor

    Out of my own personal research, I believe Sleep Paralysis is a result of your spirit leaving your body.. often called Out of Body experience (OBE) or It could be a spirit entity screwing around with you.

  12. cynthia says:

    “Anything in your research about hearing a high pitched, extremely loud sound (like – in your head) when coming out of sleep paralysis?”

    Yes, I’ve had this, too! Although it’s been years since it happened. I got out of the sleep paralysis by wiggling just my little finger. This seemed to ‘wake up’ the other muscles. I used to think I was leaving my body when this happened. I was always tempted to ‘keep going’ but I’d chicken out (as if I really had control over the outcome!) and wiggle the ol’ pinky :-)

  13. davis says:

    I experienced this once while in college. I don’t recall the feeling/vision of another person though, but I do know that I could not move for over a half hour and thought that I was paralyzed for life.
    Very scary, until now I just thought that I had sustained some injury to my spine the day before which brought on the paralysis. Hasn’t happened since.

  14. It’s happened to me maybe three times, and the first time it freaked me out. It wasn’t unpleasant in any way, except that I didn’t know if I could expect to ever move again. When I looked it up and found that it was normal enough, I was OK with it. I wouldn’t mind if it happened again.

  15. Kim says:

    This happened to me a lot when I was in my early 20’s – it was _awful_. I could kind of mumble, and my roommate would hear me and come and help me sit up, then I’d be fine. I never had hallucinations though, thank goodness. I haven’t had it for ages, but regularly have dreams so vivid I’m not sure if they’re real or not (and often have to ask) – I wonder if this is related. I never thought to ask a doctor about it.

  16. kira says:

    thanks for explaining it for us,I have pretty much experience of that kind of dreams.I’m scared, you make me know that it just because I always sleep on my back

  17. Sonia says:

    I was experiencing this phenomenon quite frequently since I was at school. Recently I realised that it had not happened for quite a long time .By reading the article I came up with the conclusion that this must be due to the fact that finally I am getting enough sleep since currently I am not working. By the way, I also used to hear this incredible terrifying noise which sounded like the sound of an earthquake or something.

  18. billy says:

    Well, the strangest thing happened. I read this article yesterday (just the beginning of it). I never have experienced sleep paralysis. Wouldn’t you know it, last night, I experienced it. I half-woke up, thought I heard whispering behind me, and found I couldn’t move. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was disturbing. The craziest part is the coincidence, or the mere suggestion, that having read this article and only hearing about SP for the first time, and I experienced it that night! Truly odd…

  19. Summer says:

    This used to happen to me all the time as a child. It was terrifying, especially as I was so young and didn’t understand what was going on. I found that focusing on 1 part of ym body and willing it to move, like lifting a finger or a toe, would snap me wout of it instantly. I nevr knew it was a real issue and that others dealt with it too!

  20. Courtney says:

    I experience sleep paralysis almost on a regular basis. I can still remember the first time I experienced it years ago and I’m only 20 years old now. The first couple times it happened I was terrified; I had no clue what was going on or that it even had a name. I have only felt a presence a couple times and I am now more in tune with how this sleep paralysis works — since I’ve been having this over and over for years I can now calm myself down and tell myself, in my head, to wake up. I usually don’t feel like I can’t breathe with the exception of the episode I had this morning, which is the only true time I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. Although I have “come to terms” with this issue I still can’t help but feel afraid sometimes when it’s happening. Also, I know from experience that if someone touches you it will bring you out of it; the whole time I’m having my “episodes” I’m saying over and over in my head, “Please someone wake me up.” Another thing that I find extremely interesting is how one of your tips is to not sleep on your back and now that I’m thinking about it, almost every single time I’ve had this sleep paralysis has been when I’m lying on my back. Thanks for the tips and information, I’m always looking this condition up so I’ll be informed.

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  22. Allison says:

    I’ve had this experience starting when I was a senior in college. Variations include the paralysis where I have to relax and then jerk my body suddenly in order to wake myself up. During episodes where I feel a weight on me I generally don’t perceive a gender or necessarily evil, and I usually even know that it isn’t real, but it takes me some time to wake myself up. If I go right back to sleep I have the exact experience again and finally I just turn the light on and give up on sleeping. Another weird variation is when I had buzzing and static in my head. It was so loud that it physically hurt my head, and I could hear what sounded like male voices, as in a traffic helicopter report, but I couldn’t understand the words. I don’t think any of these things are paranormal, but they are uncomfortable and sometimes frightening and ruin my sleep. I’ve heard they occur mostly with stress. The last “weight” episode I had was when I was recovering from dental surgery so it could have been the pain killer.

  23. Allison says:

    I’ve had the paralysis and the “weight” on me whether sleeping on my back or my stomach. :-(

  24. Chelsea Adams says:

    I have had this problem for years now and I’m only 17. Its is truely the most terrifing feeling in the world. Laying there helpless and watching someone walk toward your bed or come through your bedroom door, everything feels so real. Then trying to yell for someone to wake you or save you and not being able to make a sound. And then when you do wake yourself up and try to fall back asleep you fall right back into it again. I usually have them on a stressful day or when I havent had enough sleep. Being in school means I have them all too often. None of my friends have had them but my dad gets them too. Idk if its a family thing or not. I just wish they would stop. I had one tonight and I prob. wont be back to sleep. But anyone who experiences these, you are not alone!

  25. Ana says:

    I have sleep paralysis and hallucinations from time to time, not always together but when ever I can’t move I also hallucinate. The sleeping on the back thing, doesn’t work for me. I’ve always been a stomach sleeper. I’ve had two especially scary episodes. Once in college i was sleeping in my dorm room and i had a dream that a strange man came in to my room. I immediately woke up and sat up and looked at the spot that I had seen the man in my dream, and the same man came around the corner agian, except this time i was awake, or so i thought. I was really shaken, it freaked me out for real. The other time, I was at a friends house, laying on the floor taking a snooze
    (on my stomach with my head to the side). I woke up because I heard some one com in the door. I could only move my eyes and I saw some one step over my body and stop, the feet were facing me as if the stranger was looking down over me. Then the stranger walked around the apartment and left. Little by little i regained mobility but I was really weak and I was dizzy with a ringing in my ears. It was so real, but when i got up I looked at the door and it was locked from the inside.
    My mom has narcolepsy-cataplexy, I hope I don’t develop it too. She didn’t get it until she was older like almost 50.

  26. danielle says:

    The first time I experienced SP was last year when i was 17 years old. It completely terrifying because i didn’t know anything about what was happening to me. I was in my bed fast asleep when suddenly I woke up and felt an intense sensation of fear, like I was going to die. I was positive of it. Then, I slowly looked down at the foot of my bed and I swear that I saw a black figure, not like a shadow, but like the shape of a being in the darkness. I instantly ‘knew’ that it was a demon and began having a panic attack. I couldn’t get out of my bed, the only thing i could do was put my head under the covers and my chest got really tight. I felt like I was dying and truly believed that I was.
    I have had a few ‘out-of-body’ experiences as well, where i would think i woke up from a dream and would sit up and look down and see myself still sleeping. I would move my arms as I sat up and feel an intense, tingling pressure throughout my arms.
    After this incident, every time I lay down to go to sleep, i hear a ‘wave’ like sound in my head. It sounds like an ocean wave getting louder and louder and it usually makes my body feel painfully tingly, the louder the sound gets. Sometimes I hear this sound during the day when engaging in daily activities and it distracts me. I wonder, has anyone else heard or felt these ‘waves’?
    I also hear conversations when I am trying to fall asleep sometimes. These conversations are between many different people that I’ve never heard before.
    I’m still trying to figure out exactly what is going on.. I’ve been doing research, but any information on these sounds would be helpful.

  27. Ken says:

    I’ve been researching for some time now.. and I actually found a way to willingly induce out of body experiences. It helped me come close but I was never able to get close enough to actually come out of my body.

    I tried to visually see myself yank myself out of my body… as a result, I would hear clicks in my ear. the more I do it, the louder the clicks are in my ear. sometimes, I feel vibration in my head, numbness throughout my body. A good analogy is… the vibration is actually you changing the station to your body.. different vibration takes you to different parallel universes or dimensions. there are times, I was able to see images in front of me (a hole between my eyes on my forehead) of a beautiful place or blue oceans. Other times, I am able to see into my future.

    I think this is a little hard for most people to take, just like back then, most people would rather believe that the universe evolves around Earth.

    I know people who are able to come out of their body on a daily basis. We are all spiritual beings, but most people won’t find that out until their physical body dies and realize they are still able to roam around and time to them no longer exists.

    Here are couple of authors, one used to work for NASA. They both had many out of body experiences and decided to write about it and share their experiences.

    Here are two sources:

    One of them was a Catholic and another one disses Christianity.

    I am a born again Christian. I take the experiences I had to validate my faith in Jesus Christ. Although the bible did mention out of body experiences many time, it did say that we won’t be able to find truth there even if were able to go. I sincerely believe Jesus has the power to direct where we go after death since he created everything.


  28. Allison says:

    I was able to will myself into an out-of-body experience by very slowly letting myself enter that middle range between wakefulness and sleep, and imagining myself sliding out of my body towards my feet and basically sliding off the foot of my bed, landing on the floor on my butt! I then walked around, looked at myself lying on the bed, and wandered through the house. I was so amazed at the experience and how real it seemed. When I woke up and analyzed the situation, I realized I saw myself on the bed wearing different clothes than I was actually wearing, which told me that this was a dream. I suspect it really is dreaming – just lucid, directed dreams. I was disappointed, but not surprised.

  29. Willy D says:

    I first experienced it in high school. Yes it was scary, and I heard a very loud wind blowing sound, even though my windows were closed and definitely was no wind that night. I’ve continued to experience it over the years, and a few years ago, I had another episode, but this time, I could felt my blanket being pulled slowly off of me to my feet. Yeah, true story. I still get it, and an so accustomed to it, that I get it multiple times a night sometimes and make no big deal of it and sometimes nearly forget. Doesn’t scare me anymore. I usually keep my eyes closed, but next time I’ll open them to see what’s up. Pun intended!

  30. ani says:

    It looks like the part of your brain that ‘lights up’ when a threat is detected becomes active even though no threat is detected.

    How do you know that no threat was detected? Did you do paranormal tests? Just curious. :)

    I had this for the 5th or 6th time last weekend, and I took photos of our hotel room but there were no orbs or anything unusual… even on the entire grounds of the estate.

    It’s weird because when it happens I feel like I can locate a presence in the room. The first time it happened the window was open right next to the bed I was sleeping in.

    It has happened a couple of times when the window is open, and another time when I was sleeping in the opposite direction on my bed. This time I could open my eyes. Sometimes I actually sleep with my eyes open, so it’s possible that when this happens I am lucid dreaming at the same time- usually before I realize I am still asleep. I’ve never been able to calm down after it happens, I am always afraid that something bad will happen to me if I don’t wake up and I am fighting the presence.

    I get the vibrating feeling each time, it doesnt come in waves or anything. I’ve had the vibrating feeling when I wasn’t having paralysis too.

    Just interesting… it seems too real to not be anything… but I would be interested to know if there was some kind of paranormal research conducted as well.

  31. Jennifer says:

    Its funny because the times it did happened to me I wasn’t laying on my back, i remember laying on my back. I remember my first experience with Sleep Paralysis was on june 6, 2006, better known as 6-6-6. I really don’t know the meaning of it, but you have helped me understand more about it.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Its funny because the times it did happened to me I wasn’t laying on my back, i remember laying on my side. I remember my first experience with Sleep Paralysis was on june 6, 2006, better known as 6-6-6. I really don’t know the meaning of it, but you have helped me understand more about it.

  33. Candace says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis for as long as I can remember, when I was small it would happen 2 or 3 times a week,…more so in my teens…but slacked off in my early 20’s.

    I get a full body sensation that is something like your foot being asleep..but everywhere…accompanied by the sound in your head when you try to keep your eyes open and closed at the same time…anyone who has experienced it knows exactly what I mean.

    The only useful tip I ever got wasn’t from my sleep study…it was from a native american shaman who told me I should try to mentally “roll over”. This seems to trick my brain into thinking that it is free from my body and I can fall into regular sleep usually. Any other methods I have tried only alleviate the problem for a few minutes and I fall right back into paralysis followed by ghoulish waking nightmares and fitful sleep.

    Although I am not convinced of it, some people seem to think that sleep paralysis is an important step of out of body experience…and the noise is that of your mind separating itself from the body.

  34. Alan says:

    Sleep paralysis was such a big part of my life growing up. I started experiencing it around puberty(8 or 9 years old) I would go in and out of sleep paralysis almost as easy as walking in and out of a door.

    Have experienced it nearly every night for many years, i learned to adapt. I could go into sleep paralysis when I chose to(yes there is good reasons for choosing to, it can be a wonderful experience if the fear is ignored) but coming out wasnt so easy.

    In my late teens, early twenties the experiences became very intense sometimes, fear and terror came into it more often. I experienced such incidences as being lifted a spun by a satire and gremlins clawing at my shoulders(incidently the Gremlin experience manifested itself in physical pain the next day)

    Funnily enough people talk of it happening during sleep. But to me i knew when it would happen as soon as lying down and it would never not happen when i felt that feeling. The feeling was a soft buzzing in the ear, a very slight but noticeable heaviness in your body and even a light dizziness. I basically learned to recreate that feeling in order to make it happen.

    Funnily enough, nearly 20 years later and I no longer experience it. Miss it in a way :( As for the world I had in sleep paralysis, i’ll keep that to myself for now, don’t want to appear too insane :)

    Incidently i would be keen to find out if anyone had chain like sleep paralysis(which is what i had mainly). Which is like when you come out of it and if you don’t physically move then you go straight back into another spate of sleep paralysis. This could repeat itself for what felt like hours?


  35. Neha says:

    Anybody can please tell me that Sleep paralysis last for how long? for few seconds, mins or hrs. Cos I have experienced something like this just once in my life and just for around 20-30 seconds. Is it possible tht it can happen for such a small duration. And I remember that I was not sleeping on my back.

    Till today i use to think that it was some out of the world feeling. But now i am sure it was nothing else than sleep paralysis.

  36. Allison says:

    My sleep paralysis seems to only last for a small portion of the time I am asleep, but, being asleep, I cannot always estimate how many minutes I experience it. There have been times when after experiencing it, I try to go back to sleep and have to wake myself up because I go back into SP as soon as I doze off. This happens several times in a row, and those paralysis sessions may last only seconds at a time. What I’ve seen over the years is that although many people who experience SP have similar experiences, there are many variations.

  37. Wil says:

    I got real nervous and shaky reading this article. I have been experiencing SP for years not knowing what it was. It it is one of the SCARIEST things I’ve ever experienced. It always hits me in a wave, from the top of my head down with a really loud and intense sound and lots pressure. I also always have the feeling that something evil is in the room(just like the article describes), which of course, only adds to the feeling of panic. But the thing that always freaks me out about the experience is, that when it happens, I’m completely aware of my surroundings. I’ll try to scream for help to whomever is around, but I can’t scream or move. The fact that I knew what was going on around me, made me know that it was real and not just a dream. I was worried that I was having some sort of serious brain problems or something. I finally decided to research this after having a particularly bad bout of SP a couple weeks ago. Glad that I know what it is now!

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  39. Jess says:

    I first experienced sleep paralysis about a month ago, and was terrified. Firstly I felt like I wasn’t breathing, so when I tried to breathe, I realised I couldnt move anything in my body or call out for help. I honestly thought I was dying. It only went on for about 20 seconds, if that, but afterwards I wasn’t sure if it had actually happened because it was such a surreal experience.
    I’ve experienced it again a few times since, but this time its only gone on briefly, but everytime I try to go back to sleep, it’ll happen again 2 or 3 times. I’m not sure whether this is because I’m panicking?
    Reading this article has been really helpful anyway! Thanks for posting it.

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  41. Baby says:

    I’ve had sleep paralasys since I was an adolescent (around 11) they have continued on (I’m 27). I have gone periods of two years at the longest without one. Just this last few weeks I have had them almost every other night.

    They have gotten progressivly worse. Starting with just feeling a presence, to a presence being close, to a touch on my hand, to noises (distant banging), to being on top of me. The most frightening for me was once when I felt a sense of death approaching and the very worst was the one time I felt the touch.

    This last week I felt the one on top of me, shaking me, I yelled your not real go away!

    I’ve gotten very very good at moving my hands, feet eyes and mouth…lots of practice over the years!

    Anyway, they really come around when I’m going through changes, lifestyle, stress etc. I know the reason why I’m having them so bad at this moment is because I just got a tat on my neck and I can’t sleep on it, so I’ve been trying to sleep on my side and stomach. It’s been disrupting my sleep and that is why they have been prominent lately, because of the unusual sleep I’ve been having.

    The only cure is keep to a normal sleep schedule, stay low stress, etc, there is no other solution.

    I have through out the years also mastered lucid dreaming, but, I had no idea they were related. Haven’t done it much lately, I’m not that bored! lol

  42. Jason says:

    I used to be into a bunch of New Age stuff when I was in my late teens. I bought a book on Astral Travel at one point. Bought all kinds of meditation music to try inducing it. I could never induce it on my own. Then it actually happened a couple times in my sleep. Floating to the ceiling, realizing I was having an out-of-body-experience, then got scared and felt myself snap back into my body in another room. Never did travel passed the one room.

    Then I started experiencing Sleep Paralysis. Before that point, my now wife and also my sister had been using a Ouija Board in our home and all kinds of seriously creepy stuff would happen and I was really freaked out about the basement where my room was.

    Out of about the 10-12 Sleep Paralysis episodes I’ve experienced, the first one I had I remember feeling like I was awake, could see everything as it was in my room but could not hear anything. I was sleeping on my stomach. All of the sudden I felt like 500 lbs was on my back and couldn’t breathe. I felt like it was someone standing on my upper back. I tried screaming out to my wife, then girlfriend who was sleeping with me, but couldn’t. Then I would just wake up all freaked out and in a sweat. I had another where same thing would happen but a tall, featureless, pitch black manly figure in the mirror would grab me from my bed and try pulling me in but couldn’t. I’d wake up terrified. My wife experienced the same thing in that room. This kept happening for quite a while. Then my sister started dating a guy whose mom was a Christian Pastor. I was not a Christian at the time. I asked what I should do and she said to try reading Psalm 91 before bed for comfort and protection but if it happened again, to say the name of Jesus 3 times (3 symbolically representing God’s number) and it would go away because Jesus Christ as God has authority over demons which is what I always thought they were because of the stuff we were experimenting with (even demons know Jesus is God and have to submit to Him).

    So shortly after, I had another episode of Sleep Paralysis. This time during the day. I was laying in my bed alone, on my back, woke up and could see but hear nothing. My blankets then air-sealed themselves around me and I couldn’t move. I could breathe though. I said the name of Jesus 3 times. It loosened me. Then when I’d try to get out of bed, the blankets resealed themselves around me again. I repeated the name of Jesus 3 times again. It loosened me again. It happened once more and I repeated the name of Jesus 3 final times and it let me go and I woke up. It happened a couple more times after that until I became a Christian and then left me alone I assume because now I was a threat to it with the authority I’d been given in Jesus to expel demons.

    I’ve had a few episodes since then throughout the last 8 years but I now know how to protect myself and I feel safe when it happens because I know God has my back. I don’t suggest experimenting with Astral Travel, OBE’s or anything occult or New Age. It has the appearance of something great, fun and exciting at first but then wears off and leads you to the next thing to experiment with. It’s just like drugs and you end up wanting a bigger and bigger high. Then it drains you and tries to destroy you. Only my relationship with Jesus Christ ever satisfied my spiritual thirst and I now have hope for tomorrow and protection from evil when it tries to come upon me.

    That’s my take and experience with Sleep Paralysis. I could keep going with other experiences but I’ll leave it there as for things that relate to Sleep Paralysis.

    Feel free to contact me at if you’d like to talk more about anything you may be experiencing and/or ways to cope.


  43. nat says:

    me and my bf get it sometimes and i hallucinate really terrible things.. like an eye watching me or a person thats standing on the other side of the room.

    Because we share the same bed what we do is we are able to breathe on it, and instantly breathe heavier. This wakes up the other person and they shake them up to wake.

    This works every time. But for that instant it feels horrible! it feels like im sinking/falling while having a siezure. Certainly feels like it :(

  44. Bartt says:

    I had something like that couple of days ago, but I experienced ONLY the paralysis (not being able to move) and troubles with breathing, fortunately I haven’t seen or heard (or felt) anything creepy. I woke up after I was sleeping on my stomach. I couldn’t move and my breathe was very shallow, but I never tried to fight it, just lied down waiting untill it stops. I just thought that this is a period between being asleep and awake that sometimes happen and there is no need to panic. And after some 10-15 seconds it all ended and I was able to move normally. Maybe the fact that I was sleeping on my stomach, and that I wasn’t panicking helped me not to experience any creepy hallucinations?

  45. Missy says:

    I experience this very often. Once a week or month. I often feel like I am being followed, stabbed, chased, pinned down, chocked or once someone was drilling a hole in my back and I could feel the drill bit going in and out of me and I could hear it as well. I notice that if someone is sleeping next to you, and if you can get their attention, you can come out of this state. But of course getting their attention is the hard part when you cannot move, speak or breathe. I have generalized anxiety disorder and asthma so these experiences are torture to me.

  46. luigi says:

    ok you need to pray god before you go to sleep and say sleeping paralisis till you dont fall asleep ok sweety ok first you will avoid all thoes bad spirits and some one you love will be beside of you rubbing your shoulders and make you feel good and saved i promise you this person is white and its your self as a spirit that its feeling it spirit touching spirit and you feel coold cheel coming on your body and you can see your own spirit by sayng come out mentally say it come out and mentally say move move and you will move its not a paranormal thing no way im spiritual i have it when i ask for it every day almost and you have an out of body experience if u keep sayng come out come out and you will see your spirit its bright and very white and i have seen my grand mother but that was bad

  47. Andrew says:

    Alan, I’m not sure if I’ve had exactly sleep paralysis, but the going back into it and out again seems so familiar. I’ve had so many weird episods whilst “asleep”, I can hardly remember. Ive had the tingly feeling starting at my body and rising to my head and sometimes it’s an extreme pressure and when it gets to my head, it feels like every blood vessel is going to explode. Ive had the feelng of someone in the room, floating above my bed and all over the place. ringing in my ears was a big one too. usually i’d have some odd dream and then the violent physical feelings would start. Some nights I thought I’d been punched in the face. ONe night my heart was going so fast, I lay there thinking “no human heart can handle this” and it was like i was preparing to die. some nights the episodes seemed to go on for hours. I finally learned that I had to force myself awake and force my eyes open. once awake, i’d turn on the light and stay up for a bit. the horrible episode would then be guaranteed over for the night. I always thought I was having a night terror. now reading about the SP changes my thoughts or maybe theyre related? One night when i was a kid, I swear I was awake, but i recall lying on my right side and staring at my bedroom door, then this weird tingly sensation would overcome me and I was still staring at my door and all of a sudden it was daytime, the room was a different colour, and my dad’s sister was coming in the room and saying hello. then, the tingly feeling came back and i was alone and it was ni ght time again. I could will this back and forth throughout that night. Ive had so many weird ni ghts , I can hardly believe others have had these too. School always brought on what I thought were Night terrors. seems like sleep paralysis is tied in or maybe I’m wrong? im 32 now and have only a few night terror/SP episodes a year. school used to trigger about 3 solid weeks of night terrors/SP. The first time I had an episode, I was in high school. I was so afraid of what had happened that night, I was afraid to even touch or go near my bed for fear of it returning. my doc in my mid twenties, was about to medicate me for these horrific, violent episodes.

  48. Peter says:

    I have actually experienced it for quite some time now and to me its painful because it happens almost every day.i hear sound in the head and feel like something has landed on the back of my neck and it acts like sucking my blood and that is very terryfying. it happens even during the day and as i try to wrestle with i produce a sound such that others can hear me and often ask me but its unexplainable. if someone touches it stops suddenly but can keep on coming continually. iam not too sure if mine is the same or its now a demonic attack.

  49. Jason says:

    Hi Peter, without trying to sound crazy, lol, just be comforted and encouraged to know that if you truly want deliverance from this thing that is afflicting you, if you feel in your heart it is a demon, God can and will save you from it’s effects. If you do not have a relationship with God, He is allowing this to take place so that you turn to Him and acknowledge His presence. All God wants from anyone is a relationship…that is why He created man in the first place. He allows the enemy to do certain things not because He does not love you but because He wants your attention and your trust/faith.

    When this is occurring, say “by the Blood of Jesus” 3 times (3 is considered God’s number), even in your head or out loud and symbolically/literally, this repels demonic attack since Jesus died to conquer death, sin and evil itself and the Bible says that even demons must bow down to and acknowledge that Jesus is Lord over all, and that He has authority over them.

    Jesus also gave us the power and authority in His name to expel demons as a part of “the Great Commission” to all who believe. This power is given through the Holy Spirit that He gave us as a comforter, protector and guide until His return who as a part of the Holy Trinity of God the Bible says is more powerful than the spirit that is in the world (Satanic/demonic).

    You can read more of my experiences and how I dealt with this type of activity in regards to sleep paralysis in post 39 above.

    If it persists even after this, you should consult your doctor to see what might be happening physically/psychologically but trust God to deliver you first. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the proof of things unseen.

    Feel free to contact me anytime at


  50. jessica says:

    hi i am 11 years old , i often get sleep paralysis thank you so much for posing this. does anyone know if this is hereditary because my moms two brothers(my uncles)have it as well

  51. SVELNE says:




  52. Toby says:

    I have had this probably 50% of nights for the last 2-3 years, i’m 18.
    My experiences are accompanied by a hallucination which is a very painful sensation in my head.
    I often have it in phases, for example i might be fine for a week, but then there may be another week where it happens every night, possibly more than once.

    I’ve never had demonic hallucinations or seen anything during the experiences but felt the pain most times, it mostly happens when i’m quite tired.

  53. Snow says:

    I hear a really loud…screaching..almost like a siren…It hurts my ears..afterwards my ears ring for about 15 minutes

  54. Amy says:

    I suffer from SP regularly. In fact I had it again last night. I believe that to some degree its hereditary as my father suffers from it but also I am aware that if I have not slept well I am more inclined to suffer from it.

    I used to get the fear that there was evil in the room, this is not as bad as it was though, my main issue now is the loud noises i hear as I enter SP state.I often hear static sounds and the conversations and music that will get louder till they are deafening. I can feel these attacks coming on and it can happen even when I lay on my side (though I prefer to sleep on my back) I have tried concentrating on moving a single muscle to beak out of it and have had no luck so far. The static and loud sounds and the deadening feelings in my limbs are a sign it is about to go into a full fledged SP attack. I suffer from SP in chain form so once I have had one I will have several.

    I spoke to a close friend about this just yesterday and we both concurred neither of us have ever suffered from SP when we share our beds with people. He advised me that this is a subconscious comfort thing.

    I also have extremely lucid dreams and remember them when I awake, I also have dreams that can continue ie I have a friend who crashes over at the weekends. Every time he was around for the first 6mnths I would have this dream about a house I had never been to, each week I would see more of this house, eventually it just stopped one night. I also talk in my sleep and have been known to sleep walk as well.

    Maybe I just have issues when it comes to sleeping but maybe they are all linked?

  55. wYzest says:

    I been having these lately for over 2 years, at first they came in uncontrollable horrible hallucinations and presence, once I saw my brother walk through the door with it closed and he came back and walk out again, but turn around only his head with a big grin, creep… But soon I realize the more scared I get or think something is going to happen it does, so one night I felt my body numbing up and went into the state, I felt pressure on me and calm myself down thought about some naughty dirty thoughts and actually experience sex in that state. I woke up from the SP as if it was a realistic wet dream, but the fear part seems to be overwhelming. I tried it again when it happen and it felt like something was pushing very hard on me, making it hard not to fear it.

    Overall, I think when you have control over it, it becomes a dream that you are in the driver seat. I even manage to levitate myself and watch my body float around the room. The fear is the only part that makes it a horrific experience. Our natural instinct of waking up without control of our bodies, instantly draw in fear causing the horrific experience. Once, you overcome it, it should become more pleasant, it’s all about will power.

  56. Paris says:

    I get sleep paralysis about once a week which, from what I’ve read is quite irregular. It always happens when I’m falling asleep,not waking up, and I can now feel it just before it happens. Usually it’s too late, and I’m stuck. It’s accompanied by an overwhelming rushing noise and an even more overwhelming sense of terror. I think the reason I’m most afraid is because I can’t open my eyes so I have no idea of what could be potentially about to attack me while I’m defenseless. The worst part for me is that it typically happens more than once in a row, usually about 5 or 6 times before I get up and stay up for a while. I don’t think it could be cureable looking at the science of it which is kinda depressing. I’m 18 and the only thing worse than sleep paralysis that I’ve ever experienced was drinking the powder of 80 grammes of magic mushrooms, try sleep paralysis+ego death+10 hours of hell. :)

  57. Daisy says:

    I totally agree with you…I think there”s more to it than what they’re saying.

  58. Alli says:

    I have had SP for years, but it has only been the last 9 months that have been the most terrifying for me. When I was younger (teenager), I would wake up, hear the swooshing/wave/static sound and be frozen. After 10 seconds, I would be fine. I would feel like there had been a presence there, but would usually be able to fall back to sleep. My most recent bout with sleep paralysis occured upon the birth of my first child. As any new parent, I was lucky to get any sleep I could. Still being used to sleeping on my side due to my pregnancy (I was a back sleeper prior to being pregnant), I drifted off mid morning while my daughter napped. I remember opening my eyes, feeling the tingling sensation/hearing the static, etc. Suddenly, I heard “Would someone please help me?” in a female voice. Finally I was able to wake up. I grabbed my daugter out of her pack and play and refused to go back into my bedroom until my husband came home. I had a few more moments like that until I got into a better sleep routine. Everything was going great until a few nights ago. My daughter hasn’t been sleeping well, and in turn, I have been up a couple of hours each night. I had a non-issue SP incident, where I woke up with the usual static/tingling, and then was able to get back to sleep. Last night was another story – I woke up hearing a “gremlin-esque” voice in my ear. I could understand what “it” was saying, and I heard tons of laughing in my ear as it was saying it. I tried to remain calm, woke up, went to check on my daughter in the next room, and went back to sleep about 45 minutes later once I had convinced myself all was well. I know that it is SP but it is still so terrifying to even entertain the idea that it could be “something else”. I’m hoping that I will sleep normally tonight. These bouts take so much out of me – everytime I think back to these incidents it’s like having them all over (emotionally, not physically)

  59. Chris says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have been getting SP for a few years now. I have gone through all kinds of beliefs about what is, what it means for my life and all that. I have been convinced that it has spiritual significance in the past, but now im pretty sure its just malfunction of the nervous system and a type of sleep disorder. All that being said, while you have absolutely no access to moving your muscles it can be quite scary as everyone has said, but you know what, im kinda over it. I still get it on a regular basis but it really doesn’t bother me. It’s just like a recurring dream, it will haunt you until you face it.

    I came to a point where I really felt like I was being possessed by a spirit or something, and it was scary, but I challenged it one day. I couldn’t move a single muscle and it was quite scary, but I still had a will inside me, a kind of attitude that just say “you wanna take me?! fine! go for it!” and i am telling you when I snapped out of that SP it was the most liberating feeling of my life!

    face up to it, there is nothing else you can do. Grow a pair and just face that demon, witch, alien, God, who or whatever you think it is. Just face it, i am telling you, you will feel so much stronger for it.

    Strange as it sounds, I actually quite enjoy getting SP now, it just feels like your going on this warm and fuzzy ride. I don’t care if it is some kind of spirit, I challenge it every time now to show me something new. I feel like there is this immense force pulsing from my body and its shaking the entire room, I challenge it, I say “common, lets blow this room up!”

    just feel the force, its powerful! don’t be scared! we are blessed to experience this feeling on a regular basis. Trust me, learn to enjoy it, its liberating. You don’t know what your missing out on!

    I hope this helps anyone who still feels terrified like I used to.. (and by the way, once you start enjoying it, it doesn’t happen not nearly as much.. :(

    If anyone wants to talk about there experience, ask me questions or wants help etc. email me at:

    Much luv!

  60. Chris says:

    by the way… this thing doesn’t keep dates so if you want to know how fresh that last post was its 9:21pm 11/06/2009

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  62. Erica says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can remember this happening to me once in my life and the terror was indescribable. From reading this I realize: 1. I was sleeping on my back. 2. My sleep schedule had no pattern and 3. Although not mentioned here, I was sleeping in an unfamiliar environment (which probably added to the terror). This makes me question. Would I have been so terrified if I had not been force-fed the idea of evil spirits in my religious upbringing? Now do you have any very good ideas on how to remind one’s self while in SP that its just SP and not some attack by pure evil?

  63. Erica says:

    Did those evil spirits take away your power to use punctuation marks?

  64. Katie says:

    I get it maybe 2x a year, can’t remember how long it’s been going on…I think all my life (I’m nearly 40). I recently told my mother about this, and I thought her response was interesting – “Maybe when people die in their sleep, it’s from something like this.”

  65. Lauren says:

    Sleep paralysis is one step towards having out of body experiences. When the mind disconnects from the body the spririt is free to travel – the first sign towards this can be aloud hiss or even a roaring sound in the ears and a feeling as if you’re shaking even though your body is not moving. IF you relax deeper into these experiences and will yourself ‘up’ you should be able to harness out of body experiences and go exploring every night =)

  66. Lauren says:

    That is definately what you were doing Cynthia. OBE’s frequently begin with unintentional or self-induced sleep paralysis. People then often experience loud buzzing noises or roaring sounds in their ears and a sensation of shaking or vibration as they separate more fully. I fully encourage you to explore this avenue if you experience it again, always ask for protection from your guides but OBE’s are probably one of the most important spiritual experiences you can ever have.

  67. Lauren says:

    Sonia this load roaring noise is frequently heard when someone is about to have an out of body experience. Though it sounds loud and scary, if you relax through it the sounds will slowly vanish and you may feel like you’re vibrating or shaking – at this point you can will yourself ‘up’ and have an out of body experience. Try not to be afraid as its a wonderful opportunity! Ask for protection from your guides and go for it!

  68. Lauren says:

    Loud roaring or buzzing sounds as well as a feeling of vibration are generally signs that you are about to have an out of body experience. In this state, the body is very disconnected from the mind and you are very close to being able to just think ‘up’ and float out of your body. The male voices you heard may have been your guides trying to speak to you, maybe not, but there is no need to be afraid. The vibrations can be uncomfortable at first but if you relax through them, an OBE is a truly amazing spiritual experience.

  69. Lauren says:

    Everything you are describing is typical of Out of Body Experiences Danielle. You can go look at the Monroe Institute website for more information – he was a gentleman who had spontaneous OBE’s his entire life and set up an institute where people go to learn how to do it. The wave sound you hear is a frequently heard sound as well as sensations of vibration that generally indicate you are close to having an OBE, not sure why you would hear it when you are wide awake but perhaps the institute may have some answers for you. =) OBE”s are fantastic if you can initiate them consciously!

  70. Lauren says:

    The Vibration you felt is generally a sign that you are ready to have an out of body experience.

  71. Lauren says:

    Sleep paralysis happens every night when you go to sleep. It is the body’s way of preventing you from waking up by thrashing around in your dreams. For some people waking up in it is more frequent than others, but a few seconds is generally all the body needs to realise the mind is awake and allow movement again.

  72. Reza says:

    Thanks for clarifying this. Go figure. 2:55am and “no” I don’t have a night job :-)
    I honestly didn’t think, I would find anyone that shared my experience. I thought, I was becoming odd :-) lol………Because seeing yourself sleep, trying your hardest to wake and you can’t move a muscle, or barely sitting up just to be forced back down like a magnet, and feeling like someone is near you and you feel helpless to protect yourself from harm that could occur (but never does) is just weird, but cool. Cool because I feel like I’m awake and I’m really outside my body. Sometimes, it’s like I see myself from afar and sometimes, I just simply cant move a muscle. I have woken up sweating before and kinda pissed that I can’t wake myself up when I wanted to. LOL………I’m glad, I’m not going crazy!!!!!!!!

  73. Silas says:

    Call for Jesus and he will immediately stop the Sleep Paralysis.
    Learn more here:

  74. Kira says:

    Thank you so much for explaining this. I will always experience sleep paralysis like twice a month… I’ve heard that some people who panics too much will cause your brain and pumping blood to collide or something fights and causes death… I am really frightened though I’m very young and i am experiencing this already.

  75. Kate says:

    Thanks! I’ve been having this since I was is fifth grade and I still have it. Except for me when ever I get it it’s always in the morning (every morning!) and in the afternoon so I end up collapsing and no controll over my legs and feet. Is the afternoon one somthing diffrent?

  76. Teo says:

    This has happened to me 4 nights in a row. I’m only 16 and it’s so scarry. When I come out of it I and weak and shakey. Unlike some I can’t usually open my eyes but I can breathe. So what I usually do is breathe quickly as I panic and cannout shout. Please reply

  77. Nick says:

    I get sleep paralysis quite often and have grown to deal with it. my issue is, when paralysis occurs i begin to hear extremely high pitched noises, almost like tuning in on a radio station, or frequency. i also sometimes get muscle spasms so bad i feel like its almost a seizure(but it really isn’t) any reason for this to occur??

  78. fnveenie says:

    i know this comment was posted a long time ago but i started having sleep paralysis again after 6 years without. i started having it again two nights ago, which was the same night i randomly started researching it. thats crazy thats happened to you too because this has been messing with my head for the last two days.

  79. Simone says:

    Late last nite, or early this morning rather, my boyfriend experienced his first case of sleep paralysis while laying next to me. I, however, have been experiencing it on & off for years…first episode that I can remember at age 16, then most frequently around age 19. My brother used to have the same type of experiences, and we would refer to them as “Force Dreams”. Although younger, my brother handled the dreams a lot more logically…he would even teach me little relaxation techniques to help me deal with it better. We read up on everything…Incubus/Succubus, sleeping conditions, etc. The scientific explanations started to make more & more sense…I’m high-stressed, I keep crazy sleeping hours…Cool! It felt good to know it wasn’t something so terrifying & terrible! With all that being said, there’s still one factor that concerns me. I’ve had MANY experiences with this so-called Sleep Paralysis–AND TRUST ME, I HAVE SOME REALY GOOD EPISODES TO SHARE!!! The one thing I can’t shake, to keep this all “scientifically explained”, is that “sense of an evil presence”. Usually, I wouldn’t have the “dreams” when someone was laying next to me. One night though, I had an “episode” while my 3yr old daughter was sleeping next to me–and this is actually, one of the few times that I thought I saw a face or figure in the room…it almost looked translucent…similar to how a face would look on a photo negative. Now, here’s the scary part…I woke up–presence still lingering, of course– to see my 3yr old child sitting up in the dark, staring straight ahead. I turned on the lights, tried to ask her what was wrong, and she just sat there looking all out of it! She didn’t even want to look at me or speak. When I finally got her to say somethin, she told me that a “witch with red eyes” was tryin to bite her hand. Talk about feeling creeped out!!!

  80. Simone says:

    Now that particular experience happened about 11 years ago, and this is my first time publicly sharing it. The point I was tryin to make is, my daughter seemed to be witnessing some type of crazy “energy” at the same time I was going thru it. That’s how it felt last nite when my boyfriend was having his first “SP Moment”. It’s really hard to explain, but it’s almost like that negative/frightening energy was filtering over into my totally unrelated dream. And, if you think it’s scary to have one of those dreams/sleep paralysis episodes, try waking up to see someone laying next to you experiencing it. I must say that I would never believe that I looked anything like that while I’m going through it, so I don’t know??? What do you think???

  81. Brindy says:

    I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and I believe sleep paralysis. I wake up and cannot move or breath, and have very vivid nightmares. The first few times this happened, I thought the nightmares were real.I have been experiencing this for a couple of years now on a pretty regular basis. It has lessened some, but still happens about once a week. I wake up in the middle of the night quite often(from nightmares, usually without the sleep paralysis). I am wondering if the nightmares from PTSD could be causing my sleep paralysis?Anyone have suggestions on ways to better deal with this?

  82. Brindy says:

    Can you think of anything traumatic that has happen recently in your life? Do you also have nightmares? If the answer to both of these is yes, you might be suffering from symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.Nightmares can certainly cause sleep deprivation, which could cause sleep paralysis too.

  83. Eric K. says:

    I have varying views of SP.

    When I was kid, I was raised in a religious household. So when I started having my first experiences wih SP I thought “knew” there was a presence in the room. One specific episode was where I was having a dream about folding my laundry while sitting on my bed. As I made the final fold to a shirt, it felt stiff. Unnaturally stiff. Where the shirt was SUPPOSED to have folded, it didn’t. It flipped the WHOLE shirt over. I knew this to be trigger to “an attack”. Rather than my mind truly waking up, I was thrown against the wall and held by my throat tightly. I felt a heavy breathing egainst my right ear that echoed through my head. It sounded like thickly congested lungs breathing quickly as if one had just been running. It lasted about 15 seconds and then I felt “released” and then woke up. Again, this was whe I was about 7 or 8.

    Another instance was when I was having a dream. In the dream, it happened in the same room. In this room against the far wall sat a mirror that stood about 5 feet tall and a foot and a half wide. I went to reach for something that sat on top of the dresser to it’s side and felt an invisible wall. I pressed the invisible wall and felt it flex simultaneously with the mirror which stood another 4 feet away. I pressed it multiple times and “knew”. And just like the first episode I experienced, I was thrown aginst the wall with my throat in a death grip. I heard the familiar congested quick breaths. This particular epside lasted about 15 to 30 seconds.

    These 2 episodes happened while sleeping. I never forced my eyes open and couldnt move, as most people tell their experiences. I was still asleep. But the helplessness was still there. Try and call a name, yell, move, scream? Nothing. I could do… NOTHING.

    Im 25 years old now and married. My wife has had to rip me away from my unconconciousnees many times because I was scaring her. I scared her because I was described as “barking like a dog.” She currently knows about my experiences as a kid and all throughout my life since then. And there HAVE been many. Thank God she’s so understanding.

    But the strangest thing is the FEELING of an “attack”. Whether it’s violent as when I was a kid, or as simple as waking up with paralysis, the strong tingling, glittery, feeling that I feel is centralized to the back of my neck, the back of my ears and my chest.

    After I started to research SP, I startd to rest at ease knowing what I now “know” about SP. And although I knew I wasn’t alone when it came to “attacks” and sleeping episodes, I never read everyones experiences.

    My peace of mind is no longer there since tonight, though.

    After I feel asleep at my computer table lying on my arm, I felt the strong tingling feeling creep up the back of neck as soon as I saw a womans face changeing into different peoples’ right before my eyes. It was actually my wife’s face that kept changing. As I tried to wake up, I was paralized. This time, I did open my eyes. Helpless, I remembered everything I learned about SP in my research of the condition. I reminded myself that it would be over soon and I’d be able to move again shortly. The very second I thought that, I was gripped harder and was “told” I was wrong. In my head I cowered back and said “okay, okay, okay.” The instant “credit” was given, I was released.

    Now I’m just confused…

  84. Jason says:

    I feel for you man. Seriously, I’m not sure but I feel as though you may have your reservations against the faith you grew up in, maybe Christ-based?…not to sound crazy or anything even though it might to you depending on your beliefs, haha, but I do know that God allows things to happen to those who know or may have had a relationship with Him in the past in order to attempt to call them back into a relationship with Him since He loves all of His children. I’m not saying God is attacking you but may be allowing an ungodly force to mess with you until you acknowledge that only God through Jesus can save you from these episodes and in turn anything in this life and beyond.

    Please read my posting above:

    Jason on 01.09.2008 at 22:56

    or push “Ctrl” “F” and search for Jason on this page.

    I’m not saying all episodes of SP are demonic in nature as there may be scientific explanations to some, but based on the context of some people’s stories, I wouldn’t doubt if the forces behind those particular stories were.

    I have had similar experiences to yours which ultimately led me to accept God into my life. I have allowed Him to protect me through the Blood of Christ, which when He died on the cross supernaturally and physically conquered death and evil itself. God the Father has given real supernatural power and authority to anyone who believes in His son Jesus, to expel demons and all evil through him. It is written all throughout the New Testament in the Bible. Do a New Testament search for yourself on “demons” or “spirits” at

    Now, whenever I have an episode of SP (very rare now), I have learned to trust in and simply say (symbolically by faith) the name of Jesus 3 times (in my head since I can’t verbally speak or move my mouth when having an SP attack). It always lets me go once I say (think of) the name as even demons acknowledge that Jesus is Lord of all. Therefore, they must obey Him and leave us alone when we call on His name to guard, protect and save us when being afflicted.

    I hope something in this message speaks to you. I have gone through and experienced many supernatural things before and after I became a follower of Christ and this is pretty much the scariest because you don’t feel in control of yourself or what your going through. Put yourself back in control with Christ Jesus at your side and you’ll never have to worry if/when it ever happens again. Trust me on this one and I hope this appeases the confusion you expressed at the end of your posting.

    Contact me anytime at



  85. Robyn says:

    Hey there everyone! I found this website after exploring for answers due to my unusual sleep disturbances lately. I used to suffer from the conditions listed above such as the paralyized feeling, and feeling of a presence in the room; however, lately I have been hyperventilating in my sleep. It starts while I’m dreaming about something and the person/ghost in my dream starts to walk toward me I lose my breath. Luckily my boyfriend has been with me everytime to bring me out of it. I know it’s not a breatheing problem b/c I don’t need help breatheing afterward. I remember exactly everything I drempt about it, too. I have extreme levels of anxiety afterwards, though. Anybody else experience anything like this? what’s it caused by? Thank you.

  86. Cecilia says:

    I’ve been experiencing SP for 5 years and I can say now that the fear totally consumes me. I’ve had episodes 5 out of the past 7 nights. I have multiple episodes per night. I have experienced all and more of what people have written in this blog.

    If it were not for my husband being able to hear my dull “moan” in my throat to awaken me, I fear I would never come out of the episodes. I would describe this feeling as a unnatural abd certain death. I am intelligent enough to know that it’s not a hag or spirit haunting me, even though my hallucinations might lead me to believe otherwise.

    I’ve seeked medical help recently becuase I am concerned about the strain it has on my heart. I am 33. Its sad so many of us suffer from this. I’ve been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, but the doctors believe this is not the primary cause of my paralysis. They believe my sleep patters are distrupted my my young children during the night. They are correct, but this amount of torture for being a good mother and sleeping with “one ear open” so I’m available to them seems unfair.

    Recently, the doctors prescriped Ambian CM. It seems to help so far. I’ve only taken it two nights. These were the only nights out of the 7 that I didn’t experience SP.

    I will try your “Jesus” method Jason as I just recently started to go to church again and am begging Him for help daily.

  87. Ms. Simone says:

    I am glad to hear I am not the only person who had such experience. I must say, I beleive it’s another relam or demenision which we who experience this can not function. I have experienced being awaken by something getting in my bed. I found myself laying on my back between its’ legs. It exmanined my left breast and polk around my left fingers. I was able to look down and notice it legs was the color jade. I called on the name of Jesus and I was able to take a deep breath and was able to move. I was fully awake and it was no dream.
    Just the other day I was alseep and felt myself falling into a deeper sleep. I heard loud music playing in that realm and I was trying to come out of it but it was to heavy. I saw somthing again trying to in the bed with me. This experience felt like my soul was awake all night. I got up exhalusted. :-(

  88. SAKA24 says:



  89. kellz says:

    i experianced this too actually i was laying on my side! i heard a loud roaring sound and i tried to move and couldnt. then i woke up and tried sleeping again and it instantly happened again.

  90. sean says:

    Sooooo I experience somthing a little different…Often I wake up unable to move, I get real HOT and start sweating, I try to move to wipe the sweat out my eyes but I cant and it Burns..I feel litte scratches all over my body and the ceiling starts to drip blood….I focus all my energy on closing my eyes, when i do it breaks the spell..I jump up from bed completely drenched in sweat and immediatly drink water….this has happened to me for 9 years now

  91. KeKe says:

    This happens 2 me often.Maybe 2-3 times a week.I think it happens more when im sleep.I can see but not hear and breathing is very hard.It only happen 4 a couple of seconds and then i seem 2 be o.k.I dont feel like anyone evil is there.I have been going Thru this 4 a while and you get use 2 it.

  92. yeilyn says:

    Another thing you should add on to I to just tell yourself to calm down and relax your mind has great power over you..and telling yourself to calm down and relax and try to make the situation go away is the best way..Alot of experiences have happened to me, so i know how it feels like and im scared and petrefied and have hard time breathin and at one point i actually had pain on my sides and arms from it when i woken up only once though, telling yourself to calm down and relax is the best solution and for me the experiences have stopped alreay =D yayyyyy!!

  93. yeilyn says:

    Another thing you should add on to I to just tell yourself to calm down and relax your mind has great power over you..and telling yourself to calm down and relax and try to make the situation go away is the best way..Alot of experiences have happened to me, so i know how it feels like and im scared and petrefied and have hard time breathin and at one point i actually had pain on my sides and arms from it when i woken up only once though, telling yourself to calm down and relax is the best solution and for me the experiences have stopped already=D yayyyyy!!

  94. vishwanath says:

    thanks a lot for the explanation,i had this thing happening to me like a hour back and for last 6 months.i am working graveyard shift for 2 years now,well its a great relife to understand why it happens.its nice phenomenon to read but really bad to experience.this explanation will change a lot for me next time i wont be scared for sure…… thanks a lot for great help…
    take care…

  95. Mia says:

    Thanks for explaining sleep paralysis!
    I had just experienced this last night. But it kept on happening every time I try to sleep. At first, I was probably asleep. Then, I started hearing this religious chanting and after that, there was a this high pitch sound that kept on getting louder. When the sound reached it’s loudest point, I couldn’t move at all! I was panicking and I felt like I was going to be abducted… I could move my eyes and my head a little bit, and when I try to move my head, it was shaking and felt like it was being pushed down. I would snap out of it when I move my arm, but when I try to sleep, I would hear the high pitch noise again and become paralyzed. This repeated about 2-4 times, and I knew I was awake. It kept me up 30 minutes last night… It wasn’t fun at all… :(

  96. C W Payne says:

    I have experienced Sleep Paralysis many many times. Yes it scared me. While sleeping I awoke but couldn’t move or make a sound. I never seen any ugly creature, just seemed as though some invisable force was preventing me from moving and making a sound. After snapping out of it I felt goose-bumps all over with an itching sensation.
    I was 16 years old. Nothing abnormal happening in my life. Not depressed or stressed out.
    Next occurences began when I was about 30. Quite frequent, several times a week, sometime one right after another.
    Many times I was aware when it was starting and prevent it. Other times I would lay still, letting it go on.
    I would hear a buzz sound that would resonate into a high pitch sound. Seemed as though every atom in my body was viberating faster and faster as the sound become higher and higher in frequency. It was as though I was moving at the speed of light.
    Of all the times I haved tried to stick it out from beginning to end (?) I would become scared and fight myself out of it, with itchey goose-bumps.
    I’m 68 years old now and still experience them once in a while….and still don’t know what’s happening.

  97. Monica says:

    Thank you for explaining this! I always wondered what caused them, and i’ve had them for years. I just had one the other night. They aren’t nice at all.
    Once, i had fallen asleep on my mom’s bed. My dad works grave yard shifts. I woke up and i couldn’t move, i was asleep on my side, and i could’ve sworn i had seen my dad in the room and when i tried to call him, my voice went away. I just heard myself breathing really heavy. When i was able to move, i got up right away and noticed my dad wasn’t home. That one scared me. :(
    Another time, i had seen a shadow come from my ceiling, towards my face. I couldn’t breath this other time either. :/
    I really hate them.

  98. RiotMaker says:

    I’m 25, and have been suffering from these for nearly 10 years. It’s gotten increasingly worse to the point where it’s every night sometimes multiple times a night.

    I came online tonight, googled sleeping disorders and found this which seems to fit the description almost perfectly.

    They generally occur and are over within the first 15 minutes after I’ve “fallen” asleep.

    It’s progressed to the point where I’m often scared to sleep, and when I finally give into fatigue it’s only with the lights and TV on.

    I’ve also found that when I fall asleep on my back, its always a given that I’ll have one of these dreams (Or SP).

    Generally someone is always trying to break into the house, or someone has made it into the house. The dogs are always barking like crazy, often I can hear voices, and sometimes it progresses to the point where I can feel the intruders hands on me.

    I always try to force myself to get up or roll around, even try to force my eyes open. I’ve tried to call out to my girlfriend who’s generally in bed beside me, but mostly whatever comes out of my mouth is just incoherent babble.

    In reality, when I wake up I find the dogs and girlfriend calmly sleeping. My girlfriend says she never hears or feels anything whatsoever. Now that I have some knowledge of what they are, I’m going to try to remain calm and just ride the dream out.

    If anyone wants to share their experiences with me, or offer any advice, feel free to email me at

  99. talanie says:

    im so happy to see this. One thing i havent seen was … sometimes while im sleeping and cant move something on my skin is itching and i can not scratch it. but when someone wakes me up or calls my name im not itching anymore or nothing is biting me example (mosquito)

  100. naina says:

    i share the same experience as you guys did.It’s kinda weird while sleeping my whole body jams i cldn’t move any part of my body except my eyes. Firstly when i told my parents about that no one believed me.Infact my friends made fun of me that i dream a lot. i felt like some kinda spirit entered my body.i tried to scream bt i cldnt . this has happened with me at least 5 to 6 times. I don’t know what is this but watever is this is really scary. When i search about it on google i found articles related to sleep paralysis syndrome i dnt knw its actlly a syndrome. sum articles said dis is heriditary bt this has never happened wid ny one in my family. bt last to last nt it again happened with me i tried to call my sis bt i went mute i cldnt speak up.
    hope i get to now sumthng new bout this soon through this blog..

  101. mike says:

    i always have these experiences i am not really sure how often but often enough, and like someone said they sleep with the t.v and lights on because its terrofing. many times when i just wake up after having one of these i am scared to go back to sleep, but i am so tired that i go to sleep and it happens again, sometime this will happen in a row. i just had one about 3 hours ago and i decieded to google this finally and came across this page, when i started reading the hairs on my head and body stood up and i felt goosebumps all over me because it is nearly perfet how it is explained. the feeling is the worst usually it does happen when i lay on my back, it is so weird and scary because it feels like i am awake exept that i cant really tell if my eyes are open or i ant explain what i am seeing i am sure you all know what i am talking about, than i feel like i am fighting to move my body but it wont budge, i swear sometimes i fight it so much i actually try to bang the wall next to my bed, i feel like i am losing my breath like i have to fore every breath to ome out and into my body but it is failing i start to panic and i feel someone RIGHT next to me, its like my eyes are flickering between open and close i see someone in the room standing right next to me and its like he is trying to touch my arms and hold me,it is the worst feeling in the world. i then snap out of it and feel like i need to scream for help. i feel so scared and helpless and i am a 21 year old guy. im glad i found other people i can relate to and i feel your pain guys, its a horrible experience. i read almost all the comments and i know you guys agree some peoples comments hits it right on the nail and you can relate while others i feel are atually taking this as a joke or trying to put it as a great experience and those people have no idea because they make it up they try to make it sound like an out of body experience or some thing, if you dont have these things then dont comment its a waste of time and space on this page, well i feel happy i am able to tell my story and be able to relate to alot of you. if any body wants to talk more about it just replay to me i will get back to you i promise.

  102. danielle says:

    has anyone ever experienced a sensation in their neck or a charlie horse in conjunction with sleep paralysis?

  103. chelsey says:

    I know you posted your comment ages ago and chances of you seeing this are low but I thought it might be worth a try. I’m fifteen years old and have recently started experiencing SP. the first few times i’ve had it I’ve just felt sort of ‘pinned’ down to my bed like someone is holding me there. these experience have terrified me but I’ve never felt threatened by a ‘being’… unroll tonight, my worst experience so far has scared me so much I don’t want to go back to sleep. I was trying to get to sleep and like most nights I hear people having random conversations in my head, but I can never hear fully into the conversation I just know that the voices are there. I was laying on my side facing my door and suddently I felt really bad anxiety and felt asthough something or someone was standing watching me at my door. I tried to tell them to go away then I realised I was paralised, as soon as I tried to speak I felt a rush of vibrations move down my body.. abit like pins and needles sensation and started hearing this weird swooshing noise. i then looked at my covers and vivdly saw a persona face there just looking at me and felt myself jump with fear but still couldn’t move. I started breathing techniques I have learnt but as I was laying on my side it just felt like my lungs were crushed. meanwhile these uncomfertable sensations were still rushing through me quite vigorously now. then I looked at my wall and still saw this something or someone at my door ans felt fear but felt light headed and saw mooving shapes on the wall. it took me a while to snap out of it and whenever I did I just fell back into it. sorry this has been such a ling comment but i’ve notised some of your symptoms are slot like mine and it would be sosoosososo helpfully to know if you have found any techniques that help you as my SP is becomming more frightening and frequent. thankyou

  104. Jason says:

    Hi Chelsey,

    If you simply want a way to snap out during your SP attacks, well, for myself to be honest as a Christian, I believe in the Power of Jesus Christ to destroy whatever is attaking you during these episodes. All you need to do is believe in your heart that there is Power in the name of Jesus and when this happens to you, even when you can’t speak with your mouth, say “let go of me in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus” over and over until it let’s you go. You may have to do this a few times before you’ll wake up but it works everytime, guaranteed if you believe it will.

    I just had an episode of SP a couple of nights ago for the first time in years,where I couldn’t speak or move and a black shadow person was staring at me from in front of my mirror. The weird thing is that I had this episode of SP while lying on my side, not on my back. Anyways, the point is that I still remembered what to do which was exactly what I told you to try above by calling out to Jesus for help and it worked!

    You see, demons like to make people think that they have total control over them and love to instill fear in people because it empowers them, even if they don’t know it’s a demon. It says in the Bible that even demons must bow down and submit to the authority and power of Jesus Christ as God over all, including them, therefore they must listen and do whatever He commands them to do, including letting you go during SP. That’s why calling out the name of Jesus to save you during an episode of SP works everytime and I encourage you to try it if you’re looking for a permanent solution. If you get scared before bed or can’t sleep, try reading Psalm 91 in the Bible which is amazingly comforting and powerful. If you don’t have a Bible of your own, you can read it at

    I hope this helps a bit. My solution may sound a bit crazy if you don’t believe in God but it’s no more crazy than having a supernatural episode of SP, you know what I mean? So believe me, it’s worth giving a try.

  105. mummy marz says:

    Just thought i would comment, as this has happened twice in my life, so far…… both times after the paralysis there were dark shadows crawling out of the window, once in the UK and once in Italy.

    I do think there is alot more to this then has been scientifically proven – the thought of alien inteference has crosses my mind, also spirits from another world have been another thought!

    Maybe I am crazy maybe not!

  106. Micahia says:

    During my SP episodes.. I scream and scream and scream (in my dream like state) until I physically make a noise. (which is usually a small grunt). Once I hear myself make a noise in REAL life.. I start to wake up. Sometimes it is extremely hard to make a sound.. and even when i do.. its hard to not fall back into a deeper paralysis… But what I do now.. is I told my boyfriend that if he ever hears me making noises in my sleep he is to touch or shake me. Feeling someone touch my arm while having sleep paralysis helps me wake up. The problem is that I have to make enough noise that he will wake up too. But eventually he always hears me.. and wakes me up.. My sleep paralysis is so bad sometimes that even if im moaning in my sleep i still cant sit up and wake up completely.. I feel like im at the bottom of a pool screaming and i cant get to the surface.

  107. Beth says:

    I experience sleep paralysis quite often but it only ever happens when i sleep alone. I live with my boyfriend and it never happens while he’s there but it ALWAYS happens when he’s not there without fail. I have never had any hallucinations or anything like that though. Also it doesn’t happen if i fall asleep with the light and the tv on.

  108. Vicheth says:

    It used to happen to me for 6/7 years straight. I was scared for the first year because you see figures/apparitions but, then after I was so used to it. I could control it a lot better, like I could snap out of it really fast. When I’m sleeping I would know when it was going to happen. For me I would be dreaming then eventually everything goes black and in my head I’ll be like ‘here we go again.’ I eventually would just wake out of it and go back to sleep right after. Here’s my advice on avoiding it. Sleep with your mp3/ipod on and listen to music as you sleep but have your sleep timer on or let your tv run in the background while you sleep and have it on sleep timer. You can still sleep on your back, just DON’T sleep with your limbs to your side. And stay calm when it happens don’t flood your imagination with unnecessary thoughts.

  109. alex says:

    i have been having this problem for a while normall about 3-4 times a week i get a loud noise in my ears i carnt move or anything i have the outerbody experince but its though someone is throwing me round the the room it feels as if i fall of my bed slowly and get dragged across the floor it happens a couple of times durning the night the thing i find most scary is that its all happens in my room can be very distresing at times especcially when i get hallucinations of creatures aswell

  110. ionina says:

    I had something similar to this last night. It started with a dream, that I was walking in the forest down a gravel road, at the end of the road there was a meadow but there was a metal cage, inside the cage was a little girl who was shivering, I went to touch the girl on the shoulder to see if she was alright and then i heard screaming echoing in my ears and then I woke up. I could see everything in my room clearly, but I couldn’t move at all, but stil the screaming continued. I then put all my effort into moving my hand and after about three minutes I was able to move it. Then it all stopped. Am I going mad?

  111. Jayson Porte says:

    I experience this kind of thing about..hmmm.,it started 6 years ago.(2nd year highschool), and last night and so on.. (i’m still waitin’)…
    the first time i experience this thing, i feel like im going to die.. im too nervous and afraid to sleep, but thinking of this kind of stuff make me sleepy.. but time passed by.. i learned how to fight this thing.. take a deep breath, try to move no matter what (just move your fu&^*&^ ass), concentrate don’t let your enemy to kill you…control it.. try to bite your lips if you can’t move your body.. time passed by it more and more difficult.. i never expect this.. 5 to 6 times in one night. the level increases in every year.. damn.. like devil in window, sadako on the radio shit. but i’m not scared when i saw sadako, because i know that im in a sleep paralysis.. but my determination to live is more powerful.. if you survive don’t forget to thank to him (god)hehe…

  112. ganekon says:

    I experienced it when I was a kid. Wake up after a nightmare, then I can’t move. Tried to wake other person, but no voice came out. I thought some spirit or something is playing trick on me, and I felt it above my head. After several times it happens to me, I ever try to fool the ‘spirit’ by pretending to sleep, and then move with all my strength, but I can’t budge even an inch. Once, it happened when I want to pee, but I can’t move so I wet my bed :p
    I tell the other what happens, but they don’t believe me. Damn it!
    As I grow older, it stopped. And yes, not sleeping on your back is helps.

  113. Anna says:

    Pls don’t worry, I just want to remind you this is your universe, do not let anybody or anything think otherwise. You have your free will, USE IT. I am using my free will to let you know about this because I live in a universe of my own, just like you live in yours. It may seem both universes are one so to speak but they are not, they just touch each other without melting with each other. The division is subtle yet unbroken unless you want otherwise. But we both have to agree on that, both of us have free will and we both have the right to use it.
    You have 5 doors that open to this universe of yours, your five senses. Just close the doors by doing this (you can say it out loud or think it, it is very powerful it will work every time):

    I don’t want to see anything I don’t want
    I don’t want to hear anything I don’t want
    I don’t want to smell anything I don’t want
    I don’t want to touch or be touched by anything I don’t want
    I don’t want to taste anything I don’t want.

    I have my free will and I am using it now. Obey, this is my universe, you are not welcome.

    Simple, but it works. If you believe in God(Allah, Jeovah, Budha, etc) it is great, also think no one can take your soul but your creator, if that is what you want to say, if that is what you want to allow; but bear this in mind, your creation was based on love, good, not evil.
    Your free will was a gift from him/it contemplating all possibilities. Also remember you are responsible of it.

  114. Mateus says:

    You advised to take in the experience, and not be afraid. You’re wrong. This experience is too real and horrific to be “taking in. If you don’t fight it, it gets worse, and you start seeing things. Whats worse is when you start hearing things. What I advise based on experience is to fight it, as much as you can, try to wake up, and you WILL BE AFRAID if you don’t.

  115. Shane says:

    I’m 14 years old had this about i’d say.. 7-8 times I member one time i was sleeping and I Woke up i saw like a orangish light was in my room and everything my arms were up and its like i was floating up and heard noised but i fought it this was my longest sleep paralysis like 5 minutes I fought it and I thought I was dieing When I had it because my mind was saying Please God take me I REMEMBER THAT I Have No Idea why I was thinking That it was so scary. Might be Scariest thing i’ve ever witnessed in my life,my usual sleep paralysis’ are virbrating noises and puppets < like white socks puppets or demons or big monsters by my side of my bed.

  116. patrick says:

    Ive experienced sleep paralysis many times and someone touching me has always knocked me out of it. I have very very irregular sleeping patterns so I’m pretty positive that what is the problem. Ive never thought there was a “presence” in the room but being paralyzed for what seems like an eternity is a terrible experience non the less lol

  117. Ally says:

    So about 5 or 6 years which i think i was 15, i experienced a really terrafying dream or nightmare.I dont reamber too much but reamber stay up all night and going to sleep at 7 in the morning.Then woke up i guess in my dream and it was night.I tried getting up from my bed but i couldnt move or speak and could hardly whole body was tingling like crazy and i kept trying to open my mouth to yell for help but nothing.i start it float off my bed still partially paralyzed with my pillow stuck to my back and floated into the dark living room and the only thing i saw was the t.v. on and i think my little sister up late but she couldnt see me.iv begin to cry.i felt hopeless as if i was going to die if someone didnt help me.It felt so real i thought i was awake and then i see my self laying on my bed again and i begin to levitate off my bed and almost hitting the celing..i felt like someone or something had two fingers under me levitating me.As i was up in the air i saw a blue or white orb floating in the room.the dream goes on to a different scene but this scene was the most disturbing to me.I jus want to noe if i experienced sleep paralyzes??..I cant seem to forget this dream.

  118. Susan says:

    I have been suffering from sleep paralysis for years. I have recently discovered that my feet and sometimes legs wake up first. By wiggling my feet, I am able to wake the rest of my body up. Hope this is a help to others out there.

  119. Josh Gaines says:

    There were to many comments to read them all, but I have dealt with this since I begin Lucid dreaming at around 5 years old. I am 31 now and from 7 or 8 till I was in my mid 20’s it had stopped, for me, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN IF I DON’T FALL ASLEEP ON MY BACK….. Just wanted to share that in case it works for anyone else, took me a long time to put it together and only recently have I been able to find information on the subject. I always hear loud mechanical sounds, then silence, footsteps, and the Devil, standing just out of view, and my body begins to sink into the bed, I always feel that if I don’t wake up, a part of my soul is being sucked out of me.

    Sleep Tight
    God Bless
    Josh, West Kentucky

  120. Michelle says:

    I have had the same experience of the loud noise! I can voluntarily use the muscle in my ear to make it quieter, but that can only last so long. Does anyone know if the auditory nerve cells are actually stimulated when this “noise” is heard?

  121. nakul gupta india says:

    it happened once again yesterday. as i have adapted it so i know that there is nothing wrong in it.
    thing which can help you getting rid of it is avoid sleeping on back as my experience suggests.

  122. David says:

    I’ve experienced this many times except its not that i just cant move my body but i have an intense sinking feeling kind of like the spins when you’ve drank too much but a 1000 times more intense and i never thought some1 was in the room. I’ve even stayed awake all night because every time i closed my eyes even for a second i got the same intense sinking feeling and was barely able to get out of it every time, i sure hope SP is all this is!?

  123. ganekon says:

    I just remember something to add, I also heard a ringing without the ‘r’. Sounds like a chalk scratching the blackboard before I can’t move.
    Anna, I understand what you mean. In the astral world everything we think, will be materialized or happen. Dreaming, lucid dream as everyone may know, is a first step towards astral projection. And what happens next is we felt sink to the floor under the bed, or flying.
    One thing I want to mention is, about empathy. My empathy as a child is much bigger than I am now. Right now I almost don’t have it, unless to the people close to me. I think it has to do with our ‘sense’ to ‘that kind of things’, since I never had sleep paralysis anymore, but I became colder to anyone.
    David, that sinking feeling is like when you fell from an airplane, or fell of to the bottomless pit? that’s not SP, I don’t know what that is, but some say it has something to do when we became taller physically as we grow up.

  124. jeff whitfield says:

    I go in phases where I have it all the time. Sleeping on your back won’t make a diffrence. I allways sleep on my side(my left side). It allways happens right after I’ve gone to sleep. I feel this force pushing down on the right side of my head as to pervent me from sitting up.I relax and wait. It won’t go. I struggle and it pushes down even harder as to say “don’t you dare fight me!” So I relax again.and again I resist only to be pushed futher into this choke hold of sorts!? I imagine during this time of a non human being with its “hand” on my head!? Its hard to come out of because you ARE paralized! Anyone experince it like this please email me if you want.

  125. Rose says:

    Thanks for all the comments. I feel better knowing that I’m not alone. I’ve
    experienced this several times since I was 17, and I’m now 34. I also suffer
    from migraines for which my neurologist has prescribed imipramine nightly. I find I experience SP if I miss a dose. It will occur whether I sleep on my back or side. I have even experienced it while sleeping on my stomach. It is quite frightening because I am fully aware of where I am. I see everything but I cannot move. When I was younger I heard a rushing wind followed by voices. Now I feel violent shaking or I see objects around me shake violently, followed by voices of children’s laughter. I now try not to panic and just wait for my body to awaken. I find that repeating Jesus’ name over and over will awaken me faster.

  126. Krystina says:

    I have experience this feeling also, alot of the times, I really do hate it. It just happen to me last night ,twice, 10/24/2010. I don’t like to sleep at the edge of the bed anymore becasue I sometimes do hear and see things when I am in the paralized state. But I do not let it get to me. It’s been happening to me since i was young, but it has been getting worse over the past couple of yrs. But when I light my white candle it goes away for about a wk or more. I talk to one of my intructors about what has been happening to me when i sleep and she tells me to light my white candle and I just tell what ever to go away and leave me alone, I know it sounds crazy but it works. I don’t really think it’s just sleep because I could honestly say that what ever was going on while i was sleep, I did feel it touching my head at one time (It was like rubbing my head), and another time it was like rubbing my leg. I’ve also seen half a figure standing behind my room door, and also seen a black figure leaning on my bed while its head was rest on both it’s hand. I’m not scared it’s just I hate being paralized while i’m a sleep. But I do know how it feels, I thought I was the only one who was going threw it, and i’ve asked people that i’ve known if it had ever happened to them to and some have experience it to

  127. Ajith says:

    In the dream, I was in my class with my friends. We were receiving our test papers. But I began leaning on my desk. When someone asked, I replied “I can take my test paper into my dream”.. I tried then not to sleep but I slept in my dream, and reached somewhere I couldn’t move.
    Since I had read about it before, I recognized it was sleep paralysis, but how much ever I tried I couldn’t get out of it. No, I didn’t sense any ‘entities watching me’. I was NOT sleeping on my back.
    I could only groan, I could wake up only on hearing my mother.
    It was terrifying, but next time I’ll attempt rising out of ‘REAL BODY’ and lucid dreaming.

  128. Ben says:

    I also experience SP. I didn’t realize it was so common. All the occurrences are mentioned in everyone else’s comments. It’s all there. One thing i experience that has not been for-mentioned is an extreme muscle spasm. Some night my jaw muscle will squeeze so tight i actually experience pain. My thighs will also spasm every once in a while. When I was growing up, I experienced this 2-3 times a week. Now that I have found some conditions that suppress it, it’s down to around twice a month. It helps to have a cold climate. I always have to have a fan on. I believe than fan also keeps me from sleeping on my back. Last night was different and it matches the first comments about the rushing shadows. That’s a first for me. It’s usually very loud noises, followed by spasms, then come the hallucinations, experienced everything from someone (thing) watching me to people running around the room, to animal sounds and my doors opening and shutting with no sound. It’s a very stressful situation we find ourselves in. I cannot get myself out of this. I either wait until I fall back to sleep or something wakes me up.

  129. Jay says:

    Dang, its a horrible feeling for me and even causes me not to be able to go to sleep at night. Idk i just wish there was a way to stop it! Some nights i cant tell if imreally having it or if im just dreaming that i am. And it doesnt happen anymore but i was always women up by a loud noise before the sleep paralysis began. Its so hard to not be scared after you wake up and cant move..

  130. jenn says:

    I was asleep on the couch ,living with my mom which is a temporary situation.Anyway I have experienced sleep paralysis before ,actually 2 years ago,so its been awhile .When I was asleep yet awake,it was about 6:30am I remember hearing that as I descibe it low frequency buzzing in my ears then it felt as if someone sat on the edge of the couch next to my hip,it felt as I could feel the couch go down and for a brief moment I couldn’t move.I prasy to God and it leaves ,then I got up and ran up to my moms room and told her ,I slept with her but I didnt want the light off so the T.V was turned on.I eventually fell back to sleep.I prayed before to Jesus ,I believe in God very much ,can understand the psychological explanation but spiritual as well,but God superseeds anything evil,my mom went through this as well,stress is a very powerful thing as well and I haven’t been able to do the same things that I normally do,who knows for sure,but I believe it ‘s scary but in the real world it can’t effect you and doesn’t effect me,as a matter of fact this hasnt happened in a long time but…..I know other ppl who experience this…we aren’t alone….be and stay strong!!!!!

  131. Mikhail says:

    Iv experience this regularly and never do i or will i get used to it. It is the worst thing that can happen while your asleep every time i have one of these episodes it ruins my entire day, im constantly tired sometimes scared to go to sleep in case it happens again. Im 23 years old this started when i was 21 for no apparent reason. I used to hear a buzzing sound and tried opening my eyes or moving some part of my body but cant for awhile i feel as though this thing can kill me. It goes away sometimes but when it comes back its for every day for weeks what helps me alot of times is to set an alarm and know that il wake up at a certain time. This thing is very weird with how it works when im sleeping next to my girlfriend it doesnt happen but she gets up at 5 A.M. to go to work and as soon as she,s gone i go back to sleep and it starts happening again i try calling out for Gods help and most the time il wake up. Lately when im in sleep paralysis i wake myself up and it sucks me right back in over and over again and my head begins to thump so when i do finally snap out of it my anxiety shoots up im tired for the rest of the day and my head feels all weird. I wouldnt wish this thing to happen on my worst enemy its horrible. I cant explain how much i want this to stop and how bad it truely is its probly the scariest thing that has and happens to me just cuz sometimes i feel as if it can kill me. My advice is to call out for god and stay positive before you go to sleep and try dreaming about things you really enjoy or love.

  132. Talbuquerque says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I have had this for years. I realized a few weeks ago that I hadn’t had one in years. What would wake me was seeing my room, in exact detail. I realized when I called out for help it became worse, sometimes people could hear me.

    In one episode (about my twentieth) I saw blue lights once, like I had had in a nightmare. I was screaming, “No! Leave me alone! You can’t do this! It isn’t right!” I was waving my hands and hitting the blinds of my window. I could feel the blinds in my fingers. Suddenly it stopped and I woke up.

    The other times I was able to wake myself up by picturing my floor. I could see it, my eyes seemed to be open. I would feel myself fall and hit the floor. Then I’d wake, tucked into bed.

    Another time I woke from the “state” I was walking and said to my mom, “It hurts so bad! Make it stop! help!” I was walking, more like hobbling into the den. I could feel the warmth of the fire place. I had my hands out stretched. It felt so safe. So warm! I fell into my mom’s arms and she said, “It is okay. Wake up.” I woke up. In my bed. I got up. Walked into the den. Everyone was asleep. There was no fire. It was cold.

    I have had it happen at least four times in the past two weeks. It is scary. I have never felt the “cloaked” presence. Just felt like I was being forcefully held down. But, if this is just being partially awake and still paralyzed from REM I feel better. It is scary, but now I have confidence it will not harm me or kill me.

    Others in my family experience this as well.

    I didn’t start experiencing this until my 20s. I’ve always had very detailed dreams, I can taste, smell, hear, and feel. I’ve also always had nightmares easily…I avoid any ‘entertainment’ that is too scary.

  133. Talbuquerque says:

    Oh, I do feel very weak afterward. I fall asleep almost right after…and I usually don’t dream which is very weird for me.

  134. Mikhail says:

    Once again i have experienced sleep paralysis the last two nights and this nights was the worst. I was absolutely tired last night but then when it came to sleeping i fell asleep and maybe 3 hours into my sleep im trying to wake myself up cuz i know im asleep it was horrible it happened the entire night probly 5 to 7 different times and alot of the times id wake up then i feel as if im being sucked back into it iv never experienced any shaddows or seeing things inside the room out or the ordinary. I dont understand why it kept happening usually i dont have an episode when my girlfriend is sleeping next to me but last night it kept happening with her right next to me. I try explaining it to her but i think that she thinks im just making this thing up and its all just a dream she doesnt realize how bad this thing actually is. Its very weird cuz i dream alot but almost everynight i realize im dreaming then i realize im asleep and here we go again trying to fight this damn thing i dont know if any of you have episodes where you finally do wake yourself up but a minute later your right back in it like it sucked you right back in and once again you cant move when two minutes ago you’v just experienced an episode and was awake. It keeps getting worse i feel unrested almost everyday. Iv asked my doctor about it and she looked at me like im crazy thats why im on the internet now cuz i can read everybodys comments and in one way or another i can relate to everybodys episode cuz iv experienced most of what people comment about. These episodes suck I almost wish they can prescribe me a pill that knocks me out and doesnt allow me to dream at all i love having dreams but not when these episodes occcur which is almost every night which i dont understand why some people only experience every now and then but me its every night. I wish God would just make this thing go away for everybody who experience’s this thing for good. Its horrible i hate going to sleep cuz of it.

  135. Nick h, 17 says:

    I have suffered from this for a while I remember feellin as if a giant boulder was on my chest when I was 8 and I still get them today but these days are much worse I have had husky shadows run as if the were goin to punch me in the face. I’ve tried sleep studies but they expected me to push a button when my body was paralysied to get the machine to start read my brain activity idk how they expected me to so I didn’t get any results. I get it about 3 or 4 times a week and it really drains you and if you don’t physically get up after and try to recall exactly what happened you can’t really remeber what happened the previous night you will wake up unsure about it, I also can’t remember my dreams if I don’t do this even on the days I don’t have an episode.

    Ps. You can’t really call out to anyone when your in this so touching is unlikely going to help unless there’s someone else in the bed but if your eyes are open and your paralysised and look terrified I don’t think they’re going to wanna touch you.

  136. miguel angel says:

    If it was something diabolical why would it scare us? Don’t you think it would be sweet and want us. To embrace it? There is more to this than science is able to prove…

  137. Lee says:

    This article lessen my worries for experiencing sleep paralysis most of the time. Which one of the worse one I had, was I was dreaming in my dream and in my dream..I woke up from a nightmare and I couldn’t move and speak, I can see and hear the people around me but they can’t hear me calling their names. I tried to wake up and move as much as I could, and then I finally did, I stand up but only to see myself lying in bed and sleeping…it scares the hell out of me, then I woke up! I thought…because I can move and speak, but the people around me are gone, and then a stranger lady came to my room, I said hi and asked her who she is, she smiled at me and it gave me a goose bumps…something was wrong in her smile, it felt weird…it freaked me out! and then I woke up again! for real! i woke up, catching my breath and all sweaty! after 3 days, I learned that the woman in my dream was the woman who used to live in there and hung herself, somebody described how she looks like, its the same description of the woman i dreamed of…is there anybody who can explain this to me???

  138. Natasya says:

    I’m actually used to experience sleeping paralysis but there was this one time when I took a nap,and all of sudden,the sleeping paralysis struck me instantly…then I thought ‘okay,I’m just gonna have to wait for a few minutes to get rid of this..’ but as I waited,it didn’t go away,so I started to move my right leg and I really felt I’ve done it,but what I saw instead was the shadow of my right leg,and it happened to my arms too…but I thought it was a dream,but it was more real too,so I guess it was very surreal…
    Then the second time,I couldnt breathe and everytimr I tried to take a deep breathe,I made noises…then I felt like my soul was sucked out of my body…

  139. Audrina says:

    I had sleep paralysis for the first time this evening when I was taking a nap on my couch. I was sleeping on my back and the whole time I was napping I was kind of half awake and half asleep to begin with. All of a sudden I woke up but I couldn’t move no matter how hard I tried. Thankfully, I knew what was happening because my friend had told me about how her cousin had it once so that calmed me down a bit. I was okay with the paralysis until I started hallucinating the girl from the Grudge staring at me from my right side. I kept telling myself “it’s fake it’s fake” because my friend also warned me that people often see things. I panicked more when I felt like she was getting closer to me and I could feel my heart beat faster. I tried closing my eyes but I felt like if I did I would fall into a deep sleep and die, so I kept them open. I then felt as if my mom was downstairs because I heard some noises (she really wasn’t) so I tried yelling out her name so she could come wake me up. I tried screaming and screaming as hard as I could but nothing came out as if my mouth was sewn shut. Then, after what seemed like forever, I was able to lift my head and the paralysis was gone. Even though I knew exactly what was happening to me, it was still really frightening.

  140. jessa says:

    my first sp when i was little, I was infact sleeping on my back, my eyes open to a glowy green fuzz ball floating beside me.. my first thought was that it was an alien and that i was going to be abducted ha! it was so scary i tried to yell for my mom and couldn’t I tried to move my arm to reach the phone beside me and couldn’t. I tried so hard to move my arm and in such a deep part of whatever was going on I actually lifted my arm slightly it felt like my arm was dead and sooooo heavy, the actual falling of my arm back on to the bed is what brought me out of it.. needless to say i ran screaming to mommy. Later on in my life now 23 living in an apartment with my boyfriend it happened again.. lying on my back again eyes open scared remembering this feeling once again, i tried to move but this time no such luck I saw in the hallway through the door a shadow of an about 8 foot tall man with a creepy shaped cowboy hat of some sort on his head moving seeming to be peering in but still just a shadow, I thought to myself “someone has broken in, and I am so scared that I can’t move and am having a panic attack” then the shadow dissolved and I heard the scariest sound to be heard to me at that moment, I heard the cabinets in the kitchen slamming.. and rustling of boxes and papers.. then I heard the sound of the apt door slamming… still lying there unable to move a miracle to me happened at the time.. my boyfriend’s leg kicked into mine shocking me back to reality, I sat up sure and certain someone had just robbed us and left the house.. woke him up in a panic making him search the place entirely.. only to find out that the doors where still locked cabinets closed everything in it’s place and nothing missing. Then I knew this was my mind playing out the things that terrified me. see to me when i was little was terrified of aliens and had watched far too many documentary things on them and way to much time thinking about them.. and now older my greatest fear was being randomly picked off by some person trying to break in the house, so it seems every time i have a sp experience, my hallucinations are always of what I am terrified of the most. why I hear things is strange to me seeing the things happen is the most terrifying then hearing them makes them so much more real to me, honestly I have lost sleep in fear of having them happen again, but my strangest problem is when i do lay on my back ,which is not that often anymore, I find that even before i fall asleep my mind can begin the sp without me even falling asleep, and that is in itself the scariest, my nerves can trigger my sp without the actual sleep beginning this i do not understand, and the sounds I dont understand.

  141. CyFLY says:

    The most common causes of sleep paralysis we have dealt with is people that have in some way been involved with various levels, even very light level occult practices. Things such as Ouiji boards, tarot cards, most types of meditation, spirit channeling, even obsessive research about the occult and/or UFO’s can be an open doorway for some people. Generally, the deeper the person goes into the occult the more doors they open, and the more authority the demons gain over them, which can lead to severe physical attacks and even abductions in some cases. It is important to realize that the demons gain more authority over you the deeper you go, the more you “embrace” the experience. That is, they have a keen interest in a person becoming more active in the occult.

    Search “Aimless” (MOVIE) on Facebook to see pictures and videos

  142. THE MYTH
    It is not hard to see why demons, devils, and other beasties of the night have been blamed for these nocturnal ‘attacks’. Virtually all cultures with a written or oral history has some kind of form of SP they have reported, and with that a usually very colorful explanation as to why these things happen. But if you’re of an occult mind, or just an open one, it’s also not hard to see why scary folk of the night would take advantage of us while in such a vulnerable position. Either way, legend and lore abounds. SP is more commonly known as Old Hag, and the origin for this title may have roots as far back as the Sumerians. Ardat lili or Lilitu, an evil hag-demon, was said to have the power of flight, which she preferred to do at night when she would attack men in their sleep. This seems a very obvious reference to the original Lilith, who refused to lay on her back when laying with Adam, and was therefore thrown out of Eden for a more suitable mate for Adam. After she was thrown out of Eden a myriad of things happened, depending on who you hear tell it, but a few things remain constant, Lilith flew away and is now the eater of children, hers and others alike. She is a disgusting old hag, who now flies over the land at night seeking revenge for being thrown out of Eden. to find out the truth about sleep paralysis

  143. Quileshia Emory says:

    I don’t want to have this i’m only 14 i’m scared somebody help me can you go to a doctor for this somebody tell me please i’m scared please i’m so scared please help me please somebody i’m so scared

  144. CyFLY says:

    The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

    Just say JESUS and the sleep paralysis will go away..


    You can find your nearest sleep doctor to help you..

  145. britt says:

    it’s almost 4 am and i cant sleep tonight. i had sleep paralysis earlier today while napping and i’m terrified that it will happen again. i’m 19 years old. my friend from college is visiting for the weekend and we’ve spent the past 3 nights staying out very late at clubs and parties and not getting much sleep which i guess is why i experienced the paralysis. but the weirdest part is that we both had it today during our nap. we were sleeping next to each other in my bed and when we woke up my friend says, something weird happened when we were sleeping. and we explained to each other what we both felt and realized we had very similar experiences. i read a lot of these comments and it seems that a lot of people don’t have it when their sleeping with another person. what are the chances of it happening to both of us at the same time??! it doesnt happen frequently for either of us so isn’t it weird that it would happen to both of us in the same bed at the same time?
    i spent the day researching sleep paralysis and i realized that it’s happened once before but it wasn’t as bad as it was today so i didn’t think much of it and brushed it off. when it happened today i hallucinated very vividly and it felt so evil. it happened 3 or 4 times during the nap. it happened and then i’d fall back asleep and happen again and again. i also imagined that my friend was speaking to me but when i finally snapped out of it i realized that she hadn’t said a thing and was still sleeping.
    i don’t really believe in spirits and stuff like that but i read about all the myths and i think it’s so strange that it would happen to both of us at the same time. anyone have an explanation for this?

  146. raymond says:

    I experienced sleep paralysis this morning for the second time. It really scared me I didnt know what was going on. After I awoke I tried to get an explanaton for what had happened, so I got on the internet a looked it up. I sleep on my back and I was very tired.

  147. quan says:

    well i’ve had this ever since i was a little child, 5 or so. Now im 17. I remember falling asleep but wanting to wake up to change my position in bed. I opened my eyes, and all of a sudden it closes and i try to open it but i failed. I try to move my body, i try to take a breathe. But its no use. All i do is ill count to 5 and i give it everything i got and budge my body. Everytime i fall asleep and i wake up, if my eyes start to shut with force, i know im going into that state again. This is the first time it happened to me in years now. Pray to god it’ll be the last…

  148. mace says:

    I started having sleep paralysis episodes at 14yrs old (I’m 37 now). I go thru short spells every few years. I quit having episodes from 17 to 22, then had them regularly 3-5 times a week for a year or so. they quit from 23 to 35, then it started happening again and lasted just over a year. I haven’t had an episode since last summer (knock on wood).
    My mind wakes but I can’t open my eyes, I struggle so hard to wake, then I try screaming for help and I think I get up and try to flip the light switch on, only to realize it won’t come on. It’s very frightening! I just keep struggling until I wake. It does feel like I’m not breathing, like my chest won’t expand. When I finally get my eyes open I Have to get up right then or I’ll go back into it again. I started having trouble staying awake 2 yrs ago, and was diagnosed with narcolepsy based on waking dreams,and trouble staying awake.

  149. Kimberly says:

    This always seems to happen to me when Im just falling asleep and im usally not on my back, I hate sleeping on my back. I do normally feel and see someone around that is not very happy or very mad at me. Last night it was a very young boy with brown hair and very brown eyes in the corrner of my room. So i turned away from him and grabed my husbad with my dear life shaking him and he did not respond to me. then I look down the hall to see my daughter hovering on her pillow awake then looks at me and falls/floats down to the floor i tryed to get to her but suddeny pulled back to the bed and trying very hard to yell for my husband, get to my husband, I see him and yet my eyes are closed till finally I say his name and snap out of it. And every thing around me was just as a saw with my eyes closed. Is this SP or could I be getting out of my body? I do like the artical! At least im not alone…but it dosen’t fit with all that happens with me walking around and never happens on my back. And there was another time I went out of my window , across the yard to find a terriffing guy standing at the end of it. and ran back to mybody. This is scary stuff and I hate it!

  150. Tasha says:

    I have been experiencing Sleep Paralysis in the past year. I dont remember if it has happened before but i have always had terrifying dreams in my Childhood. I am 26. When this happenes to me, I assume i am always asleep. Its like i am asleep but im awake at the same time. I always sense that there is someone or somekind of demond standing over me breathing. I can feel something breathing on me. I always hear strange noises like someone walking and banging stuff around. I always remember trying to turn my head around to see what was around me but i cant. Also it feels like someone is pinning my legs and arms down and i cant break free. Then its like this tingling feeling just runs up and down my body. It seems like it lasts forever. It always happens while i am alone in the morning hours. It never happens if my husband or 5 year old daughter is there. People look at me like im crazy when i describe what happens to me. Its a very terrifying experience. It feels like i am being possessed by a demond or something very evil.

  151. Molly says:

    I experience Sleep Paralysis quite frequently, though I am only fourteen years of age. It started happening when I was much younger. They would occur randomly, every month or so, until one summer. It occurred way more frequently than I would have ever thought, almost every other night, it seemed. Now they occur sparaticly, but with multiple a night. Last night I had two. I don’t have hallucinations, but i often see myself, as if I’m outside my own body. This is strange, yes?

  152. John says:

    It’s 10:19 pm….just woke up from a case of SP….it’s been happening to me for a long time…at first I was very terrified….I tried tonscream for help ..but i couldn’t feels like some one was trying to pull me off my bed…i hear this loud screeching noise in my head..I also hullicinate…I hope it’s just SP….

  153. Mitch says:

    I’m 24 years old, and I experienced a case of SP last night. I have had it I’d say 6-10 times throughout my life, so pretty uncommon for me. I will say that the times I HAVE had it were with the exception of last night and maybe 1 other time, when I was napping during the day. Last night I was pretty exhausted and stressed out because of school (I was up til 2:30 working on a philosophy paper) and I woke up at 4 A.M. this morning and couldn’t move, and sensed the “evil” presence. I’m pretty sure that each time I have experienced SP was due to irregular sleep, stress, or insufficient sleep.

    A side note, I dont know if this is uncommon but a couple times I have dreamed that I was actually awake and my room seemed EXACTLY the same yet all of the sudden things go dark and my door shuts and the devil comes out and yeah, pretty much I’m frozen for a few minutes.

    I’m not too worried about it, this article was kind of nice seeing as the feeling of the dark presence is typical, but I sure as hell don’t like it! Try to keep a regular sleep pattern is my best advice, and good luck!

  154. Felipe says:

    I’m 18 years old and I usually have SP once or twice a week. Always have the feeling like I’m being watched by another person, yet I can never physically see them. Never understood what was going on, sometimes assumed I was having and encounter kinda ridiculous. Now I can feel a little better while having SP. My method of getting out is shaking, forcing my facial muscles in a vibrating matter. Good to know that its nothing bad!

  155. Denise says:

    Well I have SP maybe once a week and I hate it because it scares me so bad. Just the thought that I will never wake up all the way or I can’t breath almost if I’m going to suffacate. Its been times my boyfriend has been in the bed and he would shake me and ask me am I ok. Mainly cuz he said I would make weird noises and I believe I do because I’m trying to move. I just hope it gets better or I’ll never get any sleep.

  156. Lisa says:

    I experience SP at least 3 or 4 times a week ever since I was 12 and it is absolutely horrible. I used to feel like someone else was in the room with me but now I just feel completely alone and scared. I can’t move and I have trouble breathing. Sometimes I can moan a little and my husband will pull me out of it if he is in the room but that doesn’t happen often enough. The periods of SP seem to have expanded from a couple of seconds to a matter of minutes and the longer I’m stuck, the more I panic. I don’t know what to do. Experts say “get a good nights rest” but after I’m finally released from my paralyzed state I’m afraid to go back to sleep due to fear of it happening again. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know.

  157. darren says:

    Well i have just found out by reading this, what i have been experiencing. It happened to me again last friday and this will be the third time now, after reading the above i understand it could be down to unusual sleep pattern, and i do work nights. I feel sorry for those people that has experience this a couple of times a week, as it is truly terrifying. I remember thinking that there was someone standing next to the bed on my wifes side,and i wanted to protect her, he was sort of a blury figure. I was in a panic could not move speak and felt totaly useless, i guess i was going through the sp symptoms. I truly felt like someone was trying to control my body, the fist time you sort of think it was a horrible dream but then when it happens again you remember that isnt. I hate it and will try a different sleep pattern at weekends because friday and saturday are the two night i sleep normal hours.

  158. Lisarie says:

    i’ve try ps to many times already. But mine is different. I can see, i can hear but I can’t move and speak. But during my ps I can see someone, sometimes it’s my mom, sometimes it’s my aunt or brother. When I try to move and shout they never notice me.

    I actually had my ps when I am oversleeping.

    good thing is there is no voice that is not nice .
    and when i had a ps I already know that it’s currently occurring me.

  159. Taylor Corselli says:

    I’m 25 and experience SP atleast a couple times a week. I have had this terrible experience so many times that as soon as I feel the horrible tingley feeling start to take over my body, I know exactly what is happening, and immediately try to wake myself up. Do you think this might have something to do with what I eat before sleeping?

  160. Trish says:


  161. burdie says:

    I’ve experienced sp so many times. Most of the time I can usually always tell when it’s happening, and when I do realize what’s happening I find it best to try and not freak out and stay completely still and close my eyes like I was actually sleeping.. This kinda helps my breathing. Then I try to move just my fingers, and gradually move more of my arms if moving my fingers doesn’t already get me out of it. Sometimes I’m stuck like that for what feels like forever, but freaking out just makes it worse so if your having troubles with sp I highly advise you to refrain from flailing and/or screaming. I never tried the face moving technique before though. Next time I suffer from a terrible case of sp I’ll be sure to try that.

  162. burdie says:

    Oh one more thing, I read in other comments about the sensation of levitating in the air, and I remembered one of my more terrfying episodes of sp where I felt like some invisible force lifted me out of my bed and was attempting to hurt me while I was in this paralyzed state (at this point I knew I was going through sp so I stayed completely still and let the dream take it’s course) by lifting me up to the ceiling and dropping me to the floor over and over again. I remember being dropped like five times before I actually woke up and I remember feeling a whole lot of pain from being dropped on the floor in my dream but waking up and feeling no pain at all. Also the whole waking up and getting sucked back into it over and over happens to me a lot too, and sometimes when this happens I can’t tell if I’m really awake or not. But when I know that I’m really awake I jerk myself up so I don’t end up falling back asleep again. Also, I’ve experienced sp many many times and I never sleep on my back so that doesn’t make a difference.
    No matter what you may think, every single episode of sp can be explained logically. The human brain is an incredible and powerful thing, but that’s all sp is; Your brain doing weird brain stuff. If you think sp has anything to do with spirits or demons or ufos, then you really just sound like a down right fool. I may sound rude, but it’s the truth. I’ve had absolutely terrifying experiences with sp, but to be completely honest, taking a logical approach to the whole concept has made it a hell of a lot easier to manage my sp episodes. So to all you people out there with your crazy ideas, getta grip. It’ll only make it easier on you in the long run like it did for me. That is all.

  163. Carroll says:

    Ive had this all my life. Now i,m in my 50’s and having seizures. I believe now these are seiezures that have been happenning. what do you thinl?

  164. myles says:

    I’m a fifteen year old boy and i have experienced this many times before and its weird but i can tell its gonna happen before i fall asleep and when i do wake up and can not move there is a constant shocking or tightening feeling in my back that can hurt very badly.i used to just try and twitch my face to try and wake up and it would be over in a minute or two but today it lasted much longer and i heard things i cant explain, and when i fell back asleep it happened again and again and again. i think this is caused by anxiety from school work and so on that is when it tends to happen.

  165. A Sufferer says:

    Did you say “you might try relaxing and taking in the experience”? Are you kidding me? Have you ever even had sleep paralysis? I contemplated suicide after the first times I had it. I saw flashing images, the entire room around me collapsing, demons sucking my soul, I felt like I was having a seizure and my eyes were falling out, all while unable to rake a breath… you’re supposed to enjoy the show? Are you ****ing kidding me.

  166. JesseIsASquirrel says:

    I’ve never, (as far as I can remember), experienced SP, but that was my thought exactly. I’m big into psychological thriller/horror movies, too, so my sub-conscience would have a hell of a time with me. I don’t see how this can be enjoyable at all. Randomly waking up and feeling paralyzed seems like a scary enough feeling, even without hallucinations or uncomfortable feelings.

    Anyways, advise to anyone reading this, it says “Someone else touching you might bring you out of it, but this has yet to be confirmed.”. I doubt you’ll be able to awaken others, or even communicate with, but I’d start sleeping with a pet if you have one. They grow close enough to feel when their, I don’t want to say “owners”, feel danger. So even if they’re asleep, they’d wake up, and try to comfort you. Thusly, you’re body will feel the contact, wake up, and catch up with your mind. My theory, at least.

  167. Daniel says:

    I had th s like 3 times a week but the weird thing is that I start to do the grude sound nd I cant wake up it fells like of am frozen. I try to move and shake until I woke up abd went back to sleep and it happens again. And my brother tells me that he hears me doing the grude sound. oh and I sleep on my back and to the side. This scary I get the goose bumps somtimes. The sp have stop but my brother told me I heard you doing the grude sounds last week and my cousin heard me to and he told me it was scary and I would start to do the grude sound and it will go from low to highter. I’m scared thsi not normal and ues I feel the presence of somthing evil while I get frozen but I never see nothing or hear nothing but me doing the grude sound. This what i’m saying os truth nothing but the truth atleast the frozen thing has stop but not the grude sound

  168. Sophie says:

    i just woke up from a sp and it was well scary and i thought i was dying it happens a lot and thats about it x

  169. Scare says:

    i think i have the same problem but a Little different i start hearing a sound like 2 micro-fond together it start will go from low to highter. and as it go higher the more a shake until i can move but wen i wake up and i finally move i can still hear the sound getting low
    is this normal on a Sleep Paralysis

  170. Christi says:

    I have had sleep paralysis (and later diagnosed with Alpha Delta wave intrusion. Connection, maybe?) for over 15 years. It started when I was 14 and I have been having it ever since. At first I would hear a “whooshing” sound (like when you yawn) and know it was happening but as I have gotten older it occurs w/o warning and sometimes takes me a few minutes to figure out what is going on. Most of the time I feel extreme anxiety.

    Anyway, a couple of things that I have noticed with my sleep paralysis might help you.
    1. Do not nap during the day. I have noticed an increase in sleep paralysis episodes the nights after I have had a nap.
    2. When in the “moment” try to move your little finger…and keep doing it until you “snap out of it”.
    3. Lying on my back really triggers episodes so I try to lie on my side. I have noticed an increase in headache after an episode.
    4. DO NOT PANIC. When you are in the “moment” remind yourself that you are in the “moment” and try to lower your breathing–the “panic” tends to prolong the episode.

    The more I researched sleep paralysis I found many people have this. I found that Sheryl Crow also experiences sleep paralysis. So, we are not alone.

    I hope this helps :)

  171. Omari says:

    I experienced the same thing like you but not everyday. Sometimes it happens back to back like it happens to you, and sometime i feel pain on my ribs of in my stomach as if someone is hurting me. It helps me to move or jerk as soon as i feel it about to happen or if i change positions.

  172. Omari says:

    It’s a spirit. I herd a similar story but more unpleasant. A christen lady came and prayed for the girl and now she’s a christen and it never happen to her again. The spirit was someone that used to live in there house.

  173. D.J. says:

    Well I experience SP almost at least 3-4 times a week…Most of the time it happens when I am asleep on my back. I have had it to happen to me during the middle of the day when I am napping. I can’t move or talk, but I can hear & sometimes see everything that is going on around me. It feels as if Lucifer himself is sucking me into his own world. Last night I experienced this & I was actually looking at my body & my girlfriend but I could not come out of it. I was told a long time ago when this used to hapen to me as a child that this is called “THE DEVIL RIDING YOUR BACK”, also known as “SUCKING”. It always happens if I dont say my prayers at night, but when I do it never happens. My advice is to get a closer relationship with God and to pray at night…This could really be a breakthrough for you!!!

  174. docter.fingers says:

    i heard it was a deamon trying to enter our bodies
    like a sucubus

  175. Denis says:

    you are scaring the freak out of me guys, please

  176. GhostParalysis says:

    Guys its not just science. I’ve noticed when I try to not fight during sleep paralysis I have out of body experience. As if I give up fighting to claim my body back and my soul is wandering around. I walk out of my room into kitchen or go out of house and when I wake up and check everything is at place where I felt it. Sometimes what happens in spirit form all of a sudden I realise that everything is too dark and I try to switch on light the only thing I realise is the light cannot be switced on as im in spirit state and whatever i felt I felt without my senses that is I dint use my eyes to see where the things are placed but my spirit only felt it I dont know how but at this time of realisation I dissappear. Maybe I wake up after sometime in my body maybe when the evil spirit left.

    Guys play soft music or keep light switched on that wont let sleep paralysis happen.

  177. taylor says:

    there is this old lady that use to live in my house and she died of cancer and when i have sleep paralysis it feels like she watching me i cant see her but i can here her in my closet moving stuff around and she takes my stuff and hides it on me….

  178. jm says:

    I have been dealing with Sleep Paralysis for years and I noticed that it says that having a person touch you hasn’t been confirmed but for me it helps me wake up out the paralysis

  179. samira says:

    no its not

  180. Lamya Siddiqui says:

    I can really related to your post and the experience. I am 19 years old and have been going through this from the time i was 6 or 7 years old. Its a very terrifying experience at first. Nowadays, I am just too tired to do anything about it so I just go back to sleep. I can confirm that someone else touching you does bring you out of it. I have no idea how that works but I am positive on that. When I am sleeping with my boyfriend, it never happens. It happens more when I am really tired but not fully sleeping yet my body probably believes i am.

  181. lilia says:

    Hey natasya I had the same thing happen to me I was asleep right and I I woke up but like all of us we
    Were still asleep or so Called paralyze and couldn’t move I felt something coming next to me Luke if something enters my room and I felt really cold I wanted to scream but I couldn’t and I felt like something graded my hand and when they did I felt them wanting to take my would but I prayed in my dream I told god to forgive me and then everything went away but when they yanked me out of my body I would move my hands but I didn’t see my body moving but I felt like I was moving and I also heard that its that a demon was trying to take advantage harm me cause they use the right since iam not with god it has to do with more then science science would just come up with anything and we would belive it :)

  182. soul says:


    Naturally, i sleep ALOT, and i have been told by many friends and family members that im a very deep sleeper. there have been times where ive fallen asleep and cant wake up again; in order to wake me up ive had water thrown at me, shaken from shuolders and all sorts…anyways, here it goes….

    a few times ive experienced my presence during slee[p. i particularly remember the moment where it was either my soul or another soul (which at the time i felt as if it was my dead grandmothers) was struglling hard to get back into my body and i clearly remember that force, the feeling of it entering, but then i woke up DURING that timee and i remeber i out of breath, and body temperature wasnt nomral.. so im interesdted to know if that was my mind playing tricks or is there a slight possiblity that it may have bee O.B.E?? this has happened a few times, but has only made me wonder after watching the new film INSIDIOUS.

    would appreciate other people’s views. thanks

  183. Jen says:

    I experience this a lot and i’m only 16, i thought something was wrong with me, glad to know i’m okay though. But it always happens when i’m alone.

  184. Anna Wells says:

    My boyfriend says he has sleep paralysis and he apparently can’t dream. Seeing Talbuquerque’s comment makes me wonder what sleep paralysis is like? My boyfriend describes feeling like he is a coma and feeling like he’s always conscious (minus the time lapses while he sleeps), but he’s been to sleep specialists who say he can’t sleep. I’m just curious, is it true you don’t dream when you have sleep paralysis? Can it always be outgrown? He didn’t always have it – it just sort of developed…will it be permanent? Please someone who knows so much more about this (from experience or talking to doctors or something) get back to me. I wish I could help him…

    My email:

  185. nanny says:

    mine happens before i fall asleep too. but instead of seeing things there are sounds that get really loud then quiet then really loud again when these sounds start i know this sp is starting,i get really scared because it feels like if i don’t fight it something bad will happen, it feels evil.

  186. Sober Man says:

    I’ve been experiencing this state ever since I was a kid, now I’m 31 it’s still haunting me. Tried going to the doctors, tried asking help from the priest. Who told to pray in order for it to go away. The creepy thing is when I pray during an attack, the “presence” that I felt, is praying to with a very creepy voice. My wife told me it’s just my imagination, she doesn’t get it. I’m not imagining these things.

  187. Kris says:

    I’ve had four to five memorable moments of waking/sleep paralysis over a period of ten years. The first time it happened while I was sleeping on my side and felt the force of a Poltergeist pinning my whole body down from head to toe. The first two events involved a creepy old ghost woman (the famous hag) flying around and attacking me. The third event I felt two feet standing on my chest and demonstrating domination. I could feel the balls of the feet (size 7) crushing down on my lungs and moving about telling me “they had all control over me”. The worst one ever was 2010 when I took a nap in my car outside the Safeway supermarket. Some punk kids were hanging out in front of the store. I napped sitting upright, woke up paralyzed and felt arms grabbing around me and pulling me from behind. At first I thought the punks in the parking lot got in my car and were mugging me from the back seat. I couldn’t move or scream as my arms were being held down by a pair or more of hands. Then I felt invisible hands – even distinct fingers – running along my crotch and completely violating me. There was nothing I could do! I can now sort of relate to what a woman experiences during rape and how powerless one can become. Terrifying! I am a believer in faith and think these events happen as evil forces hate the fact you’ll have nothing to do with them. Kind of like that weird person who pursues you the more you tell them you’re not interested.

  188. lauren ween says:

    I’m a 20 year old female, About 4 hours ago I had just awaken from my first sleep paralysis. I searched online asap and started reading about what just happened to me. I figured I’d write my experience..

    I work night shifts and have been for the past 6 months. I worked last night and came home to sleep for 7 hours. I was completely fine… later that day I layed back down for a nap. Everything was normal… it was about 10:30 pm.

    The only thing I remember is waking up to a high pitched screech. Like a high frequency / static / screech. I was in fact sleeping on my left side and the sound was practically busting out my right ear drum. I opened my eyes and all I saw was my bedroom door opened just a little like it was before I fell a sleep.. so nothing abnormal. I then felt the need to shut my eyes, not forced but more so like they were getting heavy.. like I was extremely tired. I then opened them again because I thought that sound was coming from my the other room. I went to jump out of bed and my legs wouldn’t move. I focused hard on moving my arms and they wouldn’t budge either. My heart had been racing ever since I woke up, and my breathing was weak.. almost non existent. I tried yelling out to whomever was making noise but couldn’t make a sound. At this point I was terrified.. I couldn’t move, speak or practically breath. I closed my eyes, relaxed and just waited for the sounds to die down. Once the sound perished, I was able to roll over and fully come back to reality.

    Im not sure what to do, it doesn’t quite scare me now.. but I hope it doesn’t happen again or at least I hope I don’t end up seeing crazy things appear. I may never sleep again if that happens.

    Please reply if you’ve had anything similar.

  189. lauren ween says:

    Now that’s crazy. I have only experienced this once and mine was okay. Besides not being able to breath, talk or move… I closed my eyes and waited for the horrid sound to drown out. Then I could move again.

  190. Jay says:

    I first had this problem about 3-4 months ago and it didn’t really bother me but I’ve just started experiencing the same thing more often.I know the high pitched screeching noise you’re talking about, I would describe it as a jet engine going off next to my head and its really not a nice noise to hear when you’re half asleep. Mine usually start with a nightmare and I wake myself up making funny noises and I cant move. I haven’t yet felt like I couldn’t breathe but I did hallucinate thinking that my light-shade was a weird alien/bug creature. I just try my best to fall asleep again and it usually works straight away.

  191. Rocky says:

    I am a 24 year old software engineer from India. 2 years ago I used to work in night shifts. That was the time sleep paralysis started. I never took it seriously thinking that it was just a regular bad dream. After two years something happened while i was sleeping. I saw aliens and ghosts in my bedroom. I am a Christian so i started praying to God and guess what, even Jesus Christ was there!

    I was really terrified after this. I searched on Google and came to know that its a sleeping disorder which is related to stress,tension and sleeping habits. The attacks are quite less now but every now and then i do get such attacks a few moments before waking up. I know that it is harmless but it should not be happening. I stopped sleeping on my back and the frequency of attacks reduced. But still it happens some time. I hope that it will end completely one day.

  192. Scumbag says:

    I don’t want to AVOID it, I wanna INDUCE it. Trying, but haven’t succeeded yet. Any tips?

  193. fuzzyecho says:

    you want to induce it? why on earth would you want to do this? after decades of living with this, i’ll admit that i have episodes that are downright enlightening and fascinating…but i’m 41, have been doing this since i was at least 4, and have pretty much never had what anyone could call a normal sleep cycle. or even had anything resembling a sleep cycle. i sleep when i do. if you want to ‘induce’ it, the best ‘advice’ i can give you is advice that a normal brain can’t follow-do not have a normal sleep pattern.
    see? there’s just no way you can MAKE that happen. i guess you could alter your routine, keep irregular hours…but i suspect you’re going to just end up making yourself a miserable insomniac or something. but that’s the best suggestion i can give you. keep yourself guessing when sleep will come…

  194. Nate says:

    I’m 22 years old and I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis since I can remember. Now I’ve never had any hallucinations or seen ghostly figures but that doesn’t mean its any less scary. I’ve gotten used to it as much as I could, meaning that I just try to calm myself down and wait for my body to wake, rather than freaking out. However, one episode scared me so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was deer hunting and I unknowingly dozed off. I never shut my eyes but my body had fallen asleep. All of the trees looked the same and I could still see the sun but I was lying on my back. I had episodes before but never with a loaded gun in my hand in the middle of the woods. Then it hit me, this wasn’t an episode. I know a bullet will hit you before you hear the shot so I thought that I had been shot and was lying there taking my last troubled breaths. This time it lasted for about five minutes and boy was I glad to wake up the rest of the way. My advice, if you suffer from sleep paralysis, never go hunting alone.

  195. Terri says:

    This has always been a problem for me. My asthma doesn’t help the situation either. Im 18 year old female factory worker. I work morning shifts and sometimes I party or just stay up too late at night. Sleep paralysis usually happens to me when I sleep on my back and is broken when someone touches me. I’ve seen spirits flying over me, it has felt like a large weight was on my chest, I can never breathe, and I ALWAYS hallucinate. My girlfriend usually sleeps with me but since she started working 3rd shift at the factory I’ve been scared to even go to sleep. The paralysis make me have asthma attacks. Hopefully this information will help me get over this whole thing and learn to cope with the situation.


  196. dorian says:

    I had 5 episodes last night. My first ever. I was taking my xanex to sleep the day away fpr my man to get back. The first one started I heard somone walking to my room, which I was lying in bed. I yelled kris is that you? And no answer. I then saw a mist of yellowy white I felt a pressuure step on the bed. I was then slammed down unable to move. I looked to the ceiling screaming GOD HELP ME. Only no voice escaped me. I couldn’t move. So I said fuck it, closed my eyes fell back asleep had weird dreams awoke same thing happened 2 more times. Then I awoke for real. Thought it was a scary dream . Then my man got home it was about 1am we went to bed I couldn’t. Then I turned to grab my phone then all the sudden I felt a tingleing going from my feet up my spine I went paralized. I tried screaming for him. I seriously thought am I being possessed. ME? Then 5 mintues later I was able to move. Grabbed him. Found out what it was. I thought it was all my drugs or my demons but something common I guess. Today hasn’t been good. I feel weird and watched.

  197. No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.

  198. misss says:

    im a 20 year old female i just recently found out about this sleep paralysis i can never really find anything on the internet that helps me anyways it happends to me over and over not just once sometimes it happens if i wake up through out the night like tonight i woke up tryed to fall back asleep it happend right away and it keeps getting worse and worse if i do relax and try to go with it i feel like something is pulling me i know it sounds crazy but i do believe in ghost and all that spirtual culture stufff its getting frickin scary and tonight it happend 5 times i do not think it is normal at all

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  200. Claudia says:

    I’m 14 and have had this problem for 3 years now but it’s different I feel as of theres someone evil standing over me I cnt see his face but I just knw that he’s wants to hurt me it’s feels like a nightmare and I keep telling my self it’s not real but I cnt sleep in my own room When I try I lie in bed for hours until the sun comes up and only then do I fall asleep I have no problem with the dark and it scares me so much I had to change my entire room to try get away from it, it only ever happens in my room. Counting sheep doesn’t help so I sleep on either my mom floor or the couch. Its strange because I never remember any dream or nightmare.

    So is there any explanation to it or am I losing it slowly and is there anything I cn do to help me sleep???

    Sleep deprived

  201. Josh says:

    I am a 23 year old male. I have been living with sleep paralysis since i was about 10 years old. Recently i have been able to induce it by attempting to sleeping on my back. I typically only sleep on my right side, i have allways been like that. The first 6 years was diffacult since i had no idea what it was. Then one night i was listening to Coast to Coast AM and heard about the “old hag syndrom”. In addition to being able to induce sleep paralysis I have learned that if i remind myself i am sleeping while in the paralysis i can then induce a lucid dream. To enter the lucid dream i have to avoid struggling and trying to break the paralysis and just let my brain stay active while paralized. If i wait long enough i enter into a dream that i can fully control.

    The lucid dream is a very relaxing and rewarding experiance. My most notable dream was when i was able to fly across the city i live in. Most of my normal lucid dreams are spent blowing off steam by yelling at co-workers. I also spend a lot of time studying problems that faced me the day before.

  202. adele says:

    I face this problem almost every other day. And i thought all along it was some “spirits” on top of me. It’s like so real and i can “feel” it.

    I even went to a medium trying to figure out what is the cause and strangely after i hang the amulet beside my bed, the “feeling” did nogt came back.

    After reading up on the sleep paralysis, i reckon it’s all in the mind and i chose to believe it’s a sleeping disorder instead of trying to scare myself thinking it’s some “spirits” playing afool with me.

    And it’s really true that everytime i try to sleep on my back i will encounter the paralysis without fail. So i always sleep on my left.

  203. Xela says:

    I am 20 years old I have had this sleeping problem for a while now, but tonight was different. I saw myself walking down this hall and at the end of the hall I saw myself in the hospital bed with tubes in my mouth. I yelled out, and turned around to run , but the room shattered, next thing I know im in my bed trying to move myself. I felt 100% sure that I wasnt going to wake up. I felt myself rolling to the ground and hitting the floor but yet I remained in my bed. I finally woke up, woke my fiance told her a loved her and kissed her until she fell back asleep.

  204. elizabeth says:

    I had this happen to me today at about 3 in the afternoon. It’s the third time its ever happened to me. I’m sixteen years old and on my summer break, so I’m usually out every night with friends and I work almost 30 hours a week, so I don’t get much sleep but I nap a lot to try to get some rest. Today I was extremely tired and started to sleep around 1:30 PM and wanted to wake up at around 3:30. I was sleeping on my back and very comfortable when I started to doze off. I felt like I was in such a deep sleep that I never wanted to move. I started to dream and it was normal, but felt very realistic. I woke up because I thought someone came in my house, like my parents or someone. I opened my eyes and just stayed still. I went to inhale and couldn’t breathe, so I tried to sit up and couldn’t move my arms at all, or my legs. So I started to panic and still couldn’t breathe, but finally it came to me and I gasped in air then rolled over and fell straight back to sleep. I hate it when this happens. I just thought I would share my story also.

  205. Lauren says:

    Hi I experience this as well and it absolutley terrifys me!! Strange that you said 3:30 because when I do enconter this its always just after 3am!
    It also feels as though my head is stuck in a vice and the pain is unbearable…
    I have hallucinated a different physical plane in my bedroom as well.
    Email me if you want.

  206. Andrea says:

    Am i the only one who thinks this is a real spiritual experience? I have experienced this phenomenon about 6-8 times in the last few years and have always assumed it was just a dream-or nightmare until one morning i heard someone enter my room and as i started to wake up i noticed a male figure walk toward me, he just stood at the end of my bed and said something in a pommy accent. I didn’t feel like it was trying to harm me but it was never the less terrorfying as i was completely paralysed. Another incident was very similar although i didn’t actually see a figure that time but a saw an energy and it came right up to my face while i was in bed and i couldn’t move until i called out for my angels then it seemed to just dissapear. All the while i still thought it was probably just a weird dream UNTIL the exact same thing happened to me- WHILE I WAS AT WORK! Thats right, i work at a bar in Melbourne, Australia and i was cleaning up at the end of the night. My boss and myself were both talking about the strange things that have been going on around the building, (lights would switch on and off, strange noises etc) all of a sudden BOTH OF US were paralysed by this unknown force and although i couldn’t see anything i could feel a strong energy moving around me and my boss. I screamed, then prayed. It dissapeared as suddenly as it came and we just looked at each other in horror. I cant explain it but i now know that it doesn’t just happen in bed becauuse i was wide awake and active. I truly believe it to be a spiritual experience and i think the reason most of us experience it in bed is because that is when we are at our most relaxed and our other senses are more open to perceive these occurrences. I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience while being wide awake.

  207. ken says:

    I have had something similiar to this in the past. Never to the extent I did last night. I always have had odd sleeping habits, nature of my work, but I finally had a chance for some good sleep. Am 50 yrs old, and awoke to use potty. When I got back to the room, I got the whiff of a floral perfume. Smelled that before I thought. Laid down and mind raced on about the perfume. Dozed to sleep, and awoke again, to find I couldnt move. I was on my right side, and it seemed like I was pinned to the bed. The room temp. seemed hotter, yet minutes later I found it cooler than usual. I tried calling out, and got that familiar sensation something or someone was there. I finally got my voice and shouted at the top of my lungs, and heard a door slam. that released me, I sat straight up, and that perfume smell was gone. Had this happen before, but never was I terrified. I even invoked the name of Jesus and demanded whomever, whatever was there to leave me. oddly enough I was at peace enough to back to sleep in less than ten minutes

  208. aireen says:

    its also happened to me while im in my boyfriend’s house and where sleeping i think i slept at my back and when i woke up its liked i felt sumthing wrong in the room and i cant see it properly its blurry, and when i want to check my boyfriend whos just beside me i cant see him but i know his there with me sleeping to…i never panic at the beginning but when the time i want to talk no words came out.. and i think maybe im just still sleeping.. and then i close my eyes for a while but when i woke up again its still the same and now i cant move and talk.. and i pray really hard…i wish that my boyfriend will move or touch me…. for me to wake up from that bad dream… and then he hugs me… and im really thank full for that, that he hugs me,.. and i finally woke up and able to move but cant sleep again im afraid it will happened again..

  209. Grace says:

    I’m curious, I have had sleep paralysis for about 5 – 6 years now. It used to only happen every few months or so however now it’s happening once a week and all the symptoms you said were happening BUT last night I had one and out of no where I during this I had the most excruciating facial pain I’ve ever felt. Now I know pain because back in April I broke 5 bones in a car accident. But never have I felt pain during sleep paralysis until last night. When I finally ‘fully woke up’ the pain continued but slowly reduced. It felt like my nose was smashed to bits in this episode. Do you have any thoughts about why I would feel pain during my sleep paralysis? Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated

  210. badgee says:

    suffered with this condition sincedonkey’s years..My dad gave me a few tips..hope they help..firstly,, dont get too hot when you sleeping cos it does induce it somehow,,,second,,wriggle your toes and dont fight too hard cos its frustrating that way,,third ,,force your brain to wake up,,like think about things u do during the day for eg cooking that way the brain will go in the wake up mode,,fourth dont think about the sleep paralysis the more u think and scare yrself the worst it gets..To be honest it does work for me and i also avoid getting too tired cos it just makes it worse..xx

  211. badgee says:

    just guessing that during the paralysis u might have tried too much to wake your self up and involuntarily punched your nose???

  212. Dudester says:

    I experienced it about 4 times.

    I was working morning and afternoon to evening shifts in a hotel.

    I use to go off for about three hours before I would go back @ 5.
    I usually sat and played games or have a nap. The one afternoon between 2pm and 5pm myself and my girlfriend took a hour nap. I woke up in a which felt like I was really awake and got out of bed. Everything was hazy and depressing. The room looked slightly different but I didn`t think much of it.

    I walked toward our bedroom door feeling very heavy and tired and all of a sudden my body lost control and pushed up against the wall, with my back. I started moving up to the ceiling like something from the Exorcist and when I was at the top, I looked down and saw myself and my girlfriend sleeping in exactly the same positions and clothing that we had on when we went to bed.
    In a instant, I woke up for real, and I was sleeping on my stomach with my hands under my pillow and my face facing my forearm. All I could do is see, hear and breath and on my arm there was a spiral of some sort spinning like a whirlpool. I eventually got to move my toe and foot and then got up. a Couple weeks later the same thing happened but at night, and on my back. I was falling in and out of a nightmare and heard lots of screaming and shit but couldn`t move and saw darkness(evil) things flying around in dream and instantly in reality, switching between the 2. All my focus was 2 snap out and jump up, which I did with shit loads of effort.

    As for another experience it was just paralysis, but with a cold/hot wave of some sort moving from my head to my toes up and down my body and this unbelievable noise of some sort like a huge drone robotic electric engine is idling in my head in sets of noise and feeling of pain.

    Fucking hectic LOL. I do believe in the spiritual aspect of this more than the run of the mill physical and psychological aspect.

  213. adonis says:

    im 16 years old. When this sleep paralysis occurs, and i can’t move any part of my body except for my jaw and tounge.. I experimented on my own solution to get awake. I tried to move my foot, but it does’nt work. My hands does’nt work too. But i can breath normaly. Just im gonna open my mouth and close it, until i get out of that sleep paralysis.

  214. spider says:

    im 22 and i’ve been having this disorder ever since i was 15…i never sleep on my back because of SP but for some reason i feel like something rolls me on my back and i cant move. instead of my chest feeling heavy, it feels like something is heavy on my head. before knowing about this i thought that something was sucking the brain out my head through my mattress. one night i slept on my side and all of a sudden i accidently rolled on my back…i couldnt move and barely couldnt breath. my room looked the same i even saw my dog still laying at the end of my bed…i thought i was AWAKE! i start to panic and move my head i even thought i was able to scream. then i see this “cat in the Hat” tall figure walk towards me so i got scared and i closed my eyes…i finally got out of it.

    my boyfriend at the time even once said he thought he heard me have SP. he said i started breathing really hard, he described it as a dark vader breathing and then all of a sudden he said i started to have these short small quiet yells but couldnt fully “express” the sound i was making.

    what helps me from not having back to back episodes is to literally get out of bed after getting out of one episode and walk around n drink some water fort a few minutes…im still need help stoping SP because i get it atleast 2x amonth :(

  215. mohsin ali says:

    I am a 16 years old boy.I often have the problem of this sleep paralysis but i can’t do any thing.I am having this problem from about 2-3 years.Some days ago i think i am dreaming but few days ago i realize that i was not.I cant move my hand and foot how hard i try except my head .Yesterday my cell was ringing while sleeping i was hearing the tone bt i i was….helpless

  216. Kathy says:

    I am a 14 year old girl and this used to happen to me almost every night. I’m thinking this is the same thing.
    When I had these “dreams” it would always be in the setting of what room i was in (which made it seem very realistic!). I would not be able to move or talk and it felt hard to breathe. I would try to scream but nothing would come out. It always was like someone had me in a bag or tied up! and then i would feel someone pick me up and run away to my front door, but right before we got outside, I would wake up!
    The whole time I knew it was fake but it still was very scary! I started having these when I was about 10 and they stopped about 1 year ago. I still have them occasionally.
    They got less frequent once I started telling people about them. My mom always knew I was having them, but I never really explained what exactly happened because they freaked me out so much, so I just tried to forget about them. So if you have this problem try to tell someone about it and see if that helps.

  217. anishaa says:

    Ive had this happen to me a couple times now and I have the same thing happen to me usually after 3 even though I don’t hallucinate its still scary but I’ve realised if you don’t move eventually you can feel your body again mines now last less than 10 seconds

  218. Maria says:

    This used to happen to me a few years ago, lasting about 3 years. I would be drifting off to sleep lay on my front when I would feel an unwanted presense walk into to my room and stand next to me. I would feel the fear start at my feet and rush up to my head. Then suddenly, screeching piercing noise in my ears and in my head, kind of like tuning a radio frequency. My head would hurt so much because of the noise but I couldnt move or open eyes. I would be thinking STOP STOP THIS IS KILLING ME my brain hurt so much. Then I would notice my heart racing and pounding so hard against my bed. Suddenly I would see images rushing through my mind but could not focus on any of them. Sometime I would hear conversations going on but couldnt make out who it was. I could always breathe though it was the heart pounding and brain almost bleeding that bothered me. Just when I thought I couldnt take it anymore it would eventually ease off and I would sit up and notice that I was sweating from my shoulders up!

    Just another thing, one night I thought right I’m gonna stop this somehow so I prepared myself. This night I knew it was gonna happen cos you just know dont you? Well anyway the noise started the paralysis the heartbeating the excruciating fear! So, I dont know how I did it but heaved my heavy lend weight of a body up so I was sitting and tried to scream out, but I couldnt, so I tried to be sick but I couldnt. All the while I noticed how disorientated and heavy my body felt. So much so that I slumped back down heavily onto my bed and waited for the pain to stop.

  219. Michael Davis says:

    I think the last time I had that happen was about 2 years ago, but I have probably had it happen between 75 to 100 times in my life, and the first time I remember I was about 3 and it happened like every day to me. So I am kind of an expert at knowing what to do. I to thought demons were in the room and still do when it happens. I feel like something is there holding me with some kind of force making me unable to move or breathe and I am not scared of anything and don’t believe in demons either now but did when I was 3. I noticed that the worst thing to do is panic. The best thing is to image nothing is there take a slow breath in or blow what you have out this for some reason wakes me up. Not getting good sleep and lying on your back are differently the reasons this happens. After dealing with it for 30 plus years I have found they are the only reasons it happens to me. I also looked at the clock while paralyzed and when I woke up an hour and a few minutes had past. After that one I knew that they were dreams and I was wakening up in the middle of them. I can differently see you all have done your homework because your article is on the money. And someone touching you when you are in this state I have also wondered about. I have talked to my mom about this before because it’s happened to her but of course you don’t know when it’s going to happen so you don’t know when to touch someone to wake them up. And I have never been woke up by someone else while in this state. Kind of weird it only happens when no one is around and like I said it’s happened more than 75 times in my life.

  220. Michael Davis says:

    Sorry I kept miss spelling definitely stupid spell checker. OH and forgot to mention I also can’t speak and I always wake up in my room or where I’m sleeping so my dream and reality are definitely mixing somehow.

  221. Michael Davis says:

    You can’t get scared or mad or panicky stay confident and just relax close your eyes and breathe in or out whatever you got left real slowly and I promise you will wake up. Remember 1st not to deprive yourself of sleep and 2nd don’t lay on your back or it might happen 3rd don’t deprive yourself of sleep and lay on your back or it will happen.

  222. Michael Davis says:

    You can’t get scared or mad or panicky stay confident and just relax close your eyes and breathe in or out whatever you got left real slowly and I promise you will wake up. Remember 1st not to deprive yourself of sleep and 2nd don’t lay on your back or it might happen 3rd don’t deprive yourself of sleep and lay on your back or it will happen.

  223. tristantmc2 says:

    well, the only reason i could think of to induce it would be that if you don’t fight it, you can use it to go into a lucid dream. but, i have yet to hear about anyway to accomplish inducing it.

  224. Aselph says:

    Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

    1st peter 5:8

    I just want to instill a little hope into each and everyone of you!

    Reading your posts have moved me to do research, I have found that it is in fact not normal. Just because it happens to alot of people does not make it normal. There is a spiritual realm in which many of us do not see because we are swept away with our daily lives. Therefore many times the evil spirits try to attack us at night instilling fear and confusion within our souls and minds.
    Satans attacks are very subtle and the goal is to make you look as if you are a fool. This insills within you very soul fear,Strife, Pride, Discord, Argument, Perfection, Insecurity,Forgetfulness, Indecision, Knowledge Block or Frustration in operation. These things are not what you would think to be demons. In turn they are things that satan uses to control, manipulate and induce fear into our lives.

    Thankfully! There is a God who cast out demons a Savior that if you put your full trust and heart into can heal you and cast the demons out of your life forever. Once you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior you then obtain the power to simply cast the demons out in his name! Some choose to believe and others do not! But If you truly want to posess healing from all of these things or some of the things I have mentioned about just ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart acknowledge that he died on the cross for your sins and talk to him as if he is sitting next to you, because at that moment he will never leave your side! :)

    I hope this helps!

    God bless!

    Remember pray is a powerful weapon! It is your direct link to your Master Creator your Lord and Best friend! :)

  225. West says:

    Thank goodness I knew I wasn’t crazy! Except there is two things different from mine: it lasts longer, and I don’t usually see things in my room. when it hits the dream stage I’m not in my room anymore but my eyes are open and sometimes if I try hard enough I swear I can see the shadow of my arm moving (its really sluggish tho)but I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me. However, when I can’t breathe it is like I’m fighting somebody that is choking me and I jus can’t see him. I can feel him and hear him.
    -West (

  226. adam says:

    my facebook is adam levidel i would realy like to talk to you.

  227. Ayannaburtkj says:

    Thank GOD for this, when I was younger my grandmother told me it was the devil riding my back for being mean

  228. ayyanah says:

    yeah, thats true am 20 n av been expreancing SP for one and a half years n it really does scare me especially the sounds

  229. maya says:

    I just had this experience. This was my first time I can say for sure I had it. It wasn’t that frightening, just not pleasant.  I almost saw some thing but I just shut my eyes and ignored it. Moving facial muscle does really work, thats what got me out of it. My body temperature seems unstable during those time, but I think it was just feelings. This was quite helpful, as I am more relieved that there is nothing wrong with me :)

  230. Scastel says:

    I know when it’s going to happen. Something in my dream would freak me out and then I would know it’s a dream  so what do I do? I would tell myself to wake up, as soon as I wake up I would feel the numbness lingering waiting for me to close my eyes. The worst part is I don’t have cable and there’s nothing to watch on tv at 2am.

  231. Scastel says:

    I know when it’s going to happen. Something in my dream would freak me out and then I would know it’s a dream  so what do I do? I would tell myself to wake up, as soon as I wake up I would feel the numbness lingering waiting for me to close my eyes. The worst part is I don’t have cable and there’s nothing to watch on tv at 2am.

  232. Abdul Rehman says:

    i dont have any sleep paralysis in the 21 years of my life.
    but when i heard of  astral projection, out of body experience, lucid dreaming i started having them. Not at my will but i think they are useful.
    if you are having few very few of them you are very lucky and completely normal…
    when i had my first one i was a bit afraid then i figured out a way to over come it, i just start thinking that i am taking deep breaths and after few seconds i managed to wake up.
    now, when ever i had it i started to stay as calm and normal and start think about beautiful scenes and places, i sometimes managed to go there and sometimes i woke up.
    Next time if you had this experience then try to remain calm….

  233. Hellcat 01 says:

    This just happened to me for the first time a few days ago.  I thought I had a seizure in my sleep. I take a medication that if immediately stopped can cause seizures and I was very late taking it. I was on my stomach and I could hear a sound like the sound of blood rushing to your head. I heard my grown son say “Are you feeling secure?” and touch my back (he was not at my home) I tried to turn my heard and it would barely move I turned it only enough that it became buried in the pillow (or so I thought and I couldn’t breath) I could not move my body at all. I couldn’t breathe and I became paniced and all of a sudden I could move. It was frightening. I though I was maybe having a seizure but now I know what it was thanks

  234. Malaysianpride12 says:

    The touching part is real,i was sleeping with my girlfriend (PS im 21) when the sleep paralysis happened she just woke me up When it started

  235. Malaysianpride12 says:

    This is my 7th time having sleep paralisys

  236. miss polite says:

    i have experienced sp since i was 5 years old. i am now 24. i sleep under the covers so that when/if it happens i dont see any dark scary figures. and i face the wall.

    i have gotten to the point where i can feel when its about to happen and if i am quick i can shake myself pout of it before it is a full on sp attack. i hate them soooooo much. and i dont care what scientific data is behind it, these are not normal. why are they so scary?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!! i hate them and i com =e from a religious upbringing so i know there is def something more to it. i say the lords prayer, or “i bind you in the name of Jesus Christ”. as soon as i say that the evil presence usually flees . if i dont say it the attack will last longer.

    when my boyfriend is in bed with me they don’t happen, or when my cats are in the bed with me i sleep well. it only happens in the morning when i am sleeping in bed alone.

    i sleep on my side and belly and it still happens. and once it happens, if i try to fall back asleep it will happen again, so i just try to stay awake after the fact.

    i just want it to stop. i dont want to have obe or any of that nonsense, i just want simple sleep.

    and my sleeping pattern is normal, every night i go to bed the same time. always with my boyfriend… just happens in the early morning when my bf leaves for work.

  237. Anonymous says:

    ive had this happen to me a few times i couldnt move at all no matter how hard i tried then i would get the felling someone was in the room and this vibrating noise would start pounding in my ear man i hated it

  238. Lena_ng93 says:

    This is really weird, I don’t hallucinate or feel presences, in fact I always try opening my eyes sting sleep paralysis but I cannot! The rest of my body is also immobilised and I always fight to move my limbs or open my eyes but can’t no matter how hard I try. I also experienced difficulty breathing, is this considered sleep paralysis too? Pls answer thanks (:

  239. Stateline270 says:

    Just wait i jave have had it and seen someone in my room my two year old sleeps with me its scary when you wake up and cant do nothing about it

  240. Suziemom says:

    I know this is going to sound strange. I had this problem where I was stuck in my sleep and I could not move a muscle or speak. Then this one night I realized that I could move my neck and I put my head forward towards my chest and bit. I felt it unravel and let go of me. I could move instantly. It hasn’t returned since then. I hope this helps another person to overcome this horrible issue.

  241. Cchs Njrotc says:

    Mine last for hours some nights. They happen often, maybe every 2 weeks. I have never been through a long car ride or flight where I have fallen asleep and it hasn’t occurred. Any time I sleep in a strange location I experience it. I am, however able to make a very low groaning noise. It is not able to gain anyone’s attention unless they are laying right next to me, but it’s the only thing I can do. Though being touched does not wake me, having someone talk to me during it seems to be beneficial to my waking up.

  242. Stacey Jost says:

    i have had this happen to me a lot, and when i say a lot, i mean it, very scary and i almost know when it’s going to happen now because i can feel my heart start to race and my breathing changes, i try to change positions of how i’m sleeping, but it doesn’t help, i slip into this stage of not being able to move, and can’t open my eyes no matter how hard i try, but i am awake as far as i can tell, i try to yell out “help me, help me”, but no one hears, i do get the sensation of someone in the room with me, and i try to force my body up, but i guess it doesn’t wake up till it’s ready. i don’t like not having control of this situation when it happens and i understand people say “oh just go with it or let it ride till everything catches up and just relax while it’s going in”, yea well you can’t!! even if you’re use to it or know what’s going on, it’s still very scary when YOU HAVE NO CONTROL over your own body, it can’t be healthy to have this happen, especially how it makes the body feel when it does, people look at me like i’m a weirdo when i try to tell them so i don’t say anything to anybody but it’s very frequent for me, i just don’t want it to harm me in any way mentally or physically, there has to be an answer to make it STOP!!! if anyone cares to talk about this you can reach me at, i’m sorry if it happens to others, i know what you’re going thru and it sucks!!! 

  243. Jovonharris72 says:

    well just  pray

  244. Shell73 says:

    Hi Everyone.  So sorry for your experience’s because I know how truly terrifying they are.  I’ve read the whole blog and relate to most of it.  It should be a relief to the people that are just starting to have these episode’s to see that so many have had it for many years and are alive and well. :)

    First time it happened to me (24 yrs. old, now 40 yrs. old) I thought I was dying!  Now, I know what it is, thanks to a lot of research, and blogs such as this one,I know I will come out of it safely.
    I am grateful for this site. Thank you to the creator(s) of it.   I’ve told my fiance about this (started happening when I met him and has been gone during the time’s we’ve been apart, lol) and he thinks I am crazy!!!!  Literally.  He asked me to describe it and I told him that I hear voice’s, hear the jet-engine sound, feel my soul vibrating out of my body ,feel like I am getting thrown at the wall,  feel like some kind of suction of my soul trying to get it to leave my body, the paralysis,violence, the whole nine-yards. I think I may have had (involuntary OBE’s) because I fly a lot, go somewhere sunny.  He looks at me like I have nine heads or something! The other day,  I went to grab an envelope out of our home office and found three books on Schizophrenia!  My name was next to some of the paragraphs!  I was ANGRY!  So, be careful who you tell, that is my advice.  This is someone I have been on and off with for 16-years, so he knows me pretty well by now. No, I’m not crazy, lol, very normal person :)I had two back to back episode’s, two nights in a row, this past Wednesday and Thursday.  The first, I was sleeping on my left side (read not to sleep on my back, but found it doesn’t matter to me anyways, it happens no mater what) and I woke up right before the vibration feeling and full paralysis because I had the feeling I was getting strangled.  I called out for my Grandfather and it immediately stopped.  A spiritual counselor told me to do that because “they” are afraid of him.  I’ve called for Christ and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; which is horribly scary to me! The next night (Thursday) I was nervous about going to sleep because of the strangulation the night before, so I did my usual routine of saying my prayer’s for protection, asked the Holy Spirit to protect me and every square inch of my home with the protective and healing white light, had a crucifix in my right hand, and woke up on my back, both wrists being violently pinned, my legs were bent at the knee’s and also violently pinned spread apart against the bed and I managed to get out “Grandpa” and it stopped.  If that isn’t scary enough, I was HOLDING my crucifix in my right hand still!  I have always been petrified (not a strong enough word) of s/p, but what give’s?  I’ve done everything to prevent it that I knew to do:  white bedsheets, prayer’s to Jesus & Holy Spirit for protection from evil and negativity, stay on a normal sleep schedule (I have not been sleep deprived, stressed, or any horrible life factor’s) and it STILL happened.  Needless to say I am freaking out.  If Christ can’t pull me out of it all the time, and the fact it happened while holding a crucifix, I am just….frightened beyond belief now!  I appreciate any helpful suggestions, thanks a million!

    The only other thing that has worked for me in the past is something the spiritual counselor told me.  I bought a Sage stick and did what is called “smudging”.  I light the sage stick and walk around with it paying particular attention to the corner’s.  I also have Kosher salt.  I throw a pinch of salt in EVERY corner while walking with the lit smudge stick and keep saying aloud “In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you”.  It’s very important to have window’s and door’s to the outside open so that the spirits may leave.  I tell them I am of the living and to leave me alone.  That I am the daughter of Christ and He is my Lord and my Savior.  I tell them to exit out the door/window and never come back.  This will last for awhile.  It worked, great sleep last night.  A spiritual medium told me to do that because they felt it was evil around me and in  my home.  This is not meant to be a ‘religious’ preaching, but just sharing the only thing that has been a sure-fire thing to work for me and that’s what this about, trying to understand and help one another.

    I have also heard that red is protective, as well as white bedding and white sleepwear (hasn’t helped me lately).  I was also advised to sleep with a glass of water under my bed; that has helped, just don’t remember to do that all the time!  Ask the Holy Spirit and guardian angels for protection, as well as God (whomever that is for you, if any).  Not sleeping on the back (not so for me), no alcohol or drugs (don’t do that either, still happens), burning white candles (has helped break the repetiveness for me), staying on a regular sleep schedule (I am so that doesn’t help me), sleeping next to someone also hasn’t worked for me.  I do believe, as someone mentioned here, pets can pull us out of it.  My kitten attacked me one night, the 1st s/p I had and that pulled me from it.  I thought it was from drinking alcohol though (not the case now).  This cat ‘saw’ things I think.  He would look above my head a lot and it’s as if he were watching a fly, his head and eye’s looked as if he was following a bug.  Other time’s he would freak out and run for no reason apparent to me and he would hide under the bed.  A spiritual counselor’s dog had done the same, began barking like crazy at me out of the blue and she said I had numerous serpent’s around me, Blessed me and gave me some Holy water!  Oh, that helped me, too.

    I will say, I did experiment with a Ouiji board when I was a kid.  I also had some psychic readings for fun during my adult years.  I have premonitions and deja vu  sometimes.  I can pick up some people’s family that have passed on and give them helpful message’s.  A cousin also has this gift (?) as well as an aunt.  I don’t know if the Ouiji board brought bad stuff in or the psychic readings, but I read that can be a portal into our souls?  I have also learned that some people are more permeable than others, and usually people who are like this are used as communicator’s for the other side (if you believe in that) during sleep because that’s when we are able to be communicated with and we shine like a beacon to them and they get excited cuz they know we can hear them.  I was also told that some people who live lifestyle’s that are doing bad things can be a vehicle for these bad kind of spirits and when someone is permeable they can attach to them.  Everyone has their own beliefs, but for me, not to upset or scare anyone, it is related to the ‘negative’ side.

    Wow, this is getting long.  I am just trying to be helpful to at least one person, and also to gain knowledge and help and advice from other’s.  It can be a very isolating feeling when this occurs because many people don’t understand the intensity.  I am lucky that I don’t see anything, then again I don’t open my eye’s!  But everything else seems to be something I have experienced at one time or another.  I am hoping one day that this will all end.  Oh, one more point, it doesn’t happen when I sleep at someone else’s house?  That is even if I pick up bad energy there.  Anyways, thanks so much for sharing, I’ve learned a lot here and will try reading Psalm 91 before bed and add that to my s/p preventative tool box.  Wishing all of you  freedom and peace to sleep well!  With love to all.

  245. 4everroses says:

    im not sure what that was.

  246. Begood2yrself says:

    It is the work of the devil. If you are a believer of have the authority to defeat Satanic attacks ..begin a playful life …plead the blood of Jesus…over you and your family’s life.. if it happens again while sleeping but it feels so real like you can see your surrounding and you can’t move or feel like something has a hold on you try to day Jesus you have to fight to say it which will help you think it..and then it will disappear…this attack is either wanting you to give in and say yes to him so he can possess you with his demons. And this is also an attack to place or keep fear in you. If you are not a believer pick up a bible and begin to seek the truth. These attacks usually happen when your at a low point in your life which makes you vulnerable. Seek and develop a life in Christ…Jesus is the answer. If you have more questions email me @

  247. Candace says:

    This explains so much. 
    I would go to sleep, then I wake up suddenly and I want to move my body but I can’t. The first time this happened to me, I got scared. After a couple times, I just learn to relax and deal with it. I can hear what’s going on but I can’t call out for help. Sometimes, I can see the person’s shadow and hope they see me. No one actually touched me and helped me out of it. But now I know what to do, to prevent it because I don’t like it very much. 

    Knowing this, I can’t tell my friends I was in Limbo for about 5 minutes anymore :/ 

  248. pants says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis on a regular basis since I was 7, now in my forties it is less occurring. I have never experienced a witch/bad person. My paralysis comes after a falling/flying dream – An out of body experience. My first reaction is to try and switch the light on (which I can’t because I have no physically hands). This began when I was approx 7 and I used to fly into a wardrobe then drop down. The witch does ring a bell though, because I sometimes, when falling asleep, get fast moving images of unpleasant peoples faces flashing before my eyelids (my sister also has this). Another thing that happens to me is that I get like  a physical dictionary of pages before my eyes (in my head) and it always went to fast to read. I managed to slow it in my late 20’s and at first it was a list of adjoining words like and, if , on, but etc. ( i figured this may be my subconscious) but later on it turned to actual stories like I was reading a book in my head. One last thing ;I sometimes get huge sums in my head and I whittle them down and down and when I’m just near the answer I can’t remember anything about the sum! It’s like a metal gate clangs shut.
    It would be interesting to hear whether anyone has similar images…

  249. Conner buell says:

    hey how would you make it happen more often my friend and i want to try and study it and i need to try and induce it on myself so it happens more often

  250. gaurav says:

    first i got scared….i thot somone was in the room..and curled to sleep like a 8 year old

    But after 5 experiences it felt awsome . I then knew that i was in a dream,but the feeling that somone is in the room is inevitable. I then check if someone is there with my phone’s light…then go back to sleep with a smile.
    But the worst experience that i have is that i cant hear also….i can hear the sound which comes out from the mike when wind blows,the irritating noise….and also i see evrything white!!  THis wasnt mentioned here.
    anyone withe the same experience?

  251. Bugfish says:

    I know this post is a couple years old now, but I just wanted to comment because my experience with sleep paralysis is slightly different than what I always read. I get it from time to time, and experience the inability to move, and the feeling like I need to escape that situation. But on the rare occasion that it also included a “presence”, it wasn’t a malevolent feeling. It was scary, as the unknown is, but more like not knowing whether the presence is friendly or dangerous.

    Twice in my teens,  I heard things during a sleep paralysis episode that I know were not there. Once I heard someone walking up the stairs toward the bedrooms when I knew I was alone in the house. I was both curious and frightened. Was it a good or bad visitor? In that state of mind, I assumed it was supernatural in some way. As it got closer, it got scary enough to try hard to wake up, so I never “saw” who it was.

    In another episode, I opened my eyes, saw my alarm clock but couldn’t read it, and heard a female voice say, “Aren’t you going to call me?” which sounded like friend of mine who I was talking on the phone to a lot. I figured I was either dreaming about her or maybe somehow her need to talk was being communicated with me while we both slept.

    But every other time it has happened, all the fear comes from the strange metal state and not being able to move, and feeling like if I can’t wake myself up from it, I will get stuck or suffocate.  Usually, I won’t have episodes for a long time, and then I will have several in one night or when napping and not quite getting normal sleep.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience because of the aspect I had of feeling NON-malevelant presence during some sleep paralysis episodes.

  252. Twiztidrose says:

    Hello my name is Amanda and I have had this problem for many years. it has became a lot worse this year. My husband of 15 years died, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not but it has became a lot worse since his death. Please help me!! Mine happens for a long time and it makes me hurt very bad when I wake up all the way. 

  253. Shortiee_13 says:

    I Been Having Sleep Paralysis Since Last Year. I Use To Have Them Almost Every Day’ Everytime Before It Happened, i Could Feel The Presence Of Someone Coming Towards Me.. I Could Not Move Or Talk And If I Ignore That Feeling I Could Hear People Screaming Talking And Crying In My Ear’ It Was Really Disturbing & Skary..

  254. Mommy says:

    My husband, who now is 38, has had SP since he was eight. He believes that the incidents are triggered by eating a high sodium meal such as pizza with extra sauce, burritos with salty salsa, and/or chinese food. Does any one else have this correlation?

  255. The rest of society. says:

    Alright so he has scientificitly given a name for a very out of body scary experience and you dumbass christians come along and say its not science its religion, just get out.

  256. Victor says:

    Once my sleep paralysis lasted for hours, it started stopped and suddenly atarted again, but when ever i bite my lower lip I seem to stop it.

  257. Siddhesh says:

    Thanks for explaining 
    I was worried about my such experiences of sleep paralysis
    It causes me daily and as you said  it is to be confirmed that  touching the person who is experiencing sleep might be taken out of it is true we can also do it by trying to move some of our body muscles
    In my case to come out of the brain paralysis i this technique to get out.
    Really Thanks Again!

  258. Princesshammy says:

    This happens to me all the time. It is very scary. I think I am dying. I didn’t expect it to come this early in life though. I am fourteen and the first one I had was when I was thirteen. My father has it so it is nice for him to understand what I am going through. I wish I could stop it all together though. I am always scared to go to sleep. My doctor said there is nothing I can do to stop it so I guess I will just have to suck it up. It usually helps to turn on a movie or some thing so when it happens I can here cartoons or something so I am less scared also it helps if I take deep breaths. It seems it goes by faster when I do that. I get emotional when it happens because I keep thinking that I am dying and its scary. Worst thing ever. I guess I feel better though because I nothing seems to be life threatening.

  259. ImMe says:

    Really? That was so rude and you shouldn’t talk to anyone that way. Everyone has a right to voice their own opinion and if you don’t like it… don’t continue to read the message. That will be all

  260. Smithkirsty91 says:

    I notice a lot of people were saying that their first experience of this was in college, so was mine. The people who were saying that they randomly had sleep paralysis after reading this, that was probably not a coincidence. I always give myself sleep paralysis by worrying about it. Sometimes I think to myself how I haven’t had it in a while and I’ll always get it that night as it’ll play on my mind. Well I think mine is stress related and I sometimes hallucinate but most of the time I hear either a loud continual banging or a high pitched ringing. If this is the beginnings of an obe I would like to try it but I guess it scares me! :-/

  261. Smithkirsty91 says:

    I think a lot of people get it if they worry/ think about it a lot. I know I always get it when I worry about it just before I fall asleep.

  262. that will be all says:

    Actually.. I don’t think that’s rude. I think it’s verging on the offensive to say to scared people that it is a satanic attack and if they let Jesus into their life it will be okay. Does not help those in that situation.

    You often get sleep paralysis when you are low/stressed in life (from my personal experience) and for someone to come along and say it’s a satanic attack and if you only believe in jesus does not supply the re-assurance you need to say you are not going mad. It’s not the bible you require, it’s help and advice for what can be very difficult for some to deal with. 

  263. Greenbios says:

    I’ve suffered from Sleep paralysis since I was very little, and it has always been a terrifying experience. I woke up from one not 2 minutes ago before I stumbled upon your site, looking for information.
    I usually wake up on my side, with a feeling that something is in the room with me. Usually it’s a nameless entity, but sometimes it’s a vampire or monster, or in today’s case, a little girl. The hallucinations are very vivid- I’ll hear them, and feel them moving on the bed, and touching me- while my eyes can still move and I’m fully aware. Once, I felt it bite into my arm, and the vice-like feeling continued well after I could move again. 
    These experiences occur normally to me, even if I hate them. Is there any easy way to manage the fear afterwards, because I always feel like I’m having an anxiety attack.

  264. Laadams1991 says:

    That’s how mine are and they are very scary the very first one I had
    I heard someone like eating chips and they started pulling my hair and I tried yelling for help but couldn’t say or do anything and when I finally came out of it I could still feel like where the hand had touched and was pulling really creepy and I had one the other day and I couldn’t breath it felt like someone was choking me and I tried getting my Fiance’ s attention but of course couldnt and I’ve had a lot of them but that was the most scariest one when I couldn’t breath

  265. Laadams1991 says:

    That’s how mine are and they are very scary the very first one I had
    I heard someone like eating chips and they started pulling my hair and I tried yelling for help but couldn’t say or do anything and when I finally came out of it I could still feel like where the hand had touched and was pulling really creepy and I had one the other day and I couldn’t breath it felt like someone was choking me and I tried getting my Fiance’ s attention but of course couldnt and I’ve had a lot of them but that was the most scariest one when I couldn’t breath

  266. dino says:

    I can confirm that someone touching you can bring you out of it.

  267. dino says:

    I can confirm that someone touching you can bring you out of it.

  268. Mozzaedwards says:

    I’ve literally woke up from an experience now and type in not moving in sleep on google at least I know what it is now….horrible, I felt I was pinned down, I could hear laughter in my right ear while a number of faces staring at me, not gone back to sleep now!

  269. Imme4343 says:

    I have this too. Im only 16 but I find it really helpful that if when your in “REM” take a deeeep breathe and your muscles are awake for 2-3 seconds then that’s when you take advantage and move around and get up

  270. Imme4343 says:

    I have this too. Im only 16 but I find it really helpful that if when your in “REM” take a deeeep breathe and your muscles are awake for 2-3 seconds then that’s when you take advantage and move around and get up

  271. Rockstarchelsea says:

    Yes. I’ve been having this problem for a minute now. I usually come home from school & go straight to sleep then sleep paralysis comes on. My aunt told me to put a butter knife or something silver under my pillow then it’ll stop,,it did it for a few days then it comes back. I got it bad now. Yes if someone touches you or call your name,you eventually wake up out of it. If any questions email me at

  272. Oakschelsea says:

    Thank you so much for clearing this up. I am now a teenager and I have been experiencing this since i was a child. Sadly, I do experience the hallucinations during the sleep paralysis. I usually wake up in the middle of the night terrified, see something weird or scary or a scary person, and then it seems like seconds later i wake up, feel stupid, and then go back to sleep. I have wondered if something is terribly wrong with me for a while now. Even though  I can’t make them go away it still feels great to know what this is.

  273. Sesame6792 says:

    Religion doesn’t have any real truths if they were truths then you wouldn’t have a belief it would be knowledge like this article would be a truth because you can prove this. Your beliefs are your beliefs I just have a problem with you proclaiming it to be a truth thats all

  274. says:

    thanks but I started sleeping paralysis when I was 13 and it started almost like it was only 2 minutes but now it stays until 7 minutes-12 minutes and it is scary as heck . . .  I Hate sleeping paralysis

  275. Watkins_sean says:

    Happens to me all the time

  276. Diamondkurtz says:

    Thankyou for giving this information. I thought i was going to die. You really helped me calm down, im going to defintely sleep on my sides and not my back. Ive been having this problem for about 6-7 months. But im afraid to tell my parents about my problem, they might think im crazy. I feel vibration in my head, i cant move, i cant speak, and i can hardley breathe. I will defintely try these steps. I wonder why this happens tho. I dont like the feeling, but anyway thanks!!

  277. Diamondkurtz says:

    I agree with you so much.

  278. Diamondkurtz says:

    I manage to wiggle my finger and 2 seconds later it snaps me out of it.

  279. dd says:

    That happened to me!

  280. dd says:

    my mom said to do that.

  281. Jason says:

    Something like this happens to me very often. I was searching for info on it and found this. I have a strange buzzing or vibrating in my head accompanied by nightmares and sleep paralysis. If any of the 3 symptoms are present, all 3 will be. Every time. It is terrible.  Also, I am often in a dream state when I shouldn’t be when I experience these symptoms of buzzing, ringing or vibrating in ears and nightmares and paralysis. It is commonly said that dreaming does not occur very soon after falling asleep, but often have these symptoms just minutes after closing my eyes and dozing off. Sometimes it seems I struggle to move (or even call out for help) for at least a minute or longer before I can drag myself back to an awaken state. All accounts of these phenomenon from others seem to be somewhat unique. I am a recovering alcoholic and these events seem to happen during periods of early sobriety. May be unrelated, however. If anyone can relate to all 3 of these symptoms, please email me at

  282. mohamed says:

    thanks alot

  283. Wajeepgirl1966 says:

    Well this has happened to me maybe 7 to 8 times in the last 2 years ad it just happened to me again.I call it hovering..I fall asleep and I feel my body ge stiff and start to shake or quiver so bad it hurts and then I feel my body trying to rise out of bed and at this point I’m trying to keep myself in bed and wake up..I don’t like when this happens. Ad I wish I knew what its all about.

  284. Mykaln says:

    this happens to me like every night and i finally seen something when you read others experinces they say that some small figure was on their chest strangling them what i saw was a black figure about my size (6 foot) and it just crawled over me and looked at me.. what ever im seeing i pretty sure i wouldn’t be afraid of a little figure but this other is like nothing i’ve read i feel like im fighting to keep myself in my body and keep it out…your lucky you dont see things

  285. Mykaln says:

    i would like to know more about OBE because i go through sp every night and i seem to be able to will my body except when i see this demonic figure and i dont understand when you talk about guides because i dont hear voices

  286. Anthony says:

    I’m always  have SP because i don’t sleep alot and I sleep in my back. I use to panic all the
    time when I had SP. Well since I read this it makes  me feel better because I now what SP is. And im not the only person that experiences this. I saw many people all around me and I use to try to move and they use to kick me. Now because I know this information I’m not scared any more. And I dint panic nor get scared when I see the people and things around me they dont hurt me and I see them like an evil spirit but they dont get near me like if I was more powerful than them. I think they are actual evil spirit and they fead from scare.
    But they cant like really hurt you just make you panic and scare a little more and they feed from that. If you dont get scare and look at them or if u dont see them just hear them. Ignore it and dont be scare nor panic. If you dont get scare SP wont be happening that often and it might go away because you are  making that evil spirit lose power. So it wont be coming. I tried thisI dont get scare at them they know what your thinking and what you are  saying inside your mind. So I talk to them. Im always talking to them I laght at them they start screaming and everything and they leave me alone. SP doesnt occr to that often anymore no matter If I dont sleep it doesnt happen that often. My mom had SP but I told her what I did so this doesnt happen that often and she tried it and the evil spirits dont even come. She has SP but she can move and everything not her body but her spirit. LIke if her soal and spit left her body. The only thing I have to say that myy tip dont work so well as it worked for my mom so me people dont have SP that often. They have it but the evil sspirits wont come instead you will leave like if you was a gost and your body will stay in your bed and you can do anything you want. And some people dont evn have SP anymore like my cousin I gaved her my tip and she use it and she doesnt even have SP.

  287. angel says:

    i have SP , and i consider it disaster .. because i have it every day, i have plenty of sleep , i sleep most of the time . I’m an insomiac sometimes, but i sleep most of my free times, every night and afternoon i got this SP and you know what , all the things you’ve said was quite alarming, you can only get out of that thing once you moved your hands or finger, but hands are easier to move. when you also let things stay still , another level of sleeping will come to you , i tried it several times. i can only escape the nightmare by getting pee.. because if i don’t i can only get lots of SP’s. plus, the sleeping position doesn’t help, i don’t sleep on my back. i sleep sideways, but i still got SP’s.. yeah, not just SP but SP’s.. its not an exaggeration, its for real you know, i also tried drinking water, and the facial movement i also stuck out my tongue but nothing helped, i worry so much with it :( i definitely changed everything in my sleeping ways , but nothing proves more, than to , not drink water before going to sleep or else SP will attack , don’t also spend more time sleeping because it will also occur with it , just try harder to move your body and moan when you do, so that someone could hear you, because you can’t still get awake. and pee. that’s all .. and before i forget , PRAY and PRAY before you sleep.. it could help a lot:)
    chao :)

  288. Cheyenne says:

    Well, I have this happen frequently. I sleep more than anyone should, lol. And It is 2:30am here, and I have to get up at 5:30am. Im pulling an all nighter. So I guess I should prepare myself  for the Sleep Paralysis to happen again..
    Which really scares me. 
    I think it is one of the scariest feelings I have ever had, pretty much. 
    Im honestly scared to go to sleep now..

  289. I started experiencing this when I was 6.   Thirty-one years later, and I still experience it multiple times a week, and multiples a night when it does happen.  It happens at the onset of sleep, and sometimes waking up.   It happens 10 minutes into my sleep, and sometimes in the morning. 

     I finally ask my doctor about it, and he put me in a sleep study to test for narcolepsy.   $6000 later, and I find I’m normal. 

     I have tried all the “tricks” and nothing has ever worked.   I usually do not experience hallucinations, but I have.   The most common is a panther, and on occasion, human figures.  I’ve gotten used to it, but I still don’t like it.

  290. Victoriapena2010 says:

    Omg o experience this last night I was falling to sleep and right after 5 min I was panicking trying to scream for help saing mi daughter hellp but the words never came out I couldn’t move Breath it was scary and just the thought tha sumthing was happening while mi daughter is right next to me it was scary I started to preach while this was happening its a very scary thing

  291. Victoriapena2010 says:

    Omg o experience this last night I was falling to sleep and right after 5 min I was panicking trying to scream for help saing mi daughter hellp but the words never came out I couldn’t move Breath it was scary and just the thought tha sumthing was happening while mi daughter is right next to me it was scary I started to preach while this was happening its a very scary thing

  292. Manholecover55 says:

    What are people like me to do? I am in the Navy and can’t seem to get a solid nights sleep, or even a regular sleeping pattern down. I guess were supposed to just live with it?

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  294. In my family, most of us are sleep talkers and the occasional sleepwalker.  When I was younger, I would see myself sleeping for a few minutes and then I’d go into a sleep paralysis.  I couldn’t move or talk or do anything.  I could only hear myself think and see what was around the room – that fear that someone was in the room was there.  But what was strange was I would say to myself in my mind oh no – here it comes again as if something was going back into my body, but a part of my mind was familiar to it but not fond of it.  My body would jump off the bed as if someone has used a defibrillator to rest start my heart.  The electric shock would go through my body – only after that would i start moving again.

    Shortly after, I started having insomnia and whenever I would wake up I wasn’t able to recognize the people around me or where I was.  It would take a few minutes to get back to normal.  Now I’m married, my husband says I talk constantly in my sleep.  He says I wake up, walk around, move about the house, and come back to lay down.  He says I answer back to him when he asks, but I don’t recall this.

    The other night I had another sleep paralysis, this time I’m scared because I’m pregnant.

  295. Deetles says:

    For me it’s only the paralysis, I’ve had it for the past 4 years and I’ve never felt another “presense” in the room with me. Just the feeling of not being able to move is what terrifies me. I usually focus all my energy on moving my fingers, that’s what snaps me out of it. But the facial tip is interesting, i’ll take that into consideration when this happens again.

  296. Carmenharty says:

    I had an episode last night, it was so scary. I have experienced this in the past usually when I am under stress.I hear footsteps and then my bedroom door open, at this point I can’t move, then the person walks to the other side of the bed and lays next to me. Last night it was getting nearer and nearer, I was terrify. What works for me is praying in my head, until I slowly can move and wake up. One time I was awake and I saw someone come into the room who looked like a mummy and stand on the other bedside, then my boyfriend walked in and follow the thing and lay down; at this point the thing dissapeared. Reading all these comments now I think that maybe I fell asleep and experinced this phenomenon. I am so glad to know that I am not alone.

  297. Jensul80 says:

    i had something of this sort happen to me last night/this morning. i was wide awake though, i had just shut the door to my room to keep my pup in so he wouldn’t go in the living room and mess with his infected ear…. i was laying on my side and all of a sudden i hear this pulsing hum start to fade in, as it got more intense and loud, its like pressure built up inside my ear to the point where all i could hear was the pulsing hum and my heart beat…it felt worse than the pressure build up you feel on an airplane… i sleep on a blow up bed and i felt the bed inflate beneathe me as if someone was kneeling over me and i felt like this invisible force was pushing me down and i couldn’t move. next thing i know the pulsing hum/pressure fades out and im left able to move but completely relaxed. it creeped me out, but i wasn’t scared…i was curious what was happening so i looked it up and found this site….crazy. i really didnt feel afraid, and ive noticed nobody has mentioned how they felt that next day???….i feel so refreshed today. i’m a 2f/f and have no medical issues/ no depression, not too much stress..i’m a happy person with lots of friends who is quite active and i get regular sleep. i told my ma and she says it happens to her all the time and claimed it was a “spirit” and asked if i felt cold….my room was actually quite warm…and i hadn’t come out of sleep, i was wide awake…so i guess i’m still wondering- is what i had the same as whats being described?? this is very interesting…i can’t get over how weird it was.

  298. Jensul80 says:

    im a 25/f*

  299. Edwimain_20 says:

    Thank you .. Actually it happens to me this morning right 7 am and it happened twice ,, this s not d first time ,,, i got sleep paralysis 3 times a week .. And this makes me scared until i read ur suggestion,, thanks a lot :)

  300. Edwimain_20 says:

    But whats d true meaning of that? Coz last 3 months i experience sleep paralysis and by the time i was able to move i heard someone laugh at my ear and its like a sound of a demon,, i dont know.. What it means?

  301. Edwimain_20 says:

    But whats d true meaning of that? Coz last 3 months i experience sleep paralysis and by the time i was able to move i heard someone laugh at my ear and its like a sound of a demon,, i dont know.. What it means?

  302. Jinva_san says:

    Yeahn I’ve experienced Sleep Paralysis when sleeping on my side or stomache. Isn’t this sleeping disorder hereditary in some cases? I find relaxing and not panicking, even though it’s so terrifying, really helps. Or moving my feet or face in some way.

  303. Flyersphan20 says:

    This has happened to me the last couple of nights. I feel like I can’t move, talk, or breathe its pretty scary. It seems like it happens only when I sleep on my stomach. I hope it stops because it keeps waking me up at night. So far I haven’t seen anything and I’m kinda hoping I don’t.

  304. nadia(minisyco) says:

    This is what I see because since i was 7 I believed i have astral traveled and gone in the wrong territory by accident and since then the first time when I got this I had a dream about a tiger and they say that means a presince of a woman. Right after that dream this thing happend to me where I couldn’t move or speak and felt like I was floating in the air. Then this happend to me again in grade 7 I had the same dream again and then again in grade 8 when I woke up from this i fell onto my bed and also serveral times after that. I got curios to know what this was because I’ve always felt a womans presince in my room. So maby it was this I am now 16 and hasn’t happend this year yet.

  305. puressj says:

    same but when i sleep on my back 

  306. Blah says:

    God used science to create this world. The devil can use the “science” of our bodies to torture us. But humans come along and add a label to everything. So it’s known as sleep paralysis. It can be science AND religion

  307. Blah says:

    I’ve seen the “strange things”

    One time I saw a guy in a Jason X mask with a gleaming knife in his hand. Whenever this happens, my chest and ears burn as if to alert me that an evil presence is on it’s way. And I can always feel this heavy presence. Evil presence in my room. :(But one time, I applied enough pressure to move. Yay!

  308. Maribel Lomas says:

    Thank you so much I as a matter a fact had one today when i was home for lunch i had a taco then decided to take a nap. and there it was horrrifying, it felt like i was awake but couldnt move. It was very scary.

  309. Acole87 says:

    80 grams of mushrooms my ass.

  310. Mobangs2012 says:

    you know what? you are right. I get these symthoms whenever I am stressed and loosing sleep. Most days it happens the second I close my eyes to sleep. i could move my feet and hear everything but cannot open my eyes.

  311. Mobangs2012 says:

    you know what? you are right. I get these symthoms whenever I am stressed and loosing sleep. Most days it happens the second I close my eyes to sleep. i could move my feet and hear everything but cannot open my eyes.

  312. Aquadream 16 says:

    I agree. It’s happened to me since I was 4… I am now 31. In the past year the attacks have gotten worse. I don’t even have to be sleeping when it happens. Just lying there and suddenly I feel a “woosh” through my body and I’m immediately weakened and my heart rate is very slow and hard. Then I feel something jump on my bed, usually near my feet. If at that moment I don’t jump out of bed, “it” will paralyze me. Then the awful growling begins. I’ve even been sexually molested twice during these experiences. The
    second time it said he would return. Just this
    past summer it happened and I pushed out
    three verses of Psalm 23, BARELY… My lips
    didnt move, and literally had to push out the
    sound with each breath. I felt it jump from my
    back and heard the thumps when it landed on
    the floor next to my bed. I have been seeking
    the Lord and working like never before on my
    relationship with Him and it still happens a couple times a week. I won’t let it stop me though. For the first time in my life I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel of a life and I owe it to Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

  313. Aquadream 16 says:

    I agree. It’s happened to me since I was 4… I am now 31. In the past year the attacks have gotten worse. I don’t even have to be sleeping when it happens. Just lying there and suddenly I feel a “woosh” through my body and I’m immediately weakened and my heart rate is very slow and hard. Then I feel something jump on my bed, usually near my feet. If at that moment I don’t jump out of bed, “it” will paralyze me. Then the awful growling begins. I’ve even been sexually molested twice during these experiences. The
    second time it said he would return. Just this
    past summer it happened and I pushed out
    three verses of Psalm 23, BARELY… My lips
    didnt move, and literally had to push out the
    sound with each breath. I felt it jump from my
    back and heard the thumps when it landed on
    the floor next to my bed. I have been seeking
    the Lord and working like never before on my
    relationship with Him and it still happens a couple times a week. I won’t let it stop me though. For the first time in my life I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel of a life and I owe it to Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

  314. acesz mann says:

    Okay so today I fell asleep around 10pm. I was sleeping but I wasnt on full sleep mode than outta no where I woke up and I couldnt move I was frozen I felt a warm presense on me that I started praying outloud and in my head. So the next thing that happens I hear someone whispering in my ear copying me and saying the same thing as I was saying but I couldnt move so I got so angry with myself and I started swearing and outta no where I snappd back to reality and got up from my bed I had chills and I was shaking…. I was wondering if this would still be considered sleep paralysis??

  315. steph says:

    Omg this just happened to me.. first I couldn’t move then room started gets loud (note its 230 in the morning) then the room started gettin blurry and darker.. I could hear stuff in the back ground.. well I wasn’t able to move I couldn’t talk. I had to pray to myself and then it stopped.. this is the fourth time it happen..

  316. steph says:

    Omg this just happened to me.. first I couldn’t move then room started gets loud (note its 230 in the morning) then the room started gettin blurry and darker.. I could hear stuff in the back ground.. well I wasn’t able to move I couldn’t talk. I had to pray to myself and then it stopped.. this is the fourth time it happen..

  317. Blahlblasda says:

    You might be right i had the same problem but i`m saying this in my mind “i never mind death now but i still have thing that i had to do so ***k of”! and somehow i awake.

  318. Singh says:

    I just woke up from this SP experience about 15 minutes ago and looked up these symptoms of “feeling a heavy presence, ” “not being able to move or talk” and “sleep.” I will have to say that I was praying to God to protect me . I remained strong and things calmed down. This is the 4th time it has happened since 2007. I personally believe that there is more to sleep paralysis than just deprivation of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns that result in a dysfunctional REM; I believe these may be triggers that can cause you to feel weak and then an negative entity  or spirit attempts to test your weakness. It is imperative that we all remain faithful and strong  regardless of these minor hiccups in our human experience. Here’s a quote from a man named Edgar Cayce that puts things into prospective:
    The Mind is the builder,
    The Spirit is your life,
    And the Physical is the result..
    But first, you must recognize
    that you are a Soul.
    The key to life is to love your neighbor like you love yourself, and love “your” God, the Lord with all your heart.

  319. When I was 7 years old, my grandma and little brother, Kenny, in the room, sleep paralysis had struck. I was scared as fuck. I could feel, hear, and (barely) see everything, but could not move or open or close my eyelids wide or shut. It was weird, I couldn’t tell the difference between reality or dream. They turned on the lights, and I was screaming and panicking for help, but no one heard anything. 

    Maybe it was all a dream? Or I was just conscious but forgot how to move? No, I really tried to move my arms and legs and it didn’t work. I just lied there for what seemed like hours. Finally when I fell back asleep and the woke up in the morning, I was normal again.

    It happened again last night, but THANK god I read an article about sleep paralysis the same day it happened, it told me to start hyperventilating if I could control my breathing, and I snapped out of it.

    It was at like 2:00, only ten minutes before I was playing my computer. Then this was the FIRST time I EVER felt myself “falling” asleep, and then I was caught in between. I knew I froze because I tried to move, and since this was the process of “Falling Asleep mode”, not “Waking Up mode”, I could still think and my memory and cognitive skills were still working.

    I still heard and understood what Kenny was saying. So I remembered the article I read and decided to do what it said, hyperventilate. I woke up :). I looked around the room and it was normal, and Kenny (my little brother) was still awake and playing around.

    Thank god I actually left the TV on without its sleep mode. I knew it would’ve happened now that I thought about it the whole day. Without TV, I would not be able to sleep and think it’s too quiet and panic.

    Scared as fuck now. First ghosts, now science.


    If you can’t move during sleep paralysis, **START BREATHING QUICKLY**, and it’ll force you to wake back up. Fortunately it worked for me. I’m not sure if it’ll work again, because these are the only two times it’s happened in my life.

    The heart rate is decreased during REM, and sleep paralysis happens because you are stuck in between the “Sleep mode” and “Waking Up mode”.

  320. Cheetha_1613 says:

    Thanks for that I was so scared because it happen to me last night.

  321. Sharna Baylis says:

    Well… I have just researched this as this morning I was awake and could not move my body AT ALL, could nt speak and felt like I had people in the room. When it first happened I had no idea where I was, which house I was in. This has happened to me before but I went and saw a psychic, she told me that when your in that state passed loved ones can come to you etc. she told me to relax and if your really scared imagine your screaming help! I did that this morning and sure enough I came straight out. But I have never felt so helpless and scared! It was an experience thats for sure!

  322. rosemary says:

    This has happened to me. It really is terrifying,I remember more than once, something comes on my bed really fast runs along side my body then disappears.I can’t move or screem.

  323. Yukinamiko says:

    When I experienced Sleep Paralysis, I heard a loud scream in my right ear and right ear only. Then I tried to get out but couldn’t move. I only could move my toes. I tried to call out for help but I couldn’t breathe as if I had a Panic Attack. This lasted for 2 minutes. Luckily when I was able to move, I literally ran to my parents room. When I learned about sleep paralysis I found it weird that I didn’t sleep on my back. I was sleeping on my side. And the picture of the “Old Hag” was in my dream during the scream. After the scream I covered my right ear and moved around but it felt like force that someone pinned me down. While being pinned I saw pressure on the bed. Freaky huh? And I was only Twelve when this happened.

  324. Kevinroche says:

    Get a Life you have been brain washed or your in sleep paralysis on a permanent basis

  325. katt says:

    this happened to me several times now. I thought i was being posessed by ghosts. Im so grateful i googled it and now i know im only experiencing sleep paralysis. Thank you

  326. Apollo says:

    Hello? What about the paranornal explanation?

  327. artist says:

     ive been experiencing this 4 times a week sometimes… the one that still terrified me is during on one rainy night i saw a man standing on my window (3rd floor), i didnt want to scare my self so i call him on my bf’s name.. but then i cant move and i prayed that God help me in this situation…  the figure  man told me in his deep voice ” You’re trying to get some help?” after i finished my prayer and said “in the name of Jesus Christ Amen” i can move already and the music that plays on my radio is the same when i cant move my body.

  328. CRT says:

    Pray? To who? Is not the devil, it happens to me all the time, but the last one I noticed a silver cord towards my head I was terrified, also I was 100 % conscious that wasn’t a dream and I woke up because I couldn’t handle the fear. What works for me is telling myself that I’m not having that experience anymore, and it doesn’t happens. I wander why the vibrations on my ear though..

  329. Molo1983 says:

    It happens to me almost every night, I used to be scared but nothing ever happens.
    What works for me the best is to stay calm and I try talking but you can’t, all I can get out is grunts after a few attempts my wife will here me and as soon as she touches me I wake up. It’s already a routine for us, so it does wake you as soon as someone touches you. Sometimes my wife is not there when it happens than it takes me a little longer to wake up, I just keep trying to scream or move and eventuality you wake.

  330. Energytker6 says:

    Its 1 am and I just woke out of one I used to have these all the time as a little girl now I’m twenty and its worse. One time I fell into one and I can always feel when I’m about to because my body gets really weak, but anyway it was daytime but the room got real dark around me and even tho I was asleep it felt like I was up staring at the curtains and a women was hangin by her neck I tried to turn away but kept lookin and then the florala patterns in my sheets turned in to the image of martin luther king and he was speakin to me. I started feelin my body floatin and I thought I was dying I prayed and thrn woke up! Tonight was worse I couldn’t breathe I kept tryin to tap my sis but she couldn’t here me I was tryin with all my might to call 911 I was seein images from that mel gibson movie apocalypto on my wa

  331. Energytker6 says:

    Read second… wall and they were talkin to me and at one point I even got up and was walkin around the room so I thought. Its a horrible expierience. As a little gitl my father had these all the time and he use to tell me he could die and made me sleep with him :( thts where my problems began but that’s a different story for another sight. I’m just glad to know u cnt die from these expierinces

  332. Hero says:

    absolutely sometimes this happens to me at 3 in the morning and i cant sleep after that

  333. Thenormaldude says:

    This just happened to me, thats why i googled it…. It’s happened in the past but not for a while, i wouldn’t resort to religion for an explanation of everything i don’t know the answer to, the logical answer seems to be up at the top, none the less…it scares the shit out of me every time it happens

  334. I can actually make this happen when i want. Ive learned to actually play with it. I find it interesting and I enjoy trying to make things happen, like ill even try to goto sleep in it.. Havent been able to make that happen but ive gotten as far as being able to close my eyes again. Its freakn wierd.     AND it all started one day i woke up in my room and couldnt move was like wtf..  so dark presence is holding me down and not letting me move and could hear a wierd screaching static noise.. hard to explain. but then i snapped myself out of it and woke up in the same room and everything. 
    . I think its funny how I and everyone else that has this gets that feeling like a presence is holding you down its so wierd.. 

    Now i know its when my eyes are slightly open when i sleep in certain positions and i can see out of the bottom of them and my mind becomes aware of what my eyes are seeing.  So tonite for example i was dead tired and i leaned back in my recliner which is infront of my computer and put my head back and fell asleep.  Now i knew that when i relaxed my eyes would crack slightly and i would see the monitor ( which is a 42in tv ) and the moment i fell asleep all of a sudden im back in my room looking at the monitor and couldnt move, but i could blink. Ive never been able to blink before i thought this was cool so i closed my eyes and tried to goto sleep within the sleep HAHA but it didnt work i snapped out of it. I did that like 2 times tonite and the 3rd time i actually just kept my eyes open and tried to mess around with my mind and i could imagine this is probly what its like to be on acid and paranoid.  but once you get used to it .. I would say enjoy it and play around see what u can do.. Your brain is a powerful and strange thing..  My heart used to race and would get scared. Now i know what it is and try to mess with it lol. 

  335. If i dont want this to happen i just have to make sure theres nothing notable or (seeable?) throught the bottom of my eyes when they crack open or i become aware and ‘paralized’.. bascially pitch black or wear a beanie and pull it over my eyes.

  336. Sam The Man says:

    Wow finally an explanation to what the hell is going on with me . Some I hear someone hauler my name when I wake up with it last night was the worst thow cause use to I wake up come out of it after a bit and that’s it . Then I go back to sleep. But Last it felt like someone or something was holding me down like a ghost or spirit. and it happened again and again and again like 3 times after I went back to sleep ‘. 
     So then I got up went and sleep on the recliner in the livening room  . Call me crazy  but I swear it was a ghost of my late little brother FN with me.

  337. Treisha says:

    Sleeping paralysis is considered nightmare in my country, we call it “Bangungot”. It’s like you’re sleeping with your eyes wide open seeing things around you and cannot move at all, but sometimes you just don’t see that entity, you’re just frightened. you just know that some “thing” is out there.

  338. Treisha says:

    Sleeping paralysis is considered nightmare in my country, we call it “Bangungot”. It’s like you’re sleeping with your eyes wide open seeing things around you and cannot move at all, but sometimes you just don’t see that entity, you’re just frightened. you just know that some “thing” is out there.

  339. Paige Thomas95 says:

    Ok. So I’m 15 years old and get sleep paralysis all the time and it scares me. I wake up and everything is in the same place as it was when I went to sleep. And sometimes I’m scared to go back to sleep because of it. But I used to be afraid of it when it was happening but now when it happens I’m so used to having them that I just lay there and close my eyes and I wake up and I can move and talk again. I just want to know how to overcome these fears of falling back to sleep and why I’m having this?

  340. DD says:

    What a load of crap! You see the thing with nutters like yourself is that you delude yourself into believing that you are being helpful when the truth of the matter is that you prey (not pray) on the young and the vulnerable and scare them half to death. Do you get some kick out of trying to convince a child he is possessed when really all he has is a PROVEN medical condition? There’s only one evil person round here; that’s not your demon, it’s you!

  341. Oswaldoherrera1234 says:

    Im scared now i have this and im only 12 years old, thank you for the advice

  342. A768948 says:

    Really? Nice religion propaganda on such a subject. 

  343. Ortellnaasi says:

    My daughter has very similar “symptoms”. In addition to not been able to breathe, move or scream she also literally feels she is levitating. i feel much better after reading the logical explanations about REM. I hope she also feels much better now.  

  344. Pollux912 says:

    This happened to me last night. So scary, I thought a ghost was taking over my body, because I was all tingly and couldn’t move. I don’t even believe in ghosts, but at the time it seamed logical. LOL.

  345. Anonymous says:

    I have had this happen to me multiple times sometimes twice in one night…after reading this my sleeping patterns are all messed up…but I have heard it comes from rapid eye movement while trying to fall asleep….now I just honestly wait till it’s over I don’t panic like I use to …but it does suck

  346. Ahmed Nasser says:

    Well, thank you for your explanation. I’ve actually just had enough and decided to google the symptoms. Dint go to the doctor in the matter of the fact that I got it a couple of times until now. The first time I got it; I thought it was just a dream but when it repeatedly happened I asked my parents about it said it was OK; and it was just sleep disorder and also something related to religious beliefs. Well, just had that now and decided seeing what is it. 

    My symptoms are: 1)can’t breath (al thou I feel moving my facial muscles helpful getting me out of it)
    2)can’t move my body parts (but as soon as I’m out of  the sleep paralysis, I’m just fine.)

    Sometimes I do get hallucination; but not accompanied with my Sleep Paralysis.Once again, thank you, this was helpful.

  347. Kingeric1 says:

     this has bin very helpful

  348. Zero-one says:

    Aahah Amaizing, this all was appens to me, and i have all the feelings you said, i don`t have sleep paralisys at some years :) its try to expain to people wath is appening to us, but if i already have again i will sow this blog.

    There is other thing i want to comment, it seems derivated from stress, i see to many blogs when this appen to me and many people was stressed, tat can be one cause.

    About te facial muscles, this work to me, i try to open my mouth all the times and then awake.

    I have tis experience more than 3 or 4 times in the same night some days, at the beggining is terrified, but then you will start to “play” :)


  349. Willy says:

    I’ve been having the same problems too before, only that the figure I saw was my sister just sitting on her bed, but then I shouted to her to wake me up, but she just looked at me. Then, I tried moving my “pinky”, then slowly made a fist and tried to punch who or whatever is trying to push me down on my chest. Then I woke up. The funny thing is, my sister is still sitting on her bed and said “good night” to me, as if she knew I just woke up from a dream. Then she went to sleep. This happened when I was about 13-14 years old. And is still happening now in my own room. Oh, and my dad woke me up one time in the morning out of sleep paralysis by tickling my foot. Someone touching could indeed bring you out of it.

  350. Olivia Mcg says:

    Thx for the info. Now I will NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!!!! D:

  351. Mike says:

    It’s a bad spirit trying to scare you hehe

  352. David_yanez69 says:

    Can you have a conversation with your thing that your afraid of?

  353. Bc says:

    Happens to me pretty often. Just woke up for real this time after. dreamt waking up literally 8 times completely aware of my surroundings but couldnt move. Whatever weird entity i imagined was communicating by writing freaky messages on my wall… i knew i was having sleep paralysis but couldnt wake myself up no matter how hard i tried &I found it weird i was still scared even tho i knew what was going on & trying not to panic. Still feel weird my eyes having trouble focusing &I feel drained. So i caved after dreaming i was awake for the 8th time & prayed usually the only thing that works when its that bad for me &I i havent been to church in 10 years& my wonderful cat woke me up by meowing at the door as soon as i said “God wake me up some how, please!”

  354. Browneyeslady_13 says:

    That’s exactly what i was told. I noticed that the minute i commanded it to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ it left. Another time i tested out and didn’t panic i just let it happen and i felt a dark presence breathing over my face. I panicked and ordered it to leave again .. And it instantly left… I was starting to think i was crazy but now i know I’m not. Thank you

  355. Lilbecca84 says:

    The only thing that stops the Loud demonic scream I hear in my ears when I am not able to wake up, is praying. It REALLY works, I don’t give a crap who doesn’t believe it. I KNOW for myself for a fact that it is the only thing thy will “quickly” get me out of the paralyzed state and be able to wake up.

  356. Nicole Esparza says:

    im scared

  357. Sridharkalaibala says:

    Ohhh god…! i experienced  this many times. This is cleared my doubts. Really thanks to editor. !!!! God Bless you.

  358. Sridharkalaibala says:

    Ohhh god…! i experienced  this many times. This is cleared my doubts. Really thanks to editor. !!!! God Bless you.

  359. Ahny says:

    I just experienced sleep paralysis last night. It actually occurred several times already. As far as I remember it started 6 years ago and I’m still experiencing it up to now. Usually my eyes are open and there is this loud noises. Sometimes I hear screams, it can also be like machine sounds(grinding) or it can be just many voices whispering in my ears. As I do remember I can see our room and the details of it, well, including my room mates. Then I started struggling to move my body, when I was not able to do so, I’ll try to call on to my room mates. There are times that I can’t  speak and there are times that I thought I’m shouting already, but they are really not hearing anything but growling. It’s also accompanied by difficulty in breathing, as if there is something heavy over my body. In terms of time., it can occur as early as 3 mins. after I closed and up.About waking up, sometimes I’m awaken as my room mates touch me as they hear my growl, other times as I move my head. It is scary when your experiencing it but I always remember that its just temporary and that I have a God who is watching over me. There is nothing to be afraid of but the Sovereign God.

  360. Ed_denn says:

    I find that slleping on your side with an arm out of the beds helps with a quick recovery. 

  361. Warcup89 says:

    I don’t know what causes SP but if you believe Jesus will help you get rid of the feelings you’ve felt, and the feeling subsides that’s not Jesus at all it’s your conscious mind telling you there nothing there. This is because your conscious mind is logical, where as your subconscious mind has the power of imagination and emotions which create this sense of anxiousness, fear etc. (the someone’s there feeling).  So if you believe that Jesus will help you  your subconscious mind will say okay it’s gone Jesus helped me because your conscious mind has awoken from sleep, so I’m sorry it wasn’t Jesus it was your own mind.

  362. ............... says:

    Great for you Aquadream 16!

  363. lucy says:

    i also had this but i always hear sophia being whisperd in my ear and a picture of the number 74 on my wall. its so weird. and can some one tell me what pinna means

  364. Marypinna says:

    hahahahahahahahahahah, sophia you dipstick, hahahahahahahahahahaha, what out when your sleeping, you dont know what lies beneath hahahahah

  365. EthanHeath5 says:

    ive been trying to induce sleep paralysis,
    It can be very usefull for lucid dreaming

  366. EthanHeath5 says:

    ive been trying to induce sleep paralysis,
    It can be very usefull for lucid dreaming

  367. Floridagirl954 says:

    Ihthis happen to me but it was alittle bit diffrent I was sleep and I heard and seen my sisters coming in the room I heard every word they siad and did they even look at me and was talking about me say how long is this girl going to sleep I tryed to scream at them to help me but nothing happend after a few mn I woke up and I ask them why didn’t they wake me they told me I eys was closed and it just look like I was slepeing I then told them everything they side and did and they were freak out

  368. Sharmaraja says:

    Haha loll nice .. Actually I too have been thinking its kind of evil and did experience some of those thoughts and voices or whatever but after reading this I am soo satisfied. Now If it happens again il know its nothing but related to body muscles. I am from Thailand and people here are too religios but this matter I just want to stick to science. Thanks guys. Love from Bangkok!

  369. Chay says:

    thank you so much, and yes when im laying down and about to sleep a lot of things comes into my basically my mind is awake and my body is as sleep then maybe a couple of mins later i can’t move and i can’t breathe, i tried screaming but nothing is coming out..but i try to breathe in my mouth as long as i can..and i also move my eyes as fast as i can..that’s the only things that i experience when im suffering from this. 

  370. RG says:

    ‘Taking it in’ seems like a great idea. If only I didn’t feel worse than dying every time it happens!

  371. Titapwease says:

    I am going to confirm that someone else touching you brings you out of it. I had sleep paralysis yesterday. It always happens when I am on my side not my back, in fact I have never experienced it in any other position. Also, I have had sleep paralysis as I am falling asleep as well as coming out of sleep. Whenever it happens as I am falling asleep I can feel when the episode is about to happen. I seem to remember my boyfriend walking in the door on his lunch hour; I saw everything very clearly and was trying desperately to move my legs. He however, says my eyes were closed. He walked in and tried to shake me awake and as soon as he did I could move again. I have learned to not be so scared when this happens as I have only experienced this about five times in my life. I am 28 and the first time happened when I was 14. The one thing that does frighten me is that it seems to be happening to me at an accelerated rate. As I said the first time I was 14 and it never happened again until this past year, and within that year  it has happened four more times.

  372. Titapwease says:

    I am going to confirm that someone else touching you brings you out of it. I had sleep paralysis yesterday. It always happens when I am on my side not my back, in fact I have never experienced it in any other position. Also, I have had sleep paralysis as I am falling asleep as well as coming out of sleep. Whenever it happens as I am falling asleep I can feel when the episode is about to happen. I seem to remember my boyfriend walking in the door on his lunch hour; I saw everything very clearly and was trying desperately to move my legs. He however, says my eyes were closed. He walked in and tried to shake me awake and as soon as he did I could move again. I have learned to not be so scared when this happens as I have only experienced this about five times in my life. I am 28 and the first time happened when I was 14. The one thing that does frighten me is that it seems to be happening to me at an accelerated rate. As I said the first time I was 14 and it never happened again until this past year, and within that year  it has happened four more times.

  373. Rossi46no1 says:

    I get this very often without the evil entity and, I figured out how to get out of it, sudden movements get you right out of it. So for example if I knew I was going to get it I would rest my arm really close to the edge of the bed and if I went into it I would slowly role my arm off the edge of the bed and the sudden movement would get me out of it. Also I have had it while sleeping with my girlfriend and when she nudged me(she was awake beside me but did not realise I was in this state) it woke me out of it. I get this so often now that it does not panic me sometimes I think I can’t be bothered to fight out of it and go back to sleep, also I get it no matter which way I sleep whether I sleep on my side on my back or belly. I also got it when I was at school so I am not sure if it is to do with sleep patterens, but I do get it now and I work shifts every now and then. But you are definetly awake when it happens because when I was working I made a plan to if I got it whilst in it pin point stuff in my room so random and complex that I couldn’t remember by memory so I know my mind is projecting

  374. Rossi46no1 says:

    I get this very often without the evil entity and, I figured out how to get out of it, sudden movements get you right out of it. So for example if I knew I was going to get it I would rest my arm really close to the edge of the bed and if I went into it I would slowly role my arm off the edge of the bed and the sudden movement would get me out of it. Also I have had it while sleeping with my girlfriend and when she nudged me(she was awake beside me but did not realise I was in this state) it woke me out of it. I get this so often now that it does not panic me sometimes I think I can’t be bothered to fight out of it and go back to sleep, also I get it no matter which way I sleep whether I sleep on my side on my back or belly. I also got it when I was at school so I am not sure if it is to do with sleep patterens, but I do get it now and I work shifts every now and then. But you are definetly awake when it happens because when I was working I made a plan to if I got it whilst in it pin point stuff in my room so random and complex that I couldn’t remember by memory so I know my mind isn’t projecting it stuff for example like a pair a jeans on the floor what position are they in or how many creases are in them, then I would awake and what I had seen would be right, overall I think this is linked with stress…?

  375. Titapwease says:

     You’re right about it being linked to stress but I believe there are also many other factors. Anyone who has experienced it can tell you I am wide awake but my body is still asleep. When you have a sudden movement your mind makes the connection with your body and you are functional again. I believe every night when we sleep, we astral travel; astral traveling is when your spirit roams where ever you please, which may or may not, explain why in our dreams we are not always familiar with our surroundings. It is my belief that when we encounter a not so nice energy or we get scared for whatever reason, our spirit snaps back into our bodies so fast and sometimes with a jolt that are bodies don’t have time to react, almost like a short circuit. So technically your mind is awake but your body not so much. I also believe that when people see, hear, or feel a presence it is that energy we met and it followed us home.  Just something to think about.  :)

  376. Curiousgeorge says:

    Took me a while to find this article, but glad I did. I hate when sleep paralysis happens to me, and it doesn’t often. But it did yesterday. I don’t get the hallucinations, but it’s the breathing part that is intense, frustrating, and scary. I see some new tips here that I will try, but here are a couple things that have helped me in the past

    1) I have never fought my way out of sleep paralysis, and that always makes it worse. When I know it’s happening, not fighting it and telling myself I will wake up in a couple minutes makes it less intense

    2) I read somewhere that wiggling your toes can help wake you up. I usually do this, and sometimes it helps wake me up.

  377. Curiousgeorge says:

    Took me a while to find this article, but glad I did. I hate when sleep paralysis happens to me, and it doesn’t often. But it did yesterday. I don’t get the hallucinations, but it’s the breathing part that is intense, frustrating, and scary. I see some new tips here that I will try, but here are a couple things that have helped me in the past

    1) I have never fought my way out of sleep paralysis, and that always makes it worse. When I know it’s happening, not fighting it and telling myself I will wake up in a couple minutes makes it less intense

    2) I read somewhere that wiggling your toes can help wake you up. I usually do this, and sometimes it helps wake me up.

  378. Julio Andrade says:

    I get them 1 or twice everyweek.
    I get so scared that I’m trying to yell for help when I can hear my family but can’t hear me. The scary thing is feel something in the room and I start crying in the inside since I can’t move. I scream out NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! When I can move.
    My entire family rushes in and say “did you have a “Nightmare?””
    I reply “No, I couldn’t move when I wake up”.
    My family “Not this again” they all walk away.
    I’m still scared to go back to sleep.

  379. Titapwease says:

     Julio you must try not to be scared. How old are you? Do you have any medical conditions? Do you have uncontrollable urges to sleep like anytime you get into a car? SP has been linked to narcolepsy, I am not trying to scare you, as I believe I may have a mild form of narcolepsy. I can’t help myself but fall asleep at anytime of the day and I am near impossible to wake up. Any who I would talk about it with your parents and your doctor. Best wishes

  380. Monique_mae says:

    Umm  i have a question is it normal if i experience this when i was just 4 years old?
    your description matches with what i experience like this: A lot of people who experience sleep paralysis feel as if some evil person or entity is in the room.

    i always felt that when i was a kid and i also hallucinate Strange faces at the room…
    and i don’t watch horror movies back then cause mom forbid that 😐 
    oh and i can see though but i can’t move and lie what you describe:You can’t see or hear him, but somehow you know he (it?) is there. He’s not nice. He means you harm. You instinctively try to draw a deep breath, but you can’t. It feels like there’s some sort of weight on your chest, like you can’t breathe. You start to panic….,thats when   i screamed it startled my mom and dad i didn’t wanna scream at first but i feel the presence going near me and it was scary..
    i lied about my about what happend cause i was too afraid back then….

    im just a 12 years old now that’s why i still remember what happened back then…

  381. Becca Pelfrey says:

    This has happened to me too many times to count. It is the worst feeling i have ever had. I do believe in sleep paralysis but also think there is some sort of supernatural explination too. I just Wish there were more answers and there has to be some kind of health complications if this happens repeatedly. Cant be good for the brain. Im just glad Im not alone in this. There are such things as sucubus’s n incubus’s. Google SUNDS sleep disorder and it will help you understand a little more.

  382. Mysterywind says:

    i felt it to i haven’t seen anything but i can’t move or talk i calm myself down and try my all to move once i do this it’s easier to move but it is indeed scary

  383. Mysterywind says:

    i felt it to i haven’t seen anything but i can’t move or talk i calm myself down and try my all to move once i do this it’s easier to move but it is indeed scary

  384. Religious tolerance... says:

    I dont believe it is rude at all, there is a sucky double standard where everyone has to be gracious and respectful of religions, while they (Christians in particular) refuse to show the same respect of belief to anyone else who doesn’t follow their ideals…

  385. Crankdatmikeman says:

    I had that. Last night but I I couldn’t see and it felt like someone was holding my eyes shut. It never happened tome before but it happens two times last night what dose this mean?

  386. Xx Dragon Xx says:

    Last night I feel sleep i dont have problems with sleeping…and in night i woke up..the terryfing began.
    I coudnt breath i couldnt move my muscles..After breathing a lot of times and very dificulty.. and after of starting moving slowly my muscles.Every part of my body that can help me to move and finnaly starting to be normaly…After this i went to sleep again i was dreaming the same story.Is the longest night i have ever experience. I believe this happens becuase our brain doesnt get oxigen for some reasons…and because of the strees…

  387. welly says:

    Thanks for explaining this situation.  I’ve had the same exact dream.  now that i know its nothing serious.  my mind will be at ease.  thanks again =)

  388. chosen1 says:

    yeah u keep talking about these outer body experiences so what r they like cause i’ve had sleep paralysis very often twice a month or more last time i had it i felt like sumthing was pulling me away from my body i thought it was myself standing by my bed untill i woke up n realised i wasnt wearing black pants so does sumthin like that happen before OBE i mean i even had a vision of my daughter at the door asking ifi was okay thats what slowly snapped me out of it when i woke up the door closed i thought she was really there till i opened the door and nobody there how can u stay calm when your mind is playing tricks with you

  389. Araiguma says:

    Wow this really helped thank you! I’ve realized that sleeping on my back is a no-no haha. I do usually sleep on my stomach but the night I didn’t was when my stomach was upset so I didn’t want to lie on it. But gosh, I had about five of these things in a row that night! I’m pretty sure sleeping on my back was the reason as well considering that once I moved onto my stomach all was well.  Thank you again it this was very interesting to read and not only that but it also let me feel a little more comfortable about it; although like the other people who talked about it, the dreams and my body feeling as if it were locking up was very terrifying and the dreams were disturbing; the visions are still making their way into my head at this moment.

  390. Taylorjohnston86 says:

    You hit the nail on the head. I’ve been experiencing this for years and I’ve also worked second shift for years so my biological clock is all out of whack. I used to slow my heart rate and calm myself down, and it would help me to come out of that state a little easier. Those of you who have had many experiences with this know that there are times when it is a little too terrifying to calm yourself. I discovered that if I twitch my head back and to the left, I snap right out of it. I’m guessing this has something to do with the communication between body and mind at the base of the brain. I hope this little trick helps people because I no longer dread going to sleep at night.

  391. who knows? says:

    this happened to me last night and i brought nothing religious up. i was telling it to f*** off and trying to flip it off. then it went away i woke up hands flew up and i made a growling (breathing in) sound. and i was 2 hours before that and couldnt get sleep and when i did that happened and i fell back to sleep. but i believe the low/stressed in your life brings it on. it only happens when im feeling like that. the weird one about this is i first saw a white rope like object that was glowing and moved about a foot, seemed like was at my feet but might of been closer. never remember seeing that in other times its happened

  392. apina says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this..I honestly actually feel like this often. Iget so scared though..I’m only fifteen… it scares me even more knowing that every time this happens I always wake up at 3am..not one time this has happened when ididnt wake up at that time..

  393. Broders says:

    I’ve literally just had an episode of this. I drifted to sleep. Boom. My body starts shaking. Teeth are grinding away. My eyes feel like they have locked shut. I’m then on my back trying to move my arms to open my eyes but they won’t. The vision I’m seeing is my arms moving. They eventually do move and I’m awake. It’s the most weirdest experience of my life and it’s only just started to happen to me. One time a few weeks it happened. Same thing. Apart from pressure on my neck area. It felt like I was being choked by someone. I’ve also heard voices but I can’t make out what theyre trying to say to me. Sometimes it feels like im either dying or dead, its so freaky. Reading through this has gave me so much insight. The out of body stuff is just creepy. Definitely not going back to sleep now lol! But thanks for the guidance. Looks like I’m just gonna have to put up with it.

  394. Khaleesi says:

    I have this basically every night its so terrifying, then when I come out of it I gasp for breath, This definatly exp lanes allot ! thankyou 

  395. sara says:

    it works sometimes

  396. it's true says:

    my gosh i’v been having sleep paralysis since i was small when i get older it gets more scary sometimes i’m too scared to enter the room after i read this i felt much better :)

  397. Kathleen says:

    I just had a bad dream last night, the person walked by me whileI was in bed, he mentioned a neighbor’s name and walked out of the houes,  I asked what are you doing here  who are you?  I’m calling the police . I looked for the phone, he had ripped the cord from the wall.   I pinched myself to see if I was awake, suddenly I yanked my body and woke up.  I was afraid to go back to sleep.

  398. M.Drisky says:

    I had it last night..i think. the only difference is i felt like a pushing on my back (i was sleeping on my stomach) and i felt a tingling feeling through my whole body, like when your foot falls asleep but not AS annoying.. plus..i moved position RIGHT before it happened, i remember thinkin somethin walked around my room (i thought it was my girlfriend for some reason) so i jumped up to scare her..she wasn’t there, so i layed on my stomach with my head to the right and it seemed like some kind of foggy/blurry figure moved infront of me then it started.. but it was freaky

  399. Pattysause says:

    I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was 15, Im 32 now. I go years where I dont experience it, but lately its been happening at least twice a week! Its a terrifying experience no matter how many times Ive experienced it I just cant get use to it! Both my father and my brother also experience it, so I know it can run in families.

  400. Titapwease says:

     The silver cord is said to be the connection that your astral self has with your body. Legend Says to be careful not to severe it, for you run the risk of not being able to find your way back.

  401. Noobieya says:

    My mother has this problem very often and as you said:
    “Someone else touching you might bring you out of it, but this has yet to be confirmed.”
    This is actually true, whenever i touch her or move her, she comes our of the Sleep Paralysis.

  402. Madilarson says:

    I’m 11 and this has happened to me more than five times. The odd thing is I can’t open my eyes,scream or move. But I don’t see or hear things or have any weight on my chest. What in the world is going on? I have to force myself to bring my hand up to my face just to open my eyelids.

  403. Titas says:

    I’ve had the similar situation during sleeping , only yesterday it happened and i felt someone ‘s switching on the tv showing cricket match and i’m loosing my breaths .. i’m trying to scream out loud but I’m somehow gagged and cant move my mouth.. later hearing my faint agonies my husband woke me up.. its scary .. I feel i’ll die somehow like this. and its painful.

  404. Bianca says:

    Many times happen to me. The only thing that help me is to think on Jesus and God. I say God is with me, he is protecting me, he is my lord. He is powerful than anything elso. no demon can defeat my lord.

  405. Thanusan says:

    dude i started seeing things before i went to sleep it has’nt happened for a while and just 2 days ago it happend that day that night i saw my blackberry move i did’nt just see it move i heard it i new that night something was not rignt and 5 or 6 am it happend i knw for sure it aint medical dont know who your foolin but its not medical

  406. Frank Luna says:

    I’ve recently had this problem of being terrified and seeing abnormal things. I actually did think something was wrong with me, but after I read this I feel much more better about it. Now that I know its normal; I have nothing to worry about. I definitely won’t stay up late anymore that’s for sure, and I’m probably not the only highschooler who’s experienced Sleep Paralysis. This really helped figure out what it is better than what most sites do. Thanks for wrting this.

  407. Berjie Mae says:

    yes i experience that but i can see but half of my eye i can hear and breath yesterday i experience it again i saw black shadow in my room but im paralize and i hear in my right side ”PSSSTTT GRRRR” like a horror woman so scared so tried to get up my head in my head move when im in sleep paralize dream but when i get back from being laying to bed my head feels smooth like flying then back my head to the sofa i cant really explain it what do i feel? my soul went out? but i tried to get it back so i tried to wake up until i did it. this is my 6 times from being paralize in this dream. my worse is when someone on my chest that wear an jacket covers his/her head :((

  408. Berjie Mae says:

    yeah i already experience that so many times but i try to wake up ..

  409. Berjie Mae says:

    were same but somthing desame i can all but i cant move that is only i cant do im paralize i try and try to move my so on i move it. but i remember if i try to get up maybe my spirit will not comeback so i gather pain to bring back my head back and then i try and try to wake up so horrible experience many time happen to me :(

  410. Berjie Mae says:

    were same but somthing desame i can all but i cant move that is only i cant do im paralize i try and try to move my so on i move it. but i remember if i try to get up maybe my spirit will not comeback so i gather pain to bring back my head back and then i try and try to wake up so horrible experience many time happen to me :(

  411. Aboskova says:

    First to say THANK you, you really made it easier for me cause I was scared even to get in touch with the bed. You really explaned me that everything is gonna be okay and that it’s just a normal thing cause I have experienced it just once and I had no idea what’s happening to me :) now i know. thank you again. hope to get some sleep now after all :)

  412. whoever says:

    I cant even get in touch with the bed anymore, I’m scared to death.everybody who had experienced it know what am i talkin about  :(

  413. Aboskova says:

    I went to sleep like I did it every night in my life before.I started to fall asleep.I started having a weird dream but it wasnt a nightmare,i dreamed about the naked body of the boy im in love with.I have no idea why I dreamed about it,but I remember some scenes from the dream. than I woke up but not really did it because I could not move and I was trying to open my eyes.My mind was awake but my body wasnt.There was some strange noise and I though it was my sister’s breathing but when my body finally woke up I realized it wasnt her, it was just me hearing noises in my head. It may be caused by sleeping on your back, being stressed, not having enough sleep and similar things. I experienced it this week for the first time and I was terryfied so I couldnt get back to sleep and I made some researches on the internet all night long and I keep making them so I could be more prepared if it happens again.I hope that it will never happen again cause its terryfing. Im not sure but i think my lamb helps me, or maybe it’s just because of knowing that the lamb is, I also sleep in the living room with my TV singing to me every night and ofcourse my mom is there with me.I was really scared to death this week but I found up that it isnt harmful and it hasn’t been treated like a serious medical disorder, its just a moment when your body and mind are not awaking up at the same moment. knowing that has calmed me down.hope my experience helps you. dont be afraid,I will try to not beeing it too.

  414. Anniemariah says:

     exactly what you said happened to me before but i have no idea why it stopped.i am not sleeping but just  wet to lay down on the bed and for some reason it’s like something it closing my eyes but i am still awake.i can’t move but i think i could have breathe vision was baby faces but ugly babies and with that i heard some woman speak but you can’t understand what she is saying it was scary cause she was laughing at me.i couldnt get out of it because it happened  for the first time so i let myself go.two days after it happened again.from then i always fought it away.i don’t sleep on my back at all.then i thought something was after me.i really hope this is the reason and not that something was after me.

  415. Anniemariah says:

     i don’t go to church and i don’t believe in the devil either.but i know that evil exist.each and everyone of us replying went through this a little different where we are not sure if we all are going through the exact same thing even if it sounds this way.but evil do exist and it is all around us trying to get us to do his work.and what you said just proved my it could be science or evil.

  416. Candygregoire says:

    Your right when I call on Jesus it works. When
    This happens to me I know the Lord has a blessing and
    Yes it does happen when your at your low because when
    Your at your low all you can do is rise up.

  417. Guest says:

    This has happened to me, but it’s also happened that I wake up in my bad and I can move, but I can’t speak. Just when I start to really panic, everything is normal and I can hear myself again. Is this also sleep paralysis?

  418. Chris lopez-rosas says:

    Sing thisconjuration: its called the “bellilin” you sing it, you sing it 3 times in a row.
    “bellilin bellilin bellilin, amphora of salvation, i would like to be next to you, materialsim has no streangth next to me, bellilin bellilin bellilin”

  419. Shredburrows says:

     Do you really have to type in all capitals it makes it seem like you are screaming at everyone!

  420. deam addicted says:

    call on the devil it will work the same way because each time you try and speak you wake yourself up more and more so ya by saying anything will work stop trying to get people to join you CULT oh i mean church lmao

  421. Mekeeshajackson says:

    If you don’t believe in satan, who is the he that you are referring to when you stated that he is trying to get us to do his work?

  422. Jesus1240 says:

    It’s definitely something there. The bible saids just cause you don’t see anything doesn’t mean it’s not there. Sure enough there is. It happened to me plenty of ocasions. And I always pray while going through it. And the crazy thing is it releases me faster while I pray then not praying mentally at all. Im moving, I’m speaking I’m screaming for help while this is going on. But I’m seeing myself not moving. Weird right? Guess what there is soemthing trying to get us. Im sorry but Im tired of “professsioanls doctors ” telling us what’s the cause. When really in reality they only assume. They can’t even explain life after death. Or what’s the cause of this holding this thing has on us. He or she are even sure. These hallucinations you claim to be nothing but images planted in your brain from movies. If thats the case then explain how these happen to while being awake? I was clearly awake

  423. Selina15marie says:

    Hi I’m 16 years old I go through this a lot I was scared to ask but once I did I realized I wasn’t the only one I guess I got that from my mom haha anyways I sleep with my sister and the way I snap out of it is by reaching out and touching her then again it’s very hard so sometimes I just try and relax and once I can move I hug her and when I don’t I will go back to sp so I guess feeling or touching someone helps ((:
    Good Luck

  424. katherine89 says:

    They say if you focus on wiggling your toes you can get out of it faster. I’ve done that, and it definitely works for me.

    Sleep paralysis tends to occur more often when you are exhausted, and at least I tend to notice them more during naps than during night’s sleep.

    Also unlike described in this article I tend to have very lucid sleep paralysis episodes, no scary hallucinations, I’m very aware of my surroundings, whether it’s people leaving or entering the room I’m sleeping in, what show is on TV, things people say to me, etc. They tend to last several minutes, and most of ‘hallucinations’ (or rather that kind of dream where you think you’re awake) are me begging the people near me to shake me and wake me up because I (feel like I?) can’t breathe.

    I had a really scary out-of-body experience once (actually my first sleep paralysis “attack”) with auditory hallucinations and the delusion that I was dying, and I woke up with tears down my face. It makes me think maybe I’m not actually breathing so well during these episodes….
    But for the most part you tend to get used to sleep paralysis episodes, you understand what is happening and get better at waking up from them quickly. They are not as scary when you know what is going on.

    (And it’s definitely not “The Devil”… it’s just your brain, specifically your pons, messing up…in the same way our brain messes up with deja vu and sensory hallucinations, etc. our brain does a lot of things! on occasion it doesn’t function perfectly, no need to assign any other explanation.)

  425. Alexa says:

    For people that like to explain these types of phenomenons with only religion–I don’t understand why you exclude science from your explanation. The two can coexist.

    I think that if anything, science opens up the possibilities for the unknown, and within the crevices that science can’t account for, religion makes the most sense.

    Not that sleep paralysis is necessarily one of these instances, but take the process of death for instance. For those who have been pulled out of the process before it has become irreversible, they have lived to tell the experience of dying. And from what we’ve learned from these people is that dying is painless, even euphoric. And yet, there is no selective pressure for that! Evolution cannot explain this, so if you were going to believe in God, that seems like a pretty good basis for faith.

    We shouldn’t be so quick to exclude either religion or physiology from our understanding of experiences.

  426. Raya says:

    This happend with me several time, specially when I am alone at home. I have noticed that it happens with me when I sleep on my back. I feel like someone is pressing me and I am not able to move myself, I shout, I try to open my eyes but I cant. this is horrable but I tell myself its nothing, its only sleep paralysis :) and I fall sleep again.

  427. Bobbyqaeda says:

    Let me start this off by saying I was high as fuk and been workin not sleeping the last three days. Last night in the hotel my friend thought I was getting raped in my dream because I was kind of screaming over and over and the light on the ceiling was a moving head and there was a woman next to me. Sp has happened to me before but never that bad. I’m scared as fuk of ghosts for real and I dont like this shit. Fuck that bullshit. I hope its just the muscles not being awake. If not then we r all fucked.

  428. Bobbyqaeda says:

    So theres our answer. Its fucking freddy kruger. Doosh bag

  429. Pearl_11 says:

    We should pray everynight and ask God for a good sleep! That’s all what we need! :)

  430. sippigul says:

    This happened to me last night every last symptom it terrified the life outta me, i dreamed my baby was crying and people where talking to him i kept thinking who or these folks and how did they get in my house at 4 in the morning, i panicked and couldn’t breathe or move, mind you i never sleep on my back and will avoid this at all choose thanks for the info!!! m

  431. Daylight says:

    Once you know what it is it’s almost controllable. It’s crazy because we instantly start to “fear” the sensation but that only makes things worse. 

    Don’t be afraid when it happens, and you’ll come out of it before you know it, sometimes it’s the easiest way to do an OBE (out of body experience), or astral project. No one is in the room with you. Keep in mind that while you’re in this state, whatever you think up, is basically what you’re going to “hallucinate” or feel. If you buy into the whole “I’m being attacked by someone invisible” bs, you’ll just have a 30 second episode where you thought a FAT ghost or something was sitting on you.

    If you remain calm, you’ll literally float right out of your body! Lol! 

  432. Honey_20_06 says:

    it’s good to hear…

    it happens to me too but not very same.
    I just see the darkness and rolling and going down and down and down.
    at that time i am not able to get up, or speak, scream, totally come out of this while paralyses I used to speak (jai bajrang bali, jai shri ram, om namah shivaye or sometimes abuse them In indian language). and after enjoying this parallysis, i come out or able to getup and then sleep again…
    but it feels very bad too…

  433. Honey_20_06 says:

    it’s good to hear…

    it happens to me too but not very same.
    I just see the darkness and rolling and going down and down and down.
    at that time i am not able to get up, or speak, scream, totally come out of this while paralyses I used to speak (jai bajrang bali, jai shri ram, om namah shivaye or sometimes abuse them In indian language). and after enjoying this parallysis, i come out or able to getup and then sleep again…
    but it feels very bad too…

  434. Honey_20_06 says:

    it’s good to hear…

    it happens to me too but not very same.
    I just see the darkness and rolling and going down and down and down.
    at that time i am not able to get up, or speak, scream, totally come out of this while paralyses I used to speak (jai bajrang bali, jai shri ram, om namah shivaye or sometimes abuse them In indian language). and after enjoying this parallysis, i come out or able to getup and then sleep again…
    but it feels very bad too…

  435. Honey_20_06 says:

    it’s good to hear…

    it happens to me too but not very same.
    I just see the darkness and rolling and going down and down and down.
    at that time i am not able to get up, or speak, scream, totally come out of this while paralyses I used to speak (jai bajrang bali, jai shri ram, om namah shivaye or sometimes abuse them In indian language). and after enjoying this parallysis, i come out or able to getup and then sleep again…
    but it feels very bad too…

  436. Honey_20_06 says:

    it’s good to hear…

    it happens to me too but not very same.
    I just see the darkness and rolling and going down and down and down.
    at that time i am not able to get up, or speak, scream, totally come out of this while paralyses I used to speak (jai bajrang bali, jai shri ram, om namah shivaye or sometimes abuse them In indian language). and after enjoying this parallysis, i come out or able to getup and then sleep again…
    but it feels very bad too…

  437. Jacquiricky says:

    I know before I sleep I am going to have SP I too many tears ago thought it ti be evil entities, I know I am going to have to deal with it because my symptoms are wooshing in my ears same symptoms as my vertigo I have just had 2 nights of SP I hate it I try to shout to my boyfriend to wake me, as for the breathing it is so frightening I can’t get a breath its like I am holding my breath, until I saw an article in a magazine a couple of years ago I never knew there even was a name for it, I just wish I could go to bed without fear every night, I suffer for nights then nothing I am very frightened of dieing trying to get my breath I decided to tell my boyfriend today about it because I am getting very tired every morning what can I do
    Jacqui nsw

  438. Jacquiricky says:

    I know before I sleep I am going to have SP I too many tears ago thought it ti be evil entities, I know I am going to have to deal with it because my symptoms are wooshing in my ears same symptoms as my vertigo I have just had 2 nights of SP I hate it I try to shout to my boyfriend to wake me, as for the breathing it is so frightening I can’t get a breath its like I am holding my breath, until I saw an article in a magazine a couple of years ago I never knew there even was a name for it, I just wish I could go to bed without fear every night, I suffer for nights then nothing I am very frightened of dieing trying to get my breath I decided to tell my boyfriend today about it because I am getting very tired every morning what can I do
    Jacqui nsw

  439. Jacquiricky says:

    Omg your the first person in my life that has mentioned the wooshing in your ears if you read my post under jacqui ricky u will see please speak with me about it i need someone to talk to me that understands

  440. Babibrit112 says:

    I have this same experience! I have yet to hear anyone else with sleep paralysis say anything about the vibrations. I’ll be in the paralyzed state and all the sudden I feel as though a bomb or something goes off and my whole room is shaking but really its just in my head. I start to freak out and try to move my body but I cant move I just have to wait for it to be over. So Scary!!

  441. Babibrit112 says:

    Did you feel vibrations and it’s super loud but then you come out of the feeling and it’s so quite in your room… This happens to me all the time. I haven’t ever heard anyone else explain it as a earthquake. I also sometime feel like a bomb is dropped and i’m feeling the repercussions of the bomb.

  442. Jgonzalez2 says:

    thank you for that it help

  443. Jgonzalez2 says:

    thank you for that it help

  444. Graeme567brady says:

    can it be related to, too much alcohol intake at the week end because it happens to me most on mondays and tuesdays night ?

  445. guest says:

    someone else touching you definetly helps as alot of my family have experienced sleep paralysis and told me.that this works, i share a room with my sister so when i have sleep paralysis i try to scream and make as much noise as possible hoping she will see there is something wrong. She have reacted to it many times by calling my name and this has worked everytime.

  446. guest says:

    someone else touching you definetly helps as alot of my family have experienced sleep paralysis and told me.that this works, i share a room with my sister so when i have sleep paralysis i try to scream and make as much noise as possible hoping she will see there is something wrong. She have reacted to it many times by calling my name and this has worked everytime.

  447. Billpady says:

    this has happened to me quite a few times. but i dont remember being scared , i was just like ”somthings not right” and ”why cant i move, this is freaky”

  448. Blobby says:

    I can’t believe how rude that was. You should be very ashamed Of yourself. Maybe it’s a work of Satan or a work of science. Yeah I get you were expressing your opinion and you think it’s rude we’re telling you otherwise, but us Christians are telling you our opinions also, and you have no right to call us names when all we did is tell everyone our belief.

  449. Egshsjs says:

    This has never happened to me before, but a few years ago when I was about ten I had awakened from a deep sleep and (my bedroom faces down the hallway) and I stared down the dark hallway and I heard a slurping noise and a dark figure enter my brothers room. Terrified, I ran Into my parents room telling them there was something in my brothers room. My dad checked it out but he didn’t see anything and convinced me it was a shadow. I never slept with the door open again.

  450. Cc says:

    I’m so confused right now. This morning I woke up from a terrible dream, and ran to the living room and fell asleep on my couch. Idk how long I slept but my guess is 1o-2o minutes. I had a dream I was at a waterpark, and I realized I was dreaming. (of course I announced this to everyone in the dream) the dream was very realistic and I could control everything. Is this possibly a lucid dream? Is it possible I had rem sleep in that short amount of time?

  451. Lmacke87 says:

     @Babibrit112, i have had the vibrations, i have also heard incredible screetches that hurt my ears very badly. Its getting worse the older i get, and it does not like when i have a significant other with me in bed. It is horrifying. These last few times i have opened my eyes to fully consciously SEE a demon next to me in bed. The first time i screamed and it disappeared, last night i just stared at the thin slits that i assume to be eyes. I feel a cold vibration throughout my entire body until i ask it to leave me alone. I have found saying that it is not welcome in my being helps alot, i also pray to the Archangel Micheal and every feeling leaves my body. I hope not to terrify anyone, or to sound insane, but this is much deeper than any “sleep paralysis” This is highly spiritual.

  452. Lmacke87 says:

     i really must say that i am non biased as far as the Christian vs Science jumbo, however i am not at all a part of the Christian faith, i am highly spiritual, but i do not believe in any specific religious ritual. I tried praying for it to stop and it works. Unfortunately science has pushed spirit out completely, with the “need to see, need to know” practice. Energy sensitives are more prone to these attacks.  Being a non-Christian and going through this and seeing that prayer works, and that Archangel Micheal (the protector) has shown his presence to me in  this terrifying ordeal has opened my heart to believe in the Higher Being, God, Allah, or whoever rules over whichever culture. Please for the sake of your own soul do not deny the Creator. That is a very dangerous thing to do. I have had it proven to me in this very situation how dangerous lack of Faith can be.

  453. Lmacke87 says:

     i really must say that i am non biased as far as the Christian vs Science jumbo, however i am not at all a part of the Christian faith, i am highly spiritual, but i do not believe in any specific religious ritual. I tried praying for it to stop and it works. Unfortunately science has pushed spirit out completely, with the “need to see, need to know” practice. Energy sensitives are more prone to these attacks.  Being a non-Christian and going through this and seeing that prayer works, and that Archangel Micheal (the protector) has shown his presence to me in  this terrifying ordeal has opened my heart to believe in the Higher Being, God, Allah, or whoever rules over whichever culture. Please for the sake of your own soul do not deny the Creator. That is a very dangerous thing to do. I have had it proven to me in this very situation how dangerous lack of Faith can be.

  454. Samollykhalil says:

    Oh thank you this just happen to me last night it freak me out . While I was up me eyes and body shut down on me n out of no were I feel my body leaving my bed . Than I start crying n praying to god. I also heard a man voice saying.g that god cant save me the I begin to pray n say the 23 songs . Put thank god IM ok

  455. CC says:

    Great going man/girl!!!

  456. CC says:

    Great going man/girl!!!

  457. jesus says:

    But one thing that happened to me is theat i felt like some one was shocking me on my neck

  458. Tigerallen_britt says:

    I don’t know I’m starting to have this but today I fell asleep thinking about something. Then when I wanted to open my eyes, I couldn’t. Ask I kept trying to open my eyes I started to feel something smother me, I got creeped out and started to try and shake it off it wouldn’t work. It felt like it was happening for 30 seconds. As I was about to wake up I felt something fall off me and when I open my eyes i notice my foot kicked something, I’m 15 I dont know if it’s part of the SP just wanna know if anyone had a similar experience of hitting something before waking up?

  459. Tigerallen_britt says:

    I don’t know I’m starting to have this but today I fell asleep thinking about something. Then when I wanted to open my eyes, I couldn’t. Ask I kept trying to open my eyes I started to feel something smother me, I got creeped out and started to try and shake it off it wouldn’t work. It felt like it was happening for 30 seconds. As I was about to wake up I felt something fall off me and when I open my eyes i notice my foot kicked something, I’m 15 I dont know if it’s part of the SP just wanna know if anyone had a similar experience of hitting something before waking up?

  460. Naytoss says:

    Guise rly, i’m not the one causing this it’s science.

  461. Lst769 says:

    So who is his if you dont believe in the Devil? 

  462. Lst769 says:

    So who is his if you dont believe in the Devil? 

  463. Shivankoosharma says:

    Well its interesting to  know I am not the only one with this horrific experience of getting paralyzed at night .Thanks for posting it I feel relieved.
    One thing I would like to share is that taking Green tea at night before bed times help a lot!

  464. Cagflores says:

    I suggest to try to move your feet. It works for me all the times. I’m not terrified anymore of sleep paralysis since I discovered how to wake up

  465. Cagflores says:

    I suggest to try to move your feet. It works for me all the times. I’m not terrified anymore of sleep paralysis since I discovered how to wake up

  466. Cagflores says:

    I suggest to try to move your feet. It works for me all the times. I’m not terrified anymore of sleep paralysis since I discovered how to wake up

  467. M C399 says:

    I had these scary exeperiences when I had my first daughter 19 years ago, I would hear this weird noise and felt something like really loud buzzing and then I knew something was coming, I couldn’t wake up and one time I was sleeping on my stomach and something lifted me up and I was all the way up on the ceiling and then it turned me over and then it dropped me back on the bed again,I felt when my head fell on the pillow. Now my daughter is experiencing the same thing, she hears the noise and then she feels the sensation like someone is on top of her and she can breathe, something pulled her by her feet while this  happened and she has even gotten bitten on her arm, she was trying to wake up and she tried to grab her boyfriends hand and she thought she did, but when she woke he was on the opposite side of the bed . When my second daughter was born this happened again but something tried to lift her up too, I couldnt move my legs or neck, but I could move my hands and I would pull her down this happened several times, I was praying so hard and I was terrfied, then something sat on my bed , I felt the bed go down like when some one sits and something was back to back to with me. I finally was able to move my neck and I turned around and saw what was there, it was this terrifying looking thing, she had wild looking hair and she just grinned I justgrabbed my daughter and continued praying, then I felt the bed move again and she was gone. Last night this same daughter experienced something similar, I’m  scared because now she has a baby too, we just got up and prayed andI will sprinlke holy water and pray thru out the house , because that’s what my mom did for me

  468. Missmi3ka says:

    Has anyone ever experienced waking up sore after swinging your arms and neck in the paralysis state?

  469. Jimbeezy07 says:

     That’s a demonic presence.

  470. baker1 says:

    i had something like this happen to me lastnight. in my dream i was drowning and i couldnt talk or breathe, therefore in reality i wasnt breathing or talking. my heart was beating the lowest it has ever beat i actually felt like i was dying. what could it be? and how can i prevent it?

  471. Beautifuilgirlsamantha111 says:

    yeah though it only happens to me when i sleep on my so yeah

  472. Beautifuilgirlsamantha111 says:

    yeah though it only happens to me when i sleep on my so yeah

  473. Beautifulgirlsamantha111 says:

    and i am aware of everything that is happening when i attempted to move my head i wake up out of  it!

  474. david ross says:

    i get these still and started getting them around 12 yr old and i’m 44 now and had one this morning, i no when i;m about to go into one and sometimes try to shake myself  but its to late i;m already inside the dream and carnt get out, carnt move, no matter how i try but if i give it a really big push i mostly come back out of it, breathing whilst inside the dream can be a bit scarly but i have never ever felt that somethink or some enity were inside the room with me, i must be the lucky one, god i hate dreams full stop.

  475. david ross says:

    you need to remind yourself that its only your brain being powerfull, theres nothing wrong with any person who has these , i had one around 1 hour ago and was only for 5 minutes which probley ment it was only a few seconds

  476. david ross says:

    your brain is the powerof your dreams, and thats all it is, your not on your own mate, i understand there dreams are not nice but if you shake yourself as hard as you can your come out, works for me all the time. take care

  477. dentalgirl0014 says:

    It happened again to me tonight… or should I say this morning.  It’s about 5AM here now…  As far back as I can remember, this has been happening.  

    I’m almost asleep… than a sudden falling forward followed by a sense that someone or something is in the room with me.  Sometimes it is something familiar like my dog or cat even so much I feel them move onto my bed.  Than the terror begins…  When I try and open my eyes to see my pet approach me.  I cannot move or speak.  I go into panic mode, wondering why I cannot open my eyes when I am clearly awake!  
    Than that familiar disturbance fades away to a dark fear.  Now I am certain someone  or something is in my room coming closer and closer to my bed but still am unable to move or speak.  I struggle to find my voice.   This once familiar thing has turned into an evil presence that continues  to draw towards me.  Sometimes, like tonight, I hear it… TAP TAP TAP DRAG DRAG DRAG… it’s almost to my bed.  I beg with myself to PLEASE just open my eyes before it gets here.  Than BOOM… as loud as a door slamming shut the noise shoots me awake.  Sitting straight up grasping for air looking in sheer panic around my room for the intruder.  
    But nothing… No one is there. The house is as quite as can be.  Than I realize it happened again.  The same night terror that haunts me at least once a week for as long as I can remember.   
    I not sure what it is or why this happens to me but tonight I had it.  I got online and started reading and sure enough I found site after site of people with the similar problem  Some nights the terror is much worse.  I hear deep demonic like voices,  Some times there are many of them, like gremlins running all over the room.  

    I have talked to my family and friends about this what I thought were nightmares and they all said the same thing.  Nightmares.  Don’t eat after 6pm, don’t stress, sleep on your side, Don’t drink caffeine after dark.  Nothing helps and nothing stops the darkness that seems to find its way into my room on a weekly visit.  I just want to know if there is anyone out there that might have a solution to my problem.  Or someone that might have the same thing going on with them.  Please, it would be nice to have a good nights sleep.    

  478. dentalgirl0014 says:

    It happened again to me tonight… or should I say this morning.  It’s about 5AM here now…  As far back as I can remember, this has been happening.  

    I’m almost asleep… than a sudden falling forward followed by a sense that someone or something is in the room with me.  Sometimes it is something familiar like my dog or cat even so much I feel them move onto my bed.  Than the terror begins…  When I try and open my eyes to see my pet approach me.  I cannot move or speak.  I go into panic mode, wondering why I cannot open my eyes when I am clearly awake!  
    Than that familiar disturbance fades away to a dark fear.  Now I am certain someone  or something is in my room coming closer and closer to my bed but still am unable to move or speak.  I struggle to find my voice.   This once familiar thing has turned into an evil presence that continues  to draw towards me.  Sometimes, like tonight, I hear it… TAP TAP TAP DRAG DRAG DRAG… it’s almost to my bed.  I beg with myself to PLEASE just open my eyes before it gets here.  Than BOOM… as loud as a door slamming shut the noise shoots me awake.  Sitting straight up grasping for air looking in sheer panic around my room for the intruder.  
    But nothing… No one is there. The house is as quite as can be.  Than I realize it happened again.  The same night terror that haunts me at least once a week for as long as I can remember.   
    I not sure what it is or why this happens to me but tonight I had it.  I got online and started reading and sure enough I found site after site of people with the similar problem  Some nights the terror is much worse.  I hear deep demonic like voices,  Some times there are many of them, like gremlins running all over the room.  

    I have talked to my family and friends about this what I thought were nightmares and they all said the same thing.  Nightmares.  Don’t eat after 6pm, don’t stress, sleep on your side, Don’t drink caffeine after dark.  Nothing helps and nothing stops the darkness that seems to find its way into my room on a weekly visit.  I just want to know if there is anyone out there that might have a solution to my problem.  Or someone that might have the same thing going on with them.  Please, it would be nice to have a good nights sleep.    

  479. TYNESHAB2010 says:

    Just happened to me I couldn’t breathe but i thought I was woke because sometimes but rarely when I’m on my way to sleep I stop breathing for some odd reason….so I’m laying in bed hard,time breathing…so I’m like aww no not again….(also I was laying flat on my stomache) then k saw a black shadow walking along side my bed…Im scared cuz it was whispering stuff…I was too in shock to move…then it walked to my head I tried to get up but I couldn’t move,my hand came up just a little but i couldn’t open it or anything it was stuck close….then it pulled my head back….whispered in my ear and said fck you…I panicked I was scared I was gonna die and get murdered in my own room then it disappeared…looked around my room everything was the same but no dark figure….SCARY

  480. Jenny says:

    I’ve had this twice in the past two weeks and it has just happened again, half an hour ago. I’m asleep and feel something jump on the end of the bed, like a cat or small dog.  Then I feel the bed move as it comes alongside me.  Tried this morning to lift my arm but it felt pinned to the bed. Tried to force my eyes open – they fluttered but wouldn’t open. Then I tried to call my husband but all that came out was a soft groan and the more I tried all these things again, the less happened.  And then I came out of this state – probably less than a minute – feeling very cold. 

  481. Obi-boy says:

    so there are acually people who understand this only happens to me when i sleep late what i do to avoid it i sleep dpwnstairs it works

  482. I have this. Its horrifying, I tend to get it in waves. So perhaps  for 3 or 4 nights in a row, then nothing for a week. Every time it happens, I know I’m dreaming and that it is fake. It still scares me! I feel myself trying to scream or reach out to someone so they can help me. I feel myself trying to wake myself up for what seems like hours. I wish I could stop it all together. It never gets any better. You can not control it and it only seems to get worse. 

  483. I have this. Its horrifying, I tend to get it in waves. So perhaps  for 3 or 4 nights in a row, then nothing for a week. Every time it happens, I know I’m dreaming and that it is fake. It still scares me! I feel myself trying to scream or reach out to someone so they can help me. I feel myself trying to wake myself up for what seems like hours. I wish I could stop it all together. It never gets any better. You can not control it and it only seems to get worse. 

  484. John Justiniano says:

    it happend 2 me today and i seen a black shadow next to me im trying 2 get up but i cant i could not move but i seen the shadow was right next to my ear saying something i could not here it at all then i just finally woke up

  485. John Justiniano says:

    it happend 2 me today and i seen a black shadow next to me im trying 2 get up but i cant i could not move but i seen the shadow was right next to my ear saying something i could not here it at all then i just finally woke up

  486. John Justiniano says:

    it happend 2 me today and i seen a black shadow next to me im trying 2 get up but i cant i could not move but i seen the shadow was right next to my ear saying something i could not here it at all then i just finally woke up

  487. Nojones09 says:

    I had a terrifying experience like this last night. It all starts as I’m trying to go to sleep, I can feel my body getting heavy, then I start to hear sounds like a train is coming, then I hear voices like someone is laughing at me, I’ve even felt my bed shake and I know there was a presence there. Every time this happens to me it scares me to death. The only way I can get rid of it is to start praying. And I rarely sleep on my back, but on this particular night I was on my back, but this has happened to me several times while sleeping on my stomach and side. I felt like something snatched my soul right out of my body. All I could do was lay there and pray until it was over. I use to have these often but not so much lately, but each time is very frightening.

  488. Ramona says:

    Well, I can easily use your argument against you. The other night, I got SP (I get it almost every night) and I saw a clown standing in the corner of the room and he said “I’m on crack” .. I had watched Madacascar that day. Guess what was in the movie? Clowns!

  489. Ramona says:

    Your beliefs give you comfort, and power. So, when you take that power over your experience it probably does work. Good that you found something that helps. But please, don’t refuse Science. It is a part of all of us, and if God does exist, he created it just like me may have created you.

  490. Jericson says:

    thank you you mother  fucker!

  491. Jericson says:

    thank you you mother  fucker!

  492. Yoyo says:

    How can you induce the paralysis?

  493. soni says:

    i also suffer from this,,,although i dont see anything while in sleep paralysis…i m sure your avoiding steps would help me

  494. Sal says:

    Thanks, I always experience SP when i sleep during the day Or when i sleep on my back. And  for me it lasts for like 15mins. I can hear whats happening around me and am usually controlling my own dreams. when am experiencing SP i hallucinate alot and sometimes feel like i have woken up from it and i can feel, touch and see wierd things in my room. Now i know what i can do to avoid it.

  495. Sassy6966 says:

    Ive experienced this for years. I’ve learned the more you panic the longer your in it. Stay calm and breathe and you’ll slowly wake. Mine only happens when I’ve been sleeping. My mother and grandmother do the same things

  496. Nikkiapolinario1991 says:

    there was a certain time in my life when i experienced sleep paralysis EVERY NIGHT.  i can tell you, it was horrible, but the one trick to get out of it, i’ve learned, is to WIGGLE YOUR TOES OR FINGERS. then, you will come out of it. really, it works. prayer does, too:) it’s up to you:)

  497. Titin200 says:

    I have had this many times and I am quite use to the feeling, but last night my door opened while I was in “sleep paralysis”, I tried to move but i couldn’t so I just waited it out, i then heard my door close again. I ask everyone in the house and no one went into my room. My dog apparently was barking that night as well which was odd.

  498. Jasmine says:

    This happens to me all the time and it freaks me the  fuck out.

  499. Jeffreyehn says:

    “ask for protection” from what?

  500. Jaysobadxoxo says:

    This happened to me 3 times! It’s terrifyig. The only thing they woke me up was a prayer. It really does work

  501. sleeping awake says:

    Im 21 right now. I had my first episode of sp in highschool and another two years or so
    later. The first time i was sleeping on my back and it scared me i couldnt move at all and i tried screaming for help but couldnt make a sound. Ive never seen anything or experienced any presence( except for one time i felt really paranoid and afraid something was there behind me). Ove the past year and a half they have been happening a lot more frequently like every month or two its now a common occurence it happens even if i sleep on my aide but so far it hasnt happened on my belly. As i said its normal now and ive found a trick for waking up. Wheni it happens to me i see my room as if my eyes are open i can even look around and nothing is out of place i cant really move but it feels like i can budge myself so i maneuver my tonge and bite down on it as hard as i can it really does wake you up. All of mine happen at the end of a dream if that helps anyone.

  502. Denizedc says:

    I do all of this, to resolve the problem but sleeping on my side for over thirty years has made my side hurt

  503. Denizedc says:

    I do all of this, to resolve the problem but sleeping on my side for over thirty years has made my side hurt

  504. Bobbie-carter says:

    I think I experienced it for the first time today. I almost thought I had died because I ‘couldn’t breathe’, but now I know better. Thank you!

  505. Botdf42 says:

    I am 13 and i believing human evolution and ever since then I have experinced a thing sitting on my back or stomach but nothings there and if I try to move I will feel a crawling sinsation and then I can move… And I don’t know how to get rid of it but my parents won’t believe me

  506. Manx11 says:

    I just found this site, and it is so great not to be alone in this.  I don’t share this with many people because they think I’m crazy or making it up.  But I have had the same experience of having the cold vibrations going through my body (like waves of fear) and seeing demons coming at me.  I can’t move, I can’t scream all I can do is pray.. I scream in my head “by the blood of Jesus I command you to leave!” That usually ends it, then I feel a wave of peace come over me.

  507. rafs songs says:

     the next time i have sleep paralysis i will most probably go to astral projection and leave my body

  508. Benjamin Kia says:

    HAHAHAHHAH! Thats awesome!! “I’m on crack” lol

  509. EzioAuditoreDaFirenze says:

    weirdo, does not being able to move turn you on?

  510. Jessicalovesyou says:

    I get this everyday it’s scary I always see a dark figure when this happens or I hear loud noises

  511. Moyers says:

    you mentioned wooshing.  which i had years back along with something else crazy.  it was high school or junior high (i am now 24 and this still haunts me) laying in my bed at night.  i used to put a fan in my doorway on top of a stool to bring cold air in, as i lived in an attic room.  i awake to hear the fan go on, off, on, off.  and i yell out knock it off or something along the lines.  all of a sudden there is whoosing like air is picking up in my room and it gets louder and louder, and this loud voice shouts “do you remember me now?!”  and i remember yelling Yes (no idea why) and as i did the whoosing calmed down, the fan turned back on, and i could move.  i just recently read and found out about the “intruder”  i have heard ppl refer to this as “the devil has you”

  512. God-iz-here says:

    your right david u have to think really hard innit then u just jump ou of it i usually kick my leg 1st lol

  513. Seanchase says:

    I got to a point where I was experiencing this 2-3 times a week. Everything that you said was right on track as well. I always thought someone was present but I never thought they were harmful, I was more pissed that they weren’t waking me up. I was experiencing this so often that I got good at waking myself up. I noticed that I could rock my feet inward and outward enough to jolt myself awake. I also realized that it only happened during my lunch time break “naps”. Since I was in my work attire, I always slept on my couch on my back. Also – i noticed that laying my head flat rather than on an incline or pillow, helps reduce the odds of it happening. I think this is because it allows for better oxygen flow. This all adds up perfectly with my experiences and I’m glad that someone is talking about it. Try the foot trick, it works for me!

  514. Delusional says:

    being touched does snap you out of it, experiencing this has made me believe that its not something to do with sleep or the brain, i thinks it is “something” visiting the room, which is why we feel like someone is watching us.

  515. Benfranklinjr says:

    You lunatics need to calm down, do you think you’re all so special that the devil is following you about sitting on you while you sleep? My girlfriend suffered from this until I got her to stop believing in ghosts and grow up

    Yes that’s right people, to stop getting scared by ghosts in the night, all you need to do is grow up

    How simple does that sound?

    And yes I have experienced it myself when I was younger, in my dream I was able to move my chest up and gain control of my body….I never experienced this until after I had seen it mentioned in a program, but sometimes things sit in the depths of our brain and turn up at random intervals, maybe when you’re stressed about something else or maybe you jut had a bit of bad luck with your dream……

  516. Ross in reality says:

    The reason I was able to control my body was because I refused to believe what was happening was anything other than a brain fart and was able to gain control of my dream

    I hope this helps….so as harsh as it sounds, GROW UP! GHOSTS AND DEMONS DON’T EXIST

  517. Bigpumpkin49 says:

    Science is what some people use to explain what occurs naturally through the will and/or command of God. I believe it IS from some evil that causes this. I can remember it happening to me at least twice in my life. I didn’t see or hear anything, except that sheer terror. You DO feel like you’re not alone because you’re not. I don’t care what name we give it (sleep paralysis) but its more to it than your mind and body not waking up together. Remember the devil is a liar and his sole purpose is to destroy us…. one of his greatest tricks is making people believe he doesn’t exist. He is very real and he doesn’t sleep, always trying to attack us. Sadly, as much as some of us know this we still fall into his traps on a regular basis. The one thing everybody agrees on is the feeling of not being alone and that’s separate from the terror you feel. God tells us the devil is an open enemy to us and God isn’t afraid of the truth.

  518. browser says:

    No, ghost don’t exist, but the devil surely does and he has followers! They see us from where we can’t see them. People believe all kinds if stupid emails, not knowing where it originated from or the basis of their claim without question. Yet people will deny obvious truths – now THATS scary…..

  519. Bigpumpkin49 says:

    Ask God to help you. Your parents can’t do anything in this situation.

  520. Gazzae says:

    weird! i had it the other night for the second time.  i was dreaming of having sex and when i went to wake up it was like something was on top of me. i opened my eyes slightly and saw a white figure on me.

  521. Jsantos126 says: this is what i have been looking always happens to me..whenever im half asleep and half a mind is still very active..i see my son running around and able to watch tv..but, i am not able to move..then suddenly i feel like there’s some other entety in my bedroom, such as some one touching my hand or moving my bed…i hope thats just part of a dream, cause my mind is still awke,, i see everything around me…i tried to moveand i was unable to move but i knw i am awake…i can see evrything and hear, and yet i am feeling some other stuff that is unusual..but now i know that theres an explanation for it..

  522. Jubileeofpuppies says:

     I assume you don’t want to hear this, but that’s how demons work. They don’t want you to know how dangerous they are. And if praying doesn’t work for you, it’s because God doesn’t know you, because you belong to the Devil, and not him. I’m sorry to be so blunt and opinionated, but that’s what I think. I would recommend reading the bible, or asking a pastor or someone bible-savvy about demons; see what you think.

  523. Jj43blueyes says:

    I have studied this for many years… This is caused by demons. They can come at you at anytime but when you sleep that is when they really mess with you. You opened to them while sleeping because if you are awake and they try this you can jump and run. When you sleep your body is at rest and your relaxed. I know doctors say its not ghost. Bull crap… They have no clue… I have delt with demons my whole life. Studied them for 20 years… You are at your weakest while sleeping. They mess with you the most. Dreams can be caused by them. No not every dream but fear is what the feed from. Anger also. Anything that is negative… People stop covering up the truth with medical bull crap… Prayers are the key… God wants us more than the devil. So ask God. He will show you… He’s coming soon and the devil is working harder than ever to win over Gods children… Stop covering up your fears…. Face them with Jesus Christ… He is the answer… Demons are real and they love to scare you…

  524. Brodie M says:

    its weird i am 23 and only just started beliving in god about a year  and i am now suffering from sp.

  525. this is not happenin to me.. ii wake up but im unable to move ii just sit there looking aroundd for a minute but ii dont feel a spirit or anything ii just cant move at first ii was scaredd but this has happen to me like 5 times alreadyy..last time it happened ii triedd to move my hip or roll over to fall of the bed to tryy and make everything workk but ii couldnt!

  526. Manx11 says:

    You’re not crazy..  I only get peace when I command it to leave in Jesus’ name.

  527. Lillyporter0019 says:

    SO i get this but i dont see anyone or get any evil presence i just see myself as you would if you were laying there awake , its pretty strange but im aware of it. it seems like the time im laying there is getting longer and longer since i dont panic anymore. I do try and wake myself up ie screaming , trying to move my body but it never works i just have to lay there waiting. I must admit i always sleep on my back and this doesnt occur much at night but mainly if i have a accidental nap in the afternoon. Also i use to get the feeling of someone sitting on my legs etc but as soon as i realised its just the fact that we as humans natually get scared of such a presence that we create this fear since tecnically we are still sleeping, the minute i realised this i havent had SP with the evil presence.. that might help you all out there fearing your not praying enough , try not letting this experience worry you.

  528. Lugo162 says:

    The part that says if 
    Someone else touching you might bring you out of it, well not really. I experience this most of the time day or night at any hour and i let my husband know when it happens to wake me up and a few times tried because i heard him calling me to wake up or are you ok and shaking me but i could not wake up until a few minutes after. He knows when to try to wake me up because it happens to me a least 6 times every moment i wake up than maybe 5 minutes pass than again and again

  529. Lugo162 says:

    when that happens to there are times that i hear negative thing about me from close persons like my family and im used to now that im not really afraid anymore

  530. Lugo162 says:

    You are right when thats happens to me i pray and it stops 

  531. Lugo162 says:

    The same thing happens to me all the time what you hear and see i’ve seen it. Sometimes i hear  my mom,sister,and my husband doing the talking and laughing about me and saying nasty things and sometimes i cant understand them. When i lay down inbed or sofa it hits me or i feel my eyes closing little by little and more sleepy than ever and i fall for it. So i try to stay awake when i have that feeling everytime cuase its like a trap 

  532. Lugo162 says:

    You are right!! I feel the same way and i know what you really mean 

  533. Kouljessica22 says:

    Dont leave your body unless Jesus Christ himself say so because those demons standing around you want to get into your body. Again dont trust spirt guides only Jesus Christ there is a spiritual  realm that you dont know the rules to. PPL like to say there is no heaven or hell but they are very wrong. I know a lot of pPL dont believe in Jesus and trust me I want try to push him down your throat but you should get to know him first and get his permission to travel outside your body if you listen to anything else you can be mislead/ deceived. 

  534. Kouljessica22 says:

    stop going to the spiritual counselor because if that person isn’t given you biblical faith to practice than they are sending you in the wrong direction The bible never ask us to buy candles or wear a certain color to ward off satan you need to repent ask for the holy spirit and when you have an SP attack plead the blood of Jesus Christ. playing with the occult even just a little bit is what open the door for demons. 

  535. Stardestiny1979 says:

    Hi i just got sleep paralysis this morning. Im 33 years old, female and i have gotten through the years sporadically. Im filipina and my sister gets it also. My symptoms is that i am sleeping then i wake up but i sort of still feel sleepy so i decide to sleep some more (and thats where the trouble arises) i try to wake up now but my whole body is paralyzed, heavy and i cant move. Most often than not i hallucinate – that my mom or sister is in the room or somewhere in the house and i try to call out to them to help me and wake me up. When i do this “calling out for help” i have to concentrate because i cant breathe. I have to stop calling out and breathe then try again. (of course poor me doesnt realise theres no one around) there have been times when my sister or husband was somewhere or beside me when i have these occurences and they wake me up. Ive told both of them that if i ever get sleep paralysis they must forcefully shake me or even slap me lol. Unfortunately there have been times ive been alone so when no one is there to wake me ive had to stop calling out concemtrate then super duper forcefully force my body to move even though it feels my whole body is like lead and that usually works. Ive been told i mAke grunting sounds when i call out (yay) my poor sister has the silent sleep paralysis. I dont get sleep paralysis all the time and i noticed i get them when i oversleep. I was sleeping on my back this morning.

  536. Serenity J25 says:

    This just happen to me again like 20 min ago for like the 100th time in my life it started when I was 12 and I’m 18 now and when it happens it feels like somethins holding me down I can’t scream or move and every time it happens to me there is a dark figure that gets closer and closer.. I thought I was the only person that experienced this but this is my first time googling it and finding out it happens to other people makes me believe that it is somethin demonic/evil

  537. stickshift76 says:

    I have had the same thing happen to me several times. I can’t move but i still pretend i’m raising my hands and start  praying.  Here we are surrounded by the light of GOD.
    Saint Michael the Arch Angel
    Defend us at battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snarls of the devil. GOD rebuke him we humbly pray. By the divine power of GOD cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits who wonder out into the world seeking the ruin of souls.  AMEN!

  538. Cbreezywife says:

    just because someone is religious doesnt mean they belong to a church. im religious but i dont believe in churches. just like you i believe there all cults lol

  539. Cbreezywife says:

    when you do OBE or astral travel that means your soul is leaving your body. so to ask for protect probably means when you’re out experincing the world to have a higher power protect your soul from any evil and protect your body from another soul entering it while “you’re out” lol im guessing that’s what they meant.

  540. Cbreezywife says:

    ehh not to sure if i believe this. i never experienced a vibration or a siren sound but most definitely the “presence” in the room. which completely scared the poop outta me lol i swear i could see it, he was dark/black and over top of me pushing down on my chest and the more he did the more i couldn’t breath. it’s very scary and i do believe there is a religious aspect too this because as soon as i started praying “something” grabbed my hands and pulled me away from “it”. right after that i woke up, i kind of also believe it could be an astral travel because another time when it happend, a couple of seconds before i woke back up it was like i fell on to my bed. it usually doesnt bother me that much anymore except for that night with the scary evil thing on me.

  541. Youngtee5500 says:

    I listen to music it relaxes me when i have earplugs in my ears so if it does happen im not scared

  542. monica. says:

    #4 , if someone touches you it may go away, Its true sleeping paralysis has happened to me many times, im still somewhat scared it might happen again during the niht, im currently 19 and me and my 18 year old sister share a bed, so at nights i sometimes make sure im touching her arm or my elbow is touching her back anything like that, and it never happenens when i do that,.

  543. Joanne says:

    I used to have the same problem as you – trying to sleep after an episode of SP but having to wake up again because the episode repeats. Well what I usually do after SP is to play with my iPod or do whatever to make you wide awake. Unless you are very stressed and stuff, starting to fall asleep all over again will prevent SP from happening that night :) it works for me and I hope it works for you too :)

  544. matingwiththequeen says:

    Here is the odd thing though. During my SP I always ALWAYS see a small “animal” in the room, about the size of a cat. It is white and has a stride that will put fear into anyone no matter how strong. Once it gets to the point in the room it wants to be it cranes its neck up towards me. It’s eyes are the most enticing thing I have ever seen in my life. I am fixated by them and panic stricken to the point where my mind goes blank. Sometimes if it is close it will whisper words to me. I can barely hear the words, but I know they are alluring and evil. I just woke up from one in which I believe my soul traveled out of my body. I was sleeping on my couch having a dream that pretty much summed up my life. lol then I wake up?..walk into my kitchen and try to turn the light on to get a drink… doesn’t work. I have two cats and i see them race towards me but they are following the creature. I had an instinct to get back to my body and i tried but i tripped, then the thing came up next to my face and told me no escape. All of a sudden i’m back in my body and having another experience, the presence runs under the couch and I start shaking my head(this usually works). It didnt…then i said jesus christ. This kinda worked but then i thought(being an intelligent person) maybe its just me trying to say something. So I said pillow over and over and snapped out of it. I have been struggling with faith lately. So maybe god and Christ aren’t so far fetched? Next time it happens im going to fight the fear and remain there because truthfully I need a concrete answer, no matter the risk. I cant just go on the “believe this without solid proof” thing.

  545. matingwiththequeen says:

    Well I used to have SP all the time then it stopped for awhile. Only recently I have begun picking up the bible, always searching for an answer that as a previous atheist I could never find. I am now agnostic. Well one night after thinking hard about the whole god heaven hell demons thing I have a very powerful three-part dream.First part: I am sitting on a grassy green hill with people watching a big one at a drive in. There is a house next to it with loud noises, lights, a lot of people inside. Big house. People are there with me but I notice some are not content. They pick themselves up and with glances of vile hatred they leave. I remain because the images on the screen (can’t remember for the life of me what was on the screen, but EVERYTHING else is vivid…like it really happened) are enticing and seem so right. Second part: Same lawn less people and the ground is eroding, wearing away…becoming brown. The screen is farther away and the images darker. People are leaving faster than ever. I feel their hatred as they set their eyes upon me. Third part: I am alone, the grass is gone, all that is left is dirt. The screen is blank.   For the first time I notice woods around the lawn, dark woods and I know something is in there looking at me. I begin to fear so I scramble up the hill towards the screen. When i get close I suddenly realize that the screen is blank. I am now terrified…I run towards the house where the door is open. The thing in the woods starts to chase me. It is catching up but im almost there. Then my best friend comes to the door and looks at me. Sorrow sits in his eyes, the deepest sadness I have ever seen. I yell “MIIIIIIKE HELLLP!!!!!” He seems to notice the presence behind me and quickly shuts the door. I get to it and try it. Locked. The thing rams into me and…I wake up. Or so I thought. Sleep Paralysis. I look towards the hallway, almost instinctively. A small figure emerges.  Its gate sends shivers down my spine. It is cat-like. It gets about ten feet away and looks up at me. I will NEVER forget the look in its eyes. As if to say, you are mine. If you read this..thanks…i have only told one other person about this (they thought wow crazy ass dude, i could see it in their eyes). How is this not a demon? Logic and reasoning can never explain this. Not to me at least. You had to be there uknow?

  546. matingwiththequeen says:

    I believe this is a part of SP that is very uncommon. I have experienced this floating and you are right, damn near bone chilling. I felt like my body was being twisted my head and my feet had no sense of spacial existence they were just kinda there uknow? To clarify they could have been in the same spot in space time and it would have made perfect sense to me, because that is how it truly felt. You will more than likely never forget the dream because it is probably the most out of body experience you have ever had. These territories are highly unexplored and only the strongest of mind and heart can withstand them without mental deconstruction. Thank your maker( if you believe that stuff) that you are still sane. 

  547. matingwiththequeen says:

    lol we are human and for a moment imagine a demon, what it is like to be one.  I have, I think it helps me overcome these moments. As a demon you cannot deceive a human like that. The fear ingrained within us overcomes any form of deception. We are programmed by our creator to fear such things for good reason. It is like a tiger, even if its sweet and cuddly towards you you aint going towards that beast…you know it wants your sweet flesh in between its gaping jaw. 

  548. matingwiththequeen says:

    The only way both of your experiences coalesced is if the same entity found a way into defenses that you both share. You say you were partying? Alcohol can lower ones spiritual shield.   This morning I experienced SP and could not get back to sleep out of fear. So I went into my brothers room and asked if I could use the computer. He grunted yeah and went to sleep on the same couch I was just on. Then I hear him moving around a lot. So i go in there tap him on the shoulder and he snaps out of it. I ask him were you just “half-asleep” and it felt like you couldnt move. He said yes. Then I was like did you feel a presence, see or hear anything?( I felt and saw something creature like and undoubtably evil. He answered no but I could tell he was lying, I think he was so shocked by it that he tried to force the memory out. I believe what was garnering my attention now had his. He hardly ever has SP I know when he does though because he is a wreck and very grumpy in the morning, not common for him because he is a morning person. I believe its all about location and defenses. He and I both have sinned in lust just recently. This could be whats letting this particular entity in. Just my thoughts, hope it helped. 

  549. Courtney Jowsey says:

    I suffer serious sleep paralysis I have just had two in the space of seconds of eachother I am now shaking and sweaten. I’m now to scared to go to sleep – I’m on tablets for mine however they make me violently sick so I’ve had to stop taking them.
    What tablets are the best so on my next hospital appointment I can ask to be switched over to them?
    I want someone to do tests on me and be in the room examining me when I am having a sleep paralysis as I get them every night and have done for the past 7 months and they are ruining my life aswel as my work.

    Please help.

  550. Courtney Jowsey says:

    I am only 19 turning 20 in November and it seems it’s the most common age that
    People seem to get sleep paralysis…
    Anyways does anyone else get what I get and gets thrown around the room?
    I sometimes wake up with marks and I have just noticed I have a scratch on my thumb.
    Everytime this happens I never see the figure but it always picks me up and takes
    Me to the ceiling and then throws me around off the walls.

    Once I honestly believed I slept walked and that something threw me into my wardrobe.
    But it wasn’t it was me having a sleep paralysis.
    None of my friends have had one so they don’t understand how bad they since I get them every night.
    The most sleep I have a night is 4 hours that’s on a good day otherwise it’s only an hour.
    I work rotational shifts in a call centre but I’m fighting to get this changed as I agree with what your saying about sleep patterns…there’s times I finish 4pm in the evening then I have work at 8am the next day 9-10 times I’m too scared too sleep I’ll not go to bed till 4am and I wake up for work at 5am. Its a joke. I also get very very very bad nightmares aswel so its just crap sleeping. I see a sleep specialist at the Newcastle General and she states I suffer from Non-Rem parasonia, sleep paralysis and something else but nothing seems to be getting rid of the problems I am having. I now suffer from insomnia. I just wanted to know because I have serious OCD + Paranoia that’s what was causing me these nightmares and sleep paralysis.

    Courtney Jowsey.

  551. Breanna Hall says:

    This mostly happens to me in the morning when i get up get breakfast then go back to sleep then the Paralysis happens. But i dont feel like something is on my back its just i try to wake my self up when it happens . And i feel like my family members are getting up and leaving but when i wake up everyone is still asleep. But this happens very often. I was wondering is it normal for kids to have this..because im 12 and im just courous.? But thanks so much for the advice.

  552. Nader Hussein says:

    The Greek and Japanese theories make more sense to be honest, I get sleep paralysis almost every night I sleep on my back and it starts before any of my body parts is even awake…. I’d be having a really nice dream then everything switches to an ugly nightmare then i see evil creatures in my dream before even starting sleep paralysis, becoming aware slow is just an addition to it which starts after I manage from leaving the dream (kinda became an expert at this)…. In Islams and in lot of nowadays/ancient cultures sleep paralysis is described as a demon sitting on your chest from the sins that you have been doing, people asked me to pray and it seems like it is the only way to stop it but I kinda slack in committing… Even sleep researchers couldn’t find a legit explaintion for this I don’t know where this article got his facts from or is it just a bunch of common symptoms added up together to explain the unknown? The last thing you wanna see is someone real trying to grab you while going through this lol….

  553. Hector_manuelgarcia3 says:

    oh my gosh this happens to me like every night but im use to it now aha

    and by the way if someone touches you it automatically stops and oneself  wakes up a bit panic 

  554. Austin says:

    This might sound weird, but Ive felt on one occasion, like I was being pulled out of my bed, and not in that SP “rush” ive heard decribed, it was more like that one scene in paranormal activity 3- where what I thought was a very real entity was pulling me by my legs, which “were” up in the air. On a seperate occasion, The inability to move and loss of physical control made me think I was posessed, I can only describe what I was “thinking” as some strange language, and I still know that at the time I understood the language, I cant remember the phrases, translations, or anything, I know this sounds like some fiction but it really did happen and any insight would be greatly appreciated

  555. Kofi says:

    i first experienced this SP when i was about 12 years old and it has never stopped completely. sometimes it stops for about a month when i intesify praying and fasting but immeddialy i slow down its starts again after about a week. some ppl dont believe thwere is God and when you talk about it ur seen to be stupid. the truth is, the fear of God is the begining of all wisdom.  i studied philosophy and therefore i’m not expected to fall for any fallacy but nothing really can be explained fully without God.

    ofcourse nobody can force anyone to believe in God but if you dont believe in God, it is simply an indication that ur not fully natured in reasoning or something. what these athist must know is that scientists do nothing but only discouver what God has already done. for example if scientists put together a few chemicals and come up with a cure or a treatment for a particular ailment, the knowledge already existed but the scientist only discourvered that it is actually possible to do that and have something meaningful from it. God created everything and left it  for use to learn what is in the world and use it to improve our lives.

    most great philosophers who in their younger periods never believed in God inclding charled darwin finaly belived in God on their bed before  they died. any deep thinker knows that the world just cannot be what we see only but the lazy refuses to accept there is God because he thniks only on the surface. a lil busy i hope to come back next time but SP i thnk is the work of demons and anyone who has experienced SP should begin to look back what happens the day after the SP. often ur day willnnot be good, obseve ur marriage life or relationship, assess ur work because many people start having trouble at work and other thngs relating to them when they experience SP. scientits think they know but anythng they know is what they simply find out to be possible.

    Glory be to God almighty.

  556. Matt says:

    that nr 3 might be right, i dont often sleep on my back, but last night i had 2 sleep paralysis or it was just one and then it is the 2nd time i ever had it, but the funny thing was that i laughed about the pain i got… i was scary as shit! 
    i usly sleep on my stomach facing towards the wall or door (i feel safe then) :)

  557. Thefineguy Alvarez says:

    Last week I woke up and I left the bathroom light on and my lamp on. I could see the bathroom light on and heard whispering but loud and evil whispering, it said, “veni aqui, veni al bano.” come here come to the bathroom. I was so scared and I kept thinking your hallucinating. No one was inside the house except for me, I will never sleep easy again.

  558. Answer says:

    i get it now. maybe i dont have enough faith.  months ago, i experience sleep paralysis those were the same days that im doubting about my religion. last night, i thought my soul would separate with my body. i hate that extra ordinary feeling, feels like some one is blowing my ears very hard, and i cant move and shout. i prayed, an it stopped when i return to sleep. I therefor conclude that, FAITH is the solution and of course, a healthy living and a peaceful mind.

  559. Amazonprincess says:

    I experience this more often than twice a week and it terrifies me. I pray every time it happens. I believe that sleep paralysis it partly to blame but also there are things in this world that we can’t see and will try to harm you. I have also had the ability or experience to astro plane which is scary and exzellorating at the same time. I just wish that could controll when I astro plane. 

  560. Amazonprincess says:

    Pray,Pray and keep praying when it happens this has been happening to me since i was in grade school and there is nothing you can do but PRAY. GOD IS REAL ALL OTHERS DON’T COMPARE TO STRENGTH OF GOD. God has a limit to what his Enemies can do, so stay prayed up. IT WILL BE OKAY.

  561. Amazonprincess says:

    SPEAK THE TRUTH… Doctors don’t know shyt.. they only know tangible things that exist 

  562. Trevino651 says:

    It happened to me a few times i also been able to leave my body and look around my i leave my body i get a funny feeling in my stomach sometimes throws me back awake..but as i controlled it it after a few times i was able to look around my room ..okay day it happened i couldn’t move but i was awake..then i felt able to to move as i just layed there awake but sleeping ….i was released from my body girlfriend at the time was sleeping with i leave my body i can see us both sleeping clear as day ,as i look at the end of my bed i see a lady watching us sleep perched up at the end of my bed like a bird on the foot rail pedistool ..must of been in here late 40’s ,,but she doesn’t notice that i left my body and i can see her….. then she notices me and stares…. i got to poke here and she like ..hard to explan poking water or dropping a rock  and the water like does the wave effect …then i hear a loud scream i mean loud …it throws me back in my body i wake up screaming like ..ohh shit…and my chest hurt a lil’ like sore i wake up frantic….don’t know what it was but i scared it and it scared the shit of me…

  563. Gracemarie says:

    I lay down to sleep, and in 10 minutes I was having a nightmare that 6 dogs wanted to attack me, I thought of the movie the exorcist of emely rose with 6 cats attacking, when I wake up I could not move, like someone holding me, heard whispers, I was scared to death… do anyone can tell me what was happening to me ? was it some sort of evil spirits that was attacking me ? or was a sleep paralysis ? if anyone know and could tell me i will appreciate.

  564. Cindy says:

    It’s like I need to wake up and leave, but I can’t move, and I try to scream but no one can hear me…

  565. Good Potato says:

    When I experience sleep paralysis I can’t move and I also can’t hear anything from my room. All I can hear is like the sound produced when you hold a microphone close to the speaker… And it gets louder every second! I only feel like there is someone in the room sometimes. If I see something, I close my eyes and start praying. What I pray is that… ” Lord, please help me overcome this. With you nothing is impossible. Lord, I still want another day. I don’t want to die yet…” ” Lord, please… Help…” “IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!” after I pray that, I’m still in REM sleep… So I pray more. Screaming Jesus Christ, Lord, and Help. Then after some few seconds, I wake up. When I wake up, I inhale a lot of air and thank God for everything.
    But, I have a question. Is this really harmless? I was afraid to have one again when I heard that many people die because of this.

  566. Bradlkstraycat says:

    I twitch my head and it sometimes brings me out. Also, I told my wife if she wakes to me twitching, for her to try and wake me. When she feels me twitch, she wakes me by touching, so I van confirm that touching will help..
    Hope this helps..

  567. guest says:

    Even if you aren’t a Christian just pray to God it works…Even if this hallucinations praying still works

  568. Kautiousproductionz says:

    I know for sure this is SP but no one really Explained when you feel the physical part of it…one time I was in bed getting rest for school I was awake but take it as i fell asleep with me eyes open.I saw my nephew down stairs talking to someone which I thought was his brother…so I yell “What are you 2 doing out of bed you have school in the morning… My nephew asked for a cup of water I start to get up then this Elf eared, ET colored, Round headed,Alien thing walks behing and pass my nephew strait over to me. and I’m like who is that? then i saw those terrifying feature,then immediatly I can’t move or talk then it places it’s E.T. like finger on my hand and for some reason it felt like fire touching my hand. there was another time I felt something with huge hands clawing into my back still felt the pain when I was awake? Now the only time it does happen is when I sleep on my back thats a factor cause I don’t have them as often now.

  569. Sandraclarkm says:

    I had sleep paralysis this morning, atleast i think i did. I woke up on my side, everything was tingling, and i could only move me head, i had to jerk my head back to be able to move again, then my right eye starting to…fall asleep again? And i could barely move my head when this happened, i panicked. It happened twice.

  570. Venturarubyjean says:

    thanks for the information. I’m only 10 years old and i am terrified of sleep paralysis. but when i started to read this…. I had the strength to face the sleep paralysis. THANKS A LOT! PS: thanks for boosting my confidence!

  571. Martezyeast says:

    I experience the scientific term sleep paralysis almost every other night, i can hear and see everything around me in a 360 view and wake up to people haveing a conversation around me and answer a question They might ask one another like i was right ther in it or respond to them wen ther talking about me. Theres been times wen i can move a body part repeatedly and cant wake up or mumble words to get some one to wake me up. Theres times i can control my breathing and i cant, but every time i here my name i wake. I never experienced a ghost or that sort until about a week ago i had a black vail over my face and it got tighter and i seen and felt a presence. Was standing to the right of me bent over toward my face and veale got tighter but wen i told myself to breathe and dont panic i awoke i havent had a dream in about five year’s. No more then five and there always the same if you have any suggestions i would be happy to utilize. Them or practice them i can be reached on face book or by E-mail same name on face book las vegas high school

  572. MaryJane Knipp says:

    when im sleep and in paraysis soon as try to wake up im still waiting to go back to sleep but i cant beacuse all of the hallucinations scare me so i wake up and dont even go back to sleep til later on. and only happens once a night for me 

  573. Matte2034 says:

    I’ve had this going on for yrs since I was about 8, I’ve never seen anything or nothing has spoken to me, but I get a loud ringing in my ear and not being able to move, I am a believer but do not pray or go to church, it’s been about 3 months since this has happen to me, when it happened I could barley open my eyes and felt a rush of pressure come over my body I could see my hotel room clear as day I keep saying wake up, come on wake up, I did an then slipped back into it 2 more times twice sleeping on my back and once on my side. I started to open my hands, I started to say Jesus Christ protect me with your bright light, then woke up ,I’m a shift worker and had little sleep due to shift change, I’m not sure what to believe but I know that lots of people suffer from this,

  574. Devineangel_28 says:

    had this problem since high school and made me commit to church’s ministry and then it stopped. but since I was out again in the ministry, it comes again especially when I’m having wrong thoughts even while dreaming. So now, I have an mp3 player playing altroughout my sleep and it actually helps me from this.

  575. Acehawili says:

    How are your eating habits? Try not eating before going to bed. Give yourself a few hours and make sure you aren’t constipated and you are getting enough exercise.EDIT:Okay after reading additional details update. I actually had a lot of sleep paralysis experiences in 2008 that I can share with you. I always felt like something was pushing on my chest or something heavy was sitting on top and sometimes I would actually be asleep and be aware im dreaming while im asleep and id be completely paralyzed either awake. Or not knowing how to even wake up. It seems quite scary and it sometimes really is. But be aware these aren’t ghosts or demons like some people might claim. There is a lot of science once again to buff out the scratches that religion confuses people with sometimes. Although it may be a spiritual experience. Its actually caused by our bodies natural response to keep us from sleep walking. Our body will paralyze itself during heavy sleep to not only keep us from getting up but to help us stay asleep. If you’ve been lacking sleep “not getting enough sleep” which could be the case even if you don’t feel tired! Then our bodies tend to do everything they can to get us to sleep and stay asleep. So when you do fall asleep if you’re lacking sleep. Your body can stay paralyzed longer than needed but usually we subconsciously wake up while our body needs the rest. Meaning its our stressed out mind thats not cooperating as a team with a body that needs relaxation and rest to rebuild itself for the next day. If you drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages. Watch out because those are also known to cause sleep paralysis. But usually only if way overdone. Moderate caffeine consumption is completely fine. Dairy products could be upsetting your digestive track so experiment yourself and see if you take away those foods that you sleep better at night. One very important thing that I need to share with you is most people always experience sleep paralysis 90% of the time are facing up “toward the ceiling” with their back on the mattress and chest also facing the ceiling. Try sleeping on your side and this will most likely take care of the problem on its own. Always make sure you are in a comfortable state of mind. Stress is also known to cause sleep paralysis because your so wired and worried that your body can’t comprehend if it should stay asleep or wake back up. So try to do something you really enjoy doing before bed and overall. Don’t think about sleep paralysis before you go to sleep. Was there ever a time in your life where sleep was a great thing and you were the exact opposite of afraid of it? Well if so. All you have to do is remember how you approached sleeping back then and use that same state of mind here in the now. Sometimes we humans do overlook things quite a bit when the answers are already there and if you take a step back and see the simpler light clarity of everything. Sleep is your friend and your 100% true break time from life while alive. So learn to enjoy it again. I hope I helped.
    Edited 1 year ago

  576. TREVINO651 says:


  577. Ronsgal79 says:

    i have had this a couple times, but i was totally paralyzed …i could hear but couldn’t open my eyes….or breathe & I was SITTING UP with my husband…it was scary. Other times I just wake up with paralysis…that will last up to an hour or soo….

  578. Just wanted to note that I liked your posts if I could relate, and had the same experience before….in NO way do I “like” it.  The latest one I had last week has me so scared that I can’t sleep anymore…all of the lights are on at night, and in the day if it is overcast.  I was alone for this one, screaming bloody murder for my youngest son, who recently left to work out of state….my screams wouldn’t come out for the longest time, except to the other two in my dream (babies I gave up for adoption at birth rather than the alternatives, but will always haunt me with pain) and they weren’t really here, so even though they tried, couldn’t help.  My scream finally partially woke me, enough that I could get out of the room, running into walls and flipping on lights everywhere!!! It isn’t the regret or pain from what I told you, because this has happened all of my life…just never like it does now, and for the past several yrs.  It’s a shame that it makes me feel so crazy and nuts that there is no one to talk to. Until now…I didn’t know there were others, or that there was even a name.  Recently found out other physical problems have a name too…Fibromyalgia…crazy too……          

                    the things that make ya go hmmmm……

  579. guilt from straying away from what we were brainwashed to believe (as far as certain religious teachings) I was raised lds, and had these as a teen even…but was also taught guilt for human thoughts even as a child…from the religion.       another hmmmm?

  580. I never had ghosts until the one I spoke of from last week…there were ghosts everywhere!  Awful!  

  581. I think that’s why mine are so much worse now, it’s the first time I’ve been alone in a very long time….my youngest left state for work.  Nobody to pull me out of them.  For now I have to go back and delete some posts, just read two from kids….thought this was all adults for some reason!

  582. Have had the same lady, but mine had black hair pulled back, very old fashioned, and cat-eye black eye glasses.  She sat and stared in a scenerio that nobody knows but my parents and my kids……wow, I can’t believe all I am reading…

  583. that….in your head, may be what YOU need, but that is not going to work for everybody…sorry….good try!  What else I’ve found that comes with this “problem” is a very very strong kind of what some call e.s.p., and so many people try to play head games….usually religious (fanatically religious) people.  I am religious….I do know my heart, but everything can’t be blown off to that.  Sorry, otherwise this would be a very well know problem because there are so many of both types, and this isn’t more common to one or the other.  Good try, again.

  584. yeah, thats a normal part of it…we’ve all been there, and for me, wish I still were!  I really MISS sleep as I knew it! :)

  585. you all, what ever you want to call yourselves…need to keep your evil demon bullshit to yourselves!!!  This crazy thinking from crazy people for centuries causes more problems than it helps!!!  DON’T PUT YOUR CRAZY THOUGHTS INTO OTHER PEOPLES HEADS!!!  I don’t care about me, I’m 50 yrs old, and know how many nut jobs are out there, hell I was raised in  a world wide church full of them…but they aren’t as bad as you guys with all of your demon talking bullshit.   There are kids on here that don’t need to grow up with your crazy shit in their heads….there is enough bad out there without religions trying to add their two cents into the mess.

  586. I haven’t been able to from joint problems, I have the worst problems during these times.

  587. go away freak. there are other places you might be welcome. get a life.

  588. TREVINO651 says:


  589. Marvin Custalow says:

    when I fall asleep it may be brief of for a while, all I know is that when this happens , my eyes are open I see an apparition or a person standing there I try to scream but I cant, I awake in a panic something bad is there.

  590. James says:

    When this happens to I also pray (just in case) it is some sort of evil entity Maybey it is Maybey it isn’t but I found praying “at least” puts me at ease so whatever may happen will happen as long as I know I’m Good with God all fear leaves because God forbid if I did die in this experience at least I know I’m going to heaven, so try praying watch how it puts you at ease than.. And after that always I wake up, just keep saying in your head, Jesus help me, or Jesus wake me up, Jesus forgive me of my sins, trust me it works.. I don’t care if you think it’s an evil entity or not Maybey it’s not.. But praying definetly puts you at ease than I can actually just ride threw the experience and find it like an adventure.. When u pray all fear leaves

  591. James says:

    100% success rate with prayer. Trust me that’s the secret cure..

  592. Badgirl_caroline says:

    I get this all the time.. Soo creepy thou.. I always see a man staring at me. I’m not crazy I know what I saw!

  593. Tina says:

    The first time this happened was frightening and I had evidence that I was not alone.  I was in this state  and I heard the pages of my Bible turn. I prayed in my head and the “presence” left.   Of course I thought it was my imagination until I looked at  my Bible after I was able to move again and saw that the pages were on a previous book all together.   The next time it happened I actually sensed it coming on.  Again I prayed and it left.   Now I sense this presence before I get to the point of any paralysis.  I am no longer afraid and just tell it to go away.   I have not been bothered for a years.   I am not crazy.  I really believe this is the presence of evil. 

  594. Baby_angel_taichigirl says:

    PLease read and help I have SP with hpnoygaja hallucinations but I fEaring SOMTHING is happening to my health .. PLZ READ N THANK U
    Thank u for writing this, I’m bipolar have all the anxiety disorders n I have recurring dreams that feels like I’m a having a seizure.. I start to feel weird n my head feels crazy n hurts ingot dizzy n start to shake then I try to say I need help bc I feel like I’m about to have a seizure then in my dream I fall all I see is black but feel intense shaking n pain.. SOMETIMES I kno it’s kinda a dream but it’s so real n last night I had one n after I was shaking n I always end up n the floor,in my dreams. I heard in my sleep I was hardly breathing n people in my dream were saying that also, so I kept telling myself in my mind, breathe harder c’mon breathe harder,bc I COUlD hear when my breathing picked up. I have had over hundreds of this dream and Im so scared! I have had real seizures b4 but am not epileptic but also when I was young n stupid I would do pass outs .. So I kno what I’m feeling is real, n i wake up so drained.. I hope u found peace and an answer to your problems ! I just also found out I have sleep paralysis with hypnogaja hallucinations .. Where u feel SOMETHING so evil holding u down n ur awake n u try to get up or open ur eyes but it feels like someone is forcing u back to sleep n holding u down, almost impossible to wake URSELF up or have someone wake u up.. It feels like a demonic attack, completly horrible experiences .. But since I read About it n read other story’s I feel a little better .. In Sp you are awake n see demonic figures shadows n hallucinate audio, touch, smell visual.. So I was wondering if the so called seizure dreams I have are a part of hypnogajic hallucinations !? If ne one CAN PLEASE HELP ME!? .. I PRAY FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM THIS AND NE MENTAL DISORDERS/sleep disorders .. my prayers go out n please I hope some one soon can answer my questions !!!! Am I really having seizures in my sleep!?

  595. Shikongo P .Cyborg says:

    thanks for explaining this
    this happens to me like once in a month, jus waking up feeling like there is someone trying to suffocate me and i cant move any of my muscles. it scares me a lot because peoples says that there is a witch tying to kill me and i used to believe that. when i’m trying to speak i cant and my whole body is very heavy for me to wake up. and after that i dont want to sleep anymore, i’m very scared.
    ‘ it is not a good exprience at all i can guarantee you that!”

  596. Mari says:

    You’re suppose to wiggle your big toe. It’s the only part of your body that can move when your body goes into this state. My mom knew about this condition and so did my mom’s mom and her mom. That’s what my mom told me to do this anytime that happens. It has helped.

  597. Samuelwatk says:

    This happens to me all the time and its nerve racking….I am almost scared to go back to sleep.

  598. Finally I found what the hell is called what I’m experiencing. I thought it was Astral Projection or some sort. What I read here made everything clear to me now. I get sleep paralysis when I sleep on the couch whilst watching TV in most cases. It happened to me in bed too. 

    But I never had any breathing issues, I’m smoking, nevertheless I never had any breathing issues.

  599. Torre Jai says:

    Finally! This happens quite a bit but it hadn’e happened in a couple of days until this morning. It is one of the worst feelings. Sometimes I feel like I’m being suffocated. I’ve been searching for an explanation and now I have a name for it. Random find, thanks!

  600. CHANCEE27SNICK says:


  601. CHANCEE27SNICK says:


  602. SheepODoom says:

    Not sure this is SP but last night I tried to force myself awake. I felt me trying yo open my eyes & wake up but I couldn’t. I thought I heard myself say out loud WAKE UP. I thought I woke my roommate because I thought I heard the door knob jiggle. At one point I felt myself fall out of bed and was kneeling against it but when I DID wake up I was laying in bed. Now several times this has happened there was a felling of someone in the room.

  603. scary says:

    Just woke from a SP.  This shit is scary.  

  604. F Cisneros13 says:

    this is a realy good explanation it realy helps understand what has hapened my brother has experiensed this jus last night as well as i have a couple of years ago

  605. Madi says:

    I agree 100%. It’s definitely some sort of out of body experience or spirits messing around. I recently moved out of a house that was built in the 1930’s, and ever since I moved in, I had felt really cold and depressed when I was in certain parts of the house. For months I would hear a loud ringing in my ears and at the same time I would feel a strong presence watching over me, usually in the corner of my bedroom above my bed or standing in the doorway. After a month or two of feeling that, extremely strange things started happening to me.. Aside from constantly feeling like I was being watched, I would be sitting down or lying in bed (a lot of the time not even trying to go to sleep, just reading or watching TV), and would feel this crushing, cold pressure over my head, chest and shoulders. The ringing in my ears would become unbearable and I was often paralysed with fear of what the hell this was. It often came ‘on’ to me when I was masturbating (lol sorry) or getting changed. In my head I saw it as kind of a large, dark shadow. There was also an entity that I liked, I saw her as a white, plump figure, and she was often standing over my twin girls’ cots. When my Mum saw a lady whom she had never met before, she mentioned a large woman who was guiding me and supporting me with raising my children (I’m very young, sixteen), and I knew it was her. That lady didn’t mention a dark spirit though.
    I’ve done a lot of research, especially when I was terrified of these things happening – but I now have a much stronger understanding of what is going on around me and I’ve been trying to work everything out by myself. I regularly come across ‘white’ entities (I ‘see’ good and bad as light and dark), though usually briefly; it’s the negative spirits who seem to stick around and I have problems with. For example, since moving into this new house I have had a dark spirit come into my room. It’s different from the other dark spirit I had huge problems with because this one has a different ringing sound, and instead of having a strong pressure on my shoulders, head and chest, this one seems to concentrate more on my neck, I actually felt like it was trying to strangle me last night and had painful neck spasms along with a crushing feeling. I’m still working this one out.
    All I really have to say to skeptics, is that I was once one too. I thought the whole spiritual world was a load of bull and laughed at people who thought otherwise. But since this has happened I KNOW that there is no medical explanation. So if you come here wanting to bash on peoples beliefs and religions, I truly hope you have an experience like we have. It changes your whole view on life and death.

  606. Cestlavie087 says:

    I’ve been going through sleep paralysis since I was 11, I am now 25. It was and still is the most freightening experience I’ve yet to encounter. My question Is, if its a waking dream state…why does mostly every encounter from very eclectic types of individuals have the same experience? I always see a dark force much like the grimm reaper standing over me. I’m unable to catch my breath and hear loud noises such as music. And or large group of people conversing. I’ve heard my name three times during one experience very loud and clear, it was as if someone was next to my ear trying to speak to me. When it happens now I shake out of it…unless my body is much too exhausted than I try to stay calm. I also find it to occur when I’m on my back sleeping…but I’ve also endured chilling experiences on my stomach as well as my side. Proper eating, sleeping and fitness are a tremendous remedy for this confusing experience.

  607. Cestlavie087 says:

    One more detail I forgot to mention…when the sleep paralysis starts and I get out of it….I always always get up and walk around no matter how tires I am, ill get a glass of water usually than go back to bed about 5 or more mins later into a different sleeping position…this usually does the trick. Otherwise I notice ill fall right back into it

  608. Babyluvbugholls says:

    My sleep paralysis only happened whilste I was geting to sleep I would tuck in all sides lie perfectly flat, this was an ocd obscession I could not sleep less I did this, then I would try to sleep and I would get a pins and needles sensation followed bye like felt like huge pins all throught my shoulders holing me pinning me down then a heavy chest and loss o breath and I couldnt mooe then after little while I could bolt upright and get rid o it it did feel like someone was there holing me down and know there gone it was terrifiying id not even got to sleep all I had done was tuck in and lie down I stopped tucking in dovey and wore extra pjamas my room was always quite cold since I mooved in to my own home this has not happened again how can it be rem I wasent asleep to start with evil horrid old room with scary things also it got worse wen I had a bunk bed I was about 14 wen it started and it stopped a wen I was 20 ive never slept bk at parents willingly again ever

  609. Babyluvbugholls says:

    Baby luv bug holls. Yeah ga see how can it be REM sleep I not long got in to bed befor it happenss to me to

  610. Aribrees89 says:

    The crazy thing is this happened to me earlier this evening.I could hear everything around me and see everything around me as if I were awake. But it was one thing that let me know I wasn’t, a box of ice cream cones. I had purchased ice cream earlier that day the funny thing about it. It was almost as if I woke from several layers of this same exact dream…

  611. Tyewondaheyward says:

    This was very helpful..thank you

  612. Hiral says:

    This is very scary… It scares the hell out of u…

  613. Louise says:

    i did a little research in to sleep paralysis after i experienced this, and i read somewhere that it’s possible it can be caused by stress and anxiety also.  

    I thankfully havent been through this for awhile but at the times when i did i was working different shift patterns so my sleep patterns, if any where all over the place and i was really stressed about my work.

    Ive found that since ive made i change to my life style, i haven’t suffer with sleep paralysis since

  614. Briannalovesyuu says:

    The reason why you didn’t start until you began believing in god is because you were under the devils wing before, and he didn’t need to pull you away from God. Now you are a Christian and he will do anything to pull you away or make your believe lessen.

  615. Inezruss1 says:

    it has been going on with me since i was about 13 ,and sleeping on ur back does make it happen more. so now i work out befor i go to bed and twist my head deep down in my shoulders to get a good cirulation to the brain and that help .before that it was so bad that family members would have a hard time getting me out of it. goog luck but i hate this thing and try not to think about it when u go to bed,that doesn’t help.

  616. JustNudgeMe says:

    I too am a Christian who often suffers from SP, however in this instance I don’t believe this to be any kind of spiritual attack. Your mind

    is a powerful tool, especially for those with a vivid imagination. Whilst you’re awake you have the ability project any image from your

    mind and apply it to your surroundings. For example, if you wanted to look up at the sky and see a zeppelin, the image is instantly painted

    to your point of focus. Like dreams being created by thoughts that are relegated to the back of the mind during the day, this kind of

    imaginative thought doesn’t stop when you’re asleep.
    Therefore, believing that these are demonic Incubus attacks will only serve to feed your fear into creating the very scenarios that you are

    dreading. In other words, your fear is only limited by the power of your own imagination. Below are a few things that I’ve found to make SP

    less unpleasant.

    Sleep on your (back) with your neck arched backward to allow your throat to open up the airways as much as possible. Above, they recommend lying on your front. This, is ill-advised. I once suffered SP whilst lying on my front with my face shoved into the pillow and almost suffocated. It will also help to avoid biting your tongue, or being stuck with your teeth resting uncomfortably (it happens).

    Confront your fears. I first experienced SP when I was 13. It felt like my whole body was floating up to the ceiling and I could actually

    feel the artex ceiling pressed against my face, whilst menacing figures slowly closed in on me.
    I was terrified. By confronting and moving towards any dark shadows or noises that appear to be present, you eventually become fearless to

    them, which in turn helps the mind to realize it’s just dreaming.

    Try gaining control of your body. I’ve found wiggling my fingers, or as suggested above “twitching your body awake”. Having said that, on a

    few occasions my body has tricked my brain into thinking it can move, which leaves you confused as to whether you’re actually awake or

    still dreaming. I would also incourage prayer, as I’ve found it to be helpful in any situation.

  617. Bwdavis174 says:

    I have had it for years and I can confirm that someone touching you will bring you out of it. It usually hits me when I’m taking a nap on a couch(on my back). The times I knew I fell asleep with people in the room I would try to groan as loud as possible to get them to wake me up. When they would shake me I would snap out of it. To be honest, it still freaks me out every time…

  618. Sarah says:

    Lol i remember the tooth fairy tried killing me with my own tooth…

  619. Tactical Dave says:

    I’ve experienced different types of sleep paralysis. One is going from being asleep on my side to darn near standing up gasping for air in bed in less than a second. This generally happens over and over again as I try to fall back asleep to no avail.

    Another scenario is waking to a loud sound (in my imagination) like someone kicking a door in or a bomb exploding and not being able to even reach a pistol on my nightstand. I have two rottweiler’s that are still dead asleep when I get up so I know there was no actual noise or threat. However, that’s not a confort as you’re experiencing the paralysis. There is also a less threatening experience of waking without being able to move.

    In all of these scenarios the paralysis is so strong I can’t get words out. The last event was a couple nights ago and I remember yelling for my wife (lying next to me) to shake me awake because I was certain a gang had breached a door (in my mind I heard banging, yelling, my dogs attacking, etc). She of course did not hear me speaking and I had to ride it out before grabbing a firearm, flashlight and checking the house (the rotti’s were amused).

    I’m an ex government op that’s experienced things I wouldn’t wish on anyone, so I may PTSD. I’ve noticed that as my daily stress level increases, these events increase as well. I had a sleep study a few years back because I was worried my snapping awake gasping for air was sleep apnea. They said I’m extra sensitive to my body’s condition and as my oxygen levels decreased (as they should during sleep) I noticed the change and reacted (gasping to increase my blood oxygen level back up).

    The only non secular advice I can give is lower the stress in your life. As I stated, I’ve definitely noticed a connection between the two. There is no shame having this condition or experiencing panic, it’s a fight or flight response in a state of confusion. I’m the type of person people don’t mess with. I’m not afraid of anything I can shoot or cut with a knife. I’d suggest talking to friends/loved ones about your experience. I was having horrible panic attacks right after I left the government. I was ashamed, thought people would see me as weak, a coward or plain crazy. After talking to my parents and a few people the attacks all but vanished. It can’t hurt to get it off your chest, hiding it in shame will only add to your stress. Best of luck to you all!

  620. trudy chung says:

    I learned that it usually takes about an hour to two hours to enter REM sleep, but i get mine all the time right after i fall asleep.  it always happens when i am taking naps. so how can it happen when i am not even in REM sleep? I know because right after the sleep paralysis happens i wake up to look at my clock. Not only that, this past time i got it  when i was sleeping on my stomach, and i felt something sitting on top of my back. it kept patting my back slowly and i couldn’t move. I have had so many different experiences and the first couple of minutes i always think i was my roommate but i know she would never do that. it wierd cuz while i am falling asleep, i can sometimes sense that it is coming so i wake myself up and move around alittle. then as soon as i close my eyes it is happening again. i keep doing this until i get to tired to wake myself up and then i know i an stuck in sleep paralysis. has this happened to other people too?

  621. so what does it mean when wasn’t a deep sleep when i woke up ,but i CAN move my head/neck,move my eyes…see,hear and breathe perfectly fine ??…….i just couldn’t move from the shoulders down and could move my lips as though i was speaking..but nothing comes out !!

  622. Varreola08 says:

    Im horrified of this i fell like this someone hunting me

  623. Jack Grabon says:

    I’m really surprised that there aren’t any concrete ways to break sleep paralysis in this article.  Through experience (and the experience of others), the best thing you can do is to make small movements.  Try wiggling a toe or finger, taking deeper breaths, blinking, swallowing, etc.  While you may not awaken your body immediately, you will soon come out of it while also having something to focus on rather than scaring yourself through the perceptions that you might be having. 

    What this article doesn’t mention is that sleep paralysis is really an out-of-body experience where you’re really close to the body, but not fully aligned with it, like a hand not fully in a glove, unable to grasp things like it usually can.  That can explain the idea of presences or seeing things in the room.  Quite simply, it’s like tuning into a channel that you didn’t know existed.

  624. A kid says:

    I’m young and officially scared o sleeping… I’m scared out of my mind

  625. lmc says:

    I had something like this but I was still asleep it was some sort of dream. The Dream: I was in my room laying on my sisters bed and this man walks through my door and all of sudden I couldn’t breathe, but it wasn’t just like a dream. I could feel it even though I was still asleep. It is hard to describe I guess. It was scary because I have never had this happen. Any explanations?

  626. 1994bieleber says:

    Im terrified. Im deathly afraid of this. Is there ANYTHING other than those things i could do to avoid sleep paralysis? If I lie on my back, i won’t be able to fall asleep. oh gosh. im scared to sleep tonight now! lol…i just hope it wont happen to me but it would be kinda cool i guess. But im like SUPER terrified. It takes me like 45min-1hour to fall asleep without a light and a tv. Gosh im terrified of ghosts and scary things..ima pray this doest happen to me!

  627. Ron Vella says:

    Hello so I have experiences where I have gotten paralyzed but I have not seen anything. These experiences however are very rare. I am an engineer so I am a man of prove. Speaking from experience I have seen some paranormal events in my life. I respect all religion, however since I never experienced this exact paranormal beings while my physical body is asleep I cannot try this experiment out. There is this thing called a brown scalper in the catholic faith. It is known by legend I would say that the devil fears three things including the brown scalper. Now I am not saying convert, I am not saying this is fact but what I will say, is if there are people who are having a lot of traumatic episodes and are curious try it out and please notify me and other on this website on whether it helped or not. It is completely experimental and it can perhaps help people understand if this is science or religion. I can give you a link to were one can receive a brown scalper for free. I wish I knew someone I can ask to try this out because I am incredibly curious. Thanks for the patience and I am not making any conclusion until there is some solid conclusions backed up by evidence. On another note we know more about the moon than out own brains so it could be something psychological as well.

  628. Jason Brown says:

     Im a christian but Im no dumbass

  629. mscoco says:

    i hate goin through this..i usually force myself out of it or someone touches me when they hear my forced moans for help…

  630. mscoco says:

    i agree with u..because i am a FIRM believer in the lord and i still experience i think the satanic attack is a bunch of bullcrap and i feel he has his own issues that he has to work with since he feels he has to scare ppl in to following the lord.

  631. Zenobia Odiase says:


  632. james says:

    I felt like and allien was holding me down in my bed,,

  633. ryan says:

    You may not receive this message as this is 5 years old but I actively make myself breathe hard and fast during sleep paralysis and my partner shakes me very hard to get me out of it. I see this was something you were not sure of but it definitely works. Although, not always can I manage to breathe….

  634. WhyTheyDoThat4 says:

    I love falling asleep on my back, I actually fall asleep faster on my back but I’ve been avoiding it due to sleep paralysis. I miss the comfort.

  635. Ben Dover says:

    maybe if you set an alarm clock before you sleep, that will help you not get it

  636. Not against religion says:

    I do not intend to be offensive or even to persuade you into anything, but the reason that I do not believe in the Creator is because I believe in the mind. This entire article is based on the idea that your mind can make itself believe things – what about in a dream? If you see anything in a regular dream, it simply seems normal. I exist in this reality. Perhaps it is a flaw, perhaps not, but I will never believe in something because someone tells me. I will not follow a god of any sort because I fear consequence (not that you or anyone else who commented does). I feel that this is the reality I was born into, and science is its law. If there is a reality beyond that, it has not yet presented itself to me. My actions are based on what I believe, what I believe is based on what I know, and what I know is based on what I learn. I did not learn religion. I was taught it.

  637. Maldonado says:

    Fuck this. This is the WORST feeling ever , and today was the first time I experience “sleep paralysis,”

  638. ADHD KID says:

    Lol my first time in SP was just stupid. I was in a zombie horror film and a zombie was jumping all over me but i was laughing hard as crap. Idk why but it was so goddamn funny. Usually when i get SP i feel a buzzing that driwns out all sounds then i cant move and have a scary dream. Like once (dont ask why) i was in one of those controllable-dream things where you can do whatever you want. I was flying around a bunch of redcoats and shooting them with an AK47 when they start screaming about slaves. I look up to where they are ponting and i see nothing but the top dark corner of a tree. Then the buzzing begins everything gets dark as crap and i feel my skin getting sort of tense around my face. I know im almost in SP so i quickly turn my head in real life and i wake up. Let me tell you, i have never pissed myself since i was three.

  639. keith says:

    Thank you I’m only 15 and its been happening for
    a while now and I’ve been worried but now I no
    its nothing to worry about

  640. Hey_knee says:

    These sleep paralisys happens to me often… When I was younger I thought I was going to die in one of this episodes. I have the bad habit of sleeping with the fan hitting face, that eventually makes my nose stuffy. During the sleep paralysis I stop breathing through my nose, I couldn’t open my mouth for nothing in the world. I was literally suffocating. Woke up gasping for air. My biggest fear is to experiences this again, so the moment I notices I am in a sleep paralysis, I panic. =[

  641. Zane says:

    UGH. I hate this. I get it all the time-a lot more than is probably normal. I go to sleep at the same time every night, too. I feel like I want to throw my arms around and thrash around, but I can’t. To me, it’s worst than the ‘falling’ dreams.

  642. Zane says:

    And it happens several times, while I am asleep.

  643. Yonna says:

    I started getting them when I turned 18 right before college. I’m now about to be 20 .im actually kind of confused. Are you saying my mind is awake and my body isn’t. And if so why am I not conscious? in every episode it seem like I’m imagining my surroundings. Also I find myself yelling for help repeatedly until I finally wake up.

  644. Taylor_26 says:

    This happens to me all the time. Actually just a few minutes ago it happened twice. Every time I get so scared and it feels likesomeone is sitting on my chest.This explains so much now I can stop thinking im gonna die all the time. I used to be scared to go to bed cuz of how often it happened. Im so happy I found rhis site maybe now I can finally get some sleep without being terrified

  645. M says:

    I’m in my early 20s and suffer from this from time to time – usually if I let myself slip back into sleep just after waking up, must be something to do with getting back into the REM state of sleep. Most of these comments are about debating the truth of religion which really isn’t helpful for those coming here to get more information on the condition and probably relief from it.

    There is a strong resource of scientific evidence for why this occurs and how to prevent it which should really be the topic of these responses.

    For me, I find the best way of coming out of this state is to concentrate on taking control of my breathing. Breathing calmly and slowly brings me back into an awakened state. Most importantly I find, is to break out of the cycle of falling back to sleep and back into paralysis which can happen easily.

    I hope those who suffer from SP can find their own way of dealing with this condition and to be aware that they have the control to overcome it so that it doesn’t cause them stress or panic. Remember – Stay Calm!

    Good luck fellow SP sufferers.


  646. M says:

    I see now that its the “best” comments that get shown by default at the bottom of the article. Not sure “best” is very appropriate here as the newest ones are far more helpful…

  647. Cody says:

    to confirm number 4, having someone shake you will make it stop. At least, it works for me. Problem is others wont know when it is happening to you.

  648. Michelle says:

    this has happen to me a couple of time’s now and I’m not liking it , yesterday night was the recent one that has happen to me and when I did I tried to move my head and I did I looked behind me a saw a black shadow I can see the arms and hands on me like trying to press me down hard … should I be worried ? should I see a doctor ?

  649. I have always had dreams that were warnings…the exact scenario in my dream would soon be in front of me in life. At 14 I was shown my life and children from over 30 yrs. later…and it ended up the same. I suppose if I would have paid better attention in life as far as the dream was concerned, I could’ve made better decisions and had a different outcome, but I didn’t see it unfolding after the second and third children. What I ended up doing greatly enhanced and changed two other couples lives…for life….so I’m glad for them that I didn’t. I’ll never know the purpose of him (the man telling and showing me the life ahead of me), or why the lady sat so quietly in between some of my children in it, but I know even though I have to suffer forever for these decisions, that the happiness I gave the other families could never be a mistake. How does your science without God explain this, and many many many more life experiences that were dreamed before they happened??? God gave us our minds, god gave us the minds that were brilliant enough to create mathematics which led to science, god also gave us planets and moons and stars and minerals which can manipulate science along with the brain. What very ignorant minds that would deny either.

  650. kiffoi101 says:

    I suffer from this constantly, usually if the room temperature is really warm. I found that I fall into this state when I happen to roll on back. usually trying to move my legs or my wife shaking me brings me out of this state.

  651. Tom Cates says:

    Thank you, I’m a Christian, but again as you said I’m not a dumbass.

  652. Joel Henry says:

    Okay, so reading the comments some people made it sound like this is the most demonic thing ever and that you are being haunted. My sleep paralysis is just another symptom of my Narcolepsy. I can’t be gotten rid of narcolepsy through prayer and the sleep paralysis will continue. Now do you guys actually think that would make these people feel better by telling them something which you do not know fully about and that this happens because we lack God? No it won’t, just makes people more terrified. I’m a 17 year old boy who believes fully well in God and am living a life which is Christian. I believe that if this is an act of evil, that my God that I know would protect me, I do not know what kind of life you people live, but the faith I have makes me believe that God loves me and protects me. I pray, I love him. I am a Christian, but I am not a dumbass. That is why I accept this logical explanation that these people have come up with and will cope with it how I can. I will continue praying as I always have in good times and bad. It is not logical to tell me seek God, when God was always part of my life! The logical thing though is to accept the help and explanation which you get from these people.

    I do not understand how a lot of religious people can be so close-minded, ignorant, hypocritical and judgmental to the world. Just because someone does not accept your belief does not mean for you to put them down or judge them, why can’t you guys leave people alone for once, instead of creating useless arguments. In the process of trying to get another to stop sinning why do you yourself sin, that is the hypocritical part of it. And it is very sad to see this happening.

  653. WP says:

    There is more to this, its not this simple, I have spirits come to me who needs help, i also have had visions since I was 12 and I exp astro projection. I was convinced I was crazy and that I was all alone until someone told me about astro projection….. I dont know all the truths but my visions are accurate and I know what I exp is happening for a reason… I have just learned to accept it but I will continue to fight to get rid of it

  654. Leon says:

    It just happened to me the day before yesterday. I really shock that time. It happened around 3AM. I feel like somebody is standing near my bed and staring at me. I can’t move, talk or shout. I can’t open my eyes and some pressures on me. All i do was praying on my bed. Later, i could move again, i can talk again. I don’t know what happen and search ion the internet. That’s why i am here reading this post and writing comment .

    In my region, i’m from Myanmar by the way, we call it ” Devil or some sort of bad thing is controlling you ” like ” Devil is inside your body and control it for a while”.

  655. TooScaredToSleep says:

    I experience sleep paralysis almost every morning it feels like my limbs are tingly like its asleep and instead of feeling a presence I just completely freak out in my head its awful. When someone touches me I’m instantly awake. I feel sorry for anyone that has this it’s truly a nightmare. I think I will try these tips if it works. Wish me luck.

  656. John says:

    I’ve not experienced it myself but researcher Chris White has over 50 testimonials from people who’ve been cured of sleep paralysis for good, on, if anyone’s interested…

  657. Gaby says:

    I had this for the first time when I was 5, I was in my mom’s room and I took a sec to lay down cuz I had just woken up (in my room) she went to change and I all of a sudden had this feeling that I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t talk, (no believed me, they said it was all a dream) then it happened a lot more times later on in my life, but when I was like 9 I was watching this Mexican show (I’m Mexican) and this girl was sick and shed taken some pills and the pills gave her something similar to this and her grandma was like “THE DEVIL IS IN HER!!!” And then I freaked out, I’m almost 12 (very young) but I had this like 5 times in a row this morning (& it’s been a while since I had one)

  658. Gaby #2 says:

    So I thought it was time to finally find out what it was, and gladly I did 😅

  659. Cass70 says:

    I dont really get this at night i get it when I wake up the morning, i cant move for about 5 seconds then i fall back to sleep but my mind isn’t thinking about sleep so i can talk to myself in my head and i feel like i can move my body but i can’t no matter how hard but i feel my arms and legs moving just alittle and i keep moving them until i wake up. I never feel scared or feel like someone’s in the room with me. But still i dont like it. I get it when I take a nap in the evening and then at night i try to go to sleep and i feel like i can move when i fall asleep and i again wake myself up. And in the morning when i wake up. Am I fine to move in my sleep to wake myself up?

  660. .....wthydidireadthis says:

    No, damn it! I now officially am scared as fuck of sleep. Maybe I can be like L…. Never sleep. Sounds good to me.

  661. ally says:

    Hmm, I don’t think no sleep is the wisest choice, and try not to take after anime characters, just ’cause they do it doesn’t mean it’s ok.

  662. .....wthydidireadthis says:

    Well, I know not to take after anime, sorry I just had to make a reference there. Yea, I guess I’m just scared as fuck. I only had this once or twice and it wasn’t really creepy, but I got curious and decided to look into it, only to find what people have been experiencing. I mean, all I saw was some wired coloured pot thing. Maybe it was something else I dunno, but it was that disturbing feeling that got to me. fuck I’m scared and wish there was something to comfort me…..

  663. Ally says:

    Well, just know that some people out there care! there are others who also experience these things as well. Obviously. :) Sorry I wasn’t much help,

  664. jenn unciano says:

    I ‘ve experienced this a lot of times and I even thought that demons are trying to take over my body when I lose control (paralyzed) over my body..I can feel that something is pressing into my face and chest that prevents me from’s really scary..

  665. Richard says:

    Thank you
    I just expeinced right now

  666. anonymous says:

    I dont really have the breathing problem or the feeling someones there. It is just that i cant move. Thats all. But it is still scary

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  668. Abraham balderas says:

    I just experience sleep paralysis and its not a good feeling I felt like someone evil or entity was in my presences while a was sleeping for about 15 minutes I felt like if I was half awake and able to hear I got scare… scary ass feeling I had it before but I didn’t understand what it meant? I feel way better knowing what it means what a relief thanks google u make everything easier and understandable now I could sleep more comfortable….thanks goidnight :-)?!

  669. coffee says:

    i just wana know how 2 stop it i get it 3-5 times a night for the last 3 weeks

  670. RandomPerson123 says:

    All I did when going through this was fix my sleeping pattern, excerice more. And if it happened again I just fought back. It may sound weird but when I felt like something was in the room or when I couldn’t move, I was consious enough to just dream about beating up whatever was in there with me straight after that I came out of it. Hasn’t happened again for over 2 years :)

  671. Jay Compton says:

    I just experienced this, only a few minutes ago and decided to lean over to my laptop and look it up. I hate it when it happens, but you all are freakin’ me out, LOL! I never feel “the devil,” “an evil presence,” or even “a small animal” (unless that animal is my actual, real cat) in the room.
    I do hate it, though. Not a good feeling, but not “evil” either. I’ll just try to get more regular, healthy sleep. Thanks for the advice, and letting me know that mine isn’t so bad!

  672. avensandoval says:

    Realized I get it after waking up early , and goiing from one place to another to sleep ( waking up at friends, go home and back to sleep) also usually happens after a night of drinking. When It happens I can’t move anything except for my finger very slowly, I do it until the rest of my body wakes up takes about 30 seconds, just stay calm and it’s no big deal

  673. Alexis says:

    I expirienced sleep paralysis yesterday night..i am 13
    I had went into sleep paralysis on my stomach therefore facing my tv.
    when in sleep paralysis i saw a film on my tv , a disturbing film with something that looked like a man with a purple suit and a big smile all he did was smile big and point at the tv while staring at me. like he had wanted me to watch the film. i remember being coverd up in blankets to my neck ( how i sleep) and when i was out of SP the light of my bedroom was turned on my blankets uncovered me to my knees and my shirt was lifted. i do not sleep walk. i am not sure what had happend but i was indeed terrifyed. i am used to getting SP nightly. but not the last part where my blankets where off and my light was on. does anyone have.anseres perhaps?

  674. Katie Zeagler says:

    Whenever i have sleep paralysis its very demonic. I usually know when its happening and iv’e learned to try my damn hardest to move at least a small part of my body, and i do most of the time and i get out of my ‘waking sleep’, but of course its very terrifying and it has me not sleep until the sun rises since i’m a really big coward actually.

  675. Kaiden Gatrell says:

    I have been having dreams of being stabbed, shot, or broken then feel sore in that spot when I wake up. Then for a second I see the person that does it to me. Is this the same thing?