How to Remember Names in 3 Simple Steps

Hi Johnny.  Or was it James? Or Hector? Maybe your name was Samantha.

How many times does this happen to you? You meet someone for the first time, shake hands, exchange names, and a few minutes later, you have completely forgotten what their name was. How embarrassing right?

How would you like for this to never happen again and how to remember names very easily?

In Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,”  Mr. Carnegie talks about how someone’s name is the sweetest sound to their ears.

I was recently doing my memory improvement presentation at a high school in Orange County, California, where I taught the entire teaching staff and administrators how to remember their student’s names. To set up this training, I started off by meeting as many people as time permitted before my presentation. We exchanged names and I had to quickly store the name into my long term memory because two seconds later I was exchanging names with someone else. I was able to meet a quarter of the staff and after an introduction from Michael, the gentleman who brought me to the school, it was Show Time. I rattled off name after name. Gabe, Jennifer, Clay, Rebecca, Aimee, Ms. Lee, Elizabeth, Saul, so on and so forth.

After this names memory feat was done, all of the teachers and admin were astonished at my ability to be able to do this. I then asked, “Are you guys ready to learn how to memorize anyone’s name quickly? How powerful would having this skill be in your everyday life? How much bigger of an impact would you have on the lives of your students if you were able to remember them by name?” They all nod their heads in agreement.  So how did I do this?

It’s actually quite simple.

You see, my name is Luis Angel.  I am a memory coach and a memory athlete
who teaches students, professionals, other memory athletes, and just about anyone how to improve their memory. I also compete in memory competitions where we have to memorize a lot of information in a short period of time. We sit down and memorize things such as, hundreds of numbers, randomized playing cards, vocabulary words, and my favorite, names & faces.

‘When I teach others about the key to memorizing anything, I tell them that all they have to do is become Creative Story Tellers.

What do I mean by that?

The Key to Memorization is Visualization!

If you want to memorize anything quickly, you have to create a mental image or story and place it onto a location.

Let’s apply this right now to memorizing names and faces.

Let’s say that you meet someone for the first time. You’re walking up to them. The first thing that you want to do is ask yourself, “What stands out about this person?” If her eyebrows stood out to you, then we’re going to use that as a location.

You then shake hands, you give her your name, and she gives you her name. She says that her name is Jackie. What you want to do next, is turn that name into a picture.

Jackie for me is always a Jack, like a car jack.



You then visualize the image doing something with the location. In this case we’re going to see the car jack lifting up one of her eyebrows.

beautiful remember names picturedownload

The most critical step in this process is Review. You want to review the image to make sure that you’re telling your brain that this image is important.

That’s It!

The three step process for memorizing names is:

  1. Location – Choose a feature on their face that stands out
  2. Visualize – Turn the name into a picture and associate doing something on that location
  3. Review – Recall the image and story that you created to link the name into your long term memory.

Start doing this with everyone that you meet, and you will see how much easier that it is going to be for you to remember people’s names.

Have fun with the creative process and teach this to others so that no one ever has to go through that painful situation of forgetting names. Let’s turn everyone into a Names Memorizing Expert!

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-Luis Angel Echeverria

Your Memory Coach with AE Mind | Accelerated Empowered Mind.

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