Muscle Building

A Muscle Building Workout You Can Do Without Weights

If you want to build muscle, barbell exercises are the easiest way. The problem: you need weights. Not everyone can afford expensive gym memberships or buy a home gym. Maybe you don’t feel the need to get huge, but would still like to gain a little muscle and tone what you already have. Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective exercises you can use to sculpt your body.Here’s a muscle building workout you can do without weights:

Body-weight Exercises

Your body needs a reason to build muscle. That reason is stress. Exercising will stress your body & force it to build muscle. You don’t have access to weights, so you’ll use body-weight exercises:

  • Pull-ups. Build back & arms muscles. Doorway pull-up bars or any surface where you can hang from work. If you can’t do one rep with correct pull-up technique: use momentum, ask someone to help you or use a resistance band to assist you on the way up.
  • Push-ups. Build chest, shoulders & arm muscles. Use a full range of motion: arms locked on the way up, nose against the floor on the way down. Put your knees on the floor if you can’t do one push-up. Switch to regular push-ups when this gets easy.
  • Squats. Build leg muscles. Put your hands behind your head & bend through your knees. Keep your heels on the floor, push your knees out, look forward & squeeze your glutes on the way up. Stretch your hamstrings 3 times a week if you can’t squat lower than parallel.

Training Program has a 3 day a week routine based on the above exercises. It takes less than 90mins a week. Easy to mix with your work, business, relationship & hobbies. Click here for the program & the FAQ.


You must get stronger to build muscle. Doing 100 reps of an exercise builds endurance, not strength. Switch to more challenging exercises once you can do more than 20 pull-ups, push-ups or squats.

  • Rings. Push-ups & pull-ups using rings are harder: you need to stabilize the rings while doing the exercises.
  • One Arm Push-ups. Start with Incline One Arm Push-ups: one hand on a high box. Decrease the height as you get stronger until you can do them on the floor. Then switch to feet elevated One Arm Push-ups: feet on a box, gradually increasing the height.
  • One Arm Pull-ups. Pull-ups with one arm. Tricky to master. Check the article on Beast Skills for their technique.
  • One Leg Squats. Start with One Leg Box Squats: lower yourself on a box. Start with a high box & gradually decrease the height. Switch to One Leg Squats once you can do them from a very low box.
  • External Resistance.You could consider this as weights but I’m adding it anyway. Wear a rucksack filled with water bottles or books while doing the exercises. Wear a weighted vest. Wrap some chains around your upper-body while doing the exercises. Use adjustable ankle/wrist weights. Use a belt, chain, carabiner & weights.


You need solid nutrition to build strength & muscle. Eat at least your body-weight in lbs x 18 kcal. Go for these foods:

  • Protein. 1g/lbs daily. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, whey, etc.
  • Fat. Balance your omega 3, 6 & 9 intake.
  • Veggies. All kinds, especially green fibrous veggies.
  • Fruit. Also all kinds. Eat veggies and/or fruits with every meal.
  • Water. 1 liter per 1000 calories you expend.
  • Whole Grain Carbs. Oats, rice, pasta, breads, Ö.

Mehdi is author of, a blog helping you build muscle & lose fat through strength training. Popular articles include the Beginner Strength Training Program and the Anabolic Diet.Image Credit: Sgt. Gooch

  • Ben

    Your program appears to be very similar to the one advocated by Pavel Tsatsouline (of kettlebell fame) in his book, “The Naked Warrior.” The book focuses strictly on bodyweight-only exercises, centered around one-armed pushups and pistol squats (with progressions). More info available from:

  • Abdallah B. Stickley

    The other factor that really catalyzes body-weight workouts is to perform the actions with intensity. Namely, performing circuits for time.

  • Doug Kyle

    Also, check your health benefits. People often seem to pay little attention to what’s actually covered other than the basic medical things (at least, this seems to be true in Canada). Most of the places I’ve worked in the past years have included a $500 per year nutritionists allowance, one included $200 reimbursement on gym membership fees, and another had a corporate membership deal with a nearby gym.

  • Jeniffer

    I find pausing helps–for instance, in a push up, push slowly to raise your body, pause when your body is raised, hold, then slowly lower back down. Doing exercises slowly makes you really feel it.

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  • monica

    Hmm, I really wish I could do a pull-up… but I can’t. So do you know of any floor or swiss ball exercises I can do to strengthen the back?

    • http://none Paul

      Ok Monica, a couple of exercises you can do strengthen your back to get into pullups:

      1) Upright Rows
      2) Supine Rows
      3) Pushups (there are many different types)
      4) Shoulder Press

      You can also do a “dead hang” from a pullup bar and see how long you can hold till your grip gives out. This gives the muscles utilized in a pullup a good stretch while also strengthening your grip and forearms, something that is also necessary to perform pullups. Additionally, You can try something called “negatives” until you can do a full pullup. This involved jumping int0 the “up” position on a pullup bar, and slowly lowering yourself down to the beginning position on the floor. Do this and soon enough you will be able to bust out a set of pullups easy.

    • david

      a good way to strengthen the upper back, delts and work on flexibility all in one easy exercise is one called “stickups”. stand with your whole back of your body up against a wall as flat to it as possible. try to touch your elbows and back of your palms and hold flat against the wall at a 90degree angle with your elbows being straight out to the sides of your head. work on bringing the elbows down towards your side as far as possible and all the way up to a straight arm overhead position while making ocntact with the wall the whole time. if this was a bad explanation sorry just try to google it maybe they will have a pic for you to see

    • uzair ahmad

      monica you can do a pull up just find a place or a bar for pull up which is high enough and put a chair under it . step up on that chair,grip bar and go up with the help of your feet like a jump and hold your position when your chin is facing the bar and slowly come down, it is called  the nagative rep .you will see that soon you are able to do a regular pullup.

    • Sky

      Practice your pullup/chinup daily. Start with one (assisted if you must) the first day. Than every day after try to tack one more on.  Do these for 4 or 5 days and then rest for a day or 2 (2 if your really sore). When I first started to workout all I did was body weight exercises and believe me they build a great base for the start of you new lifestyle. Chinups/Pullups are essential to great back development, really great for correcting posture (that slumped over tired look we see so many people hold common these days). 

    • On the Fly in the Sky

      A lot of people think exercise is all or nothing.  Don’t forget increments.  If you have an overhead bar, or something you can grab, the legs can support.  I used to do pullups in the house, but with a chair under so I could do less body weight to start, then slowly reduce how much help my legs worked:  First set, pulling up with 70% leg help.  Second set , pull ups with 50% leg help.  And so forth, until little or no leg help.

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    • Stonner002

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  • The Dogs Health Guy

    i used to be a bodybuilder at one time but quit because of daily life abs can still be seen though he he

    • Gudiver

       Cool story bro

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  • Kibrika

    What’s the use of droping weights, if you still have to have a lot of other stuff. I want to have somwhere to do pullups, but I live in a rented place that I cannot alter.

    • Carlduffin

      You don’t have to alter anything – just buy a pullup bar that fits inside the doorway. Anyone can make excuses. Anyone can find solutions.

    • Michael

      Go to the local park there is all ways something there to do pull ups on!!!

  • T-Bone Li

    NOTE!!: if you have NO PLACE TO DO PULLUPS you can :go to the local monkeybars at the local playground, you can also do them on a door (put a little piece of cloth on top, some doors really hurt your hands) and you can also put some books etc if your worried about breaking that flimsy door.

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  • http://pickthebrain Sarah Shedlk

    Instead of having how to work out on your website you should have things saying how much that exercse helps you, what it works with and also how much you should do it. Well thank you and keep on keepin on!!

  • Weight Training Guy

    Hey Medhi,

    I find that using a rep sequence of 1-3-1 works really well for muscle gain. For those of you that don’t know what a 1-3-1 rep sequence is, it’s when you use the negative part of the movement to increase muscle tension and therefore increase muscle gain.

    The first part of the lift is done by lifting for 1 second and then lowering for 3 seconds, you then pause for 1 second and repeat.

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  • Muscle Post

    Calf raises are another good exercise you can do without weights (although I prefer to do them holding a dumbbell in my hand). Stand on a surface that is about 2-3 inches off the floor, with your toes and about 3 inches of your foot on the surface, and the rest of your foot off. Lift onto your toes as high as you can go and feel the stretch, then let yourself come back down slowly and feel the stretch again as your heel reaches the floor. You need to work your calves hard to stimulate growth, so go for high reps or add some weight by holding a dumbbell.

  • Joe

    This has been a great program and has worked wonders for me and my busy lifestyle.
    A great fitness and muscle building program is now available. If you don’t have the time or the motivation to keep at it too long then this is the program for you! is the place for your workout needs!
    Let me share a true story with you. Several years ago I started to notice that my entire life revolved around my workouts and eating “six meals a day”. Sure, this is my job. But come on. I have a life…and I demanded it back.

  • Stevan Ljuljdurovic

    Good article. I think people would like to know a variety of workouts that you can do without weights. Here are a few: . Feel free to add your own workouts to that list.

  • PsyMonk

    Люди в подобных случаях так говорят – Без косы сена не накосишь. ;)

    • Sizzlemedia

      Triceps dips using a stable chair is great for arms and back, and you can adjust your target area using two chairs.
      Handstand shoulder presses work your shoulders but be careful when doing this exercise, if you have weak arms, you could end up landing on your head.
      Another great way to build strength is using solid stationary objects such as doorways to push or pull against. A favourite with Bruce Lee.
      You can even use household objects such as your vacuum cleaner, iron, washing basket, buckets, bricks, shopping, even small children to create numerous small workouts throught the day. I often use a shopping bag to do a few cheeky reps of curls or lateral raises before putting stuff away.

  • kiefer

    Depending on what you intended goal is physically will dictate the type of workout you should follow.

    Using you own body weight is good to incorporate in any routine, and is great to loose weight and get some definition. And in the beginning you will build some muscle.

    But if you are serious about building some endurance and strength with that muscle you need heavy weights at your disposal, and a variety of them.

    The reason a lot of people think they can get similar results without weights is they never knew how to lift weights correctly in the first place.

    And most important is what’s in the food you are eating, a proper diet is more than most people think.

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  • russell

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  • James L

    The above infomation informs people to preform 1 Arm push ups. I advise anybody who reads this not to do such an exercise. By doing a 1 arm push up you put your body at risk. Making the spine unbalanced can cause it to twist or trap a nerve. If you trap a nerve it can never 100% fully recover. Everything else seems to be ok from what ive read.


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    This has been a great idea years. Bodyweight workouts are fantastic. If done the right way you can feel more pumped than a weight workout. When i cant get to the gym i do bodyweight movements mixed up with a band for more unconventional stuff. And guys should use this to, I can bench well over 300 but i get a better PUMP from this.

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    I recommend this to anyone wanting a bit of a jolt with stuborn plateus. Ofcourse its not a miracle pill, you have to go hard when at the gym, get good recovery time and eat sensibly.

    I plan on doing another cycle in a month or so. Unlike other pro-hormones, and testosterone boosters, that make you feel you’re just swallowing thin air packaged in plastic, this stuff actually works, from power to lift to mind aggression it works.

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  • Bill Jolloff

    I am a former competive body builder an now a personal trainer online and offline.
    For over a year I trained just using free hand exercises with no weights or machines and made great gains.
    So I agree that you can get a amazing workout and results without weights.
    Great info

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  • Tyler – Health Supplements

    CrossFit is also a great resource of finding body-weight and equipment-free exercises. Rings were mentioned in the article. I did a CrossFit session and did dips using rings, I was sore for almost two weeks. You can certainly target different muscles that you might not use in a conventional gym.

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  • Mark Martinez

    Dude dips & pull-ups, killer exercises for functional strength and a great built. My favorites to start out with (other than squats) – I like to attack the heavy-hitter exercises first thing… then the rest of the workout seems like a breeze (or, on few days, if I skip the rest of the workout for some silly reason I would’ve still hit substantial muscle fibers)

    Mark Martinez
    your hypergain creatine test lab

  • Build Muscle Without Weights

    There is some solid advice in this article. One thing, though, is that one-armed pull-ups would be darn near impossible for me to manage.

  • Sir Orange

    My message is, I read the introduction paragraph and it said no home gym equipment. In the pull-ups, you need a door pull-up bar, but I don’t have one, what shall I do and where do I get one from?

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  • Chris

    Chair dips are one of my fav body weight exercises

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  • Build Muscle At Home

    Good list of exercises, you don’t need to have expensive equipments to keep fit. Just be consistent with the reps.

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  • Ryan

    This is all great, except for the pull-up one. The reason I do not have weights is because I cannot afford them. Getting a pull-up bar also costs money. If I had the money to afford a pull-up bar, then I would have the money to afford weights.

  • muscle workouts

    Muscle workout is different from those traditional workouts. Generally those traditional workouts are for people interested in body building.

  • Chris Watson

    Pull ups, push ups and squats are my favourite home body weight exercises, i also like hip thrusters for the lower abs

  • Tommy L

    I was too lazy to motivate myself to go back to the gym. I thought to myself, if I spend $70 on the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack, I can’t waste it by not going.

    Anyways, I was on the Dr Max Stack for a full 15 days. I was able to do much more in the gym such as 5 set exercises instead of the normal 3 set exercises. I was able to lift much more too. There was also a shift in weight going from 155 to 162 over the 15 day period.

  • Workout without Weights

    Hi Medhi,

    Great article. I really liked how you covered the three major body weight exercsie that build muscle and adding the nutrition was a nice touch. I think the progression portion is one of the most important things. Often people think 100 push ups is better than 20, but really, you’re right, too many reps don’t help build muscle after a while, it’s time to progress!!

    Great stuff!

    Jack Bronson | Workout without Weights

  • Ian @ HomeWorkoutBlog


    You don’t need to buy a pullup bar to do pullups. Just get a towel, roll it up, and throw it over a sturdy beam, branch, or other overhead object.

    Grab on, and do some towel pullups! This exercise has the added benefit of being more challenging to your grip than standard pullups.

    I hope this helps,


  • dillon

    would it work if you put a towel over a door?

  • chad walls

    I like this program! Thanks for reminding people that they can train without going to the gym and still build muslce. I have friends that train at the gym who have to travel for their jobs. This workout will give them something to do in place of their regular resistance training routines when travelling.


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  • Darren @ Lean Body Fitness Articles Blog

    Bodyweight exercises are so underestimated these days. You can get such a great workout. Pushups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks. Besides building muscle they are also great for fat burning.

  • Wes @ Muscle Gain Tips

    Can’t emphasise nutrition enough with a bodyweight workout. Great article!

  • Farouk

    interesting tips
    thank uuu :D

  • Peter Wallis

    Great tips! If you are looking for more, you should try this page:

    It helps a lot!

  • rey

    Muscle Building

    Increase muscle leads to build big muscle. Big muscle formation depends on the body type each individual have.

    However this is not the controlling factor. What is important is that the commitment and the perseverance to

    reach the desired muscle size.

  • Eric L.

    Fatigue is the Key to working out. :D
    Remember that and you’ll always be gaining muscle. Also Muscle Confusion, so switch it up every once in a while.

  • rey

    Increase Muscle

    Increase muscle leads to build big muscle. Big muscle formation depends on the body type each individual have. However this is not the controlling factor. What is important is that the commitment and the perseverance to reach the desired muscle size.

  • yameen

    I am 14 years old and I wana build muscles but not with weights I wana build on my tricep can any1 tell me how

  • Ectomorph Workout’s Wayne

    hey yameen just google the best triceps exercises. However, if you are an ectomorph you might want to check out ectomorph workout to build muscles.

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  • AQ

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  • Jim k

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  • Snowman34

    Awesome! I don’t have access to a gym and ever since then I’ve been looking for some killer home workouts to do. Looks like I found some.

  • Jaydub

    i find that nutrition is essential because this ensures your muscles grow and you stay healthy in the process of trying to grow your muscles. here are a few more
    tips that helped:

  • Jaydub

    i find that nutrition is essential because this ensures your muscles grow and you stay healthy in the process of trying to grow your muscles. here are a few more
    tips that helped:

  • Richard Braham

    i want to get all this so i need some help and motivation plz!!!

  • Richard Braham

    i want to get all this so i need some help and motivation plz!!!

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  • Klix_pix

    i use things like the underside of my bed and benchpress it

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  • ab circle pro

    I thought it will always require me to use weights in doing workouts. I prefer doing push ups.

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  • ptf

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  • Lauren

    You can find a number of bodyweight exercises at Not all the exercise have picture but most of them do along with description. Most of the arm exercises are done with dumbells, the chest exercises focus mainly on push up style exercises and the back exercises have a lot of pull-up exercises.

  • Paulstone687

    Some good tips here . I especially like pull ups and I do them on an old Total Gym.

  • Paulstone687

    Some good tips here . I especially like pull ups and I do them on an old Total Gym.

  • Fen

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  • Jamal

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    • BlAcKaH

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  • Pankaj Meel

    I have been working out in gym for couple of years and now i wish to move on to weight free. Can you tell me some exercises that chisel up my arms even more and make me lean and chiselled lower and upper body.  

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  • Akned

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  • Akned

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  • Look2theskye11792

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  • eequipfan

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  • Nadzshahid

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    just get a job that sucks, most jobs that suck include, physical labor, lose of sleep, and fat, as well as gains in muscle, along side your ate home work out what ever is is as long as it make you tierd while useing creatine pills AND nitric oxide the point im makeing is useing all of thes things i must stress creatine an nitric oxide it helps massivley !!  and eventualy youll look like me ( i look fuckin good ) . use your days of work to sleep n rest, absolutly no boozing unless its w your girl or some special event. . alcohal destroys your groth. . . in my personal experiane no one elses, smokeing hasnt seem to keep me from gaing but i dunno is it slows the gaing but i am 170 10-15 body fat 5’9 and with all of this i have alot of arm and sholder veins (big) and soooooliid body i used to be around 145 and weak but give it a shot and see what you think

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    hey april as bad as it seems at the moment iv had depression and fought my way out of it on my own with some gr8 advice from professionals and it was pretty much what is said in the 10 above actually  when u think of it its common sense it but sitck to it and  u will get there but talk to people if its a doctor or a friend that can relate to the way ur feeling it will make it easier on u unloadin some steam keep ur chin up !!!!!

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    This article came at the perfect time.  I’m actually visiting my brother in Kansas next week for about a month, and I wont have access to barbells or equipment. 

    But there is no way in hell I’m going to take an entire month off training. 

    What it looks like I’m going to do is stick to a simple full body workout three times a week consisting of pushups, pullups, and body weight squats. 

    I’m probably only going to be able to maintain, but who knows?  As long as I stay eating a caloric surplus, I may even gain muscle. 

    Great article, and very informative for those either traveling, or those incapable of paying for a gym membership.

    Don’t make excuses because of your circumstances!  Use the resources that you have, and take full advantage of them!

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