Mental Power

Mental Superpowers: How to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Mind

You have superpowers – it is absolutely true!

You have the power to do things so far beyond what you can even imagine right now. In fact, you are capable of things that you would probably consider bizarre or even maybe supernatural. Your mind is a vast, largely unexplained source of energy and power. In fact, your thoughts even have the power to alter reality.

Unfortunately, because we don’t understand how these powers work, most people dismiss them. In so doing, we limit ourselves and our success in life. I will reveal here how you can tap into these superpowers and take advantage of them to make drastic improvements in your life.

Stay with me here. I know the tendency of many will be to immediately dismiss this as just a bunch of nutty ideas. But let me submit to you that many very successful people have believed in these powers and used them to create incredible fortunes and success. Also, if you just look at the facts, it is easy to conclude that there must be some truth to this. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. These powers have been written about for centuries. They have been researched and acknowledged by very notable people. They are mentioned in most of the classic wisdom literature. They exist whether you are willing to admit it and use it to your benefit or not. If you don’t, then you are missing out on getting the very most out of your life.

Examples of Extreme Mental Power

There are so many powers of the mind that are not fully explained or understood. Things like telepathy, psychokinesis, and extrasensory perception (ESP) fall into this category. J.B. Rhine, a researcher at Duke University back in the 1930s, did extensive and rigorous lab tests on subjects to evaluate the existence of ESP. He concluded that many people did seem to have powers beyond the five senses to detect the thoughts and feelings of others. His research led to the coining of the term parapsychology and the founding of a research center at Duke to explore this further. Of course, there are numerous critics and skeptics of Rhine’s conclusions and the results have never been repeated since. However, Rhine was not the only researcher that came to these conclusions and many people think ESP is the sixth sense. This is just one area that suggests the mind has power and emanates energy beyond our current understanding.

There are also numerous people that believe in the miracle of faith healing. Faith healing is the belief that people can be cured of diseases and abnormalities through prayer and divine or supernatural intervention. Of course, when you look objectively at prayer, it is focused thought or meditation which is directed outside ourselves to summon supernatural power to achieve an end we desire. If you plug “faith healing testimonies” into any popular Internet search engine, you will find countless stories of people that have been miraculously cured of things like cancer. It usually involves situations where no further hope was offered by medical science. The person had to believe. If they didn’t, then they had to accept the fate of their medical diagnosis.

I mention ESP and faith healing to stretch your thinking. If you are still reading (I’m sure many have probably given up by now because they are just incapable or unwilling to consider that our minds have power beyond our current understanding), then you are ready to grasp and use the superpowers of your mind. You are ready to tap into the source of energy that has propelled people like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Oprah Winfrey to levels of extraordinary success. You can also reach these levels. No matter how you define success or what it is that you desire. You can achieve it!

Unleash Your Superpowers

So, what is it that will unleash the superpowers of your mind? It is belief. You have to believe without doubt in the deepest recesses of your heart and mind that you can and will fulfill your desires. You have to believe so deeply that it creates a level of intensity in your thinking so that your desire becomes a burning obsession. You have to be able to visualize it and emotionalize it vividly. It has to consume you. You have to believe at the level where you know that you can overcome any obstacles that may arise. That you will pay any price. You will give and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. When you believe like this, you invoke the superpowers of your mind and you will alter reality.

Your intense thoughts and belief when focused in this manner will create in the physical world exactly what you desire. This concept is well documented and absolutely true. It is confirmed in every classic success book that I have read. It is the secret or magic that these writers speak of so frequently. This philosophy is thoroughly discussed in Chapters 13 and 14 of Think and Grow Rich, a very well-known success manual written by Napoleon Hill. In Chapter 14, Hill states the following:

“This much the author does know – that there is a power, or a First Cause, or an Intelligence, which permeates every atom of matter, and embraces every unit of energy perceptible to man…This Intelligence may, through the principles of this philosophy, be induced to aid in transmuting DESIRES into concrete, or material form. The author has this knowledge, because he has experimented with it – and has EXPERIENCED IT.”

Another confirmation that these powers exist is from As a Man Thinketh written by James Allen. Allen states:

“Nature helps every man to the gratification of the thoughts which he most encourages, and opportunities are presented which will most speedily bring to the surface both the good and evil thoughts.”

In other words, these authors confirm that whatever it is we most deeply believe will come to be in our lives and that outside super forces, in these instances called Intelligence and Nature, will assist us. Of course, as the quote above alludes to this principle works in both directions of thought. We must therefore focus our thoughts on the positive to move in the direction we want. We must eliminate all negative thinking and fear. These thoughts dilute the effectiveness of our superpowers and may even take us in the opposite direction. Use your powers for good and not evil!

I think W. Clement Stone says it most succinctly. He states:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Jesus even confirms this in the Bible when in Matthew 17:20, he states:

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

As you can see, this philosophy of belief is well documented. These men were not easily deceived. Napoleon Hill spent 20 years of his life researching the material in his book. These men knew the superpowers of the mind exist and they tried to document it so that others could use them too. Are you ready to believe? I could go on and on with more examples from many more books, but there is not room here to do so. You, however, can research this for yourself if you would like or you can take the leap of faith now and start benefiting immediately.

Believe and Succeed or Doubt and Do Without

I know that some will be reluctant to accept these truths. To the skeptics and critics, I say that I hope they are happy in their circumstances. No matter how hard they work or how much effort they put forth without utilizing the principle of belief they will always be severely limited in their accomplishments. If you look further into this, you fill find that every person with a track record of super success has fully and whole-heartedly embraced this philosophy. Our minds do have superpowers that we can utilize to our benefit if we believe. The only question that remains is, will you believe?

I would love to hear your comments on the ideas I have expressed in this article.

This article was written by Jeff Nickles. Please join him at My Super-Charged Life to learn more about living life to the fullest!

  • Mohamed King

    I fully agree that you must believe. I have failed at most of the things I set out to do but had doubts. I am where I am and do what I do daily because I believe I can.

    • @Mohamed – I have failed many times as well because I doubted myself or my cause. We all have. However, when I think about it I realize that I have also had many successes. I try to reflect on the successes often because they give me the encouragement that I need to believe more strongly in my present endeavors. This belief is what propels me to my next success. Thanks for your comment!

      • Alecestes

        How long would it take for the powers to come to u

        • Snickers1413

          Ok it could take up to 20 years or just 2 days it all depends on how strongly you believe if u believe then u should grasp it dnt fear the unknown.

        • Aquabell8

          That’s what i want to know because I tried all the fucking steps but nothing I wonder if these steps are true

          • Aquabell8

            Did anyone here even get any supernatural powers because I tried so very hard and noting

        • G-NEON

          read about the akashic records and it depends on u anyways

  • Chris

    Why did you write this useless article?

    • Hi Chris,

      Perhaps you would like to elaborate on why you believe the article is “useless”?

      Jeff: thank you for the interesting article. My only point of contention would be the way you say these powers are “confirmed” by various people, eg Napoleon Hill, James Allen, people on the internet who have written faith healing testimonies. Sure, these people may help suggest there are such powers, but I don’t think you should say they confirm them simply because they have written about them.

      • Peter: You may be right. What I was trying to say is that, according to what they wrote, these people believed in these powers themselves. The testimony of credible witnesses is usually strong evidence. I hope this helps to clarify.

        • John Smith

          Brain is one of the (if not the) most powerful things in existence. If somebody believes they aren’t in pain or are in pain they will physically feel that pain or not feel it until they convince themselves what they should be feeling.

          • Jim smith

            This is for me I have experience with this.

          • greg

            I completely agree, when a child in Africa dies from colera it’s because the child didn’t use their mind powers and think positively. You self obsessed wankers make me sick.

          • Jenny

            They aren’t saying that it’s effective 100% of the time, but since you aren’t using every resource you can get to keep that poor child in Africa from dying, it’s worth a shot for the kid to try it!

          • Mitty

            U sound like an immature foolish idiot. Why don’t you shut your mouth and go sit in a corner some where. This is a conversation for grown ups.

          • Curtis Dixon

            Yet you haven’t said anything to prove you are one.

          • Nameless

            i think most of you misunderstood this article. What its trying to say is that you can really achieve anything your mind wants if you put it in the right mentality, its all about how you approach things, if you want it hard enough you will eventually find a way to do it. And yes basicly you can make a mountain move, as well as the whole human race with just a single bomb, which is the result of using the right mentality. Not just for creating it.

          • aas

            Retarded guy here.

          • nathan

            How would the child know any more about his inner powers than you? Why fear the unknown??

          • Jordan River

            You have a brain the size of a squirrel oh yee of little faith lol

          • Listening

            I totally agree. Im not going to call anyone dumb but I do agree with having” superpowers.” I have did those things since I was a adolescent and because of that I have not felt pain such as others. Natural labors, car wreck, seizure, depression and more. Once I believed that I wasn’t going to feel or fall into a state I always over came it. If you don’t understand I have to say thank you I knew I was special.

      • k dot

        perhaps you would like to suck out

    • Joel


    • jaysmith

      they worte it for that way you can understand how the brain works and how you can make your hole brain work then just little parts of it.

    • Danny

      Well there Lies the problem Chris, you found this sitewhile  looking for help or a change and you are not even open enought to try it. Either that or the face of change scares you.You can not shoot anything down without trying it. Once you realize what life is all about the perspectives fall into place. Being positive is very hard but so is anything new that you learn. Its just like playing sports, or being a marksman.. practice makes perfect.

    • Danny

      Well there Lies the problem Chris, you found this sitewhile  looking for help or a change and you are not even open enought to try it. Either that or the face of change scares you.You can not shoot anything down without trying it. Once you realize what life is all about the perspectives fall into place. Being positive is very hard but so is anything new that you learn. Its just like playing sports, or being a marksman.. practice makes perfect.

    • Xavier

      useless to you, you can’t from outside the box..

    • Kevin

      HEY chris, can i make a guess and say that you are unhappy and havent done much in life, if you think this article is useless that you have accepted the fact that you are useless, you should change the way you think…

      • Thomas

        Hey Kevin do you believe that dragging people and telling him that he is useless betters yourself?

        • Anonymous

          Shutup and believe young fool.

          • i eat chocolate for a living

            you all need to get a life and just eat pizza. Pizza, john green, and sleep , are the three key ingredients to unlocking the full capacity of the human brain sooooooooo………..

            shut up and watch glee

            oh yeah and chocolate cheesecake

            and i am a believer in god and not brain science that could possibly make you an extremely nosy and weird ass person for reading minds. although that would be uber cool.

          • smarter than you

            You’re a damn idiot. Just thought I would throw that out in the ether. Dumb ass

          • smarter than you

            Hope you understand, I eat chocolate for a living, that there are people that obviously have a higher intelligence than you. Maybe you should shut your religious hole and just let thinkers think and you can take to prayer and pizza

          • Jayden Adamski

            I like the way you think.

          • jack

            You good sir are truly an ignorant individual.

          • karloz

            With more nowledge comes responsibility there was and is a fruit of nowledge it says it in the bible the fruit was interpeted in an edible form like an apple but its within u and the connection ,of for example smoking weed ,dmt etc. Thoo nowledge. Screws ppl over because of there ego .

          • Yolo

            Shut up u dumb ass, the bible is wrong- any fool can see that. If u would rather not listen to this, listen to the facts which have ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Btw, the bible in no way is evidence, because no one actually knows “god wrote it” or whAtever. The bible was written by a few assholes who wanted power, but instead gave it to a man called god who isn’t real. Wake up bitches.

          • John Cuenca

            Yolo.the bible is true!there is a lot of evidence prove that.Have faith along the way you will find out !

          • Anjith Krishna

            ya ri8 bible is crap go liv by its way nd u wnt undrstand wat life evn means thrs much more in science thn in Bible So Stp Sayin Trash If U Dnt Hav acClue Abt Wat u Say

          • wtf is wrong with your ass

            Hey you know it would be better if you read the bible because your spelling would improve! You muslim dip shit.

          • Yaweh

            What would a scientist be without the knoledge recieved by god…nothing but a brainliss 4 eyed man child playing with a microscope

          • DipShit

            I guess you have a fucked up life then 😉 I may not know if God is really real although I know there’s all miracle is true.

          • DizzyDestroy

            Smoking actualy inhibits brain function so there goes that. I have what is known as precognitive memory, I used to smoke to shut it up so I could sleep

          • taylorgang

            You’re young and have much to learn. If you believe in God, then you should know that all this brain science is our likeness with our Creator, as is our image. God exists in a world beyond the boundaries of our own universe, which is why we can’t understand Him. It’s a world that surpasses our laws of nature and our limited comprehension. But God is omnipresent, He’s everywhere at once. It simply means that the power of God flows in every form of matter in our universe. You could almost say you are “made of God,” every cell, every atom, is made of the power of God, and the power to bend all matter in the universe to your will is installed in every human brain. Every miracle performed in the Bible, as well as all the unexplained phenomena in history, even Egyptian pyramids which are so mathematically perfect could only have been built by that power.

          • diamondminer666

            THATS SO RIGHT god is everywhere at once and god is real there is no way I will quit beliving in god and you are made of god god knows whats in the future he can do anything you can possibly think of and there is only 1 god jesus is not gods son cause hes a human god is 1 for god pretend we are germs 1000000000 times smaller than germs for god

          • junk monkey

            First correction numb nuts Jesus is our brother which makes him a son of God read your Bible and you might understand

          • Rupak Mukherjee

            That god is none but the ultimate meaning of the cosmic creation.. Its power.. The eternal spirit..

          • Sean Ven

            I enjoyed reading that, but at the end the unexplained phenomena’s in history are in fact explained by most religious book’s and scripture’s found across the world. In fact the first book the Book Of Enoch explain’s of a time after adam were his seventh son, enoch got chosen by The Creator and it explains how man learned how to achieve this growth of knowledge and through that periods of time spawned these phenomena’s in history. Its an interesting book to read its the first book to date and is the loophole to such infinte enlightenment or rebirth of one’s belief that the laws of man still apply to you once you achieve this lnfinite growth of knowledge believe me it start slow but soon you start to see, hear and feel and imagine things i never would have thought were logical or possible. The law of man were created by man not God, the true law of what is or what will be is what you must figure out on your on but once you do. Enjoy.

          • scientist

            You do realize gluttony is a sin, you my dear friend are going to hell for self indulgence and over eating.

          • Anjith Krishna

            Thn I have A Que 4 u!! WAt Is This God 2 U ?? Dnt Talk Abt Thinks Tht U Cnt Undrstand ! Nd The Abv Article Its 100% True U R Jst Blinded Lik All Othe

          • YOUR SPELLING

            If you believe in God your spelling would be 100% correct ;;;;;)))))))

          • Mare Mratinić

            Didn’t understand a thing

        • Simeon Christos Ioannou

          God is our loving Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ his son sits beside him!!! Jesus is our King and God is our Father!!! He loves us no matter what!!! He forgives us no matter what!!!! He never gives up on his creation which is us!!!!! There is a place for us all in heaven and all we have to do is have faith in him!!! We must walk with the Lord!!!! God does not force himself upon us. He allows us to make a choice to stay with him or pull away from him.

      • Curtis Dixon

        Wow so you can tell all that just by just seven simple words. But you couldn’t actually tell him how he is wrong.

      • Ramon

        No he is right there so much more we can learn are brain even when we are adults don’t have full potential ur all jerks for bashing on this guy for his beliefs havnt we learned nothing I believe that we are small peice to a bigger puzzle thanks chris keep up the good work

    • Kevin

      HEY chris, can i make a guess and say that you are unhappy and havent done much in life, if you think this article is useless that you have accepted the fact that you are useless, you should change the way you think…

    • Kevin

      HEY chris, can i make a guess and say that you are unhappy and havent done much in life, if you think this article is useless that you have accepted the fact that you are useless, you should change the way you think…

    • Some one who believes

      If you think it’s so useless why go through the trouble of reading it, then making a silly comment in an obviously intreaged group of text? Answere me that.

      • Jpyellow


        • Brandon

          all that think its funny to judge people need to get a life if someone believes in something then that is there choice and if you have something wrong with that then keep it to your self because karma will come back at you and always remember to do onto others as you do to yourself.

      • Saracannay460

        greatly true

      • greg

        I imagine Chris read the article to make sure he was dealing with a crackpot, imbecile, swindler, flim flam artist, before making a decision that the article was useless.

    • Hcfj

       chris is that really tou i can see you you have three kids 1 girl 2 boys the girl is the oldest they all have e at the begining

      • Jo

        Huh? Is that like you reading him? Can you teach me that?

      • MandiLee

        hi im new to this and interested but how do you do that?

        • Rooshan

          onLy few can do tHIs in this eNtire woRLd.. :)

      • Angeloadurbano

        Aculaly the the second boy is older and the daghter is the midle child

    • Aimee Lee

      The better question for you would be.. “If it was so “useless”, why did you read it???

      • pat

        He read it, and then described it as useless. One has to experience something before giving a description of it. He was asking the author as to why write it, probably with hopes to understanding further and dismissing his first idea of it as useless. I found it useless too, sorry. Don’t take offense tho, others may have found use of the article.

    • Snowboarder1997

      It’s not useless. After I read this I thought about what I wanted and that is to be better than the best bowler in the school I go to. After I read this I started to believe in myself more and it turned out that I actually am beating him now. So this was not useless, this article just helped open up a lot of opertunities for me and I mean a lot.

    • Chris_is_a_total_douche

      Chris you’re a total douche-kabob, probably some loser that has never accomplished anything significant in your pessimist, pathetic, useless and waste of space douche bag encompassed life. Since you have no faith in the abilities of your tiny little field mouse shit brain, take a high caliber pistol and put it in your mouth and end your miserable, awful life…that way we can rid the earth clowns like yourself… You giant overgrown pussy!! No man would down play someone for trying to better themselves and others, you fucking joke of douche.

      • Aquabell8

        Isn’t that a Little to harsh he is a fucknut and a Douche but don’t say for him to die if you don’t even know him he could be a miner for all we know and I agree with you and everyone else

      • Macleata Kirkwood

        Douche kabob? Ha!

        • lfab

          I believe this article. I also believe in the word of the lord. “Becareful what you think, your thoughts run your life “. Not to sound like a facade…but its true that if you believe that you can do something and your postitive…and have faith. you will receive and accomplish your wishes. God said nothing is impossible for us. God also commands us to be brave meaning; standing up to our problems and knowing that we will pass them. we need to understand how to use our minds to think only positive and eliminate the negative…if we want to live a good life.. thanks for the article was very interesting and I learned a lot.

          • lfab

            Jeff^: this concept isn’t for everyone. it only works for those who understand how the mind works. good article overall tho

        • inchara

          Um, how do you even move stuff and things with your mind?
          TELL US!


          Really this is about are beliefs and the ability of our brain not about who’s a douche kabob and who isn’t

      • Curtis Dixon

        Really…Fucking really did you make a new account just to insult this guy and he’s the giant pussy?…Nah bitch you are.

    • Hello

      Chris , Why would say ”Why did you write this useless article?” , because you’ve never done anything successful in life? or maybe is because you never improved in life and lemme guess why… is it because you never believed in your self that you can do something successful in life just like you didn’t believe the article. Well Chris, don’t state your own opinion in public because there’s probably TONS of people who believed in this article or maybe some didn’t ,but maybe the people who didn’t believe this article kept their opinions in their mind because their not douchbags like you

      • Curtis Dixon

        You’re the only douche bag and no one gives a fuck if you’re standing up for the guy it seems like everyone here has a problem with that guys opinion and you know what its just that an opinion not a dick so dont take it so hard if it helped you fine if it didnt fine but dont jump on the lets hate chris bandwagon because he spoke his mind i dont blame him there are alot of fakes on the internet claiming they know shit when they dont

        • Lee

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          • Curtis Dixon

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    • Dvan

      Were all wasting our time online talking instead of using the advice. Not all the time do you need to focus to make realtiy sometimes all it takes is a careless sentence.

    • Scotti

      Chris, I have no clue how old you are. But I am only 13, and I have the common sense to question, “WHY DID YOU READ IT”?! You obviously looked up the subject in turn for a good use of helpful feedback. And obviously for a reason. I just want to let you know that . . . commenting such a “useless” comment on a USEFUL article is kinda sad if you ask me. The reaaal question is, Chris, “Why do you comment, let alone read, this article.”
      . . . . . . . . Why DIDN’T you right a useful comment, I should ask?

      • Curtis Dixon

        First fuck up because this article is the furthest from useful where in this article did he actually explain how to use your full brain power…Huh and second write is spelled with a W

        • Blaze

          he fucking did you fuckwit. he said your thoughts (mind) control/effect the psychical outcome.

          • Curtis Dixon

            Wow first you need to learn how to make a complete thought. And by your logic if i believe i can dodge a bullet i can fuck outt of here

          • Josh

            Curtis Dixon you sad sad man you are actually taking time out of your day to come back and reply and keep putting your 2 cents worth in. No need for the negativity my friend you have a lot to learn in life if you can’t take something from this article. Open that blinkered mind up.

          • Curtis Dixon

            And you wasted your time to do the exact same thing and i did take something from this article most people who post shit like this on the internet prey on the much weaker minds like you, you believe that my mind is blinkered which is far from the truth but im so glad you can tell this by my post but i agree with you i am a little negative only because people seem to take shit out of context like this article for example the only thing it really shows is that positivity only works on people with closed minds

          • Heather

            Well, honestly, you’re pretty parhetic to be sitting on your ass scrolling through a forum to talk crap to people. If you don’t believe it, you can always exit the page. It CLEARLY says that you need the right mind frame and as far as I can see, you don’t. So don’t worry it will probably never work for you anyway. Not to bash you i just happen to be reading through these rediculous comments and you’re name I’ve seen non stop downing this article. I find this VERY useful. Thank you to the man who wrote it!

          • Curtis Dixon

            yet you choose to talk to me i for one feel bad for you seeing the simplest of positive thinking is all it seems to take i wish i live in the naive world as you.

    • Hans

      Nothing in this world is useless…every single thing on this planet can be learned from.when u acknowledge’ll understand why whe wrote this article.

    • Tamayo

      What’s so hilarious about your comment is that I don’t understand what you’re doing looking this up if you think it’s useless.

    • CVRT

      Chris, your opinions only make the reader comment back the only thing you’ve accomplished was another argument. I’ve been looking into esp and i have it, you haven’t experienced anything philosophic in your life. you must have faith Chris be one with your mind.

    • Shaun Sadree

      chris, you are a troll. Sad thing is everyone is responding to your stupid comment instead of this article on self power. This article has truth to it, but your mind has to be open to new ideas before you attempt to expand it.

      • Chad

        If this is true, (that you can achieve what you believe) then this might explain why all the cocky assholes get girlfriends so quickly. They believe they won’t say no, so they don’t. And it pains me to see illogical examples all throughout the world. I just need assistence in believing that the world will stop being so ignorant, and open their minds a bit.

        • Curtis Dixon

          The world cant and you know why because people just like the ones in this little comment section cant seem to just accept and opinion as just that.

      • Curtis Dixon

        Your mind isnt even open to the fact that it was just an opinion that a fact but you call him a troll any way and then talk about how people are commenting about his comment when you are doing the same damn thing.

    • Mitty

      The only thing that’s useless is your comment. Oh… .. and probably your brain as well. Go read some books and educate your self

      • Adrianne

        Woooooooooooow , basically. Its a whole bunch of losers picking on somebody for their opinion. , why do you care so much , fyi grow up

      • Curtis Dixon

        No the only real useless comment is your’s and you aren’t even the only one but this one just took the cake if you really wanted to help you could have told him the ones you read so he dont end up like a complacent sheep like the rest of you.

    • Sek ( identity is a secret )

      Maybe he wrote the article to get people interested in their super power so they can know some of the consequences.

    • Rose

      Why did you write this useless comment?

    • Miya

      It’s not useless if u do not believe then u r living under a rock

    • Al

      Why are you commenting then?

  • The power of belief has been written about for centuries. Even as far back as Genesis, God said in chapter 11 vs 6, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they imagine will be impossible for them.”

    People have known the power of belief for centuries, but it still has it’s detractors and skeptics (see comment #2).

    Belief is a power we still don’t understand, but our lack of understanding doesn’t negate it’s power or existence.

  • My daughter’s elementary school recently adopted the slogan, “Believe. Succeed. Achieve.” It was a subtle way of getting kids, parents and educators to have a vision of success and then take actionable steps to make it happen. I’ve long been a believer in what the author writes about, and was happy to see our schools attempt to convey the same message. While it is this strong belief system that drives many to wild success, most people pass it off as “perserverance,” failing to credit the original belief that kept fueling the fire. Great post, Jeff!

    • Hey Frugal Dad,

      I think that it’s a GREAT idea for the school to teach and embed that belief system in children at such a young age. It will carry through with them throughout their developmental years. I wouldn’t be surprised that, that sort of school system would pump out a good deal of action oriented achievers.

      • Some one who believes

        You took the text out of my finger tips I can’t help but agrea as I am in eighth grade and feel little more than a sponge soking in the idea of becoming more than 4% mental brain power…

      • Espressooonatural


    • Espressooonatural

      I like this consept ”believe.Succeed.Achieve.”to me it is like saying you are doing a good job and something to look foreward too what ever the task maybe.

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  • Power Of Sub Conscious Mind – Joseph Murphy is a excellent book to learn and tap into the magic of believing.

    • Chuck

      Avani–I read that book and it is awesome. It helped me a lot in my believing in the powers of my subconscious mind. I truly believe the world before us and getting through it depends a lot on our subconscious mind and the way we think and use it.

    • Robin

      power of sub conscious mind Secret all the same. i belive you had some good exp with this is it??

  • Avani: Thanks for your comment! This one is on my reading list. I hope to get to it soon.

    • Aaron

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your thoughts they are the stuff the world is made of. I am reading, “the Bible Is a Story of You” by John Lee Baughman. He shows the meaning within and explains the allegory and parables throughout the Bible. It is a must for any who seeks to Know thyself.

      • Aditi

        Hey! I had a question. Does this book talk about the power of our mind and our faith and belief as well?

  • Steve

    The quality of the posts on have really waned over the past several months and I have been deliberating whether to drop it from my daily reading. This post helped me to make up my mind. John – you’ve handed a quality blog over to people that are really ruining it.

    • Hi Steve,

      While that is certainly not the type of comment I enjoy reading, I am very open to hearing constructive criticism if you have any. You can contact me privately at if you wish to elaborate on your thoughts at all.

      • Steve

        Thanks for soliciting constructive criticism for your posting on how positive thinking may be channeled into ESP, faith healing and telepathy. I will write my suggestions on a post-it note, stick it on my monitor, and read them every time I sit in front of my computer. Please use your super powers of remote viewing to read them. If the weather is not so good, I am willing to convey them to you telepathically. Man,, what a shitty blog this has become. From actual productivity suggestions and really insightful entries early on to this crap. Stick to “top 10 lists” of other things people have posted before.

        • Obama

                       Your reading comprehension level is apparently that of a second-rate first grader. You missed the entire point of the post, while regarding your own opinion as worthy. If you wanted to rant and bitch like a little kid who didn’t get his frosted flakes because his mother didn’t want him becoming a lard ass you should have considered a celebrity lifestyle blog to comment on so you can bitch about how unproductive the cast of Jersey Shore is. You are an arrogant, pompous ass hat who thinks people actual give a shit about what you think. Newsflash: You were born alone, you’ll die alone, and in the process of life unless you learn to keep you’re stupid ass mouth shut you will always end up spinning your wheels at a sorry attempt at life with no friends to share it with. Get a life. Oh yeah, greetings from 3 years later. people still read this “shitty” blog.

          • Bondes

            Woot. I love a good blog site argument. By the way, this article wasn’t as shitty as his your attitude or his choice of words. Maybe he should learn to unlock the other 100% of his brain!

          • Bondes

            Make the ‘your’  in the second sentence disappear. After all, that’s what steve’s intelligience did…. 

          • Curtis Dixon

            You were never smart to began with stupid blonde

          • Curtis Dixon

            Really so instead of helping him understand you just attack him and people wounder why the world is so shitty its because people like you who would rather attack than heal and he should get a life? You should you have your head so far up your ass you probably dont even know how stupid you really are

          • LLEHCTAS.

            You sir, are a genius. Most of these comments are useless. Chris’s comment wasn’t. The reason behind his comment probably came from the possible fact that he already knew of the information in this article. And too many people in this world would rather attack than heal and that’s basically how our race as a whole will ultimately make itself extinct.

        • Unknown

          Steve, You don’t have to believe if you don’t want to but believing is the key to success.


    • David

      Thanks that at least one person has some common sense here. I may drop this blog as well. Many of the authors mentioned, Napoleon Hill for example, are to me, nothing but new-age snake oil salesman. Common sense tells us that positive thinking is important, but you can read these kinds of books and study all kinds of mental or personality enhancement systems and you will still not be a Henry Ford, Andrew Carnagie or Oprah Winfry. I used to be interested in Carl Jung but I realized that what most of those who became devotees of his thought accomplished was that they became “Jungians”.

      • Ianofphilosophy

        Whether something is useless is not decided by one man but the human race as a whole. There is nothing to fear but fear itself

    • I’ve been reading this blog for a while, too, and while I won’t drop it just yet, I find that the posts are becoming very formulaic. I usually just skim the headlines, instead of reading the entire articles like I used to.

      Naploean Hill as an author was very thoughtful, and had a lot of good ideas, but I think that using the “ISP” thing at the beginning was a real turn-off. That’s not self-improvement, not really, and certainly not worth too much thinking over, in my opinion.

      It’s true that we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it–but everyone knows that, it’s overused, and overstated. This very site has points on why you should not just restate content in similar ways, b/c then readers grow bored. Well.. here we are.

      We need some fresh content on this site, and I don’t think we’re getting enough of it.

      I must agree, it was better a few months ago when John was running the site.

  • Tony

    Great article, thanks for the reminder. I spent some time studying other peoples’ successes and everyone I ever looked into (from famous entrepreneurs who are successful in business to stay-at-home parents who are successful with their own unique goals) mentioned something about faith, or belief or something along those lines.

    I think that the reason we don’t always truly believe that we can achieve our goals is that we tend to shy away from the fact that we are divine beings (regardless of the religion or belief system, this is something that is mentioned across the board). I face this n my life all the time and I notice myself falling into negative patterns of though … which are JUST as powerful as the positive ones. I think that just knowing the power we have is a little scary sometimes. But anyway, great article and thanks for the reminder.

  • Gabe

    I guess I have some constructive criticism. For those of us who think that claims require evidence, it would have been nice to have seen any real evidence at all that belief has such supernatural powers. The only things that come close to “evidence” presented here is a single study on ESP that numerous other scientists tried and failed to replicate, some talk about faith healing (the fact that “numerous people” believe in it doesn’t really count as evidence), and some quotes from a few authors who arguably aren’t even ascribing any supernatural power to belief whatsoever (some of them could be interpreted that way, but most seem to be making a weaker claim, closer to Clement’s, in a slightly more poetic fashion).

    I fully agree that belief that a goal can be achieved is a prerequisite – possibly the most important one – to actually achieving it, which seems to be your core message anyway. If you’d just focused on that, without invoking all the ESP and faith healing and other supernatural stuff, I think you’d have gotten a better response.

  • Visualization is incredibly important to success. I’m not a believer in ESP or faith healing, however, I do believe in fate.

  • Everything begins in the mind. Every skyscraper, every painting, and every custom-made Italian suit were once ideas in someone’s head. Without these ideas, nothing would exist. Without new ideas, nothing will ever change.

    The problem is that most people stifle new ideas without ever giving them a chance to flourish. One of the biggest things that held me back in life was my limiting belief about what was possible. I was always talking about how I couldn’t do this or how I couldn’t be that. Is it really surprising to see that what I believed actually came true?

    We all need to start seeing the world from a different perspective. That comes from going out everyday and keeping our eyes open to all the possibilities. It comes from learning new and exciting things that force us to stretch our minds and move outside our comfort zones.

    • Eugene,

      I agree. Breakthroughs come from people with big ideas that challenge “group think”. Many people want scientific proof before they are willing to even consider an idea. They don’t understand that their thinking is backwards. Belief has to proceed proof.

      History is full of examples of men that achieved great things through their undying belief even when others thought they were crazy. Stories exist that Guglielmo Marconi, who is commonly credited with inventing the radio, was sent to a hospital because his “friends” thought he had gone mad when he announced what he was doing.

      Most people fail to open their minds to new ideas. I guess that is why only a limited number of people create breakthroughs. Where would the rest of us be without these individuals that are willing to risk it all to believe in new ideas?

      • Leobardo Nunez

        Chris was right. It’s a useless article. Like a recipe for cooking a steak but it only shows you a picture of the stake.

  • Rick

    I think you should take it a step further actually.

    Ever check out material on remote viewers? Read Mind Trek by Joe McMoneagle on the 20 year military program that used remote viewers to obtain useful intelligence during the cold war era.

    You can even take classes and test yourself. It has also been demonstrated time and time again to work, albeit far from 100% (which is an impossible and unrealistic target to hit). But the mere fact that averaged results over time are statistically significant is intriguing…

  • Cory

    Thank you for spreading these powers! I have used these in my life and can vouch for their success!

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  • Yet another beautiful post. The human mind is capable of virtually anything.

    I was going to comment with the W. Clement Stone comment, then all of a sudden I saw you mentioned it at the bottom of your article.

    You are so right. Those of us who will believe have a better chance than those who are full of doubts.

    I recently encountered this as I toured the country interviewing more than 80 highly successful people in conjunction with my just finished third book. They all had several traits in common. One of those traits was that they all believed in themselves.

    Parents. If you’re listening, be sure to teach your children that they can do virtually anything they want, as long as they believe in themselves.

    Mr Positioning
    Stanley F. Bronstein
    Attorney, CPA, Author and
    Professional Speaker

  • Mark

    I agree that if you strongly believe in something you will have a higher success rate in accomplishing a goal, but I highly doubt you can make things like telepathy, psychokinesis, and ESP possible with it.

    If that was the case i’m fairly sure that there would be solid proof around somewhere by now. I’m open to things we don’t understand but if it really exists, there should be proof somewhere.

    • Hello , i have a friend who can see the future. i can sense danger. he can push people ( perswade ) on the laptop / computer to.

    • Unknown

      Never doubt believe

  • Tyro

    There are so many powers of the mind that are not fully explained or understood. Things like telepathy, psychokinesis, and extrasensory perception (ESP) fall into this category.

    Yes, they’re well understood, though clearly not by you. These phenomena are not real, they’re illusions, mistakes of our mind, not some magical superpower. Why don’t you first learn about all of the ways that our mind plays tricks on us, reaches incorrect conclusions, and leads us astray and then come back. Until then, this post just stands out as an example of how wishful thinking and can lead otherwise bright people to some very bad conclusions.

    Before seeking explanations of a phenomenon, first establish that there is a phenomenon.

  • Fantastic article. I believe the prime source of unleashing potential in our lives is to cultivate our faith. This verse sums it up beautifully:

    According to your faith be it unto you” Matthew 9:29

    Many blessings to all,

    Art Gonzalez
    Check my Squidoo Lens at: Quantum Knights

  • william richard hopkins 2

    I need to know how to acheve this goal, cuz I have tried to unlock the mind.

  • shawn

    hey my names , shawn and all my life ive been researching this theory , but there is a strang occurance that has been bothering me for the last three years. when i go into my mental state of mind where anything is possible i feel alot of wind aound me , i can feel it swarming out from inside of me , and quite frankly i dont know what this means , its uncontrolable , and sometimes the force of it can damage objects. eg : my television set
    any info on what’s going on would be nice

    – shawn

  • shawn c

    hey my names , shawn and all my life ive been researching this theory , but there is a strange occurance that has been bothering me for the last three years. when i go into my mental state of mind where anything is possible i feel alot of wind aound me , i can feel it swarming out from inside of me , and quite frankly i dont know what this means , its uncontrolable , and sometimes the force of it can damage objects. eg : my television set
    any info on what’s going on would be nice

    – shawn

    • Flaming Arrow

      Research Aerokinesis. What might be happening is your body is using Aerokinesis when you go to that state of mind. Long shot, but it’s just a thought.

      -Flaming Arrow

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  • Anthony Flores

    Hi,my name is Anthony,and Ive been trying to focus my mind on my spirit and my surroundings,to once again elevate my body off the ground. When i was a kid,i always had a hard time sleeping because i was so scared of the dark and of little weird noises and small things moving by themselves at night.So one night I decided to shut my eyes and be brave enough not to open them no matter how hard i wanted to,and all of a sudden i felt my body leaving the bed. I opened my eyes and saw myself floating up to the ceiling slowly. I was paralyzed,and it wasnt until i moved my head that i broke off of that motion,and i fell back to the bed. My question here is: Is it possible to stumble on to powers accidentally? Thanks.

    • N I Peace_16

      What you experienced Anthony is that your soul already left the body by the time you fell asleep which happens with every soul but the strange thing is that you realised it when it was outside the body suddenly these are certain miracles which happens with some ppl. But it doesn’t mean you stumbled on my sort of power.

  • hi
    Excellent article and so many things to think about in this article
    keep it up

  • Julie

    I’ve been to about six hundred different websites and they all say different things! This is starting to sound just like a bunch of other websites…I woudl put the names but I didn’t pay attention to them. Sorry…
    Besides, if you keep this up, a bunch of people probably will just keep reading for the sake of reading it.

  • coby

    when i was 7 i made orange seed disappear out of an orange and appear under the skin of my sisters hand just by thinking it and i have two witnesses

    • Goldenrex

      This year I had the idea that, what if I could heal people I thought for a while about it and my friend was at my house that same night, I asked him if I could punch his arm until it hurt really bad, swollen, and I had him point out the exact area where it hurt the most, and I pressed my thumbs into that spot and pictured a swollen arm then pictured a normal arm and thought really hard like never before , I had nothing on my mind then I started getting a bad head ache and all the sudden I was pushed back onto the floor. I got up and said ” well ” and he said ” it fells 100 percent better then before you punched me “.

  • B Dawg

    hey jeff lets say that this article is true, what you say sound very intelligent and it sounds like you know what your talking about. but have you ever experienced this for your self please reply

  • Geoff

    I agree with your post 100% and find it fascinating that I stumbled upon it before going heading downstairs to bed to get a quick read from a book…none other than, ‘the magic of believing’…which three hours previously recommended to a friend because I had encouraged her that she could accomplish a commitment she had put in place and subsequently stated she loved the fact that I’m such a believer.

    And I believe anyone, skeptic or not can accord to finding at least one testimony in their own life of attaining something and if analyzed with the right thinking would find that their result was achieved through a deep belief, even if not known consciously then subconsciously through the influence of something other then themselves whether it be from another person, a slogan, etc.

    Appreciate you speaking the truth.

  • raisa

    I believe everything that youve just talked about, I always have, but these days everything I think I can do or handle just isnt working out, Im frequently being let down and I dont know how much more i can take of it, being positive and optimistic and not actually getting anywhere.
    I really want to know what i can do to get over and above this.

  • Simon

    soooo… r u saying if i beleive tht uch i would be able to fly or sothing like tht?

    • Monica Newton

      Simon: Kinda you need to open your brain to extrordinary levels
      The stuff you will be able to so is like lecitation not flying floating, or even heal people, maybe even see the future. Anything is possible. You just need to believe in it

  • Niko

    Dear Jeff, thank you for showing me that there are other people like me.
    I believe that i think different from everybody else, whether it means i am insane, or a genius. thank you for showing me that there are other people out there

    • Unknown

      We think the same bud :p

  • np

    Some people might call this a load of crap. Some people may not believe in this. The problem with their analysis is that it goes against their belief system if they are religious. Every religion states we have hidden potential. The bible even says that God created man in his image. Maybe its not our physical bodies that were created in his image. Maybe it is our spirit. Either way if we are created in his image that means we are divine and just as powerful. There are many people who take the Bible literally in some parts and then discount other things like this.

    I don’t know about anybody else but I was an athiest for 5 years. I still don’t have a religion and I don’t think I ever will. I do know that God is within us. I don’t know how I know, but something keeps drawing me back to believing and understanding when I really just want to stop believing. I also meditate alot now. I feel refreshed afterwards with no worries. That is just my take on it. Im not a new age nut job. I don’t dress like a hippie or do drugs. Im a regular guy. I don’t push my beliefs on people, because I know that no matter how much you want to doubt, you will come to see the truth on your own. You don’t need religion to get you there.

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  • ChrisRCordova

    I’ve been reading articles much like this for some time now, and all of the ideas expressed are very interesting to me. I’ve always been curious about the human mind and its capabilities. I actually use articles like this as a guideline for my life. They help sometimes, but I still find myself staggering at times. I’ve always had doubts about my capabilities, you know? I was usually on the borderline of things academically, and my book smarts aren’t really up to par. I want to pursue more education and discover what I wish to do with my life, and these articles really help to to gain the courage and confidence to do so. It’s like every time I read an article like this I am filled with this energy. .It’s really hard to explain. I’m very enthusiastic about this type of research and thought. Great article. I very much enjoyed reading it.

  • kmy

    I really loved your post. i have read this before as the law of the universe. you have to belive it and feel it like it was allready there and the universe will find its way to work for it. i have personaly put it to work. I have had many sussesed in it. I have started with samall thins. Ofcorse things are not going to happen that fast. Just keep on beliveing that it will happen, i might take some time but i know you will have great resuls.

    Thanks for writing all this. by the way sorry for my bad spelling. English is my second learning language lol….

  • I wanted to thank you for this great read!!

  • corey

    I trully belive that if if you can help people unlock the part of the mind that holds super powers than I will be gratefull cause I have failed countless times and ever since I was a little boy I have always belived that super powers were real

  • youknowit

    okay before i read this yesterday i had already proven these special abilites to my friends a year ago, and i know how these things work, seen them work, have proof and eyewitness of it, and have a list of confrimed abilites, so trust me when i say that your work is flawed

  • Alex

    It is not enough to think Positively, you must take action. For me positive thinking is more like tricking my brain. As you start to think positively (I say things outloud to make it audible adding more reinforcement) your brain takes the thought and imbeds it deep into your subconscious. Your subconscious is very powerful and acts like “cruise control.” It starts to steer you physically to take the necessary actions needed to make that thought a reality. This technique is even more powerful when combined with visualization.

    I use these everyday, I have a simple technique for impregnating my subconscious mind with positive thoughts and it works. Small changes in your life can yield big dividends.

    Please note: This is slightly different from the Law of Attraction and Thought Vibration

  • king anu

    to all: if you believe this is a load of bullshit, it will be…..
    if u believe this is infact true, it will be…….
    our mind creates, without thought, there would be nothing.look around you….
    right now! if man/woman did not believe creating a computer would be possible,
    this message im leaving would not exist……..

    believe it!!!

  • J.R.

    How do I control this?

  • Umair

    i said someone i can say what people is thinking right now he start laughting at me and said stop lying but its not like i can read all what he is think but i can say what is going on in his mind like what he is thinking right now and iam not saying iam always right and sometimes its wrong but mostly i hit the point what he is thinking but i never tell anybody…

  • mashusudhan


  • i believe i hv an ability but dnt knw hw it wl be or how i wl discover it.pls pray 4 me 2 learn abt my ability.

  • mary

    I have to tell you that I just read the information on your site and after I took a short nap. I had a dream that I was running the wrong way on the track at my gym and it felt good. I think that’s me realizing that I’ve been doing things incorrectly for many year and welcoming the life change. Thank you!

  • Alex

    Well I have to say that I do believe that there’s more to our mind than we believe. Since we only use less than ten percent of our mind. We have no idea what potential our brain may unleash. So I do think we have to believe in order to succeed ill keep your observations in mind. Thank you.

  • jon

    I have witnessed this so completely – everything in my life at the time was a miracle and there was the illusion (or not?) that everything I wanted to happen would happen. I thought my mind was strong and it clearly was… This only lasted for a while, maybe a couple of months. And now I feel like I am the worst person alive, I feel like nothing matters anymore. My mind has gotten me a job that is like a prison (for me anyway) where I do basically nothing all day and I have lost the will to live. My mind is only concerned with eating food anymore and that is the only thing I look forward to, and then after eating, feel bad about doing it. I am not overweight. I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin, life has no meaning – what to do? The past has come back to haunt me and what has happened in the past is not even that bad… I just feel like I have the weakest mind ever and I am constantly consumed by negative thoughts which i completely believe in, making me feel very alone all day. And then at my job, I’m supposed to talk to people but it just makes me feel like the know how pathetic I am. I have a serious mental problem going on. I wish I had never known the power of my mind because it has gotten me into this living hell. (And even calling it that is messed up, because it is not a living hell at all, I have it really good, but I am so stuck in my mind that everything feels like living hell.. I hate giong to work, I hate seeing people, I hate leaving work, I hate watching TV, don’t want to leave the house, when people try to help me I get mad at them.. it’s like i don’t want any help and I just want to die.)

    • omni

      Your mind realizes this life is pointless. It knows no matter how great of a job you have “in this reality” its still not truly achieving its full potential.
      We are ment for a much higher purpose, you may be “to intelligent” to know God.

      God is you… And me.. and the seas, trees, plains, sky universe ALL OF THIS.
      And you can ask any person, other then the completely self absorbed ones, no one is happy.

      Don’t worry about your state of mind…. Give it new task, it will be happy.
      Find something to help build your mind body and spirit..
      Although the mind is omnipotent, it still requires harmony…

      Know you have a purpose… And know that purpose is going to truly release you from the bonds that restrain your being.

  • tommy

    In respons to JON,

    Jon i’ve come to dicover those same feelings arise. however the way i got around those types of negative thinking is invest my life in something that i can truely support. maybe your feeling the way you do about your life because you’ve convinced yourself that this is all that there is in your life. instead find something new that makes you proud of your life and your new power. try to spend your time thinking of ways that you can make an beneficial impact on the world. try to help others. not just yourself. if your main goal in life is to gain power for selfish reasons your power will consume u. instead use ur powers for the good of the world. and turn your depression into enlightened action. once you feel good about what you are doing again. than naturally according to the laws of attraction you will attract more good feelings. but you cant feel that way if you feel bad about your life. like you said your trapped. but dont give up. because if u do find a way out of ur troubles . it will all come rushing back. and you will be armed with even more strength and power than before. because not only will you have power but you will have cause and reason for these powers. I have been spending my time testing out these theories . and among all of my time spent i have discovered lifes synchronicities and signposts. its lead me to an intresting investment of my time. because this project i’ve been working on is not just for me. its for everyone i know. its an idea that came to me when i was feeling at the most determined to do soemthing positive to help my fellow man evolve. You can be happy again you just need to let out those positive feelings in a more open and helpful manner. with great power comes great responsibility it not just some saying. you have to live it.

  • Dakota

    I do believe we have the power to unlock these powers and this i kno for fact cause its happened to me and im for sure its different for everyone to unlock these unkown talents but for me i had an encounter with one of my hidden powers yes it would be nice to be able to harness these powers but for me some of them For i wish id never known for instance the only one i know i have unlocked is my strength and i have only been able to unlock my full strength out of pure hatred and anger to the point were i lost control it scared me so bad to know what i was capable of doing i just wish this was one of few powers i would have never discovered so for some people it might be a way for sucsess but unlocking the potential powers is scary and very hard to do but for anyone to believe in being able to unlock your brains power if you believe hard enough you can accomplish anything.

  • Andrius

    I blown light bulbs twice just by looking at them. Might be just coincidence. But 2 times in a row is hard to believe.

    • Jamantayem

      he did not say how to get the powers

  • Roy

    Jeff, I also believe that there must be a higher purpose for our brains than solving soduku, but why is there no media about it? or why has the military not excelled in this area?

  • julie

    this was pointless. waste of my time. i have grown up having my mother tell me this. utter waste of time… sad really.

  • RJ

    does having a forethought of what others near you think or having to take a very vague thought of what’s about to happen count as a mental super power. i’ve been having them since i was about seven, yet i don’t understand how to control them. I do believe they exist i just wanna know how to hone them.

  • Dean

    Mr. Nickles, I agree with your article. But while trying to believe and understand all of this do we have to try and do it on our own or is there more help we or I can get?

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  • Billye

    I love hearing different perspectives about The Secret, it was an eye-opening film and book. I have been working on altering my thoughts for a year now. It is hard to keep the negativity fully away but it has made me more focused on my goals. Great motivation to know the mind is what holds success(:

  • Mr.Nickles, I am a 32 yrs old. I am highly motivated and hellbent on achieving a high level of success. I’m totally convinced of the powers of the mind and more intrigued on unlocking the full potential of my brains power… For a little more than year now I’ve basically closed myself off from negativity, but the negative influence and surroundings of people and the world makes it very hard to believe that I can actually pull this off. I’m open to all and any suggestions…

  • Shayne

    Dear sir, I am 13 years old will be 14 soon I belive at my age I have experiences to overcome in my life and is one of those extremely intelligent kids that would blow your mind if I told you what I knew I recently looked this up because I told my mom the day my grandma died before she did with no warning something is going to happen I also sensed when my mom tried to suicide I felt something was wrong and stayed calm thought positive and I saw my mother take the pills and the toxology report showed she took nothing and i also told my mom when she was gonna have her baby about a month early some call this stuff crazy but they also called Einstein crazy I think people need to at least open the mind to this possibly and then take steps into actually believing thanks if u read this all

  • Jesus Zamora

    Nice article it helped me understand

  • Alex Joling

    great article, i will try my best to unlock the powers of my mind. i to had a event happen. i was about 6 or 7 it was the middle of the night, i got up and had a bloody nose went to the bathroom and got a kleanex to plug my nose with, and my mother had followed me in and i cant remember everything but i said to her “grandpas gonna be ok”. at the time my grandfather had cancer, my mother went to hospital days later and found out that he was ok. heres my point everyone can do this, we just dont realize it. thanks for reading. BELIEVE

  • bradlee

    please read..
    i have believed stuff like this all my life, its hard to explain some times i can help others & that, but i have been tring to do this thing that i have wanted to do all my life so why cant i do it? i help people all the time to get the best out of their life yet i cant do the thing i most want & need to do, can you help?

  • All I want to be able to do is concentrate my mind enough to turn a fan on I believe whole heartfelt and with all of my mind but idk how to do it I visualize and feel it and think and beleive am I missing a step?

  • brandon

    i was wondring is there any tips that can help me

  • Lavell Black

    My name is Lavell and I believe that the mind is the key to having everything that u want out of life.Ive seen the secret and read a few books including The laws of success by Napoleon Hill.I want to know is their anymore direct advice u can share with me to help harness the full power of my mind and used it to its full 100%

  • Joshua Saint Furcy

    I believe this without a doubt because i have done such things mentioned on numerous occasions, i don’t want to sound as though i am lieing just the attention but i can actually do some of these thing not on command of course but more than 2 in a day i just want to know am i the only one?! If there is anyone out there reading this contact me via facebook look up my name….

  • It’s really funny (not at all) how he takes that bible verse out of context. With God anything is possible, not our own power. I think that the reason we don’t have all kinds of powers and stuff is because 99.9% of the people in the world would use them to their own advantage. When man tries to play god is when mankind is too conceited for it’s own good. If you disagree, I’d love to hear your opinion. Please reply.

  • Such confidence we have through Christ before God. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God. (2 3:4-5 NIV) 

  • lawrence

    im 12, about to be 13.I understand and believe the mind has super powers, and that negative thoughts weight down the odds/chances, but i don’t get how someone can let something be so important that it would be an obsesion, and to make your mind void of any dout. I would do anything to acheive psychokinesis. answer back if you aren’t too busy

    • jacob clendennen

      im fourteen and im right there with u

  • one of us

    While serving in the united states marine corps I was over seas in Iraq, one night I felt my fiancee I felt her feelings I felt them like they were my own. When I called her she stated she had the worsted day of her life ( ill spare the details ). I have had this ” sixth sense” about things nothing major my whole life. To reply to the man above I believe that god made us with this potential and the free will to unlock it but even with this we can not create life itself

  • Heaven

    Honestly, i came here to read about helping me to unlock the brain, but the stuff here i probable already knew what i should have done but it still helped btw, Believe if you want i stopped time at age of 12 or 13 one time can’t seem to do it again believe if you want, i don’t know if the whole world stopped but around me did I almost got hit in the eye with one of those beyblade things and that helped me, all i wanted to share :D.

  • Gcinilef

    hard to believe that the mind is so powerful once you realy focus.

  • Lubax

    do i use my hand or i use eyes?

  • It has been shown that the universe viewed from a great distance looks like a massive interconnected web of  of points of light connected by filaments. The workings within the universe and its form together project the image of a massive brain. If  The universe itself is a physical representation of a universal mind, are we not part of that mind? If so, we have the power to affect the universe which is our reality, why else would intelligent beings capable of thought exist? We are but, the universe within trying to discover the universe without.

  • Mostafa

    I am an Egyptian boy and my name is Mostafa , I wish you keep writing articles about this because I am doing my INTEL project about this .

    very nice article

  • Tim

    unlocking your full brain potential
    Believing in Jesus

    Pick one…

  • Bhaskar_longhorn

    I always had this question in mind…If one believes that he will live forever, will he?

    • Willynyc61

      THe real question for you is, what is death? It needs to be addressed with grain of spirituallity

  • jaysmith

    theres not alot i can say but i am doing what i wanted to do as a kid and i am loving it

    • Ssmcgoy

      Email is if what you say is exactly what I’m thinking then I need to talk to you. Please contact me

  • Brester!!!!!!

    I believe what you are saying 100%,but i also believe that people can’t not doubt them self because if you say you can do certain things that are not normal then people will diss you and not accept you (and this has been happening for so many years) so if you can do it you don’t fully nuture it and even if you can’t do it you close it out of your life so you can be normal but there is no normal, normal dose not existe.

  • Adamjrox

    I believe

  • Adamjrox

    I believe

  • Maumar6162

    Outstanding material , brian storming is streching our minds for the further…….thx

  • Duane

    well i believe that if i think straight or in other words if i think that i can do something even if it seems impossible i get this feeling that i can do it but Mr Jeff your article is not a new idea but it has been causing doubts for so many people for so long so i would love to know more about this  
    believe & succeed & i thank you sincerely for sharing this knowledge with us  

  • Alexraygoza52

    ok….iv wanted to tell this to many people but i was afraid of what they will think of me so i come to you because you will seem to understand,alrite,…i have an ability,….move things with my mind…but please…how can i show this without being afraid???

    • AdamJRox

      You can first show the person you mostley trust and he won’t freak out because he or she will understand. When you show it that person will think it’s amazing :) If anything gies wrong email me.

      • Alexraygoza52

        well,i showed the person i trust the most and it went great

      • Alexraygoza52

        well,i showed the person i trust the most and it went great

    • Willynyc61

      Why being afraid? Dont allow society to dictate how to better put at use the beautiful gifts and powers given to you by your creator, go to a center in your town or county where there is metaphysical treatements and speak with them, they will understand and guide you, metaphysisits are usually very open minded and understandisng. Wish I could experience with you such things. Lots of blessings and go for it, nothing as beautiful as having ppl benefit from our abilities. Email me if you will, willynyc61 @hotmail

    • truth

      if you could move things with ur mind you would be known world wide that is not the sort of thing to be affraid of, but it is believeable due to the progress of our potential since the begining of humanity

      • Mare Mratinić

        *Maybe Thats how the stonhenge was made

    • sharp the superhero

      Alexraygoza52 don’t be afraid okay I’ve had a few “incidents” with powers myself. I think your great embrace your powers your not a freak you don’t have a handykap and your not wierd. Showing it is easy just except who you are for instince I want to master my powers someday and be a superhero I don’t care what people think and i’m 14 keep being super.

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  • Bnlk789

    I agree to the most part but I need a few clarifications. Belief motivates us to work hard for success – indeed it is the activating ingredient of success.  However, is this magic… is this your brains full potential? That is something I would disagree upon.

  • 080800


  • Freetafree

    I believe. but i need to know that has any one of you till now experienced such powers.
    No, Explaination YES or NO

  • Rehman342

    give me a step to step guide to unlocking the rest of my brain.  i have a levels coming up and are failing.

  • ELG

    Thank you Jeff for your awe inspiring article about believing. I say this is true.

  • Alatorre88

    I think I killed someone by pretending to choke him.

  • George Mccully

    This article is trash.

  • Jamez Prentice

    i understand this my mind is power full things i have nether done befor the hardest obsicles just feel like an easy day. I told my friend i was an amazing climber but i realy wasnt he told me to climb a house of his friends and i close my eyes opened them and i had climb to the top i agree but we need to research thurther in or these supernaturel things can turn u against ure loved ones i am only a 13 year old boy i understand it completely.

  • Freemasonry

    Magick 101 ..  ” elementary my dear watson”   break it down into a metaphysical science and formulas are created,, hmm which to use this night    =]


  • Anonymous

    While I whole heartedly believe belief in yourself is key to success.  I think bringing in faithhealing, ESP, and such really discounted the good advice.  I almost quit reading before I got to the real point of your article.  Next time stick to the less mystical evidence and you make you point more effectively.

  • Willynyc61

    Thanks for such great article, I have used spiritual healing to treat my own family for the last 12 yrs, I have to say that I am a witness to its power and effectiveness, my 2 kids wife and me have not visited a doctor in that long, nor have we taken any medicine for the different maladies that affect the common family, we have even treated serious traumas like my son’s fracture of his skull at age 5, this just to give an example. And yea, ESP is very much real and pure when used for the good of the universe and ourselves. THanks for brigiing out the message, hope many will join you in this difficult but beautiful mission. 

  • Hav0kZ

    ok, it’s impossible for anyone to put this hypothetical, supposed superpower into practice, because, firstly: ITS INFUCKINGPOSSIBLE to fully believe in something and have no doubts about any particular thing, the only people capable of having such belief in one particular are incredibly religious people, who would singularly believe in god and whatnot, and nothing else let alone superpowers.

    cheers kunt from down under, aka a 15 year who just owned your theory.

  • Jonathon Milner

    at one point you state that a man says and i quote “use your powers for good and not evil!” if you truely have these powers, wouldnt it be impossable to use them for evil, because to have these powers you need faith and if you are truely evil faith is something you must live without. so i say to you in my opinion, evil people will not succeed.

  • Jonathon Milner

    at one point you state that a man says and i quote “use your powers for good and not evil!” if you truely have these powers, wouldnt it be impossable to use them for evil, because to have these powers you need faith and if you are truely evil faith is something you must live without. so i say to you in my opinion, evil people will not succeed.

  • OhioLovesGambino

    This article is more religious than anything. You are sickening you bible thumper. I just want a superpower, not Jesus.

    • Boricuanyr@gmail

      Hay fuck nugget your a fucking dick sucking weasel you ashore so go drop dead k bye

      • Curtis Dixon

        Damn did you have a stroke on the keyboard

  • john Eldridge

    whooo i believe i can i’ll never give up trying and post back when i’ve succeded

  • Shafdawg38

    I completely agree with this article.. I mean, I feel like I sense, believe and see things more than 10 times a day. I mean, even while playing a video game, and say I come across a good player that I know,, if I get a bad sense, every single time I lose in a match. I mean, I felt as if his confidence was higher at that point in time than mine was. I hate using a video game as my example but every single time, this theory applies itself. when Im in a good mood, not caring about the game, Ill set PRs. if I play with someone that knows I’ll do great, I do. It really does blow my mind, and this happens with a lot of things than just video games. I will acheive.

  • Rroyceleo


  • Jasmine_reyes62

    duh!!!….are you sure about this??…oh my god..!!!…how old are you exactly???…maybe your above 16 years old…!!!…no offence bro…you’re still believe in fairytales…lol…i rather agree to the saying “TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE”…than to believe on your article…duh..!!!…ahm…you can visit our house anytime…hehe..i like to see your power in my own eyes…lol…if you can do that…thats the time I WILL BELIEVE IN YOU..!!!…Heheh…relax bro…dont take my opinion

  • Tim

    This cant be true it was my burning passion since 3rd grade to make it into west point military academy and i made it my life worked out all the time played 3 sports did leadership events volunteered for countless hours of community service excelled in the classroom with my final high school GPA being a 3.54 and i was told i wasnt good enough or smart enough. it was my dream my passion and my life but it didnt come true

  • Tim

    This cant be true it was my burning passion since 3rd grade to make it into west point military academy and i made it my life worked out all the time played 3 sports did leadership events volunteered for countless hours of community service excelled in the classroom with my final high school GPA being a 3.54 and i was told i wasnt good enough or smart enough. it was my dream my passion and my life but it didnt come true

  • indian

    i dont know about this thing first from the past 2yrs i’m xperiencing this in the same form as you wrote down above and when i googled opened this link and read about it i was shocked thanks dude from now i’m going to control my thoughts and use it for benifits 

  • Gloria

    wow i will definetly try this out i want superpowers but ill also have to remember not to be power hungry or else that would make me a menacing person

  • Super? Yes. Powers? No.

      Confidence and belief are powerful things indeed (as life has at many times shown) and there is enough smoke to notice the fire (like a court case decided on overwhelming circumstantial evidence). But it is one thing to state slight yet realistic ESP (When we notice someone’s or something’s presence without seeing or hearing them) and an entirely different field to state telepathy and psychokinesis.
      ESP is when one notices the disturbance of electrons in the air which should be unnoticeable because the disturbance is so small (anything moving or living or using electricity expels electrons) think of it like our bodies are “radiation” sources.
      Telepathy requires something to control and pattern those electrons in such a way that they become translatable: except we don’t have built in “circuit boards” to code or decode these electrons like a cellphone does and our own “radiation” would mess with the signal anyway.
      Psychokinesis would be to move something using only the electrons our brains release to physically move an object. This poses two main problems: 1) A large enough power source. And 2) Absolute control over the path of least resistance (otherwise we interfere with the laws of physics). Think of them like this (If you will): 1) We’re running a full-size (X amount of tons) train on two AA batteries. And 2) This train has no tracks.
      The amazing healings may well come from belief and faith which changes your thinking and your brain controls the rest of your body; so therefore it may heal you. Anything beyond this is stepping into supernatural (beyond possible according to the laws of physics). Please note that according to the laws of thermodynamics we currently have no plausible explanation (outside of intelligent design) as to how everything exists because matter a)cannot come into existence from nothing and b) over time becomes more chaotic (useless to any bonding except gravity) EX: we would be a big, compact blob right now if matter had always existed.

  • Manuel De Luna

    I am inspired by what I have read here, thank you for posting this article. I’m only 17 and looking for ways to expand my mind, and what you have written here has made me believe that if I am to believe myself that I could accomplish literally anything i put my mind to. One question, are you also implying the idea of possibly being able to levitate inanimate objects with the human mind alone?

  • fridge


  • fridge

    just like in the matrix

  • fridge

    just like in the matrix

  • So true. This is a topic that has caused a lot of controversy. Just because people can’t perceive  something with their 5 senses, doesn’t mean it’s not here. If they were given the ability to master their 6th sense, they will then think to themselves, “Boy I was Wrong!”

  • Guticp37

    My name is Joseph Gutierrez, I am 19 years year old and have a life changing story that should be heard by many. I 500028347389% sold to a higher conciousness. Without the idea of fear, dreams and thoughts would be limitless. When you step back from your every day life and look at the univrse as a whole and all of the living organsims sending off a certain energy, you become more appreciative and spiritually connecting with the higher power of your mind and what it can process and bring to you in the materialistic world. My whole life I have ran away from my biggest fear. I was able to tap into a dimension of failure and confusion, last night I had an encounter with a stronger more confident power. I will put all faith and spirit in to a better sense of awareness. Knowing that anything is possible and not to use my mind for evil.

  • Dadams1010

    So if i want to read minds all i gotta do is put aside all doubt that i cant read minds? Bull fucking Shit when i was kid I undoubtly thought i could crawl on the wall like spiderman but im pretty fuckin sure i fell straight on my back when i tried.

  • Nikie

    Tis true that the mind can transcend the balance in the universe. The key is believe without doubt. Indeed man has the power to reach impeccable levels. But only few can fathom this truth.

  • Dan B

    This article was very knowledgeable. I completely agree that we must believe, but believing 100% is so hard. i can only believe about 70.4 percent. I will try to believe more and hopefully I might get it.

  • Ritusingh211293

    i just believe in this

  • ZeD

    Believing  is not a superpower,  just a smarter way of conditioning your brain so you can achieve your goals!

  • ZeD

    Believing  is not a superpower,  just a smarter way of conditioning your brain so you can achieve your goals!

  • Spinnyoral

    I believe that we humans where created in the IMAGE (copy) of the

    Supreme Majesty,  therefore we are the sons and daughter of God… whatever you want to do, you can do it, just remember that self sacrifice is the greatest of all.

  • Spinnyoral

    This one is for Chris mainly, then any others that may have questions or doubts, When I was much younger i could physically go to bed and dream in to the future and see things before it happens,  but after I became a fully grown man all that have changed and now I will get about one of these dreams out of the year and sometimes none…I guess this is because now I am very much distracted, and not as connected like before… Kids are more

    Uncontaminated than adults, this means that they are closer to their Source than we are, Jesus Christ say ”


    We should bring the Children to him and forbid then NOT for
    such is the kingdom of Heaven. you ever wonder why when ever a unclean spirit came across a baby the child will be sick or start crying? hit a child now and minutes later the same child will be in your harms, hit a adult now and ten years after he/she will have their revenge against you or your family. 

  • Kevin

    I am trying to do this and know I will see the results I want.

  • Kevin

    Any advice I can use to be able to use my super powers I dont know why but I feels barrier even though I am trying my best any advice?

  • Kevin

    Does it matter what super power??? And how can I get that power ASAP

  • Kevin

    I am really motivated now and am trying to but need some more advice.

  • Kevin

    I am really motivated now and am trying to but need some more advice.

  • Brandonl

    The quote about what Jesus said, it is about faith in him. Not about faith in anything else. You cannot move mountains with your brain , but God.

    • Diamo115

      Actually it means that you can do anything it even said you just got to have faith.

  • Guest

    AND for the people who think this article is useless, I don’t understand. Believe and Succeed or Doubt and Do Without is a good quote. If you don’t see the use in that, you are silly heads.

  • Guest

    AND for the people who think this article is useless, I don’t understand. Believe and Succeed or Doubt and Do Without is a good quote. If you don’t see the use in that, you are silly heads.

  • Lhblibhjubulblbhyl

    this is all bogus

  • Lhblibhjubulblbhyl

    this is all bogus

  • Luke 20096

    i know you already said this, but, is this really true, i am so interested in the research and i want to know if all of these statements are real, i believe 100% and have sometimes felt asif my dna has been altered, however, i cant seem to unleash them. the mind is a great energy source and without well, wed be nothing, i know that in the mind there are things too uncontrollable, too compelling for us to gain knowledge about, please tell me is this true

  • marilunieto

    Absolutely motivating. Thank you for the words I have been looking for. I believe!

  • marilunieto

    Would you be interested in trading links? I would love to link to your site. You see in my business mindset  is everything. I want people who learn from me understand how important the mind is. How important belief is.

    Please drop me an email at

  • Stewartchris25

    As the article said, “BELIEF” feeling it in your gut, emotionally charged!!  Read Ephesians 3:20, John 15:7, Mathew 7:7, Hebrews 11:1.   I have had the books mentioned for a long time.  I have been fortunate enough to have been raised with those beliefs as a part of life and have accomplished many things that everyone around me said couldn’t be done.  My Dad was Special Forces in 2 different branches and I lost him at age 15 in the Pueblo Incident.  At 7 years old I was doing things with him in lakes, fresh water caves etc.  My point is if you accept the fact that we are built by God to experience fullfilment according to the points above, more than we can ask or think by accepting and believing in the power we are given.  Everyday being another opportunity to experience an increased ability to reach a higher plain of fullfilment.     Chris        

  • Nicholas Berens

    dear jeff, i was astounded by this article. you seem like a really smart person and know what you’re saying. screw the jerks that are saying crap about this. it is very smart and i will follow this. but when i read this, some questions arose (as should be expected). so if i set all my energy to it and i do it correctly you’re saying i could do something like bend a spoon with brain power for example? i mean i used to think that’d be fun to do when i was a kid so i would just sit in a chair in front of a spoon and stare at it intently for seconds, thinking i was doing something. then i found out i was getting nowhere and went off to do something else. after reading this i am going to try and use this to my knowledge but i’m not entirely sure how to. how exactly would i use my brain to bend the spoon? if you could write back and explain to me a little more on how i can help myself to do these things i would be very thankful. i’m interested in the brain and plan to study more on neurology and increase my further knowledge of expanding my brain.   

  • Acim Malik

    Absolutely True……
    I fully agree with you…….
    And…lot of Thanks for writing such a good …i’ll say…superb… article…
    Thank you once again

  • Kevin

    in the believe and succeed… section you wrote, you fill find, but anyways i love your philosophy, i try my hardest to bring these abilities out but i seem to have a problem being able to focus hard enough on the visualization of things, do you have any tips to help me out?

  • Udhaybabu

    You know i completely agree with this it has happened to me so many time now that i have completely ignored the fact that i could be a coincidence. If i get a thought in my head out of no where it will defiantly happen that hour, day or week but when i try test it by thinking it will happen then it does not….

  • Mayra

    I have been injured for work for the seconded time. I am in so much pain when I stand or sit for to long. I’ve been looking for something to heal my lower back issue but, then I thought about my brain for some reason. If I can reprogram a computer why can I reprogram my brain for healing my body. Your body is your temple as what it states in the bible. I believe that. so If my body is the main let’s just say hard drive why not use the full drive.Why can’t I train my brain to heal? Look I’m not a very smart person. I am an IT tech which still does not say much. I struggled in life from reading a book to having my daughter but, what I have read in this blog is one. believe in God. Which I do. two believe you can. Which I will. I am determine to work on this and I will not let anything clutter my mine from doing so.All I what to say is thank you for giving me a different way of thinking or lets just say of using my brain. 

    Your first time reader and believer
    Mayra =-) 

  • Noahty333

    This is the entire concept of dr.strange and I believe every word

  • cole

    but i don’t understand can you explain it in a simpler way

  • Sky

    Meh, i believe in super natural powers by the mind, I even know I have an strong sensory emission without believing, I just want to make it stronger, so I know what I need to do before it happens, instead of just feeling something is wrong and winging it. I would tell people, but most look in disbelief and think your lying, even after you saved their life, they disbelief it. And nothing really comes good out of it. So, I would love for the psychic feeling to go away or to be much much stronger, but do not know how. Anyhow, this article is true, just believe, and make it happen.

    “Dream a better Dream; Then work to make it happen” by disney’s original show Sharkboy and Lavagirl”

  • GovernedRain

    i have to say, i could not of said it any better. You hit it right on the nail. i still have much to learn and many things i have to come to terms with. But this change is not just in me, but is global. you have only helped my understanding of that. the desire is there, but the believe is slowly working its way in. Its not that easy to go back on everything that you have been brought up to know and say its wrong. i cant help but feel it in my gut. something has been missing from us for to long. now we are finally starting to see the truth

  • Happyxx32

    very true article I have had many success in my life within different areas of life when i looked back to see why I realised that I had complete faith and no an increment of doubt I have just developed a website and can promise that this will be a success also.

  • Happyxx32

    very true article I have had many success in my life within different areas of life when i looked back to see why I realised that I had complete faith and no an increment of doubt I have just developed a website and can promise that this will be a success also.

  • Ashleywoods48

    Many fails i have but i noticed that i got something to woble a litte back and forth this is true i say true

  • Kernil

    this is the most ridiculously stupid article i’ve ever read. thanks for that.

  • Jessa mae

    i do beleive in magic and powers…i hope to discover it ….SOMEDAY…

  • David DvD

    Do you have power too? And what is it?

  • Freedom

    read any of david ickes books. thank you for your kowledge

  • Life

    I am grateful for this reminder and I KNOW it is truth…May you continue to use your SUPER powers for greatness:)

  • Chuck H.

    I am 70 yrs. old and 71 on JULY-1-2012. I firmly believe this article for a lot of reasons. Some experiences of my own. I only have one problem as of now. Seems like a lot of brain fog and a lack of concentration. Some days are good and some days are , well, not so good. My point is I am a firm believer in our God Almighty and yet I know my mind is slipping away and I don’t know what I can do about it if anything. I love my life but I know my days are numbered. Age takes us to some good places in life, also to the end. No one gets out of here alive and so it comes to all of us. There is no stopping it, death has its day and way with us all.—– Chuck H.—–

  • jeffreyH

    if i tryed really hard and believe would i be able to move things with my mind?

  • jeffreyH

    if i tryed really hard and believe would i be able to move things with my mind?

  • Brandon_ritchie

    i do not think this works i mean if you want to fly than can you if you really think about it
    or ace a test how long before you can have it

  • Jasminewalker1111

    i came on this web site today to found out if we have something els like powers because i feel like that god have massages for some of us and im only forteen in have weird thoughts about things i shouldnt think in felt ways i shouldnt felt also god show me things i feel like there a chooseing one maby more then one but i feel likei have to save this world just looking for a start in only if somebody would believe me no reason to lie

  • Kyle Bilbe

    I do believe but I don’t understand what I need to do to obtain these powers? 

  • Tylerquick1221

    its true if u can agree that all of Life has freewill and that Life is infinitely growing and expanding with infinite potential.. then u can understand the importance of co-creativity and willpower.

  • Riansamad

    Thanks so much. Found it very helpful

  • Alex

    I just want some goddamn super powers.

  • Alex

    I just want some goddamn super powers.

  • shanns.OP

    I am a 12 year old girl studing how the brain work&so far I have got no further than understanding how a fishs brain works nevermind how a human brain works but this artical has brought me to believe that if we do try our hardest that we can&will unlock the full potential of our human brain.

  • Mr. Open-minded

    I find it quite hilarious how everyone has to have a bad attitude because someone lacks an open mind to something? Instead of telling the person off why not explain why you think its arrogant and why their statement is so flawed?

  • Vagabonder

    Our reality is simply how we perceive our thoughts, it may feel like we are touching something three feet away with our hand but really we are feeling that touch in our brains. The more we learn the more we can perceive. It wasnt until I fully learned, understood and fully grasped the idea of the energy that underlies everything that I was able to see energy everywhere. Before I had the knowledge and belief of this energy I could not see it, now I see it in everything and I am able to controll it to my benefit and the benefit of others.

  • Ryanseetahal

    i for one will always keep my mind positive because i’ve been doing it for quite some time now and it have been working out great for me !

  • Mearevalo83

    I like this artical ,I believe that the energy we send out into the universe wether positive or negitive,good or evil comes back to us?

  • Mearevalo83


  • Delvontae20

    You could  believe or you could get a scientist to give  you powers by increasing your brain

  • Anonimous

    What the hell is this??? I though this was a serious blog!!! I though this was about tricks to improve your brain, but this is just supersticion!!! This post makes me think if I should keep reading this otherwise fantastic blog!!!

    • phoenix

      dude evrythngs posible in this world….i jst dnt kno hw d hck do u rapscalions dare to chalenge sch big n actualy knowledgiable facts?? well bro(for the ones who dnt believ this n hv posted negative coments) no mater wts ur age ur stil a drooling sugababy bt jst with a big mouth dt kps blurting out nonsense.

  • Micheal Thompson52

    I just want people to understand that there is nothing ”useless” in this article. obviously there is truth to it because of the fact that skeptical people look at situations like this, say its all bullshit and yet they are fascinated to read what has been written. If there wasn’t truth to this then why would anyone even be drawn to reading about it. i hate hypocrites.

  • BigMeech

    I can earth bend…

  • Isacherrera

    i believe 100% i have always thought that humans have much more abilitys than we believe to be possible or even exist i am still young and that is probably the reason my family thinks im crazy but they just dont believe i always have believed and i always will.

  • Rubenrosario27

    i believe in this

  • Superman

    “I believe I can be a superhero.” For three days I’ve told my self this and now I’m faster then a speeding bullet, stronger then a locomotive, and can leep large buildings in a single bound! Thanks Jeff!

    • phoenix

      backoff pal….this article isnt meant fr shitheads lyk u whose brain is alrdy full of dogpoop….n r mentally chalenged!!!!
      become smthng fr urslf n dn u get the ryt to mk fun of ppl who r much briliant than u in evry walk of lyf.

      • phoenix is gay

        learn how to fucking spell. You are clearly the retarted one.

        • Curtis Dixon

          So you do just go around and make fake accounts wow what a puss

      • Milo

        I find feedback really interesting as it captures immediate thought (most times) and how language is used to articulate one’s thinking is a measure of how developed or under-developed the mind is for accepting or not any idea that is worth considering. Thank you to the author of this article.

      • Curtis Dixon

        Haha how can YOU of all people call someone mentally challenged is beyond me

  • Yanet0583

    Hi I found this article very helpfully, see is not secret that if you think positive you will get positive things even though your life can be different depending hoe you see it “life is beautiful” is a wonderful movie it show us how difficult life can but with a bit of imagination can turn out beautiful. I think pursuit is the word we must applied in our daily lives “pursuit happiness” is a great movie in which it tells us no matter what your situation is, if you desire something go for it at the you will have it. People the important thing here is to see life in a beautiful way.

  • Kenrik

     It is right to say that someone who doubt will let go many chances that
    life will give him because he is not sure about tomorrow.

    Someone who believe, even if it’s is not always a success, this one who
    believe will do more actions, for sure, that he would’nt if he had
    doubt. These actions are the ones that will build the way of his life.
    The way he’ll be happy.

    Living with doubts, fears, thinking about what the others think of you,
    and all these littles problems won’t make anyone live happy, but
    beliving, even a little, is the real way to do it.

    I’m not sure it is true that “everyone” can reach the top of their
    world, but can we  really care avbout it if at end we are happy?

    (Sorry for my english, i’m sure i’ve made some mistakes… xD)

  • Mink

    I so agree. I’ve just discovered the true power of the mind, still learning how to use it because the power is immense. Recently I started meditation, and has been able to help fight my depression. The negative energies are going away from me, much more for my relieve. Things I would never thought of doing are coming true.

  • Lmelynn12

    I believe when a person sets there mind on somthing and believes with all there heart and soul that they can do it, almost anything is possible……. But you can’t move a fucking mountain! It was a figure of speech!

  • Sharne

    hey my name is sharne nd i hve a 6 sence i cn tell sumthings is coming bt dno wat nd i want 2 knw hw 2 really open my mind in seeing wats coming next email me

  • traven64

    i get it now…god was a belief for people to believe in…..maybe bunch of people in the old times believed in one boy that was coming to there lives was from god….and then jesus was born…(not saying this is  true but its what i belive..this never happened but just giving an example)…..maybe jesus would have been normal if it weren’t to some people’s think of him special……people needed him the most at that time i guess…and all those peoples tought of hope..summond there prayers in the form of a help guide evrone in tough times………so if this article is true this could happen…im not saying WHAT EVER I SAID HAPPENED….because i wasn’t there and one of them..but if some of you agree if this at least was one of the situations in this event in time……atleast I’m not alone……also the reason i came here is because i did not believe in life……and the reason to that is because….there is this girl i love a lot and still love a lot…but there was some problems….we never dated or got married or any relationship but friends…….she likes me a lot as a close friend but she dose not want me to be with her….so after a time period i was ok with it…..but my feelings were haunting me to my regret where i tried so hard for about 2 years and maybe more of finding every way possible to man up and find my way to talk to her …… then i was consumed in sadness and depression and nothing to believe in……….so now its today and i still wonder about her everyday and see what she has said about ANYTHING I SAID OR POSTED ON MY FREINDS WALl in Facebook..becuase i have no contact with her whats so ever….and i can’t talk to her on that either because her mother dozen not approve for me to be her friend on Facebook..from  a post i put that involved a lot of cursing…….and i regret that alot so much that I’m trying everything to not even say dumb stupid or crazy…aything mean…or offensive……..i love her so much that i would do anything for her and when i mean anything i mean ANYTHING!!!!!!!!…..and if anyone was bothered and kind enough and cared to read this post…im sorry to waste your time but I’m just hoping someone understands whats happening here to me….so buy now anyone that bothered to read this.(again thank you so much) probably knows by now that i want this power for this reason…………………… ya….im hoping this could happen…and i know this is a real change of topic but this is how i got here… ya tnx 

  • Ken Warren

    anything is possible,just believe in yourself.

  • Vince Pippen

  • what a stupid article

  • G4ng574r0g3r

    This also reminds me of criss angel. He has a show in las vegas called “believe”

  • G4ng574r0g3r

    Btw, to all the people talking down on this article, things probably didn’t work for u cause r so negative. Ever thought of that? Just like how ur negatively talking down on this mans page. And u wonder why ur life is shit. Stop being so ignorant and open ur mind to other things. U remind me of my bible banging close minded aunt that believes everyything is wrong expect her and she’s better than other cause she’s a christian. How do u know there aren’t other possibilities that wrotte the bible or the stories of jesus? Like for real. Rise above ignorance and maybe then ur life won’t be so shitty. Btw sorry to the author these comments really lit a fire under my behind. -roger

  • Ivanushkaaaron

    I have this power and in fact I have done both good and evil with this gift.

  • old newroscience

     These statements are so very true and science is closing in on what matter is really made of … (check it out at

  • Samuel

    I am a 12 year old who no pain in punching metal I have punched my metal mailbox over and over with all my strengh I have actually made a dent in one

  • Some one who believes

    I am extraordinarily glad to have stumbled arcros this page! I new, always I new there has to be something more… I beg your pardon if that sounded self centered, but for a 14 year girl who believes anything is possible with even just the tiniest bit of hope, and faith we can truly unlock even the smallest part of freedom. And think if we could do that and use it to help those in need! All the sick, cured! All the hopeless, hopefull once more! We could make an impact for good!

  • Darrylsikes

    I really believe it i was into this since I was a kid

    • Derek

      Your mind can do anything if you think positive enough, with a great example; myself I love to weightlifting but has been struggling with it for years until I made some discovery. Everybody can do everything no matter what, we all are humans which mean we can do what other human do. When I’m bench-pressing 135 pounds, I’d think its easy and I can do it, which I actually did. And then when I’m about to lift new max weight- 200 pounds, that I have never tried and fail, why? Because I don’t have positive thought and enough confidence, and then one day I’m about to bench 185 which I have done before, went to get some water before doing so (sametime my friend secretly added 15 pounds to it without me knowing) then I lifted and did it easily, after that my friend told me it was 200, why? becase that time I had confidence in myself thinking it was 185pds, now if you have strong mental power you can do anything.

  • Desmond P. Artist

    Your article is insightful, I have always had faith in what I do and have achieved. There is so much out here that can not be understood. I knew there could be a thing as mind power, just like deep space everything grows. Faith has never let me down so I know it can’t let me down ever.

  • Salvadormcintosh

    Yes it is true and as you believe righteousness is necessary that you might receive strenght without obedience to the supreme we can’t reach the supernatural

  • Paulrich14

    I can do it it I keep trying nothing is impossible. Right?

  • Andrew Olivas

    my name is andrew olivas i’m 21 and i believe in this completely  i only wish i would hav read this sooner i have had a hard life so far and am still in hard time but when i leave here today i’m ganna think better and believe i can achieve anything and see were it goes i would like to be able to contact you in a few mounths or so because if things change for me then i would like to share my story with all your readers please contact me i’m a guy from a small town and bad family problems to the point that everyone has lost belief in me so  if i can change my life around from today then anyone can do it.

  • i did have an absolutly massive comment to post about personal expeirence but i think this video explains it much better please watch it. 

  • Gilwarren96

    Belief is everything and its so true that it starts with belief. My aunt has the power of healing she has done some shocking amazing things. I witness it so I know it’s true. My father has so amazing powers to he has done some things in my presence. I love this site!!! I want to know more and more.

  • guest

    Look at the penticostal cult they believe in God so much that they heal themselves without realizing it they thing that God healed them

  • Tinaramirez185

    All this stuff is so true!

  • B-man

    Hell Yeah I Beleive!!!

  • Isaac Abudulahi

    how can one gain faith!

    • T Chen

      There are indeed a few mthods to achieve that  The website shows some that worked for me.

  • Sadpopsicle

    Cool,but if you really want to see some cool stuff go to It’s mind blowing!

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  • Bryan

    Wow… Thats was just, something that made me thought deeply into my life. Well done

  • Yak

    I have experienced this myself. I wouldn’t call it a superpower. It’s more like you unlock the barriers of your brain, and you can fully control your subconsciousness. Here’s what I do: Every time life throws something important at me, say, an exam. I would visualize as vividly as possible what it would be like to achieve it. It’s like telling the brain “let me ace this exam, and you’ll feel really happy. when you feel happy, you’ll be healthier, and in turn, you’ll live longer” It forces the brain to unleash it’s full potential.

    This is my own experience and thoughts of course. By no means scientifically proven.

  • Rdarwin324

    Pure manipulation and bull shit grow tha fuck up!! To all you dreamers out there…. Get a fuckn grip on ur self u ignorant stupid peaple are giving other peaple power of your life! And train of thought! If you want it bad enough you put in the effort and focuse on you and you only then the peaple you call freinds won’t suck the life out of you like a greedy fuckn leachs.peaple do harm to others from greed and blame a higher source is why(self proclaimed) witches wer burned in the past this planets full of them(period) if you are a lazy fuckn dreamer then you don’t get shit! I’m not sorry to be so bold because your all making comments on scientific studies the nazies and secret societies and the government has been utilizing to control all you fuckn goats/spiritual fuckn morons!!!
    We wer made in gods image and are able to do what we wish

  • Rdarwin324

    Type your comment here.I agree with below! Knowledge is power !!!
    Ex resize your mind expand your knolage, excessive your muscles expand your strength , excessive your right and expand your freedom!!!
    You ever stop to wonder why we can own a house but not the dirt it’s built on? Because it gives the government the right to take that shit!!our social security card is the same thing the Jews in the camps had only the had the decently to put it on a piece of paper instead of tattoo us..schools our mandatory because they control what they teach us…….Americans are the new world order!! Born into manipulation ! Why you think we don’t say the pledge of a legacy any more in schools in the land of free practice of religion????do
    Don’t agree and b a push over question the “facts” and do ur homework b-4. You become a puppet of all this fuckn crazy bull shit!! U wanna b smart…..go to school and do your research

  • Bokhan2010

    For all u fools dont believe this is not real then u have a real problem of understanding what true and what not true :/. I already now as a 15 year old that this is true. U just have to think harder than u ever had

  • Preziissc

    true words

  • Archievalerio

    Omg your little article is amazing

  • Arvidas Gaidiskis

    I don’t now how i came here, but i didn’t left this site because it was so interesting and iam only 15 yeares boy, but i thouth that was good 😀

  • Uniq_ms

    can belife fix body too?
    i mean : can brain fix eyes too?

  • Fahad Coolguy

    hey mr. jeff, hi, can i get your email to contact you through….

  • Stacy yustare

    Thank you, that help me in so many ways. I’m a strong person mental and spiritural. But time to time; I have fear it block me. Spiritural I get scary some people don’t understand, when ur not use to see thing other can’t see.

  • Stacy yustare

    I want to learn how to use, what I have. But there only few who talk about it. They make u feel like u are weird. Is there anything or anyone can help me.

  • Gan

    Thank you very much as i had finally know why i’d be success in my life.

  • Another True Believer

    If you guys are interested in the power of the body I am currently reading two books about the power of the mind. one of them is called “the Matter of Mind” written by Master Djwhal Khul. its about having inner  peace and haw everything you know is just an illusion of the mind. the second one is called “Power Healing” by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. forwarded by Dr. John Gray. which is about how you can heal yourself with out medication or help of others. It tells you how you can heal/cure your asthma or cancer with the energy of your body. if you don’t believe me look up the books.

  • Another True Believer

    Oh you can also use different types of rocks to help with your journey.

  • Furor_rulz

    you idiot Jesus was referring belief on God ilahi Allah whatever you call him. what you have stretched so much was given in the holy books 1400 years age in Quran it was stated ‘ men will have nothing what he strives for’ . Look at the world you people are blind. Everything in the world we have cars, buildings,literature,electricity.bulbs,generators,weapons. But who created us.mountains,water,mountains,animals,sun,moon,clouds as a matter of fact the whole world. Instead of searching for success go and find God to whom we shall rise and answer our deeds in earth,go to books,go to your teachers and i assure you this way you will get success in the world and the hereafter as well. I am an owner of business which runs in 20 countries and i looked for Allah alone and trust me he is there whatever i earn is from him and with that money i help the needy thats how i am soo instead finding wealth find God help others follow his sayings this world is temporary and we all have to answer the mighty Lord

    • well said brother ; chapeauuuuuuuuuuuuu ^.^
      there is nothing like quran ,it countines everything and guid us right to the right way; God is always with us when ever we needed help.

  • Sotom4

    I am not only a believer BUT I am proof of the above statements. I have unlocked the power of my mind only days ago and the one word I can use is PROFOUND!!! I am a 33 year old divorced mother of 2. I have had many trials and tribulations in my young and short life however 2 days ago I watched The Secret and my life has not been the same.

    I had recently been suffering from severe depression and suicide. Anxiety, depression and sadness consumed my every thought..the every fiber of my being.

    Today, right now, I am elated to say this works. Tap into your mind! Believe you can and you will! Sadly, it’s that simple!

    It is ok to be a skeptic but hear this, read this aloud to yourself: what is the worse that can happen to me if I open my mind to the belief I am happy, I love my life and all of the things I want will be mine!!

  • Rosaashley

    I agree %100 :)

  • ive already been doing this… without realizing it though. i really do believe in the powers of the mind… crooked I said it best in the intro to his mixtape psalm 82:v6  “They gonna try to stop me

    Stop this message
    Nobody can stop the god
    Understand they gon’ try to stop you too
    (They gon’ try)
    The whole recipe to the universe
    Resides inside your mind
    Secrets, secrets they don’t want you to unlock
    I got the key so follow me
    One of my own, that’s what you wanna know
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper
    No weapon formed against my copsters
    You new niggers, pay attention
    I was born with a powerful mind
    A mind powerful enough to attract positive things
    And a desired lifestyle”

  • panji

    I do really believe with mental power, and I thank u a lot to made this article, I’m still an university student and I would like to make this article to be my backup for my public speaking final test, I’m an English letters student, thanks a lot

  • Cody32412

    this is 100% true  i get these feelings all the time just cant have no doubt in your mind

  • livio

    i really do believe i have gained weak super natural powers

  • hi !!
    i’ve read this artical and i really like gives a wanderful view of beleiving and how it helps for success and i find it so intresting. well if u allow me i advice you to read the QUAURAN it’s the muslim’s book but it countines everything everything you may ask about or wander or doubt about beside it treats in a very large way the fect of beleiving and its results.

  • Amit Das91

    hi, my name is Chang. so lets talk about a topic that will blow your mind for the very first time. so the topic is “DANCING DIVAS”.So did u ever found any peacock dancing in his own tune., to catch your eyes?

        If yes, then you might know how to be an attentive person to an animal… m i right my dear friends.?

       No, i know u all will be thinking that peacock was being attentive to u.. it was not you who was being attentive to that peacock.. u all might think this thing… but here we r not so much concern about the peacock .. m just being concern about you.. you might also think why m i so concern about you..??
                      so why are you so special for me …??

    because “..Life understands meanings not words..”

            sO i think you all understood what does “DANCING DIVAS” really means..!!

    if you all have understood the real meaning of this words.Then i really don’t think this will always help you to get you out of ANY PROBLEMS N TROUBLES anywhere…!

     Now do you think how will this words help You..?

       if yes,then read any sound while you do any kind of work..

            wait ..
               Wait is the sound..

    i will write you how to do this..

     you just have to continue your normal routine at your home or at your work place or anywhere you do any kind of work.. e.g reading, playing, sleeping, cooking..etc. these kinds of work or any kinds of work.. 

        so you all must be thinking that what you actually need to do to gain a certain amount of power in yourself to be able to think something that will solve the problem immediately anywhere n which will help you to be a not so common in any comparison to any human being..

     n you All also might think why do you need to gain this certain amount of power in yourself when your brain does works every time to help you out..

     you all must agree to do this above statement but i totally disagree because i think that we cannot use our brain every time because many scientific reasons are there like blood pressure of our body, body condition, etc. to make our brain weak at the main point of time when we actually need it to perform correctly in order to gain some social reputations according to me..

     i think you all are pretty much aware with this fact that we have only 20% access to our brain n rest is the sub conscious part of our Brain which gets wasted.. sometimes i often use to think how to use the whole = Brain..

    if u are really interested in knowing n learning these kinds of  interesting facts.. then do leave a comment below.. i will definitely contact you.. n its totally free .. no survey nothing… GUARANTEE  SUCCESS.. :-)



  • Azar Charbel

    you seek light when its dark but light
    you seek happiness when you’re sad
    you seek power when you feel weak

    a human being doesen’t really know what he wants.      
                                                     this is why he believes in chance…


  • Amit Das91

     Albert Einstein quote -“.. We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us…”

  • Amit Das91

    hi, my name is Chang. so lets talk about a topic that will blow your mind for the very first time. so the topic is “DANCING DIVAS”.So did u ever found any peacock dancing in his own tune., to catch your eyes?

        If yes, then you might know how to be an attentive person to an animal… m i right my dear friends.?

       No, i know u all will be thinking that peacock was being attentive to u.. it was not you who was being attentive to that peacock.. u all might think this thing… but here we r not so much concern about the peacock .. m just being concern about you.. you might also think why m i so concern about you..??
                      so why are you so special for me …??

    because “..Life understands meanings not words..”

            sO i think you all understood what does “DANCING DIVAS” really means..!!

    if you all have understood the real meaning of this words.Then i really dont think this will always help you to get you out of ANY PROBLEMS N TROUBLES anywhere…!

     Now do you think how will this words help You..?

       if yes,then read any sound while you do any kind of work..

            wait ..
               Wait is the sound..

    i will write you how to do this..

     you just have to continue your normal routine at your home or at your work place or anywhere you do any kind of work.. e.g reading, playing, sleeping, cooking..etc. these kinds of work or any kinds of work.. 

        so you all must be thinking that what you actually need to do to gain a certain amount of power in yourself to be able to think something that will solve the problem immediately anywhere n which will help you to be a not so common in any comparison to any human being..

     n you All also might think why do you need to gain this certain amount of power in yourself when your brain does works every time to help you out..

     you all must agree to do this above statement but i totally disagree because i think that we cannot use our brain every time because many scientific reasons are there like blood pressure of our body, body condition, etc. to make our brain weak at the main point of time when we actually need it to perform correctly in order to gain some social reputations according to me..

     i think you all are pretty much aware with this fact that we have only 20% acess to our brain n rest is the sub conscious part of our Brain which gets wasted.. sometimes i often use to think how to use the whole = Brain..

    if u are really interested in knowing n learning these kinds of interesting facts.. then do leave a comment below.. i will definitely contact you.. n its totally free .. no survey nothing… GUARANTEE  SUCCESS.. :-)



    • GodSon

      We can exchange theory or ideas but I light shall brighten you world you still a baby here

  • Johnny Cuervo

    We always look for answers outside in the physical world when the answers live with in us :)

  • jamie

    Sorry but I wish this was more effective in practice as it is in theory…

  • Adrian Moroyoqui

    I think this was great informations, it could be use in all kind of ways. The potential is in everybody we just have to let go of fear in order to unlock the mystery of the brain, if we can believe we can achieve we just have to remember we have to breath..
    A fresh start is only a breath Away every breath is a new breath thanks for the informations.. Adrian Moroyoqui

  • “true” believer

    i do believe in every word, obviously, thats why i found and read the this artcle. i believe in everything. the only way i can believe that i  “adopted” theses “powers”, is cause smoked incense. i smoked for three years up until fifthteen days ago. the only reason why i quit is because the time before THE last “TRIP”, i felt to much in-control of everything. before this, anything and everything i visualized, i could “feel”. i even blogged(addiction blog: incense) it. i called it “The Feelings of Everything” and i named myself “TheR3alsideofM3”.  i probably sounded “insane” to everybody, because i haven’t recieved a comment back. My first trip is when i “discovered” “Feelings”. i went through a bad trip first,(dementia) for 15-20 seconds(which i NO or NONE thinking process going) then when i came back to “REALITY” i told my wife everything i could “feel”. i told her i felt “magical”, “godly”, and even “unhuman”. i told her, and even on my story on the blog, that i “felt” i had the “key” to life. that “one” thing that everybody is searching for in “life”. the trip before the last, i smoked and, then “IT” came back. this time i “felt” ten times stronger in the “mind”. i instantly woke her up, and told her that i “feel” tens times stronger then the first time.
    “everything” and “anything” i “felt”, came easily. much  more easier than before. 
       now, i “feel” still “everything”. but i dont “feel” to powerful, to where to where its making me “feel” like  A god, or A Shaman in that “sense”. “everything” comes easily still.
    i even told my wife that i want to school and learn something. she said something like “take a online course or go to a vo-tech.” i told her that “that’s to simply for me, i would need to go to a 4 year or longer to learn something to satisfiy my mind-power.” i even considered to go back into the infantry, cause i “felt” i could  save lives if necessary, and teach them basics that the military “don’t try” to make you “understand”. i even been posting blogs on that website trying send information about the adverse affects on insense, because i “felt”i had a revelation and its my responsibility to make people notice the importance to life instead of smoking a “mystery” drug and “IT” basically, literally,  killing every little part of a person, while the soul watches and then slowly kills the soul afterwards. “everything” and “anything” makes sense to me.  to make this message short,

     ” i definitely feel “reborn” in “everyway”, and im only 23.  i might’ve “cheated” the system with a mind-altering fake drug, but im glad i “feel” this way. life as i “used” to know may not exist to me anymore, but the world looks alot better when i have a “grasp” of things. things definitely come in my favor when i encouter them.”   

     if you “believe” me look up the website and read the “TheR3alsideofM3”.  i recently changed my name to “””””The Warning””””” as reason, already describe above. 

    and another thing i desperately need to add, and to “all” open-mined people: don’t believe in what you see on the news, its an illusion to make you “believe”. 25% truth, 75% falsified by people, just like “us”. (9-11, batman massacre, and now sandy hook) just in three examples that have to many loop-holes and not enough answers. watch out for  more carried out terror plots in the future, by people were “supposed” to trust, who will do “anything” and i mean “anything” to get what they want. 90% of the gov. is good decently honest people, maybe savage at times in there life, but people who do “nothing” but savage is the master-minds, and thats their job. be careful america, that 10%, if knew what they did or what their planning on a daily basis, would change america forever. and their point of view on things. really didn’t mean to get liberal.

  • achiever

    I’m a 15 year old guy and I think I tapped on more then that

  • “true” believer

    yeah but i never tried til now. and like what?

  • Philly

    Well done jeff, you have reached the people youve suppose to, the rest will wake up when theyre ready. Its hard to pass on a gift, and express it in a certain way. Its always nice to bump into people like you now and then.

  • Zoraida

    hello I’m 16, um Im not sure if this is telepathy but like every time I’m thinking about something about a particular thing and am going to say out loud but then my sister answers it for me and then I tell her I was about to say the same exact thing. Most of the times I answer every thought that my sister is thinking of for her, then she says she was going to say that. Is this a coincidence or is it telepathy? To me I believe it’s something magical because we’re sisters.I’m not sure…thanks

  • GodSon

    I have actual powers. This is truth but not everyone will unlock their sixth sense. There’s only a hand of us.


    You know, there is so much truth to this even for those who don’t think it true. I am not very religious, but I had a very high belief in something that everyone else thought was impossible for my age and resources. And when you believe in something so much, and pray and hope on that belief, then when you start with this one thing to start your goal, its like kinetic energy. When you keep putting hope in, it keeps going, and when things don’t seem like they were working out, all the hope was not wasted and I made that goal. Its like the saying, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and believing is the first part of doing that. 

  • Jacinto

    Interesting. Thanks for making this site available

  • Jacinto

    Thanks for this article Jeff Nickles

  • Monica Newton

    I don’t care what anyone thinks cuz I believe I have for so many years. This article is incredible.

    Jeff: your article has helped me unleash these powers in my mind its amazing what I can do now the way my brain works its unexplainable.

    Chris:you really need to change the way you think anything is possible cuz I believe that I can do the impossible everyone believes in. Ny brain works in so many ways now its well I just can’t explain it its amazing this article the way your brain works everything so you just need to believe then you can be just like me.

  • JOE

    with understanding  all will know and use, the power.However this means mind overcoming mind ,physical power has been around awhile, might is right external displays of power through knowledge, now we  can grasp inner wisdom,to creat an external wisdom, if we choose to creat from knowledge we may create  all bees wanting to be queen bees, the universe knows this, so it grew itself to be the over seeing bee….there is always a tallest tree in any forrest,not better, just closer to the sky.enjoy the trip,when you get to the end zone,there will be someone there,he ,she maybe called the pathfinder. JOE

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    this is very intresting and true i can air bend its awsome AND I MEAN IT DONT BE A CLOSED MIND 

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      ask me i kno the truth abt u…trst me iv neva seen sch a nincompoop who likes n understnds…bt stil it scks….u suck.thts the truth!!!

  • mary joy

    when i was young i think of a thing will happen to the person and it did but not always but now as i grow older and older it happened almost always what is happening im happy i have this ability but scared and may i ask u is this normal or maybe just a coinsidence

  • Jlewis9000

    here’s the real way to get superpowers:
    1. Listen to some trap music.
    2. Solve out an extremely involved equation, like the Schrodinger equation, the equation for calculating the Chernenkov effect based on a medium which resonates at the frequency of the dominant range of electromagnetic radiation produced by the material, etc.
    3. The concentration needed to not get up and dance, and at the same time solving the equation will equate into eventual extensive control over one’s thoughts.
    4. Use your new-found powers to develop a compound able to rearrange genetic sequences, as well as solve the strands to create some of your desired traits, like the ability to see beyond the visible spectrum,  and flight by exhaling through your pores. 
    5. Fly to china and introduce your insane new powers and technologies so they can mass produce it. 
    6. Own a quad-turbo, top mounted supercharged engine which has two 8.2 liter v-8s running the same crank shafts and put it into the car you designed yourself. Serve as the chief architectural engineer in designing your house. 
    7. Accumulate massive wealth and knowledge, and exploit the theory of relativity and the hypothetical worm-hole exploitation theory to travel forward and backwards through time as well as space. Experience a filet minion in the outer reaches of the Andromeda galaxy and learn to speak alien. See a gladiatorial fight in Greece  and run with the bulls in ancient Spain. 
    8. Using everything you learned, you design a manufacturing process to corona discharge displacement to manufacture micro-chips at the scale of .25 nano meters accurately. Use this to design and build a computational platform as  capable as the fastest cray supercomputer racks. 
    9. Replace your current computer with this new one of your own design, as this insanely awesome post ruined it.
    10. You now have superpowers, as well as the ability to run 500 instances of crysis 3 discretely, as in a virtual machine. You have conquered the world!!!!! (and crysis)
    PS, i tried this, its legit.

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  • Kmolasin

    Why are so many people calling attention to one negative comment? Instead of concentrating on the negative, we should leave it alone, and it will go away. Concentrate on the positive and the context of what was written in the article instead.

    Jeff, I have to agree with what you have said. It all comes back to the simple sayings that have been around for years which constantly get overlooked or underplayed. “Believe and you will succeed.” “You are what you think you are.” “The only boundaries are the ones we set in our own mind.” Simple messages like these convey such a strong meaning. The ones who are actually able to believe in the power of the mind are the ones who are able to achieve levels of success and happiness that others may believe to be impossible.

  • Hakiam_

    How can irealy unlock these super powers

  • Maxwell Rodgers

    This is the type of stuff I live by, finally a intelligence worth sharing. Please don’t think me arrogant, but I have spent many, many years meditating daily to dive deep into the brain. I have found wonders, and such horrors. Twice I put my self into a hospital for diving too deep too quick. I was unequipped for all the darkness that I had hid away, that grew from my own past, apparently my brain never forget my dark past. Again please forgive if I sound arrogant, that is not what I’m going for. After many years of meditation, I learned the brain has three distinct levels of thought processes, Basic, like instincts, Low Level, Basic automatic things like breathing and talking, then High Level thinking, which is reserved for Pure Logical thinking, void of emotions. However, I have found a fourth state, Spiritual Awareness, not religion mind you, but being actually aware of stuff like esp and being able to know others feelings and auras, it was trippy the first time I got there, I was seeing glowing colors around people and I was able to read their emotions, I asked them and they confirmed what I was seeing. I knew how they were feeling, and going to feel before they did. I might have drifted off a little, but I want, no, needed to share this, I can’t be alone with this, I just know I can’t.

  • Richyx

    I truly appreciate the article. I am a person who just recently came to Christ and my life has been transform by the renewing of my faith in my new belief. I totally agree on what is said in the article above about our mind and it’s powers. My thinking was renew when I can to reading the Bible with faith in Christ. All the instructions written made every sense to me. Life was view differently through my eyes which comes from my mind. The thoughts became real instead of a imaginary fairy tale like how we see in movies and read in story books. I truly express this in truth because I think that when the WHOLE truth is shown whether written or spoken the human mind can know and focus all it’s energy on it. Creating some sort or power due to the faith which the person has base his or her mind to digged and search to find the purpose. I know we are talking about the power of the mind, so please don’t down on someone so much even if they have given unreasonable answers. For their mind can create a negative force causing negative energy to some sort of destruction “if” the mind is not openly express. Thank for the article Jeff.   

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    Well I am going to give it a try and I will let you guys know my email is terrell660@gmail. Com thats for people to check and see if this work I believe it does so lets find out and I will tell you guys

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    great article. I’ve also experienced this many times, even in simple goals like passing a test. Visualize the grade that i want to achieve and really feel like i already got the grade, jumping up nd down or giggling and screaming for joy. Next thing i knew when i look at the results, i get the marks that i visualize, if not, higher or really close to it and do those things again when i was just visualizing andi was like, ok, de javu? Ofcourse we work hard, and i believe that what Jeff pointed out here is the magic sauce that could makes the difference. Almost every tycoon or successful people apply this consciously or not. I remember reading about the owner of a very successful fastfood chain in my country when asked about his secret, he said it’s his eternal and crazy optimism!! Some tycoon would say it’s hardwork but as u listen to them talking, they would talk about their visions and the wonderful potentials they find. :)

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    Great read, i found it to be very informative & i have an idea to better myself & unlocking the true potential of my mind… please email me any information that will further help me on my journey thank you & god bless

  • Alex

    Thank you Chris I have Been interested in this stuff all of my life and I was just resently was searching up the difrences of the right and the left of the brain and I found out from thought that I have been right brained all my life which makes it had in school and I Pland on exloring the left side of the brain and I have foud out that the left controls the part of your memory that you can remember the stuff that the teacher tells you about in school like the lectures but thank you very much.

  • Dominic

    Hey Kevin you have a point though I am blessed by god;)

  • Nick

    i have been through deppression anxiety bipolar blah blah blah and since a friend of mine mentioned it and started telling me about it i started to do research because i am always open too new idea’s i just started reseaching the other day and since then i have been thinking so much differently i have been so much less deppressed anxious and on edge like i still have my moments i get mad but this has helped me so much and i seek enlightenment and i have no doubt in this article at all. very helpful i’m going to begin to read those books now haha thanks for posting this

  • DirtyJ

    Huh, this is interesting! Thanks. The movie limitless brought me here. Ill try thinking really hard and observe what happens but thanks a lot for your ideas!

  • thats a curty remark from chris,change the way u think man

  • mememe

    The only way to discover your true powers is to look deep inside yourself. The big false
    becomes when people start focusing on the surface, at what others are, are
    doing or have. I believe everyone here on this dimension have very unique and distinct
    abilities. I believe anything is possible ” WITHIN THE RANGE OF YOUR
    UNIQUIE AND DISTINTIVE GIVEN ABILITIIES”. Unfortunately, the system has thought
    us to follow the crow, follow the path, to be ordinary and average, instead of
    helping us discover ourselves. Stop looking outside or to the side, and focus
    on yourself. You CANNOT do what others can do as well as they do, but no one
    can do what you do as well as you do.

  • Bob

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  • mememe

    It’s funny how Chirst has drawn more attention from the readers than the article itself.

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    I Believe in this 100%.
    Contact my email.

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  • Dylon

    No matter where you are in this world, it may be bahrain or even in the US. All humans are the same, however traveling around the world and at the age of 20 I have learned alot about our race. 1) There are different types of people and not one person is the same!!! 2) If you put your mind and soul into it anything is possible, no matter how difficult it may seem nothing in this world is impossible. After all we’ve been saying aliens could never be real, but come on get real if we’re that ignorant to think that then look up at the sky each star has planets following around just like our sun. Plus just to add to that note, its in our fucking history from the mayans to the egyptians hell even nostradamus’ time as well!!! and 3) This power that almost everyone is looking for can only be achieved by change, the earth changes and as the earth changes so does everything living on it. I can only assume that we humans change as well, but then again if common sense were common then everyone would have it right? But what this man wrote is all true, however you can’t expect to get supernatural powers over night if thats what you want or even expect to get fortune and success. Yes anything is possible in this world we call life, but only because our creator whomever or whatever he/she might be made us this way. The way to adapt and overcome any possiblity, this world is due for a major change! Whether it happens now and in the next 10-20 years, it will happen its just a matter of time. Only the ones that believe just like the man who wrote this will be able to adapt and change, mainly because they believe in themselves to keep going instead of expecting someone like me(who’s in the military) to come save them. Cause you better believe that won’t happen. And all of you people who downed Chris thats messed, obviously the guy was having some major issues otherwise he wouldn’t have said what he said. After reading his comment and seeing what yall wrote I was highly disappointed in yall, hell not even the writer of this article had anything to say to him. I’m sure he felt the same way I did. I know this post is well past due, just thought I’d address the issue. Thanks for your time for reading this if you’ve read thus far, have a wonderful and maybe even eventful life! I know I will 😛 lol

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  • yeah i trust the powers of mind but i want use those powers



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    P/s : I’ll be reading your articles, lots of them :)

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  • Misfortunate

    Writing all these comments at him may only make him think these things are true– according to this article– and could cause mental contingencies within himself, so just lay off the guy. I found it interesting but it makes me feel as though your saying a real “God” doesn’t exist and that it is our own minds that cause us to be saved… That’s the only thing I dislike.

  • Mark

    Thank you so much Jeff, for the best article I ever read. Hey Chris, find Dynamo or Jasveen in youtube and how would like to justify their activities with your dumb rationality?? !!!

  • Hollow gaara

    He right it does work 100% just believe and also make a vision board if keep u on track

  • graham

    i tested a molecular compound derived from lsd… at the peak, i started remembering the future, and when a specific moment happened later, i almost passed out in complete astonishment… the key isnt always belief, or acceptance, or anything for that matter… the door was never locked… its the simple act of opening the door that will let you accept and believe… things are highly complex in total reality… more than i’ll ever realize… dying lets our mind shed from its mortal body, much like coming out of a cacoon… we are all young in this third dimension… the knowledge one can attain in the next dimension is ineffable…

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    awesome article. impressive

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    this might sound cheezy

    but I am looking for guidance to maybe som kind of teleportation of excesive speed

    maybe even the thing like time lord
    yes it is cheezy but unlocking your mind …. it must have great powers to help people

  • Gail Gustin

    Beliefs for m the fabric of our realities. When I realized that, I transformed my life.

    I used to give psychic readings. As far as I know, I was 100% accurate. There was only one man who did not come back to confirm (I asked all to). That man came to me on a Thursday afternoon. He had until the next day to decide whether to quit his job in Maine and take a job in California. I explained the futures I saw in each so that he could make a more informed decision. I encouraged the move to California. I”m not surprised that he didn’t get back to me because the move was immediate.

    the mind is so powerful. When I realized that I had the power to literally manifest things that I wanted but couldn’t find, the fear of doing without left me forever.

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    Thank you for righting this article. I appreciate any info i can find on the subject. I found a few answers with this and believe with the propper insight when reading, many other may benifit from this.

    Ty again

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  • VAhmed Vcobra




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    Its a fantasy of every young boy to have powers like that. It was mine, I will be very honest. I literally used to spend hours trying to do something with my mind. I still do sometimes. I used to think of moving things with my mind, as its the coolest thing that a person could do. But after doing it in times of need when a person has nothing but believes, and nothing happens. Now thats when people give up hopes and by doing so they let go off their believes. So what I suppose is that its not all about belief. its something more than beliefs. Every person has its own life, its own thoughts, its own way of looking at things. Then it means every person has its own MIND. If someone writes a book or something on how to use these powers for all people, It cant be done. No one can write all about the natures of mind and thoughts that all of us possess and which are different from one another. Every person is unique. Each one of us has its own way of thinking. The books that support the theories of mind powers simply give humans a hope. But this hope is , as I said , different in each of us. If nature allows it so it can be done. There is no doubt. But how you do it??? you have to think and think and think hard about yourself. If there is someone who knows you well, it is you yourself.

  • what’s my name

    If someone on here actually has this powers then will u tell me my name and some thingsabout me that no one knows

  • what’s my name

    And how can I learn to move things with my brain

  • what’s my name

    If anyone would like to answer my question pleas email me adamleach52@gmail

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    I hate when ppl give the example of kids dien in Africa of various diseases to try an disprove the power of the mind on the contrary u retards ur just strengthening it, think about it there conditions are so poor there minds are allwayz in a low vibrational state allwayz feeling fear, worry, ect.. And it is truely sad don’t get me wrong but its this mind set that runs ramped in those parts of the world and is why things stay the way they are and i believe it’s all by design not just there but every where. the power of the mind is a well known fact of the elite and passed from generation to generation what was once general knowledge in ancient times has now become part of the occult and sacred amongst a select group, but the information is out for all to digest and learn about its just most will either dismiss it thanks to pre programmed responses to things of that nature or simply just not take the time or care to take the time to learn. The rest like those in the third world just never will hear about the power of ones thoughts and emotions.

  • Miguel

    about the children dying in Africa the way I see it if some one tells you that you have something wrong and are going to die and you accept the fact that you will die than you have no faith but if were told that you were going to die and refuse to accept that problem will take your life and truly believe it wont but if you have no clue of your illness then its just natural the disease will take its toll

  • tesla

    This is true, just be careful what your goals are… it might be extremely good or extremely evil… you can do anything… just be careful…

  • Dayo

    The way I see it most people here are really saying the same thing. If you believe this to be possible for you, than it is. If you do not believe it possible for you, than it is not. Barack believed he could be president of the United States and he is. Michael Jordan saw himself as the greatest basketball player of all time and now most everyone does as well. The Wright Brothers believed man could fly and now do. Hell even Adolf Hitler believed in himself and was able to accomplish something (though evil) and have millions follow behind him. My friends, life is truly only what you make of it. Peace, blessings and love to you all.



  • Ras herbalist

    Look how much people dont believe it. Its true „ the mind has super powers. You just have to find it youself. Nobody cant tell you how to do it so it looks like a lot of shit but if you try for real you will see. If you dont believe it, it will never happen

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    guys can we be positive here. I liked the article, I think if we only know how to believe. We can get to were we need to be.

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    Very Nice Article.I shall look forward to reveal supernatural capabilities of mind :)

  • Brooke Stamm

    Hello. I absolutely loved this. I for years have been the laughing stock of the entire world. I forever belived I could do things people thought were crazy. I know this sounds crazy, considering I am a nobody wandering the Internet, but please…. With the amount of information you have provided I know you are a smart man. And Kevin I really need you to consider this because I would love to talk to you more about this. This can be bigger than you ever have realized.


  • Even

    Thank you i got the powers just after some hours but when i compell people it doesent take action before a minute has gone why ??

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  • Juggalopsych Mcl

    Dear jeff.
    I would love to be able to tap and access my entire brain. Could you help by giving me pointers and tips as how to do so? Thank you

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    A very great article! I find it so useful and I agree with you. I too believe that, once learned how to be controlled and used right, the brain can do amazing and wonderful things.

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  • Sun bunny.

    I have had dreams for long periods of time. I followed them and made them come true. I have esp and I am an empath. I can feel how other that I am thinking about feels at that time. I believe that the power is to believe. Even if I have to keep it to yourself because you know ppl will not believe and think u have mental issues. When really it’s mental powers. I have been upset with somebody. And hurricanes happens. Tornados. Earth quakes. I even felt a tsunami coming. I was obsessed with them on utube and couldn’t watch enough of them. Before this I never thought of them. I found out something that upset me very much. Half hour later tsunami happened. The lad tsunami. 2011. Even once a volcano. I was upset with a guy in London. His flight all flights were off for a week or so. So yes I do believe in this. It frightens me sometimes. I do tell many ppl. Not many would believe. But I’ve seen the facts.. I’d just like to learn how to tap into it better. I’m just on the edge of understanding it.

  • Christopher

    Ive researched this material before and yet have lived without applying it therefore making mistakes. these mistakes have cost me what was most dear to me, my girlfriend. im having a hard time moving on from this and need advice on how to make myself feel better so that I can move on.

  • Elliot

    Cool article, I have noticed that if you think about someone hard enough (girl across the room) you can interfere with their brain waves. For a split second a subliminal message will be sent (sometimes unnoticed) to the receiving brain in which frequencies can be received. In an attempt to tap into the unconscious mental state I found the two hardest things to be..1-getting past the first level of consciousness, involves clearing your mind and focusing mainly on the controlled breath. 2- keeping my state, life tends to have many distractions and tranquility is vital to this exercise.

    P.s- believe it or not, up to you.

  • G-NEON

    jeff nickles what you talk about sounds like the
    akashic records, very helpful and thank you cause what you talk about does exist

  • Olive dub

    If you are interested at mastering this power. Watch “The Secret” on Netflix. Tells all about the Law of Attraction.

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    I just want to ask that were you able to unleash the powers if not upto what extend you have reached? But honestly I appreciate the article.

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    The thing you all have to do is believe and if can’t we’ll then your mind isn’t as capable as the ones that actually believe.

  • Robin

    I believe it and think I been doing for a while without realizing it

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    i ant more…………..i belive


    If a regular human use 20% of the brain an if you do meditation to clear you mind. Anything that you done in you life is still there but you don’t know it. One part of your brain can tell the future if you are able to use 68% of your brain. Anything supernatural or anyone that can do something that normal people can’t do they are using 42% of there brain. There are people flying out there in the clouds because flying or levitation is part of us, they are using 91% of there brain. There was a woman that used 100% of there brain and she was able to go back in time when Kenneth the president got shot. There is a secret in the center of the world that the nazi found and the brought it to mysterious people they learn to use it and anyone with these gifted powers are learning to use it starting with the elements. Fire water earth and water and the most powerful power is freezing time any they told use that no one was able to master that. This might be confusing but I thing that you are one of use Area 51 doesn’t know us yet. Trust one I am telling you this because you and anyone studying the mind are in trouble. It all started with the Mayans. The world end at 12/21/12 wasn’t the end of the world it was a warning and human are in are way. I need everyone to help us to be prepare able what’s coming

  • Jhon

    I think that the idea of unlocking ur brain to do what is unexplained on this world is on point. With a lil confidence and faith u could achieve what is call superpower or supernatural we all have what wee call hidden gifts that wee don’t use that extra energy

  • starfy

    hey..I believe in my powers..and i’m new but i succeed in using them doing telekinesis but i still can’t control them..i move the wrong objects ! and i get freaked out for a while ..because being very focused and then hearing a noise of a moving object freaks me out !…i can’t find someone who can help me control these powers..

  • val barry

    Believe me, this concept works, I have lived it. Read my book.

  • pres

    overflowing confidence is all you had to say…too much blabbering

  • prodigy

    i agree and there is a video on youtube that was removed but it’s re-uploaded

    now so check it out it’s called

    Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary

  • Kyyl

    I’ve been drawn to this way of thinking for the last six months and incredible things and coincidences have been occurring. Much like in ‘The Secret’ I can basically score myself a parking spot everyday (which, if you know Baltimore city, can be pretty amazing). Obviously that’s on the lower tier of “super powers,” but I believe they exist and will continue to develop. I’ve been setting my mind to achieving the power of flight, and I believe it will come in due time. People like David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Criss Angel, may be “illusionists,” but they always make it a point to tell the audience to just believe. When you throw away occams razor and allow veridicality to blossom amazing things will be drawn into your mind.

    Also (because I like hearing the naysayers for this one), stop drinking tap water. Fluoride is bad. White teeth = Fluorosis = Dying teeth. Fluoride is poison to parts of your body, specifically your Pineal Gland or “third eye.” Don’t just listen to your dentist, he makes money off of his advice. Don’t just listen to me, I could get a kick from encouraging rotting teeth. Think for yourself. The internet really is a powerful tool for information, delve down the rabbit hole. Science is DEVELOPING, it DOES NOT know everything and CANNOT EXPLAIN most unnatural or paranormal phenomena. Weed through the available information, whatever it may be, and then develop YOUR OWN opinion, but never solidify your beliefs because that will only limit you. As much as I believe in all of this mumbo-jumbo, I accept that one day I will know more and the gained knowledge may not be what I expected or assumed.

    Next year, Dolphins, Superbowl.
    I believe.

  • Son Of The Son Of MAN

    The problem with many of us is not so much believe, but rather un believe. One thing I’ve learned in life is that there are no satanist in fox holes, especially when bullets are flying in your direction and the person to your left and right are cut in half and are asking you to pick-up their innerds and take them to a medic. As the story goes, when sargent 666 felt the bullet split his helmet in half barely missing his frontal lobe he said “oh my dear Jesus! If you deliver me from this, I’ll denounce my pass, and serve you all my days.It’s amazing how external forces influence our believe. And for those who don’t believe, I am sure that when your fox hole moment comes, you too will repent for the future of heaven is at hand. you might not believe me, when the time comes you will believe yourself.

  • Mr. meyers

    thoughts manifest into reality whether good or bad. Luck might play a part in whe’re u end up in life bad or Goodn10% if that. Good or bad luck could be your family background the person u know or met that helped u succeed the country u were born in anything as such. Bad luck much the same including accidental death but 90% is how bad u want
    want it thus using brain power. And I’m very successful at 29 my personal wealth is in excess of 320 million British pounds.

  • M16

    Well you really didn’t explain how you unlock your mind just that you can and also how do we know these people you claim to have find this stuff out really did where’s your sources? ?

  • nyameko

    This is precisely what the world needs…the TRUTH. We have heard it a thousand times and yet we are reluctant to heed the calling. This has been preached to us for centuries but we have chosen to stay in our comfort zone of conformity.The bible says : my people are dying due to lack of knowledge. This is exactly what it meant. we lack the truth but, “you shall know the truth and it shall set you free”. Thanx for this article you have made my day!

  • Steven Cameron

    I will begin my journey thanks for giving me the tool to complete it!

  • Maddy

    I think you wrote a great article you used examples and proof of what you where trying to show people and the answer to the last question is yes i belive

  • Eric Fasel

    Great stuff

  • bway

    Did this work for you,can you actually use it if you can I would like to see some proof,also I cant seem to convince myself that I can do this, do you have any suggestions

  • Cynthia Jesseen

    I had an awakening at the age of 36. I realized that if I want to do something in life then just do it. If I see something in my life that needs to happen hen I just start speaking about it when I’m by myself and everything falls into place. Sometimes I have to put effort into it and sometimes it just happens like it should before I have the chance. The best part is you don’t have to begin with money to make things happen. However, be open to listen and know how to use it when it comes to progress things even faster. Everything said in this article is very true. I call it a light switch. Some people just haven’t turned on the switch. Whenever someone is struggling and doesn’t know where they are going in life or that they have a purpose I just look at it as “The light switch just hasn’t come on yet”. Once it’s on everything is clear. I’m 42 now and I have done more with my life in the past 6 years than the previous 36 before and I’m just beginning. The best part is it has been an inspiration to my kids and helped them in their lives get through things. They know for certain that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

  • Jeremy Harris

    a mind is a terrible thing to waist your right mind is power but you know tia chi teach you that i study it and true question everything is base off mind

  • yts

    i have the ability to see the future and sense things etc

  • yts

    everyone has a power

  • yts

    try to fly or levitate and keep trying ok

  • Ur all crap

    Wth why are you all hating on Chris so hard sure he’s kind of being a “douche-kabob” but all he’s doing is stating his opinion I believe in this crap but it seems like ur all kina douches and aparently I’m gona get a hell lot of hate from the but who gives a single shit

  • Adam

    Omg I can blow up cars with my mind and shoot fires from my hands WEEEE

  • unanimous

    umm why is there so much hate comment? why did you read it in the first place if all your gunna do is hate.

  • Brainiac

    I know what you said is correct. I can do minor detection of emotional spectrum around people and a sort of telekinesis. But I want a actual guide to unleash my full powers. :p

  • Heather Johnson

    i am like this a friend and i have telepathy and possibly other powers too but were kind of losing control we dont know how to use them if anyone out there is like us please find us and help us we need you

  • narutofox

    i can see the future in my dreams they used to be distant but now they are getting closer to my actual time

  • Evan

    Very well written and intriguing info! I’ve heard of the process Napolean went through to write his book and if anyone strives to be materially wealthy it would only benefit to take his word on the capabilities of man. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say.

  • marvinbilly

    I am a firm believer I support you 100% I will be the first to unlock this potential energy I swear my body will allow me contact me if possible marvinbillycox1996@Yahoo.Com

  • TheWhiteBuffalo

    Today, hours before googling anything on the subject, I stated the intention to myself that I was going to unlock the rest of my brain,and that it was going to show me how. I closed my eyes, focused on my pineal gland, and suddenly there was a voice in my head, but it was not my own. A voice with no sound, or tone, but clearer than anything I had ever heard before. I picked up a post it note and wrote the words “No longer be you a fiend for distraction; emancipated are you to pursue your action. May your desires be just, and your creativity unbound, for you are of the universe now.” I read it over and over, then began to sob uncontrollably. Next thing I know, I’m in a Ghost of Christmas Past situation and am being forced to deal with things that I buried as a child, one being a loss of God. When I say God, I don’t refer to any entity that I have read about or been told of, but the network of energy that flows between and throughout all matter and otherwise. I used to be abe to see it when I was younger, and had forgotten completely over the years until the old walls finally came down and everything was reinstated. It had been far too long since I had beheld such majesty. Since dealing with these issues finally, I have become incredibly productive and thoughts process much quicker. So, I suggest any of you with intents such as these to be prepared to face your inner most depths. Only you can walk the path, and you’ll go it alone. But if you return, well, I would say that I am most satisfied.

  • Theodore

    This article is useful for sure. My opinion is that every people should open their mind to stuff like this … and the world, in which we live, could be a nicer place :) . Might sound too idealistic , but i share these kind of ideas … and I have success with making people thinking more positive and believe in theirself more :)

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  • balance keeper

    It is useless to those who have been conditioned to think like part of the the hurd its not your fault it the people who have made society this way if everyone know the truth they would not be in control anymore this is what we should be teaching are children not history lessons history is important but not as important as are future are race will never advance with people thinking like sheep if only people could grasp what they truly are but this is not my place it is for them to decide an most will sadly still think like a sheep

  • sergei

    Great documentary that scientifically explains the power of the mind and the world in which we perceive, how were conditioned to perceive it and the power of belief against conditioning. a must watch for anyone who fully read and understood this!

  • awesomebubble

    I completely agree with this article. I believe that we have the power to do whatever we want to with, not only our minds, but our life. It is sad that most people choose not to believe in this power because they are scared or stubborn, but we shouldn’t hold that against them. Everybody has an opinion, and if their’s is that this article is stupid then let them believe that. At the same time the people with a negative opinion about this article shouldn’t criticize it, and should just keep their opinion to themselves or share it with someone who agrees with them.
    I am really excited to start learning, Jeff. I hope to get the most from this article c:

  • Gordon

    Hey, This article sounds like a big help. Though I haven’t experienced any Mind Power moments yet, I hope I will. And I do believe :)

  • Mike

    I need to look into more about this information. I have not once never used my brain to it full potential I always douht myself, but if some how I can telopathicly change my attitude towards everything I can achive anything.

  • veronica

    Hi all I believe in a higher power in this universe. I have witness it live it. I came to know things with having knowledge of before hand. I want to tap into my mental powers spiritually. I do believe your writings

  • Elvis Genao

    Hey man i just wanna say that i legitimate believe honestly lately i’ve felt as if there is more to my mind the only thing is idk how long it takes for me to be able to use these powers or how i would learn to use them does it just come to you it would be very helpful if u reply to this so please do so

  • Waste_muh_fuckin_time

    . . No . . This Chris guy is exactly right. You all suck at life. None of you can fly or tell me even where I was born. Just an open-ended way to pray on the truly weak-minded people of the internet, and try to get some ad cash. Jeff… You suck.

  • Kalo

    Thx 4 dis most ppl dnt believe bt everything u saying is true & it goes far beyond achieving goals

  • Kalo

    Also 4 all da ppl who do knw da truth den we shouldn’t b so simple minded & pic on 1 guy. As humans we.should hav mo understanding

  • mind_wide_open

    I totally believe what is being presented. With keeping good faith well believing whole heartedly, mind n soul, without having any doubt what so ever, that you will accomplish any an all things you put your mind to. For instance, take a single young mother working two jobs and going to school to provide her kids with good full filled life, unknowingly uses her mind power to like what was also stated. Accomplish her goal of her kids living a good life, not only through hard work & dedication, but believing in herself without a doubt that she will make it happen with good faith that a high power will help her over the hurtles if needed. Than she will achieve the mind over matter if all one knows, believes n trust in wut one is wanting as an out come, think oF it as a one track thinking, a mind set, ur gonna do some thing, and no one can stand in your way or convince u other wise without thinking twice or doubting ur next step and faith that will help see you through.. I believe it says something in the Bible like put ur faith in our father, the trust in the holy ghost, and have unconditional love for all living and you will have life more abundance.. And as for the so called adults that have commented.. Wow no wounder the generations are getting more and more.ignorant I’m only 26 and understand. And by the way I saw a little boy die from asthma for.three days he was dead his people still praying it a church goes to give blessing and begin to pray too and u would never guess the boy came back to life, more healthy than ever and even more amazing his asthma was completely gone.. How is that for faith n mind power

  • Those beyound the looking glas

    You find only what you want to see, think what you will only see. these are feilds of truth.

  • John Doe

    Other than what they think, me personally I’d like to read more. I find that we as people do have a mental power that we set to the side from disbelief. Don’t believe what the man says , but who says he cares about what you simpletons think. The man is voicing his opinions if you don’t like them don’t respond . Now in this age haters is what you all would be called because the fact of the matter is, you don’t have the balls to take on the challenges that he has discovered to fulfill. I’m one who feels the power and respects the power. It doesn’t make me a fool whether i believe or not, it makes me a fool to not recognize my full potential, for the power with in is not magic it is in self confidence and the work you put in to get it. People judge others more than they judge thierselves, nothing new, just petty jealousy.

    P.s. you guys should really learn how to write sentences…

  • Ahmad

    i believe that if you have a leap of faith then every thing else is possible, however dispute of what has been written above, one should go out and make your dreams happen.

  • Shandee Williams

    Mr nickles you are absolutely brilliant and I will pursue life with this at mind I considered all supernatural ideas and creatures and by clicking on related options I was led here where I have found inspiration

  • Yeah

    Incredible how they can all have an extreme discussion about one mere human being, but can’t even find the right words to describe themselves.

  • Sarge

    This article is just the positive influence I needed for an early morning read. Made me conceptualize my goal so I have direction and purpose for this long journey as a passenger in my mind and body.

  • John

    Imagine with your mind; Believe with your heart; and achieve with all your might.

  • John

    If you change your beliefs your actions become easier to change.

  • dising-yi philip

    i am really freeze with what i read now. it is going to melt the frozen ice on my body. thanks… i have to believe and work on any ideas or thought that visit me.

  • Gage Vaught

    That’s his opinion. No right attacking it. If its useless then there’s no point in searching it too read about. You expand your self in a mental way without knowing it. This post was to let people know they we can do anything we set our MINDS to. I know you’ve probably heard that saying before.

  • Josh

    Love this article very inspiring

  • aanya

    I really want to invoke my superpowers and I really want to believe but I am scared that it wont happen.

  • Rickey

    Did the writer Jeff nickles experience any if these

  • Just me

    I believe. Thanks soo much. I have acutally experienced all of this. No joke!

  • grady

    That made perfect sense what you said and as long as you believe anything is possible

  • Thepoolman813

    The man knows what hes talking about only i personaly believe in christ and this is his doctrine and he is the doctor some times its hard to see through the darkness therfore u can go no farther your attitude determines your altitude faith moves mountains it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god u have got to stand for some thing why not for the good even if u believe there is no god come on people now smile on ur brother

  • Dominque Detray Vaughn

    Cant Avoid It , It Is Real Nd Only People Scared Of Change Avoid It. Second, there is one who is strongest though, put it together, the casual thought is to calculate god, BUT LOOK CLOSELY

  • Emily

    Those that believe do and the others don’t……
    The ones that don’t need a long technical explanation that does not exist. Existence is energy. All roads lead to that. We are energy, we produce energy, I would hope you all would want to learn to use the energy you already have and manifest it for what you want in life. It all comes down to believing in yourself that you can do anything you mind comes to. But you don’t because your jaded by a society that does not want you to use your power so they show you otherwise. And your so dumb u fall for it. I have the power and I’m learning to use it. I manifest my own time u don’t. You work off the clock. I don’t. My world revolves around my time. Yours revolves around someone else’s.
    This article is great, simple and straight to the point. For the dummies to understand. The author has faith that you are willing to learn. I know better, so I focus on teaching myself. To the author, you did a great job continue to spread the message.

  • Marie

    Long ago, flying was impossible. Going to the moon seems miraculous. Having internet seems impossible.

    But thanks to people who have this kind of mental concentration and desires, they were able to make life easier for all of us.

    If you cant see, understand and do that, you wont be able to live your dreams.

  • yeahimblack

    We should all go in a cage and have a death match. How does that sound?

  • Unknownpurpose

    I have a purpose in my life and i need this power to accomplish it.I knew that there is a huge power in all of us, but i think i don’t believe enough.I have two questions for you;
    1 Do you believe enough to use this power?
    2.Can you learn me how to believe ?

  • Corey John

    Can you desire more than one thing to accomplish this I would love to hear more I completely believe this if you could please email me at

  • Rachael Brewster

    I’m inspired. Everything I think is what you say.

  • rebecca

    I actually understand this article to some level. I live and breathe my dreams and just imagine that I’m already there. There have been many times in my life where I just concentrated on what I wanted to become or be and have fulfilled my wishes but it’s not just about believing you have to have a great passion and dedication and perseverance to get what you want.

  • Josh

    He’s right theirs so much in our minds even the greatest scientist have not map it out yet

  • alexander Gamer

    Let me make this clear, your saying that there is a limiter in our brain which limits our full potential and we can break it by convincing our minds that it is alright, that it needs to be done and by changing our mindset?
    If so, my comment : Life is based on luck. If your poor, you’ll probably die young or if your lucky lead a tough life. Even if you can endure high levels of lactic acid(which will enable you to run longer and more easily) or you can do complicated math problems at high speeds, coaches and schools don’t come to the poor.

  • smananda

    only what your mind believes will happen

  • smananda

    whatever u think / believe will not happen, our mind is running 65000 thoughts per day, u cannot control mind. only what ur mind believes will happen

  • andrei

    lol! So basically if i stare at a piece of paper long enough…and BELIEVE then make a blood sacrifice to the God of Bullshit then it will levitate? hmmmm…

  • Rick

    you stated that you have experienced these “mental powers” yourself. Can you elaborate on these experiences please?

  • Knockoutblow

    most of you dont believe what chris is saying well you all have your beliefs and you all have an oppinion but one or more of you are really stupid really telling this man to end his life how bout u guys give me your address so i can bitch slap you cause the truth is you tell someone to end there life is wrong its not a joke and its not funny i had a friend kill him self ove stupid people like you so its not funny and i dont find it funny and trust me i catch any of you talking like this on my street u would’nt be standing for long cause id knock u all out what diffrence does it make what chris says maybe he right maybe not but the truth is move on with your own life instead of telling some one to end theres its not cute or fun its dumb and ungrateful and thats why you guys will die alone you have no respect for anyone move on seriously

  • Joshua

    You are 100% right. The human brain is very complex and to tap its true potential means a better future and a healthy environment. Surrounded by positive thinking and actions.

  • Lennox

    Lovely article. I manifest a lot of things in my life. I hAve ESP’and I do beilive we are gods within our selfs. I will enjoy further contact with you thru email.

  • Anarchy

    it most definately works. – Anarchy

  • Rawrrrrr5

    I feel like your right to a point but you just need to add more to your reasearch but its a very good start in the right direction


    you guys are assholes telling him his useless makes you dickheads


    Anonymous guy Fuck you

  • death00187

    Nice article Jeff. Just what I was looking for. However, everybody getting into arguments over it and bashing the topic, need to grow up and realize that everybody is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.

  • JUAN R

    It’s true

  • SavannahHephzibah King

    This article is spectacular! I have experienced miracles and have changed my reality by simply first believing then I spoke it aloud. I believed the impossible to be my material reality and it did manifest. If you believe that don’t have the power to change your reality then you will not. If you believe that you have power to change your reality then you will.

  • Talha Mushtaq

    please take help from GOD and try to ur fullest. U will never be failed.

  • him

    I know that all of you had the theory can I unlock full potential brain function not question and you can ever had daja vo yes you have vision of future warning if unlocked then don’t you control the outcome thus proving not the theory of superpowers, proving the reality of super powers

  • Zach

    Anything I’d possible through Christ, my lord and savior

  • Austin

    I have seen so many articles like this. I do believe it. They have a movie on it also. “The Secret”. It is very helpful. This stuff helped my family and I through tough times and still is keeping us happy.

  • Amelia Martiniuc

    i stumbled upon this while resesrching anather topic. i was bored at first but then realized i was just explainjng to my brother several hours prior how i experienced healing which started with faith which developed in the mind and finally affected my physical body. the order of sequence of the experience was incredible and it takes a very openminded person with limitless belief. Im currently trying to use the same method for my financiall success but its not the same. i was 12 when i thought broad and largely and now im limited in my thinking. inused to have out of body experiences and be able to reach people in ways that are inexplanable. ive become too grounded, allowing day to day small unimportant things to dominate. i need to become a carefree child in my mind to be able to access the genius in me which was very avid in me as a child.

    • Amelia M

      scuse the typos. i move very quickly as to catch up with my thought…

  • Jr

    I knew this already before I even read it and it’s very true you just have to pass your thoughts of reasoning and limitations and know that as the world turns and grow so do you and just imagine we use 7% normally and Einstein used 9% so imagine 100% use of the brain. Did you know that Einstein wasn’t very good at math that he created a game out of it and it opened his mind in a different way of thinking and just by that small change he changed the world by just redirecting his thoughts and yes even beliefs Einstein even said quote” the more I study the universe and learn the more I realize there is more and that there is a GOD who is our creator so open your minds and thoughts see what happens after awhile trust me things will never be the same for you

  • El

    I truly and whole heartedly believe this!!!

  • devin

    If people actually stop n think about wat there brain truly is then they will see that we can do amazing things hell we could even put ppl around us to sleep at will but seeing how as humans we only use 10% of our brains we really can’t do much..that why we must gain more higher levels of brain waves n control even if the world isn’t ready we must do it to save ourselves BC we are destroying the planet we live on … Just image if everyone reach 100% ..we won’t need certain things anymore like fossil fuels power plants..hell we might not even need planes anymore..fiction can become reality.

  • Emmanuel Johnson

    Really enjoyed! I honestly, would love to read more..

  • Ariez

    I believe your right, people are usually so focused on the non sense of theworld they dont know what power God really blessed us with.most people don’t even use 50% of their brains. They would rather think their right then know, they dont even try to gain knowledge.

  • Razel The Purple Heart Kid

    ignorance and disbelief in ones self will be the only thing to hold you back. Honestly i truly believe in this theory! i have studied a few subjects of the matter. i believe because a majority of my life i sat and dwelled within depression and sat back and watch myself plumit but with the more recent years, i turned my mentality around from the negative stabd point to positive belief and truthfully my life has turned around for the better. if you don’t believe try to believe.. If everything seems to fail then isn’t it obvious there is a need for change? As i procceed in this journey i believe i will reach everything i desire and until then i won’t be completely sure or able that this is all true but like i said as of now at this point, it has been working for me!

  • Brody

    why the hell am i reading this

  • Cb

    This stuff is true. The mind is the most powerful part of you that there is. I have encountered people who can do amazing things with their mind alone, like deny pain and other things mentioned above. But for it to work, you must not have any doubt about it. Thanks for the article

  • Al

    Seriously this is the most sense I’ve read in a while and to those who doubt it good luck cleaning the streets whilst we who unlock our gifts rise to our potential

  • jack_brown

    All this was really amazing…. learned a lot from it and jeff man your thinking is awsome and all this that you wrote is truly helpful for me

  • Alex

    I don’t care what you all say, but I do BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • infinitely U n I. verse ALL

    Wow and if people knew that there own empty thoughts still has a huge impact on the wrest of the worlds awareness and how life is because how they see threw there eyes only! It is no ones fault for there faults as they have been raised with a blind fold! But fear not as one will lead into example and will begin for many to follow only in pure truth on the construction of our infinite universe! And those who stay blind will only be the destruction of there own empty verse! And all who judge before they can even give a honest try, will only drown in there sallow lies! You must believe in everything because the universe is everything even what you cant comprehend! All reality can bend!

  • Tanya

    I really love this article and its great the way you think x x x

  • Lahiru

    Ok ok it doesn’t matter. Everyone has there own opinion if they want to believe or not. But judging by calling this article stupid makes the daily state of mind be lessened and in the process makes a new root of negativity

  • Johnny

    I believe that your way of thinking is one that isn’t for everyone,maybe it’s because their too young in this life or maybe they just reused to except that there are several paths in this life.
    myself I believe as you do that we can move mountains,walk on water control the wind and command fire .Thank you for sharing that with everyone who chooses to listen.

  • rajdeep

    Mr chris I think whatever u have written is definetly true I do believe u instead I must say that I believe in myself, my mind. I never really thought that superpowers do really exist but now when I come to think of it my heart says belive, and so did I I think it has helped me a lot. My guitar teacher says that it takes around 4 yrs to master guitar but he said I did it in just 6 months learning it completely. I can even type without seeing the keyboard learnt 6 different languages in a yr. Now I question myself how much power of my brain is unlocked? And watever I have written is true not joking . Reply me

  • diamondminer666

    this was weird I closed my eyes and did what it said I was not even thinking about it I saw 3 blocks and a core? I don’t know I never saw anything like that they where blue the blocks and the core was glowing a very powerful light that was bright blue this is weird

  • Destiny

    Nothing is true without belief ! I for one, believe in all aspects of life. If a god created this universe then this universe has great and mysterious things within it. Not everything can be seen or heard from every eye. Which is why you have to believe.

  • Witch Kiss

    Useless? Really Chris? well, I know the reason for that. You do not believe. Doubt it? Go without it! This article just verified what I threw out to the universe with my mind this past week. It has indeed come true. Does that make me crazy? I don’t really care. I know what I can truly do.

  • magnificentcreation

    i survived a fatal train accident just because in that very moment my mind said to me “Don’t worry the creator of this universe is watching and knows everything he’ll take care of you” and suddenly my hand was induced with a massive strength which held me to the train.

  • I Believe…

    Is believing the only way to actually unleash the superpowers we have within us? I have looked for info. about Telekinesis (TK) and many say that you have to open your third eye by meditation. Some say that when you open your third eye you can practice TK by using the psi wheel. I haven’t looked up info. about other powers, but I’m still working on it. Please tell me if there are other ways, Thxs ^_^.
    P.S. I keep on believing even if my family makes fun of me. Don’t let people push away your hopes. If you believe in something… Keep Believing!

  • jorge

    I believe in the bible and in God’s power. I am an evangelical christian i once heard a pastor preaching saying that we have the power to cure a simple headache if we ask God and believed. I now posess the ability to cure myself of any physical pains and headaches. I was studying the placebo effect and it further supported the power of faith. i was reading an article that said a mom was able to lift a car to save her son. Then i remembered samson from the bibke. When i am in the state of mind that we christians call “being in the spirit” that is when i can heal myself and i notice my brain potential improve and my willpower improve as well. I know there will be many idiot comments replying to this post but i dont care i just wanted to share it with you guys wether you believe me or not . :-)

  • Martinez

    I think it’s funny how that one guy said gluttony is a sin. So is lust and I’m almost certain a majority of men and women have dont that

  • Name

    It would do everyone a tremendous favour by not turning this comment board into a GODDAMN HOLY WAR.

  • Emily

    well how the hell are you supposed to USE any of this?

  • Saroj Tuladhar

    Thankyou for giving us such a good article. Really good article. I will try my best to implement in my daily life. Thankyou.

  • Kiril Stoyanov Ivanov

    chriss ur mother is useless if u don’t know shit shut your buthole u piece of shit

  • Hbb

    This is really cool I thought me and my friends had powers a couple months before I found this article. Thanks for helping me to learn to use them

  • Demetrice Williams

    ON June Of 1990, I Had A Frightening Dream, While Spending The Weekend Over My God Aunt’s Home In Chicago Illinois. I Dreamed I Was in Either, The Front Passenger Seat, Or Back Seat Of A 1979 Dark Colored Cadillac. I could Not See who Was In The Car With me. I know There were People Inside The Car. I could not see who was Driving. At Least 4 people were in the car including myself. We were driving up a steep hill. As we got Closer, I Clearly saw a boy around 10 or 12 in age at the top of the hill as we got Closer. He looked straight at me, and lifted up a large hand held STOP Sign. I told the driver, look out for that boy. We were at least a foot from the boy. I Was so Scared, I wanted to vomit. I woke up. My aunt was sleeping on a bed across from me. I HAD this Overwhelming Feeling of, depression, anxiety, and Desperation. I KNEW SOMETHING EXTREMELY TRAGIC WAS GOING TO OCCUR. It Was around 9a.m. I had to tell somebody. It was a Sunday. Everyone in the house was still sleep. A cousin Woke up to go use the bathroom. I jumped out my bed and stopped her and Clearly Told Her, In 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months, Someone very close to us is going to die. She told me to pray on it. The feeling never went away. ON December 1990, I was at a bus stop . It was Super Sunny And Mildly cold. A Young Man Who I Had not seen since he was 13, now 21just happen to be at the same bus stop. We Hugged, Then He told me Something that Sent Shivers Down My Spine. He informed me that my aunt’s Middle Son and Friend Were Killed in a head on Collision. Two others in the car were in,critical condition. 1 critical injured was his younger brother. When I got home. My Mom was waiting to give me the tragic news. This is My 1st. TIME I Went public with this story. I REMEMBER IT LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY. MY MOUTH IS SALIVATING AND I FEEL NAUSEA, Knowing I have A powerful Supernatural gift From God, I may or may not want to renounce. I traveled over 2000 Miles for a positive change. No matter where I go, People Can Sense An energy seeping through me that I cannot conceal, even when I do everything to hide it. Also, When I saw a picture of the car in a news article, it was totally split in half from the force of the impact. The drunk driver who crashed into them, was traveling over 80 Miles per hour in the opposite direction. They never knew what hit them until it was too late. I’m afraid to tell you another Real premonition. I Can’t make them stop.

  • Muskan Varma

    Its not about god..its about the brain we humans have and how we use it effectively and efficiently..i very much agree with the article never know what ypur true potential is unless you work on it and believe in it. We do tend to get facinated with things..put drives within us for that..but for how long? Till we get but bored of it, but what if we believe over it even if we dont succeed in the action plan..what if we still believe it can happen only coz of our will..i might sound stupid..but think over it. Its all in our a looser or be a magician..using our brain.

  • devinder singh

    That is fantastic i thank you for making me knowledgeble enough to this supernatural power.


    hey , i really believe in what u said in the above statements … please ignore the unbelieving persons who has nothing to dream in their life … or maybe some of them even don’t know why they are living or what it is like to be a human …. but i do believe in your words and i really know that humans are in a disguise where they don’t know what they are capable of….. If we consider our ancestors who lived here thousands of years ago , were capable of doing the above mentioned actions like telepathy, 6th sense etc….and also their society was much more advanced than our 21st century . personally, i think humans lost these abilities because they are not able to understand what they are capable of and as time passed we were unaware about our powers and also we have no guidance for achieving our 100 % capacity of our brain. May be as time passes scientists will discover these powers which we don’t know yet. Am not saying that those who don’t believe are fools but i will say that they are ignorant or may be because they think that they might fail by believing this nonsense …. so believe in yourself everyone because we are humans and we are lot capable than we think….

  • Mare Mratinić

    This is so true! I’m 14 and I use this for better grades. But there is a “dark” side, I’m affraid of mice and since I “use” my brain they just like come to me. I never told anyone because I thought they might think I’m crazy. My friend told me that one man can help women (with his mind) so they have a painful childbirth. That man say that he imagines a baby walking towards him. I want to be something like him.

  • About half way through reading this I felt a jolt of new found confidence i CAN do anything I want

  • mark lois

    all of us is created by unknown but if we think possible and without doubt, you will find the answer.

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  • krish

    Hi i m a nonnative speaker of english.
    Jeff well said dats true. Hey people who didn’t believe this concept and also those who say that only fate is in the hands of God and there is no use in this kind of techniques, please try to understand one thing. We say god is omnipresent he’s everywhere so obviously why can’t he be within us in the form of conciousness of our mind. So why can’t this technique be one of the gods gifts for humans to achieve their goals. Think for a while and then react. May be this is the way to awakening of god we within us.

  • Guest

    Hi i m a nonnative speaker of english.
    Jeff well said dats true. Hey people who didn’t believe this concept and also those who say that only fate is in the hands of God and there is no use in this kind of techniques, please try to understand one thing. We say god is omnipresent he’s everywhere so obviously why can’t he be within us in the form of conciousness of our mind. So why can’t this technique be one of the gods gifts for humans to achieve their goals. Think for a while and then react. May be this is the way to awakening of god within us.

  • Amarri Cheeks

    What if I told you I’ve accessed a lot of my minds potential?

  • Michael Norman

    Actually numb nuts god ,Jesus, and the holy sprit are one . They weren’t three separate gods it was one God read your bible before making a fool of yourself. If your using logic then your not understanding what the Bible tells you. That the same thing the darwin evolution nuts do oh its logic. God is above our laws of nature and he is almighty which means logic has no place here faith and belief is all you need.

  • Michael Norman

    Your comment makes no snse what exactly did the scientist figure out

  • shadow gal

    Hi, i totally believe in what you said, i would like to know further information on this…if you can share. Thanks

  • Ben

    Okay I read the article and actually do believe a lot of what is said. However he is my one question. The article references a thought pattern and various books etc where that has been confirmed. However the author has not detailed constructive steps towards attaining these mental super powers. It has left me knowing that it is possible, but I still have no idea how to achieve them. Just saying that one should think it and think positively etc is a bit ambiguous. I would like something more concrete please. Thank you. :)

  • Jeremy Studious-Lee Markman

    So believing that you can do something makes you more likely to do it? That’s pretty self explanatory. Changing reality is pretty simple, your doing it right now. While you are reading this you are effecting the environment in many different ways. When you realize that mind body duality is a fallacy and your are your environment which you influence via the (kinda important) act of homeostatis

  • AWM

    super power this wonderful gift from god is real because I have power I tapped into my mind I saw everything and its amazing the possiblys you can do and believe me or not but I know its true and god knows it true plus anyone else thats like me knows it to

  • samuel

    I’m the process of connecting to my higher self I am going to be truly honest I need some assistant would you be able to assit my in becoming one with everything

  • Jayden Adamski

    I came to the comments to see what people thought. Not to watch people get bible thumped twenty times in a row. Why are people who believe in following Christ so judgmental? Everyone interprets books differently, and the bible is indeed a book.

  • Anna Autrey

    To be honest any information is very apriciated to me. I believe there is more to life then the usual. Do u really believe that we were made to be as blind as we are? Every day is a chance to open your mind to new things and experiences. As humans we are constantly moving forward, We are meant to advance and build knowledge. People tend to stick to the normal doing every day things that everyone else does. They see certain topics like this weird and not “normal” by doing this they limit themselves to amazing possibilities. Like come on don’t tell me that there is even one person out there who hasn’t for one second thought that there is more to life then the everyday disappointments. Every one has their own hopes and dreams we should encourage these dreams instead of stomp them out, this only leads to future generations being afraid to have their own dreams. Don’t limit advancement of others because ur fear of judgement.

  • patriot2323

    When you were born you were born with sin into a world of sin. You were given free will that God will never take from you. It is our fathers greatest hope that you will use this gift through out your journey in life to find your way home to him. Remember that God loves the sinner but hates the sin. Try to be good to yourself and others along the way, stay close to him and he will do for you what you can not do for yourself.

  • Rupak Mukherjee

    Actually this is correct..
    Its all a perspective view of all the science and theories and their link to the cosmos

  • Rupak Mukherjee

    Do find the link within the holy texts and their clue everywhere to look beyond.? Beyond dimensions? We humans have it within us .. Each of us.. Positive energy is the key to unleash heaven within you and think beyond our 3d concept of existence.. Meditation by believing in good, radiates positive signals into the universe.. That belief is the key to lighten up ur subconscious and thats ..what is the light behind the heads of gods.. The more you believe in good .. The more positive energy you seek.. The benifit you do to urself.. Thats the end of our concept of 3d and start understanding the other dimensionsdimensions..

    It is going to be lot more..