It’s All About Attitude: 6 Ways To Stay Positive

How we choose to start a new day can be our single most effective way to impact having a good day. Waking up with a positive outlook, hopeful about what is in store for us, excited about the myriad of possibilities will lead us down one path. Worrying about what we have to get done, anxious about having enough time to do it, confused about the best way to get it all done is an entirely different situation. And more often than not, once we start down one path, we tend to stick to it. The direction is up to each of us and the first steps we take each day will dictate which path we ultimately follow.

Once we are up and running, life tends to hit us head on and despite our best made plans and preparations, we better learn to expect the unexpected. Everything from one of the kids sick on Monday morning to excessive commute traffic on the way to work to power outages and the computers are down, count on each day being full of surprises. How we choose to deal with these surprises will again greatly influence what kind of a day we have. It is easy to get caught up in the negativity and lose the positive perspective that we started with. How can we stay positive and fend off negativity when it comes our way? It’s all about attitude.

Having a positive attitude is not some trick that can be learned by reading a book or listening to a video. The ability to stay positive in spite of all that is going on around us cannot be bought in a store. It is a lifestyle choice that requires ever-vigilant attention and consistent effort. We all know people who seem to be perpetually positive, optimistic, and energetic. Their smile is contagious and we want to bask a bit in their glow. And generally we wish to be like them – at least a little – if we somehow could. Is there a map somewhere to direct us toward that path walked by the positive people? There may not be a map but there are some hints that might help us to start the journey.

How To Have a Positive Attitude:
• When you wake up, before you get out of bed, take a moment to settle your thoughts and get into the right frame of mind. Don’t let the worry clock stock start ticking but instead take slow, even breaths and control the pace of your day. You are in charge. Do not start to fret about the past which you cannot change. And do not become overly concerned with the future which will show itself in due time. Focus on right now, this moment, and get off to a good start.

• Realize that this day is yours to live only one time. Whatever happens good or bad, at the end of 24 hours, it is done. You cannot change what happened during that time and you cannot have it back. So live each moment and appreciate the world and people around you. Be a positive influence on those you meet. It may be through your charity that they are able to overcome personal challenges they are dealing with. Sometimes it can be as simple as a smile and a friendly “hello, how is your day?”

• Make the assumption that others you come in contact with during the day are good people. Try to stay away from being judgmental and remember that everyone wants to be liked. Sometimes our lives throw us a curve ball that causes us to temporarily become someone other than who we really are. But inside, we are all good people. And an amazing side effect of treating others as good people is they tend to act as if they ARE good.

• Smile because you are happy, because you are alive, because it is a beautiful day, or for no reason at all. With a smile on your face, things just do not seem to be that bad. It is easy to do so smile whenever you have the opportunity. And just like that jolly laugh you cannot resist joining in, a smile can be contagious and you as the spreader become instrumental in not only your own happiness but that of others as well.

• Don’t sweat the small stuff. Distractions and annoyances are plentiful but don’t let the minor things get under your skin. Ask yourself if it will matter in 100 years. Turn the other cheek. If it just doesn’t matter, don’t let it undermine your resolve or distract you from staying positive.

• Be thankful for what you have, the person you are and the people that are part of your life. Nothing is forever so take time to be thankful today.

Looking out the window, I see the sunshine beginning to warm a new day. The red hibiscus plant under the window is blooming and hummingbirds are starting to make their presence known as they dart by. I have a smile on my face and I am looking forward to the day. I am thankful for what I have and appreciate those who share my life. It is going to be a wonderful day – I am positive of it!

David Bernard is a guest blogger for PickTheBrain. He is the founder of the blog Love Being Retired.

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37 Responses to It’s All About Attitude: 6 Ways To Stay Positive

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  3. Randy McLean says:

    Just what I needed 😉 Sometimes I would wake up feeling great and then suddenly a negative comment would change all that. I am slowly learning that it isn’t me it is them and I shouldn’t take anything personally.

    I totally agree with the assumption that most people are good people. If you give others a chance you might be surprised how they will relate to you.


  4. I always love reading about this topic. It feels pretty clear to me that you can see those who understand this concept compared to those who don’t. Negativity festers inside people, causes unnecessary problems, and in general makes life miserable in return.

    Over time I’ve learned to start each day fresh. Have no hard feelings for those who wronged you the day before. If you make this a daily ritual, it gets easier and easier to eliminate that stress from your life.

  5. I’m a firm believer in starting out the day with a smile and thinking about all the great things you’re going to accomplish. Even if you don’t quite buy into it, your subconscious does and, over time, it will make the rest of you a believer as well. Once that happens, you’ll find yourself far more productive and happier than ever before.

  6. Joan says:

    I love Abe Lincoln’s saying “I reckon people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Focusing on the positive, letting go of anger and resentments and expecting the day to be a happy fulfilling one will go a long way toward creating a happy life.

    I used to be a pretty negative person, always worrying about this and that. Maybe it’s getting older or maybe I wised up, but in recent years, I’ve focused on the positive and let the negative go and everything about my life is so much better now.

  7. Johan Engren says:

    A positive attitude makes things so much easier, I agree. And thinking about it, it’s not that hard to make a change! Thanks for sharing these good tips.

  8. Bob Lowry says:

    First of all, I love the smiling cat. Great picture.

    Smiling has a magical power. It is hard to not feel good and get those around you to feel good when you have a big, goofy grin on your face. It had the power that even words don’t have to change moods.

    Our world throws a lot at us everyday to bring us down. The proper attitude can stop that negativity in its tracks.

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  10. Firstly I love this picture, its so cute and it definitely made me smile! David this is a great post and I love the idea of being able to get out of bed and actively choosing how you feel. There is a point sometimes where you can wake up and you mind is completely free from any thoughts whatsoever. Being able to cultivate this during the morning can be a great habit. Thanks for all these great tips!

  11. Andrzej says:

    Lovely kitty, reminds me of one of my friend when he sees chocolate 😉

    We had a gloomy morning, one of those that looks like it-will-rain-in-minutes, but three hours after – it’s all clear, sunny and bright. And all puddles sparkling 😉

    It’s a nice day after all. And the working week just crossed half, because since Thursday we have a weekend due to national holiday. All goes well.

  12. kalpanadasu says:

    good welcoming morning. after reading we get inspiration to lead happy & helpful life & start the day with positive thoughts. thank you Sree.

  13. Yes! Never sweat about small stuff, the things that doesn’t matter, trivial information, unrelated events and all that. Instead, focus on how you can eliminate these hassling circumstances, or train yourself more to push them away. Most of the time, they just add stress!!!

    Thanks for this, David! The fifth idea just sparked the reaction, but all the others are so true as well. I hope many more will read this – and know!

    Keep posting!


  14. Thank you so much for this article David! I like that you mention that a positive attitiude is not some trick to be learned from a book or video. It really is something we all can have, we just have to be open and willing to try it!

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  16. James U says:

    I trruely belive that that this is the best way to start your day, and I always take time before get out of bed to collect myself and tell myself how great the day is it works if you work it.


  17. Ben says:

    All the tips are really good and easy to follow.With a positive attitude you see the brighter side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening….Thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

  18. ashfaq says:

    i enjoyed reading it and made the most of it. thank u so much.

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  20. Martin says:

    Expressing gratitude is one of the best things that you can do to make your life more positive. Every day spend at least a few minutes thinking of things that you should be grateful for. Write them down and express your gratitude for them. I’m sure that this little practice will change your life!

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  22. YONAS says:


  23. hoang says:

    nice picture, nice post!

  24. Old_grey_man says:

  25. I love the this topic. Yes! its true, when you start your day with positive thoughts, then your whole day will be easier and less stress.

  26. Be thankful for what you have, the person you are and the people that are part of your life. Nothing is forever so take time to be thankful today.So true, we must learn to thank all the people and all the good things that happened to us today, because tomorrow is another day. 

  27. Dequincy says:

    Really inspring.. I wake up pissed at times but not this morning.hthis article makes me feel greatly exalted. Remember the law of attracting positivity you all. Like attracts like. So believing you will have a great day will bring you a good one! & good positive people. Your thoughts are sending out that magnetuc signal that’s drawing thhe parallel back to you.even though I have financial woes I’m so blessed & not even focused on that cause I know the universe has my back always through Jesus Christ. Yalll have a blessed day.y’all didn’t have to wake up this morning u know. I’m sure some people wish they could’ve gotten up that didn’t. Stay blessed you all!

  28. In short i would like to say …Think positive live positive and be positive.

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  30. Guest says:

    I really needed this. I was on the verge of giving up! I attend an all boys school and it’s been hard for me this year. I’ve gotten into a fight with a person 2 years  younger than me… & today was just a bad day. I let my anger and frustation out with horrifying screams and tears of pain. It happened at about 2:00. As of right now my body is drained from today and I am still worrisome and I just cant get over what happened today. 

  31. Francinefoo says:

    This post really did helped me a lot. You’re awesome.
    You taught me how not to take everything so negatively n how to even start off my day.

  32. djphrankyc says:

    Your website has helped change my life for the better. The first I do every morning is wake up..have my coffee and read your articles..keep up the great work….thank you

  33. Charles Wood says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I have my own ideas on waking up positive.

  34. sophya.Alexander says:


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  35. sonya says:

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  36. sonya says:

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  37. JOTHIKHA RAAM says:

    i have gone through several difficult situations… it happens with every body. it all depends on the way i handle it. at one point of time it makes me feel it is necessary to make my presence known but on the other hand i feel that it is of no use…
    most of my regrets are all about matters of silly stuffs. so i keep regretting all day long and miss my highly precious moments of the day. life can be lived only once. so i planned to live and enjoy each and every moment of my life with pleasure.
    while reading this article i realized my on drawbacks in letting go my positive attitude. btw this article was way too motivating. but something triggers me that reading articles of such topics alone can’t improve my positive attitude. it all depends on the way i inculcate it in my day to day experiences.
    so let us all stay optimistic. and btw… an optimistic person is one who handles highly difficult situations in ease… XD !

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