Increase Personal Productivity with the Top 11 Multiple Positives

Multiple positives — activities that benefit you in multiple ways — are a powerful productivity tool. These activities maximize your time by combining necessities like education, exercise, money making, and fun into a single, super productive action. The more multiple positives you use, the easier it is to get everything you want done without feeling stressed. They also free up loads of time and create a pleasant feeling of satisfaction and efficiency.

Finding your personal multiple positives can be challenging. Nothing works for everyone, so it’s important to figure out what’s compatible with your lifestyle and continuously optimize. We owe procrastination. Big time. It’s responsible for our best ideas and busiest hours. Used effectively, procrastination is a powerful motivator and source of inspiration.Based on the feedback from my post about return on investment, personal experience, and hours of research, here are the top 11 multiple positives that productive people use to make the most of their time. I hope you find something inspiring, I know I have.

Enjoyable and Educational Exercise

We start finding reasons not to exercise when it becomes a tedious chore. Making exercise a pleasant experience encourages us to use our bodies more often and satisfies our recreational desires. Here are some examples of how to make exercise a multiple positive.

  • Take it Outside – Getting out of that musty gym and enjoying the great outdoors creates a completely different experience. Instead of counting seconds on the treadmill, walk, run, or bike around your neighborhood. If you’re ambitious you can even head to a local park for some interesting scenery. Try gardening and yard work for the extra benefit of getting things done around the house.
  • Make it Social – Exercise can also be quality time with friends and family. Instead of making the gym a lonesome affair, find a partner. Having someone to socialize with makes the time pass faster and gives you a chance to develop personal relationships. After dinner walks let you get some fresh air, work out your legs, and

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  1. John Wesley says:

    Thanks Bruce and Dan. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it.

  2. Katy Ballard says:

    John, I’m a new subscriber and I’m really enjoying your site. Thank you for your sincerity and openness. One multiple positive that should not be neglected is social networking. This can take place at churches, civic organizations, and non-profit volunteering opportunities. Expanding your base of acquaintances and friends can lead to job opportunities, strong bodies and minds to help with personal projects, and even successful romantic relationships. You may have covered these in previous articles. Thanks again for what you are doing here.

  3. John Wesley says:


    You’re right, social networking definitely has multiple benefits. I never intend this post to cover everything, so it’s great to get additional ideas. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the site. :)

  4. Hey John, im a new reader too. Great blog, i love it. It has become a must read for me…

    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

  5. John Wesley says:

    Hi Nicolas, thanks for introducing yourself. It’s great see more new readers speaking up in the comments.

  6. Kristen says:

    Hi John. This is a great article! I spent several years at a job that required a very long commute each day, and I know the only reason the traffic didn’t drive me insane was the fact that the long drive provided plenty of time to listen to audio programs about personal development, educational material, etc.

    I’m really enjoying your blog!

  7. Steve says:

    John, nice post! I like how you always try to find ways of accomplishing several things at once. I think you did the same with the ROI article. I am preparing to take the CPA exams in the next 12 months, I don’t have much time to study books, yet, so I listen to the audio CDs in my car and at work. It is a great way to accomplish multiple things. From playing Chess, I should have thought about this! Now you have made me look at my whole life and see if there is a way to maximize/multiply the output from my input. Keep picking your brain and ours!

  8. JohnPlace says:

    I especially liked the tips for making physical activity more enjoyable. Sometimes I enjoy going for a walk by myself, but often I enjoy physical activity more if it’s a social event portrayed as recreation: like playing volleyball or hiking a trail.

  9. Les says:

    It would seem to me that “multiple positives” are also often more fundamental to success. For example, “returning phone calls promptly”, “rising early”, “take shorter showers” all seem to be habits that, while not earth shattering in themselves, create a multiplier effect in making other, often more glamourous, goals possible.

    Excellent article! I am endevouring to quantify this idea, and apply some graphing to round out the theory.

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  11. practica says:

    Hmm -good find for me indeed. I am kind of in spiritual, mental, job, and familiy mini crisis. And i am in search for personal positive thinkging in all areas above.
    Funny, but tomorrow i decided to do biz meeting with my co-worker outside the office; I am trying to learn french while in traffic jam; I jsut started to do blogging. All these show in your post and definitely recharge me. Cool.

  12. Wake Up! says:

    Great list, there are few things like biking to work, photography and learning a language that I’ve been thinking for a long time and think now I’m going to start at least one of those things.

    P.s. And I agree with Les completely on rising early thing :)

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  17. I used to ride my bike to work AND listen to books on tape while riding… Probably not the best things to do on roads with lots of traffic, but for my ride it was fine. Now I work at home so I’ve lost the ability to do stuff on my commute, but I would rather have no commute so I’m happy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Your headline “… Top 11 Multiple Positives” caught my attention. Though generally I hesitate to suggest that my creative women coaching  clients add “multi-tasking” to their “to-do list”, you’ve certainly put together a powerful list of ways to make the best use of seemingly non-productive time.
    Thank you for sharing these great suggestions.
    I’ll be passing them along, for sure.
    Wishing you well–

  19. Maverick Juanico says:

    It’s about doing what you want. It’s a nice and informative post.

  20. Renee says:

    I love the blog idea and making the most of the commute.  binspired.org is a great life coaching blog site that challenges the way we think thru powerful questions.

  21. Bharti says:

    Overall a good idea. Find multiple positives to do a thing. This can be applied to almost any activity that we take. Good one.

  22. jplusb says:

    where are the other nine tips?

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