How To Be Patient

Patience is the companion of wisdom. –Saint Augustine

Some people never really master the art of being patient, and at times, all of us struggle with being patient. Sometimes a certain situation or a certain person just pushes our buttons, making it much more difficult for us to remain patient. Once you lose your patience, things tend to go badly. It becomes harder to concentrate, and it becomes harder to be polite and civil to other people. If you are working on a project of some kind, and you lose your patience, you will often find that you must leave your work until you have regained your composure.

Learning to be patient takes time, and somewhat paradoxically, it takes patience to learn to be patient. Patience is acquired as you acquire wisdom, and wisdom is the child of experience. No one is born wise, just as no one is born patient. As you learn and grow and experience things in your life, you will become wiser. When you are a wise person you know how to react in certain situations. You also know how to interact with many different kinds of people.

For example, you start your first job in a big office, and you do not really know how to work with a large group of people in a professional setting. This is not unusual as you have never had the experience of working in an office before. At first it might be difficult to understand your job or the complexities of office politics, and this can be very frustrating. You might even lose patience with yourself, but over time you will learn, and with this new found wisdom, you will be able to interact with more confidence and patience.

At first, it might be disconcerting is someone at work disagrees with you. It might make you become flustered or you might even be overruled simply because the other person has been with the company longer. However, with experience, you will learn how to craft your arguments so that you present your opinions clearly and succinctly. With experience, you will less likely become frustrated when presented with such a situation. The wisdom you gain from experience helps to give you the patience that you need when dealing with someone who does not agree with you. Some corporate environments can be particularly aggressive, and the more patience that you have, the better you will cope in such an environment. Time brings the patience that will help you to excel.

Though it might be difficult, you should strive to be patient in your life. It helps you in nearly all situations. You must keep in mind that patience will come with experience and wisdom. Though it will take time, most people eventually learn to be more patient than they were when they were young. You will have to work at it though, and patience will not just come by itself. Age does not always mean that someone is wise, and wisdom does not always mean that someone is patient, though the two often go hand in hand. So what will you do to become more patient?

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  • that’s quite an important topic, thank you so much for taking your time to write this post

  • Farouk. Thank you for your comment. Which part of the article did you like?

  • Yes I agree this is very important. Patience is the key to so many positive things, but like you said, it takes patience to learn patience. It’s not an easy skill to master, but so worth it when you do.

    Whenever I was in a rush to make a decision and was impatient, it always turned out to be an unwise decision that hurt me in the long run.

    Great article Dominique :)

  • Circumstances don’t matter, only your state of being matters. Maintaining your state of being is crucial to achieve success. If you continually let outside circumstances influence your being, then more problems will arise for you.

    I remember my first job working in an office type atmosphere. It was completely overwhelming for me. It took me a couple of months to adjust to it.

  • Sean,

    Thank you

  • Troll


  • I struggled with patience for a long time and I still do from time to time. One thing that has helped me become more patient is too see patience as a favor. Instead of getting upset about having to wait, I turn it around and tell myself that I will do a favor for the person I am waiting for by being patient. This makes patience and act of giving and when I look at it that way I feel a little bit better about waiting.

  • David,

    wow, I never thought of to think of it this way. I might have to use your technique

  • saraju prasad pathak

    withought patient we can succeed but can’t get success.success withought patience is success which turns into failure. some thing like that “har bana jeevan ka jeet.”

  • Chetan

    Thanks for the post. As you have mention about working in big office with different people , I had hard time because even if I am right on subject – people who are working in company from long time – do not agree & at end of day it is company loss.
    Not loosing temper is big thing and I am still working on it.

  • Patience is a matter best learned by practice. It’s also a very useful tool that can come in handy for various issues. Learning patience is an extremely difficult task for many in our instant gratification society. I often wish people would slow down and take a moment. Sometimes, it can mean all the difference.

    Great site!

  • Absolutely wonderful post! I love the photo of the rabbit and the turtle on the race track. My mom used to read me this fable almost every bedtime. I understood the story well but I was never able to put that in to practice. I’ve been really impatient for almost my entire life. It didn’t bring me any good. I always believed that there is always a shortcut for everything we do. Like traveling space through black holes and any other portals of the universe. The results were undeniably chaotic. But as I grew older, I began to improve on my patience. I know it will take a while to master it, but I have all the time in the world.

  • Maryam Khazaie

    Thanks . It is an interesting article . I like these sentences :
    “wisdom is the child of experience. No one is born wise, just as no one is born patient. As you learn and grow and experience things in your life, you will become wiser. When you are a wise person you know how to react in certain situations.”
    Good photo too.
    How can I be a wise rapid rabbit?

  • damon

    The mind is an object and can be taught anything but the soul is being,everything you learn,it feels. So take the time to learn to deal with stress and how to cope with being patient. Learn to be patient and you will adapt. You will no longer feel the need to be jittery, or impatient! Trust me when I say this because I know!

  • I struggle with patience every now and then. For me, it has more to do with whom I am interacting with rather than the situation. Some people just seem to “push my buttons” whether they mean to or not.

  • rajeev

    Being patient at one moment may be an easy task but difficut to keep patience all the time………however it is an ability to countdown before you blast!………………..Sucess is the name of Patience.

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  • Jerry Lungarden

    I don’t have time for this crap !!!!

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