How To Get Motivated? 8 Ideas that Really Work

Let’s face it.

You are starring at your blank screen. But words are not effortlessly flowing out of your mind onto your screen.

You know that creating content, guest blogging are critical to your business success.

But often you don’t see any results or tangible momentum in your business until a few days, weeks or months later.

When I’m in this slump and feeling unmotivated, here’s what I do:

1. Remind yourself of your Why!

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started it in the first place.

Why is it important to you?

Start with your why, as Simon Sinek shares on his TED Talk, get clear on what inspires you to do what you do? People dig the why, not the what.

For me I remember the time when I lost passion for life and couldn’t get out of bed. It was the worst feeling in the world.

Luckily my parents saw how unhappy I was and finally really acknowledged it. They told me to do what makes me happy and to get help.

What I realized though along my self-discovery journey is that you don’t need anyone’s permission. You need to give yourself the permission.

And nothing is more satisfying than knowing you are in control of getting yourself back in the flow and creating the life you want to experience.

And since then, I am on a mission to help those whose lights have been dimmed to know that they are able to find beauty and purpose again in living out their life on their own terms and not somebody else’s.

This always gets my ass moving because this reminds me of my purpose and why it is important to me.

2. Do it for your tribe and fans

You have started your journey to doing what you love. Along the way people are starting to follow and engage with you.

You can’t quit now! This is only the beginning!

When I think about my fans and the people who I have been able to touch or make a difference in whatever way, it makes me so happy!

It’s the best feeling in the world.

3. Find inspiration.

Besides my fans, I also seek out others who are on the same journey as I am. I feed off their energy and the amazing things they are doing.

I follow the gurus in my field. I watch TED talks.
I surf Pick the Brain and check out the motivational stories that is on this site.

This gets my juices flowing as your determination, resiliency and enthusiasm keeps me going and motivates me to push myself even more.

4. Stick to The One

Whenever I feel unmotivated it’s because I have too much distraction that’s going on, I lack clarity, or I am putting too much pressure on myself to deliver.

You have to get focused again. Choose one goal that is pertinent to your success. Break it down. Start small. Make it easy for you to accomplish it.

So if your goal is to write more and to get an extra five posts out this month. Instead of thinking you have to write every day for three hours.

Just do an hour a day or half an hour day. And do it at the same time, every day at your most productive peak period where your mind is clear if you can.

Once you’ve done it consistently for a week. Increase the time that you feel is right for you.
Each time you complete your task mark your calendar with an X. And the key is Don’t break the chain!

This is Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret, which you can read more about it here.
And while you are at it, why not celebrate accomplishing the mini-task and daily habits you’ve set out for yourself along the way?

5. Put on your favorite music playlist

Music does wonders.

So create a playlist that gets you motivated and pumped up.

Or if you are lazy use 8tracks or Songza and search for motivational music and Boom, you are on your way.

6. Share your Goal with People.

As human’s we don’t like to lose face when we’ve committed to doing something.

So share it with some people who you know have your best interest at heart.

From these people you’ll get support as they will be encouraging you and holding you accountable in a loving way, every step of the way.

7. Shine among the Doubters

This is a bit childish but this fuels me, especially when it is my parents who think I’m insane for quitting my cushy corporate job.

I know I don’t have anything to prove to them or anyone for that matter.

But this fires up my determination to succeed and create a living doing what I love.

In the end you have got to believe in yourself. And the bonus is shining among those who never believed you could.

8. Mind Your Own Business

This is contradictory to some of the above points.

But it is important.

Once you have re-set yourself, where you have found your motivational mojo via any of the above points, it’s time to remove all distractions.

You know what they are. Turn off your phone. Let go of caring about what others think or are doing.

It is time to get into your zone and mind your own business.

Tap into your awesomeness. Create and take the inspired action that makes you feel you are living out your purpose.


Theresa is an 80’s music lovin’, Old Fashioned drinkin’, freedom livin’ travel junkie sent to zap living a double life right outta you. Get your free insights on life lessons for a work in progress here. You can find her on Instagram @gettingmyshit2gether and Facebook.


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