Focus Better by Listening to Music

I know this idea isn’t ground breaking, but it’s a technique that I know to work from personal experience. Since I discovered it two years ago, I’ve used music to get through boring work or focus creatively almost everyday. I’ve found that it can make even the dullest jobs enjoyable and help clear mental blocks to creativity.

I first noticed the beneficial effects of music while playing video games. It was a few days after Christmas 2005 and I was playing Halo 2 online. My parents had just given me a new Ipod, so I decided to listen to music through the headphones while I played. After a few minutes I noticed a distinct change in my style of play. I was playing more naturally. Rather than hesitating, I made decisions based on instinct. The music relaxed me, and to a certain extent distracted me from the game, allowing my subconscious talent to come through. The music also helped me block out the outside world. With those headphones on I was like a machine, moving from one task to the next without unnecessary thought or action.

Pascal said that we enjoy music because it causes us to count without our knowing it. I believe this is also what causes music to increase focus and creativity. Even if we aren’t paying close attention, our brain counts each note and change of rhythm. This counting occupies the part of the mind that hinders our creative abilities. Like a soothing lullaby, music puts the worrisome unfocused part of the mind to sleep so the productive side can get to work.

Music can also have a profound effect on mood. If I’m in a bad mood at work I’ll put on some Bob Marley and get down to business. It always takes my mind off what I’m doing and makes me a happier person. The same is true for classic rock. One summer I worked a terrible job manually assembling bottle openers and renovating an old barn. Without a radio playing classic rock in the background I would have hated life. It depends on your particular tastes, but listening to music with soothing rhythms and a positive message helps you forget your work and think happy thoughts.

For focusing on a creative task, I’ve found that listening to music without lyrics is most effective. There are no words to abruptly grab your attention and instrumental music tends to have the most compelling melody and composition. The dashing enthusiasm of Mozart or Beethoven enhances the speed and agility of creative thought.

When I’m writing I always have my Ipod handy. If I have trouble concentrating because of outside distractions or my own scatterbrain, I put on some classical music. This relaxes my mind, blocks outside noise, and helps organize my thoughts. Mozart works very well, and I’ve heard this is because his rhythms resonate with human brain waves. Whether this is true or not, classical music is a great tool for increasing concentration and productivity.

The results you see will depend heavily on your personal tastes. Experiment with the types of music you listen to during certain tasks. Through trial and error you’ll eventually discover your optimal soundtrack. I’m always looking for new concentration aids, so I’d love to know what type of music or other technique works best for you. It might not seem like a big deal, but listening to music can change your state of mind, causing changes in mood and productivity. Using music as a tool is an easy thing anyone can do to make themselves smarter and happier.

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  1. me says:

    “largo” classical music (slow barque pieces whose timing is about that of a human heart at rest) are supposed to help one concentrate best of all – vivaldi and bach have a lot of movements in this tempo.
    Mozart – what about Haydon, who is similar?

  2. John Wesley says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, I must confess I’m far from a classical music buff. I’ll be sure to check that stuff out.

  3. wamylove says:

    I don’t know what I’d do without music…

  4. Nat says:

    Jazz is probably my favorite music to have on in the background when I’m trying to be productive. John Coltrane, Thelonius Munk, and Miles Davis are probably my faves.

  5. Ibanez says:

    Nat pretty much echoed what I was going to say. It’s spelled Thelonious Monk though. Check out John Scofield too if you are looking into Jazz, he’s got some good stuff. He’s a jazz guitarist so it’s a tad different, I like his Uberjam album though.

  6. John Wesley says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I like Thelonious myself and I need to get into some more jazz.

  7. Hi John, I think the point of music for focussing the mind is worth re-iterating from time to time.

    I love listening to the likes of Brian Eno, Arvo Part, baroque music in general and Joey Calderazo for some jazz piano.

  8. Peter says:

    When listening to music the brain is subconsciously trying to ‘listen ahead’ trying to predict where the music is going. It is involving on a level that is not apparent to the listener.

  9. Ali Leatham says:

    Wow! I am doing a Science Fari Project on this, and this website has helped me alot!!! I will send an eamil back on what i get…bye

  10. Ali Leatham says:

    I got a 100% and I am going to Finals in the science project!!! Thank you so so much for this helpfull website

  11. NeeBone says:

    Gotta put some funk in there. James Brown, Maceo and the Macks etc. Definitely puts me in the zone

  12. John Wesley says:

    I like your style NeeBone.

  13. Kevin says:

    Minor correction: the “pleasure of music is counting without knowing one is counting” quote was Leibniz, not Pascal.

  14. John Wesley says:

    Thanks for catching that. I tried to find the exact quote when I wrote this but couldn’t. I’m glad to know who the actual source is.

  15. MEL says:

    When studying statistics and accounting I could not stay focused on homework without getting sleepy, When I played rock and roll in headphones I could crank out those numbers all night long. I figured my creative brain (right brain?) needed the attention or it wouldn’t let me alone…

  16. Spencer Varadi says:

    Thank you for the analysis of music phychology. I Love music and would be so strung out and stress ide be dead by now. Coincidently i am listening to Matchbox 21 while writing a speach music being played in the classroom. Thank you again for giving me a good string of logic to pull it together.

  17. Ash says:

    my view or opinion on this is the same. except i have a very strange case. if iam listening to heavy metal, or death metal i have better consistency and work a lot better :) very strange i know, go figure!

  18. jodie says:

    Try telling the school that music is productive for the brain all they know how to do is take it away unless they put on motzart or something.

  19. John Wesley says:

    Yeah, I’ve been there, but Mozart is pretty good at least :). They think they are helping you.

  20. Andre says:

    hello John,

    I like music too but I realized that I have quite to much noice surrounding me almost every minute. loud, fast or slow, quiet Music, TV, people, traffic sounds, telephone, podcasts/audio lectures, radio, “nature”, … Really quiet moments were rare and help relaxing at first but became _boring_ after some short time. I guess I got accustomed to all this noice – maybe for amusement, maybe for distraction or just to do something (society madness?) …dunno. It’s like smoking. For the other extreme, I heard, stimulus deprivation is a psy torture. However…

  21. Alan says:

    Binaural beats are quite interesting and relate. Im sure you will be able to google a better explanation than i can deliver, but binaural beats deliver low frequencies to induce brainwave patterns(~7hz). This is accomplihed with two offset frequencies, one per ear. the result is a perceived low frequency, below the audible 20 hz, checkem out, they’re surprisingly effective, but i personally cant study to them, but ive had them change my mood noticeably

  22. leaks says:

    I want to be Music

  23. Brett says:

    I’m am still in high school (which is prior to university for those who aren’t familar with the term ‘high school’). I have a rather lengthy bus trip every day to reach my college, to which I use the time to read my literature class texts. In doing so, I find that listening to classical music, particulary that of Mozart’s, aids me in concentrating on both the difficult reading material, and sets me in a creative and effective mood for the day ahead. Maybe I’m just imagining it, but then again maybe I’m not.

  24. zev goldman says:

    I find that smooth jazz helps me work through a daily session of fiction writing. Classical jazz, well it’s classical jazz and I find the smooth stuff easier on the nerves.

  25. David Sullivan says:

    Folk and rythym and blues songs help me get through tedious material and projects during the academic semesters. Artists, such as Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, Damien Rice, Patty Griffin, Catie Curtis, India Arie, The Weepies, The Postal Service, and John Legend, are my favorites. Jazz and classical music are good, too. When I need energy during study sessions or jogging, hip-hop music (Timbaland, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and Kayne West) is a necessity.

  26. Armand says:

    I used to listen to music while doing intellectual activities for a long time… That’s until recently, when I discovered that the silence helps me more.

    It’s kind of strange actually, because at first it really helps (or fools you that it helps) you to focus better, but after a while you start to realize that silence is much better. At least that was my case.

    It’s a necessary experience which can help you learn the true value of silence.

  27. John Wesley says:

    Sometimes silence works great for me as well, other times I think music helps me ignore distractions. It depends on both mood and environment I think.

  28. JL says:

    This is a great idea, but listening to the same music over and over can get you diminishing results because the part of the brain that counts the notes already knows what’s coming next and can get bored. You may want to put a warning that it’s better to listen to a new song every once in a while then to listen to the same songs over and over again.

  29. Eric says:

    Hey, love the article, its true, i am usually a scatterbrained mess of stress and mixed up priorities when it comes to work. I am a freelance artist, and so when im getting down to business not only do i have to be creative, but im also always worried about the other projects im not working on (i can only do one thing at a time…for now) BUT i found just by sheer accident that when i listen to Bach music, or any other piano classical music things flow really easy, i dont think about the things im not doing, or second guess myself that much, i just jump right in and before you know it im finishing up projects for once! Then i read this article and it starts to make more sense to me. Anyways just letting you know that it works, and i use it on a daily basis!

  30. Fetts says:

    I can relate on the halo 2 area. Listening to certain songs with a solid bass rthym definitely brings out that natural instinct based talent. My tag is ArchHawk Eyes send me a friend request if you wanna play sometime.

  31. John says:

    Music has amazing mood / mind altering power I think. If you can get your mood, your state of mind, and the type of task you’re trying to accomplish synergised with the right music you can just get into the zone.

    I find that the same music doesn’t have the same effect all the time though. You’ve got to make the right selection based on whatever the scenario is at the time.

  32. I used to play the video game Robotron 2084 while listening to Genesis’s Three Sides Live on my walkman. I could make a quarter last over an hour that way.

    You’re right about the Beethoven, though. I used to put on my headphones and listen to the Sixth Symphony to drown out the noise of my brother practicing his guitar (or rounding third base with his girlfriend) so I could get my studying done. Needless to say, I played it pretty loud.

  33. altgrave says:

    wow. dave just dated himself, horrifically (and i, myself, in the process).

    on a less derailing note, i find that music really distracts me. as a rule, when i listen to music, i can do nothing BUT focus on the music. the idea of playing a video game, without listening to ITS music, fills me with dread (listening to OTHER music, while doing so is inconceivable). reading or even web browsing is very difficult, for me, with even pure instrumental music on, be it as mild as bossa nova, classical, or smooth jazz. different wiring, i guess. otoh, i can barely stand to be without some form of white noise (generally, a fan).

  34. Shadowshock says:

    A few years ago in a giftstore, I found a CD that is supposed to help people to fall asleep, using binaural beats, as Alan May commented on. It is: Journey to Dreamland by Hennie Bekker. I really find this relaxing no matter where I listen to it. Lyrics tend to throw my thoughts off, so this is really good for me(any music that I can get used to an predict consciously is a bad idea when I am trying to concentrate).

  35. Mark O' Neill says:

    As a secondary school (Irish term for high school) student, I find that I can work very well at maths, physics or applied maths with music but not language or essay-type subjects. I’m not sure if it is the methodical nature of the subjects, though, or just that I prefer them!
    I like a wide range of music, but instrumental or ambient music is best for work, e.g. Sigur Rós, A Silver Mt. Zion, Radiohead

  36. jeigermeistro says:

    Music is definatly not right for me when it comes to writing essays. On the other hand, for mathematics it is a must. I personally listen to some metallica and random guitar riffs.

    BTW dave, wtf is robotron? You need to learn a few things from your brother.

  37. Brett 2 says:

    hmmmm i agree with the previous comment on guitar riffs. But preferably I would rather listen to Avenged Sevenfold or Velvet Revolver.

  38. rxan says:

    I would say that listening to music while doing other activities is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it helps, particularly if there are distractions such as noise. But other times I find that I cannot focus at all while listening to music.

  39. Antonio says:

    I’m trying to write an essay write now at a library.

    There’s so many people here (cause it’s finals week) that it’s necessary to drown out all of these distractions. I used to be some like some of those people above who mentioned that when they listen to music they got lost in it. I guess you just need to switch it up.

    But if you are going to listen to music to aid you in focusing, make sure that there are as little lyrics in the music as possible. We tend to get caught up on hooks and choruses that are fun to repeat in our head or out loud. Obviously if you get caught up in this pattern you won’t be getting very much work done.

    And yes, the guy playing Robotron should definitely learn a thing or two from his brother.

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  41. jacob says:

    thanks for the info its going to do me alot of good for my science project. . . . . . . if i get an A ill be sure to mention this website!

  42. hoffman says:

    or u a sciencetest or what

  43. Z says:

    Listening to instrumental Indian Classical, preferably Narayan’s Sarangi really helped me focus my attention while studying maths. Western classical instrumental also works VERY well indeed. like you, lyrics can tend to distract me when doing non-mathetical reading. works alright in art work though. unfamiliar songs are also less of a distraction than familiar ones you automatically start to sing along with…

    Interestingly, was having trouble sleeping (too many overlapping thoughts) and listening to BBC’s well-modulated news broadcast really helped out with that. It emptied my mind of all other thoughts but the news (well i’m a news buff so it worked! :) may make some people’s mind wander even more if they get bored by the news) and this helped me relax and slip into sleep which lasted even after the radio clip ended.

  44. Erinkidd01 says:

    If music works for you, it does for me too, you should try working in a different posistion, if possible. I like to lie on my floor when working. Eating something also helps, for me at least. You could try some of these things. Let me know how it goes.

  45. Des says:

    very interesting.

  46. Shahed says:

    I’m so glad I noticed how music affects me.
    When I come home from school I do my homework.
    I then excerise. I have noticed that music makes me feel more energized. Before I got tired really fast but not anymore.


  47. Fudge says:

    I agree that music has some effects on the human brain, especially while they’re doing some form of mental activity with varying intensity.
    I realise the following effects of music on some of my activities:
    1) Korean songs with an upbeat but romantic tempo makes me confident while driving. (I’m not a Korean by the way)
    I have no idea what they’re saying, but I just love the say it. The song blocks my conscious mind from anticipating danger.

    2) New age songs makes me relax after a stressful day. Secret Garden – prayer is a very good song if you want to meditate or drift into sleep.

    3) Classical music soothes my nerves when I’m preparing myself for a speech / presentation.

    4) Up beat modern pop songs lift my spirits up early in the morning. I usually dance to them. Sometimes I play songs from Indian Bollywood filems just to annoy my family in the morning (grin)

    I recommend buying headphones that blocks outside noise. You can either play songs without hearing any outside noise and thus fully listen the music or you can just plug your ears without playing anything if you need silence.

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  49. kerk says:

    thnx for this website i’ve learned a lots and also i wouid like to thnk the person who made this^^

  50. Josey says:

    do you think there is any collation with certain type of music and how loud it’s being played? it just seems to me that if it’s not loud enough, you may not be able to successfully isolate yourself. however, if it’s too loud it would only serve to distract you.

  51. mel says:

    The “right” volume is important for various results but it is important to remember that how loud something sounds is subjective and based on the individual’s hearing as well as their taste.

  52. dedsetmad says:

    Hey Jodie…try listening to Mozart with an open mind

  53. dedsetmad says:

    Try Mozart w an open mind.

  54. Barasch says:

    im in 11th grade, and i allways have my iPod+headphones with me, i listen to music ALOT, and it does help me concentrate but only becuase its better then niose, silence is the ideal work enviorment when you trying to finish a task, maby music is better when your trying to come up with ideas, but asking people or looking up different things on the internet are just as helpfull.
    anyway what im trying to say is:

  55. Jayne says:

    okay, so i listen to music all the time when doing my homework. and it never really matters what type of music it is. im in 11th grade and music is constantly playing while im doing any type of school work. i get all A’s in school and my math grade (which has always been my worst subject.) has improved drastically. i find that it is easier to concentrate on difficult tasks when there is something familiar playing in the background. it has been proven that familiar music helps to stimulate the brain and motivate a student. i encourage all students to try this if they are having trouble focusing on their work. see if it works for you.

  56. XOXO - ANNE - XOXO says:

    do you know how you can test concentration? i am doing a science project on a). whether music helps you concentrate, b). which type of music helps you concentrate better and c). whether music with or without words is better

    i would really appreciate it

  57. jake says:

    hey i think music does help with the brain personaly when im sad ill listen to sad songs and when im pissed off or angry ill listen to limp bizkit (hard core RAP) because what it does is stimulate my brain because its tricking me like wwhen im sad since i listen to iris by the googoo dolls it makes me feel like im not the only person with personal problems so after a few songs im happy again. plus i like the halo idea im gona try it cause it seems when you talk to the people they distact you and you seem to do worse but then again you get to meet new people so i guess you have to even it out

  58. Michael Elam says:

    I have done extensive personal research into the types of music (specific time signatures and tones) that induce an intense creative and academic focus and I have created such a product:

  59. kerwin says:

    i think we just have the same idea bro..!

  60. kerwin says:

    someone help me to overcome this feeling..?! i am feeling very strange recently.. i don’t why.. huhuhu.. help me please..’re answer will be truly appreciated.. thanks a bunch..

    here is my e-mail..

    i just want a friend who’s willing to help and to listen..

  61. kerwin says:

    someone help me to overcome this feeling..?! i am feeling very strange recently.. i don’t why.. huhuhu.. help me please..’re answer will be truly appreciated.. thanks a bunch..

    here is my e-mail..

    i just want a friend who’s willing to help and to listen..

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  63. Music really is very helpful in many ways. Not only entertains you but at the same time could use a few differently depending on your moods.

  64. gg says:

    oh my god… is this why i always want to have tv on in the background while i’m studying, even though i only ever glance up at it to change the station? i always wonder why i want to watch tv while i’m studying even though i never watch it at all… now it makes sense. it’s the noises! it really does help you ignore distractions, because your brain is busy dealing with that distraction already.

  65. Araelia says:

    So true! Music is quite the tool. I used to listen to music almost all of the time…until an accident last summer left me with a head injury, including inner ear damage.

    Enjoy your favorite music! I find it so hard living without music, yet listening to music drastically escalates symptoms.

    Music is food for the soul!

  66. John says:

    I have ADHD and listening to music calms a lot of my thinking… If I cant hear something constant I get so side tracked and start thinking about a million other things that I never get my task done.

  67. Angie says:

    I like to listen to George Winston, if i listen to music with singing while i work its to distracting.

  68. Seth says:

    I enjoy Classical music highly and regularly listen to it for enjoyment. Of course, my favorites aren’t as good for concentration. If I were to listen to something bombastic, like a Chopin étude, or something loud and complex, like a Beethoven symphony, there’s no way I’d be able to concentrate on a task.

    On the other hand, Mozart’s beautiful simplicity always focuses me. I especially love the Adagio movement of his “Elvira Madigan” piano concerto (no.21)—it’s gotten me through some tough writer’s blocks.

  69. Valentina says:

    I definitely agree with previous comments on the effects of music on how we function and feel. To me, studies showing the lasting beneficial effects of music and music training in early childhood are particular intriguing. According to scientific studies, children exposed to music training early in life tend to do better in school and are more creative in solving problems. Music is not just fun; it truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

  70. K.M.Antony Perera : If anyone can commen positively to say that instrumental music is far better than listening to vocal music as a relaxation method. says:

    If anyone can make a positive comment to say that listening to instrumental music is more beneficial than vocal music as a relaxation method. If you have any reference please provide

  71. Corey says:

    I’m a web programmer and I just happen to come across this post. I know it’s old but I wanted to add my own personal experience. As a programmer, I have found that instrumental music such as electronica, techno, drum and bass help me concentrate while working. is personal favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the beats or the numerical rhythms or what, but vocal music seems to hurt more than help. At least for me. I get distracted in the words of the songs and lose my train of thought. With a fast pace instrumental, I can create a rhythm and flow through the day. I find it also helps pass time while driving long distances. It can put me in a bit of a trance, like you said, where my subconscious takes over and I can block out all outside distractions.

  72. anusha says:

    what a nice inspiring paragraph!!!

  73. haylie says:

    I listen to rap,country and rock so im a variaty of music type of girl and im obbesed wit music

  74. haylie says:

    I hate that music is blocked at school because it gets me threw pritty much everythhing and mostly all my friends and family and even people i dont like listen to mi=uzic its like now days we all depend on it its our lifes and it schould not be bocked!! we schoold protest!!!:):):):):):)

  75. haylie says:

    i spelllike a dummie

  76. Teesha says:

    personaly i think at my school we need to have music in tests.

    Im going to ask my teacher!

  77. prom gowns says:

    i like listening to music!

  78. pownistown says:

    yessir music is the sheezay you beeziegeezies

  79. jessy70650 says:

    well i a project on this sort of things and i came up wit the conclusion that this is so true

  80. Ina says:

    Music got me through college. When I was studying for exams, I would listen to my ipod. Then when I was taking the exam, recalling (listening to) the music in my mind helped me recall the material I memorized while listening to it at home.
    When in doubt, incorporate all the learning styles.
    I would listen to the lectures (auditory). Write down verbatim what the professor lectured on (tactile-kinesthetic). Read the notes and the assigned reading (visual). Recopy the notes while listening to music (auditory/visual/tactile). And then I’d use the study guide to create a practice test which I would take while listening to the same music.

    Overboard? Perhaps. But I did graduate with a 3.98 GPA.

  81. Andrew says:

    Hi Erin,

    Just came across this post – it is so interesting to read how people are starting to comment on not only how music can help you work, but also the fact that instrumental music seems to be more effective when you’re doing head work.

    Having studied the psychology of it as a student I feel that audio is still massively under-represented in the productivity world, although I see a link to Julian Treasure above and really admire the work that he is doing.

    My original study on audio and performance can be found here:

    Very best wishes to you all

  82. Andrew says:

    Hi Erin,

    Just came across this post – seems to be inline with what we are doing over at music2work2.

    I’m fascinated by how music affects us – my dissertation for my psychology degree looked at how the audio environment affected performance:

    which got me started in this field. What I find more interesting as far as music goes is the increasing number of people who are finding that when it comes to “head” work – instrumental music seems to be more effective. Would love to study that now1

    Best wishes


  83. lala bby says:

    go omn that one it got videos and every thing

  84. Coolguy27 says:

    i find listening to music improves my game play in games i have better focus fx it is easier to do my home work while listening to music i wont get distracted

  85. chris says:

    i wish my teachers would believe this but they think that it is false i definatly agree because when i do listen to music i hyperfocus and blow through 1 hour of homework in 45 minutes at excelent quality.

  86. Producer JC says:

    Listening to and creating music is my passion. Helping musicians to make a living from their craft is what I’ve been doing for years. I’ve found that listening to music without lyrics help me to stay still and quite, which helps me to focus when do things like responding to emails, social wall post, writing blogs, or articles.

    But, I must admit that I wasn’t aware of this being common knowledge. Thanks for clarifying : )

  87. Kayla says:

    im in 5th grade and i have to do an essay

  88. i am doing an essay on this topic because it is about a topic what we want to do and i chose to make an essay about should we really have music in school because at our school we are not allowed to listen to music

  89. tryin to prove a point says:

    the past few weeks math has been boring me and i’ve been getting behind.
    when i listen to music while i work it blocks out distractions and keeps me focussed, so i’ve started that.
    my parents just caught me listening while i work and forced me to stop saying its bad.
    how can i prove them wrong?

  90. Cici says:

    Sit in your room, or a place where they won’t see you?
    Explain that its YOUR homework, not theirs, so you should do it in the way YOU want to, not the way they want you to. (ofc in a respectful way, their still your parents)
    if that doesnt work,
    just sit in your room and listen to it lmao :p gooooodluck <3

  91. Cici says:

    Sit in your room, or a place where they won’t see you?
    Explain that its YOUR homework, not theirs, so you should do it in the way YOU want to, not the way they want you to. (ofc in a respectful way, their still your parents)
    if that doesnt work,
    just sit in your room and listen to it lmao :p gooooodluckk <3

  92. Frosty says:

    Yeah im a golfer top 5 middle schoolers in my state i listen to music alot i take advantage of bestbuys weae and tear insurance ive switched my beats out about 5 times in a short period and it really does help i can enjoy hw and chores like vacuuming it blocks out evrything around u except whatever u happen to be looking at it helps with golf the most frustrating sport in the world u golfers kno what i mean and its happened often wear i listen to music and suddenly find my swing again its magical

    Grammar and spelling is bad cuz im on my ipod listenin to music!!!

  93. Kankies says:

    I absolutely love music I cant work without it, Im trying to convince my parents to let me listen to music while working and im using your piece to prove to them that its a good thing. It would really help if you told me which Pascal you quoted because Im trying to find them on Google and I cant.

  94. Angelic Devil says:

    Believe me or not,,bt really music really helps in focusing in what u r doing,,and really helps me to solve sums easily and sometime even learn things faster,,it actually blocks me from outworld distraction and helps me to concentrate on my work and also relax my friends please try it..

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  96. Narfy_76 says:

    You mentioned Pascal, mind me asking who is he.?

  97. Narfy_76 says:

    You mentioned Pascal, mind me asking who is he.?

  98. Gholbrook33 says:

    You’re bad at Halo

  99. ZeKaiser says:

    I bet you were listening to music while writing that >.>

  100. Ipwn says:

    you are awesome

  101. Sydneyhowell17 says:

    I  would rather listen to music to help me focus

  102. Juliaross says:

    Im doing a science fair project on this too and this info really helped me out!

  103. Artsygal says:

    nice but not very helpful  scientifically, gave me some ideas though.

  104. Artsygal says:

    I listening to music while reading it, and I noticed every point he made, was in fact, happening. In fact i’m listening to music now. I’m a country girl at heart!

  105. Caisha16 says:


  106. Shiaw_bing2000 says:

    A really good suggestion for music to listen to while working – in my opinion – would be music composed by Thomas Bergerson; publisher of “Illusions”. It’s all very inspiring and non-invasive music. Also, if you are looking to attack a project aggressively, I would suggest Two Steps from Hell; Thomas Bergerson – Co-Writer Nick Phoenix. Their music is absolutely wonderful to study with in the background. 

  107. Nikkiflyn says:

    this helped me a lot with my science fair! thanks!

  108. Reallylostforreal31 says:

    I already knew this about music but were i live at its not a good idea to block out side noises its not a good neighborhood were in 2011 were you live out in the country in the state of missouri get real this is california were half of thugs come from down south wake up and sniff some coffee

  109. Reallylostforreal31 says:

    I already knew this about music but were i live at its not a good idea to block out side noises its not a good neighborhood were in 2011 were you live out in the country in the state of missouri get real this is california were half of thugs come from down south wake up and sniff some coffee

  110. XxAngelDeath1xX says:

    Hah, the comments the were unnessecary were cute. This helped for my class prject. I got a 100 thnx. And juss for future reference… I dont suck at Halo.. Jus saying xD
    – Bluefield, VA

  111. Vanessa_duran46 says:

    This Is SO TRUE!!

  112. Rtplennert says:

    uhh ya i like crunk and electronica so suck mi fucking dick

  113. Artsygal says:

    I don’t think that he was saying that only these types of music help focus the brain. I’m sure that you’re music will help you, just as well as country and christian helps me. It’s mainly the rhythm and beat that helps you focus.

  114. Arstygal says:

    Me too! I hope mine goes well!! I’m almost finished and it’s due this Thursday! So nervous. I’m taking Physics and Biology, so if I make a bad grade, I fail 2 classes instead of just one!!
    No pressure though, right!?

  115. Saurich says:

    well, I know that sometimes my teacher takes way way way to long to actually teach the lesson and it gets so boring!!!!!!!!!! It makes my mind brain dead and then when it actually comes to doing the assignment I can’t concentrate:(

    Desperate for change

  116. Drew R Schmidt says:

    So I’m writing a paper for a media and culture class about how lyrics affect our moods–our way of life– because just like everything, the way we are as people is either taught or learned.  I feel that there may be a correlation between music with inspiring, caring, loving lyrics and music that contains very rude, immoral, sexual, etc. words or thoughts.  It’s very interesting to think that music affects us as people.  I’m also taking a music appreciation class right now and I must say, I might have to try listening to some of the classical music I have been exposed to.  Thank you for your thoughts.  You have opened my mind even more about how music can affect our lives drastically.

  117. F-Mae says:

    This is great! I am doing this for my science project this year

  118. Sofia Cartelli says:

    Thank you for this! I’m writting an essay about how listening to music while studying is good for your mind and body so thanks… i guess!

  119. Tanya Wells says:

    This is so true, I have developed a deep love for dubstep music.  I noticed that if i could not focus on my homework i could begin listening to this type of music and suddenly i could finish my task.  It is amazing how it works for me…my brain feels relaxed by the many different sounds that it tries to identify in the songs.

  120. Tanya Wells says:

    This is so true, I have developed a deep love for dubstep music.  I noticed that if i could not focus on my homework i could begin listening to this type of music and suddenly i could finish my task.  It is amazing how it works for me…my brain feels relaxed by the many different sounds that it tries to identify in the songs.

  121. Decidebay says:

    I love listening to music while i work – I don’t think i could code data
    without listening to something! But for me music without singing or
    songs you know inside out work best when i am trying to read.

  122. Punk says:


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  124. musicisalanguage says:

    I read this article while listening to piano music, and idk why but my eyes started watering… Very nice writing techniques. And so true of an article.

  125. psychedelic lemons says:

    try listening to shpongle while doing work. it makes you really creative

  126. guest says:

    Really good explenatioon
    and i cant spell…

  127. Jaredcmapel says:

    Actually my preferred taste of musci is hard rock,metal,alternative, and some 60`s too.(Linkin Park, Three Days Grace,Disturbed,Rolling Stones) Im actually using this very article to write a persuasive essay for my 8th grade class this helped a bunch! Thanks!

  128. Jaredcmapel says:

    Actually my preferred taste of musci is hard rock,metal,alternative, and some 60`s too.(Linkin Park, Three Days Grace,Disturbed,Rolling Stones) Im actually using this very article to write a persuasive essay for my 8th grade class this helped a bunch! Thanks!

  129. Shelby_tompkins says:

    Helped me for a debate. Thanks!

  130. Dlthiess says:

    I do it all the time and it does work

  131. Ljnoodles says:


  132. Lpnoodles says:


  133. Lcnoodles says:


  134. Yummynoodles says:


  135. Noodleobsession says:


  136. Noodleobsession says:


  137. Noodleness says:


  138. Matthewharris says:


  139. Noodleman says:

    i disagree with matthew but not anyone else-yup.

  140. Noodleobsession says:

    dude i totally agree!

  141. Noodleobsession says:

    aww  i don’t want my comment to be a sliver!

  142. Noodleobsession says:


  143. Noodleobsession says:

    im replying

  144. Noodleobsession says:

    im replying

  145. Noahxwilson says:

    this is extrimily helpfull

  146. James says:

    A little Queen tends to always relax me because I love the lyrics and they make me think. 

  147. Oteroana says:

    I play jazz. I’m a sax player. All I can say is that music is an art, but jazz is a passion.

    Thank you for being the only site w/ positive comments on jazz.

  148. Weirdo says:

    I’ve found that when I have a playlist with drastically varying genres of music, I focus so well for example, I was listening to some Mozart, then it switched to Killswitch Engage, then a Beatles song then an Avenged Sevenfold Song, then some glen miller. 

  149. Allpowerfulnoodle says:

    hello world-noodles for all!

  150. Noodleobsession says:

    way off topic

  151. Allpowerfulnoodle says:

    yes but i like it

  152. Noodleobsession says:

    so true

  153. Weirdo says:

    is a fluffy egg

  154. Weirdo says:

    is a fluffy egg

  155. E. Ryan says:

    My daughter can not concentrate when music is playing. while her teacher thinks it a great idea. It is effecting her grades and performance and making her depressed. I would like to know where the data is that allows her teacher to subject her to this unproen theory. one mans medicant is another mans poison, but I really want to kill the music in a group setting until hard data is available

  156. Coripeke says:

    wow i just caint believe what i would do withought music anyways i have to write about a persuasive essay for my school principle on why we should havelisten to  mp3 players while working independently and  i just got some facts. yes!

  157. BrendiRutherford says:

    This is a good article…… for a Kid!!!

  158. glbeauch says:

    When I was in college I used to go down to the bottom basement floor of my dorm and take my radio  (yep, I’m that old)and ear phones and play the big band station.  I don’t know why that worked for me but Icould concentrate and could memorize large numbers of notes.  I did well on my tests when I studied in this manner.
    There is no doubt I excercies better when I’m listening to music.  I can stay at it longer and work harder.  Personally I like hip hop music when I’m working out!

  159. Investment Banker Hot Shot says:

    i agree with mathew and noodles

  160. Virinya2539 says:

    guys, hey i’m doing my english project. i just need you guy to post a moment on here tell Can you concentrate on other things while you are listening to music ? is it complicated or…? please 

  161. Unknown says:

    Science fair project! Thank you for information!

  162. Loyaltytruth says:

    I agree that listening to music that as no lyrics is the best. I mean, no human sound whatsoever! This would only be if I’m studying of course. I love this article! Thanks so much!

  163. Papercat1 says:

    I just found this study that you may be interested in:

  164. Papercat1 says:

    I just found this study that you may be interested in:

  165. Papercat1 says:

    I just found this study that you may be interested in:

  166. Cali Dude says:

    My preferance when at work, driving in traffic or to help with stress is music like John Mayer, Jason mraz, John Legend and this local musician I saw who has the same kind of music. This type of music is very calm even paced and idk I just find it very calming and relaxing.

  167. Jake says:

    Doing an English project on Persuasive Essays. This definitely helped me get some URL credit. Also helped my teacher realize that getting a speaker for his classroom is worth it. Thanks

  168. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Pft…I listen to Green Day while doing homework, and my grades skyrocketed.

  169. Digital Firestorm says:

    Great article. I enjoy Andy Hunter. A DJ from the Uk. His new album Glow and some of his other albums have great tracks.

  170. me says:

    Well you see my friend and i really want to listen to music in study hall. Our class loves music and our teacher always complains of how we are to loud. Our thoughts were if we listened to muscic in class we would be able focus more and behave better.

  171. Mikayla Eckel Cifrese says:

    I love Christian pop and rock music for entertainment and helping me think about God.  But I just started listening to some Beethoven and what do you know?!  My mind is know longer wandering off like it usually does,  and I’m not having OCD thoughts.  Thank you God for this gift of classical instrumental music!  I never realized what a true gift it was until tonight!

  172. Randy says:

    same here

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  174. jen says:

    ERNESTO CORTAZAR is the best if you like classical/piano

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