2 Weeks on the Slow Carb Diet and Colorado Experiment

Note: This is the second update of my experiment with the slow carb diet. If you’re new here I suggest reading the introduction and first update so this post makes sense.

It’s been 2 full weeks since I started the slow carb diet and results are slowly starting to show. I’ve definitely gotten leaner, but for dramatic effect (and because I don’t have a scale) I’m going to hold off on weighing myself until the 1 month mark. Sticking to the muscle gain program has become second nature. Today I was able to walk past a spread of free desserts without eating any, although I was disappointed it wasn’t my off day.

The only times I’ve gotten in trouble is when I want to eat with other people. Last weekend a college friend came to visit and we ended up going out for drinks a couple nights, leading me to break the “don’t drink calories” rule. If I hadn’t been able to use my off day the weekend would have been a complete debacle. Overall the damage was minimal but I can imagine how difficult the diet would be to maintain for people who regularly eat with others or dine out a lot.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to follow the weight training routine because of the throbbing that developed at the base of my skull after the first workout. I think it was caused by straining too hard so I’ve been taking it easy and substituting basketball, pushups, and crunches in the mean time. Hopefully when I hit the weights again next week the pain will be gone.

I’d also like to highlight reader Brion’s progress because it’s inspiring and because it makes me happy that writing about this stuff has encouraged someone else to give it a try too. Brion writes:

It’s been two full weeks on this diet and exercise routine for me now and I’m very encouraged. I’ve lost 10 lbs of body weight, and my overall strength has improved considerably. I wish now that I had a body fat measurement taken before I started so I would have some idea of how much muscle vs fat progress I’m making.The diet part is starting to feel habitual now; like I’m on automatic pilot. I’ve lost my cravings for sweets, breads, pasta, cheese, and junk foods – this amazes me! I hope it is a lasting effect. I’ve reduced the amount of meat I’m eating though, and increased vegetable consumption by double what I had been. I just eat a small portion of meat (chicken, beef, turkey, or tuna) at each meal now and I seem to still be making strength and endurance progress.

My recovery time from exercise has improved dramatically, and I no longer cringe at doing squats – I used to HATE doing squats! – and they, along with deadlifts, have become my favorite exercises for overall strength. The 5/5 count while doing repetitions seems very beneficial to me and increases the effort required while reducing the risk of injury for me.

My main goal has been to lose weight and it’s happening. I can see myself hitting my target weight of 195 lbs now; and more importantly, making this a viable long term weight management program while increasing my overall fitness.

For the other readers who are giving the diet and workout a try, I look forward to hearing about your progress in the comments. Also, if anyone has experience with this stuff advice is very welcome.


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