Elimination – The Secret Strategy to Finding Your Life Purpose

Are you waiting for the skies to part and for your life’s purpose to be revealed?

Wandering the streets like a lost tourist in hopes that your life’s purpose will run into you?

Waiting for inspiration to strike in a midnight dream, like a bolt of lightning?

You may be feeling unfulfilled in life because you have yet to find your life’s purpose.

You want to do work that inspires you every day, that makes you feel fulfilled and that makes you feel like you are doing what you were sent here to do.

The stable job you have may pay the bills but you find it grossly unfulfilling.  Your current job doesn’t feel like purpose.

When a visit to the fortune-teller, career counselor or your local therapist’s couch still won’t help, here’s a secret tactic to help you discover your life’s purpose sooner.

Finding your purpose requires experimentation.

The only way to discover your life’s mission or purpose is to try to find what you are passionate about in life.

Passion is also something that’s not going to strike you in a midnight’s dream or purr into your ear as you’re out having a drink at the local pub.

You can’t imagine passion, dream about passion or envision passion. Passion isn’t some feel-good feeling that will slowly wash over you.

To discover your passion, you have to experiment and try out different professions, jobs, skills and abilities. You must actively experiment doing different things in order to find your passion and ultimately your purpose in life.

This process requires you to pursue various interests. In order to successfully experiment, you must take new classes, learn new skills, change jobs that don’t suit you, start doing volunteer work, freelance your services for free, and doing things that are continuously outside of your comfort zone.

The idea is to try to delve into and explore every one of your interests in depth. Not just stand on the sidelines and imagine what a particular job or skill might feel like.

How the process of elimination will result in your purpose.

The secret tactic to discover your purpose in this process is elimination.

The more jobs and skills you’re able to try out in your life, the more self-knowledge you’ll have about yourself. You’ll know what it is you’re passionate about doing and what you absolutely hate.

The key is to discover as many of the jobs and activities that you’re not good at and have no interest in whatsoever.

This active tactic of elimination is a powerful process that will help you narrow down what you’re passionate about and move you closer to your life’s purpose.

The more action you take, the sooner you will find your purpose.

For this elimination tactic to be successful and for you to land at your life’s purpose sooner, eliminate more careers, jobs, and skills that you have no interest in.

For example, if you realize that you can’t stand accounting and finance, which is what you studied in university, you can eliminate all jobs in those fields. If you studied computer science and despise programming, you can rule out programming related jobs. If you studied marketing but despise market research, you can eliminate that job skill from future job searches.

In each job or career you have, you will find job duties you take a liking to and others that you never want to do again. The only way to determine which skills and job duties you’re passionate about is to try out a  lot of them. Keep taking on added responsibilities and seeking new job duties so that you can evaluate for yourself if something is a good fit or not.

You don’t have to make drastic moves either. If you’re working and have to support a family, don’t quit a job to become a musician. You can start your music career in the evenings and weekends. Don’t quit the day job so you can become a writer. You can write for a couple hours every morning before work. Don’t sell your house to start a business when you can start the groundwork for building up a business while you’re still employed.

The more jobs, skills and careers you try out, the sooner you will be able to find out what you’re passionate about.

As you eliminate activities which don’t interest you and narrow down your list of passions, you’ll inch up even closer towards finding your life’s purpose.

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