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What is our Community Blog?

Over the past 6 years we’ve been fortunate enough to have hundreds, literally,
hundreds of self development bloggers from around the world contribute their
unique voices to PTB.

We’ve received so many submissions, in fact, that we had run out of slots to fill
and left many creative voices unheard. With this in mind – wanting to provide the
greatest, most eclectic self improvement resource on the web – we’ve created a
special section to try and accommodate all of these great writers that have honored
us with their submissions.

Enter, the Community Blog!

What’s the general criteria of a post that will be accepted?

1. Generally speaking, posts are between 600-800 words in length.
2. They must be 100% original to PTB (i.e. find nowhere else on the web or in print)
3. Posts must be on a relevant Self Improvement topic – and cannot be used as
advertising for any brand, product or company
4. Posts may include a 2-3 line bio which includes a hyperlink back to your blog,
website, etc
5. Accepted authors must acknowledge that any material that is published on
the blog becomes the sole property of PickTheBrain and may not be recreated or
republished by the author without the strict permission of PTB.

So get blogging!


  • Daniel Wayne

    Oh my God this is a dream come true! I have been reading this blog daily faithfully and sometimes FEARFULLY because of how the contents discussed are so directly targeted at the vulnerabilities of human nature in this day and age. I don’t comment as much as I would like to but this article opportunity will make me NEED to express my 100% original unique perspective of this beautiful empowerment content. I look forward to contributing!

    • DhannaReaderaci

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  • shanzay khan

    thanks so much for giving us this opportunity.. one thing which is not quite clear , I have been writing blogs for last few years and sharing them on, I want to know that may I send them to you for
    reviewing???? these blogs r 100% original but available on plz let me know that I should post them to u or not… thanks

    • PickTheBrain

      HI! Unfortunately, blogs must be 100% to PTB and not previously published anywhere else. But please feel free to submit totally original material…thx for your interest!

      • David

        It seems contradictory at best to force authors to not be able to recreate their own thoughts, concepts and ideas for other publications. You cannot pretend to be a movement toward the betterment of man if you are not only willing, but absolutely committed to, making sure that ideas only get transmitted when the transmission benefits you financially. It’s pathetic, shallow, and extremely short sighted. Your inability to see the success you can find by being a spark is proof that you will only exist in a constant existence of living just ahead of failure and no further. There is one law of nature and life in the universe that cannot be ignored… you must give to get. You must provide benefits if you ever wish to receive them, and you must have integrity in your mission or your ship falls apart.

        • k.r.

          I agree with your objection. It looks like the originator of this blog would be the only one reaping any compensation for the content. Many professional writers use their material in different ways and contexts. To encourage people to blog and then hold the rights to their contributions doesn’t seem ethical to me.

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    will make me NEED to express my 100% original unique perspective of this
    beautiful empowerment content.
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  • Alexander Heyne

    Hi there – is this the easiest way to get in contact for guest posting? I tried emailing Erin and never heard back.


    – Alexander

  • Onder Hassan

    I can’t seem to log into my account.
    Does anyone have similar problems?

  • J.Smith

    I just started this blog to deal with possible depression…

  • kashyap

    meditation helps in developing sense of calmness & purpose in life. all other techniques of developing the brain becomes fruitless untill we learn to give the brain the much needed rest. and the rest to the brain can oly be achieved by meditation!

  • Vivian

    Really a great platform to share thoughts on personal development.

  • Natasha Dao

    Thank you for providing such empowering self-help ideas and life enriching of wisdom teachings! Many of more reasons to be able to contribute my life lessons as part of the community….”By living your true purpose with Love & Gratitude, we are abundantly living in oneness with the universe”….Love & Thanks! Natasha Dao :)

  • Claude Lagang
  • Blue Diva

    Love this. Will be submitting soon.
    Blue Diva

  • Claude Lagang
  • The Q


    I submitted an article and it got posted (sweet), but the link to my site has a “nofollow” tag. Is that intentional?

    • Yara

      Did you ever get a response about this?

      • The Q

        Nope :/

        • Yara

          Thank you for your reply The Q :) I was thinking about sending killer blog post for this website, but after reading the rules – the total loss of any right to my own work, no compensation etc – and now understanding the link on the bio is a no follow, for which you never even got a reply after your contribution… I wonder if there aren’t some contradictory ethics in here. A no follow link is worth nothing, doesn’t even help on google ranking. Quite sad actually.

  • Stephan Labossiere

    I just stumbled upon pick your brain today and the site looks great. I will definitely be submitting an article very soon

  • gracieintouch

    I’ve been following you on Twitter because i’m passionate about personal development. I look forward to writing for the community blog soon, from the area of my expertise and passion.

  • Judy Karimi

    Can one blog about matters education on the community blog. I blog on how to help students improve their writing skills.

    • Aphrodite

      what is your blog

  • DarkMonster

    And here is my crazy blog about depression monsters and the fights I have with them … almost every day:

  • Stephanie

    After being the primary caregiver of someone who suffered greatly from depression for years, I am thrilled to see this forum as a place to share strategies for coping with whatever life throws your way. I hope to be a part of of your writing community in the very near future!

    • Stephanie

      My story is called “Transcending Tragedy” and can be found at

  • Amelia Hay

    I can login but not submit a post for review. :(

  • Milkwaygian Muse 07

    Thank you for creating a platform for transmiting helpful information concerning how to deal with Life’s Challenges and to share Life’s experiences. This can be a great medium for helping oneself and others to enrichen our thinking and to grow ourselves toward the attainment of higher consciousness.Do keep up the good work. However, is it really advisable to block contributors from re-publishing or yielding up rights to their authorship? This may not be such a good thing to stipulate as a pre-requisite for posting blogs. Do remain sensitive to feedback of this commentary and those of similar descriptions.

  • thepulp1

    I just stumbled upon pick the brain today and the site looks great. I will definitely be submitting an article very soon Thanks.

  • Vishaun Kistan

    Self Improvement blogs are the best blogs on the internet. They are essential for one’s self. I’m looking forward to reading those blogs that have been submitted by all the amazing self growth bloggers. The biggest self Improvement community on the web!!

  • dienmaygiadinh

    Love this. Will be submitting soon. máy lọc nước kangaroo

  • Laura

    I hope to be able to submit something soon. Can’t wait.

  • Matt (Mr. Cash At Hand)

    Thank for giving us the opportunity to submit valuable and uplifting content. I look forward to submitting an article and share my thoughts on self improvement!

  • Fullrliving

    I have read your post they are really amazing!! I would definitely share a post with you guys..

  • Student

    Im a grade 12 student in Vancouver Canada, and my Trevor Mills and he is trying to rais money to support mental health and awarness of it. Please check out his kickstarter!

  • Student
  • peter h bloecker

    Well / as an ex teacher of German and English this concept has been my daily motivation, and this in the days and years without the internet. Started blogging when there was enough time and am an active blogger now, though 66 years old.

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  • peblogger

    I just linked this with my BLOG My Third Life – am blogging in German and in English under the headline Life Skills.