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9 Foods That Can Change Your Brain

We are constantly striving to fill our minds with more and more knowledge as we get older, and with age comes a certain amount of wisdom but it’s also worth looking at the types of foods you are eating in order to get a better understanding of how the right foods can assist with a much healthier brain. You see, as we become older our general knowledge will increase but at the same time we face a reduction in mental sharpness and memory preservation.

Below we are going to outline some different foods and food sources that go a long way in helping to keep your brain fighting fit even as you age.

Eating habits affects our brain health

If you were to change your diet and start introducing healthier food types into your daily routine then you could be setting yourself up for a better future. The reason to that is that healthy eaters are 24{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} less likely to suffer from certain memory loss symptoms and reasoning ability. Whilst the fattier dieters amongst us are much more likely to run into issues further down the road.

Antioxidant foods

You have all probably heard of the wonderful benefits of antioxidants which are found in a variety of different food sources. These molecules of food are a major factor in maintaining a healthier body and mind because antioxidants will strengthen blood cells and vessels in our body and reduce the amount of damage that free radicals can cause, in specific chain reactions that can damage and kill cells.

Antioxidants are usually found in an abundance of different fruits and vegetables which are part of a healthy diet.

Eat DHA-rich oily fish

DHA-rich Foods

Omega-3 fatty acids sounds like something you would usually steer clear of when it comes to a healthy diet, but you would be wrong. Omega-3 is actually a positive supplement that can help our brains reach optimal performance, and increase our memory processes. Usually it is suggested that a good strong diet should be based one eating the like of sardines or salmon at least 3 times per week to benefit from DHA-rich fish. The DHA is highly necessary for the development & maintenance of learning memory performance.

Sources of choline (Egg)

Choline Foods

At some point in our lives we have sat down at the breakfast table to a hard boiled egg, and eggs happen to be a substantial source of choline which is a nutrient that helps how our brains and memories actually function and is required for normal development of memory. The choline nutrient is used to produce something called acetylcholine which essentially is a neurotransmitter used in our memory.

Therefore, boiled eggs for breakfast and fish for lunch are two healthy combinations that can really fire up your brain for the day.

Eat more walnuts


Nuts are usually an acquired taste for many people, you either like them or hate them but if we told you that the likes of walnuts are massive contributors to healthier brains & its memory functions. Walnuts in particular contain omega-3 fatty acids, just like fish but they also contain a powerful antioxidant that reduces cell damage or cell death caused from free radical chain reactions.

Therefore, next time you are out shopping grab a bag of walnuts and give them a try.

Intake Ayurvedic Brain Tonic

Brahmi - ayurvedic brain tonic

The likely hood is that you have never heard of this before, but what Brahmi (an ayurvedic brain tonic) does is essentially improves the circulations of the brain helping to increase both short and long-term memory capabilities. Research also indicates that single daily dose of 450 mg of Brahmi extract on cognitive performance and anxiety in healthy adults. Brahmi itself comes in a tablet form to be taken each day, and is from the herb family.

If you want to give your brain a tonic, then this is the road you want to go down.

Brain herb (Ginkgo)

Ginkgo Biloba

Following on from Brahmi you could also choose another brain herb called Ginkgo. Just like Brahmi, Ginkgo will improve the circulation of blood to the brain which will then help your memory. This herb comes in tablet form, and the herb gets to work by dilating blood vessels and improving the consistency of the blood in your system. Study & evidences recommends that intake of 150 mg supplementation of ginkgo biloba extract may slightly aid improve your memory, thinking speed, and attention.

Burn rosemary oil

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is used widely as an essential oil for aromatherapy but you can also use it to help increase brain and memory performance. The oil can be burnt in candles, oil burners and even used in cooking.

Include turkey in diet

Turkey Meat - Memory Food

We know Thanksgiving is just around the corner and so too is Christmas, which can mean only one things…Turkey. Turkey is an important part to how our brain functions and operates as it contains an amino acid that is used to help produce a chemical in our body that improve memory and alertness. It’s not just Turkey you can find this wonder acid in though, believe it or not you can also find it in chicken, fish, and cheese and even in almonds.


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