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7 Steps To Find Lost Objects After Panic Sets In

Imagine this:  you’re preparing for a trip and 15 minutes before you leave the house you check for your passport.  You search through your luggage:  nothing.  You check in the normal spot in your bedroom dresser drawer:  not there.  Beads of sweat appear on your forehead.  Your mind races and your body isn’t far behind.  You ransack the house and you can’t find the passport.  You’re on the verge of hyperventilating, you’re covered in sweat, and you’re shaking with anxiety.  What now?!?

Variations of this scenario happen every day.  The lost object might be:

  • a wallet
  • purse
  • jewelry
  • your checkbook
  • your driver’s license
  • or the report your boss wants on Monday morning.

It could be anything.  We all misplace objects.  There are plenty of ways to try to prevent these losses, but they happen.  So what do you do when you’re under the gun and you need to find something, STAT?

Here are seven steps you can follow – in order – to find a lost object when your mind is racing like a sprinting hamster in an exercise wheel:

1.       Take several slow, deep breaths

This is a common tip to help relax a person that you read everywhere.  You know why?  It works!  The flow of oxygen into your body during deep breathing helps calm you down and dial down the “fight or flight” instinct that occurs under states of extreme emotion.  As Seth Godin might say, this can calm down the “lizard brain”.

2.       Blank out your mind

Slow down those racing thoughts by giving them nowhere to run.  If you can clear your mind, you can calm down to focus on the job at hand.  There are lots of different techniques for meditating or otherwise clearing the mind.  Here’s a quick way to try to quiet things down when you are under pressure to perform:

Imagine whiteness.

Literally imagine the world dissolving away into white light.  Or try imagining a piece of perfectly white paper that’s blank and devoid of any markings.  Just white.

The purpose of this technique is to literally make your mind forget the rest of the world, even if only for a moment.  This tricks your racing mind into forgetting your problem, even if only for a split second, giving you time to get your mind under control.

3.       Was it really your object or did it belong to someone else?

Are you really sure that the lost object belonged to you and it had a place in your home or office?  Some things are pretty obviously your own property, like your car keys, driver’s license, wallet, and so on.  But what if you are looking for a missing book?  Did you really borrow it from someone else?  Or did you have it at all?  Just make sure that you’re not panicking needlessly about someone else’s problem.

4.       Did you lend the lost object to someone else?

One possible reason that you can’t find the lost object is that you lent it to someone.  Stop and think carefully about this.  Was the item given away to anyone for any reason?  Are there other people who might want or need the item?  Is it possible that you lent it to them? If so, then you know where to look (and, more importantly, where not to look).

5.       Look slowly and carefully where the object should be

How many times have you smacked your forehead after a crisis after finding an object in its normal location after not seeing it there before?  That’s one of the dangers of panic:  the temporary suspension of certain mental functions.  The “fight or flight” instinct controlled by the “lizard brain” is very powerful for evading predators (or incapacitating them, for that matter) but it has a powerful ability to blind you by impairing higher brain functions that human beings have developed over the ages.  If you force yourself to slow down and work methodically, you can get control back from the “lizard”.

6.       Look slowly and carefully where the object probably shouldn’t be, but could be

Once you’ve exhausted the normal places where the object should be, try moving on to less likely locations.  Maybe you left the object near a door, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc. when you were interrupted in doing something else.  In other words, check in high traffic areas or near areas where the object should be.

7.       Figure out who else was near the areas where the object should be

We’re not suggesting that you start accusing people of stealing.  We’re trying to figure out who else might have taken the object.  Did any friends, colleagues, or family members have access to the item?  Could they have picked it up (presumably by accident)?  Try asking them if they remember seeing it.  Young kids, in particular, tend to pick things up and put them in unlikely places.  Husbands sometimes do this too…  It’s worth checking this out.  Just be sensible and respectful when you ask about these things:  you don’t want to offend anyone, you just want to find the lost object.

It’s still possible that your object may be missing after all of this but hopefully the process has managed to calm you down and make your search more fruitful.  Obviously, if the object hasn’t been found yet, it’s truly lost, damaged, or stolen, so your search will have to take a different tack.  However, if it’s just misplaced nearby, as things often are, this is your best chance of finding them.

Do you have any tips for finding lost objects that might be useful to our readers?  Please share them in the comments!

Mark Dykeman is an IT professional with several
years of blogging experience.  He writes the award-winning
blog Broadcasting Brain and recently started
Thoughtwrestling with some friends to help you wrestle
ideas to the ground, overpower problems, and become the champion of your great ideas.

165 Responses to 7 Steps To Find Lost Objects After Panic Sets In

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  2. Bill says:

    My panic is when I can’t find what I need and realize I hear the dog chewing on something. Quite often, she’s got it! (It has happened TWICE with my glasses – very expensive problem.)

    Of course, I also experience the classic one: looking everywhere for my glasses then realizing they are on my head. The panic moment completely turns the brain off.

  3. For me, many times I find things in the very place that I was 100% sure it would NOT be. While I’m panicking and looking for something I tell my self one place where it would not be. And in the end, I look in that place just to confirm that I was right and low and behold there it is!

    If I’d just slow down take some deep breaths, backtrack and think rationally I would find it sooner.

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Looking slowly and carefully is a brilliant tip. You need to just relax in the moment because your thoughts do not stop racing.

  5. During this time I was asleep when a panic (wow)
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Cool post. Along the lines of looking slowly, I find that if I can’t find something and can’t remember where it was, the best thing I can do is to stop looking altogether. Invariably, a little while later I will suddenly remember where it was. Granted, you can’t do this if you need the item right away (i.e. you need your keys right now to get in the car to go to work) but for other non time sensitive things it works quite well.


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  9. forex robot says:

    What a great resource!

  10. This article is me all over! But for some stupid reason I thought I was the only one!! I “lose” important objects every single day, and it ruins my life. :( Thanks Mark for this post I’m going to try and reread it and carefully memorise the steps for next time.

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  12. Esme Help says:

    what if u lost a phone or something can a public place n someone took it wat do i do in that cundition?

  13. emily says:

    Or go to http://www.LostAndFound.com. From there you can search through lost and found items to see if someone has found your valued possession. Or you can search venues where you possibly may have left the item to see if it was recovered.

  14. Geneva says:

    Thank you so much thesse steps helped me alot and i found what i was looking for in 30 minutes. And @Esme Help,What ever store you were in call and ask them did they find a phone and then name all the decorations, what color, etc. and try calling your phone if you have a house phone
    if you think it at home, also look everywhere.

  15. johnny says:

    WOW! i lost a credit card and i had almost given up on looking for it, after feeling pathetic and googeling “places to look for a lost item” this came up, i had my daughter read me the steps and at around step number 6, it came to me! i checked my car but not the left side of my car, and i keep my card in my LEFT pocket. i ran outside to my car and there it was, in between the seat and the console! i was so overjoyed and i never thought this would work! i guess checking where you least expect it to be actually pays off! thanks!

  16. Ellie says:

    I gave my tamagotchi to my mom and she hasn’t seen it. I gave it beacuse someone had to take care of it when I was in school.

  17. viance says:

    i really wuz reakin’ out when i lost my yokai attck book

  18. STUDENT says:

    iam a student! i can’t find my book!! OMG MY TEACHER IN THAT SUBJECT IS REALLY SCARY!! im scared!! OH WISH I COULD FIND IT A.S.A.P :((

  19. Ctdanny says:

    Iv’e lost my tie, i’ll get atleast 5 detentions tommorow, it’s half 10 and I just CANT find it! I’m hoping these steps’ll help me.

  20. applepie98 says:

    i lost my ipod!!!!!!!
    saint anthony saint anthony please come around. ive lost somthing that can not be found

  21. Poppy says:

    I lost my key to the familys treasures and my mother killed me!!!
    Luckily I found it in my sons toy box![5 yrs old]

  22. Rae says:

    i lost my moms christmas gift that i made her……i was only in the 1 or 2 sections in my basement or under my bed.under my bed is clean and its not there.i am now mad because i searched everywere!and not to mention theres only 18 days left! what do i do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Bella Jade says:

    Sometimes checking least expected places doesnt always work like before I look in the bathroom for an ipod by bathroom i mean the bathtub I dont think I would put that there. LOL. I thought i had already checked the crack by the bed and wall always good to double check because that is exactly where I found it :)

  24. Alexandra Jamieson2 says:

    I lost my Birthstone ring today, I lost it right when I got out of the school to when I walked in the door, now I Don’t know if it’s on the bus, if someone took it, or I Dropped it on the road :

  25. Alexandra Jamieson2 says:

    I lost my Birthstone ring today, I lost it right when I got out of the school to when I walked in the door, now I Don’t know if it’s on the bus, if someone took it, or I Dropped it on the road :

  26. CobaltOtaku says:

    I was looking for one of my yugioh cards and I couldn’t find it.Then I read this……I still can’t find it!

  27. CobaltOtaku says:

    I was looking for one of my yugioh cards and I couldn’t find it.Then I read this……I still can’t find it!

  28. John Atker says:

    I lost my ID card once in the house. I finally ended up renewing it. After 5 months I found the old one as well. :) I think I’m going to try a home inventory software so I can keep track of everything in my house.  

  29. Kingdomheartsrazor says:

    i had this special object that i had since i was a baby. It’s very precious to me, but i can’t find it anywhere. I swear i left it on my bed, but one of my cousins might have takened it. Please help, i really need it.

  30. FALLMAN2000 says:


  31. FALLMAN2000 says:


  32. grace says:

    ummmmm at first it was like really really good but then i dint know what to do next cause it well just stopped wen i was getting the hang of it and now i just lost al of that information that was really good and plus i was on a role

  33. GRACE says:

    and it was really anoying that i was thar close ……………..you know what i mean seriouesly i thought i knew were it was and then well i dont know when it stopped i went completly just well blank and i really hope that you can improve on this cause i was really happy then it just stopped SO IN HOPE YOU CAN

  34. FaZeTemper15 says:

    I lost my pencil case in school, I left it in the SS room I thought as I came to math. So I asked my math teacher if I could get it she says no. So before lunch I went see if it was in my desk but no not there. Then I was going to ask the kid who sat at my desk next period if he took it, I didn’t find them. Unfortunately we changed seat the next day so Idk where it is. Hate my life bad luck :(

  35. BriannaCiancio says:

    thanks with in five minuts I found my gift card

  36. abz says:

    i still can’t fing my laptop charger :'(

  37. I always loose my ipod, its the one thing i loose and then stress about for ages!

  38. I always loose my ipod, its the one thing i loose and then stress about for ages!

  39. Sieralolo14 says:

    Thu helped me think clearly!! Thank you!! (I found the object)

  40. Em says:

    i’ve had to move my things out whenever we have had open houses and i thouoght i had some papers put somewhere that i would know where they were.  I looked everywhere and cant find them.  they had a lot of information on them and were folded up.  I have no clue where they would be.  I’ve looked in both vehicles; my whole room; and the garage.  a thick folded stack of papers.  

  41. 0ohikaruo0 says:

    i can’t find my admission slip i don’t want to stop school :'(( i can’t find it

  42. Mchelmd says:

    me too

  43. Mstee10 says:

    this did not tell me how to find something

  44. ahhh my home phone!!!!!!!! says:

    this dident help me find my home phone :(

  45. 1ra says:

    I can’t find my anatomy book (for drawing), it was super useful (though I never actually got around to use it properly). We’ve recently moved houses too; so I’m wondering if I left it behind (strongly doubt it). Argh -sigh-

    i’ll wait till some roommates return,  make them help me find it… *cross fingers*

  46. Virtue says:


  47. Virtue says:


  48. Virtue says:


  49. Virtue says:


  50. guest says:

    My birthday was less then a month ago, and I got a NOOK. I got two $25 Barnes and Noble gift cards to help pay for books. I wanted to read the hunger games, so I got the first one (8.99) and when I finished I got the second one (9.99). The last book in the series is 9.99. When I bought the first two books, I only entered one gift card into my account. I now have a little over 6.00 and need my other card to have enough money to purchase the  last book. I specificaly placed ALL of my birhtday presents from my friends in my closet. About a week ago, I remember seeing it there. Now that I need it, I can’t find it. Today, I spent five hours cleaning out my closet trying to find it. No luck. I am only 14, so it’s not like I can just grab a credit card and pay the remaining money. I have no source of money, I don’t get allowance. I am BROKE! How should I tell my parents I can’t find it? I have checked EVERYWHERE else too! Does anyone think there is a way I can solve my problem without my parents finding out? I NEED HELP!!!!

  51. Random says:

    I Have Lost My Glasses About 3 Times Now Dont Know how to Say it To My Mom Best Time To Look For It Is When She’s Not Home ou Can Dig Up The Place If u dont find it at all u tell your mom im sure she will be mad then settle if u tell her where u last worn it so she can go to a lost and found or something

  52. Squidge92 says:

    Can’t find my Xbox 360 mic. It should be in a box.. Gone !! No1 Eva uses it except me and my bro and we both can’t find it!! Does anyone know likely places when Xbox 360 mics end up?? + thanks for the help

  53. Dilipbhai2 says:

    i have lost my business diary about a month ago

  54. My memory is so bad, I have trouble remembering what happened the night before. I lost my Ipod two months ago and had used a spare one in it’s place. Still looking for it. I use it all the time, It could be anywhere. My room, my house, my mother’s house, my father’s house, my summer trailer (which is at a private campground right now), my car, my father’s car, my mother’s car, anywhere! It makes me sick thinking about it because I used it so much!

  55. rohit says:

    What all could be the possible damage if u lost your wallet,may be an ATM card, PAN card, Licence,  important business cards or may be your favorite plectrum if u play guitar etc.All this things could be reissued but what about them who lost their family members in any accident they r not going to get them back again, but still they will have go on with the truth.Life never stops.So cheer up every thing will become OK

  56. Alannavitko says:

    My panic is right now I go to strayer and my books are gone out of my locker and I can’t find them at home:(((( someone please comment and help its only my 4th day of school and I don’t want detention:::::((((((

    From, Alanna

  57. Prakash Sasha says:

    i lost my math homework but i am like scared it is midnight and it is due tommorow thanks but now i will have to consider telling the teacher that my sister ate it.>……………………………(>  but i am still paniking HELP I AMM ONLY IN MIDDLE SCHOOL IM TOOOO YOUNG TO DIE YOUNG ISNT THAT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN IN YA 30SS OR SOME THING wwwwwwwwwwwwwww breath SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM BERATH >>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<.,,.., now i am more calm! just a little this article helped ALOT

  58. Prakash Sasha says:


  59. Eddie420cali says:

    im suppose to sell my truck tomorrow and i cant find the title,,, im really tired,, been looking all day,, maybe ill just get a little high,, _towlie

  60. Ystsrdauo says:

    I lost my pen drive in my school! If it reaches the principal, he would kill me as electronic objects in my school are not allowed, and moreover,it even contained very needy information! Plese help me.

  61. Isha2k1 says:

    i think i forgot my textbook at school and i was so scared but i found it
    in my desk

  62. BillyBobZ1st says:

    I lost a hat. I’m hoping that I can talk to my Grandma and she will say that she washed it or something! I’m not having that much luck, lately, though, so I hope no one will hold their breath. But if by some miracle that I DO find it, this will be my first and hopefully only reference always!

  63. Asianmandem says:

    lost th electricity key lookd everywhere slowly and surely, its nowhere, what do i do!?

  64. Jessica lai says:

    its cool i haven’t tried the idea yet but i am now…..
    P.S. i liked it

  65. victorius says:

    i lost my bahasa malaysia book …. so i am very scared

  66. preevena devi a/p jayabalan says:

    do u have a girlfriend…………can i have your phone number……….. my name is emily …………..my friend and i are always admiring u . i think my friend loves u her number is   06313194 call her ……….. preevena

  67. Dj Katelyn says:

    what stupid name

  68. GF23 says:


  69. layla says:

    I lost a blazer at school and can not find it at all somebody please help me

  70. ayaz says:

    hi i have lost my watch bluetak chain and a tasbi it what we read on

  71. ayaz says:

    and now i am panicing

  72. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstup1 says:

    Ugh i lost my book that i need for a book report :( i had it all week then all the sudden POOF! GONE! right when i need it too. ive tried everything i could ever possibly think of but i still havent found it. thats when i really go mad.. and i even tried to try reading the book online but theres no trace of the book online, its like it never even existed! usually i could find the book online but i cant this time and i really need it im going crazy! ive tried to calm down but i cant i NEED to find it within 30 minutes or i wont have that much time to do it :( 

  73. Piperlennie says:

    i cant find my wallet any ideas i have tried all these

  74. KrisMyStar says:

    UGH lost that notebook my teacher’s collecting!!! idk if I left it at school or what cuz can’t find it in my house

  75. Nikhil says:

    I lost my mark-sheet, ID card and xerox copy of mark-sheet. All items were together  I have checked every probabilities. Still can’t find. I used my mark-sheet 2-3 months ago.

  76. tamy says:

     same i have lost my data card but i did not get it still i am so afraid what to do? some one help me

  77. tapper12 says:

    i tend to leave many things in the bathroom. ill be on my phone while i am brushing my teeth remember i need to pack a lunch or put somthing in my bag and leave my phone i the bathroom

  78. Yunniebunnie says:

    helppp!!! I’ve lost my textbook(that I bought) and I last saw it last week when It was biology week.. next week is biology…help!!!

  79. Niluferdilmen365 says:

    i lost my flute

  80. Guest says:

    i’m a student too….my book about bread and pastry production is missing!i tried to find it in our classroom,my room(in our house),i’m trying to rewind all the scenes before it happens…in that time,i’m nearly crying..until now,my book is still missing!when the time that we will return it to our teacher,and i can’t return it,my teacher will get angry to me!huhuhuhuhu..what will i do?please help me!(we will return the book for how many weeks!!)

  81. Zackter says:

    You know what ducks I lost my paper for homework and I am so very sad that I can’t find it and it is important and it is due next Monday 

  82. person says:

    thats my situation righ now im so nerviose i cant spell right rigt now i going crazy i need it asap

  83. Frida Balbuena says:

    Hey guys umm i lost a book of mine can you guys give me some examples on how to find it ? Because this book is my teachers so i dont want to disappoint her so if you guys have something in mind of how i can find it please tell me ! (:

  84. Zambot says:

    i lost my ds game but ive still got its case.any idias?

  85. Zambot says:

    i lost my ds game but ive still got its case.any idias?

  86. Beane Alivia says:

    well i lost my pencil pouch  at school what shoud  i do?

  87. Liza Jane says:

    I currently can’t find my cell phone. It’s been over 24 hours and i don’t know what to do anymore. I have looked everywhere… :(

  88. Reed says:

    Cool found it!!

  89. johnson says:

    i lost my fucking necklace and this isnt helping for shit i cant find it

  90. Dawn Phun says:

    Then you go bourne supremecy on their ass

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  92. crazyypanicker says:

    if you lost an electronic , try calling it or texting it

  93. ohbaby says:

    try re-tracing your steps ! i lost something once and i told my teacher, shure she gave me detention but once i was honest she gave me new books!

  94. helpfull says:

    try asking your cousins or maybe if its fabric a parent could have washed it? you never know

  95. DIRECTIONER4Life says:

    Ok so i lost my nintendo ds and im leaving 4 vacation in five days and im gonna b in a plane and ya ihave music and books but i wanna play it and i have checked my entire room cuz i nvr take it out of here but i checked where i always put it and its not there and i thought bak 2 wen i saw it last which was about in novemeber and ive been looking since yesterday and i just cant find it. Andoi know itll turn up but im starting to pack and i have checked my closet and everywhere i even cleaned my closet and its always messy so if anyone has anymore tips on what 2 do id really appreciate it

  96. Brian says:

    Does not work

  97. Brian says:

    I lost a 2011-s vickburg quarter and Does not work :/

  98. Sophie Poppenga says:

    My problem is I have a summer reading project, I can’t reprint my papers and my office is a wreck. I NEED THESE PAPERS!!!! PLEASE HELP!!

  99. Justin Crooke says:

    thanks for saying the obvious, have done all that already…. FAAAACK I HAVE LOST MY WALLET :(

  100. NO says:

    NOT HELPFUL… I misplaced an important paper….. AND TOMORROW IS THE FREAKING DEADLINE. I PAYED .!!!

  101. NO says:

    what if its on silent?

  102. Senzorei says:

    I lost my wallet with my ID card and free bus/tram/trolley :( .

  103. Hannah says:

    I can’t find my name bracelet that my mum gave me wheni was 12 and I really want it I lost it yesterday and I always wear it I woke up and it’s gone but I only take it off for a shower but I put it on I know I did help what should I do?x

  104. sara says:

    i cannot find my electronic dictionary and think i lost it at school….it is very imp….plz help me..i will remember u alwayz

  105. Bonrovic Decastro says:

    help me find my clearbook my grades are in there

  106. jencia says:

    I lost my kindle fire and I cant find it anywhere at the beginning I though my mom had is cuz like 2 nights before she was saying in spending to much time on it and now I don’t thing she has it but idk

  107. Isabella says:

    I can’t find this book I was reading and I have to read it cuz I have a book report due!!!

  108. Lovely says:

    Seriously post your friends number online and given her name. What kind of a friend are you? Be ashamed.

  109. Lovely says:

    I am panicking right now I lose things all the time and I really like this thing and I think someone stole it because people were eyeing it. AAAAH! Wish me luck.

  110. Whyyy says:

    UGH! i lost my really important flash drive that i only use every 2 months to keep pictures from my ipod there.AND NOW ITS JUST GONE!! I REALLY NEED IT AND I AM FREAKIN OUT RIGHT NOW AND I JUST WANT TO PUNCH A WALL AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME UGHHHHHHHH. IT WAS IN MY DESK WGERE I ALWAYS KEEP IT BUT NOW ITS NOT THERE this is not helpful

  111. Onomonous says:

    100th comment

  112. Ryan Endicott says:

    Thanks man, I’ve lost my glasses and this helped a lot!

  113. xxhelper_galxx says:

    Your mum can always find stuff tongue honest I always ask her if I am really stuck. Mum’s always seem to know where to look!

  114. xxhelper_galxx says:

    *to be honest

  115. Zoe says:


  116. Zoe says:

    Buttttt once my dad lost my birth certificate so…….

  117. LAINEY says:

    Still can’t find my lost Xbox Kinect 😛 I’ve looked everywhere and I know I didn’t lend it to anyone and I know that nobody took it. 😛 😛 😛

  118. Jedd ******* says:

    Ok, so I’ve lost my Smart Camera and my Converse Bag yesterday. Both of those were Birthday gifts I got on the same day. Today is New Year’s Eve and My dad (who bought me the smart camera) is expecting me to take pictures. Please help, I’m quickly looking toward suicide.

  119. Tariq says:

    i lost my house key a couple of days ago and i have been looking ever since, and i really cant find it. i tried thinking where i last put it and still havent found it ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE

  120. Joe says:

    I lost my wallet 3 weeks ago. I knew it was somewhere in my house though, I was certain it hadn’t been stolen. I was looking for it again because there was something I really needed in it that couldn’t be replaced. Panicked, I sat down, closed my eyes, imagined a bright light turning everything to white, then imagined the last time I saw my wallet, every detail. I remembered exactly where I had thrown it, the ONE place I hadn’t looked.

  121. calmyourshit says:

    It’s JUST homework…

  122. FFFFFFFFF says:


  123. Crowther Amanda-Beth says:

    My card wallet is missing i’ve looked everywhere it’s not anywhere. It wouldn’t be big deal if all my cards weren’t in it. Only two tips were good. I wouldn’t care to much about cards except for it’s almost end of the month and have to pay rent on first and need to update state id.

  124. Worried says:

    I don’t know what to do. My teacher has lost my book that has all my important notes in for an exam I have coming up. She says check at home and I have checked. Everywhere. It is definitely not at home! But I went back to the classroom and me and my teacher looked and she couldn’t find it. But I am SURE she has the book. And if she doesn’t find it I am in a bit of a pickle. I could really do with some advice I have searched google for problems like this but there is no advice. What can I do? I have told my mother and now I just have to wait until I go back to that class and hope my teacher has found it. :(

  125. Granny says:

    Often when I replace the item I lost (if it’s something that can be purchased or re-done) after all the time, effort and money is spent… I find it!

  126. Chloe says:

    Don’t post that!! You don’t know if there are stalkers!!!

  127. Alice Sheppard says:

    i lost a libary book from the school library and it is over due and it isn’t where it should be, i’m in trouble!!!



  129. Trecia Lee says:

    I can’t find my English book! OMG! I don’t want to die.

  130. M.T. Ubeshwaran says:

    I have lost my pen drive it was in my cupboard and i shifted it to a another place & I forgot the place where I shifted it?

  131. Helpful says:

    Thank you

  132. Kaza says:

    I have misplaced my MP4 player. I had it in the car for weeks, then it needed recharging so I brought it inside and put in next to the compuet. I left it there for a week or so, never once registering that it was still there, then I decided to download mu
    sic and then it wasn’t there. No-one in the house has seen it. so I have ransacked the car and looked in all my coat pockets, that was 4 weeks ago now, I have let it go, sort of, but it still really annoys me as it was a xmas gift from my husband and I really wanted one.

  133. Sierra says:

    i cant find my GLASSES!!!!!!!

  134. (insert name here) says:


  135. Catherine says:

    I lost my tiffanys bracelet and if my dad ask where it is he’s going to kill me HELP!

    What did you tell them?

  136. stephanie says:

    This help by nothing what so ever. I still can’t find my ipod

  137. lucia says:

    i lost my iPod touch on Monday. Still can’t find it. I looked anywhere and everywhere it could have been at least 5 times each. In addition, I can’t remember exactly where i last had it. I literally have taken out everything in my room, and shifted furniture in my house to find it. No one has taken it as far as i know. Had it Monday morning, went out, then came home to find it not there. Is there any explanation to how this happens? I’m honestly pissed.

  138. Juliaaaa says:

    I lost a wad of cash ( about 400$) somewhere in my room. I thought I knew where it was but know I REALLY need it and can’t find it anywhere. I can’t ask my mom for help because she’ll be beyond mad at me if she knows.

  139. RandomLostWallet says:


  140. Amelia Alexander says:

    I HAVE DONE EVRYTHING!!!!!!!!! WHERE THE HECK IS IT!!!!!!???????????? DEAR GOD NO!

  141. mak hashi says:

    I lost my memory card in my room and i can’t find it :(((

  142. Blue Smith says:

    I NEED MY PLANNER. I CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT MY PLANNER. I AM OVERLY ORGANIZED AND I NEED IT. PANIC. PANIC. I had it in my last class of the day but not when I came home!!!

  143. eprl says:

    i lost my key and memory stick

  144. Debrah says:

    I lost my ipod touch because I was trying to hide it under the matresses of my bed because my parents dont know i have it and I heard it fall but now i can’t find n ive looked everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  145. jaida says:

    i lost my keys and my mom saiys that im not RESPONSIBLE!! if she finds out i will b off the basketball team please help

  146. Christina says:

    Oh my god. I am having a panic attack! I have a geometry template we have for school. My teacher let us take it home to do our homework last week. The other day we had to use them again and I had it. I cannot find it now. I had to borrow my friends this morning in class! I have a test tomorrow and I need that template and I can’t find it! OMG please helpppp

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  148. Crystal Mei Loh says:

    great. today after school i went to get my new pair of glasses with a piece of paper (no idea what it is i think its a receipt) then the ppl said that my glasses havent arrived yet so i left her a phone number and they gave me back the paper then i started walking back home. but now that i realize, I LOST THE PAPER. GREAT. JUST GREAT. NOW WHAT? If the receipt is lost its MY fault. Any suggestions? ! (P.s im only 14. i CAN’T just go back to the mall. the spectacle place is in a MALL.)

  149. Jenna says:

    Lost my moms bracelet that she got from her great granny omg im gonna die. the thing’s so old and meant so much to her

  150. Quinn says:

    Just explain what happened. If they are reasonable they’ll forgive you. You probably won’t find it. Check the kitchen counter. Check every couch, under cushions,under pillows, under couch itself. I know how you feel in some ways. I lost a book that I SWEAR I turned in. Ignorant damn teachers hate me. >:(

  151. Quinn says:

    Yup. Lol. Call some places. By now ur done. XD sorry .

  152. Lucidbrot says:

    Guess what? If a stranger comes up to you and tells you his friend is in love with you, the number is probably his male best friend’s


    I was hiking,and I had my flashdrive in my pocket.This flashdrive is literally my life’s work.Literally.It had all of my life’s work on it,which was key to my career.I sat down multiple times while hiking,to take a quick rest and water break.In my car,I went to check my pocket for it,as I remembered I had it in my pocket.Not there.I checked my other pocket.Not there.I began to panic.I checked my bag.Not there.I checked the seats.Not there.When I finally arrived home,I checked my computer desk,which is where I last saw it.Not there.Then it hit me:It must have fallen out while I was sitting on my hiking trip.I sat in dumbfounded silence for 1 minute,waiting for the hectics to kick in.I first started by slamming my fist into my door (the hectits finally kicked in).I then curled up in a ball in my bead and started crying.Cried for a good 12 minutes before I finally started to get my senses back.That was three days ago.I am still devastated.NOTHING on the earth could replace the data on my flashdrive.Nothing.And now it’s under a coating of dried leaves and pine cones somewhere… *sniff*

  154. Grant Chapman says:

    It’s the picture at the top that reminded me. THE LOST AND FOUND. Of course! I’m so stupid! That’s the FIRST place I should have looked! Thanks

  155. Pingback: VERBICON | 7 Steps To Find Lost Objects After Panic Sets In. This seems funny to read but it works!

  156. Raghav arora says:

    can someone tell me a different way than this because our library teacher is alway angry and very very strict. please someone help

  157. Raghav arora says:


  158. Raghav arora says:


  159. Raghav arora says:

    u have the some problem as me

  160. Raghav arora says:

    can any one help :(

  161. Raghav arora says:

    if no one helps i will get in a big trouble

  162. Raghav arora says:

    the due date was on 1 march and now it is 4 april i think i really am gonna get in trouble

  163. Raghav arora says:

    u can check what u wore the last time u had the photo id a jeans maybe

  164. Martine Hauge says:

    Omg this helped me so much. I thiught i lost a book that i really loved and i paniced. But then i read step nr 4 and called ny friend if i lent it to her. And i actually did. But thank you my lord and savior.

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