7 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You'll Never Be Successful (And How To Fix It Right Now)

7 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Successful (And How To Fix It Right Now)

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

You’ve set big goals for your life. Your dreams are admirable.

But you’re not getting anywhere.

What’s the problem?

You’re not lazy, you’re exhausted after each day.

It’s not motivation, you’re inspired by others who’ve chased down their dreams.

It’s not your confidence, you know you’re capable, you know you’ve got what it takes, you feel success within your grasps.

What is it then?

If it’s not your work ethic, attitude or willpower, why haven’t you reached success?

The biggest reason: You need a change of perspective.

In other words, your idea of success sucks.

It’s not your fault – We’re raised with a narrow-minded view of success implanted in our brains and told anything that doesn’t fit the protocol is considered failure.

We’re taught to define success by the size of our home, price of our car, or the money in our bank account.

Truth is, you don’t need any of that to become successful.

If I knew in high school by 22 I’d be living in a van on the outskirts of Las Vegas, working part time with a solar company and using my free time to grow my business, I would say my life must be a complete joke.

Yet that’s me today and I love every bit of it. My income exceeds my expenses, every night I sleep under the stars and I focus most of my day on helping others reach their goals.

I changed my idea of success and success found me.

7 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Aren’t Successful (And How To Fix Them Right Now)

There are plenty of reasons we aren’t successful.  Most are boring and repetitive:  You lack experience, have crappy genes, need more money.

If you want those same mundane reasons you’re in the wrong place, you won’t find them here.

Instead, we’re after results.  Whenever I accomplish one of my goals I feel a tingling sensation in my body so strong it makes me cringe.

I want you to feel that tingle.

And it starts with changing your perspective.

  1. You’re Still Using Someone Else’s Definition For Success

Your life’s not the same as everyone else. You have your own set of values, beliefs, goals, and your own body to store it all into.

You’re unique.

So why are you wasting your time using the same idea for success as everybody else?

In Tony Robbins Ultimate Success Formula he says, “Being clear about exactly what you want is the first and most fundamental place you need to go to make anything better.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Decide on what you want and that’s you’re definition of success. Forget what anyone else thinks.

My idea of success is helping others, living below my means, and growing as a human every single day.

It’s your life, define it.

  1. You’re Afraid To Ask For Help

For some reason there’s a belief the road to success is an unmarked path in the woods no one’s ever been down and if you’re lucky enough to find your way out you’ll be successful.

What a load of crap.

In Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think And Grow Rich, he declares “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

He wrote that in 1937, millions have since used his advice to reach levels of success they never before thought possible. (You can grab a free pdf of his book here)

The easiest way to grow is helping others grow, it’s only seems counter-intuitive because we’ve been raised to think there’s not enough wealth to share with everyone.

If you’re interested in only growing yourself, or think to be successful you have to do it alone you’re missing the point completely.

Which brings us to our next reason.

  1. You Want Success For Selfish Reasons

Everyone has a bit of selfishness inside and it’s good to express those emotions. If you spent your life only pleasing others you’d die miserable.

But if your ideas for success only make your life better you’ll never be successful.

In a study from The Scientific American on the side effects of greed and generosity, they found generosity keeps our body healthy while greed brings stress and produces cortisol, a stress induced chemical.

The more you gain the more you have to lose. If you only want success to better yourself greed will catch up to you. You’ll be rich in dollars but broke in joy, love, and passion, except for accumulating more money.

Now you see why a new car and a big house is a lame definition of success?

If I’m not making the world better I’ve let other things disrupt my goals and need to refocus my vision.

Turn your attention to leaving the planet you call home a little better than it was when you got here and you’ll never lose focus of success.

Jason Fried, author of Rework, calls it ‘making a dent in The Universe.”

Big or small, leave a dent that lives long after you’re gone.

  1. You’re Schedule Sucks

I know, the thought of micro-managing your life sounds like torture.

I used to think the same way, until I realized I wasn’t getting anything done.

I was staying busy – doing laundry, answering email, checking twitter, but theirs a massive difference between busy and productive.

Author J.R.R Tolkien said it best, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

If you don’t take control of your time and decide what needs to get done, someone else will do it for you.

Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend created an awesome weekly planning process you can get for free that turns scheduling into a ritual that’s become one of my favorite parts of every week.

By taking an hour a week to mark what’s important on your calendar you gain clarity over the steps your taking (or not taking) to become successful.

If it’s on your schedule, it gets done. Plain and simple.

  1. You’ve Stopped Growing Yourself

One of the biggest misconceptions about success is once you’ve reached your destination you’re set for life.

It’s just another lie society has spread for years.

Once you become successful you can still lose everything. People who gain something they’ve never had have no idea what to do with it.

And they lose it.

In his book Laws Of Lifetime Growth, author Dan Sullivan interviews business owner Dan Schmidt who says to avoid growth atrophy he asks himself,

“If everything I’ve done until now is only the beginning, what’s next?”

Put another way, everything you’ve learned is just a spec of the information floating around the Universe. There’s always room for growth.

It doesn’t matter if your trying to get in shape, start a business, or learning to cook. If you’re learning, you’re growing.

Develop a curiosity for all things in the world and you’ll never have to worry about lack of growth in your life.

  1. You’re Still Looking For Short Cuts Or Get Rich Quick Schemes

The only short cut you’ll ever need is so useful it puts any other short cut to shame and I can give it to you right now.


There are no shortcuts.

Don’t believe me?  Take it from Richard Branson, one of the richest, most successful people in the world,

“If you spend your time looking for shortcuts, you will find one – right out of business.”

Get rich quick schemes are about stealing from many to make a few insanely rich.

Is that the type of person you want to be? Is becoming rich what’s most important?

If your goal’s to lose weight, would you really be satisfied taking weight loss pills that destroy your organs instead of committing to diet and exercise.

Short cuts are for toxic people who only care about themselves.

That’s not who you are.

Be real, and do it right. It may take longer, but you’re better off in the end.

  1. You’re Terrified To Commit Yourself To Being Successful

The reason people are so afraid to commit is because they have no idea what will happen.

If you fail, what will people think of you? Or worse, if you succeed how will you handle all the new found pressure?

In Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss says that “People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.”

People would rather live an unhappy life and never reach their goals because they’re too afraid to leave their comfort zone.

If you’re going to become successful you have to commit, and it’s not as simple as declaring a pledge.

Commitment is the secret ingredient to creating a meal others will replicate over and over using your exact recipe, yet it’ll never taste as good as when you made it.

Because the secret ingredient is love.

Being successful is more than money, status, or even reaching your goals. Those are mere by-products of true success – Great to have, but not as valuable as what true success is all about.

If you haven’t noticed, the ones who achieve true success love what they do. No matter how simple or complicated, easy or hard, they love it with a burning passion.

True success is about falling in love with the process every step of the way.

It’s about loving what you do.

It’s about loving your failures.

It’s about loving your triumphs.

It’s about loving all those who help you along the way.

But most of all, it’s about loving yourself.

They say an overnight success takes years of hard work behind the scenes.

Reading this article won’t bring you fame tomorrow, but implementing these strategies into your daily life will carve the path to achieving your most desirable goals.

So let me ask you, are you ready to commit to your wildest dreams? To helping others, to lifetime growth, to defining success, and to loving yourself?

Then leave a comment and share your story,

I can’t wait to hear it.

George Mortimer packed his van and drove cross country in pursuit of freedom. His goal is to inspire people like you to live life on their own terms. You can start now by downloading his Free Ebook: 5 Steps To Freedom – The Quick & Simple Guide To Creating A Life You Love


  • Mehran & Kimmy

    Great points. For things to change we need to change, for things to get better we need to become better. Jim Rohn

    • Thanks for your comment! And it’s true, change starts with us.

      • Mehran & Kimmy

        Thanks to you for your contribution 😉

      • George, would mind we connect via WhatsApp or Viber? My no is +61431441254

  • Ryan

    It is hard to want to take advice from someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

    • John

      I believe a human wrote this article.

  • Thanks for the great post – this is a great reminder for me to check my motivation behind achieving success and define what that success actually looks like. It’s easy to bite on somebody else’s idea of what success looks like instead of defining your own definition. Thanks! Loved this read.

    • Hey Kristi, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      Defining your own success is a practice, I have to remind myself everyday what success means to me. We’re bombarded with ideas for what she should have and made to believe buying the next big thing will make us happy.

      But really it’s our decision what makes us happy, and once we realize that it’s life changing.

      Thank you for your awesome comment, Kristi. Take care!

  • Sendor

    It is embarrassing to allow your english fundamentals to slip during the manufacturing process of these posts. A proofread does wonders at eliminating these errors. The information contained here is so great and so useful, and those little buggers totally ruin the mood.

    Please fix that, and I promise you that lot of your readers will be grateful

    • Hey Sendor,

      Thanks for your response. I spent a great deal of time proofreading my article, but I’m sure I missed some errors.

      I’d be happy for you to point some things out for me so I can take the time to focus on them for next time.

      I’m not perfect, and I make mistakes, but I’m willing to learn from them so I can take my writing to the next level.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  • Great post, George.

    Full of passion for life, wisdom and experience. I love the fact that you live in a van in the desert (so cool!) and I enjoyed the post so much that I didn’t even notice the errors being pointed out.

    And I think that beautifully captures your point. We spend our whole lives trying to be perfect, trying to live up to some kind of expectation, and never even discovering what it is that truly makes us happy. Again, different people with different views of success, eh?

    Some people are ready for this advice and some not. The nit-picking shows where people miss the entire point of the post in the first place! You give free useful advice in an inspiring way. I am one of the many that would see that as a form of success.

    Keep up the good work

    • Thanks for your comment, Keith!

      You’re exactly right when you say we spend our whole lives trying to be perfect. In school teachers would compliment my writing but say I made too many grammar mistakes, so who knows maybe it’ll always be that way!

      My goals not to write perfectly formed sentences, my goal is to inspire others, if that bothers some people along the way so be it.

      Rather than worrying about what they think I’m much happier to focus on people like you who can take something away from it.

      So thank you again, Keith, you’ve inspired me with your kind words!

  • Hey Smith, thank you for leaving a comment.

    You’d be surprised at how many vagabonds are out there adopting this lifestyle.

    Rather than working my butt off to pay rent I’m able to travel around the country and explore different areas. I’m 22 years old, I have my entire life to get a house and spend money on a mortgage.

    I only have right now to be young.

    Sure, this life isn’t for everyone, but by pursuing a lifestyle that’s out of the ordinary and showing that it’s possible I’m able to encourage others to create the lifestyle they want for themselves.

    Thanks again for reading the article and leaving a comment, take care!

  • Hey Glenda, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

    I’ll do my best to keep writing for inspiring content and I look forward to having you over at GoodLifeConfidential !

  • Hey Bryan, thanks for leaving a comment!

    I appreciate your honesty, and it hasn’t taken me long to learn that by the way I write some people are skeptical.

    A lot of it is a bit in your face and some people won’t like that, but to others it really resonates and inspires them to make positive changes.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I appreciate your feedback!

  • George – excellent post! Keep up the good work and the inspiration. What you’re doing with your life is motivational for anyone trying to follow their dreams.

    Point 7 resonated most for me. It’s a challenge to commit – commitment is showing up every single day and working on your dream even if you don’t feel like it. There’s so many challenges, excuses, procrastination that comes up between us and our dreams. Staying strongly committed to our dream is the way to success – all the successful people in the world showed up and stuck with it. Thanks for these reminders and post.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Vishnu!

      And you’re right, commitment isn’t easy. There’s always an excuse to not show up or to give up on your dreams, and that’s why most do.

      By staying focused on showing up, rather than pursuing perfection, we’re already ahead of every single person who isn’t even trying.

      That’s my reminder, as long as I show up today and do something, I’m ahead of 99% of people too busy making excuses. And once you show up, the rest is easy!

      Thanks again Vishnu, take care!

  • You’re right, Ian! The biggest battle we face is with ourselves! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

  • Hey Pabla, I’m glad the post helped and I hope it made a difference! Thank you for your comment and take care.

  • AB raham

    Were thinking a lot and I don’t know at what i lack…now realized !!

    • Glad the post could help you out, AB!

      Thanks for your comment and good luck on your journey!

  • We are told to follow the specific set of instructions. Otherwise, we won’t be able to crack success in our life. Ya, you are correct that there is no need to follow someone else’s dreams. We need to develop our own definition to understand our real worth.

    I really like your second point. We don’t realize the importance of sharing. I have realized that in sharing, giver receives more than the receiver because some things in life can’t be measured in physical terms only.

    I am in love with Tim Ferriss’s statement “People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” Only some people dare to come out of their comfort zone.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, George.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Yatin!

      It seems like you’ve already figured some of this out before ever reading this article, which is great! A big thing I’ve learned about giving is that you don’t realize how much it will come back to help you in the long run.

      And with our comfort zone, it’s a practice you must develop. Once you step out of your comfort zone the first time, it get’s easier, but you’ve got to keep growing yourself, you can always fall back into comfort if you lose focus.

      Thanks again, Yatin and I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

  • I was shocked when I realized that author of this blog is only 22 years old. It’s a marvelous inspiring piece. It embodies so many universal truths, specially from the spiritual realm. You should start working on a book…if you haven’t yet :). Keep up the good work. The world badly needs it.

    • Wow, thank you for your comment Wilson! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed reading the article so much! I have a few things I’m working on, I haven’t started a book…yet! But plan to soon after my website launches!

      Thanks again, Wilson! See you around : )

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  • philipus cooley

    This information age related story is really about how and why we do indeed construct our values. As enlightenment percolates it becomes evident to me anyway that historically the marketplace has created our perspectives on what defines “success” An “old” information age monotheistic thoughts we are generally evolving away from. They worked and still do however beyond the cooperative civility lessons learned and benchmark-ed, this change has begun. Futurists speculate where we will be once time allocates empowering ideas on quality living, interesting ideas. At this point in time with so many mystified people among us with no personal strategy on fulfillment are flailing away at their fear-filled lives still waiting for death as their only solution. Optimism.

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    You have given a very profound sense into matter.