5 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Work

Stay Focused on Getting Slimmer and Staying that Way


“I’m going to be a fat blob on my wedding day!” The voice on the other end of the phone was desperate. “Can you help me?”

So Karen came to see me. “It’s always the same,” she told me. “I’m motivated for a few days and lose weight, then something happens. I gain everything – and more – back again! My wedding’s in three months! That should be motivation enough, but lately my weight’s been even more all over the place!”

Karen was right. Weight loss motivation is easy…at first. Rapid progress, compliments, wearing outfits you really want to, feeling more attractive, having more energy. All this positive feedback is motivating, captivating. Yet this weight loss ‘honeymoon period’ inevitably wanes. And then it can get tough.

Slim people do it! How?

Living as a slim person is a way of life. A healthy weight won’t be sustainable long-term if it requires constant positive feedback and the excitement of feeling newly slimmer.

“What do you mean: ‘Something happens’?” I asked Karen.

“Well, I might have a problem at work, or my kids wind me up, or I start worrying about being fat at my wedding!”

Ah, so Karen, like millions of people who struggle with their weight, was using food for emotional support as well as simply nutrition.

We had a simple goal, then. Karen needed to start thinking and behaving like a slim person long-term, up to and beyond her wedding. What follows are some of the approaches we used; you can ‘make them your own’ so they really work for you.

Tip 1: Think slim


This tip is about that all-important moment: What do you experience just before you eat something? Do you tussle with yourself? “I really shouldn’t… but I want to!” Do you imagine how the food will taste, even feel in the mouth? Or do you focus on the real consequences, rather than the temporary satisfactions of eating?

People who are overweight tend to imagine how food is going to taste and feel as they eat. In contrast, people who naturally ‘eat slim’ tend to imagine how that pie or cake will feel heavy in their stomachs for so long after they’ve eaten it. Jumping from a great height might feel fun whilst it lasts, but the consequences that come after we hit the ground are what we consider when deciding not to do it.

So when you’re tempted to eat something you don’t need, practice imagining how your stomach is going to feel ten minutes or an hour after you’ve consumed that weight-increasing food. Keep it up until this becomes a natural habit for you.

Tip 2: Surround yourself with slim people

No, I’m not suggesting you dump all your less-than-slender friends. But research has shown that the average body type of the people with whom you hang out affects your weight and size (1). Start hanging around with slimmer, fitter types (perhaps at the gym) and your subconscious mind will pick up a new template for what is ‘normal’. Karen started hanging out and socializing with slim types at a jogging club.

Tip 3: Be fair to yourself


Imagine someone walks up a hundred steps but feels a bit tired, so they stop and step back down one step. They tell you bitterly: “Now I may as well forget this whole idea of reaching the top! I’ve totally blown it!”

What?! You’d think that was crazy, right? Acting as if all that progress, the 99 steps they did climb, never happened – because they had one slip! But people do this all the time when it comes to weight loss.

You lose weight, maybe four or five pounds, maybe much more. But you slip, have a bad day or a ‘weak moment’, and eat something you shouldn’t have. And what do you tell yourself? “I’ve completely blown it! Now I might as well really binge!”

Beware the perfectionism trap. Aim to eat sensibly and healthily most of the time, not all the time. We all consume more than we should of the wrong kind of food or drink now and then.

Everyone’s weight fluctuates a bit and you should prepare for this (once you’ve reached a healthy weight). Have a ‘sliding scale’ in your mind of a couple of pounds on either side of your target weight. No one can live for long under a self-imposed, too harsh dictatorship.

Tip 4: Weight loss is not a cure-all


Sure, being healthier, fitter, and so on will have positive and maybe unexpected ripple effects. However, even as a slimmer person you’ll still have a bad day in the office, moments of self-doubt, or times when you feel undervalued.

Many people feel let down when they become slimmer and then find that being slim doesn’t solve all their problems in one go. They then revert to eating poorly again. Don’t fall into this trap.

You have lots of different needs which need to be fulfilled in life. Being slimmer, healthier, and fitter is just one of them.

Tip 5: Eat when you’re hungry

I know this sounds obvious, but eating sugary foods causes a subsequent crash in energy, leaving you wanting more sweetness. On the other hand, eating for slow energy release is a sustainable way to keep your weight loss motivation firing on all cylinders without you having to consciously think about it. For slow-release energy, eat protein with every meal alongside ‘good carbs’ such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans. This avoids the ‘crash and burn’ of sugar overdosing.

Karen walked down the aisle over six years ago. I still see her at my gym sometimes. She tells me that the happiest day of her life was so happy because she felt so healthy. The fact that she was slim was (and is) just a happy outer reflection of the changes she’s experienced in the ways she feels and thinks about food.

(1) Having an obese friend dramatically increases the risk of becoming similarly fat, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Obesity is ‘socially contagious’, spreading from person to person in a social network, researchers said. The study found that if one person becomes obese, those closely connected to them have a greater chance of becoming obese themselves. Surprisingly, the greatest effect was seen not among people sharing the same genes or household, but among friends.

Mark Tyrrell is a Guest Blogger for PickTheBrain,  therapist, trainer and author. He has created many  articles and audios on self help and personal development, including many on weight loss.

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146 Responses to 5 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Work

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  2. Just start eating a Raw Food Diet. You can eat as much as you want of uncooked fruit and veg and still lose tonnes of weight. Angela Stokes lost half of herself from 300lbs eating this diet and looks beautiful and vibrant now!

  3. Craig Thomas says:

    Nice post! Tips seem similar to what Paul McKenna teaches – but none-the-less, they are effective and they work. :)

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  7. K9 Coach says:

    One of the things I taught and believed for a long time whether it’s people or dogs is:

    You are the aggregate of the 5 people you hang out with most.

    I had never heard the statistics on the obese friend versus genes but find it very interesting and again backs up the thought you should reach for the stars you want and that means hanging out with people you truly admire who practice healthy habits.

  8. Katie says:

    I think that a lot of people have trouble losing weight. I know that I do! I actually found a lot of help from a book called The Law of Attraction Making it Work For You! which has been amazing for me. I would recommend it for anyone trying to help.

  9. JustGetMeFit says:

    Consistency was my problem. I can relate to life getting in the way. I was not consistent with gym memberships or home gym equipment. What works for me are home workout videos. My tip? Find an activity that you enjoy, so you will stay consistent.

  10. Mind over matter, it’s really important to have commitment and confidence going into a fitness regimen.

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  12. This is one of the better explanations regarding weight loss that I’ve seen for a long time. The mental side of losing weight is just as important as the physical side.

    If you don’t have any motivation or belief, you’ll never stay consistent.

  13. Oh boy, what disastrous consequences that “I’ve blown it now, I may as well make the most of it” type of thinking can have! Many of my clients struggle with this “all or nothing” type of thinking (and I certainly have at times too).

    I find it helps to remember that it takes 3500 calories to make up a pound of fat. So if you’ve overeaten by say 500 calories, that’s not the end of the world! Provided you get right back on track.

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  15. Good Points, Must Follow

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  17. outstanding says:

    To achieve long-term weight loss success, you will have to come face-to-face with any emotional eating habits by asking some important questions: Do you overeat when you’re angry? Do you splurge on an extra serving of dessert when you’re feeling frustrated?

    Being honest with yourself is the only way to get the true measure of your emotional eating triggers. Without facing them, you will always be less likely to be in control of your weight.

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  21. Hehe, “Eat when you’re hungry ”

    Nice post! really good and important tips included.

    Thanks for writing and sharing:)

  22. Ange says:

    I have a very slim partner and he keeps me on track! Even though he seems to eat fattening foods and not gain weight he actually has a small appetite and that’s taught me it’s not just what you eat but the serving size and frequency that matters too.

  23. Dil says:

    Hey!! Thank you very much for this great post, it was really helpful for my friends to loos their weight.

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  26. David Lloyd says:

    Great post! I know New Years is the time to make weight loss resolutions. I wish everyone out there trying to lose weight the best of luck! I know it may be difficult, but if you put your heart to it, you can do it!Anyway, happy new year and feel free to check out my weight loss blog. Thanks!

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  28. Gfina says:

    The only way a weight loss routine will truly work is if you can make up your mind completely and aim for your weight loss goal little by little… That’s what worked for me, but then like the article says, “think skinny” because you wanna make sure the weight you lost is gone for the long run, not just a couple of months/weeks.

  29. Tea says:

    Thanks for great tips! Motivation is sometimes the hardest part of dieting. I was recently dieting on Dukan Diet and I had great results. Dr. Dukan also provides on-line support which keep you moving through the weigh loss hurdles and gives you motivation to keep on going. Worth trying!

  30. Great tips here. I feel that #4 is the most important and overlooked tip for effective weight loss. Losing weight certainly will not solve all of ones problems, but it will solve all the problems related to weight. After dramatic transitions it’s interesting to learn that people are surprised that they aren’t treated any differently.

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  32. Vitamin Supplements says:


    I think Eating the right foods and exercising can have a positive impact on your weight and help you to reach your weight loss goals.

  33.  Nice blog. your techniques for weight loss really good and effective.

  34. Wawa says:

    this is ridiculousness, study nutrition before posting things like this! Eat about every two hours or three to keep your metabolism going.They should be small meals and lots of water! Having obese friends does not make you fat! Stop blaming others and take responsibility of your own actions! 

  35. This is one of the best advises I have read on weight loss. 

  36. Delmer says:

    There is a formula for weight loss motivation. It’s M = C/T. I actually wrote an article on this topic which I titled The Science Of Weight Loss MotivationBy using this formula I was always able to motivate myself no matter what my goal was…

  37. Howard says:

    Meditation has also the big power.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Number 3 seems to be the most critical one.  Many people find it easy to lose weight but very difficult to keep it off.  It’s important to allow for days of over-indulgence and not to let those day become the excuse for weight regain. 

  39. Anonymous says:

    Number 3 seems to be the most critical one.  Many people find it easy to lose weight but very difficult to keep it off.  It’s important to allow for days of over-indulgence and not to let those day become the excuse for weight regain. 

  40. san says:

    thank you..!!! Reminds me how I used to be.. And I’m going to start it again..!! :)

  41. I think weight loss is the biggest searched term on web. This post ranks at the top.

  42. Janie Graham says:

    I think eating when you’re hungry is perfect. It seems like I snack all day, but I’m not really hungry, I’m just looking to do something. However, if you make healthy recipes, it’s possible to lose weight!!

  43.  I really enjoyed reading this article. Got good knowledge on weight loss. Keep writing motivational tips!!

  44. Victoria says:

    Nice article. I like #5 about hanging out with overweight people. I think the reason heavy people naturally gravitate towards each other, is because they like to eat. I have several pals who are heavy, and the way they eat amazes me.
    I think it is simply easier for those who overeat to be with like minded pals.

  45. Jimmy says:

    You’re so stupid.

  46. Beth says:

    I think being thin has do with what you think about yourself and what you think you deserve. What’s that thing that Oprah always used to say? “When you KNOW better, you DO better.”
    People that abuse themselves with food addiction, alcohal, drugs, abusive relationships all have one thing in common. They are limited by their own beliefs. That being said, there are resources online that recognize that losing weight is a mind, body and soul experience. Otherwise you will always be on the weight loss roller-coaster and never stop yo-yo dieting. Once such resource is

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  48. Lydiabel21 says:

    What is the cause of unexplained weight loss?
    Unexplained weight loss is not something to brush off. If you haven’t changed your eating habits and/or movement pattern. Something could be wrong. The first step to be taken if you have noticed some unexplained weight loss is to get checked out by your doctor. Normally health disorders are considered primary reasons of unexplained weight loss.

  49. nancy says:

    I don’t know where to get some inspiration for my weight loss from?
    Many people need to lose weight and most even want to lose a few extra pounds. Too get some motivation for yourself why not look at other peoples weight loss before and after pictures and stories. Seeing pictures and reading stories of others of how they looked, felt and even their lifestyle changes before and after weight loss can really show you what you could achieve.

  50. Lydia says:

    I don’t know if I could stick to a diet plan?
    Many people have found that not doing it alone is the biggest help. Why not find a friend to workout with, exchange recipes and even weigh in together. If not why not keep a weight loss blog of what you ate, how long you worked out for, feelings on specific days etc… Keeping a weight loss blog will help you to find strengths and weaknesses as well.

  51. Lyndabel21 says:

    How do I calculate my percentage weight loss?
    Losing weight can sometimes be very difficult. Requires lots of energy and motivation. Knowing how to calculate your percentage weight loss can be a booster for the rough times with the result encouraging you to perform. Here is the simple formula for the weight loss percentage calculator. ((IW – AW)/ IW) * 100 = percentage weight loss. IW = initial weight AW = actual weight now. So first take the AW away from IW and then divide the number calculated with the IW and then times by 100. There you have the simple formula of weight loss percentage calculator.

  52. abner fernandez says:

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    To the point, articulate, and interesting.

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  53. abner fernandez says:

    Love it!!

    To the point, articulate, and interesting.

    is Awesome!!


  54. Robert says:

    Great suggestions I got here. thanks

  55. Jack says:

    My family eats terrible foods and my house is stocked with them. I’m only 16 so I can’t just go around dictating what food my parents should buy. I’m literally the only person who participates in sports/working out. But I’m not here to complain, I was just wondering if anyone has any tips? Anything at all would be helpful, thanks.

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  59. There was a story documenting the activities of 2 male flat mates. One was overweight and the other was slim. Both seem to lead very similar lifestyles and ate almost the same foods. Quite baffling until they followed them with cameras. For example when the slim guy was talking on the phone, he was pacing up and down the floor whilst the fatter guy slobbed on the couch when on the phone. The slim guy would be cleaning as he went while cooking and the fat guy just put it in the oven and back to the couch. These scenarios were repeated with most things they did. Interesting !

  60. There was a story documenting the activities of 2 male flat mates. One was overweight and the other was slim. Both seem to lead very similar lifestyles and ate almost the same foods. Quite baffling until they followed them with cameras. For example when the slim guy was talking on the phone, he was pacing up and down the floor whilst the fatter guy slobbed on the couch when on the phone. The slim guy would be cleaning as he went while cooking and the fat guy just put it in the oven and back to the couch. These scenarios were repeated with most things they did. Interesting !

  61. i use raw food but do not take some exercise

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  67. James Conley says:

    There are so many ways to get motivated.  I think looking inside yourself and finding out why you want what you want is the best place to start.  If you can’t work up a passion and constantly act on it then you will struggle to maintain anything in life.  If you want a good resource and help with planning your motivation check out

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  69. Trekkerwaffles says:

    I had a roommate last year who was overweight. Subsequently, I found that I gained far more weight than I was comfortable with just being around her. I think it was because even as I gained weight, I could always look at her and think “I’m not as heavy as she is,” even as my waistline grew.

  70. Meratol says:

    Excellent advice! many people discount the mental aspect of weight loss.  But it is possibly the most difficult part.  The reason we give up the workouts and the diets is mostly a mental thing.  Stay focused and you will increase your chances of success

  71. Kayjsharp says:

    Motivation is the key for success. Keep doing hardworking and getting complements for achieving the set goals can help a lot. 

  72. Very soon says:

    David of Michelangelo is great cause it captures the moment before David threw the Stone.. Great tip over there in think slim. I am rearranging my mind these days and actually feel the rocks in my stomach when I eat bad. Someday soon I will learn to remember this feel BEFORE I eat the junk :)

  73. Rich says:

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  76. T Cole1 says:

    I think that being around skinny people and the rest of the advice is to keep people who want to loss weight on track not to blame anyone. 

  77. This article helpped me a lot! I have lost 18 pounds over the last three weeks. Hope it works for all of you.

  78. I have been motivated with these above weight loss tips. Thanks for sharing these tips. I think  can become slim after following above.

  79. When you are on a “diet” to lose weight, many people think that they should be eating “fat free.” Foods that contain “fats” are very important to optimal health.
     Many nutrition experts recommend that the daily intake of fat should be kept between 20-30% of calories eaten. There are diet plans such as Pritikin Principle that recommend eating only 10% of total calories as fat. On the other end of the specturm, the Atkins diet is high fat.
    The interesting thing to note, that the more fat we remove from our food the fatter Americans are becoming.

  80. Ivana says:

    It is very important to be able to find some hobby. When you have something to do(especially if this is your  labour of love) – you will not think about food!

  81. MissSmith says:

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    . All in all, the weight loss motivation tips is needed. Motivation is that
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    frustrations. Be sexy and have a healthy life.

  86. Mrscgriff78 says:

    Like one of the previous posters, I have found I am able to lose weight much more effectively in a sauna suit. I think they might be the same guys, I get mine from I guess this is their American branch! 

  87. Thanks for posting these tips. These are really motivational and helps to reduce weight permanently.

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  90. I’m a great believer in eating little and often as it seems to work for me. I gave up on large portions when it was getting very obvious that I was putting on a lot of weight.
    Since then I am noticing a marked improvement by eating small when I’m hungry.
    Some great tips on here thank you, and I will return.  Clare

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    Great weight loss tips. I loved your article. Great diet and exercise surely helped me to reduce weight.

  92. Hi there i like the 5 way weightloss motivation tips  although the eating part i think should be controlled as i have experienced if you eat smaller portions in a surten amount of time u be able to loose and keep your weight very easy.
    in depence what u eat of course .

  93. girly says:

    This article is SO true! I fall off the wagon sometimes for weeks at a time…but I try not to think of this as failure, and just as a minor blip that I’ll get over soon. I also use a VERY handy app on my iphone called My Fitness Pal. I record everything I eat and how much exercise I do. This motivates me to stick to it and also made me much more aware of how many calories there are in certain foods. Another extremely good thing for me is my dog. He makes me go for that walk and gets me out at the weekend, walking, hiking, doing things that I probably wouldn’t do if it weren’t for him!

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     heyy richard i use a a saunasuit and wondered if it is a good idea to go on the raw food diet and exercise, because of the lack of protein.

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    – Charles, Green Planet Grass (

  98. Awill says:

    What about gut bacteria as the direct link between obesity and non-obese people? I understand what you are saying about socially picking up bad behaviors, but it seems as though your article perpetuates outcasting of obese people or fat related racism.

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    The only way a weight-loss schedule will truly perform is if you can decide absolutely and aim for your target weight-loss little by little… That’s what proved helpful for me, but then like the content says, “think skinny” because you want to create sure the body weight you missing is gone for the lengthy run, not just a number of months/weeks.

  102. Paula Dawson says:

    Focus on how you feel not how you look. Thinking in terms of health instead of pounds and inches will help make weight loss easier and fun. Thanks for sharing.

  103. Too often, people hold on to the belief that they can’t think or act like a thin person until they reach their goal weight, says Linda Spangle, RN, MA, owner of Weight Loss for Life in Denver and author of Life is Hard, Food is Easy: The 5-Step Plan to Overcome Emotional Eating and Lose Weight on Any Diet. But staying trapped in your old, unhealthy mindset can sabotage the very behaviors you’re trying so hard to change.

    “I encourage people who are trying to lose weight to build an image of how they would not only look, but also how they would act and feel when they are thin,” says Spangle.

    If you are a visual person, for example, hang a favorite outfit where you can see it every day, then picture how well the outfit is going to fit you. If you’re a movement-oriented person, picture how it would “feel” to slide easily past the empty seats in the theater row, or imagine the ease of fastening a seat belt in an airplane.

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  119. Wandering Cat says:

    One thing I found that helps me is laying out the diet and/or exercise plan in a weekly (or biweekly or monthly) chart. I know what’s for each meal or snack; and I know what the exercise routine is for that day (with an alternate choice in case of bad weather). This reduces the temptation factor to very manageable levels because you eliminate the struggle for what is right to eat (if you’re out, carry a cheat sheet of what’s okay;also, many restaurants have their menus/nutrition info online, too). For the exercise, the planned and then the recorded achieved makes a great record on how far your fitness levels have come up.

    Ate something and then had a bad reaction? You have a record to share with your doc.

    Did a certain exercise fail to give results? Share with your fitness coach or fellow exerciser and they may have a solution that better suits your body and situation. With no plans or records of what happened, you’ll be wondering in a while exactly what occurred so you don’t repeat it. (Memory is a odd thing at times.)

    Do this planning and record keeping forever? Why not? Old diaries are fun to review for the writer and may be inspiring for children and grandchildren. It will help you maintain, too.

    The big clue here is taking whatever diet/exercise plan you’ve chosen
    and making it yours. You know the old quip: “Plan your work and work your plan.”

    Coaches don’t send their team out to do whatever. They know their opponent, make their plans, and discuss it with the team pre-game time (we all have seen the chalkboard full of diagrams). The playbook. Use the above idea to make your personal playbook. Then go out and win!

    Thanks for reading. I think I needed my own pep talk 😀

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  130. Rebecca says:

    I totally agree with you! Take responsibility and don’t blame it on having obese friends.

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