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5 Ways to Relax

You may often find yourself wishing you could put your feet up, breathe a little easier and simply relax. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only for a few minutes.

During those times of relaxation, your body is able to re-energize itself. You know this for a fact but then get too busy with all the million things you have to do and don’t get any change to unwind.

Still, even when your days are jam-packed, you can relax. There are so many simple things you can do to relax and the best part is they hardly take up a great deal of time nor do you have to have fancy equipment.

So here are 5 simple things you can do to help yourself relax and re-energize:

1. At the supermarket where the lines are long and there aren’t many cashiers to check customers out. Don’t stress out! This is an opportunity for you to relax.

Instead of getting stressed out about how long you’re going to wait in line, take deep breaths. When you take deep breaths, you’re actually helping improve your blood flow, as more oxygen is getting carried through your bloodstream. This helps your body recharge itself.

Try taking five deep breaths slowly. Make sure you inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale deeply out your mouth.

Deep breathing won’t just relax your body. Your mind will be clearer, getting you out of a brain fog and you’ll even be more alert.

Whether you’re head needs to be cleared or you need to shake off some stress, try deep breathing. You don’t even need to find a special place to do this simple technique either; just start taking a few deep breaths wherever you happen to be and you’ll feel a lot better in a few minutes.

2. At work, it can be difficult to really get any relaxation done. In fact, if you’re caught “relaxing” at work, it could be a strike against you.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t relax at work. You can do relaxation techniques that aren’t obvious to anyone who might be observing you.

Do you spend hours sitting in front of the computer most of your work day? If you do, get up every hour just to stretch your body. Stretching helps get the blood flowing throughout your body.

This simple technique will keep you from feeling tired. Instead you’ll become more focused and alert at work, and this will help you be ever more productive.

While you’re at your desk, take a few minutes every half hour or so to close your eyes and move your head front to back and side to side. This simple relaxation technique will release any tension in your neck and promote better blood flow to your brain.

But what if your work requires you stand on your feet for the most part of the day? Take a few minutes every once in a while to stretch your back and sides. This technique will help in relieving tension throughout your body because your spine and back muscles will loosen up.

When you’re on your break or having your lunch, take a short walk. Walking is such a simple activity that gives tremendous benefits. You’ll not just clear your head while you walk, you’ll be exercising your body too.

3. Just daydream, if you’ve got a busy, full day, take a minute or two to do this. When you daydream, you let your imagination go and this simple act of letting yourself go will give you instant stress relief. Who doesn’t need a few minutes to escape from the real world? I know I could use it every now and then.

What place or experience makes you happy or calm? Imagine how that place or experience smells. How does the air feel? Is there anyone there with you? If there is, who is that person?

Even just 5 minutes of daydreaming will help you be more relaxed. When you snap out of your daydream, you’ll feel energized again and ready to take on the real world.

4. Smile, no matter where you happen to be. You don’t have to have a reason to smile. It’s been proven that smiling relaxes and rejuvenates the body.

When you’re out in public, make sure to smile at the people you pass by. Smile at the people at work. You’re not the only one who’ll be relaxed. Your smile will help others relax as well.

If you have small children, make sure you have a smile on your face whenever you’re interacting or doing something with them.

It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re smiling, and this will help your kids enjoy their time with you because they know you’re in a peaceful, happy environment.

5. Laugh it off. Having a hard day? You’ll get an instant relief of stress by laughing. Of course, if you suddenly burst out laughing when you’re at the supermarket or you’re at your desk at work, others might perceive you as a nut case. So these may not be the best times to do this relaxation technique.

It’s a good idea if you have someone to laugh with you. For instance, when it’s appropriate, tell a co-worker a funny story or joke. While you’re driving your kids to school, sing silly songs with them. When you’re in front of your computer, search the internet and watch a couple of funny videos.


When you do these simple techniques for relaxation, you’ll see that you’re able to get through your day easily and with the least amount of stress.

And when you do get home, you’ll find it so much easier to unwind. Once you’ve mastered the simple art of how to relax, your family, friends and co-workers are going to love the new you.


Lea is a certified life coach and conscious living advocate. She enjoys helping others reach their potential and achieve true happiness. Start paving your path to happiness with a free copy of the Redesign Your Life eBook at Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


19 Responses to 5 Ways to Relax

  1. Venkat says:

    Very good list. Thanks Lea.

    I like the last one especially. We practice this in our daily Yoga class and it is called Laughing Yoga. It helps one to relax and release the emotional blockages, if any.


  2. Venkat says:

    Very good list. Thanks Lea.

    I like the last one especially. We practice this in our daily Yoga class and it is called Laughing Yoga. It helps one to relax and release the emotional blockages, if any.


  3. I like to do stretching and breathing techniques at different times during the day. After sitting for a long time at a desk, I usually try to stretch and walk around a little during my lunch break. it often helps me feel more calm, and energized to power through the rest of my work. When I am feeling very stressed or aggravated in certain situations, I often find myself closing my eyes for a few seconds and taking long deep breaths. It allows me to calm down and reassess the situation, and move forward in a  positive way without lashing out. 

  4. Lea says:

    You’re absolutely right. Getting stuck at a desk can stiffen you up. Doing a lap around the building is a good way to limber up and step away from the stress of work for a bit.

  5. Lea says:

    Thanks Venkat. I’m not familiar with Laughing Yoga. It sounds interesting and right on target, I’ll look into that. Thanks

  6. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Lea,
    Relaxing more as opposed to always having to be busy with goals and such was a new way of being for me in 2012. It’s not that I still don’t get things done, I just make relaxing part of my daily life.

  7.  Very nice share =). I love to spend the day with my loved ones as this really helps to brighten my day no matter what has happened earlier.

  8. Mike says:

    Thank You … Nice Blog i’m Add To My Bookmarks

  9. My daughter is great for helping me relax. We watch the Fresh Beat Band, a show on Nick Jr., almost every afternoon. When you are laughing, dancing and watching a silly show, it’s hard to stress about a co-worker, a vendor or not getting the sale.

  10. Lea says:

    That’s great Justin. We all need a break every so often.

  11. Lea says:

    You’re so right. Spending time with loved ones is just the thing we need. I enjoy it as well, regardless of the activity.

  12. Lea says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Lea says:

    I completely agree. I too love to laugh off my worries. Why not turn it into a good day…

  14. Boxton says:

    Some great ideas – it’s always easy to overlook the chances we have to take a step back and relax, even if it’s as easy as taking deep breaths! I was recommended that by my grandfather to help with exams. The second one is something I’m sure loads of people can relate to, I know I’ll be using it – sitting at a computer all day can feel very physically numbing and saps the energy out of you.

  15. Chelsea Green says:

    It’s easy to forget how important and effective it is to
    simply remember to smile. I’ve started keeping this in mind around the office
    at Dish, and I can already feel my stress levels diminishing. I’ve now gotten
    into the habit of bringing my tablet into work, so I can watch a funny show on
    my breaks. I have the free Dish Remote Access app that allows me to connect to
    my usual channel line up from home through my sling adapter, so I can forget
    about any tension I had from work while chuckling to 30 Rock or something. Like
    you mentioned, getting a few laughs in at lunch is an instant stress reliever.
    I find it really helps me tackle the rest of the workday with a level head. I
    can certainly see why you are a life couch. You are very good at showing people
    how to make simple improvements everyday!

  16. tanmay soman says:

    utter bull crap !

  17. tanmay soman says:

    utter bull crap !

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