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5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before Giving a Speech


Most people feel nervous prior to giving a speech.  This is human nature and indeed some degree of nerves is absolutely essential to remain alert and deliver the speech clearly.  However nerves do become a problem if they are debilitating in any way.  Thankfully, there are practical ways to overcome this which are outlined below. 

Rationalize your nerves

First of all, silently and in advance of your speech, rationalise your thoughts.  What are nerves?  Nerves are simply a fight or flight response to danger.  If you anticipate something you fear adrenaline will pump around your body causing you to feel anxiety.  Although it may feel uncomfortable, nothing bad will happen to you.  In fact look at your nerves as a positive thing as they will give you the energy to deliver your speech in an emotive, engaging and passionate way.

Prepare and Practice

The more familiar you are with something, the less uncomfortable it makes you feel.  Think about your first day at work and think about how you feel at work now?  The anxiety levels will have undoubtedly reduced the more familiar you are with your role, surroundings, colleagues etc.  Apply this principle to your speech.  First of all, know the subject of your speech inside out.  Write the speech in the format it is to be delivered i.e. on PowerPoint or acetates.  Prepare speaker notes that give you prompts on the title of the slide and its contents.  If there are any names or statistics that you might find difficult to remember, include them on your speaker notes.  These notes are not designed to be read from, but are designed to be held by the speaker and glanced at every so often to prompt the speaker and facilitate the flow of the presentation from beginning to end.  They should be produced on small, discrete cards that can be hand held.

Engage with the audience

Familiarise yourself with who the audience is going to be, how many people will be listening and what their objectives are by listening to your speech.  You must understand your target audience before writing the presentation so that you hit the correct tone and deliver it using the appropriate vocabulary.  If it is fitting, circulate your presentation to a select few members of the audience ahead of the speech and ask for their feedback.  Again once this is done, if it is appropriate, circulate the speech to the audience beforehand so that they know what to expect and have an opportunity to prepare any questions in advance.

Structure the presentation

Make sure you structure your speech in a logical way.  You want your message to be delivered in as clear and concise way as possible i.e. a beginning (introduction), middle (main body) and end (conclusion).  The best way to remember this is to ‘say what you are going to say; say it; and say it again!  Always thank the audience for listening at the end of the speech and invite them to ask any questions.

Keep Calm

There is no need to panic.  What is the worst that can happen?  Even if you mix the presentation up, chances are the audience will not even notice.  If your mind goes blank, take a sip of water.  If it helps to imagine the audience have no clothes on, then use this visualisation technique!  Take deep breaths, talk slowly, make eye contact and smile.  Remember that everyone in the audience is there because they want to hear what you have to say.


Oliver Carding is an experienced writerfrom The UK, his writing tends to focus on business and finance. He operates on a freelance basis as well as providing on page content for the “Fast payday loans review” & Venue Hunter blogs

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16 Responses to 5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before Giving a Speech

  1. Very useful tips!
    Though my speech making days are behind me, I also found humor helps in overcoming nerves. Humor in the speech and, well, laughing at yourself (preferably before the speech..LOL)
    Timing is key. :)

  2. Clint Cora says:

    I have seen many, many cases where previously nervous folks developed into confident speakers over time at Toastmasters.  Although I’m no longer with that organization, I would highly recommend them for anybody who wants to get over nerves in front of people. It’s a safe and supportive environment to learn useful skills.

  3. ofwnurse says:

    Public speaking is my weakness.  Thanks for posting this articles, It helped me a lot.. =)

  4. Amber says:

    Thanks for the tips! However,reading this made me nervous (seriously) and reminded me of being in 8th grade giving a speech. 

  5. Mike says:

    Good post.  Agree with all your tips except the last, “Keep Calm”.    If it were as simple as telling someone to “keep calm” the rest would not be necessary.   Nerves before a speech are completely normal and while I agree with the first 4 tips, the best way to deal with nerves ultimately is by simply giving speeches.  The more you give, the easier it gets.

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  7. Cheryl Barker says:

    Toastmasters is a fantastic organization. I’ve been a Toastmaster for a year, and have improved my public speaking 10-fold. I am still very nervous getting up in front of an audience, but the more I practice and the more suggestions/help I get from my fellow Toastmasters, the easier it gets. I’m looking forward to the day when I can speak in a way that folks stop and listen. Find a local Toastmasters club and visit as a guest.

  8. Susan Ggregg says:

    Aloha Oliver,

    Thanks for the great post.

    In school I always go sick on speech days. When I was in college I wouldn’t go to class is I was a minute late because I would have to walk into the room with everyone looking at me, or so I thought.

    Now I often speak in front of groups of hundreds of people with ease. The thing that made the most difference was I learned to love and accept myself. I made my opinion of me more important than anyone else.

    The idea seeing the audience naked helped in the beginning too.

    Thanks again, Susan

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  12. Hi everyone, glad you liked the article and am pleased that people found my advice useful. Thanks for the compliments.

  13. Sebastian_lea says:

    Listening to music helps me

  14. kim says:

    I Have been very worried I dont know what to do every time I speak in front my voice shakes please help me.

  15. Mike says:

    The suggestions in this article are helpful (e.g. practice, rehearse), but the only real cure for nervousness in front of a crowd is to put yourself in front of a crowd more often. Join a speaking group like Toastmasters and take every opportunity to speak, and you’ll get comfortable with it before long. “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain,” … Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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