5 Ways To Cope With Envy

You know that feeling when someone you know just got a promotion and suddenly you feel a pain in your chest. Or a fellow blogger just got his novel published and out of nowhere you have a headache.

We all struggle with this green-eyed monster at different times in our lives.  If you think about it, envy is a very natural reaction. It is nothing but a longing for someone else’s success or good fortune. We all want to have good things and be happy and successful. And so it is only natural that we feel envious towards someone who already has it all.

But if you let it, this poison envy can really grow and creep up on you sucking all of your positive energy, self-respect and productivity leaving you feeling resentful and unhappy.

Here are 5 things that can help you cope with envy.

  1. Write it down:

Acknowledge it. Envy appears in the form of a bad mood and then almost suddenly grows into a feeling of despair. Keep a personal journal and spill the beans. Most of the time, we want to tell someone how terrible we feel. And most of them time, we don’t because we think people will judge us. Writing it down helps you release a lot of emotions, de-cluttering if you will, and gives you more space to accept positive information.

  1. Give yourself some respect:

If you already a poor self-image, then envy is like a double whammy.  Not only do you feel a miserable longing for another person’s success, you feel even worse for feeling that way! A quick way to raise yourself up would be, again, to write down all you achievements or other successful moments in your life. It could be anything. This is enough proof that you have done something that made you happy and this is proof that you can do it again.

  1. Analyze the subject:

Grab your favorite cuppa and do a case study. I’m not kidding! Study the person whose victory is making you feel so worthless. Start at the very beginning and try to trace this person’s journey. Do you see a pattern? Does it involve hard work, courage, persistence and networking? Is there luck or any other favorable conditions? What are the qualities that you think have helped this person get where he is? Again write it down. This also helps you to look objectively at the environment in which your subject works and succeeds.

  1. Water your grass

If you think the grass is green on the other side; maybe it is time to review our own patch of grass. Are you watering it enough? Are you being persistent and hardworking? Are you looking for opportunities and being courageous about them? Do you think you could take a course or acquire some new skills that could take you there faster? Should you do something differently? Think about it. Write it down. Make an action plan.

  1. Turn envy into Inspiration

Every time you start feeling envious, take a deep breath and try to turn it into admiration and inspiration. Let it be a reminder that good things are possible. Look for the pattern, see how to tweak it for yourself and find the courage to be persistent.


A software programmer, SAHM, blogger, a compulsive crafter, a fellow hitch hiker in this galaxy, focused on self improvement. You can find more of my blogging stories HERE!


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