5 Lovely Ways to Spice up Your Boring Life

How does it feel when you are not able to find meaningful patterns in life?

Are you getting fed up with your normal routine?

Are you feeling jealous about someone else’s life?

Before adding these negative ingredients in your life, spice it up by adding your individual elements.

Move out of your safe zone to feel the adrenaline of your true dreams. Strip off all the confusions to enjoy the adventurous ride.

Whenever you are getting bored with your life, grab these five effective strategies to remain happy and peaceful.

  1. Analyze ‘Monday Morning Syndrome’

Are you getting frustrated by visualizing Monday morning’s?

Does the fear of weekday’s boring schedule spoil your weekend?

If yes, this is the perfect time to analyze your real purpose in life.  The best way to analyze this syndrome is to ask a simple question: Are you living happily or just crawling?

While living a fulfilling life, the person discovers a lovely connection with everything. There is no time for boredom because this person gets involved deeply with his passion.

The work becomes an effortless art.  All the disturbing visualization turns into a smooth ride.

We create a dull environment by crawling through the dense choking fumes of frustration and hopelessness.

As a result, we run away from our true motive. This question looks simple, but it will definitely provide a wonderful base for your bright future

2.  Reveal your mistakes and make people smile

I love to watch standup comedy shows. They stand at the center of the stage and do insane acts to make us smile.

To me, comedians are the best actors as they have the ability and willpower to laugh at themselves only.

We laugh at other’s mistakes, but we hide our own mistakes to not become a laughingstock.

There is always a fear of becoming a standing joke in front of your friends and relatives. So, we always try to suppress our faults.

It feels great when the other person is not able to catch our errors. What a relief, isn’t it?

We feel good by making others fool. But, we forget we are making a fool of ourselves only. In the beginning, we suppress our problems without thinking about the consequences.

So, just stand up at the center stage of your life and project your real identity. It doesn’t matter whether people smile or not. These acts provide great practical lessons about life.

3.  Accept more and judge less

We are not here to judge anyone because everyone is blessed with unique powers. Instead of taking other’s responsibility, we must start taking our own responsibilities.

As a charity begins at home, acceptance begins at our inner home. You know why we love to judge more and accept less.

Judging is a simple task as it is easy to target other people. Acceptance is a difficult task as we are the target only.

But, by accepting our true path, we spice up our life by adding our individual flavors to decode the complexities in an easy manner.

So, accept your past faults, accept your present journey and accept your future road map. Don’t dilute the taste of life by wasting time in judging.

4.  Get ready for the murder

I am not talking about any physical murder. So you don’t have to worry about anything. It is a safe and wonderful process to kill your fake identity.

In order to kill your fake mask, you have to make a secret plot because the victim is very close to you.

To achieve this mental murder, you will have to do the following things.

Reveal your true identity.

Stop living someone else’s life.

Come out of the stinky shell and rise above all miseries with full authority.

Discover your true path.

Instead of feeling jealous about other’s wealth, concentrate on your inner treasure.

So, are you ready for the murder?

5. Spicy and dull complement each other

Do you like dull moments? I know the answer.  Nobody likes a struggling phase. So, why am I asking this question?

We forget that these dry periods are one of  the most important moments to generate a lot of spice and adventure.

By surviving these harsh winds, we discover a lovely path. Without understanding sadness, we cannot measure the value of happiness.

In a similar manner, without understanding the bitterness of tough moments, we cannot taste the spice and adventure of wonderful moments.

Spicy and dull moments are like a pair of shoes. As the shoes are sold in pairs, so do the ups and downs comes, in a pair only.

Without the right shoe of a given number, left shoe of the same number has no significance.

In the same manner, without any experience of a rough journey in a given circumstance, the happy journey of the same circumstances has no significance in our life.


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