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5 Life Transforming Truths For Doing Absolutely Nothing

I had a conversation with one of my daughters yesterday. She had recently moved from a conventional office setting to a home office environment and was feeling somewhat guilty for waiting to simply get up and leave that environment to at times do nothing. Her self worth is currently inextricably attached to the amount of work she perceives that she needs to do on a daily basis. At times we can be our worst taskmasters.

As her father and business coach I shared the following – ‘Man or woman looks out of window thinking great thought. That is great work. That is how great businesses, books, and blogs are first germinated – in the uncluttered mind.’

So allow me to share 5 truths why you should at times do absolutely nothing.

1. Be Uncluttered

We live in a world that rushes by at a frantic pace. Our minds, very easily, can be suddenly cluttered – full of all the images and messages thrust at us by the media in all its forms. A cluttered mind, like a cluttered office, will make at times, it very hard to make sense of it all.

This is when I draw aside – and I particularly find that being accompanied by a journal to de-clutter my mind helps greatly. Here I pour my thoughts out and on to a sheet of paper – and suddenly space is made available in the mind that a minute ago was confused and befuddled.

2. Be Refueled

When I put gas in my car’s tank it takes me so far before I need to pull aside to another gas station to fill it up again.

So too my mind.

The only way I can continue to write ‘magnificence’ as I call it – is that I spend some time each day reading or listening to another’s ‘magnificence’. The more I write, the more I need to read. The more I give, the more I need to receive.

Doing absolutely nothing at times, each day, allows me to draw upon the resources that will sustain me spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and even financially.

3. Be Inspired

An inspired life is a fired life.

I love my open fire at home. But in order for the fire to be sustained I must first add the necessary wood required to fuel the flame.

To get started there needs to be an abundance of smaller twigs. But to sustain the fire I need to place larger logs in the hearth.

So when it comes to inspiration it may come first to reading my Daily Motivational Memos that contain an original quote of mine plus an additional 100 power packed and life changing words. Those additional 100 words expand upon the subject covered by the quote.

But then to be sustained I may require a self development course such as my Self Development Mastermind Program, that has been created to build people’s lives over a 6 month period through the use of text, audio and video presentations along with personal interaction with myself as their coach.

4. Be Discovered

Life is very much about the discovery of us – our strengths, our desires, our abilities, our passions, and our dreams.

Every day is a fresh unfolding for the seeker.

So times of solitude, when you do absolutely nothing, are times for, great discovery.

By simply drawing aside with your journal and pen in hand – with each stroke of the pen a new discovery will be unveiled.

5. Be

Some people call it meditation. But this is where you close the books, the journals, and put down your pen. Some like to close their eyes, while others like to view the world through fresh eyes.

This is the time that I take myself and immerse myself in nature itself – a walk along the beach or sitting in a bush land setting in the sun.

You choose the place. You choose the time to simply BE. Allow creation’s permeation to infiltrate your being. Don’t talk. Cease the chatter in your head and simply listen – for the answer awaits your question when you learn to simply be.


Motivational Memo: To be or not to be, that is the answer!

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23 Responses to 5 Life Transforming Truths For Doing Absolutely Nothing

  1. Clint Cora says:

    Wonderful insights here. Many of us can certainly related to the need to do nothing, but in a peculiar productive way. Of course, we wouldn’t want these to be portrayed quite the same as being a couch potato or simply just ‘vegging’ out!

  2. The Vizier says:

    Hi Peter,

    I fully agree with you. There is a time for work and there is a time for doing absolutely nothing. The key is balance. If we try to work all the time, our productivity will decline despite our best efforts. We can only keep going for so long. I enjoyed reading your 5 truths on why we should do absolutely nothing at times. They are wise indeed and here are some of my thoughts on them.

    1. Be Uncluttered

    It is indeed very easy for our minds to get cluttered. There is so much going on in our daily lives and at such a frantic pace that things can get overwhelming. I like how you unclutter your mind by writing your thoughts out. Not only does this clear your mind, it helps you to see things from a detached point of view. Somehow, this exercise brings clarity as you see things more clearly. Fears are less frightening and problems are less unmanageable. The most important things is that you will know what you should do next.

    4. Be Discovered

    Times of solitude or personal time is very important for me. It is during these things that I get ideas and recharge. Without setting aside this time, I feel very stressed and get very productive because I am not living a balanced life.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

  3. It always great to be inspired. But we must do more than rely on inspiration. We must create, build, shape, shift, cultivate, analyze, shave, shift and mold our works, dreams, life and present moment ventures!

  4. Great truths and fantastic reasons to do absolute nothing, but with a conscious mind!

  5. Hey Peter,
    I have a hammock between two trees in my backyard except I don’t have an Ocean to look at.

    The big one for me is to take the time to refuel myself. I often get caught up in going, going, going, that I forget to take a break now and again.

  6. Guido says:

    great blog. I truly believe that most of our wisdom lies in doing nothing. In silence, in moments beyond our thoughts and activities.
    In the gap between the first thought and the second thought. That is why doing nothing is great. That is why being bored is also great.. because if you can let urself be bored.. real wisdom can grow.

  7. Hi Peter,

    Nice to see you here as well. Again, your thoughts totally inline with mine:). I agree, at times we need to just chill out and let ourselves be for a while. Everyone needs to breathe for a bit before starting up again.

  8. Steven says:

    All these points perfectly illustrate how I go about my day:

    Be uncluttered. Like you I enjoy writing and creating music to help my mind unwind and begin to relax.

    Be refueled. Often when I’m done creating I need some more fuel. I like to read other blogs, listen to music, watch movies, and engage in other arts to help keep my ideas flowing (just like the car driving on gas).

    Be inspired. This one is kind of related to my “fuel.” I try to learn and be inspired by everything in my environment. That way I am constantly restocking on new fuel to motivate me throughout my day.

    Be discovered. Yes, yes, yes. I fully believed in the “examined life” as Socrates put it. Life is about exploration and discovery, especially self-discovery.

    Be. In the midst of it all, sometimes it’s necessary to step back, take a deep breath, and be grateful for it all.

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

  9. Hey, really great ideas. Thanks for the wonderful post. Keep sharing.

  10. Thanks Clint

    Yes there is a defined difference between productive and non-productive nothingness. But by choosing to pull aside at times – amazing surprises and intuitions can sneak up on you – so the important thing is to remain alert during these times with notepad and pen at hand – just in case the illusive idea suddenly appears. Enjoy your transformation -Peter

  11. Hi Irving – great to read your response and to see that this state of ‘absolutely nothing’ adds such great value to your life. We need clarity more than ever if we are going to add a positive dimension to the lives of others as well as our own. To maintain this balance we all need to take time out to realign with our personal compass and then be re-infused with life and energy so we can go yet again to be a blessing to our world. – Keep being awesome – Peter

  12. Hi Jonathan – great that you reminded us of this truth. I agree. We must be ‘inspired into action’. For it is only that action that creates significant change in both our lives and in the lives of others. Let us all be more inspired so that we can create more positive action in a world that is crying out for those who will act rather than complain. Be blessed! Peter

  13. Yes Marc – good point – although nothing may be happening physically – both mentally and spiritually a new world can be created effortlessly. The power of one idea! Continue being great – Peter

  14. Time to dust off the hammock Justin – and watch out world for the great thoughts that are going to read splashed across the internet from the pen of Justin – can’t wait! Peter

  15. Hi Guido – love ‘the gap between the first thought and the second thought’ – therein lies magnificence! Go find and make sure that you continue to share ‘the gap’ with all of us. Great thoughts are yours – Peter

  16. Yes Ariana – breathe – timeout – break – recharge – refuel – all necessary if we are going to complete this long distance race – where we compete against our last effort – all the way to success. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts. Peter

  17. Thanks Steven – glad to see that you use your day wisely by applying all these principles. Makes for an amazing life. I wish you nothing but more than the best in all that you pursue. Be magnificent! Peter

  18. Hey Courtney – it has been with the greatest of pleasure to share my thoughts with you. Be blessed! Peter

  19. Connie Lee says:

    Hi, Peter,

    What a powerful article! I wrote something similar on my blog

    Too often we don’t allow ourselves the chance to ‘be’; as in ‘Let it Be’ or ‘Be Here, Now!’. Thanks for the wonderfully written reminder.


  20. Thanks Connie – appreciate it – great minds write alike!

  21. Timo Kiander says:


    Great tips!

    It seems that it is very difficult for a modern people to just stop and do nothing – yet it is something we have to do in order to improve ourselves (like discovering our inner strengths).


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