4 Ways To Deal With Negativity in the World

Picture this scenario: You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth and get ready to go to work. You head to your kitchen and brew yourself a cup of coffee.

Before leaving the house, you settle down with that coffee and whip out that iPad of yours. You don’t actually read the news, you just want to surf Facebook.

While scrolling through your newsfeed you come across a video your friend just posted, with the status, “Omg sick! Can’t believe this happened”.

You’re intrigued. You click on it.

And your day is ruined.

Because you just watched a very raw footage of someone getting robbed/someone getting hit by a car/a bunch of people getting into an ugly brawl…

… The list goes on.

Has this ever happened to you before?

The negative state of the world

Subsequently, your mind cannot help but wonder, “What is up with this world?”

“Why is life so unfair?”

“Why do bad things happen to innocent people?”

“Why are there even crimes?”

“Why do people act the way they do? Can’t we all live in peace?”

What if it happens to me?”

The negativity in this world can be pretty overwhelming at times, depressing even to some.

Sadly, life still carries on as it is. There are 7 billion people in this world and there’s always a clash in among cultures and differences in religions.

We all try to live our life and be happy, but each of us have our own set of challenges and brushes with negativity from time to time.

But don’t let it get to you.

Here are 4  ways to deal with negativity of the world

1) Be strong, don’t get paranoid

In order to not let the bad stuff and negativity get to you, you got to make the conscious choice to be strong and happy.

Don’t be paranoid that, for whatever bad things you heard or read about, it probably will not happen to you too.

Getting paranoid and expecting the worst to happen will simply add unnecessary stress to you and your mental state.

I find that many people think that they “should” expect the worst in life, just so that they can be prepared to deal with it when it actually happens.

Do you see that this ironically makes you somewhat negative already?

Instead, acknowledge that there’re indeed negativity in this world, then move on with your own life, work hard and do what makes you happy.

2) Focus your energy on helping then

Then focus your energy on trying to make this world a better place.

You can help in little or big ways. Every effort counts.

It’s very well known that if you’re feel down or even depressed, all you got to do is help others to instantly feel better.

Don’t think that you’re just “one guy” and that you can’t make a difference.

It’s not like you have to spend all your time doing volunteer work or start a movement, but the idea is to turn into a positive state of always wanting to help, which would definitely occupy your mind enough such that there’s no place for negativity to even come in.

Look at it this way: Sure, there’s negativity and bad stuff going on around in this world, but that’s when the good has a chance to shine.

It’s up to you take a side then.

3) Just block it!

It is known that people have an affinity towards reading bad news. We prefer it in fact. It’s more entertaining than good news.

Studies and research have also been done to  show that we’re psychologically inclined to yearn towards bad news.

Maybe it’s happening to you subconsciously already.

Well subconscious or not, I say it’s completely up to you to make a choice.

Just because you’re drawn to a pretty compelling headline doesn’t mean you have to read it.

Just because all your friends are sharing disturbing videos online doesn’t mean you have to watch it either.

So block it out.

If you know deep down it may potentially make you feel disturbed, just don’t participate. It’s not going to be worth it.

It’s not like you’re going to miss out or be left behind if you decide not to take part in any kind of “trendy” news anyway.

4) Remember that there is good in this world

Negative as this world can be, don’t forget about the other side of the coin.

There is good in the world, something I think a lot of us forget. The good may not be on the front page of our papers, but they exist.

There’re good people who go the extra mile to care for others.

There is natural, undying beauty which mother nature has given us.

There is awesome, man-made wonders like the miracles of science and progression of technology.

They all make us feel good to be alive.

And the great thing is that, a little bit of good makes a whole lot of difference, all the time.

So focus on the good.

Block out the bad, the noise and the negativity.

Even in days you feel overwhelmed, always remember that there is good.

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31 Responses to 4 Ways To Deal With Negativity in the World

  1. Very sound advice! I always try to remember to identify what bI can do to improve the world, nobody can do everything but everybody can do something!

  2. Simply getting rid of my TV has made a huge difference in how I see the world. I’m no longer constantly bombarded with bad news after bad news. While I don’t think purposely trying to hide from the negativity in this world is a healthy way to live, I do believe the media takes it too far.

    Negativity is out there. We can’t avoid it. But we can always choose to focus on the brighter side of things.


  3. Murraydan885 says:

    Watch any TED video instead.

  4. Aaron Morton says:

    Good article, negativity is a very subjective experience. If someone is told they are fat and it spurs them on to losing weight, would that be defined as a negative comment?
    Going to either end of the positive/negative spectrum can be both annoying and detrimental. It has tarnished the personal development industry most definitely. But learning to deal with what comes your way I see as more beneficial than searching and attempting to control your environment consistently. 

    Thanks Alden.

    Aaron Morton

    The Confidence Lounge.

  5. I think what a lot of people in my life fail to do is what point four states. No one ever seems to remember there are tons of beautiful and positive things out there. Instead, they fixate on the negative and begin to blame the ENTIRE world for its cruelness. That is a crazy thing to do when you think about it because this thought breeds pessimists. It makes people less trusting as well because if there is NO good out there, or at least in their mind, then what hope do they have? 

    Blocking out the bad is also pretty important at times. Sure, I hate having to do it, but you can’t go through life without a filter. Driving through Downtown Phoenix makes me miserable sometimes because I’m a lot more exposed to the more depressive scenes there. Tons of people walking around begging for change, the buildings clearly breaking down, and everyone there seems to be wanting to get out of there. I could let my pity and sorrow follow me all day, but how do I function on a daily basis if I don’t force myself to filter it out?  Then I remind myself that there’s someone out there who just met the love of his/her life. At least there’s hope for someone out there, regardless of where I am.

  6. Mary Slagel says:

    Great tips! I am always the type to avoid things I know will disturb me because I am an overly sensitive person and get upset easily. Sometimes I even have a hard time watching Animal Planet because I can’t help but tear up watching the last animal in the pack be chased since I know it is soon going to be killed and eaten. I don’t know where such sensitive thoughts came from but I’m learning to deal with them. Helping others is a great idea that I already try to do but could do a lot more. I think that is my next goal in life. 

  7. Alden Tan says:

    Hey man!

    Thanks so much for commenting. That’s a great thinking! Everyone should start that way. 

  8. Alden Tan says:

    Awesome man.

    Yeah I really wonder why people think they “have” to watch or read something knowing that it may potentially disturb them.

    I rarely watch TV, but I make it point to get off social media whenever I can help it. 

  9. Alden Tan says:

    Hey Aaron,

    Great insight. Going to extremes just doesn’t help.

    It’s definitely a matter of perspective and also how one takes it.

    But because of the way most are wired, I say they cannot help but be affected emotionally. 

  10. Alden Tan says:

    Great insight man thanks for sharing.

    Indeed. When there’s bad, there’s good. There’s an opportunity for good to bloom.

    I won’t go into how there must bet balance in terms of good and evil, but I believe the world is just the way it is.

    So we all got to start small and do good, that’s for sure. 

  11. Alden Tan says:

    That’s great! Well, take that sensitivity and make it into something awesome!

    I think we should all tell ourselves that, to just avoid the bad stuff.

    I mean why bother?

  12. Ladolcevita says:

    This article is littered with typos to the extent it is unreadable, which is unfortunate as the reminder would be useful to some.

  13. Natalie says:

    I totally agree that you should be careful what you expose yourself to. I think some people have problems sleeping because they watch the news before going to bed!

    I never watch the news unless something major has happened that someone else brought to my attention. Then I only watch until it starts to repeat (usually less than 5 minutes).

    We all need to remember that these things are news because they are NOT normal.  How many people successfully go through the day vs. those confronted with horrors?

  14. I almost never watch a news video (or the news on TV, for that matter) since the visual has so much more impact than just the written word. Reading keeps me informed without having so much influence on me. 

  15. Kees_berg says:

    Blocking away negatives like murder and in injustice isn’t the best way in my opinion. Accepting and knowing That these Things are happening Has gave me better understanding and perspectives on what is good. There is no goodness with the absence of crime, because Then there is lack off bad examples.

  16. Tmans525 says:

    I noticed you chose the worldly view of ways to deal with negativity around us in this life and you make some very good observations and points. I also believe that without the amazing power and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in our lives, then even with all four of the above steps you mentioned, or more that can be added to this list, we will never truly feel at peace in this world. He and He alone is the Author and Giver of peace. Truly saved and honest Christians go through this life unafraid of the worlds negativity and sinfulness. We serve a great and mighty God!

  17. Sophie Lizard says:

    Hey Alden, I have a question: what do you do when the negativity is live and in person – like when your family has its own ugly brawl, or your friends want to talk about their messy divorce for the 10000000th time?
    I deal pretty well (I think) with negativity “out there” in the world, but when people close to me are involved I waver between leaving the situation for my own good, or sticking around to try and help them calm themselves. Whatever I decide, I feel I can’t optimise.

  18. Alden Tan says:

    Hey Natalie,

    Indeed! I say it so many times, if its something that bothers you, then just don’t deal with it!

    Good on you Natatlie for being selective on what you read, or watch. 

  19. Alden Tan says:

    Good to hear!

    I don’t even keep up with the news myself now. And I’ve cut down on Social Media. 

  20. Alden Tan says:

    Nicely said.

    Acknowledge it. And move on with life. 

  21. Alden Tan says:

    Hey Sophie! Glad to see you here.

    I’d personally check my feelings with regards to people I’m close to.

    Yes, I definitely want to help, but I’ll have to real about it. If it annoys me or makes me upset even, I’d tell them for sure. 

    But it’d take a LOT to annoy me. So, by then, it probably means it’s time for them to make their own mistakes, something I believe in.

    Just got to give them tough love at times. So I’ll either be straight forward and firm with them, or walk away completely. 

  22. Agreed to what you have written but in today’s time it really difficult to be motivated, inspired and well retain the enthusiasm.. for that we need to a kick and i am of the opinion that reading biographies and quotes help you being positive and motivated.. at least it works for me.. everybody has their own way of dealing with situation, right!! as a part of my regular dose for positiveness and enthusiasm i go to because it has some really motivating and feel good quotes..  i thought of sharing this with everyone because it helps me and it can help other as well to keep their spirits high.. thank you for this very good read  Alden.. :)

  23. Agreed to what you have written but in today’s time it really difficult to be motivated, inspired and well retain the enthusiasm.. for that we need to a kick and i am of the opinion that reading biographies and quotes help you being positive and motivated.. at least it works for me.. everybody has their own way of dealing with situation, right!! as a part of my regular dose for positiveness and enthusiasm i go to http://quotesbysrisri.blogspot… because it has some really motivating and feel good quotes..  i thought of sharing this with everyone because it helps me and it can help other as well to keep their spirits high.. thank you for this very good read  Alden.. :)

  24. There is really so much negativity in the world, and it’s constantly being pushed in your face. I want to keep au courant but at the same time I don’t want to be put off. Over time i have stopped reading the sensational stories- someone was murdered, someone was raped- it’s sad, but I also know I can’t change that. So i just keep it moving as much as possible and read some politics or something.

  25. Nate Anglin says:

    So true Murray. Love TED. 

  26. Nate Anglin says:

    I’m just going to be a straight shooter. Quit the dang whining and make things happen. The world is not perfect and the spoon fed theory is far from realistic. This is why living is so GREAT. Every day is a chance for us to learn, adapt and grow. When issues arise, we learn and become better. And people just need to stop talking about the world ending and how mother nature is coming to kill us all. Although I am not a scientist, most of use should just focus on our lives and enriching others. Their are so many great people in this world but so many of us are stuck on worrying about the bad. Yes, we have to be careful in certain situations but focus on the good, it’ll eliminate a lot of that negativity. 

  27. It’s natural to have a bad day, but it is all in how you react to situations that
    can make the difference. Each morning I make sure to look for all that I am
    thankful for and it can quickly turn around what originally started out to be a
    hectic day.

  28. It can be hard to stay optimistic when we are exposed to so many tragedies that are present in some people’s daily lives. I work for Feeding America and whenever I see people come in with food stamps and how thankful they are when they leave with food because that is the only thing they will be able to consumer for the next week, it is saddening that they have to go through all of that burden but I also feel good that I can work with such a wonderful organization that gives back so much to the community. 

  29. Angela says:

     stop being negative

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