3 Ways To Accept Your Life

Read the following sentences and see if you relate –

“I don’t like anything in my life”

“Life sucks”

“I hate my job”

“I am a loner, nobody likes me”

“Life is a struggle”

In all these not-so-happy words there is only one important thing missing and that is acceptance. We are always on the get go, we want to change everything  we want to fix things, we wish to bring transformation. We desire to create a life we would love and live happily but guess what your new boss would be a sucker again, your partner would annoy you again and your friends wont support you. I don’t say that to bring a negative perspective here but am telling you the truth of life. You would not enjoy life until you accept things the way they are. Of course change is possible and you can anytime take new decisions but they would be possible only if you start accepting and move away from complaining.

Complaining and whining are not productive. They can’t help you in any way. Practically, change is only possible once we take responsibility for creating it. The moment we decide to let go of old patterns and create new and breakthrough in life the most awesome way, only then everything would make sense. Acceptance is the key here because it lets you move beyond your own horizon and look at life from a different angle.

Three ways to accept your life right now –

1. Don’t be sorry for yourself – Your life is in the best shape it could be. Being sorry for yourself or pitying your own existence is a shame. You are not what you think you are. There is more to be and do and now stop being the victim. If you want to change your life, you will be able to do it.

2. Stop comparing your life – I know you compare yourself and your life with that of others and then it never allows you to go to bed with a smiling face. Your neighbor would be earning more than you and you hate your boss for not paying you enough. But here’s the thing, how long you want to carry this circle of complaints with you? Don’t judge and complain because it won’t increase your assets. It will only increase your stress.

3. Get grateful – Gratitude is the most effective tool of life. It makes you aware of the most amazing things you have. It brings our consciousness to present and gives a boost of positivism in an instant. Make a list of things you like and appreciate the fact that you have them. Count your blessings – start with the fact that you have access to internet and you can read this.

Accept your life with open arms and the windows to change will show up.

About the author – Ruchika Batra is a Life Coach + would be psychologist and a spiritual rockstar. She is on a mission to create miracles combining the principles of psychology and spirituality.

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4 Responses to 3 Ways To Accept Your Life

  1. Joan Harrison says:

    I agree, accepting who you are and loving that person is the best thing you can do for yourself to improve your life. Being grateful for the good things you have will bring more of the same into your life.

    If you think negative thoughts then negativity will show up in your life so thinking the opposite of negative attracts positive.
    I spent many years studying therapeutic counseling techniques to finally come to the conclusion that everything in our lives – good or bad – starts with a thought.

    I enjoyed your post Ruchika thank you.

  2. Jeff Urmston says:

    For me #2 is one of the hardest to follow. Comparing ourselves to others is natural but it creates a lot of my own personal suffering. I’ll convince myself that I’m at peace with something but then, after comparing myself to someone else I’ll start to think, “I need this,” or “That person is getting ahead of me.” I know better but I let it get to me more than I should.

    Thank you for the reminder on that front, it’s a very important point!

  3. says:

    I am really sorry hon

  4. says:


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