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3 Things To Do If There Is No Progress In Your Life

Have you ever noticed the ripple expansion across water when you drop an object into it?

This phenomenon can teach you a great lesson, if you feel that there is no progress in your personal and professional life.

The lesson simply is: the best way to conquer stagnation is to disturb it.

Any tiny action you take will lead to incremental outward changes.

I always advise my life purpose coaching clients that once they find their passion and purpose in life, they should act fast by taking the easiest smallest action possible in the direction of their purpose.

This small action will generate new possibilities and cause a ripple effect that will change the ground and build your momentum.

So, here’re three things you can do now to initiate a ripple effect in your life:

1. Read a new book

Acquiring new information in general broadens your perspective and creates new choices for you. You can stumble upon one idea in a book that gives you an AHA moment, and hence lead to a transformational experience.

2. Connect with new people

Networking is your greatest asset in your passionate living journey. Every new person you know can be pivotal to your success. A new connection can either introduce you to a new idea or to another person that can help you get what you want easier and faster.

3. Travel

Travelling to your favorite or new destinations can help you calm your mind and think clearly about how to move to the next level in your life. The busyness of life can drift you away and gives you no chance to think about what really matters to you. When you take a break and reconsider your choices and possibilities, you will definitely find new ways to accelerate your progress and conquer stagnation.

What else can you do to affect your stagnant situation with a ripple effect?


M. A. Tohami is on a mission to help unfulfilled professionals live with passion.

If you’re interested, visit his blog and get 3 FREE chapters from his book, The Pharaohs’ Code – Amazon’s #1 bestselling motivational book on May 19, 2009

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13 Responses to 3 Things To Do If There Is No Progress In Your Life

  1. Clint Cora says:

    I can see that these three points presented can be inter-related or even used in combination. It’s more or less an injection of new ideas from something or someone external. It’s like attacking a problem from different angles. A very good presentation in this post – thanks!

  2. I tend to look into my passions and finding careers that match those if I ever feel I’m not moving forward.

  3. Khaled says:

    From my experience,Tip #3 “Travel” is the best.

    Traveling was a Great Life-Changing experience for me for 2 times.

  4. M. A. Tohami says:

    @ Clint: Yes, sure. You can integrate all three. Thanks for your insight

    @ Bryce: There is no question about that. Passion comes first. But sometimes, while you’re pursuing your passion, you feel you’re not progressing. This is when these 3 tips can help.

    @ Khaled: Yeah! I love traveling. It’s my favorite too.

  5. Ed Fox says:

    My favorite three things to do, Great advice

    Ed Fox

  6. Igor says:

    Travel is awesome, it ALWAYS causes a ripple in my perception, and changes me for good.

    I agree with the post, we do need to create a ripple, but at times it is not as easy as it sounds unfortunately.

  7. M. A. Tohami says:

    @ Ed: Thanks Ed

    @ Igor: It is easy because the ripple can be triggered with the smallest possible action. Change is difficult when the task is bigger.

  8. peppoj says:

    I found out quite frequently what changes my perception, and thus my new hunger for knowledge. It has shades from point One, but not quite. Its those short periods of solitude I experience from time to time, that encourages me to look up new information. It can be anything under the sun, but my primary interest is philosophy. All the wise men, past and present, with their amazing ideas. I wish to believe that, soon enough, all this solitary study will have me “Standing on the shoulders of giants”.


  9. M. A. Tohami says:

    I believe that solitude is the habit of legends!

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  11. laureta says:

    Rreally great advices…! greetings from Macedonia

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  13. Dudeclimbing says:

    I am a person who has taken that choice and on that pass of progression. How do I try to relate that to my partner. She has a great education in the hospitality industry, 5 stars hotels. Yet she won’t listen to me. She is from a nothern country. I have encouraged her from day one and she will still will not progress her self. I have contacts n she won’t take advantage. Plz help me. She won’t let me help her. Plz help me!,,,,,,,,,

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