3 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Build Confidence

Use your Mirror

When I tried this initially it did feel a bit awkward the first few times but it really is a dose for confidence and if practiced daily, you will find yourself in a better frame of mind through the day. Not only once a day but you could do it frequently during the day just the way you take your coffee breaks which will keep you energized for the next few hours.

Stand in a confident posture in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eye. Be loud and clear. You could simply use an affirmation like ‘I believe in myself’ or even say aloud loud what you want yourself to be. Decide what the affirmation or list of affirmations are going to be and speak them aloud, feet firmly planted on the ground. The reason for this planning is so that you do not get stuck in between or waste time thinking what you should say to yourself.

Once you start, within a few weeks you should feel a significant difference in your confidence level.


What are you talking to yourself about all the time? The interesting thing is that you don’t need any more time to do the right self-talk. You are already doing it. Now you just need to speak to yourself in the right way. Be aware of it while you are walking, while you are driving or shaving. This way it will get into your daily routine & become an empowering factor in your life.

While you are speaking to yourself, are you talking about what’s lacking in your life or what you are thankful for? As you are speaking to yourself, you are only strengthening the beliefs of whatever you are repeating. If you want to feel a change in emotions or be in a peaceful state of mind, you will have to speak to yourself in a manner that makes you feel better about yourself and your life in general. You could also use the same affirmations that you use while speaking in front of the mirror.

Whatever you speak to yourself is what your energy speaks to others and what you will reinforce in yourself. The idea behind doing self-talk is to develop love and respect yourself so you can give the same to others.

Taking Action – Getting out of your comfort zone

What are you going to do today that you haven’t done yesterday. What action will make a difference to your life?  The above two steps are to prepare you to take actions that you haven’t taken before. Don’t be a victim to your daily routine. I have personally experienced the effects of giving into routine. Just another day to turn into just another week which turns into just another month & that turns into just another year.

You will not know whether your actions are right or not but you will have to take a step however small to move toward your goal. All the affirmations & all the beliefs we cultivate will not produce result until we actually do something about it. Ultimately, as Tony Robbins says action will be the real measure for the decisions we have taken.  Are we are willing to pay for the changes we want to see in our lives?

After you have read this article, make sure you take a decision to do something that moves you forward in the direction you both need and want to go.


What motivated me to blog ?

Facing day to day challenges, it started to intrigue me how people have learned to be successful despite several odds stacked against them. I wanted to further understand the power of our minds as to how it affects the rest of our life.

I thought the best way to learn would be to share what I know & what I ready which is when I found “ Pick the brain” as a very suitable platform to share my thoughts which I hope will help others. Check more of my thoughts at my blog!


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