Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the Busy Mom

When we became mothers, we knew there would inevitably be days where our kids’ needs and wants would come first. However, we didn’t fully understand how demanding the job was until we were completely immersed in all the diapers, feedings, car pools, practices, homework, tantrums, and more. It’s no secret that parenting is demanding, but we don’t get to call in sick or request vacation days. So, what is a parent to do?

Thankfully, researchers are finding that busy moms can cope with the demands of motherhood by tapping into the power of relaxation and meditation. The data is in and shows that mothers who took steps to meditate after the births of their sons and daughters actually exhibited lower levels of stress, anxiety, and even mental distress when compared to women who did nothing. These mindful moms also displayed more tolerance and weren’t as argumentative.

Other studies have also found that mindfulness and saying a few ohms now and then can help ladies manage their weight, reduce abdominal fat, and even control hormones associated with stress. If those aren’t reasons enough to consider meditation, a study from Harvard discovered that meditating is a natural way for people to relax. While meditation can benefit everyone, it is especially helpful for busy moms who just need a few minutes to clear their minds and calm their bodies.

To help you on this journey, scroll through the following relaxation and meditation tips for the busy mom:

Claim a calming spot for yourself.

Designate one area in your home, bedroom, or garden that is quiet and peaceful. You can use this spot for seeking solace and solitude to meditate or relax when you need a few minutes to yourself. Surround yourself with soothing colors, fabrics, comfy furniture, and limit outside distractions, such as: cell phones and televisions.

Don’t complicate things.

Relaxation and meditation doesn’t have to be complex, time consuming, or require a lot of equipment. Keep things simple and use mini meditations throughout the day to make mindfulness a reality for busy moms. These short moments can be done while walking, bathing, doing the dishes, driving carpools, and more. Be mindful and present, focusing on breathing and the sensations you are feeling like warm water on the skin, sunlight pouring on your face, or the smell of your favorite soap.

Just breathe.

An easy way to relax and meditate for busy moms is to pay attention to our breaths. Throughout the day, focus on taking five deep breaths slowly. Make sure you inhale through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth. Mini breathing sessions can be a blessing when we need to send a calming message to our bodies.

Tap into technology for help.

While sneaking off to a yoga class or meditation group sounds wonderful, it’s often not a reality for busy moms. For those days where we are mentally exhausted and the thought of adding one more thing on our to-do list is overwhelming, log online for a guided meditation or yoga video to help relax. Let technology do all the thinking, anytime or anyplace- just follow along.

Don’t skip a beat. 

Music and soothing sounds are a great tool for mothers looking to find a little relaxation and meditation time. Music is a wonderful way to calm down or energize yourself during the day. Just turn on the radio, cue your favorite playlist, and tune out the world for a few minutes with the help of a good song.

Use crystals or gemstones during meditation.

There are many theories that claim laying stones or crystals on designated locations of the body during meditation can encourage healing. Whether you buy into this ideology or not, this concept can help women be more mindful and deliberate with our thoughts while meditating. There are a variety of resources available that explain the different crystals, gemstones, and body locations to help you tackle problems like anxiety, anger, or stress.



Envision a ball of light.

One great way for mothers to meditate or relax is by visualizing a light moving down over our body, relaxing our muscles as it passes over. This process can be very effective at helping us calm our nerves and relax when we are short on time and patience.

Make it a priority.

Guarantee you have time for relaxation and mediation by scheduling it on your calendar. This will ensure you meet your personal needs without having to wait for the perfect moment. Everyday, find a time where the kids are busy or sleeping so you can set aside a few quiet minutes and limit interruptions. Get up early, schedule a brunch with friends, or run a hot bath. Just make sure you follow through with your plan!

What relaxation and meditation tips for the busy mom can you share?


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