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One of the perks of writing a website with a sizable readership is that people start sending you books and products for free, hoping that you’ll write about them. In most cases I don’t; either because the product is low quality or because it isn’t relevant to the site.

Today is the second exception. After completing and using the PhotoReading course from Learning Strategies, I’ve decided to share my experience with you.

What is PhotoReading?

PhotoReading is a new way to process written information that utilizes accelerative learning techniques and the power of the right-brain. It’s made up of several steps that allow you to extract value from reading material in a third of the time. The PhotoReading course has changed my approach to reading and allowed me to read books in a fraction of time without sacrificing comprehension.

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The Advantage of the PhotoReading Course

PhotoReading eliminates the inefficiency of traditional reading. As children, we’re taught to read linearly. We start on the first page and read straight through to the end. We’re taught to pay equal attention to every word and memorize every detail. This makes sense if you’re reading for pleasure or preparing for an exam where you don’t know the questions. In real life it doesn’t.

Not all words contain the same amount of information. Why should every word receive the same amount of attention? Have you ever read a book from beginning to end, only to realize that the book’s entire value was contained in one or two chapters? PhotoReading solves this problem by taking a more logical approach.

Instead of visualizing reading as a straight line, I now see books as 3 dimensional structures. With each step in the PhotoReading process, you uncover a new layer of comprehension. You can find the information you need without slogging through redundant or irrelevant sections.

PhotoReading puts you in control of your reading. It’s taught me to read with ruthless efficiency. In the past I felt obligated to read every word. I’d read hundreds of pages of useless text because I was afraid of missing important points. With PhotoReading, I’m able to get everything I need from a book in a few hours and feel confident I haven’t missed anything. I’ve also noticed a significant increase in my online reading speed.

The PhotoReading Course

To say the PhotoReading course contains a wealth of materials would be an understatement. The PhotoReading kit includes:

  • 8 audio CDs, each containing two sessions approximately half an hour in length plus 2 bonus CDs
  • A full color binder
  • A workbook
  • 2 additional books that you’ll photoread during the course
  • A pocket dictionary (also used for photoreading practice)
  • 3 DVDs

The entire course took me 10 days to complete, dedicating about 1-2 hours a day. It’s extremely interactive. Nearly every session requires you to stop and complete an exercise, so I wouldn’t recommend listening while driving. Narrator Paul Sheele’s voice is clear and consistent, and the content of the course is extremely relaxing. The only criticism I have is that the pace is a bit slow, although this is probably beneficial for non-English speakers and users with hearing problems. The lessons gradually teach you to practice and utilize every step of the PhotoReading process. The course also does an excellent job explaining why the system works the way it does. Overall, I found the PhotoReading course to be an enjoyable experience without a demanding work load.

I Could Have Used PhotoReading In School

My only regret with PhotoReading is that I didn’t find it sooner. When I look back on all the course materials that I never read because they were too long and boring, I realize that I could have photoread them in a fraction of the time with excellent comprehension. This would have raised my GPA significantly. Other techniques the course uses, such as mind mapping and probing, would have helped me study more efficiently. For any student who wants to get straight A’s with the least amount of studying, PhotoReading is essential. If you need to memorize detailed information, PhotoReading will allow you to process and organize it in a fraction of the time.

PhotoReading My Book Collection

Readers of this site know that I’m a big fan of books. Over the past couple years I’ve amassed a collection of a couple hundred. I bought most them for dirt cheap from used book stores and library book sales. My problem isn’t a lack of reading material, it’s a shortage of time. This has worsened since I started investing time in For every book I finish, I get three new ones. Now, with PhotoReading, I’m finally catching up. Since finishing the course I’ve picked up the habit of photoreading a book every two days. Although I’ll always use linear reading for fiction and poetry, PhotoReading has enabled me to read philosophy, history, and other non-fiction that I’d never have time for otherwise.

PhotoReading Customer Support

Learning Strategies does everything in their power to create a positive experience by offering excellent customer support and free coaching over the phone. I can’t comment on the quality of the phone coaching because I never felt a need for it, but I can imagine that less proficient readers find it helpful. Learning Strategies also takes the risk off the buyer by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If 30 days isn’t enough, they’ll gladly extend it to 6 months upon request.

If you’d like to see what PhotoReading looks like, check out this video. I thought you would want to see people actually PhotoReading as fast as they can turn the pages just so that you know it is realistic for you to get on top of your reading.

I’m excited to use PhotoReading to ingest more information than I ever thought possible. The improved knowledge base will be an asset when writing articles and making day-to-day decisions. I hope you find the course as empowering as I have.

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As Harvey Mackay, author of “Swim with the Sharks,” says, “For those of us in the fast lane, the PhotoReading Whole Mind System isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”