ParaliminalsWhen I first took over as the Editorial Director for PickTheBrian a couple of months ago, I wanted to go through not only the content on the site but also take stock of the products that were being featured. As I looked further I became fascinated with the Paraliminal Series of CD’s, featured in the Ultimate You library. I had heard and read a lot on preconscious processing, but never had any actual exposure to it. After reading John Wesley’s review on it (below), I researched it further to discover that some of the biggest, most respected names in the Self Improvement Industry were singing the praises of the Paraliminal CD Series – everyone from Tony Robbins to Jack Canfield and Steve Pavlina. I immediately called Learning Strategies and asked them to send me the Complete Ultimate You Library, so I could see what all the fuss was about.

Six weeks later I can honestly say I am an avid fan of Paraliminals and I’m so happy I took the time to explore them. While I won’t get into the details, as John Wesley has so carefully detailed the product below, I will say that it has never been so easy nor so quick for me to get into a deep, focused state of relaxation. Literally within seconds of playing the Cd’s there is a sense of great peace and tranquility without the normal accompanying drowsiness – and within minutes I begin to feel completely at ease – without worrying about complex breathing or visualization exercises. What’s more, even after I’ve finished listening to one of the CD’s this sensation lasts a good couple of hours longer, which has helped me tremendously with my focus and patience.

Our belief in ourselves is the strongest catalyst for success. If we can get ourselves to have confidence we’ll perform well, lose weight, increase our income, overcome procrastination, etc., we’ll find a way to make it happen. With repeated listenings, Paraliminals makes a difference by conditioning us to believe we’ll succeed – and having that belief is the ultimate conduit to great success.

I am so sure you will find success with the Ultimate You Library that I approached Learning Strategies and asked them to give loyal PickTheBrain readers a special discount so that you too can share in the Paraliminal experience. Graciously, for a limited time, PickTheBrain readers can now access a Free Paraliminal Peak Performance Download so you can experience the benefit of Paraliminals at no cost. On top of that Learning Strategies is now offering a special price for their entire Ultimate You Library. For a limited time, by entering the customer code: E709P-1 you will pay only $288 instead of the regular price of $450.00 – that’s a savings of $162.00!

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More about Paraliminals below!
Compared to most writers in the niche, I’m relatively new to self improvement. In fact, before the past 6 months I’d never tried any motivational or guided meditation audio programs. As this site has grown in popularity I’ve had the good fortune of being able to experiment with a number of different products, and it’s been interesting to see the way different technologies can be used to focus the mind and achieve results.

Many products promise big results with little effort, so I’ve approached every program with a great deal of skepticism. In some cases, I’ve found my suspicions to be validated, but in a few select cases I’ve been pleasantly surprised and have found myself using the product frequently and incorporating it into my daily routine. The most recent example of this is the Paraliminals series from Learning Strategies.

Because I’ve enjoyed and benefited from Paraliminals, I’d like to share my experiences. If turns out to be something of interest to you, I’ve also gone through the trouble of negotiating a special discount, available only to PickTheBrain readers, that makes trying Paraliminals even easier.

What are Paraliminals?

The idea behind Paraliminals is somewhat similar to subliminal audio programs with one enormous difference — while subliminal programs include hidden messages that can’t be heard directly, all the messages in Paraliminals are clear as day. The way Paraliminals breaks through your conscious barriers is by using two audio tracks played simultaneously. While one ear might be hearing an inspiring anecdote, the other will be hearing positive suggestions and new ways of thinking.

The combined effect is that you can’t focus on either message, but your mind is able to absorb both. It’s difficult to describe how it sounds (you really need to hear to for yourself) but the two messages combine to stimulate the mind while freeing it from distraction. It sounds like it should be chaotic but it’s done in such away that the voices compliment each other.

Depending on what your goals are, different Paraliminals CDs have been created to focus on specific areas. There are Paraliminals that address areas like confidence, health, relationships, creative expression, and even public speaking. Here is a list of the entire Ultimate You collection:

  1. Anxiety-Free
  2. Automatic Pilot
  3. Belief
  4. Deep Relaxation
  5. Dream Play
  6. Get Around To It
  7. Holiday Cheer
  8. Ideal Weight
  9. Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
  10. Memory Supercharger
  11. New Behavior Generator
  12. New History Generator
  13. New Option Generator
  14. Perfect Health
  15. Personal Genius
  16. Positive Relationships
  17. Prosperity
  18. Sales Leap
  19. Self-Esteem Supercharger
  20. Smoke-Free
  21. 10-Minute Supercharger
  22. Youthful Vitality

There are also 4 new CDs that were developed after the original collection:

  1. Break the Habit
  2. Creating Sparks
  3. Peak Performance
  4. Talking to Win

The background to the voice tracks is comprised of soothing music and nature sounds, but beneath that audible layer Paraliminals incorporates binaural beats. It’s tough to notice the binaural beats unless you intentionally listen for them, but the effect they have on your mental state is dramatic.

The technology used to create Paraliminals was initially developed by Centerpoint Research Institute, and is used by many popular meditation CDs. Binaural beats work by utilizing the brain’s reaction to different sound frequencies. Two different frequencies are transmitted, one into each ear, which combine to form two other pulsating “phantom frequencies” that are the result of destructive and constructive interference between the two real frequencies. I’m not familiar enough with the science to explain the effect accurately, but the pulsating frequencies work to align your brainwaves with patterns associated with deep relaxation and creative thought.

Deep Relaxation

It’s one thing to claim an audio technology is able to affect brainwaves and quite another to experience it for yourself. Probably the biggest, most tangible benefit of Paraliminals is the feeling of deep relaxation they produce in just a few minutes. I’d experienced a similar state before, under the guidance of an instructor, slowly relaxing with deep breathing and concentration until the body feels completely asleep but the mind remains alert.

Paraliminals produces the same effect with two added benefits — it takes significantly less time and the process is virtually automatic. You don’t need to fight through distractions or mentally guide yourself because the Paraliminals mask outside noise and focus your brainwaves automatically. This helps you attain a state of extreme relaxation almost immediately without falling asleep. I’ve found that after a 20 minute Paraliminals session I feel rejuvenated and alert without any of the grogginess that accompanies sleep.

My Experience With Paraliminals

It’s difficult to measure the exact effects Paraliminals will have on your personal growth because results are dependent on an enormous number of factors. Since I first started using Paraliminals 6 months ago, I’ve made enormous strides in a number of areas, but there’s no way to know if these results came from a change within myself, the help of friends and family, or the mental stimulation provided by Paraliminals and the many other books and products I’ve used.

From a practical standpoint, I’ve found Paraliminals to be the perfect replacement for naps. Whenever I used to get too tired to concentrate, I would usually give in and take a nap, usually for about an hour. Afterwards I’d wake up to my alarm, feeling more tired than before. By doing a Paraliminals session instead of going to sleep, I’ve been able to save time (20 minutes instead of an hour) and find myself much more focused and alert than I am after sleep.

Using Paraliminals has also helped me to develop the workout habit, something I’d been struggling with for a long time. In the past, my biggest obstacle has been coming home after work and feeling too drained to hit the gym. Now when this happens, instead of settling into the couch and turning on the TV, I lay down and do a Paraliminal session, usually Youthful Vitality or Perfect Health. 20 minutes later I get up feeling refreshed and motivated to hit the gym or go for a run.

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