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 11 Ways to Build Trust with Your Body Language

Trust is the core need for every human transaction, whether it is in business, family matter or in your love life. If you want others to listen to you, need to inspire trust and getting people to trust you it s often a tough affair.

Social psychologist and proponent of the power-pose, Amy Cuddy says, “Trust is the conduit for influence: It’s the medium through which ideas travel. If they don’t trust you, your ideas are just dead in the water. If they trust you, they are open, and they can hear what you are offering. Having the best idea is worth nothing if people do not trust you”.

Putting this fact parallel to our body language, which is amongst the most crucial and sound part of our personality, there are certain ways to build trust with body language. Our body language makes our statements more assertive, enrich the message, and reflect confidence, which works as a catalyst to build trust. Body language helps us to express our thoughts with better clarity and create a better connection to the person next to you. This connection is the seed of trust that you can plant.

While computing this thought, let us talk about some convincing practices to be trusted or get others trust in you, while using body language. Here are a few simple ways and hints for using right & decent body language.

1 Eye Contact:

The above all thing! Your eyes reflect as the mirror of your self-confidence and help immensely in building trust. Maintaining eye contact when someone is talking will help to build credence because it shows how genuinely you are interested in listening what they are saying.

Try to make consistent eye contact during conversation. “Listen with your eyes,” says Paul Zak, Ph.D. author of Trust Factor: The Science Of Creating High-Performance Companies.

People always used to judge anyone by their eye contact. Another critical factor is blinking. Blinking too much also may affect the listener. So maintaining consistent eye contact is very important.

2 Nodding & Smile:

While someone is interacting with you, let that other person realize that you care for their words and genuinely listening to the person. Nodd your head when they are talking & explaining things, it shows that you agree and accept their thoughts and consider their opinions.

Smile! It is never wrong, and it is in itself is a potent weapon in today’s life. Your smile can disarm anyone, even to your enemy. Smiling genuinely will relax any situation. But do not smile too much as it often looks fake.

3 Uncross your Arms & Legs:

Do not cross your legs and arms. Let them realize that you are unbound, and your opinion is free. Sit or stand with open arms, hold your palms open and make sure your body looks open.

This way you will also look more open to welcome others thoughts. Do not point your fingers while interacting as it may seem as you are accusing the person.

4 Distance & Body Posture:

Maintain an appropriate distance and body posture express your interest, your confidence, and your firmness. Stand straight, look firm while interacting with the person. Standing face to face is better.

Do not stand too close as it gives a message that you are intervening the other person’s space and sometimes threatening the person.

5 Stable Head:

Don’t move your head a lot during conversation, move your head very little as if you are sincerely interested in the other person and attending their views

6 Furrowed Brow:

Your forehead also gives significant signals. Raise your brows to give the expression of surprise. To give the expression of sympathy and concern for someone’s troubles pulled together brows translates your gesture in a better way.

7 Watch Your Voice Tone:

Technically voice tone does not exactly come in body language, but it is crucial how you roll out your words to implant trust in between. Your tone can make you seem rushed or bored.

Keep your voice on the natural pitch because it is a cue that can be detected even on phone calls. Keep your voice tone as natural as you can keep it. Because Sometimes It is not about What you Say but about How you Say it.

8 Your Concern:

Showing your concern about them and their affairs to build trust. Be attentive, listen far more than speaking and keep the attention on their pleasure. Tilt your head forward to show interest.

9 Wrong Touch:

Light touching a friend on hand can show your support, display your concern and sympathy for that friend or the person you are interacting with. But touching on shoulder or elbow can make the person uncomfortable, particularly in case of women, they get irritated so do not use these tactics in any conversation. Such acts not only cause them lose interest but also show you disrespectful.

10 Respectful:

Till the time the respect part is missing, trust is somewhat impossible to gain. So while interacting with someone whether you agree or not, whether you are interested or not show your respect for the person.

11 Come Down To Their Level:

Sitting on a higher chair than others indicates as you are dominating over them and it is not good and not in your favor if you’re trying to build trust.

“Trust Makes The World Go Round”. And these are some Simple, magical and straightforward phrases that can qualify you to get their trust.


Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.


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