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Language of Success

The Language of Success

The other day, having just typed an email to a customer, my mouse cursor hovered over the send button. But something didn’t feel quite right. Re-reading the email, I stopped at the following sentence: “I should be able to get … r

Blogopolis Blueprint Has Arrived

While blogs about blogging is a crowded niche, there is always room for a new entrant with a fresh approach.

Think and Grow Rich

The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich – Pick The Brain Exclusive Offer

I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich a few years ago and loved it. The book introduced me to a number of life-changing concepts, so I was hardly surprised when I later learned it is the bestselling success book … r


Taming the Web 2.0 Mind

Am I the only one who has trouble focusing on a single task? I doubt it. It wasn’t always this way. At school and university it seemed relatively easy to apply myself to a single task. But these days it … r

The Personality Puzzle – Pick The Brain Exclusive Offer

What can four letters tell you about someone (including yourself)? It turns out quite a lot. “The Personality Puzzle” is the new e-book from Pick The Brain contributor Hunter Nuttall. Back in August we published Hunter’s first article for this … r

The Little Book of Productivity

You may have noticed a recent backlash against productivity in some parts of the personal development community. If you have found yourself second guessing the value of this subject, it may be worth going back to a very simple question: … r