Simple Practical Things You Can Do To Take Control Of Your Thoughts

How many of us actually really ‘get’ that our thoughts control our every action? We hear people say it all the time, we read quotes about it, we listen to the ‘experts’ preach about it but do we really at our core understand this as truth?

I know I didn’t. I had proof in my life as it being so, but still did not make the connection. 

There was a time, before becoming a Hypnotherapist, that I relied heavily on Angel cards just to get me through the day.

I have always been very intuitive but found with all that was going on in my life at that time I could not keep one straight thought, let alone try to trust or find rather, my intuition.

I was going through a terrible time in my marriage which led to divorce and was trying to manage 3 kids 10 years and under.

I had to find 2 jobs, schedule them so they fit around my kids school and sports, and well you know the rest. 

I barely had time to think about thinking about changing my thoughts. The thought of it was exhausting not to mention it gets really frustrating when you hear this nonsense all the time.

“Yeah! Easy for you to say sitting there in your overstuffed leather chair with studded seams and your beige chenille throw. Oh and your little lap dog with the pink diamond studded collar!”

“You have NO IDEA what I have been through!” “And how DARE you tell me how to think! What happened to me is REAL. I can’t just make something new up and pretend all this isn’t happening!”

Well , I do know. I know all too well. This was only one of the many many stories I have about hard luck, bad luck and worse luck.

The kind of things happening over and over that force you to ask yourself “Why me?” “I can’t take anymore, please…!”

When we think these thoughts we have no choice but to act according to them. That’s just the way it is. What we think about we bring about. We don’t act first and think later. Thinking always comes first. 

It is repeated negative thinking that creates bondage. Mental imprisonment. 

If all we think about is negative, be assured our actions and spoken word will be negative too. 

You can pretend to be positive and happy but actions always out weigh words. The negativity seeps out of our pores like a bad smell. All the perfume in the world will not mask the stench.

What I have found more often than not is a couple things will happen in our lives to make the shift. 

  1. You get sick and tired of it all and decide then and there that enough is enough.
  2. Something someone says will resonate with you and you will make that shift. Like an ‘aha’ moment
  3. Something will happen to you to force the change (often times it is a worse case scenario)

If you are one of those people like me who did not have time to think about thinking please reconsider. The consequences of not thinking go far beyond the scope of your current reality. 

Let me be very clear. If you do not take responsibility now for your thoughts, you will have a huge mess to clean up later on and some of that mess may involve your kids.

Here are a few simple practical ways to get a handle on your thoughts now. They are almost effortless and yet quite therapeutic.

  1. Write them down. When you find your demeanor changing, and you are getting frustrated or angry, stop! Pick up a piece of paper and write it down. I am so angry because________. It makes me so mad when my colleague talks to me like I am an idiot! Whatever it is, however you feel, write it down. Get it out of your head. Once it is out of your head, discard it. Burn it, shred it, crumple it and let it go.
  2. You can imagine putting those thoughts in a bubble or a balloon and watching it go up up up and disappear. 
  3. If you believe in angels you can imagine giving your thoughts to them and thus letting them go. If you have a mentor, you can give it to them to release it.
  4. Interrupt your thoughts immediately. When you hear the negativity start immediately to shift your focus. Turn on music, tell yourself to ‘shut up’, exercise, cancel the thought, and follow it up with a reinforcing thought. Do it with intensity and do it with authority. 

Imagination is what the mind understands best. I am telling you these things work. You can shrug it off or you can make things happen. 

For me once I ‘got’ it, when I started feeling myself sinking I would snap my head as if I was shaking it out and very firmly state ‘NO!’ (mind interrupt) 

Then I would with great authority and intensity tell myself “I. WILL.NOT.GO.DOWN.”

And you know what, I never did.

Suzanne Jones is a Professional Certified Hypnotherapist and a Writer. She writes a blog at She knows first hand we can Release our Past and Unleash our Future and doing so create balance and inner peace. You can visit her on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Pinterest. She offers a FREE Hypnosis relaxation audio for anyone wishing to enjoy the power not only of hypnosis but much needed relaxation.


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