Energy: The Key to Success

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Nothing can be done without energy. A car without fuel wouldn’t get you to where you want to go because there isn’t any energy to power the engine that moves the car.

If there are two highly talented people with the same level of ability but one of them is lacking energy, most likely the person who is lacking energy will achieve much less as compared to the other who is full of energy because he is frequently lethargic and too tired to take massive action. If we take a look at successful people around us, most of them are full of energy and their high level of energy has definitely helped them to get to where they are today.

Two Types Of Energy

In order to be successful, there are two types of energy that we need: brain energy and body energy.

Brain Energy

Imagine if you are worrying everyday and can’t get negative thoughts out of your head — do you think that your brain is going to run smoothly and allow you to be more creative and productive during your work time? I doubt so.

Dwelling on a negative situation such as being rejected in a cold call or getting a parking ticket isn’t going to empower you and will merely drain your brain energy. Instead of focusing on the negatives, get rid of the negatives as soon as possible (pay the ticket fine immediately and let it go) to allow yourself to have peace of mind.

Here are some ways to build up your brain energy:

  • Affirmation – There is a saying, “we are what we eat,” and this is true for our mind too. We are what we think, so by reading our own affirmations daily, we are feeding our mind with “healthy food” instead of junk food.
  • Self Talk – Always take note of what you are saying when you talk to yourself. If you find yourself regularly talking to yourself with words that bring you down (e.g. ‘I am stupid,’ ‘clumsy’ or anything that doesn’t empower you), eliminate the bad habit and talk to yourself in a more empowering way.
  • Eliminate Complains and Moaning – Whenever we complain and moan, we are draining our brain energy which we can put into better use. If you find yourself complaining too much, find things that you can be grateful for instead of complaining about things you can’t be.
Body Energy

Your body isn’t going to function in its optimal condition if the brain is lacking energy and vice versa. If you find yourself eating too much junk food, overweight by 50 lbs, smoke and drink regularly or lacking sleep, your body isn’t going to give you that extra energy to reach your goals.

Here are some ways that I personally use to help keep my body in shape and to generate that extra energy that I need to reach my goals.

  • Morning routine – My morning routine consist of waking up, have a cup of water, 2 sets of exercises then followed by a healthy breakfast. I do this every morning without fail and this habit definitely helps me to get the heart pumping and also keeps me in an alert state of mind.
  • Cut Back On Junk Food – I have to admit that it is hard to eliminate junk food altogether — cutting back on junk food will be a more sustainable option. If you are eating junk food everyday, set a goal to only eat junk food 4 times/wk. Gradually cut it down to 3 times/wk and eventually try to make it to once per week.
  • 30 Day Challenge – This is a great way to help you create a new habit, made popular by Mr Steve Pavlina. I highly recommend you to start your own 30 day challenge to help you kick start your new healthy habit now.

Parting Words

Taking care of our mind and body will give us the extra energy needed to help us to overcome our obstacles in life and give us that extra push to achieve our goals. How about starting your own 30 day challenge today?

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