Day 45: Your Life, Your Rules. Here’s How To Make Sure You’re The Boss

“You’re not the boss of me!”

My sister stared in my eyes and spit those words when she was two. I’ve said it to several people in my life. You probably have, too; probably with passion.

It’s true, they aren’t the boss of you. You are. Making sure you stay the boss will keep you cool, confident and more capable of living the life you deserve to live.

You can establish strong expectations for who you want to be by providing your life with guidelines and sticking to the parameters you set.

Your Life, Your Rules

Once you’ve set rules for yourself that are clear with intention and structured enough to be easily followed, you will be one giant step closer to living a life of built by your design, rather than the a life inherited through habit or accident.

If you’re the early to bed, early to rise type, go to bed early. You’ll be happier for living the way you want to live, rather than living by rote. By living a life guided the character of your decisions, rather than one autopilot, you will deepen your true sense of self.

You are both navigator and pilot in your life. If you don’t know where you’re going, or aren’t actively steering, it’s impossible for you to land anywhere near your best possible future.

Deepen Your Discipline and You Will Better Your Life

No matter how carefree you might want to be, you must have discipline in your life if you expect to keep on track and maintain your momentum.

It’s one thing to make the rules, it’s another thing to have the discipline required to stay inside the lines. You’re probably more able to meet the needs of those around you than you are for yourself. Yet tending to yourself only once in a while, leaves you less able to serve others.

Don’t just make your rules, stick to them. There is no point writing your rules in Jell-O.

It will be difficult sometimes, but stick within borders of your decisions and jump the hurdles one by one, and you will be the big winner in YOUR life.

Wouldn’t You Like a More Confident Future?

Knowing you’re the boss of YOU will help you walk taller and feel stronger, inside and out. Making your own rules doesn’t mean you operate outside the law, put your needs first all the time, or disrespect the people around you. It means that your life’s rules are exactly that – YOUR life rules. Once set, you alone are responsible for the outcome.

This doesn’t mean rules can never be changed, but constantly bending the laws you set for yourself will only discredit your intentions and diminish your drive.

Set your life’s rules and you’ll soon see there are no limits to your life.


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