5 ways to stay one step ahead of your customers

You’re doing the right things. You’ve chosen your target customers wisely and found a set of needs you can solve for them better than anyone else can. People and teams across your organization are doing their best to make daily decisions that meet or exceed the requirements your customers value most. And you’re constantly re-evaluating and stopping processes that aren’t matching your target experience.

But, are you doing everything you can to stay one step ahead of your customers?

This time of year especially, the answer I hear often is “no.”

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11 customer experience blogs you should be reading

Over the last few days, I I’ve been looking to refresh my feed of customer experience blogs I read on a regular basis. Some I simply stumbled upon. Some are penned by colleagues and thought leaders I have followed for years. Others are suggested to me by people I trust.

As I worked to refine my list I kept coming back to the following 11 “core” blogs, which I really think do an outstanding job of discussing the issues surrounding customer experience (or dance around the outskirts of customer experience, but definitely cover the link between experience and financial performance).

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6 lessons from the IQPC Customer Experience Exchange

A few weeks ago, I attended the Customer Experience Exchange North America in Miami. I am a bit tardy in posting these takeaways, which I’ll blame on the crazy number of planes I’ve been on since I left there. Yet I left the event thinking about six key lessons and what they might mean for our clients—and all of you. 

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3 ways doctors can simplify the patient experience: an open letter to physicians

Have you seen the scene on Showtime’s “The Big C” where the main character Cathy – who has stage-IV cancer – shows up two hours early for her clinical trial in order to “process in”? As she fills out paperwork and answers the nurse’s questions, she pulls piece after piece of information from a massive three-ring binder. That binder is the most tangible “integrated experience” she has, and she did all the work to assemble it. Cathy’s patient experience was fragmented, and driven more by payments and procedures rather than her own goals and milestones.

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3 customer experience steps that always fall short

When I’m engaged with leaders who are diagnosing the gaps and opportunities between a current and target customer experience, I am often asked about where other firms came out as they were doing the same exercise. In this initial baseline scoring between what is and what could be, what leaders really want to know is whether there are common experience steps most companies discover they are doing wrong. (Or, if you’re an optimist like me, is there anything everyone gets right?)

Across hundreds of customer experience diagnostics confirmed by our research, I find myself answering YES. There are indeed three steps in the experience that commonly pop up as “big gaps and opportunities” or as I like to think of them, potholes to be avoided.

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