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Stop feeling depressed
Learn to put yourself first
How to set healthy boundaries
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Attract and build fulfilling, lasting relationships
Stop doubting yourself
Stop being angry

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About Lori Taylor:

I’m a mother of 5, CEO of REV Media Marketing, LLC, the host of One Click Society radio show at Positive World News Radio, an angel investor in start up tech companies, and a self-proclaimed personal development junkie.  I love to write, generate ideas to help others with their business or personal lives, and could probably sell ice to Eskimos as long as they needed it!  My last 20 years have been spent raising billions for charities through innovative direct mail campaigns. I believe business is always personal, and my promise is simple, “You bring the rain, I’ll make it pour.”

From: Lori Taylor, Pick The Brain Writer

Good afternoon! My name is Lori Taylor and I’m one of the writers that helped Pick The Brain put together The 90 Day Confidence Booster.

You might be wondering what makes this eCourse better than others you may have tried, and why you should get on the horse one more time…

Well, I don’t know where you are on the self-improvement path, but I certainly know where I’ve been. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to “fix me.” I’ve suffered from depression when I broke my back in 2006 and almost landed myself in a wheelchair with a breathing tube. I’ve watched my marriage fall apart after 13 years filled with alcohol abuse (they teach you in Al-Anon anger is your relapse!). I’ve been angrier than you can ever imagine, so angry I’ve gotten physical with my sister. I was so miserable that my 7-figure a year job couldn’t make me happy. That’s pretty sad isn’t it?

Fortunately, I found Tony Robbins at the right time (and could afford him). I learned what to do to make changes in my life by getting clear on what was important to me. I began to see myself as a work in progress and quit putting unrealistic demands on my loved ones and myself.

I traveled the world for a year as a seeker, found myself in an Ashram in India and learned what it meant to have a quiet mind.

I tapped into my inner voice, woke up my creative spirit and felt passion burning through my veins in a way I never dreamed possible. It was a lot of work and it cost a lot of money.

But, I made a promise to myself on a hilltop in Fiji that I would do everything in my power to spread the word—to share what I learned (the hard way) with others who didn’t have my financial resources. I have made it my mission to tell everyone I can that it’s okay to want more; you deserve more and it doesn’t have to be hard getting more than you have now! (If you’re anything like I was, the bar wasn’t that high anyway.)

See, Tony Robbins teaches many things (and if you can afford it—GO NOW!), but the most important gift he gave me was the understanding that anything can change in an instant and most of us are only 2 millimeters away from having everything we ever wanted.

The goal of this eCourse is to give you some simple to-do life hacks to boost your confidence and to help you believe it’s the little things that make the big things easier. By learning simple ways to change your language and move your body to change your state, you can transform your life into a magical high.

After going to Tony’s Date With Destiny (best money I EVER spent), my soul mate walked off the pages from my journal just 3 weeks later. One year after that, I found myself, already a mother of two, a 38-year-old woman facing a nuva ring surprise, an unmarried twin pregnancy! (Let me tell you, had that happened before Tony, you would’ve had to put me in a padded cell!)

But, with the skills I learned (many of which are in this eCourse) I accepted these gifts, waddled down the aisle, married my soul mate and am presently the proud mother of five. I somehow managed to slip out of the golden handcuffs that had shackled me to a job I didn’t enjoy anymore, too—I even started a project with Tony himself. On top of all that, I took a leap of faith—jumped and started my own agency. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve done it. Mostly by implementing what I am sharing with you in this 90-day Confidence Booster eCourse.

Many people misunderstand the true meaning of confidence and assume it means having a swagger, brimming with charisma and setting the world on fire. Once you realize self-confidence is in internal happening, not an external outcome, you can build your internal self into an engine that transports your life to wherever you want to go. The biggest shifts you can make are during those times that no one else sees, but wonder …what is she eating for breakfast?

Maybe you don’t want to be rich or more successful than you ever dreamed. That’s understandable—it’s a lot of work and sometimes the sacrifices just aren’t worth it. But, I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t want to be happy. Happiness is not a choice; it’s a happening coming directly from your internal processing unit—your CPU! By learning how to process information differently, you can instantly be happy. Building your self-confidence is a natural pathway to higher self-esteem, giving you the keys to unlock your potential to do anything, even if doing nothing is your goal. I promise you can be happy doing it, either way.

Remember, self-esteem is about believing you deserve the good things in life, while self-confidence is about believing you can get it done. They aren’t always tied to each other, but I believe if you start with building your self-confidence through small, sustainable changes (sustainability is key!), you have the foundation to make your self-esteem blossom.

Pick the Brain is about “growing yourself” which is why I agreed to help them create this FREE 90-day eCourse just for their audience. I know from personal experience, you can teach any old dog new tricks if you have the right approach.

So please join me today—let’s embark on a journey together for the next 90 days to make you aware of who you are, defining what you want and showing you exactly how to get it. (It doesn’t cost you anything but time, so it’s practically a risk-free trial.)

You can choose the tips and tricks that work for you and ignore those you’ve already mastered. In fact, we encourage you to comment at the blog each day if you have insights to offer other people doing the course. If you are a part of the Pick The Brain community, you know how important and life-changing it is to gather and leverage the power of the crowd to do more and better things together.

On your journey, you will discover…

  • Your confidence is tied to your mind and body
  • Your happiness is not dependent on anyone but you
  • Change doesn’t have to come in tidal waves
  • Being aware and accepting who you are right now are the most important self-confidence building factors
  • How to get up quickly when you get knocked down
  • How to transform your problems into opportunity


Why not discover how to dramatically boost

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Of course you’ll need to do the work, but wouldn’t you give just about anything if you knew these next 90 days were your key to unlocking the inner power you already own?

What would it mean to your life if you could know…

  • What changing your “state” means and how you can do it whenever you want.

(Never give your power away ever again.)

  • How to stop trying to control your ’emotions’ and see them as your catalyst for change.

(Tips and tricks to get you through the hard times.)

  • How to break out of the stereotype you’ve given yourself and be real every day!

(No more beating yourself up for being who you are.)

  • How to transform your bad habits into your biggest strengths and lose the ones that don’t serve you.

(Learn to feel yourself for who you really are, not who others want you to be.)

  • How to lose childhood programming and stop playing the blame game—own your personal power!

(Get better skills to make your relationships healthy again, including the one you have with yourself!)

  • How to set personal boundaries so you gain back control of your days and life.

(Start defining what serves you best and know what is in your best and highest interest.)


Be prepared for some big changes. The only person in your way is you! You will have some friends that celebrate the new you and others that feel threatened by it. That’s okay—like throwing away on old pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore, you will find your woobies no longer serve you. If change were easy, we’d all do it all the time. Just remember, change done right is worth it. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be happy?

This powerful 90-day eCourse builds upon thousands of hours of our personal

experiences … We’ve collected the best stuff and are giving it to you for free!

(We could easily charge $97 or more for this course!)

What do you have to lose? Go for it, give it a try, and if it doesn’t help you today, it will help someone you love. We just love you for trying!

Click here to get your free book now!

I really look forward to hearing about your successes!

All the best for your journey,

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