What Is Sleep Hygiene? 6 Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

If you keep a high level of personal hygiene, then you will be surprised to find out there is such thing as sleep hygiene. Plainly put, it is the practice of getting a good night’s sleep and waking up rested so could face the challenges of a new day. For many of us who work the graveyard shift or have a stressful job, sleep hygiene is essential for staying healthy both physically and mentally. In fact, here are top 6 tips on how to maintain good sleep hygiene.

No smartphones allowed

The modern world is addicted to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. We use them on a daily basis to such an extent that we find it impossible to leave them even when we lie down in the evening. However, evening screen time can sabotage out sleep quality and even prevent us from asleep fast. The last thing you need is fidgeting in your bed for hours because you just had to go through Instagram stories before bedtime. The bedroom should, therefore, become a place where smartphones are not allowed.

The bedroom is not the office

Your bedroom should also be beautifully decorated. The important thing is that it must appeal to you, and it needs to be comfortable. As long as you can sleep well in it, and it looks good to you, it looks good!
Related to smartphone use in bed is the problem of working from bed. Yes, it feels comfortable to sit in your bed and finish a work assignment before sleep but this is detrimental in the long run. If you do this often, your brain will start associating the bed with work so it will prove impossible to fall asleep easily. The office (or a home office) are reserved for work, the bed is made for sleeping; always keep that thought in mind.

A light diet

Another common reason why you are finding it hard to go to sleep is your diet. In general, you should stay away from consuming food after 8 PM. Furthermore, the last meal of the day should be light so your metabolism would have time to digest it before it becomes dormant.Foods rich in sugar or spiced meals should be consumed during the day, while the dinner should be light and it ought to consist of vegetables or fruits. If you are conscious about your weight, then a glass of water before bed is an ideal meal, sort to say.

Adopting a pre-bed ritual

Establishing a pre-bed routine is perhaps the best way you can improve your sleep hygiene. A repetitive action before going to sleep will signal your brain that it is time to become dormant. As a result, you will enter the land of dreams much faster than you normally would. The exact ritual you choose to perform is up to you but many people find taking a hot shower or meditation as a perfect trigger for drowsiness.

Exercise during the day

We all have busy schedules so often the only time window we have for physical exercise is in the evening or even worse, at nighttime. Ideally, all physical strain should stop some 3 hours before going to sleep. Otherwise, you will feel too pumped up to get a good night’s rest. If you find it difficult finding a time slot for exercise, then you can go swimming or hit the gym in the morning, rather than in the evening.

All lights off

We are not going to say anything new if we tell you that darkness is essential for the quality of your sleep. However, you might want to usher in darkness gradually before hitting the sack. A couple of hours before you go to bed, dim the lights or close the shade so the room will not be too bright. A good pair of window shades will help prevent light pollution originating from street light or the Moon. If you remember what we wrote about mobile phone use before bedtime, it is the bright light from the screen that is preventing you from falling asleep.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of sleep hygiene and how to practice it. These 6 simple tips will help you improve the quality of your sleep so will wake up every morning full of energy to tackle the challenge of a new day.


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