What Eminem Knows About Being Confident That You Don’t

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It’s easy to hate Eminem.

For some, it’s just as easy to love him.

Eminem exploded into the mainstream with The Slim Shady LP in 1998. With virtuosity in his rhyme schemes, and a delivery pole dancing with precision, Em flirted with the suburbs in a way hip-hop had never managed before.

Through it all was Em’s incessant swagger.

Love him or hate him, Eminem has all the qualities allowing you to look life in the eye and demand the best.You don’t have to use a lot of potty talk or aim a metric ton of adolescent one-liners at everyone who’s ever made you angry, but if you follow these five qualities, you, too, can have some of Eminem’s confidence.

1) You’re the only one with your story. Don’t be too timid to tell it.

Don’t try to fit in when you can do what no one else can – tell your story from your perspective. You can’t be friends with everyone; the world’s wind will never crackle with that much kumbaya. But you can be your most authentic self, and when you are you will draw the right people to you, a whole lot easier.

Em delivers his story without flinching. His delivery makes some people angry and others indifferent. This is fine. Most of the offended would never have understood him to begin with, but there are countless people who connect with his stories, understand his pain, identify with his struggles, and appreciate his honesty.

Your story won’t bond you with everyone, but it is yours. And when it finds the right ears, it will allow you to forge a deeper connection than otherwise possible.

2) Be Who You Are

Be true to your values and voice. Don’t break the layer of who you are, just to be more popular. It’s difficult to feel truly confident behind a facade that could shatter at any moment.

Eminem looks life in the eye and delivers verdict without apology. Songs such as “The Way I Am” or “Who Knew” see him addressing critics and the media head on.

Around the wrong people, you’ll feel you’re wearing someone else’s tan. Surrounded by personalities who encourage your true self, the better you’ll blossom.

3) Use Honesty as an Asset

It’s easy to look at others and believe they have it easy. But everyone struggles with fear and vulnerability. If someone claims to live in the absence of struggle then they’re either telling a half truth or a whole lie. Life is filled with obstacles and it’s far more honorable to praise the crushing of barrier and boundary than it is to never have them at all.

Eminem never seems afraid to speak his personal truth. He communicates from his core, without wavering, unafraid to look weak or petty or sad.

We tell lies when we live in fear. Fear of what we don’t know, what others will think, or perhaps what they’ll discover. Yet every lie leaving our lips emboldens the worst inside us. It’s a hard fall, tripping over your own lie. Honesty is a valuable asset, affording you an abundance of confidence.

4) Let Your Instincts be Your Guide

Cold logic is powerful, but sometimes it’s easiest finding inner confidence when moving away from calculation and toward a hunch. Trust yourself enough to rely on instinct, and you will coax the confidence inside you.

If Eminem had listened to critics or the pre-Slim Shady mainstream, he never would have exploded or forged such a genuine bond with his audience.

You know more than you may think. The chapters of your life have sharpened your instincts. Don’t be afraid to use them, and enjoy the surprise of seeing how much your confidence will grow.

Eminem has winning confidence, but only because he uses his flaws as fuel. You’re no different. Use the best inside of you to project as much confidence as possible.

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