Top Tips on How to Be More Productive in Your Daily Living

We all sometimes wish that we had more hours in the day. So much of the time, it feels like there simply aren’t enough in order for us to get everything we need to get done, done. But what if someone told you that there are enough hours in the day, you’re just not using them correctly? Procrastination is the thief of productivity, and without even realise it, you probably tend to procrastinate several times in the average day. It’s all about being more mindful. If you wish you could get more done on a daily basis, then these top tips on how to be more productive in your daily living could be perfect for you.

Look for an Easier Way

A lot of people think that doing things the easy way equals laziness, but so long as you’re doing them properly, this isn’t the case. Finding an easier way to do things can actually just save you a lot of stress and time.
Say for example, you wanted a quick house sale. Most people go straight to the traditional method of estate agents, but why not do your research and broaden your horizons? There are many quick sale companies and online estate agents such as Purple Bricks that could save you time and money in the process of selling your home, but will do just as good a job as the traditional estate agents.

It’s amazing what you can find out when you put your mind to it and do some research. Just by looking at what other options you have available, you could find yourself a lot more efficient a method of doing it, whether it’s property sales, shopping tips, or car insurance. You’d be surprised at what’s out there.

Get into a Morning Routine

As the dark winter mornings are fast approaching, we all wish that we could spend an extra hour in bed in the mornings. But what if someone told you that waking up earlier was beneficial not only to your productivity, but your health and wellbeing too?

It makes sense when you think about it, if you wake up earlier, you’re ready to greet the day earlier too. That extra bit of time you have in the morning could be used in so many productive ways. It gives you more of a chance to have a morning coffee and a nutritious breakfast. It also gives you the opportunity to do some pre-work exercise or planning if you wanted to. Whether you opt for a morning run, or simply just for planning the day ahead, it sets you up in the right mindset to have a better and more productive day.

Getting your body into an early morning routine will also be likely to improve your sleeping pattern and your quality of sleep! The more regular a sleeping pattern you’re in, the more likely you are to feel energised throughout the day and ultimately get more done. Sure, at first getting up early might be a bit of a struggle, but by the time you’re in a routine of doing it, it’ll happen naturally in no time.

Prioritise Your Day

Sometimes the hardest part of being productive can be knowing where to begin. This is why prioritising your day will help you to get more done.

One of the best things to start off doing, is making a list of things you want to achieve that day. Once you’ve done that, list them in order of importance. In that case, it simply won’t matter if you get every single thing on the list done, because if you’re prioritised the most important ones, then it doesn’t matter – tomorrow is another day! For some reason people tend to ignore what they need to do the most, but by putting it at the top of your list and tackling it head on, you’re being your most productive self.

Put Down Your Phone

Last, but certainly not least, try putting your phone down more. With social media being so prevalent in all of our day to day lives, it’s so easy to waste time sitting and scrolling on our phones.
If you have nothing else to do, then fine, scroll away! But before you start to, think: is there something better I could be doing with my time? If the answer is yes, put down the phone, and get things done. Scrolling through social media is fine, but if it’s impacting on time that could be spent doing something healthier or more productive, then put the phone down, and get on with your day.


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