Day 52: This One Trick That Will Make You Feel Better – INSTANTLY

Are you ready to feel better?

Great, let’s start.

1. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down ALL the names of people who have hurt you that you have NOT forgiven (some of you might need a notebook).
2. Now write down how that made you feel in one sentence.

Do you feel better?

Were you able to include any power words such as joy, happiness, or fulfillment? I doubt it (unless you had NO list – then congrats – YOU get it!).

How can you be committed to living a fulfilling life with the burden of the past weighing you down?
No one can give you burden you aren’t willing to accept. You are choosing to take burden on. YOU are giving it meaning by putting it on the scale. Many of you are even announcing the weight to the world, effectively placing a big fat red “heavy” sticker on your bags and paying an enormous price in the process!

How Heavy Are Your Bags?
Imagine walking into the airport, marching up to check your bags, and announcing, “These are the HEAVIEST bags you have EVER seen!  I mean we had to use a tow truck just to get them up here.  I MUST take them with me, so I will pay whatever you want to charge because they are that important to me.  In fact, I refuse to fly if you won’t let me bring them.  I realize I am maxed out and will have no room for even a magazine or book, but that’s okay, because I’ve brought everything I’ve ever bought, even the books I HATED just to make sure I never forget how much I hate them!”
Please, tell me this sounds crazy when you say it out loud. Please tell me if you heard someone say this at an airport, that you’d be more than slightly concerned (and hope they weren’t sitting next to you on your flight!).
Then ask yourself, why do you pack your bags smarter for travel than you do for your own life? Why do you treat your travel better than you treat your life?
Not forgiving only costs YOU (a lot more than you might believe).
Did you know you could choose to just put down that heavy baggage? Unless you enjoy having heavy, hard, and overwhelming journeys, try these 3 very simple words, right NOW…
“I forgive you.”

Burn Your List Forever – Forgive & Feel Gratitude Fill Your Soul
If this sounds hard, it will be, unless you change your meaning to the “crime”.  Simply put on new glasses with better lenses and see people who have hurt you as teachers of valuable lessons you have learned. Look hard at how you might be stronger, more aware or even have set new boundaries that serve you better because someone took advantage of their power over you. At a minimum, I promise you will serve your soul doing that more than holding onto the hurt at any level.

Just. Put. It. Down.
You don’t have to share this gratitude with them, nor do you have to tell them you forgive them.  I will tell you from experience, if you can muster up the strength to tell them, then it will be a huge power boost to you.  But I also know, in many situations, it just doesn’t work and that’s okay too – trust me, just finding forgiveness quietly inside can work wonders for your soul.

Forgive yourself
This is the key to ultimate confidence and fulfillment. Guess what? I bet you are on someone’s list, even if it wasn’t your intention to hurt anyone.
Do you ever find yourself thinking about collateral damage over choices you had to make? How is that working out for you?
Think about it like driving a car. When do you take your eyes off the road to look behind you?  Usually when you are backing up.
Keep your eyes on the ball in front of you.  The past is the past. You can’t change it.  All you can do is put new meaning on it that serves you. Forgiving yourself for your mistakes and your part in any pain, will be the single most powerful step you can take to empowering your life, building your confidence, and remembering there is nothing coming your way that you can’t handle.

Here is a simple affirmation you can say – try it – close your eyes and say it three times…
“I forgive everyone.  I forgive everything. I forgive myself.  I forgive God. I am filled with love and light. I choose to live in a state of gratitude and forgiveness for all.”


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