The Myth of ‘Wishing Upon a Star’: 5 Real Ways to Get Things Done


All of us have dreams. All of us wish we could be someone we aren’t today.

Just like poor little Pinocchio, wishing he was a “real boy”.

The question is; will a star grant our dreams?

From what I have learned I think that if you wait for your dreams to come true on their own, it will be a long wait.

On the other hand if you take charge and make things happen for yourself, it can go very quickly.

5 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals:

  1. Clarify your goals
    Write down your goals on a piece of paper; make sure they are goals you can measure. You want to know when you have completed them.For example, don’t set the goal; “I want to lose weight”.

Instead, set a target, a deadline and right it in the positive present tense, as if you already completed it e.g.; “I weigh 150 lbs. by the 31 of December 2010”.

This method activates the subconscious mind to start pulling these goals into your reality.

2. Make Plans

“Failing to plan means planning to fail” is a popular quote and it is very true.

When just starting out on the path to your goals, it will feel like making a plan is impossible, you often don’t really know how you are going to complete the task so you just start throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks.

This is good, the more you try the better your chance of success is, but you should still plan.

Each time you have an idea and want to try it out, spend some time making plans for how you will make it as successful as possible.

Ask the four questions:

– What is the goal of the project?

– What needs to happen in order for that to happen?

– What needs to be done?

– In what order?

When you have the answer to all four questions it is time to start the project.

3. Focus on your goal

Make sure you focus on your goal. Don’t let yourself be distracted by opportunities that pull you away from your dream, even if it seems too good to say no to, if it isn’t your dream it is not worth doing. Unless of course the offer is of the magnitude that it completely changes your dreams!

4. Be ready to change your plans

Things will not go as you hope, you will have setbacks and you might even notice that what you want now isn’t the same as what you wanted only a few months ago.

That is okay!

Be ready to change, adapt and grow as a person and let your dreams grow as well.

5.  Take Action

Whatever you do, take action.

It doesn’t matter if you skip all the other steps, taking action is the most important.

It is the only thing that can make you succeed.

Even if you do all the other 4 steps, if you don’t take action on it, nothing will happen.

Discipline yourself to go through with your decisions and make your dreams come true.

All of a sudden you are living the dream

Completing your goals doesn’t have to be harder than this.

Follow these 5 steps and before you know it, you will be living your dream.

Just remember, don’t wait for someone else to give it to you. Get it for yourself!
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This was a guest post by Daniel M. Wood of thepopular blogLooking To Business he writes about Sales, Motivation and Success.

I suggest that you start with these articles as they are a collection of his best work and can help you find additional techniques and motivation.

Good luck!

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