The Great Pyramid of Khufu and The Greatest Secret of Achievement!

Entering the Great Pyramid of Khufu—the most magnificent and only remaining monument of the seven wonders of the world—was a strange and wonderful experience, and one of the major transformational points in my life.

The journey inside the pyramid is divided into three parts. Come along with me…

First I go through a very narrow passageway that angles up between huge stone blocks. The ceiling is very close to the floor, so I have to stoop over with my chest almost touching my knees. Tourists must move in a long line because the passageway is only wide enough for one person. The place is permeated by an ancient smell of mystery and magic. It’s dark and cramped and hot; we’re all sweating, slightly frightened, and hardly breathing. How come it’s so hot in here? It’s very cold outside—one of those freezing, windy winter days. I can almost feel the weight of these six million tons of stone.

I keep going. And then the ceiling opens up and I see another passageway that angles upwards; nothing appears on the horizon. But this passage is easier and much wider; I can climb through with my back straight.

My heart is still pounding. Then, after this long journey upwards, I find myself in front of a huge wall—and nothing else! I’m so disappointed! Where is the chamber of the king?

Just when I think the whole journey was pointless, I see a man’s head poke out from a small hole at the bottom of that huge wall. Then the entire man comes crawling out of that hole!

And I crawl into the hole—fantastic!

Of the forty or fifty people who started the journey with me, only five or six continue through the hole. It seems endless, but I am determined to go all the way!

I start crawling and crawling, and finally I reach the chamber of King Khufu. It’s an immense room with polished granite walls, high up and in the exact center of the pyramid. In the center of the room stands an empty granite box without a lid. It is supposed to be Khufu’s tomb.

I stayed there for a while to absorb the spirit and meaning of the place. I felt as if the Pharaohs were pouring their wisdom into my soul. And that was the first trigger point to writing my first book The Pharaohs’ Code.

That was an amazing journey—and when I reflected on it later, I discovered an amazing secret to goal achievement. The stages and psychology of the journey toward the chamber of King Khufu is quite similar to the three stages we pass through in our journey to achieve a goal.

At the beginning, you’re enthusiastic about the goal and ready to march toward it with high energy. But then you realize it requires hard work, so you make an enormous effort to get the ball rolling and initiate the momentum. Many people can’t afford to spend all that energy at the beginning, so they quit early. What happened to them? They weren’t motivated by a clear purpose and desire .

But you were, so you move on to the next stage. As you increase your momentum, the journey becomes easier. You take a long shot and feel that you’re getting closer. You gain more experience and confidence as you move through the process.

Then suddenly, when you’re so close to your goal you can touch it, you come face to face with a final challenge—and you’ll either meet with success or failure. This is an important challenge, like the final exam that determines your desire, commitment, and persistence. It’s the challenge that confirms whether you’re really purposeful and qualified to achieve your goal. Some people might see that challenge as an insurmountable wall; they can’t see a way out, so they simply quit and accept the failure.

But not you. You see that little hole in the bottom of the wall, and you poke your head through it. You move on to the third and final stage—success!

And that’s what it’s all about. I admit that when I got to that huge wall in the pyramid, I was very disappointed. And after expending so much energy to climb up there only to discover they’d have to crawl some more, many people just couldn’t bear to continue what seemed like an endless journey, and they fell by the wayside. These are the same feelings we have the moment we decide to quit.

If only they’d poked their heads through that hole like I did! What wonders they would have seen!

Let me repeat Thomas Edison’s brilliant words: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

The way the pharaohs built the journey inside the pyramid is truly incredible, as if they understood the psychology of achievement. And they left a secret message for all of us: to achieve a worthy goal, you must go the extra mile. And when you get to the hardest stage, the point that seems insurmountable, you must believe that you’re very close.

The greatest secret to achieving your goals is to simply never quit—especially when you’ve reached the last mile. Put that hesitation, disappointment, and loss of hope aside and give it one more shot. You’ll be surprised how close you are to your big dream.

M. A. Tohami, bestselling author of The Pharaohs’ Code, helps unfulfilled professionals live with passion. He has blended timeless success principles, first recorded by the Pharaohs, with cutting edge success strategies to create a proven methodology for passionate living. Learn how to discover your passion and connect it to a profitable path at:

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