The 5 Best Podcasts on Communication

Communication is a delicate play between speaker and listener, involving so many intricate elements that can either engage or discourage us. There is so much that happens on a subconscious level while we communicate, from body language, tonality of voice, to visual listening. It is difficult to truly engage in communication if one is only listening to hear and respond as opposed to listening to understand. Here are 5 podcasts that help one grow with language and communication:

  1. This ‘School Of Greatness’ podcast uses the art and power of listening as its main focus. Chris Lee delivers a message that leads to success in relationships by explaining how emotional intelligence enhances ever aspect of your life. He dives into the ten key principles that will set you on course to achieving the power of listening.

  1. The Communication Diva is a podcast that covers a range of topics, helping people communicate well to improve relationships. One of these podcasts, an interview with Samantha Skelly touches on the whether the millennial generation has the ability to listen versus simply hearing. She has a interesting take on listening, that is that it’s an art, as opposed to hearing which can be flippant, as people seem too absorbed in their tech gadgets to be fully engaged.

  1. This podcast ‘Been there, done that’, interviews Bob Parkinson, and helps one communicate effectively in business. His thought is that one must always write or talk, whether through email, presentation or a face to face meeting toward your audience. Content, packaging and delivery are the most important factors in effective communication in the workplace.

  1. Jeff Shirk’s podcast ‘High Performance Leadership’, discusses the visual communication most people listen with. He believes organizations struggle because we have lost the connection to emotion through of our dependence on technology. He offers tools and principles for leadership, placing a strong value on the art of communication.

  1. This podcast centers in on an interview with Dr. Simone Alicia (NLT), which helps one increase the effectiveness of your communication. Known as the Self Esteem doctor, she posits that changing our own thought patterns about our beliefs and self- esteem, can change how we communicate. Your mindset and your confidence are connected to your value in the workforce. She speaks a lot about tonality and its effect on communication, those being a question tone, a statement tone and a command tone.

Podcast #23: Increase the Effectiveness of Your Communication

When people have the feeling that they ‘get someone’, it is an indication of a good rapport and connection which entrusts those to you both personally and professionally. Communication is an art, and it is just as much about not saying the wrong thing when tempted, as it is about saying the right thing at the opportune time.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something.” -Plato

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  1. 5 podcasts about communication that are very useful and the best that I know. I appreciate these 5 podcasts.

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