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The True Believers Guide to Blogging

Photo by L*u*z*a According to Technorati, it is currently tracking 112.8 million blogs, and estimates that there are over 175,000 new blogs created every day. What is it, then, that takes a blog from obscurity to a place where thousands … r


How to Instill Passion in Others (and Yourself)

Photos by Idea-man and TeeRish. We read about it in magazines, blogs and news stories. Every day in the media we see it. What am I talking about? Passion. Passion for a cause, a product, a candidate or a company. … r

Seeking Solitude: 17 Ways to Find Time for Yourself

Photos by Giampaolo Macorig and Jillhudgins. In today’s world we have loneliness, but rarely solitude. Western culture tends to portray anyone who wants solitude as being anti-social or unhappy. But, as I’d like to argue, getting more time by yourself … r

Check Out WriteToDone, Leo Babauta’s New Blog

For those of you who’ve enjoyed popular PickTheBrain writing posts like George Orwell’s Rules for Effective Writing and How to Write Something Worth Reading, this site will be right up your alley.

Check it out! r

Work When You Work

Nobody can work all the time. But how does the productive go-getter balance the need to rest with the need to get stuff done? One of the biggest problems that hits both chronic procrastinators and workaholics is not knowing what … r

Yourself at Work

5 Ways to Work on Yourself at Work

Working on yourself in the workplace results in “win-win” outcomes for both you and your employer. Here are 5 ways to improve yourself at work. r