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6 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Beats Home Workouts

Home workouts are popular for their convenience, which is why I worked out at home for several years. But when I started to exercise at the gym, I noticed these six great benefits over home workouts, and now I’m in the best shape of my life!


Why Working Out for Just 30 Minutes Will Make You Happier

You’ve heard it before: Regular exercise can do wonders for both your body and mind.

On paper, working out regularly sounds like a fantastic idea. You’ll look better and feel better; you’ll become a new person. But life gets in the way — job, family, sleep, etc.


Why Am I Not Making Progress? 3 Steps To Motivate Into Action

Are you progressing in life, or are you just treading water? This is a brief article intended to motivate you beyond stagnation into purposeful action, once and for all. These are the steps I use to get things done.